Violett Beane - Paying with Pussy

BY : Sammycolt
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Disclaimer: DISCLAIMER: this story is a work of fiction and does not in any way reflect the actions or thoughts of Violett Beane. It is written for the enjoyment of those who read erotic material and I do not make any money from writing it.

This story uses some of the same characters and the same general concept as Noj’s “Jessica Alba – Paying with Pussy” (which he wrote at my request) and he is aware that I wrote this story. At the same time, you don’t need to have read his story to understand this one, but I highly recommend you do, cause it’s an awesome piece of writing.

“Hi, I’m Violett Beane and I’m paying with pussy!” the stunning, brunette actress said straight into the camera, a wide, sparkling smile on her flushed face as she knelt naked on the floor.



“… so I told that dude I would only date him if he got rid of that weird haircut first!”

Violett barely heard her friend Kate finish her tale about her on-set flirt as she pushed around the pasta on her plate. It was the second week of shooting on location and while the high-end hotel’s kitchen was fantastic, the actress could not find enjoyment in what the chef had put together for her tonight as her mind was pre-occupied with different things. And it did not escape Kate either.

“Hey, earth to Violett!”

“Huh?!” she lifted her gaze from her plate, seeing the chiding look of the make-up-artist whom she had quickly befriended while on set. “Oh, sorry, Kate… um… what a douchebag!”

Kate cocked an eyebrow. “For asking me out? Yeah, how dare he…” she laughed, “Where were you just now? Trouble in paradise?”

The actress sighed. “Yeah… Paul called again!”

“… and he’s still stuck on his song and is pissed off.” Kate concluded, rolling her eyes. Violett’s boyfriend’s musical career had been a hot topic for several evenings now, his frustrations souring the brunette’s mood.

“Nope, he wrapped it up actually. Sent me a tape too and it’s fucking amazing!”

“Oh?!” Kate’s brow furrowed. “That’s great! Then what’s the issue?”

“His career…” Violett sighed, putting down her fork, “He’s frustrated that he doesn’t get more successful. He’s so talented, but I guess it is just tough… you need luck to be successful.”

“Well, you could maybe shoot some more music videos or…” the blonde make-up-artist suddenly fell silent, her eyes widening as an older man had just entered the restaurant. Violett glanced over, made curious by her friend’s reaction.

The man was in his forties, a broad-shouldered powerful physique and dressed in a fine silk suit. He had the aura of an old lion as he made his way past their table towards the seats at the window that overlooked the city’s skyline, signaling to the bartender with a brief nod.

Violett looked at her friend, who seemed utterly mesmerized. “Daddy issues?” she mocked.

“No…” Kate replied quickly, still staring unabashedly at the man, “Well, could you blame me?”

This caused her to laugh. “Too old for me,” she grinned before leaning in. It wasn’t like the bubbly blonde to get this distracted, “What’s the deal here, Kate?”

Her friend finally tore her eyes off the man to look at Violett. “You don’t know who that is?”


“Oh, alright,” Kate leaned forward across the table in a conspirative manner, glancing sideways as if to make sure they weren’t listened to, “You ever heard of Mr. Russell?”

“Mr. Russell?!” Violett repeated with an exasperated gasp before dropping the act, “No, who is that?”

“He’s a businessman. And a sort of urban legend I guess… The whisper around Hollywood is that he has some huge pull. Basically, he can grant wishes.” Kate ignored Violett’s look of skeptical amusement. “People say that he makes deals with famous women. He can basically get them whatever they want, from what I hear…”

“Oh, nice!” Violett grinned, almost sure her friend was messing with her.

“In return, he has the women shoot porn movies for him.”

“You’re fucking with me!”

“I’m not. And apparently it’s not just some tame, boring Paris-Hilton-sextape stuff either. I heard he has them shoot some legit porn stuff. I’m talking anal, threeways, facials… the whole act. And you’d be surprised who made deals with him…”

Violett’s smile disappeared as she tried to read her friend’s demeanor. For a moment, she believed Kate was going to crack a grin and tell her it was all just a joke, but that didn’t happen. “Are you serious?!”

“That’s what I heard.”

“No shit…”

The blonde shrugged before she turned back to her omelet, seemingly forgetting about the man as quickly as that. Meanwhile, Violett couldn’t help but keep glancing over at Mr. Russel, sitting by the window, sipping his whiskey as he began reading a book.


Nervously, Violett chewed on her lower lip as she entered the restaurant again. Kate had disappeared in her room and Violett had walked with her, pretending to do the same before she made her way back to the restaurant.

The big, luxurious dining hall was emptying at this point as it got late and, to her relief, a quick scan of the room confirmed that nobody from the movie set seemed to be around. She really didn’t want to be seen doing this.

The big, broad-shouldered man sat in an armchair next to one of the floor-length windows that overlooked the ocean. On the table in front of him, seemingly forgotten, stood a tumbler of whiskey, the two ice cubes gradually melting as Mr. Russell looked to be completely immersed in the book he held in his hands.

Swallowing hard, Violett pushed herself to move. Her knees felt shaky as she slowly made her way across, eyes fixed on the person she was here to talk to. She was here to do this. She would do this.

“Um Mr. … Mr. Russell?!” she shocked herself by how weak her voice sounded and immediately her cheeks blushed as she stood in front of him. The man looked up from his book, a slight smile forming on his lips as he saw the nervous young woman standing in front of him. He slightly inclined his head to the side, signaling his attention.

Violett coughed. Damn, why was this so hard? She knew that she could still bail on this stupid plan, that she could just turn around and walk away. But she wouldn’t. She’d go through with this. “M-my name is Violett Beane. I am an actress…”

“The Flash!” Mr. Russell interrupted her calmly, a smile on his face as he recounted some of her projects “Flay, God Friended Me, Truth or Dare, The Leftovers. Of course I am aware of who you are. It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Beane! How can I help you? Would you like to sit down?” He pointed to the armchair opposite to his. “Would you like a drink?”

Violett was truly taken aback by the friendly, warm tone in the man’s voice. With all Kate had told her about what he did she had imagined him to be skeevy, sleazy. His deep, calm voice and the slightly amused smile suggested a friendly respectfulness instead. Slowly she took the offered seat, forcing herself to take a deep breath.

“Thank you,” she declined the offered drink, returning the smile. She tried to find her words to continue, but found herself stumped. She felt like a deer in headlights. Her mind blank, she opened her mouth with no words coming out.

