The Organization Series: The Baker I

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, albeit one with real people as some of the characters. The events depicted herein did not happen and would not happen in real life. The author of this work is not familiar with the real persons who are depicted in this chapter, in particular Danielle Panabaker, and Kay Panabaker, or any other real people that had been depicted in this chapter and would be depicted in other chapters. Please note that the actions depicted in this work are illegal and should not be imitated in real life. 


Celebrities featured:

Danielle Panabaker

Kay Panabaker



“Hurry up, Danielle,” the shrill voice of her sister tore Danielle out of her reverie, brought about her staring at the mirror as she admired her form. She and her sister were just supposed to get a cake for their mother, but she cannot help but dress up even for such a simple chore.

Tomorrow was their mother’s birthday, but owing to some circumstances that no one in the family could control – scheduling conflicts for the two daughters – the celebration for the same would have to be done tonight. It was just bad luck that someone forgot to check if a cake was included in the food that had already been arranged and paid for.

A sigh escaped from her lips as she flipped her long hair back, imagining that she was doing it in front of a crowd with the flashes of cameras providing a distraction that she tried her best to ignore, but the reality of hearing her younger sister shouting for her again made her forego another round of imagination before hurrying to meet her at the foyer of their home.

There was already a look of irritation on the face of her younger sister when Danielle finally made it to the foyer. It was a look that Danielle was familiar with, mostly because she, or something that she did, was the most frequent cause of such a frown, but, like in most days, the older Panabaker sister ignored the exasperated look on the face of her sister.

The red BMW that was the gift of her father for Danielle was already at the driveway and its engine was already running, and for a brief few moments, Danielle was forced to wonder why her mother had asked her to accompany her younger sister for a simple trip.

Almost instantly, however, the answer to that unasked question came to Danielle, and she realized that it was more for Danielle than for Kay that she was being forced to accompany her younger sister to buy a cake.

Aside from the fact that the car was hers – and Danielle would rather be the first one to crash it rather than her sister – there was also the fact that her sister was not old enough to drive. They may flirt with the underage driving laws while inside the high walls of their home, but not outside the walls. Nowadays, that would be bread and butter for the paparazzi, and their ability to blow even the most simple of things into a nightmare of public perception.

“Honestly,” Kay said as she watched her older sister open the driver’s side door of the car, “I should have just gone on my own.”

Danielle wanted to retort, but the last time that she and her sister had a serious argument, their parents had to intervene. It would not do well for either of them to get into an argument on the eve of their mothers birthday. So Danielle decided to take the – in her opinion – more mature route and refrained from saying anything, watching instead in silence as her sister hurriedly crossed the driveway so that she is on the other side of the car.

For a few moments, Danielle thought about stepping slightly on the acceleration pedal, just to see what Kay’s reaction would be like, but because Kay had already opened the door – and because Danielle did not think that their parents would appreciate that – she decided against her original idea.

Danielle instead was forced to watch in silence as her sister settled in her seat. Kay made sure that the safety belt was secured across her upper body before she turned toward Danielle and asked, “Any idea where we are going?”

Instead of answering, Danielle practically ripped her gearstick as she pulled it down from neutral to reverse. At the same time, she nearly floored her acceleration pedal. The resulting action caused her engine to roar and the sedan actually attained a speed in the double digits in just a few seconds. Fortunately, the older Panabaker sister realized her mistake and was able to step in the brake pedal in time before she totally lost control of the vehicle.

Both Danielle and Kay were surprised by what just happened, the latter more than the former, though before Kay could tore her sister a new one, she caught Danielle looking at her with concern on her face. That was more than enough for Kay to let go of her anger, and she decided that they should just talk about it later – preferably when Danielle is no longer behind the wheel of the car where Kay is seated.

Nevertheless, a full ten seconds of the siblings silently staring at each other passed before Danielle asked, “Are you alright?”

Kay nodded, but the answer that came from her was not an answer to the question that her sister had asked, rather, it was an answer to the question that Kay had asked, “I was thinking we could visit this new bakeshop at the city,” the younger of the two said, “It had just opened a few days ago.”

“I thought mother liked the old bakeshop?” Danielle asked.

“Yes, she does,” Kay agreed, “but I thought we could surprise her,” and as an afterthought, she added, “And if it really bothers you, we could stop by the old bakeshop after we get one from the new bakeshop.”

For some reason, Danielle thought that she should insist on their old bakeshop – with the rather handsome cashier that she would not mind staring at while her sister pretends to pore over the selection of cake before ultimately deciding on the same triple chocolate cheesecake – but Danielle bit back a retort. She figured that she owed her sister one after that near accident.


Joshua took a whiff from the nearly spent cigarette that he had lighted less than five minutes ago before he unceremoniously flicked the stub toward the concrete ground. For a brief few seconds he considered about not stepping on it, but that was what he finally did just three seconds later.

A sigh escaped from his lips as he turned his attention toward the bakery where he came from. It was newly opened and it had no customers.

