An Anal Mella-bration

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Asuka, Carmella or any other former or current WWE women. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Smackdown June 5th 2018.

Carmela was briskly striding away from the gorilla position, an ecstatically smug expression covering her face. She had just laid out Asuka. The Asuka. The unstoppable, undefeatable ass wrecking Asuka. The fact that the former NXT Champion had just competed in, and won, a two-on-one handicap match was irrelevant to her. Haters always tried to discount her achievements, they did the same thing when she pinned Charlotte Flair to become Smackdown Women’s Champion.

It was infuriating to the self proclaimed Princess of Staten Island. She won the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank match. She pinned Charlotte Flair all by herself. She did everything she was told she would never be able to do and still didn’t get the respect she so desperately craved. Not the respect of the fans, she couldn’t care less what those losers thought. She wanted respect for the other women in the locker room.

It’s hard to change your image in the WWE, the division was filled with some of the most beautiful, competitive and domineering women walking the Earth. If you ever develop the reputation of being a bottom, it’s almost impossible to wash off. Something Carmella was constantly reminded of. Through her own memories Sasha Banks or Charlotte Flair bending her over in the showers after practice in NXT, and through the taunts of her fellow competitors. No less than an hour after Carmella won the Smackdown Women’s Championship, Charlotte was sure to update her Strap-Chat story with old videos of Carmella repeatedly going ass-to-mouth.

Strap-Chat was an exclusive app, it’s existence was only known by women in the wrestling Industry. Mostly those in WWE but invitations were occasionally offered to women from other companies. The project was funded by Stephanie McMahon in complete secrecy, not even the developers knew what the app would eventually be used for. It was functionally similar to Snapchat, however it’s main use was for female wrestlers to broadcast their sexual conquests to their peers and for arranging hook ups.

Since its launch, some of the most pivotal moments in the anal annals of WWE history have been broadcast on the app. From Charlotte Flair cementing her position as the undisputed alpha by anally annihilating Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks after Wrestlemania in 2016 to Alexa Bliss’s stunning ascent from NXT bottom to one of WWE’s most vicious butt tamers. If you wanted to be taken seriously, there was one sure fire way to go about it. Take down someone who’s respected and show the whole women’s wrestling world that you’re not to be fucked with.

Carmella was so caught up in her satisfaction, lost in thoughts of the respect she sought after, that she didn’t hear the increasingly loud, rapid footsteps echoing from behind her. Not until it was too late. Suddenly she was grabbed by the straps of her white tank top and roughly pushed against a wall in the backstage hallway. Startled briefly, it takes a short moment for her to realize the furious face of Asuka staring back at her as if she was about to murder Carmella on the spot.

“You! You are not ready for Asuka! You are the Princess! Little slut! Asuka is the Empress! You bow to me!” Asuka practically growls directly in Carmella’s face. Still dressed in her ring gear, toned body slick with sweat from the hard fought handicap match.

“Whoa whoa whoa, easy girl.” Carmella nervously laughs, trying to defuse the tense situation she finds herself in. Asuka had just competed but she still had enough strength to effortlessly pin the Champion to the wall, it was terrifying to think what she would do to her with a fresh gas tank. “If you take me out now, I won’t be able to defend the championship and you’ll lose your shot.”

“I don’t care; You should not have messed with Asuka.” The dominating joshi replies in her usual direct and intense tone.

“No? You don’t care if you lose your shot at this?” Carmella raises her eyebrow suggestively, referring not to her championship belt but to her toned, tanned body. Rubbing her soft hands gently over Asuka’s powerful arms as she does, quickly changing the kind of tension the two were experiencing. “How about it Asuka? You and Me, Winner Takes All: Don’t you want a shot at my fabulous body?

“.....Deal.” Asuka finally accepts after a long moment, her own eyebrow raised in apprehension at Carmella’s offer. The Empress of Tomorrow was known for her insatiable lust, this wasn’t the first time someone had tried to pacify her rage with the offer of hot, lesbian sex but she was surprised Carmella would so readily put her ass on the line. It was one of the few asses she hadn’t buried herself balls deep in during her dominating run through NXT and WWE and Asuka intended to correct that. “I will break you! E-Z P-Z! E-Z P-Z!”

“Uh no, nuh uh. In case you missed it, this is my Kingdom now. I did what you couldn’t do and beat Char-” Carmella began but the psychotic glare in Asuka’s eyes made her think better of continuing. Charlotte ending Asuka’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania is still clearly a touchy subject for the multi-color haired joshi.

“I will break you: And then I will break Charlotte! Because no one is ready for Asuka!” The joshi angrily shouts before releasing her firm grip on the Smackdown Women’s Champion and turning to storm down the hallway towards the women’s locker room. It was true, her loss to Charlotte Flair at Wrestlemania weighed heavily on Asuka’s mind. It wasn’t a Winner Take All match so she kept her anal virginity but she lost her undefeated streak. A streak she had built for 914 days, all gone in a single night. It was supposed to be her night. The night she would overcome the only women who could ever truly challenge her and she failed.

To make matters worse, she had that loss thrown in her face by Sonya Devile and Mandy Rose. Two women who would never have fucked with her before but they sensed weakness or at least they thought they sensed weakness. Asuka couldn’t let that stand, it was an insult to her status as a butt buster and she had a plan to show Fire and Desire and every other woman on Smackdown that she was still to be feared.

Tonight she was going to tie Sonya to a chair and make the former MMA fighter watch as she fucked her girlfriend, Mandy. Sonya was going to watch as every ounce of loyalty and self-respect was pounded out of the women she loved. She was going to be cucked by a superior woman and the whole thing would be plastered over Strap-Chat. A lesson for anyone else who would dare try to challenge her on Smackdown and a vision of what Carmella could expect if she lost at Money in the Bank.

“Yeah well I did beat Charlotte! I beat Charlotte all by myself! That means I’m better than her and I’m better than you! Capeesh!” Carmella says once she’s sure Asuka is out of earshot. At one time just the sight of Asuka would make her asshole ache with anticipation but that was the past. She was a top now and planned to celebrate as a champion should. Carmella spent her night at the club with Naomi, tearing up the dance floor before making their way back to the hotel and tearing the clothes from each other's bodies. The Princess of Staten Island fucked that insanely thick, black booty until sunrise. Bending the flexible, former Funkadactyl into every position she could think of.

One would be forgiven for thinking Carmella would be worried about putting her ass on the line against one of the most prolific butt busters in the history of wrestling but she slept soundly that night, curled up with Naomi’s warm body.

