Golden-Eyed Desire:

BY : VladimirHarkonnen
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In retrospect for Liv and Natalie, the evening and night with the monster with the two shadows was something that would prove entirely memorable, for all the worst and all the best reasons. Both of them were in situations, and in places that they had never hitherto imagined either of themselves being. Liv was now a mother of three, who expected that her time in London would prove more enduring than it had proven, for today, she was in Los Angeles, in a house with someone she'd met, a couple of times. There had been a strange dream, one of a being with a voice that was ephemoral yet when heard it coursed through her veins with a molten heat and passion and a compulsion and an impulse in her head.

Los Angeles, the house that Natalie Portman usually shared with Benjamin Milliepied, the idea of a nude and flushed Natalie prostrate before her, hands on her hips. lips at work between her legs. Liv had....experimented, a few times. In the past. Tentative kisses with Miranda, Kate, and Cate. Something a bit more than that with Alicia Silverstone, then she had come as close to fucking another woman as she'd ever imagined herself, but it had stopped with a bit of light fingering and with Alicia grinding herself on Liv's bare thigh, and their eyes meeting. She had not had the desires since nor the thought. And yet that dream, a pale dark-haired entity with two shadows and a smoky voice later and she'd gotten on a plane and flown to LA, her fiance and Benjamin likewise involved in spending time with each other.

She had arrived there to find an excited-looking Natalie meeting her with a hug that had surprised her, pulling her closer to a point that their lips had met in a close-lipped kiss that nonetheless they both knew given the murmurs and flashes of paparazzi cameras would around the world soon enough. Liv had worn an older-style outfit, a midriff baring sleeveless top, shorts and tights, and sandals. Natalie had worn the sheer dress she'd worn to an event earlier, her black lingerie visible, and the urges that coursed through her mirrored in her flushed and almost feverish state, one mirrored by Liv.


For her own part, Natalie too had had a vision (she did not think that it was a dream, where she had dreamed of such an entity he had been tall and supremely thin with eyes like the night sky, and clad all in white) that in its own ways was similar. A being pale as bone with eyes of gold, hair dark as night, and a smouldering voice that wormed its way into her very being. Wormed with visions of herself surrendering to another woman she'd met a few times professionally, considered beautiful, and with whom there was some interaction on social media but not that much.

Liv Tyler was, she'd considered before then, undeniably a woman who'd aged well, and who'd kept a sense of surpassing normality about her. She had too. Was that part of what had drawn the visions (the half-remembered and half-heard words had not said this nor close to it). She did not remember when the visions started, exactly, but did after the first one begin to gain an obsession, scrawling for hours through and with various bits of media, deciphering all that she could about Liv's body, wanting to please her, to touch her, to taste her.

At times she almost thought the thing from her visions stood beside her and spoke those words in that smoky voice that were more than words and yet were words, golden suns, as her body flushed and she felt a molten heat that was more than merely the product of a human body. Then she would find herself after a passage of hours clad in lingerie that had slid down her body, flushed, shaking with the aftermath of multiple orgasms, her fist worked firmly into her pussy and the imagery, a mixture of still images and GIFs of Liv Tyler on her screen.

She felt good when she did this, like the continual maelstrom that had burned in her stilled, for a moment. Her children were in Israel with her parents, she had sent them after the first vision when Two-Shadows had been there, clad in red and smoking a cigarette, clearly topless though the rest of the flesh wasn't showing and she had seen that vision, tasted it. Tasted Liv.

Before this Natalie had considered herself straight, not in a way that was insecure nor needed to prove it. She liked men, that was all there was to it. She could appreciate a woman aesthetically but she had never felt the slightest desire to do more than what she might do for a role, if that much. And now this. Now this continual burning throbbing sensation and what was at best hallucinations and at worst potentially much more.  An ache that burned and left her continually wet and hot and flushed, something cold showers could not cure, and only deepening the obsession and relaxing herself with what had gone from fingering to fisting could subdue, temporarily.

And then she'd worked up the courage to call Liv, her new obsession, her heart hammering in her chest, and yet she'd spoken clearly and dispassionately, a triumph of her acting career.

"Would you like to come visit me in my home?"

