Madelaine Petsch - Better Than Training

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. I do not know Madelaine Petsch or Lili Reinhart. Mature themes so must be older than 18. I make no money from this story

Summary: Madelaine invites her friend and fellow Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart over to gloat about her latest conquest. One thing leads to another and they have him over for a threesome

“You sure you don’t mind me crashing for a few days,” Lili Reinhart asked her friend as they pulled up Madelaine’s large house. “Figured we’ll be in Vancouver for the next 9 months so I’d sell my place and save a bunch of rent. Besides, with all that Riverdale money coming in, I think I can get an upgrade.”

“Can’t blame you at all. And I already told you I’m happy to have you,” Madelaine Petsch answered her. 

“And your parents are cool with this?” Lili asked, knowing her co-star still lived with her controlling parents.

“They are at some conference for overbearing stage managers I think,” Madelaine joked. “But seriously, they’re gone for a few days, at which point we’re back in Van City with Camila.”

The pair of TV stars were working on the same show for the past 3 years but with Lili’s place currently sold, she was stuck. Madelaine came to the rescue and offered her the guest room which the blonde happily snapped up. It beat paying for an expensive small hotel room when instead she could shack up with one of her best friends. Only 2 years apart, being on the same show for such a lengthy time had forged a tight friendship between the two. They were alikein so many ways, though Madelaine preferred showcasing her ample curves a little more but each passing year Lili got much more comfortable with her own body and showing it off. Then there was the fact that though each of the Riverdale stars preferred being in relationships, they had both been dumped this past year and were very much enjoying playing the field. 

“God! This place is amazing,” Lili commented.

Madelaine parked her sports car in the driveway as the two girls got out and entered the vast house. Lili did her best not to gawk at the sprawling mansion as Madelaine sauntered about like the place was just like anywhere else. They dropped her bags in the guest room before walking down the hall to the redhead’s room where they sat on the bed and talked.

“Oh did you finally get that guy you were after? The pool boy or something like that,” Lili asked.

“Now that’s a juicy story,” Madelaine replied excitedly. “First, he’s not some common pool boy but an accomplished former tennis player that I hired to train me for that tennis role. Secondly, listen to this…”

Madelaine launched into her story, starting about when she first encountered the tennis pro to her several failed attempts at seducing him. The redhead boasted that the man must have been gay to flatly reject her but instead was deeply in love with his wife. However no man in his right man could hold out from her and she eventually fucked him, twice within an hour no less.

“And that’s how it happened,” the large-chested red-haired actress grinned.

“Oh my God. That’s incredible,” Lili exclaimed, still digesting the hot tale.

“And his dick…mhmm. I get wet just thinking about it. It’s beautiful really, so big and thick…I wish it was here right now,” Madelaine gushed.

“I still can’t believe you let something so big fuck your …tushy,” the blonde admitted. Though no stranger to anal sex herself, Lili would have been intimidated to try with one so well hung.

“I didn’t think it was gonna happen at first. I mean, I thought we may have been done after he fucked me on the tennis court. But when he brought me in here and wanted to pump my dumper, he was too hot to deny,” Madelaine crudely remarked.

“Gotta admit I’m super jealous,” Lili told her best friend. “Any chance you can maybe arrange for something more to happen?”

“I think so. Hmm…go over there, kneel then look back over your shoulder,” the redhead instructed.

Lili thought she knew exactly what was going through the red-haired actress’ mind so she listened and did as she was told. Sure enough, Lili felt Madelaine’s hands run up along her juicy legs to lift the skirt she was wearing up onto her back to expose her amazing ass. While Madelaine’s form was more lithe was large tits and ass for her size, Lili had a slightly bigger but still hyper feminie form. This meant that Lili and Madie’s tits were roughly the same size but the blonde benefited from the luxury of wider hips and genetics. This meant that while Madelaine had to work hard in the gym to have a big, round ass, Lili was naturally born with a wider and equally thick booty without ever having to work for it. 

“Hopefully he doesn’t think I’m a slut,” Lili giggled at her sarcastic remark as Madelaine clicked the photos.

“That honestly looks perfect,” the redhead told her as she sent the pictures she took to her most recent booty call. “And I know exactly how he’ll like it.”

*    *    *

The pair of sexy girls didn’t have to wait too long for a response. Gerald, the tennis instructor, had finished his morning appointment at some rich kids complex when his phone buzzed with the message. Taking a sip of his coffee as he sat at his favorite cafe, a quick scan revealed the sender to be the redheaded nympho that seduced him to cheat on his wife a brief time ago. He thought of ignoring it, but then he remembered how good it felt to be balls deep inside the gorgeous girl’s asshole, and how anal was something his wife never permitted. His mind was made when he saw that rather than a simple text, it was only an image, thus he opened the message.

“Fuck,” was all he said as he swiped over the several images.

