Lunch with Lulu the Loli Queen

BY : Lolismasher
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Disclaimer: This story is fiction it didn't really happen and I don't know Lulu Lambrose or if she even does any of these things. NO MONEY OR PROFIT Was made from this story


Well normally I don't know how to start a story like this but I start by saying I grew up watching and wanting to on a Disney show . One day I got my chance, well kinda , .. as an extra for some new pilot they were shooting called "little BIG". It probably won't be picked but knowing Disney as long as it has a character with a little sex appeal it probably would be. But not what matters , I go to where the audition for actors are being held. It's not like I'm going to get a big part ,in Hollywood terms , I'm a nobody. So as I sit and wait for my turn I watch as every guy comes out the room sadder and sadder. 

"DJ Rush" screams a lady who looks about late 20-mid30s looks around. "H-h-here I come" I said nervously slowly creeping towards the door. As we walked down the hall I noticed I was getting less tense "I can do this it's only one line" I said trying to convince myself that I got this. What you got to understand is I've only done bit parts in Off-Broadway plays and the coffee shop circuit (yes I know what you thinking and yes they really is one). 

As I enter this small room I noticed four people sitting behind a table with their clipboards and phones typing talking about the last guy who was just in here. "Umm I'm Dj reading for the part of Jimi the next door neighbor" I said trying to slow my breathing down. "Ok when you ready" one of the ladies said not even looking at me. "Ok" I said, "Hey Liz where's everyone I came to tell Lindsay that I'm throwing a pool party and I would love to see her in a biki... I meant I would love to invite her", I stopped waiting for someone to say something.

 As I waited I noticed that everyone kept looking at the glass in the back of the room. "Wait is that a two-way mirror?" I asked nervously wondering what I got myself into. "Well I guess we can tell since they seem to like you more than everyone else we interviewed " he trailed off rolling his eyes in exhaustion. 

"Who likes me more?" I said feeling the knot in my stomach kinda loosen up. "Why our star of the show", he said with a smirk on his face. As if on command the door in the back that I saw earlier opened up and out a skinny white girl who looked at least 15 or so walked out . "Hi My name is Lulu how are you doing?" She exclaim with one of the biggest smiles I've ever seen reaching out for a hug, " And you are me new co-star" she said hugging me tighter. I was tooken aback with how eager and bubbly she was. I could've sworn she was lightly grinding on me but I put that out of my mind for two reasons. 1. I recognized her from another show and on Instagram. And 2. I didn't want everyone to know I got a hard on for this girl who could b a sophomore or junior in high school and I'm old enough to have had babysit her. 

"Come on let's go to my dressing room and chat" she said pulling me with her ..well not pulling cuz I got a good 80-100 lbs. on her. Racing through this endless hallway we finally came to a halt in front of her dressing room she looked at the door like it was an automatic door. 

"Wow I am actually the star of a show" she squealed in excitement. "Well of course you are ," I said smiling at her over excitement "You're beautiful". "Do you really believe that, you don't think I'm too skinny and linky?" She said look down at her long anatomy "I don't have nice sized boobs or a round ass." She said sadly, " Just flat,flat,flatness." I started laughing when I noticed she was really sad. 

"Most guys like girls who r petite " I said with confidence ,"I know I do. "But I'm still young nobody finds me attractive" she trails off again "The only time I kissed a boy was on set and that was bad.... AND MY FIRST KISS." "Well I know any guy would love to be your first kiss" I started to actually look at her . "You're an American loli" I said smiling. "A what?" She said confused looking at me with her face still scrunched up. "A loli- a hot girl between 10-18 with a very petite body" I said. 

Little known fact about me is I love young girls but nothing under the age of 10. "So you think I'm hot" she exclaim with her signature wide smile. "Yes very hot actually" I said feeling the bulge in my pants spring to life. "So you would fuck me?" She said inquisitively. "Umm.. yes I ... would" I said waiting for the police or something to hop out and arrest me. "Hmm.. ok come in" she said finally letting me in her dressing room. It wasn't as big as I thought it would be but still a nice size. "Come sit down so we can talk" she said as she plop down on her couch. "Ok so what do you want to talk about?" I said finding a spot on the couch beside her.

