Taming WWE's Torrie Wilson

BY : Doug Fitzgerald
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Disclaimer: This story is obviously of a fictional nature. It is not suitable for anybody under the age of 18. I do not know Torrie Wilson. There is no money being made by this story. It is purely fictional.

In 2005 I, John Shavian, was a 26-year-old former model turned writer that was employed exclusively by World Wrestling Entertainment. In early 2006, the day before WrestleMania, I moved back out to Hollywood to work in the film industry as part of the 20th Century Fox team. Things went well for me out there, but I wasn't happy after a year of being out there. My heart was in WWE and I soon did what I could to get out of my contract so that I could return to work for WWE. In June 2007, after a brief negotiation, I returned to work for the company. The first story featuring my return involved a Wednesday night sexual romp with Candice Michelle. Three days later I had a more unexpected guest who was equally up to the task of pleasing me.  




Saturday June 22, 2007 at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.


I was in meetings all day and I was set to fly out Saturday night to San Diego for our Great American Bash PPV event that would be my first one back with the company. I hadn't talked to too many of the divas about my return although I did talk to some including Melina because we had a special relationship before as well as Trish although she wasn't working in WWE anymore. For the rest of them, I knew that after they talked to Candice she would tell them about how willing I would be to satisfy them. On my way back to the office I got a text from Candice simply saying, "call me." I was going to meet her at my office after my meetings for one more fuck before we headed to San Diego, so I assumed she just wanted to meet me somewhere. I was wrong. She told me that management wanted her out in San Diego a day early, so I had to wait to be with her again. I was disappointed, but she told me we'd make up for it when I saw her. "In the meantime," she told me, "my best friend in the company should be knocking on your office door any second now. She'll be flying with you to San Diego, but you'll have some time to get re-acquainted too. Trust me, baby, she's well aware of your prowess."


A few minutes later there was a knock on my door. I gulped, not knowing who it was. For all I knew, it could be somebody that was pissed at me because I never fucked her before. I had no idea.


I called out, "Come in, it's open."


The door opened and the first thing I saw was a wide smile on the gorgeous face of the busty blonde with an amazing body, Torrie Wilson: "Hello John."


Torrie has tremendous curves and had been in the wrestling business for about eight years by this point. Her best feature is probably her giant fake tits, but she wasn’t lacking in other areas either. On this day she was wearing a jacket over top of this leopard skin dress that was really low cut and also showed off a lot of cleavage. I can remember her wearing it on Smackdown.


"Torrie," I said with a grin, "so good to see you again."


She smiled at me, and then shut the door. She also tossed her jacket down so it was just the dress.


"Come here, let me kiss you." She demanded. I thought it was a little too easy, but I went for it anyway. I walked over to her. She was licking her lips, saying, "I've wanted to do this for a long time."


We looked into each other's eyes. She put her hand on my face, had a big smile on her face and kissed me passionately. I kissed her back, putting my hand on her face and it lasted for a good ten seconds, if not more. Then she let go, smiled again and slapped me hard right in the face! Then she pushed me back into the desk.


Me: "What the hell, Torrie?" I asked, not knowing what else to say.


Torrie: "That's what I should be asking you, asshole. You think you can just walk back into WWE and expect all of us divas to line up for you so you can fuck around whenever you want? That's not how it works around here."


She walked towards my desk and sat on it, crossing her legs. Yep, it was a thong under the skirt. I leaned forward to touch her knee, but she pushed it off.


Torrie: "Don't touch me or I swear to God you'll never get this close to me again. You sit down. I'm going to talk and you're going to listen, okay?"


I sat back down in the chair while she continued to sit cross legged on the desk.


Torrie: "When I first heard about you and got to know you I thought you were a self-righteous, conceited jerk. Then as I talked more with the other girls, I realize you came up with so many great ideas for the girls especially Trish, Mickie, Lita, Melina and others. I think you have a great mind for the business and I was incredibly attracted to you. I've been with wrestlers, but I never want to do that again. They're unreliable assholes a lot of the time and it makes things difficult at work. With you, seeing as how you worked so closely with us as part of creative, I thought that was perfect. I enjoyed flirting with you in the past. Remember that time at the hotel bar?”


