Sex Demon

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Sex Demon

Selena Gomez moaned loudly as her boyfriend Neil pumped inside of her in bed. She had started to date him about two weeks ago, she barely knew Neil, but after their date last night, Selena knew that what they shared would be more than just a fling. Two hours later, they were on his bed making out and it didn’t take long for Selena to strip in front of her new lover and start to make sweet love to him.

Her hands were wrapped around his neck as he thrusted deep inside of her; he kissed her neck with his skilled lips. Selena closed her eyes; everything about this night with Neil was perfect. The romantic tone of the dinner, the flowers he got her before, the kisses he planted on her lips and now the cock that was fucking her brains out. Selena couldn’t ask for a better ending to a perfect date.

“I’m close” she heard Neil whisper into her ear. She then heard him moan and felt his release fill her womb. Selena knew it was foolish to sleep with a man like Neil, she was a celebrity and he was a regular guy, it was also foolish that she didn’t use a condom, but she was on the pill so everything should be fine.

The next morning

Selena woke up naked and alone in Neil’s bed. Her eyes darted around the room, scared that he might have run out on her in the middle of the night, it happened in the past that some guys that she went out with would sleep with her and leave her apartment since they got what they wanted from her. But then she remembered that she was at his house, so he won’t have left her alone in here, or would he?

Selena slipped out of the bed, finding her bra and panties on the floor right where she dropped them the night before when she and Neil started to go at it. She pulled her panties on and her bra as well. She started to look through the house for Neil.

She looked through the entire house and didn’t find him; there was only one door left, the door that led to his basement. Selena wasn’t sure if she should open it. Last night Neil told her “Whatever you do, this door is off limits”

He sounded very serious about it too. Selena knocked on the door, but Neil didn’t answer. She knocked again and said “Neil are you down there?” but still there was no answer.

Selena turned the doorknob and to her surprise it wasn’t even locked, she took a deep breath and opened the door and went downstairs.

The room was dark; she placed her hand on the wall and moved it around aimlessly to find a light switch, when her fingers found one, she flipped it on. Even with the light on Neil’s basement was creepy as hell. It mostly made Selena think of hell. The light was so dim it made it hard to see, the wall was painted in a very deep and dark red which hurt her eyes just looking at it. The bookshelves had books with weird writing on the side that was in a language that Selena couldn’t read or was it a language to begin with. Warning bells that Neil had a dark secret started to ring in her ears, her gut was telling Selena to go up those stairs, find her clothes and get the heck out of this creepy basement and house and never talk to Neil again.

Her heart however wanted to find Neil and let him explain what was going on in this creepy room. After all he was so sweet the night before and the sex he gave her was better than any other guy that she slept with in the past.

Selena was just about to return up the stairs when she noticed a black door among the red paint. Her eyes hurt so much from the dim light and color of the wall that she missed it before. Going against her gut, she slowly walked over to the door and opened it.

Neil was in the room or at least Selena thought it was Neil. Somebody was in the room and he was dressed all in black from head to toe. He had a black hood over his face, Selena could see a book with weird writing on it, and it was the same language that was on the other books in the basement. The man dressed in black was saying something in a language that Selena didn’t understand, but she heard one word. The word was demon.

Fear started to build in Selena’s body. She didn’t know if the man dressed in black was Neil and to be honest she didn’t want to know, she started to walk backwards, her eyes locked on the hooded figure that was still talking to himself and looking at the book in front of him. Selena was so focused on the figure that she wasn’t looking where she was going, she tripped over an old box that was filled with junk and fell to the floor.

The noise she made from her fall woke the figure up. He looked in her direction, she couldn’t see his face, but he made his way over to her, her fear was so great that Selena couldn’t even move. She had a feeling that she was going to die here and that this guy, be it Neil or some random dude that lived in his basement was going to cut her throat open and leave her on the floor to die.

The figure pulled the hood off over his head. Selena’s eyes grew wide as she saw that Neil was indeed the man dressed in black. Selena knew she should start to relax, but the way that Neil was looking at her, told her she wasn’t safe yet.

Neil just looked at her with a look that could kill with his dark eyes and hair of the same color “What are you doing here?” he asked her, the sweetness in his voice was gone.

Selena was so scared of the man that she made love to last night that she couldn’t speak. She swallowed a few times and found her voice “I was looking for you”

“What did I tell you about this room?” he asked her

“That I shouldn’t be here” Selena answered him

“That’s right, now go upstairs, slip off those panties and ditch that bra and I’ll be up in a few minutes to give you the cock you love so much” said Neil

“No” said Selena, she had no idea why she was saying this, since Neil was giving her a chance to escape with her life “Not until you tell me what you’re doing down here”

Neil smiled “I think what I am doing is too grand for your small mind to understand”

“Try me” said Selena, she wanted to know what twisted thing the man she thought was her perfect match was doing.