In the nearly month long, daily workout sessions, Madelaine got to know the older man well enough to know that he had a thing for asses so sending him images of a phat ass in a little red thong got his blood boiling. Gerald was certain it wasn’t of Madelaine though, for several reasons. First, Madelaine had porcelain white skin while the ass in question was sun kissed skin. Secondly, Madie’s booty was smaller width wise and had more of a rock hard, bubbly appearance while the ass with the red thong was wider but just as thick. He didn’t know who the fresh-faced girl was that the beautiful backside belonged to, but he was desperate to find out.

*    *    *

“Do you think he’ll reply,” Lili asked. “He’s married after all and it took you awhile to wear down his defenses.”

“The man is a pervert. He fucked me on my parent’s tennis court for any of the neighbors to see. Trust me, he’ll answer,” Madelaine told her anxious friend.


“So look who texted us back,” Madelaine said in an I-told-you-so tone. “What a surprise. He wants to see more. How about we tell him that to see more, he has to do it in person.”

“Do it! Do it,” Lili answered excitedly.

“Yeah? You would be down for a threesome if he says yes,” the stunning redhead asked her best friend. “I know we’ve seen each other naked, and at least I’ve thought about you like that, but are you game?”

“You have? Well that makes two of us,” Lili grinned.

Madelaine got back on her phone and with a toothy smile that bordered on predatory, told Gerald to get over to her house if he wanted more. Specifically she told him that they were both super horny and that they wanted to see his huge dick right now. The girls couldn’t help but giggle about the redhead’s crude language, but all that mattered was that it worked.

No more than 20 minutes later there was a knocking at the main door that both girls knew would be Gerald. They hurried down and glanced through the window to confirm the arrival of their guest of honor before Madelaine opened the wooden door. No sooner had the redhead opened it did she grab the older man by the collar of his athletic shirt and pull him inside.

“Get in here you naughty man,” Madelaine demanded.

Gerald registered the two girls and instantly took stock. The pair were extremely hot and though they had their differences, they had more in common then anything. Their differences essentially began and ended with their strikingly different hair and skin complexion, with Madelaine of course being a vibrant redhead with pale flawless sun that made it look like she was never exposed to direct sunlight in her 24 years of life. Meanwhile Lili was your typical All American girl with natural blonde, thick hair and tanned skin. While their hair and skin may have differed, physically their bodies were right in all the same way. Both ladies rocked extraordinary legs, Madelaine being more slender but appearing longer as a result while Lili’s were toned and juicy. They both had incredible asses, which had already been well documented, and their tits were also of high quality. Though it appeared that Madelaine possessed the bigger set, that was mainly due to appearance on her petite frame. In truth, by Gerald’s approximation, both Riverdale actresses were either a large B or even a C cup, and more importantly, they were both blessed with the bouncy twins being firm, perfectly shaped and completely sagless.

“Oh my God. You were totally right about how hot he is,” Lili gawked.

Gerald looked the younger blonde up and down and confirmed his initial thoughts about her body. He was standing right in front of her so he wrapped an arm around her body with his hand going to get a handful of her ass, confirming to the Riverdale actress that Gerald was in fact an ass man as Madelaine had detailed. However his stare was broken by Madelaine who possessively grabbed his head and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. Just like when they fucked before, the tennis pro let Madelaine know who was the one firmly in control, as he shoved his tongue in her mouth then pulled away from the cock hungry redhead. Turning to face Lili, he bent down to take her lips against his, surprising the blonde with his eagerness and intensity. After the initial shock, Lili recovered and returned the kiss before turning back to Madelaine.

“Bedroom. Now,” he demanded.

“Yes, sir,” Madelaine agreed, her panties drenched in her arousal of being bossed around.

Madelaine and Lili exchanged a smile before they each took him by a hand and walked him further into the house. The redhead’s room was closest so they made the mutual decision to use Madelaine’s as opposed to delay their threesome and travel down to the guest room. Gerald instantly recognized the bedroom as the same location he had fucked the horny redhead a week prior. They didn’t hesitate to pounce on him the second they were through the doorway. Madelaine stood directly in front of him and the familiar pair engaged in a kiss that showed how hungry Gerald was for her and vice versa. Her hands roamed his chest while Lili pawed at his shoulders and biceps, noting how strong and muscular they felt. Not forgetting about either of them, the tennis pro used both arms to wrap around each and squeeze their asses, both perfect in terms of size and thickness.

“Get this off,” Madelaine urged, breaking their kiss to lift his tight-fitting shirt over his head.

Gerald used the break in their make-out session to crane his neck in order to kiss Lili, who was pressed against his back. The blonde actress kissed softer than Madelaine so he toned down his animalistic intensity but the tongue-filled kiss didn’t last long. Eager for more, the redhead leaned over and trailed kisses along his jawline but when Gerald turned to kiss her, Madelaine bypassed him and found Lili’s lips instead.

“Yes. Kiss her,” the athletic man encouraged.

