Maisie Williams and the Perils of Partner Swapping

BY : AryaStarkNaked
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My name is Reuben Selby and earlier this year my girlfriend Maisie Williams, yes the very same Maisie who was one of the stars of Game of Thrones, and I started talking about opening up our relationship. We’ve been dating for a few years, but she’s always wanted to keep it on the secretive side, being a constant target of the paparazzi. I terribly love her, but I was starting to grow a bit bored with our increasing mundane routine and felt like I was missing out on the excitement of life.

She did not take it well at all, and it nearly caused our relationship to crash and burn. It survived, but I didn’t stop trying to convince her. She stayed hesitant but I made sure she knew that we would have a set of rules. We’d be honest with each other and could veto anyone we didn’t like. It took months of this cajoling and convincing before Maisie - very - reluctantly agreed. I made sure she knew that I loved her more than anyone in the world and there wouldn’t be anything romantic in these hookups, it was just sexual. Blame the crazy woman's mind, but that didn’t seem to make her more calm about the situation.

Maisie was always concerned about the paparazzi, so she made me swear that we’d keep this a secret. I promised her it wouldn’t get out and give her any negative press. She agreed, but she wasn’t very keen on the idea still, and told me that she didn’t want to see anyone else right now, but I was free to do so while I kept to the rules. I spent a whole evening thanking her with sex, wholly glad I had the best girlfriend in the world. 

The new freedom was like a weight on my back and I had to tell someone. It took me a while to decide who it was, and in the end I thought about my friend Joe Jonas. Meeting with him up at a nearby Starbucks turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

Joe isn’t really the kind of guy I’d hang out with. He used to be a pop star in the Jonas Brothers band, but since has settled down into married life with his wife Sophie Turner - who just happened to be Maisie’s best friend. I thought he’d be able to play it cool, also being a celebrity and understanding the situation of privacy, but I never would have guessed what would come of it and how it would change my life - and my relationship with Maisie - forever.

“Maisie? Williams? Your girlfriend actually agreed to this?”

Joe Jonas had a look on his face like I’d never seen on a man before. That’s when the questions started. Was she already fucking someone? Was she the one who wanted the open relationship? Did she have anyone in mind? He seemed to have a hard time believing she’d be into this, and the questions kept being all about her rather than me.

“To fuck a girl like Maisie is one thing, but to have a hall pass to fuck anyone else? Fuck man, you have it good.”

I felt more bolstered than I had in years. Damn right I had it good. This was the best thing I've done in my whole life

Then that look was back in Joe’s eyes, and he slapped me on the shoulder, his mouth open in a smirk.

“How about we trade partners this weekend? I know how hot you think Sophie is. I get Maisie, and you can have Sophie for the night.”

I couldn't help but laugh. Surely he was joking, and I thought that until he started explaining his plan. They’d get drinks at the Jonas mansion on Friday, and even started to go into detail on how it would go down. I felt something squirm in my stomach, it almost sounded like Joe had been planning this for ages. Sure, he’d always joked about fucking Maisie behind my back, so much so that we got into a little fight one time we all got together to watch the world cup. Yeah Joe wanted Maisie, but Sophie was a goddess. She was tall with a body that was curvaceous and ample, complimented perfectly with fire-red hair that draped down her back.

The worst thing about it was that Joe wasn’t exactly wrong. How many times had I fantasized about Sophie? His plan even made it sound like it would work. Sure, his over-eagerness to get Maisie was a bit of a warning red flag, but in the end Joe and I left after agreeing to the swap.

Maisie however, immediately did not. She never much liked Joe was a person, let alone as someone she would fuck. Sure she was her best friend’s husband, but that was Sophie’s choice and she wouldn’t listen to Maisie’s warnings. It didn’t help her insecurities with how eager I was to fuck Sophie, her best friend. I’ll be honest, I begged her. I promised it would be just a one time thing with them. In the end she agreed to go, as long as she didn’t have to have sex with Joe if she didn’t feel it at the time. I agreed and said I’d just have some time alone with Sophie, and she could change her mind then if she wanted to.

