I'll Make You Tap Out

BY : simp4edge
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Disclaimer: I do not own the WWE/WWF or know Kurt Angle- this is a work of fiction and I make no money from this!

AN- Hey guys! This is my first fic and this is all a learning experience for me. This specific story will be short (I'm thinking about 3 chapters), but I'm open to continuing it if inspiration strikes !! That being said, any feedback is greatly appreciated !!


"Ugh." You rolled your eyes as Kurt cut another idiotic promo. He had become insufferable since winning the WWF Championship at No Mercy; prancing around every chance he got sporting the new gold around his waist, making sure to brag especially loud when you were around- and you thought he was bad when he won King of the Ring!

This was just not your year.

Watching the monitor from the locker room, a small smile appeared on your lips as the Olympic Hero blew up at the onslaught of heat from the crowd, temporarily easing your annoyance. Ever since your debut, Kurt had made it his mission to make your life as miserable as possible. You both entered around the same time and for some reason Kurt viewed you as a threat, even though you were in the women's division and the WWF on the whole rarely saw inter-gender matches.

This didn't mean they never happened, oh no, Kurt made sure of that; calling you out from the locker rooms frequently to brawl in the ring.

God, you wanted to smash his face in right now- just run out in the middle of his ignorant speech. He went on and on about how he would kick the Undertaker's ass; as if he could without cheating!

"And another thing!" Kurt's voice echoed through the monitor, snapping your attention back to the screen. "To the Zodiac, I would like to apologize for ruining your women's title match. As they say on the streets- 'my bad'."

You felt your blood boil as you remember that match. You had Stephanie pinned for the 123 before Kurt dragged you out by your leg and got the match disqualified for interference. And as you both know very well- titles do not change hands on a disqualification.

"I realize you probably want to get your hands on me," he continued, "and I... normally would have no problem with a woman's hands on me,"

He paused to stare into the cameras as if he was looking directly at you, giving a sleazy wink; knowing you would be watching in the back.

You scoff before hearing the King's small, "Woo-hoo!" through your screen.

"But a match involving Your WWF Champion and a woman with no title to speak of certainly cannot be wasted here in New York City- it's true! It's true."

Kurt's shit-eating grin coupled with that last comment was too much. An aggravated yell crawled its way out of your throat you and threw whatever was closest to you, which, thankfully, happened to be your water bottle instead of something more fragile. Not that it didn't earn you more than a few pointed glares from the other superstars; A certain etiquette was usually observed and you were sure you would hear from Wrestlers' Court later. You muttered a small apology to anyone within earshot and turned your attention back to the monitor.

Speak of the devil- the American Badass's entrance music filled the arena and he made his way out to the ring after another snide comment from Kurt. Seeing his stupid face made your blood boil. You would wait for his ass to crawl to the back and then let him have it. Oh yes. This time you wouldn't let it slide- the Women's Championship meant everything to you, and Kurt and his neck were going to learn that the hard way.


Minutes later, Kurt slunk back in with his tail between his legs from the ass-kicking he got from Taker. You didn't give him much time to recover when you stalked out and grabbed him by his collar, effectively stopping him dead in his tracks as the curtains billowed behind him.

"Angle," you growled through clenched teeth as he stood wide-eyed. "You wanna tell me exactly what the fuck kinda game you're playing?"

You stared daggers at him as he opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of water. You grew impatient.

"Well?" You shook him slightly, still holding him, although it was hard to be intimidating when you only came up to his neck.

Kurt's brow furrowed, "Hey, I don't know what you're so mad about," he started, wrenching your hands off him and inching you both towards a nearby hallway. "I was only stating facts!"

"Save it Angle!" You snapped, "I would have had that belt by now had it not been for you!" You said, voice rising. "And don't even get me started on that other comment, you pig."

He stopped and smirk of realization found it's way onto Kurt's face. "Which comment are you referring to?"