Me: "Yeah I do.”


Torrie: "Let me finish.”


Me: “But you asked me the question…”


Torrie: “Believe me, you'll know when I'm finished. I kept waiting for you to make a move. I wanted you so bad I would have fucked you in the middle of the locker room, but you never did. Then I saw you and Trish, plus with Melina. In the locker room, in the parking lot, and even fucking Melina in the hotel lobby bathroom at 4am in Chicago."


Me: "You saw that?" I asked, surprisingly.


Torrie: "And heard it! And if I didn't see you with another woman I could definitely hear you in the hotel in the next room. All those times you two said goodnight to me I wished you invited me in. I'm not into women, but for you I would have done anything. I know all about you and Melina when you'd visit Smackdown too. Know how I knew? Because she bragged about it all the time. Everybody already hated her, but she was a close friend for a while. Knowing she was hogging you made them hate her even more. Candice told me all about your new situation. I realize that it wasn't your call to be with only Trish and Melina. You only did what you had to in order to keep your job. I respect that, but I still blame you a little."


She walked off the desk, then went over to the leather couch. She pointed at me to sit down. I sat there as she put her legs up on my lap.


Torrie: "You can rub them, but don't go above the thigh, or I leave. Understand?"


Me: "Understood."


Torrie: "I'm not like Candice or Melina. Those two, they'll fuck you only to help their career. With me, I love to fuck and I’m better than them. Anyplace, anytime, anywhere. And I don't care if you fuck Candice, Melina or anybody else as long as you fuck me too."


Me: "When do we start?"


Torrie: "Not so fast, big guy. You have two choices. Either we sit here, make out and fool around without taking any clothes off and I make you wait one full month before we fuck, or we go with option two."


Me: "What's that?"


Torrie: "I have one condition: We do it in Stephanie McMahon's office."


I was stunned. Steph was already in San Diego for tomorrow's PPV and I had my doubts about her letting me use her office to fuck Torrie.


Me: "In Steph's office?"


Torrie: "You've already been in here with Trish and Melina plenty of times. We need to create our own memories."


Me: "I understand that, but what about a hotel or…"


Torrie: "Our plane leaves in about two hours. No time for that."


Me: "How about the plane then?"


Torrie: "Oh we'll do that…if we do it in Steph's office first."


Me: "I'm only an assistant, Torrie. I don't even have a key to her office and if I did, I don't think I'd be able to use it in this situation."


Torrie: "Call her, tell that I want us to fuck for the first time in her office and if she says no, I'll talk. My contract's up in a few months. I can use it as leverage to persuade her."


I sighed, which basically told her I didn't know what to do. She then sat up, looked me straight in the eye and rubbed my cock on the outside of my pants. I was mesmerized by her beauty and turned on by the way she was rubbing my cock.


Torrie: "I think you know exactly what to do, John." She looked me straight in the eye as she said it.


Me: "I can't believe I'm doing this.”


I dialed the number, not knowing what to expect. Torrie told me to put it on speaker, so I did.


Stephanie answered, "Hey John, everything okay? Have you left yet?"

Me: "Uh no Stephanie, still in Connecticut. Plane leaves in a couple of hours."


Stephanie: "What's on your mind? I don't have a lot of time to talk."


Torrie chimed in, "Hey Stephanie, it's Torrie here." They exchanged pleasantries, and then Torrie continued. "I'll be on the plane with John, but before we go I wanted to re-acquaint myself with him in your office."


Stephanie: "My office?  What about his office?"


Torrie: "The problem with that is that he's been there with Trish plenty of times and Melina plenty of times already. As you know, I don't like Melina much. I think I'm better than her and I want to prove it to John in a place where he doesn't have any memories of her."


Stephanie: "I have to say this is a very odd request.”


Torrie: "I know and it’s totally my idea, so don’t blame him. There is one other thing. My contract's up in a few months. If you let us use your office and let me have this pleasure, I'll sign an extension when I see you tomorrow, no questions asked. You know your dad values me a lot. You don't want me to tell him that I have to leave, do you?"


There was a brief pause on Stephanie’s end as if she was thinking about this.