It took no time at all for the Riverdale beauties to transition from simple lip pressing to tongues sliding on and against each other as they battle for supremacy. Both girls were clearly into each other as they hungrily ate one another’s face with little regard for how sloppy their kissing was getting. All that mattered to both Madelaine and Lili was how badly they wanted to show the other how horny they were and how sexy they found one another.

“Mmm,” Lili moaned into Madelaine’s mouth.

“I did warn you I’ve been waiting a long time for a chance to hook up with you.” Madelaine explained as they broke their oral caress. 

Though neither classified themselves as lesbian, both actresses were into girls especially when they were as attractive as Madelaine Petsch and Lili Reinhart were. The redhead had acted on her lustful feelings one more than one occasion with a member of the same sex, claiming it as ‘research’ for her role on the show as a lesbian. Meanwhile, Lili had only made out with another girl, funnily enough with the other female lead on their show, Camila Mendes, as ‘practice’ for their shared kiss back on the show’s pilot. However, the way things were steaming up thus far, the blonde knew it would be going much further with the pouty lipped ginger.

“He feels huge even through his pants,” Lili gawked as her hands rubbed Gerald’s crotch.

“Told you!” Madelaine added. “Now aren’t you glad I invited him over?”

“The biggest of yeses,” Lili answered, reaching around to make out with her best friend again.

“I want to watch you suck his cock now,” the redhead demanded when they finally surfaced for air.

“Little kinky, aren’t you,” Lili grinned.

“You don’t know the half of it,” Gerald weighed in with a smile of his own.

Between her own eagerness and Madelaine’s helping hand on the top of her head, Lili took no time at all getting down to her knees in front of the man she just met. The horny blonde helped Madelaine out by pulling down his pants after the redhead made short work undoing his belt. Unfortunately for Lili, she wasn’t prepared for the tennis pro to be fully erect just from their threeway make out session, so as she leaned in to pull his boxers and pants down his legs, Gerald’s hard cock sprang out and thudded on her face.

“Man this thing is a beauty,” Lili commented, unfazed by being slapped in her pretty face by a big dick. “You weren’t joking when you said he was hung.”

Reaching up, the blonde’s right hand crept forward towards the object that had caught her eye and imagination. Wrapping her fingers around the midpoint of his shaft Lili gave him a long pull along its entire length going down then back up again. As she did so, Lili sized him up and found him to be considerably larger than her last boyfriend, for whome their relationship ended several months ago after dating for 2 years. Gerald not only had a smooth cock dappled with several small veins, but his girth and length were awe-inspiring. Hell, if this man wanted, between the monstrous cock and handsome looks, Gerald could easily make it as a porn actor! Lili had to remind herself to swallow the saliva in her mouth for fear of drooling all over his impressive manhood. That would come, she just wanted to do it on purpose and not because she was cock-worshipping him.

“I know,” Madelaine agreed as her own fingers rubbed along his smooth shaft as well.

Lili found the redhead crouched down behind her so that the back of Lili’s head rested in the wonderful cleavage Madelaine possessed. Between a rock hard cock and two pillowy tits, the blonde ran her tongue up the entire length of his erect member until arriving at his bulbous tip. After a few swirls with her wet tongue, Lili decided to stop her playful tonguing and instead opened her mouth wide, taking Gerald’s cock into her mouth for some actual sucking. Gerald and Madelaine both looked down and watched as the innocent-looking blonde ate up half his length with each and every bob of her golden-haired head. Lili’s lips felt great as they glided along his smooth manhood while her wet tongue massaged his underbelly as she went as she sucked.

“Come here,” the horny redhead said to Gerald, pulling him in for a lengthy kiss as Madelaine’s best friend sucked his dick.

Lili was oblivious to the kissing going on two feet above her as she was concentrating solely on the task at hand. Of course, that meant giving the much older man a top notch blowjob. From her knees, Lili drove her face towards Gerald’s hips until his tip hit the back of her mouth. After a few times of this motion, more and more spit was developing in her mouth then spreading to his cock, making her fist that was trailing her lips glide faster and smoother. Knowing variety was the spice of life and sex for that matter, Lili switched things up and used her tongue to run the length of his shaft all the way to his base before reversing course.

“Be a good girl and swallow down every inch of his beautiful cock,” Madelaine demanded of the slightly younger girl.

Madelaine decided that the older man could do without her kisses while her best friend looked like she needed company. That or the redhead was jealous of Lili getting to handle his big cock all to herself. Rather than watch the blonde, Madelaine descended to her knees beside Lili, watching the blonde with keen interest. Lili felt the hand of the more dominant girl grab the back of her head as she started to put inch after inch between her lips. As his tip poked the back of her mouth, Lili suppressed her gag reflex and opened wider. Never able to deep throat even a regular thickness of cock let alone a freak of nature like Gerald, Lili was still able to choke down an impressive 5 inches.

“Yes. That’s a good little cocksucker,” Gerald encouraged as the blonde pulled back and left his manhood dripping in her spit. “Again.”

