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Disclaimer: I don't know ANY of the celebrities named below in this story. This fiction was made without pay, compensation, or profit, all for your perverse enjoyment.

Tink. Tink. Tink. Tink. 

The only sound in the tiny room, hidden away somewhere deep in America, was the gentle tinking of the tiny hammer on the end of the orbitoclast as it drove through the eye socket of the unwillingly unconscious Brie Larson. As the medical icepick was speared into the brain of the world-famous prominent celebrity, it permanently severed her prefrontal cortex, rendering her little more than a docile beauty for the men of the world look at. The doctor performing the lobotomy, and the group of very rich men funding him, were all confident this permanent mutilation would finally fix the problem of extreme feminism the far too outspoken star had been spouting all over the world.

Only when Daisy Ridley's hazel and once eager eyes unfocused with death did the old wrinkled hands of George Lucas retract from her long neck, leaving lasting purple bruises on her flawless creamy skin. Likewise, his spent and flaccid cock withdrew from her death-loosened and cum-filled violated cunt. His voice spat drunkenly at the cooling corpse of the world's newest up and coming starlet, "You bitch, I made Star Wars, I made you! I can kill both if I want to."

Maisie Williams watched in terror from her position on the gallows as the poker bored into Sophie Turner's ass. She swallowed frightfully as her friend began to struggle and scream in her bounds, feeling the rope around her neck constricting her breath. The very moment Sophie's eyes went blank and lifeless, the floor underneath her dropped out and she fell with a short, sharp jerk that broke her neck. The only sound in the room was the sizzling of Sophie Turner's dead ass and the creaking, dangling rope suspending Maisie Williams' naked corpse.

Paris Hilton lifted her head and peered through the window of the car when the director of House of Wax shouted "ACTION!" She never expected the crew to have rigged an actual spear to break the window and impale her directly in the forehead, puncturing through her mostly useless and empty brain and exploding out the back, sending rivulets of blood streaming out to pool at her feet.

The desperate voice of Raven came out between sobs, begging for mercy as the scrawny nerd in dental bracers straddling Tara Strong's stomach beat her already bruised face, breaking her nose. Her voice switched every few sentences as his fists take punishing whacks against her face. After Raven came Harley Quinn and Hello Kitty, Mary Jane Watson, Kaya and Rikku. Even Bubbles and Juliet Starling too, and all in frantically fearful tones. Tragically for the acclaimed voice actress, her begging fell on deaf ears as his hands throttled her, squeezing the breath out of her struggling chest, forever silencing the voice of countless famous animated characters.

After stealing the celebrity's treasured life, he tore open her expensive red dress and lacy black bra, pumping his stiff cock between her fat tits six times. His victim's sightless eyes were the perfect target for his cum, and with a groan he splattered his seed over her slack purple face, giving her the first of many posthumous tributes she would earn.

Lindsay Lohan didn't have long to regret downing that last shot of Jameson with the pills she took before driving home. Her speeding black porsche rear-ended the car in front of her and violently ejected her through her windshield. Every bone of her body broke as it crumpled and rolled over the pavement, leaving a smear of red blood over twenty feet long.

Esmé Bianco idly tugged against the prop straps holding her arms to the bed in the set of Joffery's bedroom, making sure they wouldn't come lose during her acting of her death scene at the boy's hands. She had loved playing Ros the Whore these past few years, having been on the Game of Thrones show since season one. All good things have to come to an end, though, so she smiled and accepted when Benioff and Weiss told them Ros was going to get killed by Joffery this season. She could move onto bigger projects, propelled by her fame in Game of Thrones. She smiled at Jack Gleeson from across the set, who was holding the massive prop crossbow in his hands. He grinned at her, always eager and ready for his roles. He was such a sweet young man, the actress thought, as from to the side the director shouted, "READY! SET! ACTION! TAKE ONE!"

Jack's face set into his sneering, sadistic Joffery character as David Benioff shouted to start filming. He quickly lifts the crossbow to his shoulder and pulls the trigger. Esmé felt a pit in her stomach, knowing something was wrong as soon as she heard the heavy TWANG from the deadly weapon. The bolt hit home, spearing her knee and shattering her kneecap, ruining it forever. She didn't need her lifetime of acting to scream in bloody horror and pain. She couldn't form words as she stared in shocked surprise at the feathered shaft shuddering in her knee, her breath coming in frantic gulps. Her eyes watered and she was about to shout for help from the crew when the second bolt TWANGED out of the crossbow, piercing her other leg's creamy thigh, spearing right through her artery, causing rivulets of crimson blood to flow freely from her fat thigh.

Already the blood loss was affecting her, her trembling mouth kept trying to form words, but only frantic and senseless begging came out. The famed actress' watery eyes darted around the set as she begged, but to her horror she could see a number of the male crew with their cocks out, stroking themselves at the sight of her torment. Jack Gleeson himself had a raging erection, Joffery's pants bulging with his arousal. David and Dan were both sitting in their directors chairs, murmuring quietly to themselves, discussing the scene as it unfolded, dismissive of her clear plight. She sobbed with light-headed tears as crossbow bolt after crossbow bolt pierced her supple body as it dangled from the bedposts, until finally Jack Gleeson sent a final bolt straight through her breast, sinking its deadly path into her heart through her natural tits. The redhead's body finally loosens entirely, her face drooping forward, and her eyes unfocusing with death. The last thing she heard in the mortal world was the sound of vigorous clapping, and the director shouting "CUT, that's a wrap! Good job, Jack!"

Rose Leslie had felt uneasy the past few weeks. She knew she was probably overreacting, even Kit Harington kept telling her that. What were the chances that a second prop malfunction would happen, the same kind of accident that killed Esmé Bianco a few weeks ago? Someone accidently switching prop crossbow bolts with real ones? A tragic accident, it had to be, and could never happen again. That's what Dan and Dave told Rose when she asked if the arrow from Ygritte's death scene they were filming today had been checked. She never did see the smirking look they gave to each other when she left their office.

They mock ran through the attack on Castle Black scene a dozen times, and finally it had come time to actually film. Everything came together and Rose felt ecstatic, the good feeling that a job well done gave her. Everyone hit their marks for the single-shot scene of the courtyard battle, culminating with her dramatic stand-off with Kit. She stood on her marks on the set, pointing her bow and arrow at her beloved boyfriend - in character, and out, for they had been dating secretly for months. They'd be married soon, she knew. For now though, she focused on her facial emotions. That's where this scene would be sold. Her face twisted in anger, regret, betrayal at Kit as Jon Snow. She felt the conflicting emotions of Ygritte at how she wanted to kill Jon but couldn't do it when the time came.

The steel-tipped arrow shot from behind her ripped through her back, lethally piercing her heart. She was already dead, she just didn't know it yet. Rose's expression switched to pure confusion as her green eyes dropped to the gory arrowhead protruding from her breast. She didn't even really feel the pain, instead a strange numbness was spreading through her body. Her legs lost their strength and suddenly Kit was beside her, catching her as her body crumpled bonelessly. The last thing her confused eyes saw was Kit Harrington smooth her red hair from her face as she expired in her beloved's arms.

David Benioff stood from his chair and dropped the script onto the seat, his hands coming together to clap wildly, "CUT! Good job Olly! Good job Jon! Everyone, you did perfect. Don't worry about the bitch's lines, we'll add it in post."

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