It cost him a lot of money to buy the place, and even more to maintain the place, and the two assistants that he hired since the place opened did not help from a monetary standpoint. Some days, the shop does not make enough money to keep it profitable, but most of the time, the shop does not make money. Sure, there were a few customers now and then, but such an event is few and far between.

The fact that the shop was again empty was one of the reasons why Joshua had allowed his assistants – all of them without even the most basic knowledge of baking, but he hired them for other reasons – to take their break, giving them stern warnings to make sure that they actually eat lunch, and not hang out in front of the nearby high school and stare at girls legs.

Joshua was thirty three, but the people who have only seen him once would swear that he was at least forty five. At least fifty pounds over his desired body weight and with three scars running from just below his left ear to his chin, plus burn marks covering the right side of his face, he was actually pretty hideous to look at. The fact that those burn marks actually cover more than half of his body does not make things prettier.

In his youth, he had served with the French Legion, bleeding for comrades who left him bleeding in the desserts of Algeria after he was wounded during an operation that the government would never admit to. That was where he earned the three scars on his face.

The burn marks he earned after ten years of working for an organized crime boss who realized that it was time for Joshua to retire, lest the extra activities of the paid assassin with the wives and daughters of those that he was ordered to kill managed to get the attention of Interpol.

It has been a good four years since that incident in Marseilles when his colleagues opened fire at him as he was turned his car into the street before setting him on fire. That he was able to escape the burning wreckage of his car was something that he had put down to sheer good luck, and it was that same sense that prevented him from seeking out his former colleagues and giving them the same treatment.

Instead, he fled to the United States where he intentionally put on the pounds, and disguised himself as a baker. He had learned cooking while he was in the legion, but he had always said that he hated cooking, which was why he chose this profession, reasoning that it was the perfect disguise.

Joshua thought about lighting up another stick, but at the same moment that he reached for a pack, a red BMW turned into the parking section. For some reason, he turned his attention toward the car and saw the two beautiful women seated at the front of the car.

Sisters?’ he mused, at the same time that his thoughts returned to the last time that he had a sister under his mercy. A wistful smile actually came across his face as he thought, ‘it has been a long time.’

Unwilling to stand up to scrutiny, Joshua made his way back to his bakery, but once he was inside, he turned his attention toward the sisters who had just stepped out of the car, ‘definitely sisters,’ Joshua thought at the same time that his imagination flew to the things that he could make them do.

The baker shook his head to rid the images from his mind, but it did not stop him from staring. Even he could not believe the smile on his face when he saw the sisters walk toward his shop. Up till that moment, he thought that they were just parking, but it now appears that their purpose for being here was his shop.

Joshua knew that this was an opportunity that he could not miss. Almost instantly, a plan formed in his mind at the same time that he thanked his foresight that he was able to set up something on the basement of his shop. To be fair, Joshua thought that it was a waste of time almost half of the time that he was working on it, but now, now it appears that if his makeshift dungeon might find some use after all.


Danielle thought that the bakeshop looked alright, but if they really wanted to earn some money, they should replace the baker, or at least hire someone to be the face of the business.

She and Kay walked into the establishment and were immediately met by the man who introduced himself as the baker. Kay was more than happy to converse with the man, and Danielle took that moment to look around the store. It was just a simple bakery with a few cakes on display. She would have been fine with picking up one for their mother and heading straight to their old bakeshop, but after the baker learned of their purpose for the visit, the man declared that the already prepared cakes would not be enough.

“These are generic cakes,” the baker – who introduced himself as Joshua – said, waving dismissively at his own wares as he did so, “You will have more beautiful and more thoughtful cakes for your mamas birthday.”

“It’s not really any trouble,” Kay said, she would not admit it but she was struggling a bit with the heavy eastern European accent of the baker. Neither Danielle nor Kay could have guessed at that moment that their baker was actually faking his accent.

“Non, non,” the baker insisted as he practically pushed both Danielle and Kay into waiting seats, “I would make you good cake, best cake you have ever had.”

 ‘That’s a tall order,’ Danielle thought. She caught the man looking at her with an expression that she could not face – and she could not have guessed that at that moment, the baker was already undressing her with his eyes – and she stared back.

“Forgive me, mademoiselle,” he said, bowing slightly – and it was not a pretty sight, with his girth and all – “You seem familiar to me.”

“You’ve probably seen her in television…uh…vous avez probablement vue dans la television?” Kay said, trying her French.

Cute,’ Joshua thought even as he smiled toward the younger sister, ‘trying to speak French, well, you’ll be screaming in French soon enough while you watch your sister getting sodomized, and your sister would be screaming in French when it is your turn to be sodomized,’ even as he wondered how delightful the young girls screams would be when she is impaled in his cock.

“la television?” Joshua wondered out loud, but before either sister could say anything, he suddenly nodded enthusiastically, “qui, qui, Empire Falls?”