Mr. Russell gave her a sympathetic smile over the rim of his reading glasses. “Violett, if it helps: there usually is only one reason a stunning young woman approaches me with your degree of nervousness. I am assuming that you would like a favor from me and that you are aware of what a favor of mine costs. Am I on the right track?”

Violett nodded, thankful that this first, high hurdle was taken.

“Very good!” Mr. Russell said. Picking up his tumbler, he took a small sip of the whiskey, taking a second to savor the taste before resuming. “So, Violett, what can I help you with?”

“My boyfriend!” Violett replied, clearing her throat. She shifted in her chair, sitting up straighter as she found her words. “My boyfriend Paul, he’s a musician. He is really good, but so far he has not managed to catch his big break. He has been struggling for several years now and lately he has become more and more frustrated. I hear you are very influential and I thought that you might be able to help. I’m not asking you to make him a superstar or anything, but I was hoping that you’d… well… get him a shot?!”

The big man took a second before he replied, seemingly considering her words. “You are here for your boyfriend?! That is very selfless of you, Violett. I assume he does not know that you are here?”

That made her snort. “Oh, fuck no! He doesn’t know and he will never know. I was told that what I would be doing would be completely confidential and this would never come out.”

“Of course, of course!” Mr. Russell nodded, taking another sip of whiskey, “Paul will never find out! I can make some calls and arrange some things. What is it musicians want these days? I can offer you some increased traffic from some media companies that I hold stakes in, advertise his projects more widely. If we do it gradually that will look to him like a natural rise in popularity. Once he has reached a certain level, I can organize him some gigs as opening acts for some quality talent. If he does well, that can really get some eyes on Paul and he will believe he made it happen all on his own. What do you say, Violett, is that the kind of shot you were imagining?”

“That sounds… great, actually!” Violett nodded, stunned by how quickly she had gotten an offer that was legitimately better than anything she had hoped for.

“Perfect!” Mr. Russell smiled before leaning forward in his chair, “Now, about your side of the deal…”

She bit her lower lip, her heart sinking as the conversation took a turn she had been dreading.

“All you need to do is give me a couple of hours. I will set something up, all you have to do is show up and do what is asked of you. A video will be shot of you performing sexual acts. That video will be available to a certain elite clientele, but you have my word that the public will never know about this. Are those terms acceptable to you, Violett?”

Her heart raced. She was thankful that Mr. Russell had not used crass language, making her feel less dirty, but nonetheless the meaning was the same. Again, her throat was dry. “Y…yes!” she croaked.

“Perfect!” Mr. Russell smiled again, his voice still perfectly warm. Finishing his whiskey, he set the tumbler down on the side table with a ‘clank!’, “Tomorrow, 4 o’clock, that suits your shooting schedule, right? Very good! Room 452. I will set up a contract so that you have security. Wear something you feel pretty in. Do we have a deal?”

Wide-eyed, Violett looked at the hand that was extended to her for a moment. She did not trust her voice enough for a reply, so she simply nodded as she shook on the deal. After all, this was what she wanted.

Mr. Russell smiled, a satisfied look in his eyes. “Perfect!” he said again, rising from his chair, “Now, apologies, but I will not be present tomorrow. In the morning I will send by a doctor for a little medical check-up. It’s just a formality, but a necessary one. You will also receive your contract then so you have security in writing. Then, a very trusted associate of mine will organize everything on location, but if there are any issues whatsoever just have him call me, alright? Perfect! Anyway, it is time for me! I wish you a good night of sleep and I hope that you will have a good day tomorrow! It was a pleasure meeting you, Violett!”

With that, the big man picked up his book and left as Violett stared after him, still not able to fully grasp what she had just done.


As Violett raised her hand to knock on the polished, wooden door to room 452 a feeling of unreality had spread through her body. She felt the shot of vodka she had taken just as she had left her room in her belly, but it did little to settle her nerves.

She had woken up to a knock on her hotel room door and a young woman, explaining herself to be a doctor in the service of Mr. Russel had entered the room, handing her a coffee and giving her a moment to catch up. Violett had received a physical exam as well as a gynecological inspection, testifying her general health and sanctioning her for the day’s activity. The doctor had brought with her a contract for her to sign and as Violett had read through it, her heart once again raced.

Not only did she agree to star in a smut flick, even if it was just for a select audience, but she also agreed to be dominated. She was requested to deliver a specific opening line and after that the contract detailed sections about oral and vaginal sex, but she was also agreeing to anal sex! She had never had anal before and the thought increased her nervousness tenfold. Still, the carrot that went along with the stick was ultimately too good to be true. If she agreed, Paul would be successful. So she signed…

The day had blazed by way too fast. Working her scenes, Violett had found herself constantly checking the time, feeling a sense of dread as the hours melted away. She still could hardly believe the deal she had made with Mr. Russell, knowing what she would do for her boyfriend.

Nonetheless, a small part of her felt something different than worry, was legitimately excited about the prospect of starring in a porn video. The thought of getting fucked in front of a camera, for a bunch of people to watch was legitimately scary, but a part of her couldn’t help but look forward to what was definitely going to be an intense, sexual experience.

She had gotten back from shooting at around three, feeling her nerves as she quickly headed to her room and got into the shower where she diligently made sure to remove all hair from her neck downwards, shaving her pink pussy completely smooth as well as doing her legs and her armpits, leaving not a hint of stubble.

She had toweled herself dry, applied lotion and used a nice perfume that Paul had gotten her for their last anniversary that smelled like vanilla and sandalwood. She applied some light make-up, opting for more of the natural look with a bit of mascara and a subtle shade of lipstick before scouring her suitcase for an outfit that would fit the occasion. Her options were limited and she certainly had not packed anything with this particular purpose in mind, but ultimately she had found a short, plaited skirt that showcased her long legs, reaching only about midway down her thigh and was tight enough to also accentuate the curve of her hips. She paired this with a dark blue top with a white zipper, which she had left halfway undone to display a nice amount of cleavage as well as a strappy pair of sandals she loved: with a slight heel they were both stylish and comfortable and went great with the sexy attire.

However, it was the next layer underneath that posed a problem. None of the underwear she had packed was intended to wow and she neither had the time to buy a new pair nor did she want to show up to this occasion with some plain, boring panties. Ultimately, Violett had decided to do the only sensible thing: she skipped the underwear.