We kissed and hugged and fucked that night. After we were done she promised she wouldn’t enjoy it, and it might not even happen between her and Joe. Elated from the post-sex bliss and dreaming of this weekend, I texted Joe in bed as Maisie went to the bathroom to clean up.

The rest of the week she was nearly insufferable. She grumbled and complained about Joe every day. She kept ribbing me and saying that I was getting the better end of this deal. I kept thinking that it wouldn’t be so bad her having sex with Joe, and that on the plus side they probably wouldn’t even be fucking. All my more deep thoughts were on me finally fucking Sophie, my girlfriend’s best friend, the redheaded sex bomb I’ve been jerking off to for years. 

The weekend came fast and on Friday Maisie and I showed up at the mansion. The drinks flowed liberally, we all played a few rounds of cards against humanity, but everyone could feel the sexual tension in the air. Besides myself, Sophie was the most comfortable with the mood. She was wearing some casual jeans and a metal band shirt. Maisie was obviously uncomfortable, often smoothing her short pleated skirt over her creamy thighs. It was obvious that Joe kept stealing looks at Maisie’s athletic legs. The imported beer had been running through me and I excused myself for a quick bathroom run.

When I came back Joe was next to Maisie now and his hand rubbing up Maisie’s firm, supple thigh. His mouth was next to ear whispering something, while Maisie’s eyes were fixated on his hand on her thigh. I didn’t see Sophie anywhere, until I heard her hiss my name from the kitchen.

I knew, intellectually, that being in an open relationship would mean Maisie would have sex with someone else, but even just seeing her legs felt up brought a blinding rage of jealously like I’d never felt. I half staggered to the kitchen where Sophie grabbed my arm and started to rub my muscles, asking if I was okay. I was about to turn my head and look at Maisie and Joe, but Sophie had lifted her hands from my arm to touch my face and lean in for a kiss.

Sophie Turner had the softest lips I’ve ever tasted and  they caused all thoughts of my anger to speed away. Her little pink tongue coiled out and into my mouth as we kissed there in the kitchen. 

“Alright Maisie, time to get fucked.”

My arms wrapped around Sophie’s curvaceous body and grabbed her plump ass, completely ignoring everything that was happening around me as I got my hands on the ass I’ve been dreaming of for years. Out of the corner of my eyes, past a moaning Sophie, I see Maisie pouting and glaring at Sophie and I. I lifted my hand from her ass and gave her the thumbs up, but I don’t know if she saw as she was literally dragged into the next room by Joe, followed by the door closing and locking.

I couldn’t believe I was finally going to fuck Sophie Turner.

The next few minutes moved so fast, but I remembered every single look, every single touch, every single moment as we made our way to the couch in the living room where I sat down. Sophie was frantically pulling off my shirt as I literally tore her shirt and jeans off. Every rip and tear of her jeans and shirt revealed her creamy skin, for Sophie wasn’t wearing anything under her clothes, which drove me wild. Her breasts were much, much bigger than Maisie’s, and I started to kiss and lick her her perky pink nipples to her absolute delight.

That’s when I heard the noise, and froze, Sophie's nipple hanging out of my mouth.

A repeated painful grunting sound was coming from the bedroom. Sophie’s hands were grabbing and rubbing my body, but I could hear it clearly. Maisie was sobbing and crying. The grunts were rhythmic and repeated, Joe’s voice could be heard shouting over the sound of slaps and smacks.

I tried to throw Sophie off of me, but her hand was suddenly on my cock and a moment later she slid onto my lap and sunk every inch of my cock into her burning hot cunt. I froze there, sitting on the couch with my rigid hard cock impaled into the hottest, wettest cunt I’ve ever felt; Sophie Turner's. I had wanted this, wanted her, for so long and now I finally had her. I could hear Maisie cry and grunt in pain from the next door, but Sophie kissed me hard and whispered.