You rolled your eyes. Clearly, Kurt was trying to play some sick game with you, and you weren't going to give him the satisfaction. "Don't fuck with me, Angle- you know exactly what you were implying." You emphasized that word with a stiff finger in his chest.

"Fuck with you? Wouldn't think of it. Fuck you, on the other hand..."

He noticed your look of disgust and it was his turn to roll his eyes.

"Oh please, as if you don't dream of touching me- I am an Olympic Hero."

You glanced over at the sound of footsteps to see Christian give you both a look of embarrassment as he hurried away, not wanting to overhear more than he already had.

"I wouldn't touch you with a 10 foot pole!" You spat. Now hyper aware of any passerby.

The corner of his lip twitched and you could've sworn you saw a flash of disappointment before it was quickly replaced with a chuckle of, "I can think of another pole you can touch."

You wanted to slap the taste right out of his mouth and just as you began to raise your arm to do so, Kurt grabbed it and pulled you into a suffocating kiss.

Your eyes widened as big as saucers as soon as you realized what was happening and by then it was too late. His lips crashed into yours and your gasp of surprise left your mouth wide open for his tongue to slide in, hot and wet. You almost choked on it slithering as far as Kurt could get it. The shock was so great that this kept up longer than you would ever care to admit- but it wasn't as unpleasant as you had imagined.... Wait, imagined? You definitely did not imagine kissing Kurt Angle! 

For whatever reason your evil body decided to call upon your darkest inner desire at that exact moment and let a small whimper escape your lips.

You regretted it the instant it happened.

Kurt froze and your mind already began to panic. Oh shit. Shit shit shit. He slowly released you with the cockiest smile plastered across his face and chuckled lowly. "I knew you wanted me."

You stared at him incredulously. "I want you? I'm sorry, who just shoved his tongue down my throat?"

He faltered as you continued, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand. "I think it's you who has always wanted me, you skeeze."

Now it was Kurt's turn to look incredulous. "Oh yeah? Didn't see you putting up much of a fight just now. In fact, I think I heard a moan."

You nervously glanced around and noticed a staff member walking your way. Not wanting anther awkward encounter, you dragged a protesting Kurt into a nearby supply closet.

"I did not moan! That... that was a whimper of disgust!" You whispered as you scrambled to close the door behind you.

"Is that so?"

Kurt shot an arm out beside your head, effectively trapping you against his body and the door.

"Kurt?" You started to open your mouth again but he cut you off.

"I bet you touch yourself thinking about me."

Your eyes widened as you tried to press yourself further into the door only to feel the doorknob jutting painfully into your side.

"Don't think I haven't noticed how you wear your skimpiest outfits around me."

Thinking he had won, Kurt withdrew his arm and reached for the doorknob before you decided you had enough of his shit. While his guard was down you took all your strength, pushed off from the door, and used your slight momentum to spin him around. Now it was Kurt's turn to be trapped.

"And what about you, huh?" His eyebrow raised. "I can't even count the amount of times I've felt your..." You glanced to his crotch. "...pole during those Germans."

Kurt just stuttered out some lame excuse about adrenaline before you interrupted his babbling.

"Don't try me, Angle. You and I both know I could have you begging to bust in your little singlet any time I wanted."

Pushing him aside, you tried for the door before hearing him speak.

"Then do it."

You blinked several times, trying to process what was just said. He didn't mean... that, did he? No he couldn't. You turned around and managed a strangled, "What?"

Looking as serious as a heart attack, he simply replied, "Do it."

Searching his eyes for any trace of mockery you opened your mouth to speak and Kurt deadpanned, "Meet me at my hotel room tonight after the show. Then we'll see who's begging."

And before you could reply again he added, "Bring whatever you think you'll need to make me... tap out." before swinging the door open and stepping into the hall.

You stood there stunned for a few moments, unable to fathom the situation you seemed to find yourself in. It was only when you shivered that you realized how heated it got in the closet, physically and mentally. After berating yourself for how you acted, you stomped out towards the women's locker room, feeling a familiar heat brimming just below.

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