Now, standing in front of the room door, Violett was hyper-aware of her nakedness as she felt the cool air against the bare, soft lips of her pussy. She wasn’t used to going commando like this, but then again she also wasn’t used to shooting skin flicks and a part of her that she had never really explored too much really enjoyed that sensation. This feeling contrasted with the overwhelming sense of nervousness that made her entire body shiver.

Taking a deep breath, she steeled herself. Her hand clutched the small purse she had taken with her which only contained her phone as well as her room key.

Raising her fist, she knocked on the door.

For a second, nothing happened, then Violett heard rustling sounds on the other end, waking a sudden impulse to just bail and run, but before she could even think about following through, the door opened.

“Hello, Violett!” the man opening the door smiled as he saw her before stepping aside to let her in, “Right on time, please come in!”

“Thank you!” Violett heard herself reply and followed the invitation. The room she entered was a rather basic one. Dominated by a king-sized bed, the only other furniture in the room were two armchairs and a small table on which both a photo and a small video camera were laid out, as well as a laptop, a box of tissues, some bottles of water and a bottle of lube. One door next to the entrance led to a small, adjoining bathroom, another one led out to the balcony where she could make out the outline of another man, leaning against the railing with his back to her.

“My name’s Steve, I’ll be your director and camera-man for today’s shoot!” the man who had opened the door for her said.

“V… Violett!” she replied, biting her lower lip nervously before remembering her manners and putting on a polite smile.

The man laughed. “You’re nervous. Don’t worry, that’s completely normal. Tends to go away once we get into it. Just let me know whenever you need a break and we’ll be fine.”

“S… so is there a script?” she asked as she put down her purse on the small table and turned back towards Steve, who chuckled.

“Not in the way that you think,” he grinned as he tucked the papers away into a folder which he slid into a suitcase. “Apart from your opening line which was already specified in the contract, you just follow my directions and we’re good. Think of it like an improv class. It will be easy!”

Violett nodded. “So is this… Are we just gonna start?”

“Well, yeah… unless you have any further questions?!” Steve smiled, “I’ll just introduce you to your co-star for today and we are off to the races.”

He gestured and the man from the balcony stepped back into the room. Violett’s eyes widened slightly. She had expected some super-muscled up porn Adonis, maybe a bit sleazy looking, or maybe a guy about her age. The man that came towards her was at least twice her age. Grey-haired, with a wrinkled, sun-tanned face and a short, stubbly beard he was definitely old enough to be her dad. He was dressed in a pair of blue shorts and a white button-up shirt that was unbuttoned and hung open to reveal a thick, yet powerful body with a bit of a gut. He approached her with a smile on his face and an extended hand.

“Well, hello there! Aren’t you a hot little thing!” he grinned in a thick, southern accent, “I’m George Allhard! Nice to meet you!”

Still a bit stunned by this reversion of her expectations, Violett stared at him for a second before she managed to take his hand. “V… Violett!” she replied, briefly glancing over to Steve to make sure this was not a practical joke being played on her, but the cameraman gave no such indication, “N-nice to meet you!”

The older man laughed. “Guess I’m not the kind of guy you were expecting, honey, huh?!” he walked past her and dropped into one of the armchairs, “Hope that doesn’t freak you out too bad…”

“Uh, n-no!” Violett replied, quickly shaking her head as she realized just how rude she was currently being, staring at this man like he had two heads. “I’m sorry, I’m just new to this and I wasn’t… I guess I’m just super nervous!”

 George winked at her. “Well, no worries… I think it’s safe to say that I am the lucky one out of the two of us!” He gave her a quick once-over, something that Violett under normal circumstances would have considered to be incredibly rude, but this situation was so entirely surreal that she did not care, “I watched some of your work on the flight over. Looking forward to working with you, Violett!”

The implication of the compliment made her grin and blush slightly. Nobody had ever told her that he’d like to fuck her quite in those words. All of this was just messed up.

“Alright, nice to see the two of you are getting along…” Steve butted in, “George here has been tested, so you have nothing to worry about. Usually we would ask for a test from you as well, but since we are not in the US currently, we are legally allowed to make an exception. George has agreed, given the short-notice. It’s the first time we’re working with him, though he has been repeatedly requested by some of our viewers…”

The older man nodded. “See, first time for me as well…” Violett smiled, the older man’s charms helping to relax her.

“I hope all this is not too rushed for you. Mr. Russell called me very late yesterday and only gave me a few hours to set this up. We jetted in this morning.”

“Guess he didn’t want to risk me chickening out, huh?”

 George grinned. “Smart girl.”

Steve shrugged. “Mr. Russell was of the opinion that more time would not improve the situation. And if the two of you are ready then we can get this started…” He picked the photo camera up from the small table and switched it on. “I figured, since this is your first time, we should try and ease you into this a little. So instead of jumping straight into the action, how about we start off with just taking a couple of pictures?”

“Err… alright?!” Violett replied. Maybe, in a way she could think of this like a modelling job. Just pose, work with the camera and give a bit of a show. Just more of a show than usual. As Steve lifted the camera and started snapping away, Violett put on a wide smile as she angled her body slightly, cocking her hips from side to side and shifting through a variation of poses.

“Very nice!” Steve nodded in approval, “Now turn around for me! Let me see that ass!”

While the wording was a little spicier than she was used to, it really wasn’t an unusual request. As she turned around and continued her routine, she felt herself relax a little. The slow teasing of the camera was something she had done numerous times before. She fell into a rhythm, followed Steve’s instructions and began to forget about her nerves.

“That looks great!” George commented from the sidelines, watching with pleasure as the stunning young actress displayed her body to the camera. Violett gave him a slight smile in response as she bent over slightly, allowing the camera a particularly good view of her ample posterior.

“Yeah, amazing!” Steve agreed, kneeling down to get a different perspective. “Push your ass out a little further for me, Violett! Now arch your back and look back at me over your shoulder! No, the other shoulder! That’s it, perfect!”

Eagerly clicking away, the photographer smiled. Violett followed his instructions to a tee, giving him some amazing material to work with and throughout the session it was remarkable to see her loosening up. Lowering the camera even more for an alteration of view, he snapped and his eyes lit up when he saw the result. Due to the angle of the shot, he had gotten a view straight up the actress’ short, tight skirt and to his utter surprise he realized that the nervous, young woman had in fact shown up to this shoot without wearing a stitch of underwear. Steve grinned in satisfaction as the photo he had taken clearly showed the perfectly pink and smooth lips of Violett’s sleek pussy, tightly clamped between her pale thighs. Paired with the face of mock surprise that Violett had put on in the picture, it was an amazing shot that would go down extremely well with the viewers: a picture that painted the young actress like the naughty slut they wanted her to be.