“It is going to happen to her. Joe gets what he wants. You can’t do anything about it, and neither can I."

The feeling of her bouncing on my cock was heaven. Even though I heard Maisie cry out for “Reuben! Help!” 

I started to tune out the sounds of Maisie from the next room as Sophie wrapped her legs around my waist as I spun her to the couch and pinned her down with my weight and my cock. 

For the next half hour I fucked Sophie Turner while my girlfriend, and her best friend, Maisie Williams was getting raped in the bedroom next to us by Sophie's husband Joe Jonas. I kept hearing her crying and pleading for him to stop, but I kept fucking Sophie and Joe Jonas kept raping Maisie. I heard him call Maisie a whore and she call out my name for help. The couch I was fucking Sophie into rocked and squeaked with every yelp of pain from the next room. I fucked her as I tried to block out the sounds, keeping my intense gaze on Sophie’s beautiful blue eyes, full of a combination of arousal, tears, and sadness.

“Cum for me, Reuben. Cum for me as my husband claims your girlfriend.”

I lose myself immediately when she begs this and I cum ropes of burning seed deep inside of Sophie Turner. I laid on top of her, our sweaty skin sliding and slipping over each other, until I finally regain control of my mind. I ease off of Sophie and rush to the locked bedroom door, pounding on it as the woman I love grunts again and again on the other side of it. The grunting and rocking didn't cease, but Joe did shout through the closed door.

“I’m almost done mate, sit your ass down and stop fucking knocking! Sophie! .”

The pace of the grunting inside the room increases even further, and I feel helpless. The broken sobs of “Please! Please!” shatter my heart, and I stumble back to the sofa, where the naked Sophie Turner helps me sit down and cradles my head into her massive breasts as I start to cry like a pathetic baby.

“He’s wanted this a long time, Reuben. You shouldn’t have given her to him. She's my best friend and I’ve tried to keep her from him for years. She won’t be the same any more, she'll be his.”

Her words cut to my heart, but she stroked and coddled my hair. Meanwhile in the bedroom the bed shook one final time and the love of my life screams as her rape by Joe Jonas in the room next to me draws to a close.

I wish I could say this weekend was the last time this happened, but it wasn’t. Sophie and Maisie are still best friends, and even closer, after this. Maisie and I are still together too, but we don’t have an open relationship any more, at least on my side. Joe Jonas still has Maisie over on the weekends, but now he fucks her right alongside of Sophie. She’s even taken over more of the sex duties as Sophie revealed she was pregnant and ballooned up in size.

She didn’t want to talk about what happened that night for a long time. I kept trying to convince her to not go back to him, but she would always say in an angry voice that this was all my fault, and that if I didn’t like it I could leave. 

Eventually Maisie told me what happened that first time. Joe was immediately dominant when they got into the other room. There wasn’t any foreplay, he just threw her on the bed, hiked her skirt up, and started to fuck her. Maisie was much too small for him to fuck like that and he got angry. He flipped the love of my life onto her stomach and started to rape that perfect ass of hers - the perfect virgin ass that I had never been allowed into, but that now belonged to Joe Jonas. 

For a long time Maisie and I didn’t have sex, almost all of our encounters just being handjobs and blowjobs as she describes in detail all the depraved and perverted things her new alpha master makes her and Sophie do. The two friends had grown up together and they were as close to sisters as a pair could be, but he fucked them together, forcing them both to explore each other’s body with their tongues, fingers, and mouths.

That changed a few months later when Maisie finally let me fuck her again. As I came inside of her within minutes she nuzzled my ear and whispered to me that she could finally have sex with me, because she was pregnant and carrying Joe’s baby.

When I was alone later that weekend after Maisie went back to Joe’s, I couldn’t help but cry at this position I got myself in. It was all my fault, and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. I’d help raise Joe’s kid. I loved Maisie too much, I couldn’t leave her.

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