Mophie Gets Fucked Straight

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Disclaimer: I don't know MAISIE WILLIAMS, SOPHIE TURNER, or JOE JONAS. This fiction was made without pay, compensation, or profit, all for your perverse enjoyment.

People think that we’ve overcome the stigma against lesbians in the modern day. We’ve definitely come a long way but have so much further to go. Even in places such as ‘liberal’ Hollywood, once you come out as a lesbian there’s no going back. You simply won’t get called back for auditions that you might have as a straight woman. That’s why my girlfriend, Maisie Williams, and I - Sophie Turner - have stayed in the closet and haven’t told anyone that Mophie, the cute name we use for a Maisie and Sophie relationship, is very real.

It was during the last few years of filming Game of Thrones that we started dating and moved in together, with our parent's blessings. Filming a show that your partner is on too is so stressful, we were almost never in the same scene and so we were off with different filming teams and barely ever saw each other, even at night. It got to the point that we saw so little of us between our filming gigs that our relationship became a little strained. Date nights were a chore and even sex became something of a duty to be done rather than Maisie or I really savoring it.

This wasn’t really a problem for our friend Joe.

Joe Jonas was quite a few years older than we were, nearly ten. It never mattered to Maisie or I, he was our neighbor down the road and we became fast friends - I always had loved his music when I was growing up! It made us feel better, having an older friend who was always so interested in hanging out with us. He’d drop over and play games and watch movies with us. In time, he was one of the very few people we trusted with the knowledge that we weren’t just roommates, we were partners and that Mophie was real.

Truthfully, Joe was some small part of the problem Maisie and I were having in our relationship at that time. Besides what I’ve already said, we never really had any time for just the two of us. Whenever we did have free time, Joe would show up and ask if we wanted to hang out. Maisie and I are about as non-confrontational as you could get, so we just agreed to avoid the conflict.

It took me a long time to realize that Joe was always being very flirty with me. He’d make comments about stealing me away from Maisie. He’d even tease us about being secretly straight. I know guys like to give other guys shit, so I thought this was just his way to tease his two gay friends about being straight. Maisie was always a bit uncomfortable, but she knew how much I liked Joe and we didn’t fight about it.

Relationships with people you love can be hard, and mine with Maisie kept being a struggle. Joe was always around, and I’d find him and Maisie in the kitchen with him getting a little handsy. I noticed once him accidentally brushing his hand over her tight little ass. I thought it was her problem to work through and that if I brought it up, she’d just think I was accusing her of cheating. Joe’s jokes about Maisie and I being secretly straight started coming up every day, multiple times.

One of our date nights was the weekend everything changed. Joe knew it was coming, and he relentlessly teased us about it. That morning, I got a call from David Benioff, telling me that we had to do a load of reshoots that day while we could, and he expected me to head to the set. Maisie was so angry, even though I didn’t want to cancel our date night. We shouted a bit, and I promised that I’d be back as soon as I could.

It was a few days later after what happened that night that Maisie told me the details, but I didn’t know at the time. After I left Joe stopped by and offered to take my place on date night, which flew Maisie into one of her cute rages. She got so angry she left the house for a walk and had left her phone on the counter. On my side of the day, Dan and Dave had all the re-shoots ready and I was done in just a few hours, telling me they didn’t need me back until next week sometime - I was excited to turn our spoiled date-night into a whole date-weekend. I had tried to call Maisie a few times, but she wasn’t answering her phone because she didn’t have it on her, so I didn’t leave any messages and just wanted to surprise her.

I was a little taken aback when I got home to find that Joe was sitting in the den and Maisie wasn’t anywhere to be found. He was acting strange, but I had other things on my mind like getting Maisie's mouth on my cunt. His jokes about Maisie and I weren’t so funny today and actually were growing kind of mean. I tried to put it out of my mind and have a friendly chat with him, trying to hint to him that he had to leave so I could set things up for my late date night with Maisie. He offered to help get me ready, but I told him I didn’t need any help.He stood up and said he wasn’t going to take no for an answer, heading to my and Maisie's bedroom. I was thoroughly confused so I followed him, getting more forceful that he had to leave.