A simple enough question on the surface. Nothing overtly there, and then Liv's soft voice that made her bite a knuckle to muffle an orgasm merely at its sound responding with a huskiness and a slight lilting unease:

"Sure, Natalie. Give me a couple of days and I will be there at LAX."

Natalie had not been sure what made her respond this way, maybe it was the impression of a topless barefoot entity in a red suit, foot against her wall and golden eyes that burned like suns boring into her, feeling the suns' heat coursing in her veins.

"I'll pick you up and drive you over. Don't pack too much."

Laughter from Liv, light and soft and with a slight warbling note of unease.

"All right, Natalie. See you then."

Then she came again when she heard a slight kissing sound on the phone and impulsively made one in turn.

That night she had masturbated herself furiously with her favorite vibrator watching Sleeping Beauty, pausing it on specific scenes or showing them in slower motion, before sinking into a sweat-ridden sleep in a room that smelled of sex.

She had done that again before picking up Liv, only taking a very quick shower and going to LAX with hair wet, and then came again in the airport when she kissed he obsession with both of their lips closed.

The dive was not quiet, both of them sharing conversations and topic, Liv on her most recent show, Natalie on her enthusiasm for playing Thor. Their husbands had met in turn and they didn't really care what Ben and Dave did. That was irrelevant, only they mattered. Natalie kept her eyes on the road and whenever things were slower, could not resist looking at Liv, at the tightness of her body and the ways her legs and hips moved. So close, her knuckles white on the steering wheel, her body shivering with the ill-suppressed impulse to let Liv shove her against a door and rip her clothes to shreds, to become helpless in the hands of a woman over half a foot taller than she was, though she weighed only a little more than she did.

Her legs were drenched, and it was a task to drive, a slow and torturous experience, without making major mistakes but it was one that she succeeded in handsomely, before they arrived. She fidgeted more than slightly, as Liv smiled at her gorgeously.

With that same careful diction and full reliance on her acting ability, Natalie said confidently:

"Here we are!"

Liv nodded, gently, and then they strode in, hand in hand, before Natalie's hand slid out to cup Liv's ass, kneading it with more than a bit of aggression as Liv turned to her, her gaze holding the smaller woman like a bird before the serpent.

Natalie kicked off the loafers she'd worn to the airport with a casualness that belied just how much she wanted this, something that was mirrored in Liv's gaze as her eyes turned to hers. Natalie grinned, using her most lovely smile to tempt Liv, whose own fuller lips curved into a smile of their own.

Liv leaned down, her hands sliding to Natalie's ass through her dress, kneading her, as their eyes met and Natalie could feel the heat of Liv's breath on her skin and a sweet smell to it. 

"So," she purred. "I take it from your hands that you have had a few dreams, too?"

Natalie nodded, excitedly, and the look in Liv's eyes became a wicked one that flashed as she indeed did lunge at Natalie, knocking the other woman backwards against her couch, and soon her hands slipped her out of her dress, eyes turned to Natalie's toplessness, to the ways her lingerie was so soaked that she could see the lips of her labia, hearing Natalie's breathing heavier.

"Perfection," she hissed with an excitement her own, kneeling beside Natalie.

"Strip me, little Nat," and then Natalie complied, leaning forward to move off Liv's top, her eyes entranced at the sight of Liv's own body, drooling unironically, as well as tossing aside Liv's sandals. Unbuttoning Liv's shorts came still more easily, leaving only a pair of sheer lingerie covering Liv's own pussy, and tights that went from her hips to her feet.

As Natalie moved her hands to the hem of the lingerie, Liv stopped her with a finger on her lips, and Natalie whined around the finger, a sound that was more petulant than she wanted, her face flushed with embarrassment.

"You've been a naughty little girl, Natalie," Liv purred. "I saw you checking me out at the airport, and then kissing me in public? Our agents are going to shit blood and you're the reason why. You and your horny little cunt," the words harsher than what Liv would have ordinarily said and a bit of a strangeness in her voice.

Natalie grinned, her body flushed and her hips starting to move to release some of the aches she felt.

"What happens to naughty little girls?"

Natalie whispered "We get punished, mistress."

"That's right," purred Liv. "You do."

