Winnie Cooper - CUM SLUT

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Disclaimer: This is a work of FICTION. I do not know Danica McKellar or have anything to do with her. I make no money from this story.

It had been a week and I hadn’t talked to Danica.  I was pretty busy with photo opportunities so I didn’t think much of it.  About the time Bruce was banging her I left a voicemail but she didn’t reply.  Around that same time Derek Hough fucked Heather Swain for the first time…. It was everything she hoped it would be.  I also left her a voicemail…. Everyone was getting some but me.

Another week passed and still not a word from either girl… Finally I caught up to Danica… “Hey beautiful.” I said.  Danica looked up at me and smiled.  “Oh hey….” She replied.  “I called you…. Haven’t seen you for almost two weeks.” I continued.  “Yeah…. My classes are keeping me really busy.” She replied.  “So…. Do you think you might have time to do something this weekend?” I asked.  “I’m sorry Richard…. I’ve already made plans.” She replied.  “Oh…. Okay well… I guess I’ll let you get back to your studies…. Give me a call when you can… I’d love to see you again.” I offered.  “We’ll see.” She said…  I walked away with a strange feeling like something was wrong but I couldn’t figure it out.  Maybe she was done with me… I’m not rich or famous…. And there are better looking guys out there.

I went looking for and found Heather.  “Heather.” I called out.  “HEY!” Heather piped as she strode towards me.  She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big kiss.  “WOW…. I miss those lips.” I said.  She whispered…. “I miss your sweet lips on my pussy.”  My eyes widened…. “Well…. I’m never too busy to take care of a beautiful girl like you.”  Heather and I quickly made our way to her place this time and she was just as wild and crazy as she was the first time. 

Over at Bruce’s house…. Danica was arriving.  She smiled at Bruce and they kissed deeply.  Bruce showed her in and had her sit down.  “The movie is completely finished and we’re going to watch it.”  Tim was there and he greeted Danica with a hug and a kiss.  “Okay Danica….. take off your clothes.” Bruce ordered.  Danica looked up at him surprised.  “Don’t you want to fuck while we’re watching the movie?” he continued.  She looked at Tim and he smiled at her and she shrugged her shoulders and started to undress.  Soon Danica was naked.  Bruce sat her on the couch and dropped down between her legs.  He moved between her legs and opened them wide.  Tim watched as Bruce started to lick her pussy.  He was really good at this…. Danica laid back against the couch and watched as Bruce sucked her pussy.  “MMMMMMHHHHHMMM”, she purred as he started in on her.  As soon as she got nice and wet he slipped his fingers into her tight love box and started rubbing her G spot.  Danica gasped arched and started to buck.  “MMMMAAAHHH AHHH…. OHHH BRUCE….. GAWD…. UUHHHH  GGUUUUAAAWD….. HHHHHUUUHHH….. MMMMMMHHHHHMMM… AAAAHHHH YEAH….. UHHH…. UHHHH… OHHHH GAWDDDD…. YEEEESSSSSHHHHMMMM” she came.  Quickly Bruce moved out of the way and Tim slipped in and sucked on her yummy juice.  “Ooooohh… Tim….” She purred.  “Tim has seen all the footage so I told him he could lick your pussy for awhile while we watched.” Bruce told her.  Danica looked down at Tim…. He was very happily licking her sweet cunt.  She rocked and humped his fingers and Bruce started the video.

Bruce and Danica watched as she sucked his big cock.  The footage was excellent and Tim even laid down a cool music bed to give the video a professional look.  Danica was captivated watching herself give Bruce a blow job while Tim was eating her pussy.  She couldn’t take her eyes off the screen even when Tim made her cum.

When the scene transitioned to fucking… Tim moved and Bruce came and sat down…. He motioned Danica to sit down on his rock hard cock.  She stood up and then positioned herself over his rocket.  “AAAAHHHHUUUUUUUHHHHHMMMM” she groaned as his monster cock stretched out her tiny pussy.  Then she rocked back and forth as she watched Bruce fuck her on the video.

