The Flair House

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Disclaimer: Story is completely fictional and everyone in this story is 18+.

Alex Sanders. Kiara Perez. Ela Collins. Railyn Bennett. Those names were always on my mind as I scoured the plains for fresh talent. Masturbating to them daily was one thing, but seeing them in person is a whole other feeling. Especially since I flew them in from their hometowns... especially since I funded this entire venture. 'The Flair House' I'd call it. And with what large amounts of disposable money I had, the location had to be just right. Big enough to drop their guards... and far enough to not be caught. And to think their parents could trust their precious and ripe daughters with me...


Who am I, you might ask? I'd describe myself fairly well as a professional con-man who is simply too good at his job to care about anything else.  I've been married twice now, and divorced twice as well. It's clear those bitches only loved me for my money. But to be fair to my ex wives, my lust for sex only became younger- while they, in turn, became older. To fulfill this urge... this desire... I would need to go farther than I'd ever gone before. And if I were to get caught in the end... well- I hope I made it last long enough for success. I won't reveal my name, but for your own arousal think of the most ugliest name out there. Because it certainly wasn't my looks that got me to where I am now. Call me something like.... Nelson.


Back to the Flair House, I should probably describe every member that I invited.


First things first: Alex Sanders. The oldest (19 y/o), and the most 'famous', of the four girls. Hailing from Michigan, she stands at 5"5 with baby blue eyes and dark blonde, straight and long, hair. Her facial features are very well polished akin to a sculpture of some sort. Her chiseled chin, along with her super healthy and smooth skin, compliment her face very well as well. Her big smile can be described as a cheeky one and that only leads me to believe that shes abit freaky in bed. We'll test that, willingly or not. Personality wise, she's the loudest of the four girls and I wonder if that'll hold up once I'm done with her. She grew in popularity for her lipsyncs and dances (reaching about 7 million followers) with many of her viral videos being ones that flaunt her... 'sexual prowess'. Examples are videos of her in compromising positions with her ass sticking out, flaunting her (long) tongue, and generally appealing to her mainly male audience.


Railyn Bennett has only been 18 for a month now, but her appearance makes her look otherwise. Her small face and big eyes make her look innocent, and her undeveloped body helps create the look of someone who looks way younger than they actually are. She is 5"4 with brown eyes, and brown long and straight, silky hair. Hell, even her smile looks pure. But be warned, as her looks are very deceiving. I've heard reports from another talent house she was supposed to join that she apparently acts as abit of a bitch to her peers, and her seniors. Apparently on the first day of the talent house she was supposed to join, there was alcohol and drugs, and her being underaged, she called the cops on them. She grew to fame on Tik Tok, racking about 2 million followers, for her lip syncs and dances but none of them have been purposely sexually provocative like Alex. Honestly, I've masturbated to her the least of the four girls and shes also the least attractive of all of them (not to put her own attractiveness down whatsoever). This just means I have to be extra careful in my advances.


Ela Collins appears to be the next door neighbor kind of girl based on her looks and the way she acts. When I first contacted her, her parents did most of the talking, and Ela failed to directly engage with me in conversation which leads me to believe that she is shy to most. She's the same height as Railyn, with the same coloured eyes but with ashe blonde, shoulder length hair. Nothing too special about her facial features, but her face is what started me on this quest. I can't count the number of times that face has specifically made me cum. She got 1 million followers on Tik Tok for lip syncs and dances as well, and only some of them were sexually provocative but I don't think she knows that she's being sexy... if that makes any sense. Maybe its the persona she plays (as the dumb but sexy blonde) but it's something I'll look into in the future. It's worth to note that many of her videos feature her crying on camera and shes unique in this regard (compared to the rest anyways).


Lastly, we have Kiara Perez. Just like Ela, they're both halfway into their first year of being an adult with roughly the same number of followers on Tik Tok. I signed Kiara on board with the Flair House for one, and only one, reason. Her body. She might not have the naturally polished facial features like Alex, but theres something about her body  that makes it so appetizing to me. She flaunts her thin waistline and stomach alot for someone who I know is still a virgin. Her skin is tanned (her parents tell me she was the leading athlete in her high school) and her face is like a mixture of innocence and adulthood. Kinda like if you combine Railyn and Ela's faces and met halfway. She's a dirty blonde with long and wavy hair. At 5"5, she is the same height as Alex, with brown eyes akin to both Railyn and Ela. Many of her videos are closeups of her face and man... the urge I had to resist to lick her face right in front of her parents was something I found far more difficult than it should have.


Just think. All four girls have sizeable male audiences, with some more than others, no doubt because of their sex appeal and attraction. The amount of gratification I'll get knowing that I'll be fucking the dreams of millions in the world is fappable on it's own. Think poor little Timmy, fresh off his first year in high school. Opens up Tik Tok and sees Alex Sanders... right on his front page. Whips out his shrimp of a dick and starts beating his first ever. Guess what bitch? She's mine now. And so is Kiara, and Railyn, and Ela. All mine.


I can't wait to get started here. These girls have no idea what's coming.


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