Money in the Bank 2018

That match started as everyone in the audience expected, Asuka taking early control and basically toying with the champion. Carmella tried to engage on the feet but her wide swings were swiftly countered by Asuka’s lightning fast strikes. The Empress could have locked on the Asuka Lock at any point and ended the match but she was enjoying herself a little too much. She wanted to make the former Enzo and Cass manager suffer for weeks of trash talking and what better way than a public humiliation before a private domination.

“You are not ready for Asuka!” The woman formerly known as Kana laughs while her opponent uses the ropes to drag herself back up to her feet, into the corner of the ring.

“That’s all you got? No wonder Charlotte beat you.” Carmella retorts with a deviant smile.

That small verbal jab was all it took to turn Asuka’s mood, suddenly she saw red and rushed the corner, laying in powerful, violent kicks and forearms before being pulled away by the referee. Carmella, who was barely on her feet due to the vicious onslaught, just had the wherewithal to follow out her plan and remove the top turnbuckle while the referee was trying to restrain her challenger.

The instant the referee let’s her go, Asuka charged once again, sprinting across the ring at full speed towards the corner. That would prove to be her undoing as Carmella just barely managed to move out of the way in time, leaving The Empress of Tomorrow to run head first into the exposed steel turnbuckle. The champion quickly capitalizes on this by rolling her challenger up with a schoolgirl pin, grabbing a handful of tights for good measure. Asuka was seeing stars, she barely even registered the referees hand hitting the mat for a third time, signalling the end of the match.

Everyone in the arena was stunned, even Carmella appeared to be a bit surprised but none more so than Asuka herself. Carmella? How did she go from being undefeated for 914 days to losing to fucking Carmella? She sat there on her knees while The Princess of Staten Island celebrated like she’d just won the lottery. Taking turns climbing each corner of the ring to show of her freshly defended championship.

“Huh, I guess Asuka wasn’t ready for me.” The trash talking, moon walking Princess proving herself worthy of her name, taunting the woman she just cheated out of a world championship. “Meet me in my locker room, we have a big night ahead of us.”

Asuka looked up defiantly, yet only for a moment as the reality of the situation slowly set in. This is how it ended, her anal cherry had been defended against some of the most talented, powerful wrestlers in the world. She had broken her competitors all across the world for almost 15 years and now this joke of a champion would get to use her in any way she desired. Asuka would be made to debase herself like a common whore for the amusement and pleasure of a woman she considered so far beneath her. How did it come to this?


Asuka had never felt so anxious before in her life, her confidence had always been unwavering, yet as she stood there in Carmella’s private dressing room, she felt nervousness unlike anything she had ever experienced. It was a nervousness born from anticipation of what was to come, namely her impending ass fucking. For the first time she could relate to the feeling she had imposed on countless women throughout her life and career and she couldn’t stand it.

“Who’s ready for a Mella-bration?” Carmella says cheerfully, as she opens the door and steps into the dressing room. Her ecstatic mood was completely opposite to Asuka’s, who was too frustrated to even offer a reply. “Awwww, come on don’t be like that. I’ve been thinking, it’s not fair for you to lose that way. You are THE Asuka after all. You can leave, I’ll celebrate with someone else tonight.”

“......” Asuka once again offers no reply, this time due to her disbelief. Was she actually saved? Did Carmella have more honor than she thought? “....Thank y-”

“SYKE!” Carmella laughs obnoxiously at her own joke, offering her challenger hope just so she could strip it away. “You should see the look on your face right now, you’re all like, uhhhhhh.”

“....You….will be sorry” Asuka says with her usually broken, yet direct English. Gritting her teeth and clenching her fists tightly, trying to prevent herself from knocking the Champion outcold. Asuka lived her life by a strict code, her Bushido. Her Way of the Warrior. She never backed down from any challenge and took on all comers but there was another, even more important. Her Butt-shido. Her Way of the Butt-pounder. It was a simple code, she had held many women to it after defeating them with their asses on the line but for the first time ever, she found herself on the other side. Now she was the one who must submit. As incomprehensibly unbearable as that was. She had to honor her Butt-shido. Which meant doing everything Carmella asked of her.

“Really? That’s how you talk to the new alpha? That’s seriously so disrespectful. You know what? I was gonna be nice but you need to be punished.” Carmella walks over towards and then sits in a steel folding chair in the corner of the locker room, championship belt still secured around her waist. “Get over here so I can spank some respect into you.”

Asuka’s face was flushed from a mixture of embarrassment and fury, it felt as though all her muscles were tensing together at once. Her teeth threatened to shatter from the force she clenched them. It was unbearable but she had to do as she was beckoned. Slowly she made her way over to Carmella, pausing to look her in the eyes but what she saw only sought to make her frustrations worsen. Normally she could intimidate a person just through a glare but Carmella’s eyes were not afraid. The Staten Island Princess would never have dared be so brazenly disrespectful even an hour ago but things were different now. Asuka was under her control and they both knew it. So with a groan of annoyance, Asuka did as she was bid and bent over Carmella's knee.

“Good girl.” Carmella beams, running her hands all over Asuka’s covered booty, grabbing two handfuls of those meaty checks before delivering a firm double slap causing them to jiggle wildly. The champion had planned to draw this out for as long as possible, to really savor the moment but the rush of having Asuka bend over her knee was intoxicating. She was so turned on that she couldn’t bear waiting to really get down to business any longer, quickly pulling down her challenger's tights to fully expose her thick behind. “You’re gonna love what I do to this fat ass. Charlotte wasn’t good enough to take it but I did. I’m better than her and I’m better than y-.”

“”You are nothing!” Asuka finally bursts out in rage, although still unmoving from her position bent over the knee of her new owner. It was one thing to be beaten and humiliated but Carmella’s endless tirade was too much. The Empress actually thought for a brief moment that it would be better if Charlotte had taken her ass at Wrestlemania, then at least she would be spared losing her anal virginity from someone as annoying as Carmella. Although those thoughts were quickly silenced by a firm slap on her exposed checks.

“Nothing!? I am the moon walking, trash talking, Princess of Staten Island. I’m the champion. I’m the new alpha.” Carmella's braggadocious rant continued as she unleashed an onslaught of powerful spanks to her new plaything’s booty. “You’re the one who’s nothing, nothing but my new whore.”