Danica was totally into what was happening and Bruce started to fuck her harder as they watched her cum.  Her actual moans were echoing on the screen.  “OHH OOOHH GAWD BRUCE…. YES…. FUCK ME….. FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG HARD COCK!” she chanted.  Tim moved in front of her and offered his cock to suck….. which she happily did.  “Yeah you dirty cum slut…. Suck his cock!” Bruce cheered.  Tim was easy…. He was so turned on it took no time for Danica to make him cum.  “AHHHH DANICAAAAHHHH!” Tim moaned as his cock throbbed and erupted.  She happily swallowed his hot cream.  “Yeah you like swallowing that hot cum don’t you?” Bruce whispered in her ear.  “MMMMHHHHMMM” Danica cooed in response.  As she was swallowing Tim’s juice she suddenly noticed a tall blonde guy standing nearby and watching the whole dirty scene.  “BRUCE!..... There’s a guy watching us!” she exclaimed.  “Yes I know…. That’s Derek…. He’s here for you.” Bruce replied casually. 

With that Derek slipped off his shorts and Danica saw his big hard cock.  Derek walked right up to her and put his cock in her face.  Danica, confused but turned on from fucking and sucking hesitated…  “Come on you dirty slut… Suck that BIG COCK!... I know you want to.” Bruce ordered.  Danica looked back at him and he thrust up into her tight pussy to emphasize his control.  This was all so dirty and hot…. Something she would NEVER do and yet…. She wanted to…. She wanted this cock too.  Bruce had tapped into her subconscious and released her inhibitions…. Having no choice gave her the freedom to explore being a total cum slut and it excited her.  Danica turned back to the handsome stranger and hungrily took his cock in her mouth.  “WOW… Danica… You’re so hot!” Derek said.  She looked up at him with those dark eyes and let his pre cum seep into her mouth.  He tasted good.  Her options removed, she embraced her roll and started to suck his cock vigorously.  “That’s it you tight hot cum slut!  Suck it deep… Derek is gonna slide that big cock all the way into your tight juicy pussy.”  Bruce chanted.  “MMMM…  MMMMM…. MMMMM HHHHHHMMMMM….” She moaned as her pussy and mouth were full.

Bruce was giddy with glee as he was actually able to control and manipulate this gorgeous starlet into sucking his friend…. He felt like he could make her do just about anything.  Shortly after Bruce and Derek decided to trade.  Bruce lifted Danica off his cock and turned her and kissed her….. Then he turned her back and Derek kissed her.  Then Derek sat down and Bruce turned her so she could sit on his cock.  Derek took her hips and he thrust his hard cock into her trembling cunt.  “OOOOHHHHHHHH GAWD”, she moaned as Derek also groaned at the tightness of Danica’s pussy.  Danica’s head was spinning…. “OH SO YOU LIKE MY HARD COCK IN YOUR TIGHT LITTLE PUSSY DON’T YOU…..  YOU SLUT?!” Derek chanted into her ear.  He was forceful but in the best way…. His dominance was a huge turn on.  “OH GOD YESSSSAAAHHHH!!” Danica cried blissfully.

Derek wasted no time in thrusting up into her juicy pussy…. He had already watched the video with Bruce before Danica arrived and he just wanted to fuck her now.  “UUUGHHH UGGGHH UUGGGHHH GAWD…  DEREK….. MMMMMM….. MMMMHHHMMM  ….. YESS…. HARDER…. OH GOD HARDER….. FFFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!” and Danica came.  Bruce watched intently as Derek throttled her pussy and she was still captivated by her porno movie.  “YEAH YOU LOVE THAT BIG COCK IN YOUR HOT LITTLE CUNT DON’T YOU DANICA?” Bruce taunted.  “YESSHHHH….. GOD YESSSHHH…. IT’S SOOOO GOOD.  OH GOD… AWWWGAWD…. AWWWWGAAAWD…… FUUUUCCCKKKKKK YYYYYEAAAAHHHHH!” and she came again.