 "Well you probably know that I have been working for Disney for a while now and I still haven't done one thing every Disney star has done " she said as she looks around for something. "What are you looking for?" I asked curiously. "Cameras" she exclaims as she continues to look around the room "ok we're good " . "We're good for what?" I asked quizzingly. "For this" she says as she pulls a baggie of green substance from her bag and some white papers. "Do you smoke?" She asked nonchalantly as if ok . "Well yes I do but I didn't know you did" I said trying to figure out if this was a trap. I realized it wasn't as she takes a big inhale and passes it to me. " Well I've been smoking since I was on Stuck in the Middle",She continues, " Me and Jenna would go in the back lot with the older kids and watch them smoke then one Kayla asked if I wanted to hit their weed and I've been smoking ever since". I laughed realizing that most of the stories you here about Disney kids might be true. As we finished the blunt Lulu gets up and turns on some music she starts dancing. As her dancing starts getting more risque you can tell she was feeling the effects of the weed. "I love this song" she proclaims as she starts to gyrating her hips to the music. I'm guessing the weed was affecting me too cause I could feel my boner come back. Maybe she noticed it too cause she got closer and started to give me a lap dance. As she started grinding on me my dick was on full salute my hands guided to her hips. "Hmm what's that?" She said mischievously as she rocks back and forth. "Ummm?"was all I could get out between weed fogging my mind and the amazing lap dance she is giving me. "You know what, I think it would be better if I took these off" she said as she gets up and takes off her pants off revealing her cotton panties two sizes too small I could see her pussy lips and little ass with the draws flossed between her asscheeks. "Much better" she said as she continues to grind on my pants covered cock. "Yes it is" I moaned. "Hmm wait let's take these off" she said taking my pants off revealing my hard 8"-9" dick covered only by my boxer briefs . She take my cock out and starts to stroke it " OMG ITS SO BIG AND HARD I CAN BARELY HOLD IT WITH ONE HANDS" she moaned. I finally realized she was fingering herself as she stroked my cock. "Mmmm I want to taste it I always wanted to see and suck a cock since Jenna told me about her fucking Issac in her dressing room" she said as she start to lick my shaft up and down til it was wet with her saliva then she started to lick the crown of my dick. "Omgosh keep going" I exclaim.. as if I could or would say anything else. "I'm glad you are enjoying this but it's something I want to try" Lulu said as she jerks to keep me hard like that was going to be a problem. Before I could say anything I could feel her mouth swallow more of my cock. "Mmphm"  is all she say. I grabbed the back of her head and started to facefuck her with no care if I was hurting (I wasn't). Before long I felt that familiar feeling start to build up , " Ummm Lulu I'm about to cum" . "Great cum in my mouth" she said before going back to finish the amazing blowjob she was provided me. Before I knew it I was shooting glob after glob of cum down her throat. Once she finished drowning my flaccid cock of cum she wiped the remaining sperm off her face and put in her mouth and swirled it around playing with it taking some out to rub it on her face like it was lotion or sunscreen. "Mmmm I love to rub it in my skin it's like a natural skin cream" she said laughing, "Haha skin CREAM". Before I knew it my dick was hard again . "Mmmm looks like someone is ready to play again" the 16-year-old said playfully. "Well he has found a great playmate" I said trying to sound sexy. "Well I know a couple of things we PLAY together" she said as she lays with her legs spread wide open for me to see her wet little pussy. "I think you worked up an appetite and I know the perfect treat" she said smiling as she continues to rubbing her pussy and clit fingering herself and moaning. I get down on my knees and takes over licking her clit fingering her hole til I feel her maidenhood. "Ooh you really are still a virgin" I said surprisedly. "Yeah I'm not like the girls in Disney not ample enough to notice hence why I'm always the friend of the main character" said Lulu frowning but still loving the attention I giving her and her body. "How about I be the one to do it?" I said praying she says yes. "Hmmm ... "she playfully thought already knowing the answer heck it was the she invited me to the dressing room in the first place "ok let's do it" she laughs at her