Madelaine gave her friend a look that portrayed her to get to it, not that Lili needed any extra motivation in that department. She may not have been gifted with swallowing dick down her throat, in fact very few could, but Lili was still a talent from her knees. Repeating the task, Lili felt his bulbous tip against the back of her throat, relaxed her throat and allowed another inch or two of flesh into her gullet. After a few seconds, as Lili went to retreat, Madelaine’s hand stayed firm on her head for another half-dozen heartbeats before the redhead relented and let Lili surface for air.

“Glllkkkk….gllkkkk,” Lili spat as even more saliva decorated his cock now.

“Fuck that’s so damn hot,” Madelaine swore as her lust ran wild. “That’s it, eat more of his cock down your throat.”

The wet sounds of Lili sucking his cock were replaced with other wet noises, this time as the two girls kissed once more. This time they were far sloppier since the blonde’s mouth was full of spit, not that Madelaine seemed to mind whatsoever. Gerald could see saliva spilling out from both their lips, cascading over their chins and down onto their mouth-watering cleavage held within their low-cut shirts.

“Show me how good friends you are by sharing my cock,” Gerald told the kissing pair.

“You heard him,” Madelaine smiled at the other girl.

After a few last lip smacks, the Riverdale pair broke their kiss. Still kneeling in front of the older man and his fat dick, Lili had first crack at him and wrapped her lips around the first half of his dick. Unlike the character she played, Madelaine was a team player and knew her time with Gerald would come so she didn’t mind taking the back seat for now. Instead, she proved a good friend as she stuck out her tongue and licked the other half of the tennis pro’s member to be sure nothing was left out from the warm embrace of their mouths.

“Mmmphm…ammmahhm,” were the sounds being emitted by Lili’s mouth as she noisily slobbered on his fleshy rod.

Inch by inch, as Lili pulled back while bobbing on the man, Madelaine let her mouth push closer to her. Finally the blonde was left just sucking on his tip until it was just her tongue making little circles around his piss slit. Madelaine gave her blonde friend a kiss then edged her out completely, pouncing to engulf half his length in one go, then held him in her mouth with his tip at the back of her throat for what seemed like an eternity. She was an enigma as the next moment she was feverishly bobbing her head up and down his cock with speeds that were sure to give her whiplash. Clearly the Riverdale actress had been building her lust as Lili sucked him off and was now making up for lost time.

“Yes. Suck my dick,” Gerald hissed, each of his hands resting on the back of their heads.

Gerald was loving the dual attention of both curvy actresses, yet it was only getting better. Lili may have initially been unsure what to do next but she had decided to sink lower on her knees and moved her head even closer. Opening wide before closing on his closest ball, she sucked on the sensitive sack before taking the other to roll around her mouth with her skilled tongue.

“So good,” he complimented, a hand on the back of Madelaine’s head as she swirled with every bob along his length.

For the next several minutes the girls continued to work in unison to bring great oral pleasure to the lucky man. They had shifted positions shortly after Gerald’s first audible groan so that they each had a nut in their mouth and sucked away while one of them stroked his manhood. It showed a remarkable amount of teamwork from the pair of friends, something that usually required experience but the Riverdale pair were doing it just off lust and friendship.

However, much to his pleasure, both girls now found themselves occupying half of his shaft with their lips at the same time. They craned their necks to the side so that they were looking into each other’s eyes with their noses touching as they pressed their open mouths along his dick sideways. With noses and lips now touching as well, they moved as a well drilled team to slide up and down his lengthy shaft while massaging the underbelly of his manhood with their tongues.

“We make a hell of a team,” Lili finally commented with a wide grin.

With both girls side by side on their knees, an idea struck Gerald. Using a hand to hold the back of each of their heads, he lined his cock up with Lili’s open mouth first and shoved inside. When he felt the back of her throat and heard the little cough and saw her back heave, he backed out all the way and turned to do likewise with Madelaine. The redhead was practically foaming at the mouth for another round with her mouth on his cock, and Gerald was more than happy to make her dream materialize.

“That’s it, keep your mouths wide open,” he told them.

One pump into each became two then three before he would switch and thrust his cock into the other. They each had their positives, with both actresses eager to please and clearly possessed a lot of experience with cocks in their mouths. However, in the oral department he had to give the advantage to the red-haired siren. Given the sheer size of her mouth, not to mention the plumpness of her lips, Madelaine Petsch was essentially designed in a lab by a scientist obsessed with blowjobs. That wasn’t to say Lili didn’t have anything to offer. Clearly motivated by her first threesome, Lili was a blur on motion as she eagerly bobbed and allowed the older man to plunge deep into her mouth, making her spit up more cock. Either way, after only a minute or two they both had lengthy drool marks hanging over their chin and coating the front of their shirts.

“Need to fuck you now,” Gerald demanded with urgency, unable to handle any more foreplay.

“You go first sweetie,” Madelaine offered to her friend. “You deserve to know how it feels inside you.”