Bruce stopped the video…. Let’s move this into the bedroom.  He lifted Danica off Derek’s cock and carried her into the bedroom.  Tim had it all set up again… no surprise there.  Bruce laid Danica down and Derek climbed right between her legs…. Tim focused on her tight cunt as Derek plunged in….. “UUUHHHHHHYYYYYEEESSSSHHHH”, Danica moaned.  Bruce brought his cock to her lips and Danica happily sucked on it.  When Bruce was completely hard again Derek rolled Danica over so she was on top and Bruce slide in behind her.  Now Tim had fucked her ass but his cock was 7 or maybe 8 inches long and not as thick as Bruce so Danica was kinda scared about Bruce sticking his cock up her ass.  Nevertheless, Bruce was all lubed up and he stretched her ass out with his fingers…. Two and then three and then four making Danica groan and wiggle and squeeze as Derek continued to pump her pussy.  Bruce pressed his bulbous head against her sphincter and it slowly gave way.  She marveled at how smooth and gentle he was with such a big cock.  Sure it was fiery and there was some pain but it was more the feeling of being uncomfortable…. Tim was focused on the big impalement.  Bruce began to move it in and out letting his member dive deeper and deeper each stroke…. Just like how he fucked her pussy.  Remarkably Danica simply relaxed and grunted as Bruce impaled her sweet ass with all 11 inches of his cock.

Now the boys went to work.  They nodded and began to thrust up into sweet Danica…. This was a whole new level of “Holy Fucking Shit”….. as Danica wailed in spasming bliss.  These two monster cocks were fucking her brains out literally.  “AAAAHHH AHHHHH AHHHHH UUUUGGGHHH OOOHHHH GGGGAAAWWWDDD…. UHHHH… UHHHH… UUUHHHH MMMMMMAAAAHHH….. HHHHUUUHHH…… HUUUUHH…. HUUUHH….MMMMMAAAH UUUHHHH OHHH  GAWD….. OH GAWDDDD….. OH GGGAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” and Danica passed out…. She slumped forward onto Derek’s arms and just hung there.  The guys chuckled and Tim got a close up of the passed out orgasm.  Danica regained consciousness and the guys smiled and laughed at her.  “Welcome back!” Bruce said.  “What happened?” she asked.  “You came so hard you passed out.” Derek replied.  “Jesus….” She responded. 

Bruce pulled out and eased Danica onto her side…. Derek knelt and took a leg…. He moved in and slipped back into her pussy…. “MMMAAHHHHH” she moaned.  Bruce lay down behind her and worked his cock back into her ass….. “OOOOHHHHHHGAAAWWWDD!” she cried…. And the fucking was on again.  This time Danica squealed and moaned and shrieked as they fucked her hard and fast….. “I’m seeing spots….. I’m gonna pass out again.” But the boys were there…. They pulled out and surrounded her face…. Giggling, Danica opened her mouth again as the boys squirted their love potion all in her mouth and on her face.  “Can an orgasm kill you?” she giggled.

Tim handed Bruce the camera and moved between Danica’s thighs….. she was very sensitive so his cock felt great and he finally got to fuck her pussy.  “OH TIM…… OH BABY….. That feels so good…” she purred.  He wasn’t going to make her shriek but just the same Danica really liked him.  He was very handsome and had a real nice cock…. He thrust into her vigorously and she was so sensitive it didn’t take long for Danica to cum.  “OH TIM….. YES BABY…. OH FUCK ME….. FUCK MY HOT PUSSY….. OH GOD….. YES…. DON’T STOP… I’M GONNA CUMMM….. MMMMAAAHHHH UHHHHH UUUHHH UUUHHHUUUUUHHHHHAAAAHHHHH!” she groaned as Tim’s spunk erupted into her velvet tunnel.  Bruce got all of it on tape.