“Great!” he nodded, “Now take your top off please!”

Violett froze for a split-second, thrown off her game by the request. She glanced over at George, who watched her with unconcealed interest. While her back was to the camera, he was sitting to the side of her and would immediately get a good view of her breasts.

Well, he’s going to get to see a whole lot more in a bit, she thought, shaking off her fear. Besides, she had done topless shoots before, so this was nothing new… She bit her lip and looked back at the camera as her fingers found the white zipper between her breasts, then pulled it down. Inch by inch of creamy white skin was revealed as the lapels of her top slowly opened, all the way to the bottom. Her heart pounding wildly inside her chest, she grabbed each side firmly before decisively shrugging the garment off. Her petite breasts jiggled as she dropped it to the floor.

 George let out an appreciative whistle and when Violett glanced over at him she could see the lust in his eyes, causing her cheeks to flush. Looking down, she saw that her dime-sized, light-pink nipples had reacted to the situation, standing to attention atop her pale b-cups. Following her instinct of shyness, she quickly covered her breasts with her hands and lowered her head, letting her hair hide her expression as she slowly turned for the camera.

“You’re doing great,” Steve complimented, taking more pictures of Violett’s hand-bra, “Now show me your face! Move that hair behind your ears, please!”

Playing coy, Violett obliged, but before lifting her right hand to do so, she used her left forearm to cover her boobs, giving the lens a shy smile as she covered her modesty.

Steve laughed at that. “Alright, that’s cute! Now please move your hands, show me your tits!”

Sighing, she obliged. Her eyes closed, Violett pulled her forearm away from her chest, revealing her boobs. The sound of the camera’s shutter worked itself into a frenzy as Steve clicked away.

“You look fantastic, Violett!” Steve commended, sensing that the young woman was tensing up again. He gave her a few more directions, doing his best to coax her back into her routine before pushing on. “Open your eyes, Violett. Now smile. Lift your arms and put your hands behind your head! That’s it! Cock your hip to the side, a little further!”

It worked. After barely a minute, Violett had gotten used to being topless on camera, her smile a lot more natural as she struck her poses. From the corner of his eye, both out of Violett’s and the camera’s view, Steve saw George rubbing the growing bulge in his pants. He knew that his male talent was eager to get into the action, but his priority here was getting the newcomer to relax and not rush anything in a way to scare her off. George would have plenty of fun in a few minutes.

“Alright, Violett! Ready for the next step?” he asked with a smile.

The brunette’s wide, photogenic smile twitched. “No,” she answered truthfully, “But I don’t think that will change…”

“That’s perfectly normal! But let’s just keep this going and it will be easier than you think. Now loose the skirt, please!”

Violett sighed. This was it. Hesitantly she, looked down, feeling both men’s eyes on her as she fumbled with the small zipper on the side of her skirt. Finding it and pulling it down, she bit her lower lip in embarrassment as she allowed the garment to slide down her hips and pool onto the floor around her feet, leaving her completely naked save for the small pair of sandals.

Steve smiled at the naked actress before lifting the camera and resuming his job. She really was remarkable. While a c-list celebrity at best, the girl really was as close to perfection as you could be. That pussy was certainly a sight to behold! Shaved completely smooth, her sex was little more than a neat slit, her inner lips only barely peeking out. Even with all his experience shooting porn stars and actresses of much higher caliber than her, the sight of this woman, now stripped completely naked, was still exciting.

“Perfect, Violett! You’re doing great!” he commended with a smile, as he took full-fontal photos of her. He had her strike a few poses, again letting the familiar routine wash away some of the nervous energy while getting loads of pictures of the butt-naked actress before he pushed on to the next phase, “Now let’s move over to the bed.”

Violett complied, sitting at the edge of the king-sized hotel bed. She was thankful for the instructions he gave her, guiding her through these unknown territories and keeping her from feeling lost.

“Now lie back, please. All the way on your back! Perfect! Raise your legs. Further! Straight up to the ceiling, exactly! Now spread them, as wide as you can! Spread your legs for us! Show us what you have! Just like that, Violett! Show me that pretty, little pussy of yours!” As he directed her, he registered with satisfaction that she followed his commands easily, putting herself on display like a whore. When she spread her long legs, her supple sex opened and the soft, smooth lips parted in what was the first step from risqué nude modelling to pornography. He was surprised to find that despite her awkward demeanor, her cunt proved to be more than a little wet.

Propped up on her elbows, Violett watched Steve. Her cheeks were flushed red with embarrassment as she spread her legs, putting herself on complete display, but while it felt humiliating, she also could not help but feel a sense of exhilaration. The two men’s attention was completely focused on her. And other men would see these pictures… would… touch themselves to her. The idea that she could meet some of those people who unbeknownst to her had seen her like this was a potent turn on for her.

“Reach down and spread your pussy lips for me!”

She followed the command without a moment’s hesitation. Reaching down with her right hand, she used her middle and ring finger to pull her labia apart. She bit her lip again as she felt how wet she was. Hearing the sound of a zipper, she looked up.

“Holy fuck!” she whispered inadvertently as she saw George pushing his shorts down to the floor, freeing what was by far the biggest cock she had ever seen. About nine inches long with pulsing veins ran along the shaft, which looked to be almost as thick as her wrist and ended in a big, mushroom-shaped head. With his grey pubic hair neatly trimmed, she had a clear view of George’s set of plum-sized, wrinkled stones.

The porn star caught her look and gave her a cocky wink in response, grabbing his monstrous member and stroking it lightly. The thought of having to fit that… thing into her body gave Violett a feeling of lightheadedness.

“Alright, Violett!” Steve pulled her attention back to him after getting his fill of shots of her spread pussy, “Turn over, please! Doggy-position!”

Violett swallowed hard at the last word, but complied nonetheless, rolling over onto her hands and knees.

Steve subconsciously licked his lips as Violett’s plump, little butt was presented right at his camera. While the slender girl had small tits, perfectly in line with her frame, her butt was quite a lot thicker, undoubtedly her most eye-catching feature. “Arch your back!” he told her and watched with satisfaction as the brunette followed, causing her petite pussy to bulge deliciously between her thighs while her buttocks also splayed, revealing a view at the pink iris of her puckered asshole.

