Selena's Happy Hour

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Selena Gomez and I do not make money from this writing.

A/N: In case you missed it in the story summary, in this story Selena Gomez is not a Celebrity, she is just a regular college girl. It's not mentioned in the story, but she is around 20 years old. Hope you enjoy!

Selena’s Happy Hour

It was happy hour at the bar in the middle of the week. Like every other day this week there was only one man at the bar, Selena Gomez looked over in the direction of the lone customer that was at the bar who was slowing drinking his beer. She was bored out of her mind, but at least working this awful job was paying for her college and she could be working at someplace far worst then here. The worst part of her job was when she had to clean up puck from the bathroom.

Selena noticed that the lone customer would glance at her every once in a while, usually at the height of her chest which made her uncomfortable. She could tell he was older then her and if he did make a forceful move on her, there was no way that she could overpower him.

Usually she wouldn’t be scared of a man that was looking at her in that way. It happened everyday at work and at school. What made this situation worst was the fact that she was alone here with him and that she as well as he both knew that high chance no one was going to show up at the bar anytime soon.

The man got up from his seat and walked over in her direction. He sat at the stool in front of her and smiled. He had brown hair, but some of it was turning gray. His shirt was stained with what looked like coffee or sauce and Selena could tell he was slightly overweight.

“No point in sitting so far from you” he told Selena

“Why’s that?” she asked

“Ye got to get me another beer once I’m done” he yelled at her, spit flew out of his mouth as he raised his voice that hit her right in the eye. She wiped it off with the sleeve of her shirt. It was disgusting.

“You just tell me what you want” said Selena, she didn’t really like this slob of a man, but at least talking with him was better then thinking about horror stories of what he would do to her.

The man smiled “You really want to know what I want?” the man asked her. Selena cluelessly nodded her head. “I want to taste these tits” he reached over the counter and grabbed her boobs.

Selena screamed.

“What the fuck are you doing!” she yelled as she took several steps back getting out of the man’s reach. It was one thing to think about horror stories and something else to have them come true.

“You are what I want Selena” said the man “I come to the bar during this time not only to get discounts on my beer, but also to see you. I only come here when you work. I have been dreaming of touching you and fucking you since the first time I saw you three months ago”

“You’re creeping me out” said Selena, she didn’t move, she had to know if this man was going to hop the counter or try to walk around it. Whichever way he chose, she would take the other.

“I never meant to harm you” said the man as he took his drink and sipped on it as if nothing had happened between them “I just want you to love me”

“That ain’t a way to show it” she said, Selena had a feeling this man was unstable, she would have to talk to the owner about this, but as long as he sold drinks, he didn’t care about her well-being or anything else for that matter.

The man finished his drink and placed it on the counter and pushed it towards her “Fill me up beautiful”

Selena didn’t want to approach the glass in fear that he would try to touch her again. But she also knew that if her boss walked in and saw her refusing to serve a customer, she would be looking for a job by tonight, she took a single step forward and grabbed the glass from the table.

“Same as before?” she asked him

“Yup baby” he replied to her, Selena hated it when men used stupid pet names on her like that.

Selena filled his glass with the alcohol and was about to place it back on the counter.

“You have large juicy tits!” the man suddenly said to her.

Selena gasped and spilled the drink on the counter.

“How cute” the man laughed

“I’m sorry” said Selena, trying her best to ignore the rude comments he was making about her “I will replace your drink right away”

“Don’t bother” he said “I changed my mind”

Selena just looked at him, she knew he was up to something.

“You want a different drink?” she asked him with caution

“No, I want to see the owner and make a complaint about you sweet ass” said the man

“About me!” Selena raised her voice “You’re the one harassing me”

“You’re rude and look at me like I’m trash” said the man

“So what?” replied Selena “You touched me”

The man smiled telling her that it was the highlight of his day “I’m friends with the owner” he told her “We go way back, I think he’ll believe my side of the story and fire your sweet ass especially once I tell him you spilled my drink and still charged me for it”

“I didn’t even charge you for it” said Selena “and since my boss is cheap it’s coming out of my paycheck”

“So you think the boss is cheap. I’ll make sure to tell him that too” the man said his smile growing. Selena placed a hand on her forehead, she really fucked up this time by opening her big mouth.

“Please don’t tell” said Selena “I really need this job”

“Maybe I might consider keeping my mouth shut…but I’ll require payment” he said to her

“I’m a college student” said Selena “I’m like totally broke”

“Your hot body will be the payment” the man said

“Wha…” Selena wasn’t even able to finish that single word. This man wanted them to have sex, so she could keep her job? She should scream at him and walk out of the bar this very minute, but it wasn’t that simple. If she lost her job, she won’t be able to pay for college and would have to drop out. She could get lucky and find another job, but if she didn’t her dreams and her future would be over, all because of this asshole.