Danica took a quick shower then the group rested and watched the rest of the video drinking beer and commenting on the great job Tim did with the editing.  Danica leaned over and kissed him.  “You were really great back there…. This video is really awesome.” She whispered to him.  “Thank you Danica. Tim replied.

Bruce kicked everyone except Danica out and then he carried her off to bed for one more slow fuck…. It was …. Like last time…. Glorious and left the tender starlet giddy and happily pumped full of cum.

Meanwhile basking in the afterglow of mind blowing sex with Heather…. She sat up with a pained expression on her face.  “Richard…. I have to tell you something and you’re not going to like it….. please don’t hate me.” She begged.  Intrigued I sat up and looked at her….. “What‘s wrong…. Are you okay?” I asked.  “Yeah…. I’m fine… I tricked you.” She confessed.  “You tricked me?.... How exactly?” I asked.  “The other night when we first did it…. Remember how I asked to see Danica’s pictures?” she continued.  “Yeah…” I replied.  “Well…. I was setting you up.  Bruce followed us to your place and copied the whole file sex pictures and all.” She stated.  “WHAT?... PLEASE TELL ME YOUR KIDDING….. THAT THIS IS SOME SICK JOKE!” I yelled.  Heather was nervous and freaked out at how mad I was.  “It’s true…. I’m so sorry.” She confided.  “Does Danica know Bruce has her pictures?  Oh my God…. She is going to fucking kill me…. I PROMISED her that nobody would ever see those photos….. HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME??!!” I spat.  “She knows….. Bruce said he was going to blackmail her into having sex with him.” She continued.  “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!.... And you’ve known about this since our first time and NOW you tell me??!!  Unfuckinbelievable!” I seethed.  I stood up and started getting dressed right away.  “Richard… I’m sorry….. I’m so sorry…. I never meant to hurt you.” She cried.  “No…. you just meant to destroy my career, my life….. my reputation…. And what about poor Danica…. How would you feel if somebody forced you to have sex? HUH??!!” I growled.  I stormed out of the place and didn’t know where to go.  I didn’t know where Bruce lived and I didn’t want to go back and ask Heather… I also wondered if she would now call him and warn him that I knew everything.  I called Danica but she didn’t answer.  “Danica….. I absolutely MUST speak with you in person…. It’s an EMERGENCY….. I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about… I know everything.  I just found out….. I’m so sorry and humiliated.” I said into my phone.  I was livid but there was little I could do at that moment.

Danica was leaving Bruce’s house when she saw her voicemail option and she listened.  She knew that I knew and now she was freaked out…. She immediately called me.  “Richard?” she started.  “Danica…. Oh My God….Heather just confessed….. She let Bruce into my house so he could steal your pictures.  I’m SO SORRY….. I’m gonna fucking kill that son of a bitch.  Did he hurt you….. Are you okay?” I gushed.  “Where are you?” she asked.  “I’m on my way back home.” I said.  “Great… I’ll meet you there.” She advised and we hung up.

Soon Danica arrived at my place…. I was pacing around just fuming…. I thought I’d been so careful.  I let Danica in and I could immediately tell.  “Holy Shit…. Were you just with him?  You look like you’ve been having sex.” I questioned.  “Okay….. please sit down.” She said.  She took my hand and we sat down.  Danica proceeded to tell me everything that happened.  I was sick to my stomach to think of how he used my pictures to make her his sex slave.  “Richard…. I have to confess something.  At first I was really scared and freaked out…. But…. God…. this is hard….” She looked up at me.  “I liked it.” She said.  I looked at her incredulously and she explained how she always had vanilla sex and never did ANYTHING like the stuff Bruce was doing with her…. Sex with multiple guys…. Video…. Facials, cum swallowing, ANAL…. And she told me about his cock…. And Derek’s cock.  My heart sank as I felt like she had changed and didn’t want to go back to the way things were.  This disaster somehow was liberating for her.  “Danica…. You have Stockholm Syndrome.  He can do anything he wants to you…. Pimp you out…. For all you know Derek PAID HIM to have sex with you.  He could be selling your video overseas in Japan or Europe.  I guess I’m happy that you had some amazing sex…. I don’t have a monster cock so I can’t do those things for you….. but I promise you… Bruce doesn’t love you.  He’s just playing with you because he can.” I said.  “Honestly I don’t know how he truly feels…. I’ve been wondering that myself.  But now he has two porn videos of me and all your pictures… There’s nothing I can do except hope that he never decides to sell them.” She lamented.  “NO FUCKING WAY….. I’m going to get everything back… and I mean EVERYTHING and then I’m going to destroy all of it…. And who is this video guy…. Because he has all the raw footage and all if it is on his computer so HE can sell it too.” I told her.  “His name is Tim…. He’s a sweet guy….. like you.  I don’t think he would do that to me…. Plus Bruce threatened him if he did anything like that.” She replied.  “Okay…. Well now it’s my turn.” I stated.