The former NXT Champion presses her lips together, hoping to remain silent in response to the butt bashing she was on the receiving end of, knowing that any small sound of discomfort would only serve to fuel Carmella’s unrelenting taunts. This was surprisingly difficult, Asuka had herself dished out much more brutal spankings than this but that was on her well trained sluts. Sluts who had their asses conditioned through countless spankings. Asuka had never been spanked before so new physical pain mixed with the mental anguish of bending over for a lesser woman was proving to be a potent and punishing combination.

“Not so tough now are you? Big, strong Asuka is finally getting the spanking she should have gotten years ago. I guess it had to be a special woman to take this ass. It had to be me, it’s like this ass has been waiting for me to come and pound it all night long.” Carmella verbal tirade carried on and with it, more and more hard strikes to Asuka’s increasingly reddening ass checks.

“I am the Empress, I will make you p-ah!” It was just a tiny exclamation. A slight grunt of discomfort caused by a particularly powerful slap at just the right time but it was all the ammunition that Carmella needed.

“You’re gonna make me what? Sorry I didn’t catch that.” The Champions loud, irritating laughs fill the locker room. Joined by the echoing of her hand as it constantly makes contact with Asuka’s soft, firm behind. “How do you think the other girls would react if they heard the almighty Asuka crying like a little bitch. How do you think Charlotte would react? Maybe we should Strap-Chat this and find out?”

“.....Pl..please don’t.” Asuka managed to spit out, her words catching in her throat initially. She had been expecting this but now when faced with the reality of the situation, she could not handle it. The reputation she had built her entire career would be ruined in a single night, much like her streak. Charlotte would never respect her and as much as she hated admitting it to herself, that was important to her.

“Hmmmm. I don’t know. Maybe if you thanked me for spanking you, then I could keep this between us.” Carmella grinned deviously, reveling in the opportunity to torture one of the most powerful women in the WWE. “No? Do you want everyone to see you like this? Has Asuka been a secret little slut all this time?”

“....Tha….thank you.” Those words were somehow ever harder to say, Asuka felt as though she was legitimately going to choke them but anything was worth keeping this immensely humiliating night hidden from the prying eyes of the women’s division.
“Nuh uh, not good enough. I’ll give you one more chance and you had better call me Princess Carmella.” The champion warns while taking out her phone with her free hand to open the Strap-Chat app.

“....Thank you..for spanking my ass...Princess Carmella.” Asuka didn’t just swallow her pride to say those words, she felt a part of it die. How did she fall so far, so fast? It wasn’t supposed to be like this. She was meant to be champion and Carmella was supposed to be submitting to her.

“SYKE! I can’t believe I got you again!” Carmella’s giggles after she stops recording. Having secretly captured Asuka’s submissive words, ensuring to cut out the context to make it appear Asuka was willingly submitting to her. “The girls are going to go crazy when they see this!”

“NO!” Asuka exclaims while jumping to her feet, breathing heavily and staring at her humilator like a wild animal about to claim its prey. Carmella returns with an impressed look, standing up from her chair to come face-to-face with her fucktoy.

“You will pay! Asuka will take championship, Asuka will break you!” The Empress says in English before switching to a lengthy and impassioned rant in Japanese.

“You done? I’ll punish you for this later but for now, get my bags. I’ve got a limo waiting for us outside.” Carmella says dismissively, as she walks past her challenger. Showing the kind of brazen confidence granted to her by the knowledge that Asuka, at least for tonight, belonged to her.

The Empress of Tomorrow was struck by this, no one had ever disregarded her in this way before. No one was stupid enough to attempt it but that was before she lost. Before she lost her streak and before she lost her ass. She could only watch as Carmella casually walked out of the room, leaving her to stew in her rage.

Asuka stood there for a moment, anger still coursing through her before grabbing the chair she had been spanked on and throwing it across the room, sending it crashing into the wall with a loud crash. That was all she could do before the helplessness of the situation gripped her soul once again. With a deep sigh, she hung her head, lifted her tights from around her knees and retrieved Carmella bags before reluctantly leaving the room to follow her new owner.


“I know you all loved that little preview from earlier but first I wanna say something. Ever since I came to Smackdown Live, I have been on a meteoric rise to the top. I went from being the last person drafted to the FIRST ever Ms. Money in the Bank; Still none of you took me seriously. Then I beat Charlotte Flair all by myself to become Smackdown Women’s Champion and even that wasn’t good enough for you.” Carmella says into her phone, recording a video for her Strap-Chat story while sitting in the back of her luxurious private limo.

“Maybe this will show you all what I’ve been saying this whole time, ‘Mella. Is. MONEY.” Carmella goes on before switching from her front camera to her rear camera, showing Asuka still in her ring gear, working her head along Carmella’s big strap-on cock. All the while glaring at the camera with a look sure to make the assholes of many of the women watching shudder.

Every movementt Asuka made felt like a betrayal of her very being. Every bob of her head, every motion of her tongue. Yet to deny Carmella’s commands would mean breaking her sacred code. She was in a no win situation and had no choice but to move her lips up and down the long, rubber shaft in front of her like a common slut.

“OH! I just thought of such a good caption for this video. She may be The Empress of Tomorrow but tonight she’s just my little whore.” Carmella moans slightly as more incessant giggles fall from her mouth. She then uploads the video to her Strap-Chat story and fully turns her attention to her fresh beaten challenger. “I’m sure you’d be laughing too if your mouth wasn’t full of my cock.”

The former NXT Champion firmly gripped Carmella thighs in response, digging the tips of her fingers into the soft skin of her new owner. The small act of retaliation wasn’t much, especially while she was simultaneously stuffing her mouth full of the Champion’s dick but it was all she could do.

“Oh you wanna get rough? We can get rough.” Carmella moves her left hand onto top of Asuka’s head, forcing her further down along the length of her thick girl-dick. She then begins to thrust her hips upwards and random intervals causing Asuka to gag and choke sloppily. “You really know who to suck cock, are you sure you haven’t done this before?”

“Gahhhhh...Gahhhhh.. Ackkkkk!” Any attempted reply from The Empress was muffled by her own gagging as she was forced to take more dick than she could handle. Saliva was messily passing between her lips, running down the vast length of Camella’s cock as she tried to relax her throat muscles. It was either that or be choked out by the invading strap-on, Asuka had trained innumerable women in the art of oral sex from pussy eating to rimjobs to blowjobs, so she knew the techniques to handling a massive rubber dick even if she wasn’t practiced herself. That proved to be a blessing and a curse right now as it helped her manage the oral onslaught but also added more fuel to the fire of Carmella’s taunts.