“Yes,” Danielle replied, casting a sideward glance toward her sister that spoke of her annoyance. It was something that Joshua did not miss, and he briefly wondered about the relationship of the two and if he could play one against the other.

Better not,’ the baker thought, ‘it would be more fun to break them both.’

“I love your acting,” Joshua commented, momentarily slipping from his pretend accent and not really caring about how Danielle had acted. It was just something to keep her in play. Fortunately, neither Danielle nor Kay noticed the slip because he immediately turned toward Kay and resumed his pretend accent, “And you, mademoiselle? La television as well?”

“Just small roles,” Kay commented, actually blushing. Joshua smiled, ‘you’ll soon be the star of your own rape and torture films, girl, with your sister.’

“I ask for photograph later, if alright?” Joshua asked. At that moment, he knew he would be taking more than just a photograph from the sisters. He would be taking from them and them much, much more.

“Sure,” Kay replied, she turned to look at her sister who had an irritated look, but Danielle also nodded.

Joshua made a show of being happy with their agreement – and it was not that hard given that he really is happy, imagining the things that the sisters would soon go through when they are finally at his dungeons, ‘oh whips, needles, clamps, delectable and prime female flesh and whimpers of mercy from sisters begging for punishment to save the other,’ he thought.

Joshua was already thinking about his punishment seesaw and how the sisters would look and beg as they alternate being impaled on the large phallus that was the centerpiece of the machine, but further musings on his part was interrupted when Kay asked, “How long before you complete the cake?”

He returned to the present, “Few minutes only,” he replied, and though he tried not to, there was actually a hint of desperation in his voice when he said that. His prize was slipping away, and Joshua knew that he could not let these two – who are not only sisters but are also actresses – slip from his grasp.

Fortunately, Kay nodded. Danielle seemed indifferent and though there was a mental comment coming from Joshua in regards to that, he decided to bite back and get to work, “I get coffee for you,” he said, and before either Danielle or Kay could say anything, he turned and returned to his kitchen.

While Joshua prepared coffee for the sisters – with generous amounts of rohypnol – Danielle and Kay settled down inside the bakery.

“Want to talk about it?” Kay asked.

Danielle turned toward her sister and asked, “Talk about what?”

“Whatever it is that’s bothering you,” her sister replied, “You’ve been acting as if something had been stuck deep in your ass.”

Danielle bristled angrily, “It’s none of your concern,” she replied, a little louder than she had intended, perhaps, but she could not bring herself to regret her tone.

“Is it about Matt?” Kay asked, insistent.

“None of your business,” Danielle insisted, but even as she said that, she actually wondered if she should tell her sister about what happened. About how her long-time boyfriend – one that she had since after she had graduated from high school, a sort of indulgence that she had given herself after graduating valedictorian – had broken up with her.

The actual break-up was not really what hurt Danielle the most, it was what they did the evening before they broke up. What was supposed to be a simple movie and eat out ended in his apartment with both of them sans clothing and him taking her virginity.

Danielle unconsciously closed her eyes as her thoughts turned to him. Tears had actually started to threaten her, but she strengthened her resolve and forcefully closed her tear ducts.

The baker chose to return at that moment, and with him, he had a tray on the surface of which was two cups of coffee. He set the two cups in front of the sister with a smile – and again, it was not a pretty sight – before he retreated to his kitchen.

“Such a friendly person,” Kay commented as she unconsciously reached for her cup. Danielle already had her right hand around the mug and she was about to sip from it when her sister spoke, “Goes to show that we should not judge a person by how he or she looks.”

The older sister nodded toward the younger one at the same time that she thought about apologizing for being so short on her lately. She sipped from her mug at almost the same time as Kay, and immediately felt that something was odd with the taste of the coffee.

Danielle blinked, twice, wondering what was odd about the coffee, but Kay, apparently, did not think that anything was wrong as the younger sister continued to sip.

“Dani….,” the voice of her sister tore Danielle out of her reverie, and she focused all of her attention toward her, just in time to watch as her eyes rolled up. Kay dropped her coffee mug and it shattered upon impact with the floor, but Danielle was not paying attention to that anymore.

Kay slumped at her seat and her face rested at the surface of the table. A look of horror briefly flashed across the face of Danielle, but before she could react, she felt her body grow heavy. Despite this, Danielle tried to stand, to no avail, as her knees gave way.

The older sister was still conscious as she fell to the floor, and she was half-conscious when the baker stepped out of his kitchen with a malevolent smile on his face. Danielle, however, was already past caring when the baker started to drag her by her legs behind his counter.


Not for the first time, Joshua wondered if it would be better for him to just wait for his assistant to return, but then he realized that if he does that, then it was more than likely that those three would be sneaking off to the dungeon every five minutes instead of actually working.

Joshua knew that he could have both sisters in his dungeon before his assistants return, but only if he plays it smart. The former legion realized that he was trying to do things hastily, and as a result, he was getting sloppy.