“Yes. Me first,” Lili smiled with her dimples.

Before Lili even moved, she felt hands scoop under her arms and lift her up. Easily strong enough to hoist the blonde actress up off the ground, Gerald settled her right on the edge of the tall bed, which he remembered from last time being at the perfect height to lay the girl down while he stood and fucked her. Albeit last time was Madelaine Petsch and her large tits jiggling for him while now it was Lili Reinhart’s turn. He was in a hurry to get wet in her cunt, but wanted to make sure she was primed to take his thickness. Kneeling down, Gerald lowered his face down to her sex, pulling her thong down her juicy thighs in the process before he delivered what had to be a dozen tongue lashes to her pussy in half as many seconds. 

“Yes! God!” Lili moaned as her snatch was eaten expertly by the man her father’s age.

Gerald was about to stand and start fucking the blonde, but wanted to add a little more saliva to her pussy since it looked so tight. As he spat on her snatch, it started dripping off her pink folds so he bent down and used his tongue to rub it into her hole. His aim was a little low and he did a hard poke of his tongue against Lili’s asshole, which instantly got a loud moan, half shock but half excitement. Intrigued about which was the stronger reaction, Gerald did another lick of the blonde’s asshole and found she was definitely aroused by having her crinkled hole receive some attention.

“Did you inform Lili here of my particular...kink?” Gerald asked as he got to his feet. 

“She’s aware...and very willing, right babe?” Madelaine replied as Gerald dragged his tip through Lili’s folds.

“I am...Oh my God…yes,” Lili swore as the man took two pumps before his entire 8 inches filled her pussy.

“I told you he was amazing!” Madelaine cheered

“So right! He feels so huge inside me,” the blonde agreed with her.

“Wait until he puts it in your ass,” Madelaine added as she pulled the sundress off the rest of her friend’s body.

Gerald now had even more reason to be on cloud nine. Not only did the slutty teens combine to give him a perfect double blowjob, not only was he fucking the hot blonde with her perky tits jiggling with each thrust, but now he had the knowledge that he would get to assfuck both girls. He was looking forward to getting the chance to sodomize the horny redhead again, but now he’d also get to do likewise to the bubble butt blonde.

“I don’t know…mhmmm…he’s so big…awwhhh….might not fit,” Lili replied through a series of moans.

The moaning only grew in volume and frequency as Madelaine closed her lips around Lili’s pink nipples, now wet in her kiss. Before the blonde could put up any more protests against her pending anal fucking, Madelaine licked her way up her neck until bringing her into a kiss once more as her fingers teasingly twisted her nipples. After a quick makeout session, all while Lili’s pussy was getting hammered relentlessly, Madelaine leant back down to suck on her bouncing tits once more before straightening up to hungrily kiss the tennis pro again. His tongue forcefully probed her mouth until she fought back and engaged him in the wrestling match. Meanwhile Madelaine’s hands never left her friend as her fingers expertly found Lili’s clit and began rubbing.

“God…oh Lord…soooo good,” the blonde screamed as the man fucked her relentlessly well.

“I don’t think she’s gonna last much longer,” Gerald said, looking down at the 21-year-old as her tits heaved under his strong thrusting.

Madelaine smiled and kissed him once more before resting her face down on Lili’s stomach. Having Lili climax was now Madelaine’s prime objective, as in her super relaxed state it would make it a hell of a lot easier for her to take Gerald’s thick cock in her caboose. After all, that trick worked for Madie last week and she had a good deal of anal experience to fall back on. Getting as close as she could while not being smashed by Gerald’s rock hard abs, Madelaine stuck out her tongue and used it to swipe at the blonde girl’s sensitive nub, replacing her fingers.

“Shhiittt…really not…mhmmm….gonna…cum…awwwhh…close,” Lili screamed.

“Go real deep Gerry,” the redhead instructed after noticing that it was that technique that drew the bigger screams from her friend.

The tennis instructor did just that as he slowed his pace somewhat so that he could slide his entire 8 inch cock into the curvy blonde. After his hips smashed against her’s he pulled out and repeated, his cock tip grinding against her G spot each time. And if that wasn’t enough to push Lili over the edge, Madelaine went back to using her fingers to rub her clit, picking up the speed that Gerald had lost in the process.

“OHHHH YYEEESSS…SSSHHIITTT,” the blonde swore as she came. “God, that was so good.”

“Good girl. Why don’t you put it in her ass as a form of reward for making her cum so hard,” Madelaine told the older man before addressing her friend, whose nipples she was currently rolling between her thumb and finger. “You’re cool with letting him do that to you, right babe?”

“Yeah I want to try it,” Lili said eagerly, still basking in her post-climax bliss.

“Taste your friend. Come and put some extra spit on it,” Gerald ordered.

The athletic man continued to slowly fuck the blonde girl, coating as much of his dick in her juices as he could before pulling out. Madelaine had climbed over her friend with her pussy practically resting on top of Lili’s lips to get her pouty lips wrapped back around his dick. Finding the perfect balance in tasting her friend’s cum and adding extra saliva, after a short period his manhood was as slippery in cum and spit as it would ever get.