“Look back at me, Violett! I want to see your ass and your face in the same shot! Very nice!” Steve smiled, snapping away as he stood up to get a perspective form higher up, making the blushing actress look all the more submissive as she stared back at him with big eyes.

“Now lower your face to the bed, Violett! Keep the eye contact with the camera, I still want to see that gorgeous face of yours! Beautiful! Now reach back with your hands and spread your ass-cheeks!”

Violett’s eyes widened at that request and her blush deepened. Nonetheless she obliged. Her fingertips sank deep into the firm tissue of her buttocks as she pulled them apart, shamefully presenting her tightest of holes.

“Well, fuck me silly!” George muttered from his chair, leaning forward for a closer look as Steve snapped away. The little slut’s asshole was a thing of perfection, light pink and tight, it just seemed to beg for attention. Almost a crime, he thought, that the majority of the world would not get to see these pictures.

“Very good! That should do for now,” Steve finally said, lowering the camera and Violett watched him as he walked over to his bag where he picked it for a small, professional video camera, “Let’s get started with the main project here!” He looked over at George, who nodded signaling his readiness for action.

“On the floor!” Steve commanded, pointing, “Get on your knees!”

“Like a slut…” George muttered with a grin, barely loud enough for her to hear.

Usually, she would have taken exception to being talked to like she was a dog, but now Violett meekly complied, and slid to the carpeted floor, watching wide-eyed as the man switched his camera on and pointed it at her face.

“Are you ready, Violett?”

She nodded, her heart racing inside her chest.

“Aaand… ACTION!”

“Hi, I’m Violett Beane and I’m paying with pussy!” she said straight into the camera, a wide, sparkling smile on her flushed face as she knelt naked on the floor.

Steve nodded in approval, a wide grin on his face as he took a second to pan down Violett’s bare body. He briefly zoomed in on her breasts for a screen-filling shot, capturing the small, bright pink nipples in 5k resolution before moving further down.

“Spread your thighs a bit more!” he directed, “Let us see that sexy cunt of yours!”

Violett complied, registering the crude choice of words, but nonetheless she shuffled her knees apart a bit further to allow Steve a close-up shot of her tight, smooth pussy before he stood back up.

“You really are a pretty, little thing, aren’t you?!” he said.

A moment of silence followed until Violett realized that apparently he wanted her to answer. She shrugged, unsure how else to reply to such a belittling compliment. “I guess…”

“You definitely are, sweetheart! Believe me!” Steve smiled, his tone taking a markedly sleazy turn, “So you are going to put on a show for us today. Tell me, what are you going to do?”

She took a deep breath before putting on a wide smile, right at the camera. “I’m going to do whatever I’m told to…” The line and its implications gave her chills, but at the same time she could feel just how wet her pussy was. The thought of the depravity of this situation really had its allure.

Steve certainly liked her reply. He laughed. “That’s right, Miss Beane, you will do what you are told. You are going to suck dick, you will give up that tight, little cunt of yours and you will get fucked in the ass… have you ever been fucked up your ass before, Violett?”

Her throat was tight as she stared at the camera and she needed a moment to gather herself enough for a reply. “No, I haven’t!” she answered truthfully.

“Never been fucked in the ass! Well that’s certainly something… Tell me, why are you giving up that pretty ass of yours to us?”

Violett almost frowned, irritated by the intrusive nature of the question and the direction it was aimed at. She only just caught herself, hiding behind her wide, professional smile. However, she could do nothing to hide the deepening blush of her face. “I’m doing this for my boyfriend!” she conceded, keeping her reply short.

Picking up on her curtness and deciding not to push her further, Steve moved on. He briefly panned over to George, who still sat in his chair and watched. “So this guy’s your co-star… What do you think of him?”

Glancing over, the brunette hesitated, again caught off guard. When she opened her mouth, George interrupted, a wide grin on his face. “Be honest!”

Violett sighed before giving in, admitting her honest opinion. “He’s old!”

Both men laughed at that. “That he is, my dear, you are right! What do you think about his cock though?!”

“It’s fucking huge!” she replied, this time without missing a beat as she stared at the porn star’s thick manhood. It was embarrassing to her given how much older than her shafthe was, but she felt her pussy twitch with excitement.

“Ever seen a dick as big as that one?”

“No,” she admitted.

“But you are curious about it, aren’t you?”

Glancing back at the camera, Violett bit her lip. “Yes!”

“Well, then, get over there and introduce yourself!” Steve directed, before stopping her with a sharp whistle when she moved to stand up, “Hands and knees, like a bitch! That juicy ass up in the air!”

Violett couldn’t help but glare at him for just a second for his rude tone, but nonetheless she complied. Slowly, she crawled, her eyes focused on George’s fat, towering cock. Steve took advantage of the opportunity to get right behind her and get an intrusive shot of Violett’s thick booty, capturing both her bare pussy as well as the pretty actress’ puckered asshole for the audience as she made her way over. He then quickly moved around her and next to George to film her as she arrived between her co-star’s thighs.

“Fuck, now that’s a sight,” the porn star growled in appreciation, a wide grin on his face, “You know, I did a bit of research on you, watched some of your work on the flight over here. You really look like you’re in need of a good fucking!”

Violett briefly glanced up at him before her focus shifted back to his cock. “Well, here’s your chance then…” She reached out with her right hand to grab his tool around the base and swallowed hard when she realized that she struggled to completely encircle the veiny shaft. The thought of this monster stretching her tight pussy made her head swim.

Nonetheless she put on a game face, determined not to show her nervousness and proceeded to slowly move her hand up and down, fascinated by how hard this monster felt in her palm.

Steve took a moment to film Violett’s hesitation, enjoying the flimsy and obvious mask of bravado she had put on. He had worked with a bunch of celebrities and starlets for these movies and there were essentially two types. Some of them were used to making this kind of deal. They had traded favors with agents, directors or producers to get to their opportunities and getting filmed while getting fucked was just another bridge for them. Daisy Ridley had not batted an eyelid as he had turned on the camera. She had sucked cocks, taken it in the ass and even been made airtight without so much as a second thought, performing for the camera to fulfill her part of a deal.

Violett obviously belonged to the second group. She definitely wasn’t used to any of this. Steve had heard her reasons for taking part in this and he could even respect those, but in the end this just made it more appealing. The fact she wasn’t a mindless whore made it more special to be able to treat her like one. And Steve knew he had picked the right man for the job…

“Suck my dick!” George demanded, getting impatient with the slow approach the actress took. He was eager to feel those soft, pink lips envelop his cock.