choice of words. "Ok I'ma go slow" I said as I slowly insert my dick inside her hot wet throbbing pussy. "Mmmm shit it's so big omgosh" she moaned wrapping her legs around my waist ,"ok go slow". I started to go slow sucking on her itty bitty titty, " shit you are so fucking wet". I start picking up speed once I realized she has adjusted to the invading projectile that is my dick. "Mmmm baby I never thought sex felt so great keep going don't stop" she said between moans and grunts. "I've never known a 16-year-old who's pussy felt great" I said now pumping my cock deeper and harder and faster than I ever thought I could. I kept up matching her thrusts with mine sucking on her tits and pounding her pussy like I was going to get the electric chair in a couple hours or something. I can feel her pussy muscles clench and grip my dick as if to permeantly keep me inside her. "Don't stop DON'T YOU EVER STOP OH MY FUCKING GOD FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCK I'M CUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMIIIIINNNG" She screams so loud even if these rooms are soundproof someone had to hear that. "Shit baby I don't know how much longer I can hold off cumming " I said still thrusting in and out of her. "Wait there is one more thing I want to do before you cum" she said breathing heavily turning to get on her hands and knees. She sticks her little ass up in the air and starts to play her little butthole . "Come here and let's see if we can get that big black cock into my tight little asshole,mm" she said sticking two fingers in her mouth and taking the saliva covered digits in sticking right in her anus. After she lubed her asshole up she sucked me off for a little while then I got behind her and gently eased my dick inside her anus . Man I thought her pussy was tight that had nothing on how tight her ass was. "Go slow so I can b ready for the next time we  do this ,ok Daddy?", She said sweetly but sexily. "Ok...wait next time?"I asked her shocked. "Hell yeah if you keep doing it like this I'ma make them make you a series regular", She said with a smile ,"it's my show I can keep around who ever I want plus I blew the director and producer before you got there and I got the footage so I probably own them" she said with a smirk. "And  unlike you I didn't want to fuck them so yeah you are my new leading man". "Wow thanks"I smiled excited for this opportunity I got now a starring role and a freaky unassuming chick I could fuck at work and anywhere else I want. "Well now that settled finish fucking my ass or should I say your ass now cause nobody else is fucking my ass except for you." She said moaning and spreading her cheek trying to get more of me inside her. "Well I am honored that you have chosen me and I will only give you my cum from now on" I said still pumping . After few more minutes I felt my balls to tingle and I know what was about to happen. I guess she did cause she said "go head cum inside your new loli fuckdoll". And with that I released everything that I had inside me with one last push and grunt. "That's exactly why your my new co-star/personal fucker"she said exhausted cuddling up next to me. "Well to great season" I said jokingly. "To a great season and to my new favorite toy" she says jokingly as she plays with my dick "Oh I got a friend I want you to meet but I need to tell you something". "Well you can't fuck her... unless I am around" she said with a smirk. "Ok as long as we keep fucking"I smiled at her. " With or without her we was going to keep doing that" she said blushing. "Ok" I asked curiously, "Who is the girl?". "Oh you may know her" she smirked as she said " she was another Disney star". I excitedly exclaim "who Peyton Elizabeth Lee?".
"No" she said as she smiled at my eagerness and obvious boner I had, "my friend Jenna". "Ok"
I said still smiling then it finally came to me who she meant ,"WAIT YOU MEAN JENNA ORTEGA?" I shouted. "Yup that exact one "she said getting closer to me. "I think I'm going to like working here" I said. "Wait till I show where you live. It's up the road from my house so we can easily run scenes amongst OTHER THINGS" she said smiling as we walked out of the studio to get in the limo to go home. "Good thing you live up the street from me now or you can come to my house and take a shower or can we can go to your new house and Christen the house all over"she said taking off her panties and putting them in my pocket. "DRIVER TO THE HOUSE AND STEP ON " I said trying to urge him to drive but getting us safely. Cause once we do I going to enjoy my little Lulu lemon.
The End


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