The next day I went to Heather and confronted her.  She gave me Bruce’s address and Tim’s as well.  I warned her that if either of them were warned that I’m coming I’d make sure that the police knew she had conspired with them.  Heather saw how angry I was and assured me that she wouldn’t say anything.

I showed up at Tim’s first.  I knocked on the door and Tim answered.  “Are you Tim the videographer?” I asked.  “Yeah…. That’s me.” He replied.  “Great”, I pulled out my .40 caliber and pressed it to his forehead.  “Okay man don’t…” he stammered.  “SHUT UP!” I shouted pushing him into his house.  I pistol whipped the little son of a bitch and put him in a joint lock.  “You will give me every bit of tape you have on Danica.  You will erase your computer…. And I mean format the muthafucker or I’ll kill you.” I threatened.  Tim was terrified and quickly complied.  He gave me all her tapes…. Gave me a couple of disks…. Then I watched him format his hard drives.  He was devasted because all of his actual school work was on those drives and he would fail a bunch of classes now…. Or have to start projects all over again.  “Yeah…. Poor baby…. I hope fucking Danica was worth it asshole.” And I hit him HARD knocking him unconscious and left him on the floor.

I took all the footage home and locked it in my safe.  Now it was time for Bruce.  He was a big guy and popular… Threatening him…. Well the truth is…. I didn’t really want to shoot anyone.  I was able to convince Tim that I would kill him but Tim was a pussy.  This wasn’t going to work with Bruce.  I had to enlist Heather.  I convinced her to show up at Bruce’s house to fuck him and bring libations.  It worked…. They drank and she slipped him some crushed up sleeping pills and down he went.  I showed up and went through his computer….found my files…. And all the prints he had…. Plus the DVD movie and anything else he had of Danica.  Then I formatted his computer too.

Then to teach Derek a lesson I looked on his Facebook and I found his girlfriend’s name and messaged her a picture with Danica’s face blurred out of Derek having sex with another girl.  She broke up with him soon after.

I decided to keep some of my original pictures, burned on a disk in my safe…. And NOT on my computer where some asshole could steal them.

The next day I went to Bruce’s house.  I brought the gun.  I knocked on the door.  “Hey” he said looking at me and assuming why I was there.  “Can I come in?” I asked.  “Yeah I guess.” He replied.  “Look….. Heather erased everything I stole from you.  I called Tim and he made up some excuse about how his hard drives all crashed and he has none of the video left.  I’m guessing that was you right?” he stated.  “Actually ALL of it was me….  Bruce…. What the fuck were you thinking?  Rape? Coercion?  Did it ever occur to you that maybe if you tried CHARMING her Danica might have slept with you??  FUCKNG MORON!!!” I raised my voice at the end.  This big tough guy hung his head in shame.  “I’m so sorry man…. I was just obsessed with seeing her…. And then when I saw what she did with you I wanted her to do that with me…. And she loved it man…..  I mean…. I would never hurt her…. I made her happy.” He bemoaned.  “Yeah… she told me everything…. And that is the ONLY reason I’m not going to the cops about this.  Bruce… you truly fucked up and you GOD DAMN LUCKY that Danica is such an amazing woman that she can forgive you for what you did.” I spat.  “I know… I know… I should call her and tell her I’m sorry.” I replied.  “NO…. FUCK NO…. Christ…. Leave her alone…. Forever man…. There are a MILLION other girls out there who would LOVE to fuck you…. Fuck one of them.” I growled.  Bruce just nodded.  “Look at me..” I said.  He looked up.  “Is there ANYTHING I missed… and pictures, clips, video, audio… ANYTHING of Danica here?” I asked.  “No…. I swear on my mother…. You got everything… and all my school work too.” He replied.  “If that is the worst of it… then consider yourself lucky…. Your NFL career could be over before it even starts….  I don’t think you’d do well in prison.” I quipped.  With that I turned and walked out.