She only had sex once before in her life and that was with her now ex-boyfriend. At least she wasn’t a virgin. She really didn’t want to have sex with this awful slob of a man, but she had little choice right now. If she had sex with him, she would keep her job and have a future. If she didn’t, she could kiss college and her future good-bye.

“If we have sex” Selena started, she found it hard to even form the words on her lips “you promise you won’t tell the boss about him being cheap or tell him all those awful lies about me?”

“Selena…of course I won’t tell him” said the man

Selena took a deep breath, she couldn’t believe what she was about to say “Fine, we can have sex” The man smiled as he started to move his hands towards her tits “Wait…” she said “I have to do something first”

The man was confused, but Selena came out from behind the counter and headed to the front door, changing the sign from open to closed and also locked the door. If she was going to have sex with this guy, she was going to make sure no one came in and watched or worst joined in against her will.

Once the door was locked and Selena returned to her worst enemy, the man placed his hands on her tits and smiled “Get out of those pants and bend over the corner”

“You sure don’t waste anytime” Selena said

“I haven’t gotten laid in over ten years” said the man

Selena rolled her eyes “I can’t imagine why”

The man continued to grope her boobs, while Selena worked to untie and unzip the button and zipper of her tight jeans. As she pulled the jeans and her panties down to her knees, the man didn’t move his hands away from her amazing tits.

“Very nice” said the man as he looked down and noticed that Selena was ready to be penetrated by his dick “Now bend…”

“I know, I know” said Selena “Bend over the counter, you don’t have to tell me a million times”

“I’m just making sure I get what I deserve” the man told her

What you deserve is to get arrested and rot in jail Selena thought, but she didn’t dare say the words out loud to anger this awful man. Instead she did as she was told and bend over the counter, her large tits were pushed against the wood that she served alcohol to men like this guy nearly every day of her life. Selena waited for the cock to attack her from behind.

“Just wait a minute” said the man as his hands stumbled on the belt that kept his pants from falling to the floor. Selena heard his pants fall to the floor behind her, she felt his rough hands touch her soft skin and she felt something enter her pussy from behind her.

“FUCK!” Selena sworn, the man that had just entered her wasn’t that big thankfully. But it was still the second cock that went inside of her in her life. She hadn’t had the chance yet to meet and fuck a guy with a big dick, so for Selena this man was big or at least the size of her ex-boyfriend.

“Oh, this is one tight pussy” the man said from behind her as he slowly started to push deep inside of her with his small meat. As he pushed into her pussy, Selena could feel his stomach touch her ass with every stroke he took inside of her.

Selena bit her lip as the man fucked her. It was better this way that she didn’t see his face. It would make it easier for her to picture some hot guy from one of her classes as the one that was pounding her from behind.

Selena moaned as she felt the man’s tongue lick the back of her neck. She wasn’t expecting that and she would have to remember to wash that spot twice tonight while she took a shower, who knew where this man was before he came here. For all Selena knew he might be living in the dump, he was dressed for it she knew.

“Your so amazing Selena” the man told her “Fucking you is just how I dreamed it would be”

“I can’t say I ever dreamed of having sex with you” Selena countered, she sort of wished she hadn’t opened her big mouth again, it was her mouth that got her into this much trouble in the first place.

“You will dream of our time together” said the man “I hope this won’t be our last encounter”

I can tell you it most definitely is Selena thought in her head, she was glad that at least that statement didn’t slip out of her mouth. 

“I know I will dream and masturbate to our time together Selena” the man said to her

“Gross!” shouted Selena as the man hammered into her pussy with his dick “That was way too much information”

“I have been masturbating to your body since I first saw you Selena” the man said

“You’re just turning me off more and more with each statement that comes off of your stupid mouth” said Selena

“That hurts me a lot coming from you Selena” said the man

“Well, it’s true” she said

The man thrusted into her pussy several more times until he finally pulled it out completely of her body, Selena turned her head and looked in his direction. He was even worst looking now Selena noticed then he was before, especially since in her mind she was having sex with a model from the internet who did boxer ads.

“Are we done?” she asked, hoping that the answer was yes.

“No, I want to see your face and kiss you while we make love” he said to her

“First” corrected Selena “this is not making love, this is blackmail sex. Second there is no way your lips are touching mine”

“I think your not in a position to make demands. What I say goes, got it bitch or you’ll get fired so fast your head will spin” the man told her

Selena had no choice but to follow his rules.

The man removed the coffee stained shirt from his body showing Selena his unfit body as he was slightly overweight. He somehow managed to get on the counter and lay down on it. “Get on top of me bitch” he told her

Selena hissed at him, he knew she hated him, but he didn’t have to degrade her like that. Cautiously she got on the counter and hovered above his short length, the man seemed to be around two inches, maximum three inches. Selena was sort of ashamed that she found that big for her pussy. Most guys her age had much larger dicks then this old guy, if she had trouble handling his dick, she didn’t have much of a chance with guys her age, at least not sexually.