Neil walked over to Selena and grabbed a handful of her black hair and pulled her up to her feet. He quickly licked her cheek with his tongue “Last night with you Selena Gomez, I lost my virginity…” he started

“Like you didn’t have to tell me that part” said Selena

“Shut up you fucking bitch” screamed Neil “I just did a spell that will bring my lord known as the Sex Demon back to life after 50 000 years trapped in the underworld”

“What the heck are you talking about?” Selena asked, it was clear that Neil had a few screws loose in his brain

“Just look” said Neil as he pointed into the room he was in before. Selena was surprised as she saw a black figure being formed inside of the room. “I was going to greet my lord, but you had to interrupt me”

“I’m sorry” said Selena “I’ll…I’ll go upstairs and wait for you in bed…naked of course”

Neil smiled at her, it was a creepy smile “It’s too late for that, you’re going to be a gift to my lord”

“Don’t you love me?” Selena asked him

Neil almost laughed “Of course not” he told her “I just needed to fuck you for the ceremony to bring my lord to life”

Selena could feel her heart break.

Suddenly they heard a roar, Neil turned to look into the other room. Selena could see it too; the Sex Demon was back alive. He was taller than Selena by about two feet, his body was filled with muscle, his skin was black like her hair, he had white horns on his head and there was a ring in the middle of his nose, he didn’t look human, he looked more like a monster.

Next to this Sex Demon, Neil looked like nothing.

Something that Selena noticed about this Sex Demon was that he had a long cock in between his legs.

With force Neil pushed Selena to the floor and placed his foot above her head to keep her pinned to the floor “My lord it is a pleasure to finally meet you in person”

“Who are you?” asked the Sex Demon

“I am Neil, a faithful servant of you my lord” he said to the monster in forth of him.

The demon looked down at Selena “And who is that?” he asked

“This is a whore for you to use as you please my lord” Neil said to him

“You have served me well” said the Sex Demon as he walked closer to Neil and Selena “In less than a week this whole world will belong to me. All the women will be my sex slaves and the men will work and sweat all day in the fields”

“I can’t wait to see it” Neil said. Selena couldn’t believe that he fooled her so easily.

“You won’t” the Sex Demon said, his hand moved forward going inside of Neil’s body.

“My lord…why?” he asked

“I am weak from being reborn. I need to eat a human heart to regain my strength” the demon said

“You could have used the whore” said Neil

“No way” said the demon “I want to fuck her”

The Sex Demon pulled out Neil’s heart, Neil’s dead body fell to the floor right next to Selena. She could see his corpse and smell the thick scent of blood through the air. She could hear the Sex Demon eat Neil’s heart and feel the blood fall onto her smooth back.

Selena screamed.

The Sex Demon grabbed her hair and pulled Selena to her feet, his arms were so strong that Selena was surprised that he didn’t pull her hair out of her head. The demon looked at her with his red eyes that looked like the walls around him, blood dripped from his jaw as he looked all over Selena’s amazing body.

“You look nice” the demon told her

Selena sniffed back tears, she really didn’t want to have sex with a demon, but then again the size of his dick…no, what was she thinking, this was crazy.

“What is your name whore?” the demon asked her

“Selena…” her voice was filled with fear, like if she answered the wrong thing this demon could end her life, which she knew was the case. Selena would do what it took to make sure her heart didn’t end up in his hands, literally.

The demon arched an eyebrow.

“Selena Gomez” she said with more confidence in herself “I am a celebrity. People around the world look up to me”

“So my first conquest is one of the leaders of the human race” said the demon

“I won’t say I’m a leader” said Selena

The demon didn’t care; he moved his mouth forward, his bloody lips pressed against her, in a kiss that she never wanted to experience. Selena could taste Neil’s blood on her mouth, as the demon pulled his mouth away a trail of saliva connected their mouths together, tinted in red.

The demon’s hands unhooked her bra, for some reason that Selena herself didn’t know, she took her bra off and tossed it aside. She knew there was nothing that she could do now. She was going to have sex with the Sex Demon. There was no escape for her.

The demon’s eyes flashed red, it scared Selena. But other than that nothing else happened to her “Suck my cock” the demon commanded

Selena placed her hands on the demon’s strong shoulders, her hands moved down his chest as Selena fell to her knees, her hands rested on his hips, his cock was so big, and she never saw a dick that big in her life. Selena stuck her tongue out of her mouth and licked the dick quickly.