I told Danica everything…. She hugged me and cried happily that she was free from Bruce.  She asked about the video.  I told her that I had the only copy of it.  “Did you watch it? She asked.  “No…. and I’m not sure I want to.  Do you want it?” I asked.  “No…. but I don’t want you to destroy it either.  Um…. I don’t know…. It was really hot…. I mean… I don’t usually watch stuff like that but it was … I couldn’t take my eyes off it.” She confessed.  “Just keep it in your safe…. For now.” She asked.  “Okay….  Danica.  I’m so sorry…. I was really stupid and you got hurt in the process.  Your friendship means so much to me and I’m torn…. You seem fine…. But I don’t know if you’ll ever be the same after what happened.” I lamented.  “Richard…. I’m okay…. Really.  Like I said…. It was kind of liberating to be under his control…. And he was very gentle and kind… I don’t see a future with him… but we definitely had lots of fun.” She confided.  “Well, I still care about you…. And I would love to see you again… if you want.” I replied hopeful.  “Yeah…. We’re friends…. With benefits.” She smirked.  “But I’m going to take a little time off to focus on my finals… then we can hang out…. Okay?” she said.  “Cool…. You know where to find me.” I replied.  And with that Danica was gone.

After Finals Danica showed up at Bruce’s house and they had a long talk.  He apologized and she forgave him…. She said he cried a little because he never meant to hurt her… and she confessed that they kissed goodbye and that she still was attracted to him.  “Wow…. You’re a better person than me…. I wanted to kill him.” I replied.  “Well…. If he had been rough and cruel…. But he was so gentle and sweet…..”  She leaned in and kissed me… Then raised her eyebrows.  “Let’s watch the movie… You’ll see.” She suggested.  My mouth hung open…. “You want me to watch you have sex with Bruce and Tim?” I replied.  “It’s really HOT and…. I’ll probably want to have sex afterwards.” She said with a wry smile.  I bolted for my safe and Danica laughed.  It was crazy how she had overcome everything.

We watched the video and sure enough… it was fantastic…. Danica got all heated up and I got hard as a rock.  “Pause it… I need to go the restroom.” She said.  I paused the video…. I hated to admit it but the video was fucking hot as shit…. And she was right, Bruce was super sweet and gentle with her and fucked her really well.  Danica walked back in the room NAKED….  I looked up and my eyes popped out of my head.  She had that knowing smile… and she walked over and sat on my lap facing me and kissed me deep…. I stroked her body and tits and held her close.  She smelled so good and she was so turned on…. My cock was THROBBING for her.  I hadn’t had sex since that last time with Heather so I was ready to pop.

Danica reached over and pushed play on the remote and then slipped off my lap and onto her knees.  She opened my pants up and started sucking my cock.  I wasn’t going to last long with that gorgeous face looking up at me and her succulent lips and tongue dancing on my cock but she took her time and swirled her tongue around the tip, teasing me… sucking me close to cumming and then licking the whole shaft up and down…. She could put most of my cock in her mouth.  I was watching Bruce fuck her as she sucked Tim and she grinned up at me as the video closed in on Tim cumming she timed it perfect so he and I came at the same time… then she held my cum in her mouth and showed me…. And swallowed on command.  “I’ll tell you a secret… Your cum taste best.” She said.  I was blown away… It was so hot and nasty to watch this sweet girl be so dirty and sexy… She really was a cum slut… but only in private.