Stephanie: "Okay, it's yours. Make all the mess that you want. I'll have a cleaning lady in there tomorrow anyway. Have fun."


Torrie: “Wait Steph, don’t hang up. I just want you to know that we aren’t actually going to go in your office.”


I looked at her with a confused look on my face.


Stephanie: “Okay, but why not? I said you could.”


Torrie: “I know. It was just my way of testing John to see if he really wanted to be with me and the fact that he called you showed that he wants me as much as I want him. Plus, I don’t want to mess up your office.”


Stephanie: “Well thank you for that, I guess.”


Torrie: “And what I said about the contract was true. I’ll sign it tomorrow…provided John gives me what I want right now.”


Stephanie: “Oh I’m sure he will. I’ll see you two when you get here.”


Stephanie hung up. Torrie smiled. She knelt down in front of me, unzipping my pants.


Me: "That was pretty wild. I thought for sure you only wanted me if we could do it in Stephanie’s office."


Torrie: "That was just a test. To prove to me that you wanted me. And you passed…with flying colors. If you didn’t want me as much as I wanted you then you would have said no and we never would have called her. Now let me show you my appreciation." She pulled my pants completely off while rubbing the outside of my boxers.


Me: “There’s something you should know…that couch pulls out into a bed. Just got it in the office yesterday due to all the uh…activity…that takes place here.”


Torrie: “So what you’re saying is you haven’t fucked Trish, Melina, Candice or any of the other girls on this bed in the office yet?”


Me: “That’s right.” She grabbed the pillows and threw them down.


Torrie: “Well then we’ll have to put that bed to good use.”


I reached down and pulled out the pull-out bed from the couch. That meant my office had a few places to fuck including the bed, the comfortable chair, my desk and a leather chair with the desk.


With her right hand she massaged my cock, rubbing outside of my boxers and getting me hard. While she did that, we made out passionately. She stood up, then I helped take off her dress/skirt combo and she was left in a black bra/thong combo. We continued to make out while she rubbed my shaft, then she took off her bra and I played with her melons with my hands. We were mutually getting eachother ready for what was to come. We made out for a minute straight. She took a breath, then mounted me on the bed. Button by button she took off my shirt while I reached for her thong. She pushed my hand away, "not yet."


Tossing my shirt to the floor, she then got on her knees in front of me as I sat up on the bed. She yanked down my boxers, then stared right at my erect 12-inch cock. "As big as advertised," she smiled. She rubbed my balls, stroked my cock and rubbed her hands all over my abs. I wanted her badly. She knew how to build to the moment, that's for sure. With her right hand she cupped my cock and took it in her mouth. It felt so good.


She went up and down my shaft, taking it all in and being relentless at it. She really kept me hard while I tried to motivate her.


Me: "And you're as good as I thought, but Trish always used to do this thing with her tongue."


Torrie used more tongue and I reacted to it with an, "aaaaahhhhhhhhh that’s it." She continued to suck me off at an amazing pace. Every three trips up my shaft she would hold her mouth onto it, grab my ass cheeks and I could feel my cock hit the back of her mouth. It was a great feeling. Just as I was about to get up to move into a different position she squeezed my ass harder, taking me in even more.  


"Holy fuck, Torrie," I started to gasp a bit, "you're fantastic." All she did was shoot me a smile. The blowjob was great. I really wanted to fuck her tits. Titty fucking was a favorite thing of mine, so I grabbed a squeeze. She smiled. She continued stroking my cock, "You want to fuck my tits, huh?" 


Me: "Mmmmm yeah. They look amazing." She knew what I wanted.  


We sat on the edge of the bed, she was down on her knees in front of me, she licked and sucked my cock a lot more to lube it up and then she rubbed it between her massive tits. It was an incredible feeling and she had some huge tits that made it a lot of fun. I stayed hard for her as I titty fucked those jugs as best as I could. She kept getting my cock wet, then putting it between her titties, up and down and then sucking on my dick some more. After a few minutes of that, we stopped and she smiled at me some more.


She stood up in front of me, then held my hand. She walked over to the desk. "Finger me."  


I walked over to her, yanked down her thong to the floor leaving her naked and jammed two fingers in her clit. "I can eat you out," I told her.  