Selena came down on the man’s cock. She moaned as his cock filled her the most it could. Her ex-boyfriend was around the same length as this guy and he drove her out of control the one time they had sex. Selena still didn’t know why they broke up, they had sex and the following day her boyfriend told her the relationship wasn’t working out for him and broke up with her. Was it because she was bad in bed? Or was it because he didn’t want her telling her friends about his tiny penis? The worst part was for Selena it wasn’t tiny at all, it was amazing the time they shared together. Now she was here in the bar she worked at having sex with a man that was at least double her age.

The man placed his hands on her ass and started to thrust up into her pussy. With each stroke he took up into her Selena moaned slightly. She didn’t want to lose control and start to like this, it would be too embarrassing, but the more he pushed up into her and the more she moaned, the more turned on Selena got from having sex with this slob of a man.

“Take the shirt off” the man demanded of her

Selena didn’t think twice as she grabbed the shirt with both her hands and pulled it off over her head showing the man that her bra was pink.

“That is a wonderful sight” laughed the man “How about you ditch that bra”

Selena didn’t protest, her hand went to her bra and skillfully unhooked her bra and let it slide down her shoulders, she collected it from his greasy stomach and turned it around above her head like a lasso shouting “YEE-HAW!” tossing it across the room.

“Shit that was hot” said the man

“I’m hot” said Selena, she knew she shouldn’t like the sex she was having with the man, but lust had overtaken her. She was turned on now from the cock that pushed deep inside of her and from the hands that touched her hot ass. Her hands were placed on the man’s big belly, Selena slowly moved her hands up and down his fat stomach as she bit her lips and her mouth watered at having a taste of him.

“Shit…” said the man “I’m gonna cum soon, I’m not used to this kind of action. I’m more used to using my hand and thinking about you naked”

“Take a picture of my boobs” said Selena lost in the lust of sex “It last much longer as long as you don’t share it with others or post it on the internet” she had no idea why she wanted this awful man to take nude pictures of her, all she knew is that it would be a rush to know that someone out their had pictures of her naked and that would turn her on, especially since he wasn’t her boyfriend.

“I don’t know how much longer I can last” the man puffed as he fucked her

“You’re totally serious?” asked Selena, she was a little shocked. When she was against having sex with him, he was totally into her. Now she was turned on and she was in the mood to fuck his brains out and he was running out of steam? Selena had a feeling she was going to have to use the shower head on her pussy tonight just to get off, like she usually had to do nowadays.

“But this has been the best night of my life” said the man as his eyes were shut tight, trying to hold back his release so he could fuck Selena Gomez for as long as he possibly could.

“Afternoon actually” Selena corrected him “Happy hour ends at four”

Selena lied down on the man, her breast pressed against his greasy stomach, he still held her ass and still fucked her pussy. Selena placed her hands on his face and he opened his eyes at her touch, they looked into each other’s eyes.

“I believe you told a certain bitch that she had to kiss you” Selena told him

“Only if said bitch wants to kiss me” the man told her

“I can tell you that the bitch really wants to swap spit with you” said Selena

Both Selena and the man closed their eyes and their lips met. Selena had no idea why she wanted to kiss him so badly, other then the fact that she was really turned on. Maybe her break-up with her ex affected her worst then she thought. Maybe she just needed to be loved in her life and this awful man was giving her that right now.

As Selena kissed him, she pushed her tongue into the man’s mouth. The man accepted her tongue as he opened his mouth to her, their tongues danced together as the man pushed up into her pussy one final time and moaned into her mouth as he came inside of Selena Gomez.

Selena felt his warm jizz fill her pussy. As it came into her, she moaned back into her lovers’ mouth even if she knew that once the high of the sex died down, she would go back to hating this man that filled her with his seed.

Selena and the man broke the kiss, they looked once more into their eyes and Selena lay her head against his fat chest in the aftermath of their love making. Selena had told him that this was blackmail sex, but she discovered that she was wrong, on one level it was blackmail, but it was still making love in the end and in the end she did have a good time, even if she didn’t reach an orgasm, her shower tonight would help her with that task.

“That was wonderful” Selena said “Maybe better than my ex”

“You totally earned this job” said the man

“Thank you” said Selena “I really need it to pay for college”

Ten minutes later the door was unlocked and the sign open was back in the window. Selena had gotten back dressed however she was unable to find her bra in the bar, so she just chose to not wear one for the remainder of her shift and hoped that she would find it tomorrow in the lost and found bin before work. The man was also dressed in his stained shirt as they were both getting their clothes back on, he had used his phone to take a picture of Selena completely naked.

“What is my bill?” the man asked Selena

“Fifteen dollars” she replied

The man placed a twenty-dollar bill on the counter in front of her “Keep the change” he told her “You gave me a great time today and I heard that you need to pay for college”

Selena smiled as she grabbed the bill from the counter “Thank you, I hope you come again to drink and fuck my brains out”

The man was definitely going to be a regular at this bar as long as Selena Gomez was working here.

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