He took in two mouthfuls of air and forced himself to relax. He turned his attention toward the older of the two – ‘Danielle,’ he thought, remembering how the younger sister had called her – and stared. She was beautiful, and her clothes did nothing to hide her nice tight body. Joshua would have lost control there and then, he would have stripped Danielle and ravaged her even if she is unconscious had he not controlled himself.

The baker consoled himself as he lifted the unconscious girl into his arms with the fact that he would soon have her in his dungeon where he could do anything he wants to her. It was just a matter of waiting.

After ten minutes, Joshua finally had Danielle inside the basement dungeon. He set her in one corner of the dungeon – beside the wooden horse – before he returned to the ground floor to get her sister.

The younger sister – ‘Kay’ Joshua remembered – was lighter than her sister, and because she was seated, it was easier for Joshua to get her. Still, it took him a full five minutes to get her to the dungeon, including the time that he took when he made the sudden decision to close the bakery for the day.

Joshua placed Kay beside her sister and for a few moments, he just stared at them. The thought of having these two at his mercy was making him hard and he thanked the fates – or whoever it was – that had brought them into his shop. They looked perfect, like angels that had fallen from heaven and are now in the mercy of a monster who would be able to do anything that he wants to do with them.

“First things first,” Joshua muttered. The baker produced a scissors out of nowhere and walked toward his unconscious captives, “Younger or older?” he mused.

Joshua flipped a coin in his head and ultimately decided on Danielle first. He dropped to his knees beside her and brought his scissors to bear. First, he cut off her top, revealing a perfectly fit upper body. He stared at her stomach for the longest time before he went to work with the pants that she wore. It took him close to a minute in order to completely cut both legs of the jeans, but in his opinion, it was well worth it.

Danielle’s shapely legs greeted the sight of Joshua after he pulled off her pants. He could honestly say that there was no a single shred of imperfection with those shapely legs and he could not wait until he had those wrapped around him as he pushed himself into her.

Joshua pulled back a little as he took in the sight of Danielle in front of him. Clad only in her underwear – plain white things that enhanced his image of them as angels fallen from heaven – Joshua practically salivated at the sight of her. He turned his attention toward her sister and had a brief mental debate with himself if he should work on the sister before carrying on with Danielle, but Joshua made the decision to finish with Danielle first.

The bra was the first to go, revealing the full breasts of Danielle in all their glory. Topped up with perfect nipples that hardened in reaction to the cold, Joshua thought that they looked perfect, and he allowed himself to indulge, grabbing both of them with his hands and giving them a squeeze that made Danielle moan despite being unconscious.

The panties came off next. There was only the slightest bush above the lips of her womanhood that seem to sing a song that only Joshua could hear. It sang of an invitation, asking Joshua, compelling him; even, to touch the soft lips of her sex.

Joshua was not one to deny the invitation. In any case, before the former contract killer could stop himself, he was already exploring. Using his right hand, he parted her lips slightly, allowing him to see what was hidden underneath like a treasure. Moments later, he had his middle finger inside her and he had to admit that he was amazed by how tight she still was.

Not for long, though,’ Joshua thought. Her hymen, though, was not there, disappointing him a little, ‘still, she probably has not much experience.’

Joshua knew that he was going to change that, and by the time that he was done with the sisters, they would be very familiar with a whole plethora of sexual activity that he was prepared to bet they did not even imagined – much less knew about – when they woke up this morning.

He rolled Danielle on her stomach and marveled at sight of her full ass cheeks. He would have fun turning those red, and he would be using more than just his hands to make them turn that color. Joshua had to admit, however, that the most compelling part of Danielle’s back was the small of her back. 

Joshua licked his lips as he stared at the unconscious girl, feeling that Christmas had come early for him, then he remembered that he also has the sister, and he amended that thought, ‘this feels like all of my Christmas and birthdays have arrived early.’

Joshua swiftly went to work with the younger sister. His scissors met more fabric and, of course, the fabric was not even a match for the blade. Like her sister, Kay has a nice tight body, but because she was younger, she was not as well developed. Still, Joshua imagined that her small breast would still give him enough pleasure in the coming days.

He could certainly imagine having Kay offer to him her breast in an attempt to persuade him to stop whipping Danielle.

The real surprise, however, was when Joshua finally pulled Kay’s pants and panties. Like her sister, Kay had legs that demanded attention. They are not as perfect as those of Danielle, but Joshua guessed that that was probably because Kay was the younger sister. A few years would have done wonders on her.

He had struck his middle finger into her most intimate of parts – not an easy feat considering how tight she was – and nearly jumped when Kay moaned as he felt her intact hymen.

Kay was also evidently more sensitive than her sister. A single finger inside of her made Kay not only moan. When Joshua pulled his finger, he realized that Kay was actually wet. His laughter filled the dungeon at that, though both girls remained unconscious.