“Eat my pussy. It’ll help distract,” Madelaine told her. It was true but the redhead also wanted the pleasure after being on the sidelines of the main action thus far.

Gerald told Lili he’d go good and slow, just like when he sodomized Madelaine, which seemed to help calm the few last nerves the blonde had. Realizing that there was a gushing pussy right in front of her, the first time lesbian extended her tongue and swiped right down Madelaine’s slit, tasting a twat for the first time in her life.

“Awwhh…mhhh,” Lili moaned into Madelaine’s pussy after the man pierced her bowels with his cock.

Lili wasn’t an anal virgin but it had been a few months since anything had been up there. However, it didn’t hurt nearly as much as before despite him being much bigger than her last conquest. Taking his time like he promised, the much older man made smooth and shallow thrusts into her asshole which barely registered as discomfort. While true it was only with the first few inches, more would come in short order, all three knew for sure.

Though her bowels were being forced wider than ever before in her life, Lili didn’t forget about her flame-haired friend. Not having any experience to rely on, Lili went with what had felt good to her when boys had eaten her out and tried to mirror it. Based on the moans coming from Madelaine, Lili felt like she was doing just fine, which buoyed her confidence. Licking with more zeal, Lili used her tongue to lap up and down her pink slit before driving her tongue deep into MAdie’s hole, testing her salty-sweet essence.

“For this being your first time you have some good pussy eating habits,” Madelaine told her straight friend. “And fuck, you look even bigger when you’re fucking such a tight hole.”

Gerald smiled then pulled the redhead up for a kiss, causing her to ride her pussy all over Lili’s face. By the time Madelaine withdrew her tongue from the older man’s mouth and dropped back down so her large tits rested back on Lili’s flat stomach, the blonde’s face was smeared in juices. However, proving to be handling the threesome like a fish took to water, Lili kept to her task and pushed her tongue into her snatch. She did all this while taking a thick cock repeatedly in her ass as Gerald seemed determined to add more and more of his manhood into her backdoor.

“Oh my God,” Lili moaned as Madelaine reciprocated the gesture and started licking the blonde’s twat. “I can’t believe your huge cock is in my ass…and that I kinda like it.”

“So hot and naughty, right?” Madelaine boasted.

“Yes! So much,” Lili panted out, shocked that anal with such a large cock could feel so good.

The redhead had to admit that while her friend was quite good at the whole eating pussy business, she still had a ways to go to master the art. That being said, Madelaine was more than willing to give Lili a passing grade due to the fact that a really thick cock was pummeling her still-tight asshole at the same time she was trying to get to grasp with munching carpet. Based on that fact alone would earn Lili a second chance to make it up to the entitled redhead.

“That’s it Gerald! Get all that beautiful cock in her tight ass,” Madelaine encouraged before resuming flicking Lili’s bean with her more practiced tongue.

With his goal firmly set, the handsome former pro went about accomplishing what the horny redhead wanted. Lengthening his strides so each thrust went a little deeper, he started stroking 6 then 7 inches of his massive shaft into the blonde. He could hear her muffled screams into Madelaine’s pussy becoming more pronounced with each time he reared back then pushed in. However, Lili showed no signs of being in distress, nor did she try stopping him and his anally invading cock. In fact, she did quite the opposite as she wrapped her legs around his torso and dug heels into his buttocks, spurring his sodomy on.

“”Holy shit! He’s so deep,” Lili was able to moan around the bald twat in her face.

“That’s his entire thing babe. Great job,” the curvy redhead told her friend excitedly.

“Speaking of jobs, why don’t you blow me before I get reacquainted with your booty,” Gerald suggested to Madelaine.

For the first time since he started stretching Lili Reinhart’s ass, as Gerald slid his cock back he let his bulbous head pull free from the moaning blonde. His dick sprang free like a compressed spring, nearly taking out one of Madelaine’s eyes as it came within a hair of striking the gorgeous redhead in the face. Being the sex-fueled woman she was, Madelaine was unaffected by the near miss of the dick slap as she instead captured his soiled manhood in her hand, instantly stroking him off. Gerald had gotten such a perverse thrill from their first and only time together when Madelaine sucked him off immediately after his cock came from her asshole, and clearly he’d been thinking about it all week. Poised mere inches away from his cock, the redhead gave a moment's pause, not because she was worried about the taste of ass that was sure to nearly overwhelm her. No, the pause came from the fact that her best friend was about to witness Madelaine partake in what was surely an sex act that 99% of the population would consider disgusting. 

With a shrug, Madelaine decided that Lili would just have to get on board with her new sexual kink. “My dirty boy has such a dirty cock…and I love it!”