That’s when Joe Jonas called me a bitch and smacked me right in the face.

I’ve never, ever, been hit before. My vision flared white and I fell to the soft carpet of the bedroom. I’m tall - taller than Maisie by nearly a foot, and even taller than Joe by an inch or two - but Joe was so much stronger. He picked me up and threw me onto the massive bed Maisie and I share. I was still a little dizzy so I didn’t resist when he pulled some handcuffs from his back pocket and cuffed me securely to the headboard.

That was when my head started to clear, and I remember frantically thinking that this couldn’t be real, that this doesn’t happen to people like me. I kept squirming and tugging and trying to pull the cuffs off. He started to speak in the most gentle, calming voice that I’d ever heard that I had to stop struggling and stay still, or I might get cut. I was confused until he showed me the pocket knife he pulled from his other pocket. I’d never been honestly scared before in my life, but I was then as he started to cut off my shirt and my bra, then do the same to my leggings and my panties.

When he started to rub my pussy and clit with his hand and thumb, I whimpered and begged him not to do it, and how I wouldn’t tell anyone.

“Please, no. Don’t do this Joe! I won’t tell anyone if you just STOP now!”

He kept at his molesting and started kissing my perky tits.

“This is going to happen, Sophie. You won’t tell anyone about this.

I started to feel so weird. I’ve been turned on before, Maisie makes me cum with her little tongue and skilled fingers, but I’d never felt like this. I’ve never been touched by a man and was getting wet, but didn’t want to get wet. I was shaved clean because Maisie doesn’t like eating me out if I have hair down there and it was supposed to be our date night. He spent the next twenty minutes just fingering me until we both heard the door downstairs open.

When he left, it was a little bit until I knew what was happening. I heard him arguing with Maisie and then to my growing shame and horror, I saw him lead her into the room. Her pretty grey eyes widened in surprise and she bolted for the door, but he was too fast for her. 

Joe Jonas straight-up punched Maisie Williams in the face, her tiny body falling to the floor with a huge crash, groaning and moaning in pain. He left for a moment, which I took to urge my loving girlfriend to get up and run, but she was dizzy from the pain of the punch. He came back with a chair and sat it facing the bed. He took my tiny girlfriend and, after stripping her down nude, cuffed her to the chair with another pair of handcuffs from his back pocket.

It didn’t take long for him to get naked. When he pulled his pants off I gasped and Maisie started to cry at the sheer size of his cock. It wasn’t the biggest in the world as we’d both seen bigger in porn, but it still looked huge in the moment. He didn’t seem to care about the tears falling down Maisie’s youthful face and, gathering her cute brown hair in his hands, forced his dick into her tiny mouth and started to face fuck her. I felt my heart wrench as I watched the woman I love get her face raped right in front of me, while I couldn’t do anything but watch. I started to cry like I had never done in my life before.

He didn’t cum inside of Maisie’s mouth, which I thought was a minor miracle of stamina. I didn’t have time to savor that though, because he crawled onto the bed and my defenceless body. I started blubbering and begging him to stop, to think about what he’s doing - because I knew what was coming. I was about to really get raped, my first introduction to a man's cock, for the first time ever. 

“Sssh. Be quiet Sophie. I’m going to fix your lesbian problem.”

With that he pushed inside of my pussy and he felt huge. Later Maisie told me that at that moment all I was doing was whimpering quietly as he inched his cock into my male-virgin body and I tried to get used to it. He never gave me enough time, for he started to really rape me before I grew accustomed to the feeling of the thick cock inside of me. He moved slow at first, kissing my face and playing with my perky tits.

The more I said no, the more he said yes.

I must have been crying and was begging him to stop, but my voice and my mind was getting fainter. I must have blacked out a little, because the next thing I realized he was really fucking me so hard that I kept banging my head on the headboard. Every thrust caused a moan to come out of my mouth and a grunt to come out of his. I knew what was coming, and I tried to fight it. I begged him to stop or slow down as loud and much as I could, but he ignored it. I didn’t want to come getting raped, but I didn’t have a choice.