Liv slipped herself out of her own clothes, leaving herself fully exposed. Natalie drooled more, she couldn't not help it, wiggling more than slightly as Liv Tyler's body moved and her eyes tracked that motion, as did her head, weaving in tune, Liv sitting on the couch.

"Get on my lap, Nat." The softness tilted to a harder and colder tone and as Natalie tried to lower her panties Liv's hand lashed out and slapped her ass hard enough that she yelped.

"I didn't say strip all the way, I said on my lap." That same tone of coldness and harshness, none of her girlish tones, Natalie freezing, then complying again, lowering herself contentedly, savoring the skin on skin. It got moreso when Liv's right hand rubbed and kneaded her ass, while her left moved to Natalie's right tit, massaging the flesh as Natalie purred, a low and throaty rumble of happiness that Liv felt, partially. Some five minutes lapsed like this, Liv intimately mastering the ways to caress Natalie's tits, working her nipples to stiff points, Natalie's contentment evident in her relaxing, in how calm she felt in the lap of another woman wearing nothing but lingerie.

Then Liv's hand started to move, and Natalie found herself yelping. Liv didn't ask her to count, didn't move in any predictable fashion. There were points of up to fifteen straight solid spanks that were hard, hard enough that Natalie's ass burned with the sensation and that she wanted to fidget but knew quite well that Liv would not treat such things well, and did not dare to tempt Liv to do more. Overall, an hour passed like this, Natalie's obsession becoming a truer thing, her body spanked until her ass felt a sharp and delicious set of pain, and then it stopped, Liv quietly peeling Natalie's lingerie off, pulling Natalie to sit on her lap, enjoying that the impulse to fidget was there as Natalie could barely sit down but made herself resist it.

Their eyes met again.

"Good girl."

Then they heard a clapping sound, and a chuckle in a voice that was smoky and ethereal, not a true human voice and a sound that filled their veins with something that they had not imagined, a sound they could not imagine life being livable without it echoing in their ears for eternity. Behind them stood the being of two shadows, golden eyes meeting theirs.

Perfection, the voice echoed. My two little pets shaped and reshaped, until the very things within your hearts and your minds reach this point. Bringing your loves to a point of despair, yielding to what is more nearly nymphomania than anything rational. Now here you are, lost in each other. And in my power.

The entity waved xir hand, and then they were floating in midair, Liv on her back, Natalie in the position she'd seen in her dreams. Her hands on Liv's hip, curling around to the flesh of her ass, her face deep between her legs. her own body prostrate. The entity that stood in front of them was still clad in the red suit, barefoot, xir golden eyes looking at them with a mixture of amusement that now unveiled in full something of a sadistic streak. Xir hand moved with a sudden surpassing strength to push Natalie's mouth between Liv's legs, Natalie's tongue soon moving with enthusiasm and her mouth likewise. Liv tasted exactly as she had in the visions, a kind of surprising sweetness with just a bit of salt, and her lower lips, to Natalie's slight spike of resentment, were more evenly together than hers were. Natalie's left labial lip tilted forward , her right one tilted backward but neither were quite as curved as Liv's.

The entity laughed, a cold and mirthless sound. Energy seemed to flow outward and intertwine like vines around their bodies, wrapping around them with an appearance akin to vines but a pattern more like a spiderweb. The energy was potent and it felt simultaneously like something of silk and iron, something that left them fettered and at the mercy of the strange entity that appeared around them. Liv noticed more of this and tried to scream or at least to protest. The vines slid around her face and muzzled her, not just in her mouth and locking it shut, but seeming to slide down her throat where they pulsed and began to fill her body with that still more intense element of the very entity that quite literally had them spellbound and together.

Natalie had never eaten out another woman but her skills were phenomenal, for the entity that watched them and had them now in xir power intended that it be so. Liv writhed and then made muffled sounds as her body stiffened and then spasmed in a multi-orgasmic bliss that left her seeing white and her body coursing with a heat that she had never imagined. Natalie for her own part drank each and every drop that she could, though plenty of it smeared along her face, giving it a shining glistening hue that meshed with the flush to give her a kind of look Liv 'saw' and which made her more eager, not less.

The entity watching them laughed again and then the vines fell and Natalie had Liv on top of her, straddling her, lapping up her own cum from her face, the weight and pressure of Liv's body atop her own, but lightly so.