“You better do better than that!” the demon yelled at her

“I’m sorry” said Selena in hopes that the demon wouldn’t rip her head off in rage “I never did this before in my life”

The demon blew steam out of his nose “You’re rather useless then. I have no need for a whore who can’t suck cock no matter how good she looks like”

The demon was about to kill her “I can learn master” Selena said quickly in an attempt to save her life from death. She knew that there were high chances that she would not survive this sexual encounter, but if she could live and warn the world about the demon that was going to take over and make every girl on the planet his slaves…then it would be worth it, if Selena could save her loyal fans.

Selena kissed the penis in front of her. Her lips had never touched cock before and even if she would never admit it, Selena sort of loved it. The feeling of her lips on a hard piece of meat made her feel so hot. Selena started to make out with the tip of the demon’s penis. She could hear the demon moan as she kissed the top of his cock, this told her that her mouth was indeed skilled and that the demon enjoyed the work she was doing on him.

“Now take it in your throat” the demon told her, Selena knew that she had to obey.

She took a deep breath, her mouth wasn’t that big. The cock was at least twice the size of her mouth, if she took the entire thing in her mouth it would go all the way down her throat and end up in her stomach and not to mention cut her air supply and kill her.

“I…I don’t think it will fit” Selena told the demon as she looked up into his red eyes

“Make it fit or I’ll make it fit” he said to her

Selena opened her mouth as wide as she could and moved her mouth down to the penis that she kissed. Only the section that she kissed could fit in her mouth, Selena moved her mouth back and forth along the demon’s thick cock, rolling her tongue around the top where her lips were pressed tightly before. Again Selena heard the demon moan as her mouth worked on him, she knew that the rest of his penis was getting no attention; she placed her hands on the rest of his cock and started to stroke him with both her hands. She had given handjobs in the past, when she would get so drunk that she had no idea what she was doing to men that she never met before and never saw again. At least it gave her a little skill for this situation.

“You are very skilled Selena Gomez” the demon told her. At least that was some good news, if she was good at using her mouth on his dick, he might spare her life and she could save the world.

Selena pulled her mouth away “I’m glad you like it master” she told him and returned to her work.

“It’s been so long” said the demon “I’m going to shoot my seed”

Selena rolled her tongue around the tip of the demon’s dick, until his words registered in her mind. Selena pulled her mouth away, her hands continued to stroke the demon’s dick.

“Not in my mouth” said Selena; the Sex Demon didn’t care if it was in her mouth or on her face as long as he had his release. The demon shot his head back and roared as his first release it over 50 000 years came over him. It covered Selena’s face from her forehead to her chin.

“That felt good” smiled the Sex Demon, an evil smile for sure.

“Whoa” was all Selena could say as she passed a hand over her face to get the jizz off, she looked at her hand now covered in the Sex Demon’s cum, a power came over her that forced her to lick the cum and take it down her throat.

The demon grabbed Selena’s black hair and pulled her to her feet once again, the Sex Demon kissed her again on the mouth. Selena could taste the mix of his cum and Neil’s blood on her tongue. It made her sick, it made her want to throw up.

“This is far from over whore” the demon told her. Selena had a feeling he was going to say that. He was known as the Sex Demon after all, he would not be worthy of that title if he was dry after just one load.

“Please be gentle” said Selena, hoping that this would make him go easy on her. The Sex Demon lied down on the floor as Selena slipped her panties off of her body and tossed them on top of her bra, and then the demon guided Selena onto his body. She placed her hands on his chest; she could feel the muscles on this monster. The Sex Demon slipped his cock inside of her pussy. Selena moaned as he filled her.

He was so fucking big!

The Sex Demon started to thrust inside of Selena; his large hands were over her hips as he filled every inch of her. Her breast started to shake as her body moved up and down on his stick, her eyes started to roll to the back of her head. She had sex before, but never had sex like this. She knew why this monster was called the Sex Demon. He was a master at the skill. How would she be able to live if she didn’t have this cock for the rest of her life, no normal dick could compare to this. Was it worth it, to be a sex slave and get a dick like this as a reward? Hell yeah…

But Selena couldn’t think of only herself. Her fans were important to her as well, if she didn’t protect them who would. This demon didn’t know the meaning of the word love; Selena knew that he only cared about sex, sex all day and sex all night and sex 24 hours a day. She had to tell herself that the Sex Demon had no feeling, he didn’t love her and she had to find a way to kill this demon and save the world and save her fans, but she would lose the master of all cocks in the progress, it was a tough choice.

Or rather it would be a tough choice. Selena loved this cock and it made her go wild and crazy and out of control. It made the real her come out of the shadows, if she lived through this she would so follow a new career in the porn industry, sex was her true passion. Anyways, she knew what was really important to her, it was her fans, she would do whatever it took to protect them, even if it meant destroying the one thing that made her feel more alive than life itself.

“Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me for the rest of my life” Selena panted as the Sex Demon fucked her to her very core.

The Sex Demon smiled “That loser Neil was right, you are a fucking whore”

“You bet I am” said Selena, but what the Sex Demon didn’t know was that Selena was plotting against him to murder him and save the world.

Selena moved her hands up the demon’s chest and to his strong shoulders, she allowed her body to fall on the demon, her boobs pressed against his dark skin, Selena kissed his neck and moved up to his lips. Whenever she kissed him, she tasted the blood of her former lover, she tasted it again, but she no longer cared about it.

Selena shot her head up and moaned loudly as the Sex Demon hit a sweet spot in her pussy, her tongue came out of her mouth and hanged in the air. The demon allowed his snake like tongue which was a dark shade of green to escape his mouth, their tongues danced together and Selena felt better than ever before. She was addicted to sex, this was her life. She would fuck as part of her job in the porn industry and then hook up with four to five men a night to settle her sexual needs.

“Cum for me master” Selena purred into the demons ear “I want your seed inside of me”

“Your wish is my command whore” he told her

“I love your nickname for me” Selena said “It’s so romantic”

The Sex Demon grabbed her arms and went deep in her, he roared as he had his second release and filled Selena’s womb with his jizz. Selena’s eyes rolled to the back of her head and her tongue hanged from her mouth, she fell onto her master.

After a few moments the Sex Demon pushed Selena off of him and stood to his feet. “I have more bitches to round up” he said

Selena was still in her sexual high. She could barely keep her eyes open, but she couldn’t let the Sex Demon leave Neil’s house because if he did, the world would enter a dark age.

Her hand went forward, hoping to grab any part of him, of course the part she grabbed was the cock that made her fall in love with not only sex but with the Sex Demon as well.

The Sex Demon was surprised “Your still awake whore?” he asked her

“I want more” Selena said

The Sex Demon could not say no to a whore like Selena Gomez!

72 hours later

It was an intense three days. Every time that the Sex Demon came inside of her, Selena would almost faint, but she would always grab the demon before he left and demand more sex from him. She knew that she could not keep this up forever, but she had no idea how she could kill him when he was filled with energy and she had none, her mind was blank, all she could think about was sex and soon the idea of killing the demon was out of her head, replaced with pleasure from the cock that fucked her all the time. She lived for it and wanted it.

It didn’t matter where he fucked her. Her mouth, her ass or her pussy, he had fucked them all at least 6 times and she loved it all, she loved each time more than the last.

The Sex Demon roared as he released his 20th load inside of Selena, she rolled off of the beast. She couldn’t take it anymore, she wanted to have more sex, but she just couldn’t, she had no energy.

“Fuck…me…” she said slowly

“I think your past your time, you’re a shell of your former self” the Sex Demon said

Then he saw it, his cock was small. Selena had drained him from all his cum, without cum in his system his body was unable to work and live. He looked at his fine bod as piece after piece disappeared from him. He had only recently been reborn and already his time on earth was over and all because of one whore that he couldn’t say no too.

Selena looked around the basement and saw that the Sex Demon had been destroyed. Was that the reason why she had so much sex with him in the first place? She didn’t know anymore, slowly Selena closed her eyes as the endless sleep took over her.

Two hours later

Selena woke up. She was in Neil’s bed, she looked around the room, she remembered everything so clearly, Neil bringing a Sex Demon back to life and then the Sex Demon killed him and then Selena and the Sex Demon had rocking and amazing sex for three full days. The Sex Demon died and then Selena died afterwards.

How was she here?

She returned to the basement, she didn’t care if she was naked. She found Neil’s dead body there, at the same place where the demon and she left it as they were in such a hurry to fuck nonstop. She also saw the floor was stained black in a section, right where the Sex Demon was when he passed away.

Selena didn’t want to think about it. She gathered her clothes and got dressed and finally returned to her own apartment.

That night as she got ready for bed, she brushed her hair in front of the mirror. She knew the next step in her career, she was going to leap from mainstream films to the porn industry and she knew that if her fans cared about her they would accept her choice. Of course she would use her real name, why would she change it?

Then without warning her eyes flashed red in the mirror, it scared her that she dropped the brush.

“What the fuck?” she said

It was suddenly really clear what happened to her. She had died after her three day fuck session with the Sex Demon. However the demon had impregnated her during that time with his demon offspring. Since she was pregnant with little demons, she was brought back to life as a demon herself.

In nine months when she gave birth to her children, the world would fall into darkness. The one thing that Selena tried her best to stop with all her heart would happen because of the demon children that she carried in her belly.

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