Girls Generation: K-pop Idol Orgy With Surfers

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not own Girls Generation, nor do I know any of it's members . I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

The female k-pop band, Girls Generation, had just finished releasing their new single 'Run Devil Run' doing many promos and interviews for several weeks all across Asia. The nine members had finally been given a two night vacation to unwind at a beach house in a small town town outside of Brisbane, Australia on the Gold Coast.


The nine girls had all gotten out of their van on the hot windy day, stretching as the felt the cool ocean breeze running through their hair. After so much hard work, they were happy to get the chance to finally relax without any corporate overseers telling them how to look or eat for two days.


The girls looked out and saw what looked like a large white four story house that had large terrace balconies on every level, looking out at the ocean that was only a short 300 feet away.


"There's the relaxation headquarters!" Yoona said excitedly.


Tiffany pulled out her printed receipt for the place. "Don't forget there will be other people there on the other floors, but we're on the third floor."


"I can't wait to get my surf on!" Yuri said, as the girls grabbed all of their luggage before shutting and locking the van.


They all climbed the outer stairs that were just outside of the front door on the third floor.


Without a second thought, Jessica opened the door, not realizing it was unlocked. The girls kept talking loudly as they entered the main hallway in awe of it's appearance. The ladies all continued into the main room when they all gasped and stopped in their tacks.


In the main room, were nine Australian guys, frozen from the unexpected visitors.


"Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" Tiffany said, breaking the awkward silence. "I thought the paper said third floor.....but it says second...."


"Ah no worries ladies." One of the Aussie guys said. "Welcome to the beach house."


"Thanks." Seohyun said, feeling less awkward.


"The names Johnny." The main guy said, getting up and shaking Jessica's hand. The girls found every single one of the guys in the room attractive. Many of them had the stereotypical Aussie surfer look of tan skin, curly blonde hair and a muscular body. "Me and the boys are part of a pro surfer team. We came up for a weekend to practice and relax." He looked behind his shoulder. "You guys gonna say hi?"


The men all got up off their couches and shook the girls hands, introducing themselves.


"So you ladies here fo' vacation?" One of the men asked to which the girls quickly nodded their heads.


"Yep!" Sunny said. "We just released a new single and are taking a weekend to relax after doing a ton of PR."


"A single?" One of the men asked.


"Are you girls like singers or something?" Another asked.


"Yep, we're k-pop artists!" Yuri said.


"K-pop, wow!" Never thought I'd meet someone famous, though I'm not too familiar with the genre" One of the men, named James asked. The men were all impressed by their unexpected guests.


"Well, tell you what." James said. "We're here to practice surf, so that's most a' what we're gonna be doin'. So if you ladies want to try to learn some tricks on the board, come let us know! Right guys?"


All the men grunted and nodded in agreement.


"I don't want to ruin your practice with us newbies though." Soo said,


"Ah no worries mate!" Johnny said. "It'll probably help us regain our bearings.


"Well.....okay!" Jessica said.


"Awesome." A surfer named Michael said. "We already finished practice today, so we don't wanna get too pruned up, so how 'bout tomorrow around 2?"


"Sounds great!" The girls all said in unison.


The girls all waved bye and headed up to their suite, giggling profusely, not expecting there to be cute hunks just down below them. The k-pop idols unpacked and prepared to head to bed after their long flight and drive. They all went to bed rather early, excited for the next day. They opened their windows and turned off the lights, quickly falling asleep to the sound, smell and touch of the cool ocean breeze.





The next morning, the girls slept in and ate a light lunch as their wake up meal, taking care not to eat to much in order to avoid getting sick in the water.


The day consisted of mostly lounging about as they took the opportunity to relax and get some r&r in the large suite. Hanging out in the recreation room, living room and porch area. The girls all waited nervously as the clock ticked towards 2:00.


They all got into their cutest bikinis and grabbed the boards that were in the suites storeroom as they heard a knock at the door. The band all giggled as they went to the door, opening it to reveal their teachers for the day.