“You’re a fucking natural, take all of my fabulous cock you fucking whore!” Camella moans while tilting her head back into the headrest of limo’s seat, she had never been so aroused in her life, which was especially notable for a woman with such an enormous and insatiable sex drive. She felt like she was about to cum just from having her fake-cock orally worshiped, “I bet you’ve been praying for someone like me to come around and put you in your place.”

“Hrkkkkk! Hmmmmm...gahhhh” Asuka continued to groan around the thick meat, although more smoothly than before as she gradually adjusted to its size. The joshi proving herself equally as resilient when it came to fucking as she was with fighting. As she approached the base of the Champion’s cock, The Empress of Tomorrow felt a slight relief knowing she had reached the end of her seemingly endless descent.

“Ohhhhh fuck yes! That’s so fucking hot! Stay right there.” Carmella purrs lustfully, forcibly holding Asuka in place with her fabulously fat cock completely disappearing from view. Using her free hand to grab her phone to snap some pictures, both for her Strap-Chat story and for her own personal amusement. Uploading her favorite photo with the caption “Someone’s worked up an appetite”.The Princess of Staten Island then yanks on Asuka’s multicolored hair, roughly removing the spit drenched strap-on from her mouth.

Asuka takes several deep breaths, trying to regain her composure after being forced to swallow more inches when a normal woman could ever hope to handle. Still glaring up at the women intent on humiliating and degrading her. Why did it have to be Carmella? Bottoming for anyone was already bad enough, why couldn’t it be someone she respected?

“Don’t give me that look, there’ll be tons of time to suck my cock later. I bet you’ll like it even more than it's covered in your ass. I want to see what else that mouth can do.” Carmella says, while moving off her seat and towards the centre of the large limo, dragging Asuka by her hair and positioning them below the sunroof before sticking her upper body out into the cool, refreshing air. She then pulls her ring gear to the side with one hand while using the other to push her challenger's head into her exposed asshole.

“Hmmmmm...hmmmmm” Asuka finds her voice muffled once again, this time in a position she was much more familiar with, buried between the smooth butt cheeks of another woman. The winner of the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match loved eating ass, it was her favorite treat and she indulged on a daily basis. Although some tops viewed it as a submissive act, Asuka viewed it as preparation. An appetizer before the main course of hardcore anal sex.

“WOOOOOOO!” Carmella screams into the wind as she’s carried through the streets of Chicago by her private limousine. Already grinding herself on her fucktoy’s face, pussy literally soaking the front of her ring gear due to how horny she was. She had planned to shower and change into her street clothes but was too eager to get her hands on Asuka to do so.

“Hmmmmmmmm” Asuka attempted to fully focus on rimming her new own, not as an act of subservience but it was just the first thing she actually wanted to do to the champion. Although she planned on it being under radically different circumstances, she was happy to take what she could get right now. Desperate for any lifeline she could latch onto. Masterfully worked her wet tongue against the entrance to Carmella’s grinding backside.

“Shit! Keep doing that! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Carmella moans into the open air, luckily her moans of sexual pleasure appear as innocent cries of celebration to anyone who might overhear them. Licking her lips as her asshole is expertly served by one of the most dominant competitors in the history of WWE. “Ohhhhhhh yeah, oohhhhhhh!”

Asuka, spurred on by Carmella moans of pleasure and her own desperate need to regain some control over the absurd situation she found herself in, took it one step further. Reaching up to once again take a firm grip of the blonde’s thighs, Asuka pushes herself toward. Practically motorboating the champions ass, shoving her tongue as deeply as possible.

“OHHHHHHHHH YEAH! WOOOOOOOOOO!” The former manager of Enzo and Cass throws her head back, loud moans of anal induced joy echoing into the night. Happy she told the driver to take the scenic route so she could enjoy this wonderful rimjob completely. Wildly bucking herself back towards Asuka’s eager mouth as she races towards climax. “‘MELLA. IS. MONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY”

Asuka continues lapping away at Carmella butt, making her ride out the entirety of her intense sexual peak. She felt satisfaction in making the so called top cum purely from anal stimulation. Surely this would prove that Asuka was the real top and Carmella was nothing but a worthless butt slut. Maybe the loud mouth blonde would finally see who really deserved to be in charge.

“God damn! That was so fucking good. We’re definitely doing that next time.” Carmella lowered herself back into the limo and onto one of the seats surrounding the interior, allowing herself to come back down to Earth after her body shaking orgasm. “Who’d have thought big, bad Asuka was a nasty, little ass kisser.”

“No! Next time, you bow to Asuka!” The joshi exclaims in disbelief. She would have been mortified to cum from just having her ass eaten and yet it didn’t shake Carmella’s confidence in the slightest. The champion actually seemed satisfied by the situation.

“Pffff, yeah right. Let’s see you say that after you’ve felt my fabulous cock inside that slutty ass of yours.” Carmella says with a sinister smile while lewdly moving her hand along her saliva drenched cock. “This ‘Mella-Bration isn’t even close to finished…”


“My phone is blowing up right now, I’m getting so many supportive messages from you all. I’d just like to take this moment to say thank you…...TO ME!” Carmella chuckles as she speaks into her phone, once again recording videos for her Strap-Chat story. “Let what I’m about to say set in, I beat Asuka. One of the greatest butt busters in wrestling history. I BEAT HER. Me, all on my own. So why don’t we ask her what happens when you underestimate the champ.”

Asuka was kneeling in the classic doggy style position on the bed of Carmella’s fabulous hotel room. Her heart was beating out of her chest as she awaited the official taking of her anal virginity, already gripping the sheets tightly in an effort to relieve her overwhelming anxiety. Painfully aware the most humiliating moment of her life was going to be viewed by her fellow competitors.

“Hope you’re ready for your close up Asuka.” Carmella switches the view to her rear camera, revealing her giant strap-on lining up with the entrance to The Empress’s asshole. What she didn’t film was the time she spent lubing Asuka's ass with her fingers, wanting to create the impression that her challenger’s ass was naturally able to take her great size on the first attempt. Time seemed to stand still as her girlcock hovered outside the awaiting butt in-front of her, with a deep breath she pushed her hips forward, officially becoming the first person to anally penetrate Asuka.

A sharp gasp was the only reply the once feared Asuka could offer as her vice grip like ass was invaded. It was as if her entire body was trying to mentally and physically reject what was happening to her. She was the one who bent other women over, she was the top. This shouldn’t be happening but it was and there was nothing she could do about it. Nothing except take it like an obedient whore.