I grabbed her up and kissed her deeply…. Then I sat her down on the couch and returned the favor.  Danica was super wet.  I decided to be more aggressive…. I pushed her legs open wide….. and I looked into her eyes as I licked her pussy.  “MMMMMMMMMM” she cooed as I licked her slit.  I rested one leg on my shoulder and fingered her pussy while I licked her.  I knew how much she liked that.  Danica laid back against the couch and just savored the way I ate her pussy.  “OOHHHH RICHARD….. GOD YOU’RE SOOO GOOD AT THAT!” she moaned.  “Yeah baby…..” I replied.  “UUHHH HHHHUUUHHH”, you get me so wound up….. I’m ready baby…. Do that thing with your fingers… Please baby…. I’ll do anything you want.” She begged.  “I was so hard just listening to her talk dirty.  Delicious Winnie Cooper begging for me to suck her pussy and rub her G spot.  Well I couldn’t say no to that…. “AAAHHHHHH HHHAAAA…. YEEEAAASSSSSHHHH….. OOOH  OHHHH OOHHHGGAWWDD…. RIIIICHARDD…..” She thrust her hips up and her pussy started to flutter inside…. Her juices were flowing…. “FUCK…. OHHHH FUCKK… OHH FUCK….. OH FFUCCKKING FUCK….. GAAAWWWWWWDDDDDDDUUUHHHHHH!” she cried and then just froze and trembled…. “UHH…. NO…. Don’t… just …..MMMMmmmmmmmhhhhmmmmm….” she purred as this powerful orgasm ripped through her body.  She was so sensitive I had to stop or it would be too much. “GOD RICHARD…. I don’t know how you do it but I cum so hard when you suck my pussy like that…..” she praised.  I just grinned with her juice all over my face.  “I know guys like to hear you’re the best and stuff….. but Jesus…. You do that better than anyone… I mean it.” She continued.  “Wow… really?  You’re not just saying that to make me feel better?” I asked sincerely.  “I swear…. Why do you think I let you fuck me and take pictures the first time?  I was going to stop you until you went down on me and then everything just blended into UGHHH….. GOD…. I still think about that day when I’m mast…” she stopped herself.  “OH HO…. So you think about me when you rub one out?” I accused.  Danica was already really turned on and glistening…. But her face turned beet red when she blurted that out. 

Danica changed the subject…  “I know you’re freaked out about Bruce’s cock…. Don’t be.  Yeah it was cool… and GREAT SEX…. But the next day… I was so sore.  I tried putting some lotion on…. There was nothing I could do.  It was hard to walk… my pussy was so sore.  The last time…. When Derek joined in…. Yeah they fucked me really hard…. So hard I actually passed out.  Don’t be mad… They didn’t hurt me but I don’t think I really want THAT kind of sex.  Now that I’ve had a couple of big dicks…. They’re okay but I’d rather have you….. and Tim was pretty great too…. But not like you.”  “I think about our first time and how … you were just so good to me…. You did everything right… so I just let you do whatever.  And I’d NEVER let a guy cum on my face before… but you’re right…. I liked it.  Well, I liked it with you.  I guess it’s pretty cool with the other guys but it also kinda feels like I’m a whore… a porn star.  I don’t think I want a bunch of guys cumming on my face…. But it was also kinda hot.  I don’t know…. Everything is so mixed up….” She lamented.