"'ello sheilas!" One of the men name Fred said as the guys all waved happily to the women as they all held their towels and surf boards in their hands.


"Good to see you guys again!" Jessica said.


"Alright, well let's get this show on the road!" Mark said.


The men and women all descended the steps and walked out to the beach, embracing the cool sand on their feet in the warm sun.


Girls Generation and their trainers all set out their towels and applied their sun screen before partnering with their respective partner. Each of the men partnered with one member to give them a personal one on one lesson.


Throughout the practice, some girls got a hang of the concept of surfing pretty quickly and others...not so much. However, the one constant that was quickly apparent to all of them was that they had very flirtatious connections with their partners. Being that they were in their bikinis and the men would have to touch their bare skin made it so that they could all get closer on a physical and personal level without any real awkward moments. Each time one of the girls would fall off their board, her guy would help her back up and they would share a good kindhearted laugh.


Although they expected to be out in the surf for about an hour, it wasn't until James realized that two hours had passed after returning to his towel and checking the time. "Wow time sure flies when ya' havin' fun eh?" He said to his trainee, Tiffany as all of the groups returned to the beach.


The girls all took quick rinsing showers at the public shower faucet to get the salt off of them and toweled off as they waited for the guys to do the same.


"Thanks for waitin'." One of the guys said.


"No problem!" Yuri said.


As the girls and guys quietly walked up to the beach house, there was an awkward silence while their minds raced as to what would happen next. The guys all guided them up to their penthouse and watched them all enter.


"So, uh..." James said. "We're all goin' down t'the tiki bah later t'night. It's just down th' street. Would you ladies care to join us?"


The girls all looked at eachother, trying to gage eachother's reaction to the proposition. Each of the women had a slight smile on their face as they nodded towards Sunny, slightly pushing her forward.


"Oh! Umm...." Sunny looked back at the other girls. "That sounds... lovely!" She said smiling with her eyes closed cutely.


The girls all nodded in agreement.


"Great!" One of the guys named Charlie said, stepping forth. "We were planning on going around 8:30, but we are TOTALLY okay with waiting longer for you sheilas."


The girls all giggled at Charlie's wild outburst. Except for his training partner, Seohyun, who instead looked at his manly chest with a big smile, biting her lower lip. "No that should be perfectly fine for us" One of the women said.


"Cool! It's a date!" All the guys more or less said.


Charlie jumped forward again. "Can't wait to see you later, Seohyun!" He said as the girls waved by to the guys shutting the door.


The woman all huddled together giggling in reaction to what had just happened to all of them.


"Okay girls, this is our night to finally let loose!" Tiffanny said as they all continued to laugh and wrestle eachother playfully in excitement. That night, each of the women got changed into their most beautiful, comfortable nightlife outfits. With various colors and lengths reflecting their individual personalities. Girls Generation would look their best for the Australian hunks.




The time had come, it was now dark and the women left the house windows open, catching the cool nighttime ocean breeze that flew into the house. They all spoke about the guy they had trained with and how they thought the night would go, each having completely different ideas. The discussion also came up about what was gonna happen if they brought the surfers back to their place.


Their discussions all came to an immediate halt when the sound of three knocks rang out from their front door. The girls all looked nervously at eachother. Sunny got up and answered the door, revealing the guys all standing out front, each looking nice in their own handsome nightlife outfits.


"Y'all ready?" Wilson asked excitedly.


The rest of the girls all walked to the front door, causing each of the men's jaws drop as they saw their partner for the night. The guys and girls complimented eachother's looks for a few seconds before they all extended their elbow at different times to their partner, allowing them to wrap their arm around their date.


"So the tiki bars just at the end of the street, only gonna take about a 5 minute walk to get there." Johnny said as Yoona wrapped her arm around his.


"Let's hit it!" Marcus said as the group all took off.


As they walked down the dark oceanside road towards the brimming lights at the end of the road, the couples all slowly drifted apart, so that the girls could get to know their guys under the intimate cover of night, quietly having small talk with one another as they approached the bar.