Rolling Kay on her stomach was easier than rolling Danielle. Joshua stared at her ass cheeks. Danielle’s were perfect, but Kay’s was a step above that. Despite her youth, Joshua could see one of, if not, the most perfect bottom that he had seen in his life, and he had seen a lot.

It was at that point that Joshua regretted the fact that he used such a dosage in knocking out his guests. Both of them still have a few hours of pleasant unconsciousness to look forward to, and Joshua was not one to enjoy his spoils with them unable to do anything – well, to be fair, they would still be unable to do anything, they just would be aware that things are being done to them.

The old French baker bit back a French curse, but then he realized that even if he cannot have his way with the girls right now, it does not mean that he cannot have fun with his girls.

Another sadistic smile crossed the face of Joshua as he pushed himself to his feet and made his way to where he had kept some of the equipment that he had been able to scavenge from his old home before his former colleagues burned it down.


The first thing that Danielle remembered when she woke up was how uncomfortable her arms were. She tried to move them, but to her horror, she found that she cannot. Her growing panic forced her to open her eyes, but that action had no discernible effect as she realized that she was somewhere where there was not a source of light. With not even the most humble source of light available to her, opening her eyes had no effect.

Danielle tried to move her feet, but she was also not able to. With a growing sense of dread, she realized that her arms and feet have been bound, but she instinctively knew that her hands were not bound behind her. They seem to be bound not only in front of her, but around something, something warm and breathing.

The warmth was unusual, and with a start, Danielle realized that the reason that she was able the warmth was because she was not wearing a stitch of clothing on her. Now, her panic was threatening to overwhelm her, but her mind retained enough control and she stopped herself from screaming easily enough.

She tried to remember how she had ended up in this place, but her horror only grew more pronounced when she realized that she was supposed to be with her sister.

“Kay,” Danielle said, unable to stop herself.

“Dani?” the voice of her sister was like light at the end of tunnel for Danielle. She was here and that was enough for now. As the older sister, Kay was her responsibility, and now that she was able to confirm that her sister was somewhere near her, they could turn their minds to finding a way to escape from wherever they are.

“Are you alright, Kay?” Danielle asked.

“I can’t move, and I think I’m naked,” Kay said. The warm thing that Danielle was bound on started to wiggle before Kay added, “I think I’m tied on something.”

Danielle was able to put two and two together to come up with four, “Kay, stop moving,” she commanded, “We’re tied together.”

Kay obeyed the command. Danielle felt her sister’s body still, but she could sense her growing dread. To be honest, Danielle’s own growing dread was not helping either.

“Where are we?” Kay asked.

Whatever it was that Danielle was about to say in reply, Kay would never know, because at that moment, the lights inside the room opened. The sisters realized that only were they bound at each other, they were actually staring at the pussy of the other sister. They had been bound in such a way that the head of the other was resting in front of the groin of the other.

“You are here as my guests, for the time being,” a voice said.

The sisters turned their attention toward the source of the voice and saw the baker approaching them. The man was already completely naked and his physical appearance was not changed for the better. In fact, it probably changed for the worst. The man, however, was already fully erect, as it was obvious that he found the sight of the two sisters, naked and bound, more than arousing.

The man had a leather whip on his right hand and it was toward that implement that the attention of Kay went to. She shivered uncontrollably, and that shiver brought out a side of Danielle that demanded that she protect her sister.

“Let us go, you bastard!” Danielle demanded, “People would be looking for us.”

Joshua smiled, that had always been the first threat, “I know,” he replied, playing a little mind trick of his own, “they already have been here,” he placed a mock look of worry on his face as he added, “Your parents have been so worried.”

Kay started to cry, but that only enraged Danielle all the more, “You…,” she began.

Joshua lashed out with the whip on his hand, hitting the sister’s torso. Both of them shrieked in pain, and Joshua allowed himself to revel in their wonderful screams for a few moments.

“Alright, listen up,” Joshua said, “You’re both my guests, and we are going to have a lot of fun in the coming few days,” he shook his head, “Actually, I am going to have a lot of fun, while you two, well, you would certainly find the next few days tiring.”

“What…?” Kay began.

Joshua laughed, “I intend to partake of every pleasure your delectable and tight young bodies have to offer, ladies,” he said, “And for our activities, we would have a lot of equipment to use and have fun with.”

It was the first time that the sisters allowed themselves to look around the room, and what they saw scared them even more than the man in front of them that they are now sure was mad. It seems that manacles hung from every available corner in the room, and it was augmented by the sight of various cabinets filled with whips, gags, and dildos. Bizarre furniture was also all around the room, furniture that neither sister had seen before, nor for what purpose, they could not fathom.

The sisters also saw that they are on top of a counter of some sort that was in the center of the room. Aside from the chains that bound their arms and legs, both sisters also had an iron collar around their neck, connected through a D-Ring to a chain that extends upward and ends at a manacle that hang from the ceiling.

As one, both sisters returned their attention toward Joshua. Kay had a pleading look on her eyes, but the look on that of Danielle was that of unmistakable fury.