“You know what?” she said…. And tackled me off the couch and climbed on me stuck my cock back in her mouth.  As soon as I got hard she crawled up and slowly impaled herself on my rocket.  The she started riding me.  “UUUGGGHHHH GOD I LOVE YOUR COCK!” she moaned.  She rode up and down and ground down on me and then she started to shudder and I could feel her pussy clutching at me as she came.  I decided to try something rougher.  I rolled her off me and kissed her.  I twisted her and pushed her down to her hands and knees and plowed my cock back into her pussy.  “AAAAHHHHHHH” she groaned.  Then I turned on the movie and started matching strokes with Bruce.  I slammed into her tight little pussy and held her by her hair.  “OH GOD …. OH GOD…. RICHARD…. MMMMAAHHH AHHH…. GOD…. YES…. OH FUCK ME…. OH GOD FUCK ME…. “Oh you like having your hot cunt fucked hard huh…. You gorgeous slut!”  “OH YES PLEASE…. PLEASE BABY…. FUCK ME!” she cried out.  “Yeah…. You love having your juicy cunt slammed hard don’t you princess?”  “OH YES…. PLEASE…HARDER…. UGH… UGH  UHHH HHUUUHH FUCK…. YES…. GOD…. OH GOD…. OHHH …OHHH FUUHHHHHCCCKKK….. YESSSAAAAHHHH……” and she came on my cock… but I was strong and ready to keep going.  I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up to the couch.  I laid her on it and held one leg up as I plowed her again.  “FFFUUUUCCCKKKK MEEEE” she cried out.  I started hammering her cunt and hitting her clit and she began to yelp.  “OH… OH OH OH OH OH…. OH GOD… OH RICH ARD…. FU UCCK.  GOD… OH BA BY…. GOD…. YES…. UGH… MMM… MMMM…. AAHHH UUUGGHHH…. GOD….. I’M GONNA….. CUUUMMMMMMMM!” she bucked at me… her pussy clutching and juice oozing out. 

On the video Bruce and Tim were now fucking her pussy and ass…. She was dripping so I used her own juices against her.  I rubbed my cock against her tight little bung hole and pushed in.  “UUUGGHHH” she grunted looking down at me.  I had never fucked her ass so this was new territory for us.  Her eyes went wide as I bear down and pushed it deeper and deeper until I was balls deep.  I pulled out and thrust into her and Danica just stiffened.  “GGGGAAAHHHHH” she howled.  Her eyes lit up… I was using her own juice…. No lube.  It felt very different to her…. And I could see she loved it.  “FFFUUUUUUCCKKKK” she cried and I drove it in again.  “Are you my gorgeous slut?” I asked.  “YYYEEESSSSSHHH” she moaned.  “Yeah baby?  You like it when I fuck your hot ass?” I continued.  “GGGGOOODDDDYEEEAAASSHHHH!” she mewed as her hips were rocking to meet mine.  I started to thrust harder and Danica just held on to my arms and let her tight ass be fucked.  I could tell she was getting close so I slipped a couple fingers into her pussy and started rubbing her G spot.  “OOOH  GOD…. OHHH OHHHH OHHHH UUUHHH UUUHHH HUUUHH GOD…. FUCK… ME…. RICHARD…. GOD RICHARD…. YES BABY….. OH….. HOLY FUCKING….GAAAAAAHHHHWWWWDDDDDDD!” and some juice squirted out of her pussy.  Not a gusher…. But enough that there was a big spot on the couch.  “Okay…. Oh…. Baby…. Please…. Okay…. I’m done…. I can’t….” she gasped.  I pulled out and Danica got down and started sucking me…. She sucked with all her heart….. and she jerked it and sucked and as my hips started to thrust she jerked it fast.  “Yeah baby…. Cum on my face.  I’m YOUR cum slut…. I’ll do anything you want.” She praised…. “I love your cum baby…. Cum in my mouth…. Cum on my face…. Cum in my pussy….. anything you want…. Just give it to me…. And she sucked a little more and jerked it and I exploded.  My first rail splattered over her lips and tongue… then it showered her face and she used my cock to mop it all up and sucked it off my shaft.  “Your cum is the best… so yummy.” And she collapsed up against the couch.  I scooped her up and took her to bed and my slutty sweetheart drifted off to sleep.

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