She swallowed hard. “This is it!” she thought. Closing her eyes, she opened her mouth and leaned in while gently pulling down the swarthy foreskin to expose his bulbous glans. Her small, pink tongue emerged and she gingerly licked his bellend. She shuddered slightly when her pussy twitched with primitive excitement as she got her first little taste.

“Oooh, such a whore!” George grunted, his voice elated.

Violett opened her eyes, glaring up at him, but when she saw him grin down on her she knew that it wouldn’t make a difference. Her fighting back would probably just make it a better, more satisfying show for him. Swallowing her anger, she instead slowly swiped the flat of her tongue along the underside of the older man’s cock, eliciting another throaty groan of approval.

She started licking along the underside of his cock, gently and slowly. To her relief, the taste was actually not bad, it seemed that he was professional enough to keep himself neat and clean and had showered not too long ago. Also, while she was not a size queen, the opportunity to experience such a porn-sized cock undeniably gave her a certain sense of excitement and it took very little time before she realized that a part of her enjoyed this.

Slowly and methodically, she began coating the underside of George’s cock with her spit. She knew that men were very visual creatures, that the show she put on was as important as the sensations she caused, so she made sure to look up at George with smoldering eyes as she placed whorish, open-mouthed licks along the underside of his fat cock.

“Not at me!” the porn star chided, pointing over to Steve who stood next to him, “Look at the camera!”

Violett followed the command, shifting her gaze a little to the right to stare straight down the lens while lapping at the entire length of his cock, starting at his wrinkled ball-sack and going all the way up to his purple tip. She then leaned in and George groaned in approval when her lips sealed tightly around his bellend and he felt her tongue flicker playfully against the small, sensitive slit.

“That’s it, you little Hollywood whore!” he grinned, leaning back in his chair, “Suck that dick! Play with my balls too!”

Obediently, she reached up with her free hand, cupping his nuts in her palm and began rubbing them. Timing her movements, she lazily bobbed up and down, never taking too much of his cock into her mouth as she began blowing him. While she had never handled a dick as big as this, she had her own experiences with blowjobs and a boyfriend to hone her skills on and she would show what she could do.

Constantly keeping eye contact with the camera, Violett slowly went deeper, working a fraction of an inch lower down on each stroke until his tip bumped against the back of her throat. This triggered a slight gag reflex, but she never missed a beat and soldiered on, firmly stroking the parts of his cock that her mouth wasn’t currently servicing with her free hand.

As far as George was concerned, this was a huge chance for him. He had heard rumors - beautiful female celebs starring in porn movies as a sort of quid pro quo - but he had not thought there was anything to it until just yesterday when Steve had called him and had invited him to spontaneously join him on a work trip. Even then he had thought it was just a prank and it had taken a notification that a huge sum of money was being transferred into his account as they spoke to convince him otherwise.

“That’s a good girl! Oh, she has a mean little tongue, this one!” he declared. He would absolutely wreck this bitch!

The gig was just too sweet to believe it. While he wouldn’t be able to brag about it to the world, he would be able to fuck famous actresses and singers, on film. Admittedly, when he had learnt that he would be shooting with an actress called Violett Beane, who he had never even heard of, he had been a bit disappointed. He had already envisioned himself fucking Scarlett Johannsson up her uppity ass or making Rihanna suck his cock and instead he was stuck with a c-lister.

When he had looked her up, his attitude had quickly changed however. A gorgeous face with beautiful eyes and soft, pink lips, as well as a slender body with a thick little booty (that he could admire in several bikini pics) alone were enough to make him look forward to this opportunity. The fact that she seemed to be a little do-gooder – a vegan who had taken her clothes off for a PETA add, in a long-term relationship with her high-school sweetheart – only made him want to fuck her harder. Added to that that she seemed to insist on marring her stunning body with a series of small, shitty tattoos and the aging porn star was determined to put her in her place. Given the reputation he had earned during his movies he knew that if Mr. Russell hired him, he wanted the certain level of domination that he was famous for and George would be damned if he would disappoint…

Violett moaned, letting the humming vibrations of her voice box reverberate through his shaft as she worked her way to the half-way mark of George’s nine inches. Eyes fixed on the camera, she held him there for a moment, firmly pressed against the back of her throat before she pulled back all the way and let him pop free.

“Goddamn!” she gasped, stroking his cock and spreading her slimy saliva along his entire length while she caught her breath, “I’m not sure I can handle this monster…” She played it up for the benefit of the camera, but the doubts were real. She was in for the ride of a lifetime.

To buy a little more time, she went low and engulfed George’s right nut with her lips, feeling the older man twitch with excitement when she sucked and let her tongue wildly lash against it. She spent a little time down there just licking his balls, switching back and forth. She knew this was a hell of a show for the camera as she lathered them up with her spit, but eventually she had to resume her main job.

Tracing along the underside of his cock with the very tip of her tongue, she made her way to the tip where she let a thick line of drool lewdly dribble right onto his glans, then used her palm to quickly spread it all over his shaft as lubrication. Then she resumed bobbing her head, sucking his cock with increasing pace as she took him deeper and deeper.

“Touch your pussy!” Steve directed, stepping back for a wider frame of the action, “Play with that slut cunt while you suck his cock, Violett!”

The actress moaned in reply, repeatedly triggering her own gag reflex as she let the blowjob get more animated. Still firmly stroking his shaft in sync with her bobbing head, her other hand moved down her slender body and between her thighs to find her own pussy wet with excitement. Her eyes fluttered when her fingertips made first contact with her clit, sending small jolts up her spine.

Steve knelt down to get a better shot. Zooming in, he filmed Violett’s fingers moving quickly and rubbing her pussy in small circles before he swiftly moved around her. He lowered the camera almost down to the carpet and came as close as he could without becoming a distraction.

The result caused him to smile. What he got was an ultra-close-up of Violet’s pussy lips, shifting with the circling motions of her fingers. She was visibly wet, her girly essence smeared along the edges of her lips. This hole was ready to be fucked!

Violett sensed him moving around behind her and couldn’t help but shift. The thought of being filmed like this was still alien to her. Explicit footage of her sucking some guy’s huge prick out there for an elite circle of powerful men to jerk off to. They would see her in ways nobody but her boyfriend had seen her.


The brunette gasped in shock and choked on the cock deep inside her mouth when George leaned over her in his seat and delivered a harsh, loud spank to her left ass-cheek.