“Well that’s all the time we have for now, I’ve got an Empress to break after all” Carmella signs off, quickly uploading the video before tossing her phone down beside her on the bed. She almost came again just from the initial penetration, she was actually fucking Asuka’s ass. This was like winning the main event of Wrestlemania to her. To her it was an even greater achievement than winning the Smackdown Women’s Champion. “Huh, weird. You don’t seem so scary with a dick in your ass.”

“Shut up! あなたはこれを後悔します” Asuka shouted in reply, mostly in her native Japanese. If it was possible to die from embarrassment, she would have. Her face was flush, her asshole was struggling to accommodate the head of her owner's fat cock and her head was turned downwards, trying to block out the shame and more importantly, Carmella bottomless insults. All this served from making the once powerful woman look pathetically weak.

“I don’t actually speak Japanese so I’m just going to guess you said, please Princess Carmella, please give me more.” The Smackdown Women’s Champion replied casually, completely dismissive of Asuka’s rage. She then moves her hands to her fucktoy’s waist and begins to slowly, almost delicately send her cock deeper into the insanely tight hole. It’s tightness wonderfully activating the stimulator of her strap-on, working against her still dripping wet cunt. “This ass feels incredible. I think it was made for me.”

Asuka on the other hand wasn’t having as much fun. She thought she was going to split in two around the invading strap-on. Her pain tolerance was legendary but this was a unique sensation, the only way to condition yourself to take a cock of this size was through experience. Experience she simply did not possess. The Empress felt thankful that Carmella had lubed her up in preparation, as degrading as it was listening to the so called Princess babble on while working her lube coated fingers into Asuka’s ass, it was also probably the only thing keeping her asshole from ripping apart. Just the thought of being thankful for something so shameful made her sick. Had she already fallen so far?

“Maybe I should start calling myself the trash talking, ass fucking Princess of Staten Island instead. It’s got a nice ring to it.” Carmella pounders aloud to herself, despite being entirely focused on watching her cock slowly slip away from view and into her challenger’s ass. Showing that talking trash came as naturally, as effortlessly to her as breathing. “I could be the butt fucking Princess and you could be the cock sucking Empress. How does that sound?”

“I will never bow to a slutty little princess, never!” Asuka responds defiantly, even as more and more of Carmella’s cock fills her virgin hole. Her reputation may never recover from tonight and neither would her ego but Asuka was still far too proud to handle the ceaseless insults being poured from the lips of her owner. “飛鳥きをお願いいたことに挑戦飛鳥-AH!”

“This isn’t your kingdom anymore, it’s not Charlotte’s either. It’s MINE! The sooner you accept that fact, the better because I’m the new alpha and I make the rules.” Carmella spits while pushing the last remaining inches into Asuka’s ass with a single, aggressive thrust. This causes the Empress to break from her rant in Japanese and let out a cry in the universal language of pain. “ ‘Mella has the gold, ‘Mella has your ass and ‘Mella is money. Capeesh?”

A shock wave of pain echoes through Asuka’s toned, naked body as she’s suddenly filled beyond her limit with a long, meaty girlcock. Small, pathetic whimpers escaped her mouth. All thoughts flee from her mind as she desperately tries to adjust to the unexpected thrust which has left another woman balls deep inside of her most private hole. A position she had inflicted on many members of the WWE’s women’s locker room during her tenure with the company but one she never thought she’d be on the receiving end of.

“Good girl, see things get so much simpler when you accept your place.” Carmella smugly states, taking Asuka’s silence for compliance. Leaving the entire vast length of her cock inside The Empress’s butt as Asuka visibly struggled to take it. Once again retrieving her phone to take fresh pictures of the latest debasement of her legendary challenger. She briefly even thought about sending some photos directly to Charlotte Flair with the caption “Bet you wish you were me right now.” but decided better of it. Figuring one alpha female was enough to handle right now. “Why don’t you show everyone that you understand the way things are going to be from now on. Thank me for filling you up with my fabulous dick and make me believe it or else I can start pounding some respect into you right now.”

“........” Asuka said nothing at first, partially due to not wanting to give into Carmella’s demands and partially due to being distracted by the enormous shaft splitting her butt in half. As unthinkable as saying those words would have been to her even a few hours ago, right now it was clear it was her only option. Given that the alternative was for her ass to be destroyed and her turned into a worthless, sobbing mess, all for the viewing pleasure of the other female wrestlers. “Thank you for...filling my ass with..big, fabulous cock..Princess Carmella.”

“Oh my god I can’t believe you just said that, what a fucking slut. Oh! I just thought of another caption. I am on fire!” Carmella giggles insultingly, berating Asuka for saying words she forced her to say. Still buried completely inside the previously untouched hole, she uploaded her video with the caption “Asuka wasn’t ready for my cock.” and sets her phone aside with another smug, satisfied grin. “I think it’s time this ‘Mella-bration really got started.”

“Ahhhhh..ughhhhhh” Grunts and groans of discomfort pass through Asuka’s gritted teeth as Carmella slowly begins to work her cock backwards before slowly thrusting forwards. While it wasn’t the full ass pounding that was previously threatened, it was still extremely difficult for Asuka to take in her inexperienced back door. Suddenly gaining a new level of respect for the women she’s seen effortless fill themselves up with giant strap-on cocks. A small submissive thought that began to take root in her mind.

“That’s soooo money.” Carmella says quietly, entranced by the feeling of her strap-on moving through the depths of Asuka’s bowels. The Princess, as evident by her self aggrandizing title, had always been confident. Throughout school, her time cheering leading for the Miami Heat and even during her lowest point when she was bottoming in NXT, she always knew that she was simply better than other women and this was proof. She had never felt so powerful, it was intoxicating. If this is what being the alpha felt like, she planned on staying on top forever.

“Hmmmm… hrrrrrrrrff” Asuka had buried her face in the silk bed sheets, biting them tightly trying to prevent herself from making any more pitiful sounds. Which was becoming progressively challenging as the pace of Carmella’s thrusts gradually increased. Asuka took some small solace in the pain, at least it meant she didn’t like it up the ass, proving she was far above an anal whore like Carmella. That’s what she repeated to herself in her mind. The Empress knew that she could turn any woman into a girlcock addicted slut but there was no way Carmella could do the same. Right?