“You bastard,” Danielle began, her voice low and positively growling, “Let us go now or I’ll….”

“You’ll what, Danielle?” Joshua asked, his tone amused, “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m the one with the whip and you and your sister are the ones bound, in fact…,” Joshua walked toward the bound sisters and Kay involuntarily cringed.

“I could do whatever I want with you two and you won’t be able to stop me,” and as if to further emphasize that fact, he placed his hand on Danielle’s perfect thigh, caressing them.

Danielle let out an angry scream and tried to kick the hand of Joshua, but all that accomplished was to disturb her sister whose only reaction was to continue to cry. Joshua continued to caress the thigh of Danielle and this further served to enrage her. Suddenly, Joshua brought down his hand at full force on her skin.

The sound of her flesh being hit by his hand echoed around the room and Danielle gasped in surprise. Before she could say anything, Joshua hit her again before he said, “I think I am going to enjoy your sister more than I am going to enjoy you, Danielle,” before he turned his attention toward Kay and in a mocking voice, he asked her, “What do you think?”

Kay could only whimper, but Danielle was not done, “Don’t you dare…,” she began.

Joshua again hit Danielle, causing her to scream in pain this time. The sound of her scream brought a smile on his face even as he removed his hand from her skin so that he could take his cock with the same hand. Joshua stroked himself twice before he placed his cock near the face of Kay who tried, in vain, to look at anywhere but the piece of meat that she probably already knew would be forced inside of her today.

“I’m getting tired of hearing your voice, Danielle,” Joshua said, “You screams on the other hand, I am sure I would never get tired of them,” but instead of hitting Danielle one more time, Joshua instead walked to the other side of the table. He was now standing in the position close to Danielle’s head and he knew that she would react.

Before she could say anything, however, Joshua grabbed her head with both of hands and with a swift motion; he pushed the face of Danielle into her sisters’ cunt. Kay, despite her best efforts, could not help but squirm. The fact that she was being forced to kiss her sisters most intimate part had not stopped Danielle from opening her mouth, resulting to not only Danielle being forced to lick her sisters cunt, but also making Kay wet.

“You better get used to the taste of your sister, Dani…,” Joshua said, mocking the Panabaker sisters with his use of the nickname that Kay used for her older sister, “This is what you’ll be doing when neither of you are getting used.”

Kay’s begging reached the ear of Joshua, but the only thing that he could hear was her discomfort at the fact that her sister was licking her. Given her age, Joshua was not even sure if Kay was aware of what the tone of her voice was telling him. Still, Joshua had not planned on letting Danielle bring her sister to relief, at least not this early.

As Joshua had predicted, the moment that he let go of Danielle’s head, the older sister pulled away from the considerably wetter cunt of her sister. Joshua doubted that Danielle could feel the slightest sheen of woman juice on her face because Danielle looked mad enough to spit fire.

At that moment, however, Joshua had already placed his right hand around his girth and before Danielle – or Kay – could say anything, he had the head of his cock lined up along Kay’s entrance.

Kay squirmed even more when the tip of Joshua’s cock touched her labia. She might not have been able to see, but she could sense it. It was a different story with Danielle, and Joshua took great delight at the look of horror on the face of the older sister as she realized what was going to happen.

“Please…,” Danielle said, and it surprised Joshua, having expected that it would be Kay who would say that. The more he thought about it, however, the more that he realized that that was to be expected. Danielle loved her sister and the look of guilt on her eyes told Joshua that somehow, somewhere deep inside Danielle, she already acknowledged that this – what was about to happen not only to her sister, but also to her – was somehow her fault.

As for Kay, she seemed to have frozen up, at least, mentally. She continued to shiver even as the tip of his cock once more touched her labia. Joshua turned his attention toward Danielle and said, “Sorry, puppet, your sister won the race,” and without any other word, he pushed himself into Kay.

Her shrill scream was just as he looked forward to, and her tightness was just as Joshua had hoped for. It felt as if all the strength that Kay had left in her was squeezing his cock and she was exerting pressure everywhere.  Joshua did not move for a few seconds, savoring not only the tightness of Kay’s cunt, but also the look of horror on the face of Danielle.

He rolled the bound sisters a bit to the right so that Kay was now over Danielle. If it was possible, the look of horror on the face of Danielle became more beautiful when the first drops of her sisters virginal blood started to drip from Kay’s ruined cunt and into her inner thighs.

“So fucking tight,” Joshua murmured, “Just what I had expected and hoped for.”

Kay wished she was anywhere but here, but the pain. The pain was what forced her to return to her cruel reality. Never before had she felt something buried inside of her cunt so deeply and so painfully. It was as if every pain receptor in her body had lighted up all at once, flooding her brain with signals of pain that her admittedly impressive intellect could not keep up with them.

He turned his attention toward Danielle, “That’s a nice view, isn’t it?” he asked sarcastically; “you have front row seats to your sister becoming a woman.”