I came so fucking hard as I got raped in front of my girlfriend who I love. 

The fucking and orgasm made me so sore, but he never stopped. In a few minutes he grabbed at my tits, then threw his head back in orgasm as he came deep inside of me. I never stopped crying, but I did start to apologize to Maisie over and over again. 

Joe Jonas lounged like a victorious conqueror on my and Maisie's bed as he basked in being the first guy to fuck me. He gathered his breath as he recovered and nakedly walked to where Miaisie was, fishing the key to the handcuffs out from the pocket of his discarded pants. He unlocked my girlfriend and pulled her to the bed, cuffing her hands and slim arms behind her back. Joe grabbed her dark hair and she moaned in pain before he hissed in an audible whisper to her ear.

 “You don’t want Sophie to get pregnant, do you? Suck my cum out of her, Maisie.”

Maisie Williams started crying all over again as her face was forced between my creamy thighs. I felt both terrible and aroused as he used my girlfriend to rape me. It was so confusing to me because it felt so good and exciting, but it was also not what I expected or wanted. It didn’t take him long watching my girlfriend munch on my dripping cunt that he got hard again. 

"You didn't think I forgot about you after Sophie, did you, slut?"

He grabbed her arm and pushed her up on the bed better, so she was laying next to me. Her face was right next to mine and I kept murmuring apologies to her, but she never replied. Her eyes never left mine and when Joe Jonas started to fuck her, he was so much  rougher with her than me. He kept slapping Maisie and telling her to kiss me. She was sobbing in pain the whole time, but I found out from her later that she came nearly a half-dozen times that night.

It didn’t Joe long raping Maisie’s tiny body for him to cum a second time, this time filling Maisie’s dripping cunt like he did mine just before. What he did next threw us both for a loop. He laid between us and wrapped his arms around us almost lovingly, telling us how good of girls we had been and that he was glad we were working to fix our lesbian problem. 

Our rape didn’t stop then, and honestly I lost count of how many times he raped the both of us that weekend. He kept telling Maisie and I that he was proud of us. He had us shower several times a day, Maisie always going first. The very first time he took Maisie to the shower, I stayed cuffed up and could hear her crying and screaming. When he took me into the shower next, I found out why. He took both of our anal virginities there in our own shower, right after each other. It was as painful as it was scary. Joe left on Sunday once to get us food, and came back with Plan B, which we were both quite thankful for. The sex continued until Monday, when he had us shower individually again and helped us get dressed. 

It was strange how kind he was acting, but was stranger was how that weekend actually helped fix the problems between Maisie and I. We both, well, started to get turned on by rape and going through it together brought us so much closer. We make more time for each other now and, unbeknownst to the world, got married just before Game of Thrones ended. The newspapers haven’t found out yet, because if they had it would be the biggest gossip news for weeks. It was just our parents and Joe at our wedding.

Joe never did break Maisie and I of our ‘lesbian problem,’ he actually made us stronger. We’re still gay, and the sex with Joe isn’t really about attraction - it’s about power. Maisie and I have come to love that feeling of powerless from his visits - oh yes, he still comes over every weekend, usually to rape Maisie or myself. He’s still involved in our sex life years later.

Joe seems to like fucking Maisie’s ass more than mine, and fucking my pussy more than hers. We both went on birth control right after, so there’s no chance of him breeding either of us. To this day that first time still turns me so fucking much. It didn’t ruin sex between Maisie and I, we still cum just fine with ourselves - just without that extra kick when Joe rapes us.

I don’t think him raping us will ever really stop, unless we uproot our life and move far far away. Maisie and I have talked about it, and we’re both not willing to do that. That just leaves my wife, Maisie Williams, and myself, Sophie Turner, being Joe Jonas’ rapesluts forever. We both get wet when we say that out loud.

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