“Trying to stop yourself from moaning like a whore? I know I’m good, like really damn good, but have some self respect geez.” Carmella said, moaning softly while delivering a few firm slaps to Asuka’s booty, leaving clear red hand prints on joshi's pale skin.The Champion built up a solid pace, steadily working half her cock in and out. She was already obsessed with this ass. Of all the asses she had fucked, this had to be the tightest. It may not have been as fat as Naomi’s or Bayley’s but it felt incredible even from this relatively gentle fucking.

“Grrrrhhhh..urrrrhhhhhhh” The bed sheets continue to absorb Asuka’s near animalistic grunts as her behind is dually assaulted by Carmella’s hand and strap-on. She could feel her ass juggling around the invading rubber dick, she could feel the slight drool spilling from Carmella’s mouth on to her abused buttcheeks but the worst thing was what she didn’t feel. She couldn’t feel the same pain from earlier. It still hurt of course but it was definitely less than before. Her body was slowly relaxing as more and more long, fabulous cock was rapidly buried inside of it. One would be forgiven for thinking that was a good thing but Asuka knew better. She knew it was a precursor to the ungodly pleasure that was to come.

“Get up here, I like to hear sluts beg for my big, fabulous dick!” Carmella grunts out herself now, giving in to her own animalistic urges, reaching forwards she grabs and handful of Asuka’s blue, green and pink hair, pulling her new pet away from the sheets leaving her to openly groan in discomfort, although not as loudly as before, something Carmella instantly picked up on. “What’s the matter Asuka? Is it starting to feel good? Were you not ready for me to fucking this fat ass?”

“あなたは私のように良いことはありません” Asuka responds in her native tongue while turning her head to look over her shoulder to glare rebelliously into the eyes of the woman who took her anal virginity. Although her words were not clear to Carmella, the intention behind them was plain to see. Yet all the champion did was return that same unimpressed, dismissive look that Asuka hated so much. She couldn’t intimidate her, how could she possibly do that when bent over like a whore. Asuka again faced the harsh reality of her helplessness. She could say whatever she wanted, give whatever menacing look she desired but none of that mattered as slight twinges of pleasure began emanating from her depths.

“I’m going to break you like your shitty streak, we both know it so be a good slut and stop resisting. I’ll make you cum extra hard as a reward.” Carmella moans loudly, now properly pounding away at Asuka’s ass, causing it to jiggles and shake with each impactful thrust. Despite having wrestled a competitive match earlier in the evening, the Smackdown Women’s Champion looks as if she could go all night, showing the sexual stamina earned from many long hours of hot lesbian action.

“No! 私は決してあなたに提出しません” Asuka screams in response, turning her head away. This wasn’t because she didn’t want to stare down Carmella, she just didn’t want her dominatrix to see her increasingly flushed face as the shameful sparks of enjoyment steadily began from what should have been an entirely unenjoyable experience. It wasn’t even clear if Asuka was speaking to Carmella or to the waves of pleasure radiating from her deeply fucked ass.

“HA! I KNEW IT! You love my fabulous cock! Don’t you? Say it!.” Carmella cheers on, sensing Asuka’s rising panic like a shark smelling blood in the water. Despite how her days bottoming in NXT, The Princess of Staten Island had made up for lost time in her butt fucking experience. While they may have mostly been fully fledged bottoms like Bayley, Naomi or Summer Rae, they still provided her with all the expertise she needed, Who better to learn from that women who had been fully broken, who had experienced the true unholy peaks of lesbian ass fucking.

“Grrrrrrrhhh...grrrrrrrrr!” Asuka nearly growled, biting down as hard as she was physically able in an effort to stem the first moans of joy that threatened to fly from her mouth. How the fuck was this happening? This was Asuka. Not Sasha Banks or some other wanna-be top. She was supposed to be an unstoppable, ass ravaging machine. Had she been living a lie this entire time? Had the person she so completely believed she was just a fake? These doubts filled The Empress’s head, which before tonight had been an iron fortress, never allowing such weak, insecure thoughts inside.

“Squeal for me! Be my little fuckpig and squeal. You can’t pretend anymore, I know what you’re feeling right now and it only gets better. Soon you’re going to be cumming with a big, hard cock in your ass and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it!” Carmella cries in immense pleasure of her own due to Asuka’s superb behind squeezing her fabulously fat cock. The Champion could empathize with what her challenger was feeling, she had experienced it herself after all. Did this mean she planned to show even a sliver of mercy? Not a chance. Quite the opposite, as she began randomly slapping the already well spanked ass of Asuka while grabbing a firm grip on her bright, vibrantly colored hair.

“Grrrrrrr! Hmmmmm!...ohhhh” Finally it happened. The great and powerful Asuka actually moaned in pleasure from having her butt stuffed with a giant girlcock. She tried with all her might but she simply could not repress the feelings inside of her. Much like she had failed at Wrestlemania and much like she had failed to defeat Carmella earlier that night. She felt sickened by what she had become, perhaps what she had always been. An anal loving slut.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I told you! I told you! I told you!” Carmella rambles almost incoherently, her mind overwhelmed with the ecstasy of not only butt fucking on of WWE’s most revered alphas but from actually making her moan in sinful, shameful joy. Bayley and Carmella had formed a close bond in NXT, the unlikely friends just clicked from the start. The hugger would train the Staten Island native in wrestling and in return, Carmella would fuck her insatiable ass whenever the more well known tops were otherwise occupied. It was from Bayley that she learned much of her technique. Technique passed on from the endless ass blasting the former NXT Champion received from Charlotte, Sasha Banks or even Asuka herself. So in an indirect way, it was almost as if Asuka had been training Carmella to break her right from the beginning. “Tell me how good it feels! Fucking tell me!”

“Ohhhh NO! Arrhhhhhhh! Ohhhh” Asuka continued to resist valiantly, even as more and more cries of perverse glee forced themselves from her mouth. Even the pain was better than this, as unbearable as that was at least she still had a semblance of pride. Now she had nothing, nothing but the waves of anal bliss which washed away at her being. “あなたはこの良いことはできませんそれは不可能です”

“English! Say it in English you dumb whore!” Carmella spits crudely, too caught up in this mind melting, sexual encounter she found herself in to speak anymore eloquently. The stimulator of her strap-on was rubbing against her ridiculously wet cunt, sending her sprinting towards her second orgasm of the night. This one threatening to be leaps and bounds above the first, already intense peak.

“Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhhhhhh!” The volume of Asuka’s moans seemed to rise with each thrust of Carmella's absurdly well conditioned hips. She couldn’t understand how it felt so good. The Empress had spent years building her ass pounding abilities, learning every skill, technique and trick she could. Yet somehow Carmella had gone from bottoming in NXT to using those very same skills against her in just a few short years. “How! How are you doing this!?”

“I already told you bitch! ‘Mella. Is. Money.” Carmella shouts in reply, punctuating each word with a particularly hard thrust. Even though it wasn’t as submissive or direct as she would have preferred, that slight acknowledgement of her talents was indescribable to the champion. It was such a mental high, she consciously had to resist cumming on the spot just from hearing those words. Finally, someone recognized her ability. Someone she secretly respected or at least did before tonight.

“Fuck! Ohhhhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhh なぜそんなに気持ちいいの” Asuka freely moans out loud while her entire body was grabbed, slapped and pummeled by the woman who had defeated her. It wasn’t just her first time taking something up her ass, it was the first time she had ever not been in control of one of her sexual encounters. She loved to dominate other people, women or men. It just turned her on so much but somehow the feelings vibrating throughout her body rivaled any she had felt before. The Empress could feel herself approaching her first climax, something she should have fought against but it was hard to resist something so heavenly.

“Cum for me Asuka, I’m not going to make you wait. I want you cumming all over my fabulous cock like the whore that you are.” The Champion commands as she increases the rate of her thrusts. While many of her fellow wrestlers questioned her abilities in the ring, it was clear to see she was more than capable in the bedroom. Carmella was also finding it difficult to keep her own orgasm at bay, which is probably why she was so eager to make Asuka cum. “Cum for your Princess! You’re not the Empress anymore you’re just the Princess’s slut! So fucking cum!”

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” The shrieks of shameful ecstasy that Asuka released could be understood by anyone, regardless of their language. The faster ass fucking made her lose whatever slight control she had retained over her body which was now shaking and quivering wildly, spasming in orgasmic delight. This wasn’t like any orgasm she had ever experienced, she almost blacked out as her brain struggled to comprehend the overwhelming sensations it was now bombarded with. Each thrust of Carmella’s cock seemed to be laser guided to the anal G-Spot that Asuka didn’t even know she had. “神よ、神よ、神よ”

“Hooollllyyyy fuck! Ohhhhhhhhh yeah! Fuck yeah baby!” Carmella’s cries of delight may have been overshadowed by Asuka’s roars of submissive joy but the pleasure she felt was incredibly intense especially as the former NXT Champion’s ass seemed to seize her long, fat cock even more during the blow altering peak. This in-turn caused Carmella to give into her own sinful desires, finally allowing herself another well deserved orgasm. “OH GOD! OH GOD YES! YES! WOOOOOOOOOOO!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh...ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit” Once heavily suppressed sounds of satisfaction pass easily from Asuka’s lips, whatever fight that remained inside of the once feared fighter had been wiped out by the life changing pleasure that was inflicted upon her. She wasn’t sure if the Staten Island Princess’s “woo” was another reminder of how she was defeated by Charlotte or simply a call of celebration but either way, the joshi was cumming too hard to really consider it.Even as she came back down to Earth, shock waves of glee still assaulted her soul as Carmella rode out her climax before eventually coming to a stop. Bringing this steam fuck-fest to a temporary pause.

“That was fucking fabulous. You’re a natural, Asuka. I don’t know why you wasted so much time when you could have been cumming on my cock every night” Carmella purred sensually, taking a brief moment to regain her composure before pulling herself out of Asuka’s wonderfully pounded ass and picking up her phone. “I know you want me inside of you again so be a good girl, do what you’re told and I’ll let you ride my dick.”

Asuka didn’t offer a retort in response to her Princess’s commands, not due to any rebellious feeling what still lingered inside her, she was just still trying to come to get senses. It was as if Carmella had literally fucked her brains out, she couldn’t focus on anything, she couldn’t keep a straight thought in her mind. It was clear. A blissful, calming joy that washed all her doubts and worries. After a few long moments, she managed to turn herself, still on all fours, towards her awaiting owner who was already preparing to film her next humiliation.

“Now you’re going to beg for the privilege of cleaning your fat ass off my cock and you will address me by my proper title because you’re not getting anymore ass fuckings until you do. So hurry up.” Carmella instructs, pressing the record button on her camera only after she finished speaking. In truth she was annoyed with herself, she had planned to film Asuka’s first ever anal induced orgasm but she was too immersed in the moment, she wasn’t thinking about Strap-Chat, the only think crossing her mind was how incredible Asuka’s ass felt around her cock. Then again why should she share such a special moment with women who never believed in her. There were plenty of things she could film Asuka doing to further shame the legendary top.

“....Please let me clean your fabulous cock...Princess Carmella.” Asuka hesitated but just barely, absolutely not long enough to even pretend she wasn’t desperate for a second round of rectum wrecking. Her unquenchable sexul desire had been a blessing to The Empress throughout her career, affording her the stamina and drive to outlast any would be challenger but in this moment it was a curse. She was so cock drunk that she couldn’t control herself. She needed more, more pleasure, more strap-on cock and more of her Princess.

“Get over here and do it then, you nasty little slut.” Carmella beamed with pride from behind the recording camera. She rightfully felt pride in herself for what she had accomplished tonight but a part of her also felt pride in Asuka, proud she was accepting the ways things were and would remain from now. Namely, Carmella on top as the new alpha. She bit her lips softly as Asuka quickly crawled over to stuff her mouth full of fabulously long, ass flavored cock. “Ohhhhh fuck. This is so money. Take a good look at what happens when you fuck with ‘Mella!”

“Hmmmm..hmmmmmm” Asuka once again found her voice muffled by Carmella thick, rubber strap-on. This time with the added indignity of tasting the depths of her own butt. She had prepared herself to hate it and it certainly was unpleasant at first but to her ever mounting surprise and horror, she was warming up to the flavor exceptionally quickly. Asuka loved forcing her conquered pets to go ass-to-mouth, often presenting her cock like a proud chef offering a Michelin star quality meal. She never even considered that one day she would be on the receiving end of it. The submissive roots that were forcibly planted in her mind taking firm hold of the joshi as she eagerly cleaned the champion’s cock.

“Fuck, that’s enough.” Carmella orders after ending the recording, while Asuka still hadn’t even fully deep throated her length, the sight of The Empress debasing herself so willing drove her crazy with lust. Quickly pulling herself away from her challengers hungry tongue to lay down flat on the bed. “Get on my cock now!”