Danielle would not have labeled it that way. She would have labeled it as the defilement of her sweet sister whom she loved very much even if they tend to get on each other’s nerves every now and then. She closed her eyes to get rid of the image that she was staring at, a hard rod of human flesh buried so deep in the most intimate part of her sister, and the two sacks where the balls of their captor are housed hanging just a few inches over her eyes.

The image of that phallus surrounded by the most delicate parts of Kay was just too much for Danielle.

Danielle, however, could not keep her eyes closed for long. Aside from the fact that she could see the tear-stained face of her sister when she closed her eyes, Joshua, upon seeing Danielle close her eyes, immediately slapped her. He had thought that she would have been broken, but the defiant and angry look on her eyes when she opened them told him otherwise.

“You bastard,” Danielle said.

“Thank you,” Joshua replied, but instead of hitting Danielle again, his hands grabbed the chain that connected to the collar that Kay had around her neck and pulled the same toward him. The result was something that Kay felt and the younger girl was forced to arch her back in response to the action of their captor.

Joshua pulled hard on that chain, and Kay could only arch so much. When she reached her limit, she started to squirm even more, an action that unintentionally caused her to shake her hips. That, in turn, caused her pussy to tighten – if that was possible – and brought a hiss of pleasure from the mouth of Joshua.

The old baker actually thought that he could cum just from the movement of Kay, but that was not part of his plan to totally dominate the younger sister. Joshua let go of the chain, and the upper body of Kay fell forward. Given how she was bound to her sister, before Kay could stop her fall – and it was doubtful that she could have stopped it – she found her head buried in her sister’s cunt.

Kay would have raised her head, but at that moment, Joshua placed both of his hands behind her skull and prevented her from doing so, “Lick, you little celebrity cunt,” the baker ordered, “I’m sure you two have done this lots of time while mommy and daddy aren’t looking, this should be nothing new for both of you.”

Both Kay and Danielle wanted to protest, but given that the head of the younger sister was currently buried in the cunt of the older, it was only Danielle who was able to say anything, “When I get out of this…,” the older sister began.

Joshua’s response was to remove his right hand from Kay’s skull and slap the buttocks of the younger sister. Unprepared for the assault, Kay screamed, but since her head was buried in her sister’s crotch, the only thing that happened was Kay suddenly tasted her sister’s cunt.

Of course, Danielle also reacted, and despite best efforts from the older sister, Danielle let out a sigh of pleasure which she almost instantly regretted, if the look on her face was to be of any indication.

The mad baker was not one to let that slip. With a mischievous – and quite mad – grin on his face, he turned toward Danielle and commented, “You’re starting to enjoy this, aren’t you?” he asked, “How many older sisters, do you think, was this close when their younger sister became a woman?”

That brought the fire back in the eyes of Danielle; she gnashed her teeth and would have replied, had Joshua not slapped the perfect buttocks of Kay once more, causing the younger Panabaker sister to scream into her sister’s cunt once more. Instead of an angry tirade, it was actually a scream of pleasure that came out of Danielle’s mouth.

“Definitely starting to enjoy this,” Joshua commented with his mad grin. He turned his full attention toward Danielle, and the older sister was struck by the mad glint that she saw behind the baker’s eyes, “Let’s make this enjoyable for your sister as well,” before he started to pull out of Kay.

Kay could fell Joshua pull his cock out of her, and was already mentally thanking whatever powers that had listened to her prayer, but she was premature in that regard. Joshua pulled his cock out only until the very tip was inside of Kay.

Without warning, he pushed himself back inside of the young girl, once more burying his cock inside her till her buttocks were practically touching his stomach. The eyes of Kay widened in shock at the sudden movement, before a scream filled the room, Joshua having already removed both of his hands from the back of her skull as he now wanted to hear the music of Kay’s screams.

A hiss escaped from the lips of Joshua at the same time that the horrified look on the face of Danielle intensified. The older sister resumed her futile struggles to help her sister even as the pain caused Kay to collapse in on her. Kay’s breast fell on Danielle’s stomach and as Joshua continued to plough into the younger girl, her nipples rubbed against the taut stomach of Danielle, bringing Kay pleasure. The squirms of Danielle and her movement only added to that pleasure.

Though she wanted to close her eyes, Danielle could not help but watch as their captor moved in and out of the womanhood of her sister. The beautiful brown eyes of the older sister were very wide as she followed the rhythmic movement of Joshua’s cock in and out of Kay’s hitherto virgin cunt. It was obvious that Kay was in pain and her shrill screams reinforced the helplessness of not only the younger sister, but also of the older.

Despite the pain, Kay could not deny the building pleasure, though at that time she could not equate such feeling to anything, this being the first time that she felt such a feeling. She continued to squirm in time with her sister, unknowingly bringing more pleasure to her rapist.

Joshua could not see the hazel eyes of Kay dilating as her orgasm fast approached her, but he could feel her body tremors. He knew from experience what was happening and that encouraged him. He turned his attention toward Danielle and taunted her, “Your sister’s enjoying this, Dani,” he said, “She’s going to come.”