“Fuck, this is a nice, thick booty!” he grinned, his fingers digging painfully into her flesh, causing Violett to whimper. Alarm bells shrilled in her head when she then felt him pull her buttock to the side, spreading her for the camera, “Make sure to get a good shot of her asshole, too, Steve! People like seeing a slut’s tight asshole!”

Instinctively, Violett tried to pull back and protest the disrespectful treatment, but before she could do so, George’s other hand grabbed a strong hold of the back of her head and kept her in place, three inches of hard manmeat stopping her from speaking up. All she could do was mumble disapprovingly as she felt Steve film her virgin sphincter for several seconds, making for a humiliating experience.

“Alright!” the cameraman nodded in satisfaction when he stood up, “Enough warming up, George! Fuck this whore’s mouth a little!”

Her eyes widened when she heard that and she looked up at her co-star, his cock still engulfed by her mouth. George leaned back, not before giving her blushing derriere another loud smack, and took a hold of her head with both hands. He grinned down at her with a look that made her uneasy.

“Mblssh?!” she mumbled, trying to plead with her eyes. She was not sure she was ready for this.

The older man’s face didn’t show a hint of sympathy. “Little Hollywood hussy!” he hissed at her before she felt his hands push her head down slowly, feeding her his cock. She gagged harshly when the tip of his cock pressed against the back of her throat, but he didn’t let up, holding her in place and making her retch miserably. Raising her hands, she moved to push herself off of him.

“Stop that!” George’s sharp voice stopped her dead in her tracks. Her eyes watering, she looked up at him. “Cross your wrists behind your back! I want to fuck your slut throat and you’re going to let me, understood?!”

He could see in her eyes how she disliked him talking to her like that. Nonetheless she complied, moving her hands behind her back and fully giving up control to him. He acknowledged this by grinding his cock against her tonsils, triggering another retching fit that made him chuckle.

“Relax now, bitch!” he told her, “Let me in that throat of yours!”

Her eyes were glassy as she glared up at him. A pair of sparkling, gag-induced tears rolled down her cheeks, leaving dark traces of her subtly applied mascara, the first marks on her flawless face. She struggled for a moment longer, unused to the big cock blocking her mouth, before she regained her composure enough to relax her throat.

“There you go!” George groaned as he felt the tiny opening at the back of her mouth expand and give way to his cock, allowing him to slide into the wet warmth of her throat. He used both hands to force the actress down deeper, watching her eyes widening as she deepthroated, evidently for the first time in her life.

A wide smile was etched into Steve’s face while he filmed the show. The gorgeous, young brunette on her knees, her hands clasped behind her back as the much older, heavy-set man bounced her head up and down in his lap with a huge grin on his face. The viewers would get a huge kick out of this visual.

“Grgh! Grgh! Grgh!” Violett hardly shared the men’s enthusiasm as she was getting her throat fucked, struggling to keep her gag reflex under control. With the floodgates opened, more and more tears ran down her face, marring her blushing features. She did her best to breathe, but as George forced her mouth deeper and deeper on his cock, she barely got any air whatsoever. She wasn’t sure what she had expected from a porn shoot, but this was not it. This was humiliating!

Nonetheless, she complied with what they were doing to her. Her hands squeezed each other so tightly that the knuckles on her fingers blanched as she was fed another inch of cock. She had decided to make this deal, now it was time to pay the piper. There was no way she’d pussy out of this!

George gritted his teeth at the sensations caused by the young woman’s throat. He had to give it to her: while he could tell that she was inexperienced, she definitely was game and ready to stand by her word. He appreciated that. It would make turning her into a whimpering, cum-drunk mess just all the sweeter.

“Make her go all the way down to the balls!” Steve ordered from the sidelines. He was fascinated by how Violett’s slender, petite throat stretched and expanded, clearly showing the outline of George’s massive cock as he worked himself deeper. The camera also picked up the strained, gargling sounds she made as she was facefucked.

George nodded to acknowledge the direction. He was ready to sink the final two inches of his cock inside her throat when he saw Violett squeeze her eyes shut, steeling herself for the onslaught.

“Oh, no no no, bitch!” he chided her, “I want to see those pretty eyes when I make you swallow my entire sword!” Grinning widely, he placed the pads of his thumbs on her eyelids and forced them open, making Violett stare right at his crotch as he then proceeded to pull her down.

“GRRRRRRRKH!” Unable to stop herself, Violett retched miserably as the bulbous head tunneled deeper into her throat, causing an explosion of slimy spit to burst from her mouth and splatter all over George’s crotch. The porn star registered this with a chuckle, but didn’t let up. Instead he crammed the final inch of his cock into her mouth, squishing her dainty nose into his saliva-coated crotch and holding her there.

“Ooooh! That’s it, you little cunt!” he groaned in bliss, basking in the sensations of Violett’s rolling throat as she tried her best to control her gag reflex.

Meanwhile, the brunette was in absolute distress. Unable to breathe and with her oxygen supply running low, she struggled to sit still. Her body started to buck, but she was easily held in place by the older man, keeping his cock lodged deep in her throat while forcing her to watch.

“GRRRLSH!” another wave of spit burst from her mouth, adding to the mess on George’s lap and causing him to laugh. He held her down for another couple of seconds, making it a point to rub is balls against her chin as her oxygen depleted, before he finally let her up.

Violett wheezed as she straightened herself. Another portion of drool followed and splattered all over her tits as she spat out the big cock, but for the moment she couldn’t find it in herself to care. Instead, she was focused on hauling air into her lungs. She hoped for a brief respite, but that hope was dashed when her hair was roughly grabbed again with one hand and another firmly slapped her across the face, making her gasp.

“Look at you!” George chuckled, following up with another, equally stinging backhand to the other cheek, “Guess I made a mess of you, pretty girl!”

The actress groaned, blinking rapidly. He assumed that she had never been smacked before. Well, she would get used to it…

Steve was utterly satisfied. This was exactly what he had wanted when he offered the veteran porn star this opportunity. While Violett had looked absolutely delectable when she had entered this room earlier, that perfect façade was stripped away now. Her eyes were red-shot and glassy, her face and cleavage were flushed red. Her neatly styled, shoulder-length brunette hair was a tussled mess, her dark mascara was ruined, running down her face in dark streaks and her chin was utterly coated in rapidly drying spit that fell heavily down onto her petite breasts. The audience would be very pleased.