Torrie: "You will on the plane. For now, tease my clit and when you're ready I want you inside me. But let me feel that tongue of yours on my tits." 


She lifted her left leg up on the desk while I rubbed her clit. I could feel her getting wet. I sucked on her tits some more.  


Torrie: "I want you to fuck me all over this office in your chair, the desk and of course that bed too. Give it to me, baby. Give me all of it.”


We kissed again and then I turned her around, put her left leg on the edge of the desk and put my huge cock right into her pussy. She was screaming in glee at the top of her lungs while I remembered we had walls that prevented sounds from leaving the room. I put my hands on the inside of her hips and repeatedly drove my giant dick into her pussy. As I was pounding her pussy, she was taking it all in, breathing heavy and saying “talk…dirty…to me.”


Me: “Is that what you want, bitch? Can you really handle this?”


Torrie was moaning in pleasure and kept on encouraging me to call her more names: “Call me a slut…and whore…”


I stood her up straight so that I could rub her tits again, then I tilted her down and she was facing away from me in a doggystyle position.


Me: “I should have done this years ago, but now that I have you here I’m gonna fuck you harder than any of those other sluts. You’ve got the best tits, the best body and you sure as hell can know how to suck on my dick with your whore mouth.”


I took her off the table, then moved her so her hands were up against my leather office chair. She bent over and I continued to fuck her doggystyle.


Torrie was panting some more as she spoke: “Pull back on my hair…be even more aggressive.” I went even deeper inside of her, it felt so amazing and she was screaming in delight.


Me: “Oh you fucking whore, I knew you liked it rough.” That’s when I pulled back on her hair, she tilted her head back and it was an incredible feeling to fuck her in that position. We fucked like that for another minute or two when I felt her easing up.


She got back to her feet, kissed me on the lips for about twenty seconds, then she walked over to the big leather sofa chair in the room.


Torrie: “Now that you know how rough I like it, I want you to lay back and I’m going to ride that giant cock of yours.”


She shoved me back first onto the chair. I decided to motivate her even more.


Me: “You know who loved it when I fucked her in this chair? Melina.” Torrie straddled over my hard dick.


Torrie: “In that case I want you to suck on my giant tits while you fuck me and do it harder than you ever fucked Melina. Is that clear?” I nodded at her to let her know that was fine with me.


I laid back in the comfy leather sofa chair, she lowered her pussy onto my cock and put her knees up against the chair. It was a great position for her to mount me and so I fucked her as hard as I could. She was throbbing up and down my cock while I was rubbing her massive tits. She was moaning in pleasure while she was bouncing on my shaft. I was deep inside her.


Torrie: “Oh fuck, this is what I need. Give it to me! Fuck me, baby!”


We fucked on the chair some more, but we were both getting tired and knew it had to end at some point.


We went over to the bed, she laid down beside me so her body was in front of mine and I put my cock in her pussy again this time with us laying beside eachother. I could tell she was worn out a little bit and I was a bit too, so I was a bit gentler as I rubbed my hands all over her body while I fucked her. After about a minute of that, she went towards the edge of the bed and wanted me to finish her off doggystyle.


I got up right behind her, put my hands on her inner thighs and put my cock inside her again. I fucked her so hard at that point she was moaning louder than ever.


Torrie: “Oh my Goddddddd, oh fuck…yes…yes…yes!”


Me: “You like that, bitch, huh? You want more?”


Torrie: “Fucking right. Pound that pussy as much as you can. Give me all you got, you son of a bitch.”


The trash talked worked because I had a second wind now and I was ramming my cock deep inside her. She was up on her arms at the start, but then it was wearing her down so much that she went down into the bed a bit more. After about a minute, I softened up and I could tell she wasn’t ready for any more.


We laid beside eachother after it was over with smiles on our faces. She kissed me and I kissed back. It was as if I was telling her she did a great job without saying it.


Torrie: “That was amazing. Everything I hoped for and wanted.”


Me: “It was incredible. You’re great, Torrie. So I guess we have to get dressed and catch our flight in an hour or so.”


Torrie: “Yeah we do, but just promise me something. Round two soon?”


Me: “Absolutely.”


We kissed eachother again and left for our flight soon after.

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