Though only in her mid-20s, not much was new to the sexually experienced redhead but taking a cock straight from someone’s ass directly to her mouth was fresh territory. Never one to pass by a chance to gain more knowledge, Madelaine opened her mouth and engulfed as much of his cock as possible before slowly bobbing her head away. The taste of ass instantly filled her mouth and it took blowing the older man for a minute before she was able to distinguish some subtle differences between Lili’s asshole and that of her own from when she performed the ass to mouth routine last week.

“Oh my God, Madie!” Lili gawked having somehow squirmed out from between the redhead’s thighs in order to watch her best friend suck off the older man. “Did that go right in your mouth? From my...ass?”

“It certainly did, blondie,” Gerald responded for Madelaine so that the redhead didn’t have to stop blowing him. 

In for a penny, in for a pound, Madelaine ignored the shock in her best friend’s voice and continued doing what she wanted. Right now, that meant being sure that she tasted as much as her best friend’s ass as possible. Madelaine sucked on his member a few times before pulling it from her mouth. Extending her tongue she ran it from base to tip on both sides as well as on top and bottom. Lili didn’t taste gross by any means, a little coppery if she had to define it.

“Honestly Lil, don’t knock it til you try it,” Madelaine said once sure every taste of Lili Reinhart’s ass was licked or sucked off Gerald’s manhood.

“Now let’s get this back in your ass,” the man twice her age told her.

Madelaine was a little chagrined to pull her pussy from Lili’s face right as the blonde was starting to get better at munching her rug. However, there was a big fat cock with her name on it and there was no chance she’d pass that up. Getting to her hands and knees, the redhead with a body to die for crawled up the bed until against the wall. Lili rolled out of the way as her sodomizer climbed on the mattress with them and took up the spot right behind her friend. In one stroke he planted his entire length in Madelaine’s pussy, her velvety walls already drenched in arousal and Madelaine’s spit.

“Oh yeah baby…fuck my pussy,” the red-haired actress demanded, using her arms to push back on the headboard to take more cock.

It had only been less than two weeks since he was last inside her, but it felt like an eternity for Gerald. Her age made the redhead super tight, but her slutty nature allowed him to thrust as hard and fast as he wanted. It was a perfect storm, especially given how curvy her fit ass was, which rippled every time his hips smacked against it.

Lili didn’t know where to go in this new arrangement but the decision was made for her. Madelaine sensed she was close even with her eyes closed so she reached out and clutched her friend’s head before they kissed. It was erratic as with every thrust Madelaine’s tongue would lick Lili’s face due to the vigorous fucking she was receiving, but the couple could care less.

“Come and rest your face on her ass, blondie,” Gerald said, forgetting the girl’s name.

Lili hopped to his command and did as she was told. For her obedience, Gerald rewarded the eager blonde by pulling his cock straight from Madelaine’s honey pot and presented it to Lili. The Riverdale actress knew exactly what to do with it by wasting no time in inhaling his cock. Much like how Madelaine was tasting the flavor of ass when she sucked him off straight from Lili’s caboose, the blonde was tasting every last drop of Madelaine’s delicious pussy juices in the process. Adding a little extra spit for when it went into the redhead’s ass, Lili sucked him for another half-minute before pulling off and allowing the older man to steer his manhood back into her best friend.

Madelaine screamed her approval as Gerald plunged back into her twat, this time with even more wetness. The combination of her dampness and Lili’s spit caused wet slapping noises to echo around the room with every thrust, which was music to the slutty girl’s ears. It also allowed him to somehow fuck her even harder then before, as his cock was a blur as it constantly appeared then disappeared into her.

“I’m gonna fuck your little asshole,” Gerald stated, pulling out of her cunt.

“Yes please,” Madelaine cooed with her most seductive look.

Once the redhead spread her legs further and allowed herself to lower just a few inches more, Madelaine felt the bluntness of his tip against her crinkled asshole and knew enough to relax and let him push inside her. To Lili’s amazement the redhead barely made any indication that a fat cock just pushed into her rectum. Seeing it happen from inches away was the sexiest thing that Lili had ever recalled in her entire life as Madie’s slender but phenomenal booty was spread by such a huge dick.

“Fuck my ass, Gerry!” Madelaine cooed as he made smooth slow strokes into her asshole.

“This looks so unbelievably hot,” Lili cooed, her hand wandering down between her legs to rub her snatch.

“Since you like it so much, tell me what you want me to do with your best friend’s ass,” Gerald offered, over half his length inside Madelaine’s bowels at this point.

“Just play with her perfect little booty for a while,” Lili suggested.

Gerald smiled at the enthralled 21 year old and gave in to her wish. Going much slower then he knew was needed for the rather experienced redhead, the tennis pro only used a few inches of his dick at a pedestrian pace. Though she didn’t need the safe approach, Madelaine didn’t mind as it helped prepped her ass for the harder fucking that was sure to follow. Gerald smirked down at the awe-struck Lili when a glorious idea hit him. He kept his slow, controlled pace but this time went deeper than a few inches. Lili watched in wonder as he pushed his entire length into Madelaine’s round ass before her snow white globes were pressed tightly against his torso. He reversed course and pulled out completely from the redhead before placing the head of his soiled cock right in front of the gorgeous blonde actress.

