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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Corazon Kwamboka or any other IG model. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Authors note: I personally have followed Corazon Kwamboka on IG for about a year now. Her pictures always inspire me to get out there and work out! She is a beautiful model and a wonderful source of inspiration for women the world over! I also find her ex to be a very handsome man and wish they would get back together someday. So I wrote this story as my own personal fantasy about the beautiful couple. Funnily enough, according to some websites in Kenya, she also is a fan of reading erotic fiction too, so I figured why not make one starring her!



Corazon Kwamboka, a famous Kenyan IG model and socialite had just arrived on the Mediterranean island of Malta. Famous for her amazingly fit, curvaceous body and wonderful overall appearance, she had gathered a worldwide following of hundreds of thousands of IG followers. She had been preparing to take a plane trip to the island nation of Malta between Italy and Africa for several months now. There, she was to attend her good friend Marco's wedding that she hadn't seen in a few years. It was a great opportunity to travel and see her friends once again, so she took life by the horns as she always had before.


The wedding was set to take place atop a hill in a mansion overlooking the Mediteranian Sea. The famous socialite arrived in a tight pink dress that reached halfway down her thighs. She had arrived with some friends that caught everyone's attention as it accentuated her thick and athletic build.


After thirty minutes of greeting people in the mansion courtyard and snapping some pics for the gram, Corazon proceeded into the main building where the attendees all spoke lively amongst themselves. As Corazon smiled and waved towards familiar faces she had not seen in a while, she instantly frowned at what she saw across the room. It was none other than her ex-lover Gaetano Amato. The Italian man that she had spent a good amount of her life with. The two existed as a daring and fun couple that loved to explore the world and had more than their share of controversy. Primarily when Corazon posted a picture of them naked in the water as he squeezed her breasts.


When no one was looking towards Gaetano, Corazon grabbed her ex by the arm and pulled him out of the ballroom and into a nearby guest room. "What the hell do you want!?" Gaetano said, confused by her action after getting a good look at who snatched him.


Corazon waved her arms in the air recklessly. "What the fuck do you think you're doing here!? I thought I would never have to see you again!"


"Oh believe me, so did I." Gaetano responded coldly. "But Marco is my friend as well, so it would be wrong to give him the cold shoulder just because you are going too."


"Unbelievable...." Corazon said, shaking her head, unsure of how to respond. "Just..Just stay away from me!" She said feeling flustered.


Gaetano raised his hands in surprise as his strong Italian accent came out. "Are you crazy!? I said no word to you!" Corazon put her hands on her wide hips as she took Gaetano's reprisal in silence. "And you yank me off to yell at me for no reason?! You're crazy!"


Gaetano stormed off back into the ball room as Corazon stared at him with a slightly immature smile on her face, laughing at his unintentional sexual innuendo. For some reason, she felt even more attracted to Gaetano than ever before, but was needing to put up a front to not make things seem weird, since she truly did care for him very much deep down.



The wedding took place at twilight and went off without a hitch. The bride and groom kissed as the sun set on the Mediterranean water a short distance from the mansion. Throughout the whole day, Gaetano would catch Corazon looking towards him, breaking her stare every time he looked in her general direction.


As night fell, the ballroom was busy with a house orchestra and attendees chattering in a lively manner. Corazon was walking through the crowded adorned ballroom with an older woman. She had just met the kind lady who wanted to introduce Corazon to her daughter, who was also prolific IG model as well. Corazon walked with a glass of white wine in her hand as she cheerfully chatted up the older lady until she bumped into a man, spilling her drink all over the front of her dress.


"Oh no!" She said as it completely soaked her pink dress.


"Are you okay?" The man said turning around to reveal that she had bumped into none other than Gaetano. "Really?" He sighed. "Come on, let's go to the laundry room to get you a towel."


"Excuse us...." Corazon said, smiling at the older woman as she followed Gaetano out of the ballroom into the muted hallway leading to the extravagant room. The hallway was much more dim than the ballroom, with only a few people having quiet conversations in them.


"How did this happen...." Gaetano said, frustrated as he led Corazon down the hallway in search of the laundry room.


"What, me spilling my drink or...."


"We keep running into eachother." Gaetano said slightly annoyed as they entered the third floor hallway which was completely dark and quiet aside from the moonlight shining into the open windows.


"Maybe it's fate, Gaetano." Corazon joked.


"Sure...." He said. "I don't think they even have a room for laundry up here."


"Let's just....go into a bedroom, spray some perfume and wipe the dress with the sheets or something....." Corazon said, feeling that her dress was already almost completely dry.


"Fine....." Gaetano said as he opened the nearest door that revealed an elegant bedroom that had a king size mattress and rugs with red and crimson designs. Next to the bed was a large open window that had an amazing view of the gardens down below and the ocean, reflecting the moon in the distance. "Wow. Some room...." Gaetano said, impressed by the living space even though it was only lit by moonlight.


"Ah, here!" Corazon said as she pulled a new pink dress out of a drawer. "I'm gonna replace the dress with my own. No peeking." She ordered, smiling as Gaetano turned away. "I'll even leave some money in case they realize it's not the same dress. That should cover the damages."


Gaetano turned to face away, but saw the outline of Corazon's perfect feminine figure in the side of his eye as she slowly undressed, hoping he would turn around. He managed to control his self as he walked out to the balcony under the dark blue night sky. Corazon was starting to get annoyed by the hoops she was having to jump through. "Enough of this...." She said. Corazon then stripped down to get completely naked. She approached Gaetano from behind and stood only a few inches behind him. "Turn around, Gaetano."