Too lightly, given a position (and she marveled that her body had sensation in it at all when the vines had been there tight enough that her limbs should have lost all circulation to her extremities) that placed far too much weight on her belly. Liv groaned, her body as reddish with its own flush as Natalie's, before lowering herself on top of Natalie's mouth again, and leaning her own body down between Natalie's legs.

The entity that stood next to them watched with that cold sneer more intense, arms crossed around xir chest. Their bodies writhed and moved, a smell of sex in the air as the entity moved xir arms, inhaling it like a fine wine, cold sneer turning into a grin worthy of the Joker.

With that the entity's clothes vanished and then with a slight flick of xir wrist, xie moved the two women to have them side by side, holding hands, faces slick with each other's cum.

I am an inconstant thing, the being mused. My moods fickle, my focuses likewise. I do enjoy playing with mortals for sport, though.

Xir eyes blazed with an eldritch light, the two women realizing at last something of the manner of being that had entrapped them.

You are actresses, people skilled at putting on a face, to entertain. To lie and to make the lies convincing. to be images packaged and sold like so much merchandise without technically, I suppose, qualifying as whores.

The entity that leaned down, now, was soon seemingly two entities, both of which were perfect women, an idealized abstraction that spoke to the ideals of Liv and Natalie alike,

Liv flushed at a wholly different level to see a woman who was uncannily familiar, if paler-hued and her hair dark rather than the rich brown it had been.

Her mother had always been her truest ideal of a woman, the woman who had raised her, been there for her,  and shaped her when her father was too deeply lost to the morass of drugs he consumed. Her ideal of beauty likewise mirrored her mother's, unconsciously and subconsciously. Now she saw an entity that stood above her in that form, with that face, and felt a sudden horrid blend of shame and utter fear.

For her own part, Natalie found herself looking at an image of a woman whose beauty was simply that of herself, for her self-confidence and her knowledge of her own brilliance meant that she was her own ideal. The woman was thin, with her ribs visible at points, hair long and flowing past her shoulders and her eyes a brilliant golden hue, but other than that, a perfect duplicate of herself.

Liv's ideal woman knelt down on top of her, taking the same position over her that she had over Natalie, lowering her body to Liv's mouth, Liv soon horrified and repelled at the one hand but addicted to the terrible and decadent thought of eating out a being that was and wasn't her mother on the other hand. It was something undeniably lovely and yet repugnant all at once, something that filtered into her very being in a manner that she could not resist and yet desired to do so. Simultaneously her most twisted and secret wet dream, moreso than the shadowy ones with Mia, and a terrifying nightmare that with its tangibility, with the addictive taste that fit every possible means of what she could have wished in a manner that nothing truly human or real could have and yet all too much so.

Her world narrowed to those sensations, to a continual flood that was not produced by a human body and a melange of tastes and sensation that left her pursuing them but never quite satisfied and always, always thirsting for more.

For her own part Natalie found herself held by an invisible force by her perfect duplicate and now fisted by a hand that mirrored her own, which had used her twat with more kindness than this, her legs flexed and flexed upward, the right hand of the entity holding them up. Her perfect self's gaze was a mirror of her own as she preferred to see herself, wise and with a crude element of possessiveness, their lips meeting from time to time in kisses that outdid anything Natalie had ever had with anyone else. There was nothing Natalie found more ideal and more wondrous than her own being and her own nature, and to be taken like this, with this wondrously aggressive element, her body and her mind narrowly ensnared by her own beauty was her wildest dream come true.

Her cunt her own plaything, the fist at work bringing her to a nearly endless string of orgasms (that likewise did not make her near as sore and start to turn pain into pleasure as a more true to biology one would have done, yet she did not quite see anything different or wrong with it). She saw glimpses of Liv Tyler in a 69ing contest with a being who was in every way a perfect mirror of Bebe Buell and flushed at a different level. So different were she and Liv, her ideal was giving her what she wished, her body suspended under a writ of iron, her will irrelevant, everything under the control of another that was her own mirror. Her body shuddered and she moaned into the kisses, feeling the impossible wonder of another fist working its way into her ass, and the way the hands met in her body, brushing against each other, almost seeming to sign in communication.