“Yes Princess Carmella.” Asuka answers at once before practically leaping onto the awaiting strap-on, completely unrecognizable from the woman she began this day as. More concerned with her own submissive needs than her normally fierce pride. The initial anal penetration was unbearable, both mentally and physically but now it seemed like Carmalla’s strap-on was custom made for her ass, the joshi letting out a long, loud groan of satisfaction as she lowered her private hole down onto it’s conqueror.

“Not fast enough!” The Princess of Staten Island shouts, moving her hands to Asuka’s waist to force her all the way down her length at once, causing them both to cry out in joy. This had to be the best night of Carmella’s night. It was perfect. Defending her championship, breaking the unbreakable Asuka and the best part was it was even over yet. She still had the rest of the night to extract even more pleasure from her fucktoy. “Hurry up and ride me! I wanna see those tits bounce!”

“Yes Princess! Yes! プリンセスのためのもの” The former NXT champion further pledges herself to the will of her dominatrix in both English and her native Japanese. She places her hands on her knees, using them as leverage to lift herself up and then sending herself crashing back down to the base of the giant, ass wrecking piece of rubber that had tamed her. Using her powerful legs to squat rapidly on her Princess. “Ohhhhhhhhh fuck! Fuck me Princess Carmella!”

“Tell me you love my fabolous cock If you want me to make you cum again! Tell me how much you love it!” Carmella grips the sheets in her own strong hands while her eyes are fixated on the large, jiggling breasts of Asuka. The former manager of Enzo and Cass was once more struggling to keep her own urges in line long enough for her to properly assert her new dominance due to the magnificent feeling of her cock buried inside the impossibly tight ass of her defeated opponent.

“I love your fabulous cock Princess Carmella! You are ready for Asuka!” The Empress of Tomorrow wasn’t just telling Carmella what she wanted to hear. She was genuinely in love with the newly discovered joy of feeling her ass split in two by big, hard girlcock. She told herself that she was merely chasing her own pleasure, after being embarrassed time and time again, she just wanted the sweet release of orgasm. She would never actually give into Carmella after one night of butt bashing. It was just a one time thing. A one time, incredi-HORRIBLE thing. “私をファック私をファック私をファック”

“I know you do! Everyone loves my big dick! Everyone loves me! I’m the best, I beat Charlotte Flair and I beat you!” Carmella’s boastful tirades are accompanied by brutal upwards thrusts, sending herself as deep as possible into her opponent's ass. Using all of her strength to drive them both wild with sadistic bliss.

“はいはいはいはいはいはいはいはいはいはい” Asuka repeatedly cries out in her first language, instincts taking over as she feels another wonderful, soul splitting orgasm welling up inside of her. Sweat was flying off her body each time she bounced on the thrusting cock firmly buried between her cheeks, her vibrant, colorful hair was messily clinging to her face.

“Say ‘Mella is money! Say it with me when you cum on my dick!” Carmella barks fresh commands, tilting her head back into the bed sheets, arching her back slightly as the ecstasy she was receiving overwhelmed her senses. Driven on my nothing more than the need to cum from fucking her legendary challenger into submission.

“Yes! Yes! はいはい, Princes Carmella!” Asuka obediently replies, she once hated Carmella, in fact she probably still did but right now none of that mattered. It didn’t matter how annoying she was, it didn’t matter than she cheated The Empress out of the Smackdown Women’s Championship, it didn’t matter than she had taken her anal virginity. The only thing that mattered to Asuka in that moment was allowing herself the heavenly release of orgasm.

“‘MELLA. IS. MONEY!” Both women screamed at the top of their lungs simultaneously as they came at the same time. Credit to both of them for continuing to bounce and thrust away throughout the entirety of their peaks. Even as Asuka began to almost violently squirt from her untouched pussy, shooting her liquids all over her mistress's body and face. Thankfully, instead of punishing Asuka for this, Carmella opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out in an effort to catch as much girl cum as she could.

This incredibly lewd display continued for sometime, each woman riding out several spectacular highs along the way before the inhuman stamina of The Empress of Tomorrow finally ran out and she collapsed in a sweaty, naked heap next to her Princess. Both women took a long while to regain their breath and senses.Despite the break, it was clear that this red hot fuck session was far from over. Which was evident when Carmella turned her attention back towards Asuka, only to find the Empress staring at her again. Although not the defiant, rebellious glare from earlier in the night, that look was replaced by a hungry, horny stare of desire. A desire Carmella answered with hours of non-stop ass fucking in every position imaginable..


The next morning.

Asuka awoke to find herself alone in the hotel room she had been defiled in. As her worn out body began to awaken and she got out of bed, she immediately noticed her incredibly sore backdoor. Oh god, it wasn’t a nightmare. It actually happened. She really bottomed to Carmella.
A new wave of mortification ran through her as she quickly gathered up and put on her ring gear, the only clothes available to her and began to head towards the door.

“Where are you going baby? We had so much fun last night, I thought we could keep this ‘Mella-bration going.” Carmella called, stepping into the frame of the bathroom door, which was on the opposite side of the room to the doorway leading to the outside hallway. Leaving Asuka in the middle. She was still wearing the same strap-on cock that she used to break The Empress mere hours ago. “Why don’t we take a little shower, get cleaned up so we can get really dirty.”

Asuka freezes in her tracks and turns to almost timidly look at her conqueror. The night was over which meant she was no longer bound to the stipulation of the Winner Takes All match. She didn’t have to do anything Carmella said, she could even kick the loud mouth brat’s ass for putting her through such an embarrassing ordeal. Instead she just starred, starred at the champions beautiful, exposed body and more importantly, the fabulous cock that tamed her. A slight but noticeable hint of longing in her glare. This stare down continued until Asuka finally managed to rip her eyes away, blushing, she rushed out the door without saying a word.

Carmella just smiled, she knew she had cracked Asuka’s armor and it was merely a matter of time before she was hers. Walking over to the bedside locker to fetch her phone, the Smackdown Women’s Champion opens the Strap-Chat application to read through the various, abundant comments left in response to her story.

“You’re going to regret this.” Charlotte Flair commented, infuriating that someone else had taken Asuka’s virgin hole before she could.

“I knew Asuka was all hype, how else would she bottom to a slut like you.” Sasha Banks responded, clearly jealous,

There was one comment that really caught Carmella’s attention though, one of the few comments genuinely congratulating her, A comment which simply described the fall of Asuka as “Iconic.”

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