Maisie Williams and History's Worst Serial Killers

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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Disclaimer: I don't own or know anything MAISIE WILLIAMS related. This fiction was made without pay, compensation, or profit, all for your perverse enjoyment.

My first delve into this sort of experiment was my story entitled "Maisie Williams and the Toy-Box Killer." Much like that story’s second titular character, Theodore "Ted" Bundy was a real man and a real monster. He was active in the late sixties in the Pacific Northwest, guilty of upwards of potentially thirty slayings of women and culminating with his infamous murder spree at the Chi Omega sorority in Florida at the end of 1979 followed by his subsequent trial and execution.

Unlike the first instalment in this series starring Maisie and David Parker Ray, it was always Maisie from the start. It doesn’t matter that our star wasn’t born until eight years after Ted Bundy met his fate in the electric chair. We have to remember that this work is fictional fantasy to suspend our disbelief on the time difference. In his last interview the day before he died, Ted said it was hardcore pornography that drove him to kill. I don’t believe that it was, and that he was a sick man with a sick mind, like all of the secondary subjects in this series. If you can’t find the difference between fantasy and reality, go tell someone. There are resources out there for you.

I'll understand and hold no ill-will if you don't want to follow me down the rabbit hole of a series of stories based on real serial killers, constant reader, but some stories have to be written or they don't leave your mind. For those of you who are going to continue, thank you. 

If you are still with me, constant reader, please enjoy.

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