She sighed, her tongue slipping out of her face in a lewd fashion, her vocalizations a near continual thrumming moan that she never had to breathe to interrupt, another of the small things she would wonder on in retrospect.

They could not tell how much time would lapse in this. It might have been a quarter hour or a half day, bodies lost to raptures unimagined and unimaginable. The sensations were not ones they could readily describe, for it was more like staring into the very concept of....of desire itself.

When that though crossed both their minds their lovers withdrew, the images of the ideal and abstract Bebe Buell and Natalie Portman standing side by side, different only from the full version in hair somewhat darker and eyes of gold.

Very good, little pets, the beings that stood before them purred. Where there two there were now four, both of which replaced each of the other abstractions. Liv beheld her ideal man, a being with a face that was either a blur or a simple void, a persona and a being and a heart of compassion and softness, but the body of a classical Adonis, albeit with a somewhat larger penis than any Greek statue would have had. These beings strode to her and she grinned with a stupid grin at the thought of having not one but two of her ideals taking her exactly as she wished she would be taken, with loving attention from hands and a face that was not truly there and yet with tongues and lips that caressed parts of her body, dicks slipping into her body as her toes curled and her fists tightened with white knuckles, her sounds much more enthusiastic than anything Natalie had seen or imagined for that matter, from her.

For Natalie she saw two hulking men hung like horses, with faces of a heroic jawline, clean-shaven. It was like certain types of drawing from Frazetta or certain sci-fi franchises come to life, stalking toward her with a cold and reptilian grin on their faces.

"C'mere, you filthy cunt!' The one on the right snarled and then she sought to try to crawl away only to be tackled by them, their bodies slipping into hers, made to deepthroat one while taking the other in her cunt exactly the way she'd truly wanted it with a man. A huge hulking brute hung like a horse and as stupid as one, treating her not like the beautiful brainiac her man loved to see her as, but as a piece of meat caught up in blurring sensations that left her hovering between waking and dreaming, knowing her body was conquered, utterly and totally and remorselessly.

These beings fucked more like machines than men, a set of mixed metaphors and symbols that nonetheless left Natalie feeling a kind of electric pleasure that left memories hazy and the passage of time still less certain. Where Liv's pleasures were taken slowly and lovingly with a mutual element utterly lacking in Natalie's case, in Natalie's world things were frenetic, her body jerking along with the motion and her sounds having a blend of stuttering and jackhammering effects. 

Things ended, eventually, with Liv and Natalie sprawled on each other, bodies quivering, fluids intermingled, breathing deep and content in Liv's case and almost hyperventilating with Natalie's, as her tongue and lips latched on Liv's nipple. Liv grinned in turn, her vision hazy, Natalie a light brown haired being coated in cum where she had less of it, though it made quite the mess between her legs.

Her vision turned to the entity that had become seemingly singular again, and then xir gaze with the golden eyes became a point of fixation and they felt a yawning sense of dislocation, as the being that moved toward them was no longer a man or a woman or recognizably human, a being of sharp angles and eye-aching perfection, of hedonism and of abstinence. When the entity moved they felt things coursing through them that rippled through their bodies from sub-atomc particles to giving them glimpses of higher spheres, of six other beings like Desire, one of whom was deeply familiar to Liv, ending in a look of sharp annoyance and scorn from one with hair dark as night and eyes of endless flowing darkness. That look met the entity that held them in that set of sensations simultaneously a fucking and a granting of wishes and a continual thirst for them that left their bodies and minds caught in a force of such surpassing power that mortal minds could and did shatter in trying to see but a portion of it.

The moment ended, and the entity seemed to vanish with that low and sultry laughter echoing, two women sprawled together, coated in cum, bodies thriving with a kind of flourish neither could have imagined.

Then they heard the news broadcast mentioning 'actors Ben Millipied and David Gardner killed in a car crash' and they felt a sudden deep guilt and shame and an utter fear as that laughter echoed one last time and with it a voice:

Now my perfect puppets, you shall remain together with a new family of your own, ever in my grasp and in it each time this day lapses on the calendar. For all time. Even the usual passage to my sister's realm will not protect you from me.

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