Danielle shook her head, and was about to retort, but before she could do so, Kay screamed, “No, no!” she screamed.

Joshua started laughing even as he placed both of his hands on the either side of Kay. He picked up the pace, and the sound of flesh hitting flesh echoed around the dungeon, together with the denying screams of the younger Panabaker sister. A few moments later, the screams of frustration of Danielle joined the chorus, as well as promises of retribution from the older sister.

Joshua did not really care about the promises of retribution, in fact, he might not actually have heard it as the same time that it started, the spasms of Kay increased. Without warning anyone – indeed, it was doubtful if Kay even knew what was happening – Kay attained her release.

The tears that had started when Joshua first touched the younger sister increased as she struggled to understand what had happened, but at that moment, the baker did not really care. His own release was coming, and he was already mentally weighing the pros and cons of cumming inside Kay.

Joshua wanted to see how beautiful Danielle – for despite the fact that he claimed that he would enjoy Kay more than Danielle, it was actually the older sister that he wants to break more – would look with his cum on her face, but ultimately, decided on finishing inside the younger girl.

“Fuck,” Joshua said as he increased his pace even more. As suddenly as he began, he stopped, and Kay felt the cock buried inside of her jerk once before she felt something warm fill her cunt. Joshua removed his hands from the side of the younger sister, and the utterly spent Kay dropped on top of her sister.

There was nothing that Danielle could do to stop her sister from falling into her, but Danielle accepted her sister even though she weighed far more than what Danielle had expected, ‘Had she always been this heavy?’ Danielle thought to herself even as her thoughts returned to when they were younger, back when they would seek the hand of the other before they would cross the street to their school, times that seem so far away now.

Joshua could hardly care about that. The mad baker pulled his cock completely out of Kay with an audible sound. The stretched cunt of the younger Panabaker sister overflowed with a mixture of his seed and Kay’s secretions, and because the crotch of the younger girl was still over the face of Danielle, the mixture found itself flowing into the face of the older sister.

Joshua laughed as he watched the look on the face of Danielle shift from worry over her sister to fury, and, finally to disgust. The final look on her face was what made Joshua hard again despite having spent himself on Kay.

“Clean up your sister, Dani,” Joshua ordered, “Put that tongue of yours to good use.”

There was a defiant look on the face of Danielle again, “What?” she asked, “Haven’t you had your fill of degrading us, you bastard!”

“To tell you the truth, I haven’t had my fill of degrading you two,” Joshua replied with an easy smile, “After all, I’ve only used your sister, I haven’t even tasted you, yet,” and before Danielle could say anything, Joshua slapped the left cheek of Kay’s buttocks.

Though she was shocked by her assault, Kay still flinched when she felt the hand of her captor hit her. The message, however, was not for Kay, but for Danielle.

“Clean her up, Dani, or the next time I hit Kay, it would be with my whip,” Joshua said, before he brandished the said whip, flicking his wrist once so that the whip hit the floor, making an audible sound that made both Kay and Danielle wince.

I’m sorry, Kay,’ Danielle thought. She had thought about resisting, but realized that with Kay as fragile as she is right now, another round of abuse with this man might really break her. Danielle hesitantly reached for her sister’s cunt with her tongue even as she repeated a mantra in her mind, ‘better me than him’.

Joshua watched the tongue of Danielle as it lapped up the mixture of his cum and Kay’s secretions directly from Kay’s stretched pussy. He also marveled at how fast Kay’s womanhood was recovering. He knew that he had stretched her to the limit, but her cunt lips appear to be recovering quite nicely, shielding her vagina at a rate that Joshua had rarely seen before.

“How does it taste?” Joshua asked upon seeing the disgusted look on the face of the older sister. He could not wait till it was Danielle’s cunt that he was violating, but for now, he would recover – even if he was already hard, he doubt that he could produce as much cum as he already had, and Danielle deserved no less – and watch as Danielle clean her sister.

“Fuck you!” Danielle screamed.

“Soon enough, princess,” Joshua replied, “but not until after you have cleaned your sister to my satisfaction.”

Kay whimpered as the tongue of Danielle returned to cleaning her. Joshua suspected that that was because Danielle unintentionally licked her sister’s clit.

He watched the older sister clean the younger one, aware that Danielle was doing more than just lapping up the mixture of his cum and her sisters vaginal secretions. The actions of Danielle were actually bringing pleasure to Kay, and the younger girl was already recovering from her earlier orgasm.

Pretty soon, Kay was whimpering again, and Joshua knew that it was time. “Stop,” he commanded Danielle. The older sister actually had a look of relief on her face, perhaps thinking that their assault had now ended and the two of them would be allowed to leave.

The mad baker returned his attention toward Danielle and he smiled at her, which caused her to flinch in horror, “Time for you to be skewered, Dani,” he announced.


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