Caught by surprise, he did just that, widening his bright blue eyes as he saw the ebony demigoddess standing before him, fully nude. Her perfect figure was outlined in the night and her nipples had puffed out in anticipation of the moment.


"I still want you, Gaetano." Corazon said as she stepped closer to him.


"I thought we were done." Gaetano said, unsure of himself. "I admit, I..... do think of you very much."


"Grazie bello (Thanks beautiful)." Corazon said as she grabbed his hand and placed it on her cheek, kissing it softly before placing his index finger into her mouth softly..


Corazon noticed a large bulge growing in Gaetano's dress pants and grabbed his hand off her cheek and placed it on her large breasts, looking up at his face as he had become entranced He gently squeezed her large tits, causing white milk to squirt all over his suit and face before he sucked the large nipples. She started to unbuckle his pants as he ran his hands down her back and got a double handful of her enormous ass cheeks, smacking them hard as she pushed up against him in excitement.


Gaetano squeezed Corazon's jiggling ass cheeks and moved her towards the balcony, bending her over the railing as he squatted down to lick her giant ass and pussy. "So good..." He said as he buried his face in her black booty while she shook it around his head.


Corazon started to moan with delight as Gaetano tongued both of her holes. "Oh, you're such a dirty boy." She said turning around and grabbing his head so that he could lick her hairless pussy from the front. For five minutes, he latched his face onto Corazon's vagina, slamming his tongue deep inside of her.


Gaetano stood up completely undressed. The former couple embraced in the moonlight with their naked bodies, kissing eachother as the dim sound of the music and chatter was off in the distance. "Go lay down." Corazon said. Gaetano went to the foot of the bed and layed on his back, gently stroking his penis as Corazon slowly walked towards him in the moonlight, accentuating her pear-shaped figure. She got to her knees and crawled towards Gaetano and wrapped her elegant ebony hand around his hard white penis.


She looked at it with a smile on her face as she salivated at the thought of it returning to her mouth for the first time in over a year. As she gently jerked the big meat, she opened her mouth slowly and closed her eyes as she guided the cock into her mouth, tasting the sweet flavor she had missed so much. She began to suck more vigorously as she savored the flavor and looked up at Gaetano to see him close his eyes as he enjoyed the warm temperature inside of Corazon's mouth. She then gently caressed his long shaft with her tongue until she licked the pre-cum off of his penis head.


Corazon stood up and crawled on top of Gaetano and faced him in the cowgirl position, grabbing his throbbing cock, slowly guiding it into her tender pink vagina. They both were shocked by how fast things were progressing since they had never had sex without a condom. Corazon's pussy felt warmer than any other Gaetano had been in and Gaetano's penis was the smoothest and most filling she ever had.


She began to gyrate her thick hips and then bounced on Gaetano's large cock as she raised her arms above her head in the rhythmic motion. Gaetano continued to squeeze her succulent breasts as she rode his thick cock like never before.


After several minutes, Corazon stood up and jumped onto the bed next to Gaetano on her stomach. "I want you to fuck my sexy ass!"


Gaetano rolled over on top of her, sitting on her upper thighs as she slowly shook her ass cheeks. Gaetano grabbed both cheeks and spread them open, revealing Gaetano's tight asshole. Grabbing the base of his wet cock, Gaetano prodded the tight hole a few times until he plunged quickly into her tight ass.


"Oh yes!" Corazon yelled as she gripped the bed sheets. Gaetano started to slowly pound Corazon at an increasingly fast rate. "Oh yes fuck my ass! Fuck my ass so hard!" The model cried out. The sight of Corazon's big ass shaking like water in an earthquake drove Gaetano wild as he reached around and grabbed her breasts while he ass-fucked her. Much like the picture that got them both into hot water with the media.


After a long stretch of anal, Gaetano flipped Corazon over to face him as she lifted her legs in the air atop his shoulders while Gaetano sucked on her pretty painted toes. He pulled her in close and slid right into her open pussy. "Oh that feels so good, Gaetano!" She cried out, not caring if anyone else heard their noises. Her voice started to shake along with the squeaky bed as she moaned from his powerful, rapid and deep thrusts. "Oh I love it!" She cried, rubbing his large balls as they slammed against her ass cheeks repeatedly. Corazon then moved to lay on her side as Gaetano layed behind her, shoving his cock back into her pussy as he lifted her leg up.


The former lovers were connected in the night and continued their relentless love making for an hour until they returned to the same position on their sides. "Oh fuck, here it comes!" Gaetano said. He then held still as he started to shoot his thick load deep into Corazon's vagina. They both simultaneously twitched and grabbed his nut sack, gently squeezing them to the rhythm of Corazon's moan as he shot every last bit that he had, transferring his life force from his body and into her's. The pair kissed as they felt the warm transfer between their beautiful gleaming bodies, heavily breathing in the aftermath.


Gaetano slowly pulled out and stood at the foot of the bed, spreading Corazon's legs to reveal his hot white seed, spilling down her dark butt cheeks and onto the silk bed sheets. "Wow..." He said in awe of the site before him. He then pulled Corazon over so that she could put his penis in her mouth, slurping the rest of the hot cum from Gaetano's dick.




The two former lovers left the room soon after and rejoined the party just in time to catch the end of the party. And for them to say goodbye to everyone so they could go their separate ways. Soon after, Gaetano would return to Italy and Corazon returned to Kenya. After some weeks, Corazon would discover that she had gotten pregnant on that fateful night by Gaetano. Her pregnancy model photos would blow up on the internet as she shared her growth progress with the world, skyrocketing past the fabled 1 million IG followers that every aspiring model sought. Gaetano would eventually receive word of this and the couple met in the middle to move to Malta where their lives changed forever on that night.




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