Upon arrival they all sat at a large table as a group, next to their partners. Although the food wasn't anything to write home about, the outdoor oceanside atmosphere and the lively lights and tiki music made for a wonderful evening experience for everyone.


At varying times, a couple would go leave to jam out or slow dance on the dance floor. There wasn't much drinking since it was a first date, and no one wanted to accidentally come off as an ass, ruining their night and inevitably everyone elses. There was, however, a good amount of smooching amongst the couples in an almost domino effect after Jessica was the first one to kiss her man.


As the tiki bar time drew to an end, everyone's heart raced at the thought of what was to come next. The group left for the hotel suites once more, having much louder and open conversations on the way back. Tiffany and Yuri wore high heels, so they rode upon the backs of their men on the way there. As they approached their destination, everyone slowed the pace they had been walking, wondering if anything was gonna happen or not.


The group finally approached the band's front door when Taeyon turned the key and looked back at the group. "Care to join us inside?" She asked to which the guys looked at their girls and gave huge nods of approval.


The group quietly entered the main hallway out to the living room and onto the large outdoor balcony where one by one, the couples started to kiss under the night sky. Instead of just quick pecks like before, there was much more heavy kissing as the heavily sheltered women started to give themselves to their partners. As the kissing got heavier the men started to run their hands up and down the soft legs of their partners, running up their dresses, causing the women to gently moan.


The band had spent so much time together, that even when not paying attention to one another, their actions were somewhat synchronized as they had always trained to be. This became very obvious when the women all started to give oral to all of the men as they all stood on the large white balcony. The sound of the nine women sucking the men's dicks rang out like a chorus of slurping sounds mixed with the guys grunts.


Before long, the ladies all had their dresses pulled up as they were penetrated by the Aussies on the balcony, their loud moans flowing into the night's ocean breeze.


After many minutes on the balcony, the men and women went into the living room where there were four large blue couches that they all made wild love on. The loud moans of the women would almost have a harmonization as they were fucked deeply. Almost as if they were singing the chorus to one of their songs, albeit with uneven timing.


After an hour of long, crazy sex, the girls all layed on their backs side by side, holding hands in a nine person chain, occasionally kissing one another as their men began to shoot their hot loads deep into their pussies. Although they knew they could face trouble for doing this as k-pop stars, they decided to go with their hearts and allowed their men to put their essences within the women's bodies. For some, the thought of the risk, thrilled them, for others it was the thought of them creating a new human being in their image that thrilled them.


It took five minutes as the men injected their loads at various times, many kissing their lady after and laying next to her. Sunny raised her legs into the air and laughed. "I think I feel it growing inside of me already!" Everyone had a hearty laugh after hearing her joke.


The men all stayed the night, spooning with their partners on the beds and couches until the purple sunrise arrived early the next morning, slowly awakening everyone as they felt at peace. After a long breakfast and some silly antics amongst the men and women, the time had finally come to an end. Many of the girls were visibly upset, not wanting to return to the real world, wanting the magical scenario to continue on forever.


The women would sadly say goodbye to their men after exchanging information and sharing many long tearful kisses before returning to their van and driving off to the airport to return to South Korea. There they would go on to prepare for a concert tour that would be quickly thrown into disarray due to circumstance. The surfers would go on to win their competition, unaware of what would soon happen to Girls Generation.


In news that shocked the k-pop world and music in general, the girls all came out and announced that every single one of them had become pregnant from that night at the beach house. This would lead to much criticism by many since they obviously were coming along at the same rate. The tour would have to be put on hold until their label decided the best option would be to disband.


Having been crushed by the news, the girls would reconnect with their men, finding solace in the ones that made them pregnant. Many of the girls would leave South Korea to be with their man. Yoona, Sunny and Jessica moved to Australia to be with their men. Seohyun and Tiffany brought their guys over to South Korea. Taeyon would move to Canada. Yuri would move to Japan. Hyeoyeon and Sooyo moved to the United States.


Although they were no longer a group, they each truly cared for the men they were with and the families they were raising, chatting with the other members at least once per year, happily living out their new lives.




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