“You want me to, um, suck your dick?” Lili stammered as she asked. Though she was a little hesitant, both Madelaine and Gerald noted that Lili’s eyes never stopped staring at the cock in front of her face.

“You saw how much your friend liked the taste of ass,” Gerlad reasoned.

“It’s so hot and naughty and sexy, babe,” Madelaine added her two cents.

Gerald could see the moment Lili decided to give into their wishes and smiled widely. For the second time in 10 minute, a second mouth engulfed his cock which had come from the other girl’s asshole mere seconds prior. Showing the energy of a horny 21-year old, the blonde thrust her head down on his cock, tasting Madelaine’s asshole on his slick shaft the whole time. Much like everything about the redhead, even her asshole was perfect, as Lili had to admit that even her bowels tasted pleasant after the initial wince her face had done with the strong taste of ass at the beginning. 

“Ahhh fuck,” Madelaine squealed in delight as his wetter cock was planted back in her ass. “Slam my ass baby!”

This time Gerald was done playing and opened up the throttle, stroking his cock with renewed speed. Madelaine didn’t mind at all as her screams filled not only the room but the entire house her family lived in. To make sure Lili didn’t go far, the tennis instructor held her by her bunched up golden hair and kept it resting on her best friend’s quaking booty. Giving the redhead exactly what she wanted was best for all parties. With the harder fucking, Madelaine was screaming as she furiously rubbed her clit and drew greater pleasure from the sodomy. Meanwhile Lili watched on in pure awe, amazed how her skinny friend could take such a pounding from a cock that should be ripping her in two.

“Can I taste again,” the blonde begged eagerly.

“Let her then give her to me to lick my clit,” Madelaine urged as well.

All of a sudden the blonde was a girl in demand. After a few last hard pumps into the perfectly sculpted ass, Gerald pulled out of Madelaine and offered his cock to her best friend. Lili opened wide, tasting the strong taste of Madelaine Petsch’s rectum on her tongue as she added a good deal of spit to his dick. After bobbing on three quarters of his length, the older man pulled out of her mouth and aimed back into the tight confines of Madelaine’s ass.

Lili savored the taste of asshole in her mouth before remembering Madelaine’s request. Diving under her curvy friend, the horny blonde extended her tongue and licked through her pink folds before finding the exposed nub. She knew she hit paydirt when the red-haired actress screamed above her, edging closer to her orgasm by the second.

“Oh my God…I think I’m gonna make her cum as she gets fucked in the ass,” Lili thought in disbelief.

“Lick her pussy,” Gerald encouraged, fucking with more wild strokes. “Make her cum so I can too.”

Feeling like the orgasms of the two others was solely on her shoulders, the blonde shrugged away her inexperience and gave into instincts. She wasn’t sure she was doing the right thing when she made a seal around her friend’s clit then batted at the nub relentlessly with her tongue. That was until Madelaine tossed her flaming red hair back and let out a howl that could indicate only one thing.


Madelaine came like a hurricane, even harder than during her original tryst with the married older man. Lili’s tongue dancing along her slit helped greatly, as did the way his cock seemed to fill her bowels without ever hurting. Now knowing that both girls had hit their orgasm, Gerald found his resistance was broken as well. After several more hard thrusts into what could only be described as a vice, the tennis instructor grunted in an animalistic fashion before burying his manhood as deep as possible in her rectum. Madelaine could feel his cock twitching against the smooth walls of her colon before he squirted his warm load into her ass. Having him cream inside her asshole was a first for her, but it felt amazing to have him splash her in such a taboo place. As he pulled out after spending every last drop, the redhead was smacked with an idea. She took a step further up the bed until it was now her delicious booty hovering over Lili rather than her pussy.

“Say awwhhh babe,” Madelaine told Lili as she pushed.

Lili didn’t know what she meant until she opened her eyes. She had just enough time to make sure Madelaine’s gaping asshole and her own mouth were perfectly in line. No sooner did her lips form a perfect “O” did Gerald’s cum come leaking out of rectum. To her credit Lili shy away or act disgusted. Instead, the blonde treated this as a gift to Madelaine for inviting her into her own bedroom, not to mention sharing the man. Lili kept her mouth open and tongue extended until she was sure Madelaine’s asshole was milked of Gerald’s cum, not even spilling a single drop before she swallowed down like she always did.

“You were totally right. This was a great idea,” Lili told the exhausted redhead.

“Call me anytime,” Gerald huffed, standing proudly before the naked women.

“What do you think, Lili?” Madelaine asked her friend, having rolled over so the two women could cuddle up tight.

“We don’t leave for another few days…” the blonde mused. “And he did perform up to the standards you set.”

“He certainly did,” Madelaine cooed. “We’ll call you tomorrow.”

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