The less known the actress wanting to make a deal was, the more she had to pay and Violett Beane was not exactly an a-lister. That soft, pink cunt of hers would have to take quite a pounding and from the look on her face, she was waking up to that reality.

“Get up!” he directed, his voice firm, “Time to fuck!”

Blinking, Violett glanced over at the cameraman, still struggling to get her breath under control. She wiped her face with the back of her hand, shocked at the mess she found. Taking another couple of breaths, she stood. Her knees felt shaky and for a second she thought she might fall over, but she caught herself and moved groggily to straddle her co-star’s lap.

“No!” Steve stopped her. “The other way around. Whores fuck reverse cowgirl!”

There was no backing out of this now, no reason to go easy on her and she knew it...

Wordlessly, she complied, turning to face away from the older man who grinned like a kid on Christmas and immediately grabbed her tight ass with both hands.

She moaned as her butt was molested, but offered no complaint. Instead, she backed herself up between his spread knees, then bent over and reached back between her legs to grab George’s fat, spit-coated cock.

“Spread your pussy lips, bitch!” George demanded and Steve moved in close beside him to capture Violett reaching back with the fore and middle finger of her free hand and spreading her tight slit to expose her rich inner pink, gleaming with her excitement.

“Look back at the camera!” Steve ordered, determined to get both the look on her face as well as the moment of first penetration into the same shot. The actress obliged, turning her head to peer back through her tussled hair as she placed the tip of George’s cock against her nether hole. The grey-haired porn star helpfully grabbed a hold of her hips, aiding her in controlling her movements as she slowly lowered her pussy on to him.

“Fuuuuck!” Both partners moaned in unison as George’s thick tip penetrated Violett’s pussy, stretching her wide open and sinking deep inside. Violett’s eyes fluttered with the sensation, never having felt quite as full before. The long lead-up and foreplay had left her soaking wet and despite his size her vagina took him easily, with hardly any pain and she almost sank halfway down his shaft on the first thrust.

“God, you’re such a snug little slut!” George groaned, as he watched her. He let her take her time, knowing that allowing her to settle into this at her own pace would pay dividends later on. So for now all he did was help her keep her balance and enjoy the show as the actress’ booty lifted slightly before pushing down again, her pink snatch swallowing up his rod inch by inch.

“Nnnrrrgh!” Violett let out a strained whimper, eyes closing and brow furrowing when her ass-cheeks made first contact with George’s lap, the entirety of his massive cock buried inside her pussy. She felt so incredibly full, so utterly stretched.

Neither man said a word, letting the young woman have her moment instead while Steve moved to capture the show of emotions that played out on her face, then stepped back to get a full-body shot of the fucking pair.

Violett took another couple of seconds to allow herself to accommodate and get used to the huge, steely pole of flesh distending her pussy before she slowly lifted her hips. She gave a small, feminine gasp as she slid back down, her nerve endings firing at full force and making her feel incredible. George’s right hand slipped away from her waist to cup another feel of her buttock, giving it a firm squeeze, then helping her lift her hips for another thrust.

“God, that’s some fine pussy!” she heard George grunt behind her as she slowly worked herself into a rhythm, bouncing herself up and down on his lap. Opening her eyes, she found Steve kneeling right in front of her, his camera pointed straight at her pussy as she fucked, securing a good shot of the way her soft, supple lips wrapped around his shaft. They briefly made eye-contact and he winked at her.

“Grope her titties!” he directed towards George, who immediately complied and firmly grabbed one petite breast in each hand. His thumb and forefinger quickly found her pink nipples and pinched them, making her gasp and blush as she rode his cock.

“Fuck! Ohgod…” Violett muttered. Her brain was struggling to deal with the sensations she experienced. She had been away from her boyfriend due to work for over two weeks now and frustrations had definitely pent up. She had played with herself to relieve the worst of the tensions, but nonetheless she had found herself craving sex for the last couple of days. Now, not only did she get what her body had longed for, but despite herself she had to admit that the porn star’s sizable cock just felt amazing. Not only that he was big, but to her shame she also found the entire situation just turned her on. She was cheating on her boyfriend, she was fucking a man old enough to be her father who didn’t see her as anything but a hot slut to be used, all this getting filmed in return for a favor… the sheer debauchery turned her on in ways she never thought possible.

“Fuck! Mmmmmh…” she moaned, her teeth clamping down on her bottom lip. Bracing her hands on George’s knees, she adjusted her weight slightly which allowed her to move more freely and after a few exploratory thrusts she felt like she could handle the big cock a bit better, settling for short, quick, thrusts.

“Oh yeah, now that’s a sight…” George praised, his eyes glued to Violett’s jiggling ass-cheeks as she gyrated on his cock, “Bitch is twerking on my dick!”

Violett smiled at the old man’s words. She knew it was her current state of dick-drunkenness, but she did not mind the brash tone. She enjoyed putting on a lewd show for him, enjoyed feeling his gaze on her ass while her buttocks bounced up and down and it only inspired her to roll her hips with more vigor. For the moment, her morals and nerves were completely forgotten.

Her eyes blazed with need as she peered back over her shoulder at her co-star, giving him a sensual look. “Fuck me!” she moaned back at him, “Fuck my tight, little pussy!”

“Whore!” George grinned smugly, briefly letting go of Violett’s left tit to deliver a hard slap to her already reddened butt, eliciting a girly gasp.


“Fuck!” Violett whimpered, closing her eyes briefly as she felt the stinging pain blossoming in her booty. All it did was encourage her to quicken her pace even more, shaking her ass on his cock. She was so utterly wet! So stretched! A spark of electricity flashed inside her stomach and she realized that, already, she was heading towards an orgasm.

The experienced porn star immediately read her realization in her furrowing brow. Her sultry moans and whimpers turned a bit throatier, a bit more guttural. Her breathing quickened. His fingers dug deep into the soft flesh of her small breasts, grabbing them almost brutally as he leaned forward.

“Cum for me!” he hissed at her, feeling the thrusts of her wet pussy quicken, “Cum for me like the little bitch that you are!”

Violett’s eyes opened and she peered back at him. Her lips parted as if to say something, but then his right hand dropped between her thighs and his remarkably nimble fingers found her small, hooded clit with experienced ease. Any words she had planned to say turned into a whining gasp when he added to all the stimulation she experienced by playing with the small bundle of sensitive nerves.

“Man, she is a real whore…” Steve smirked. His teeth were grit as he struggled to find the perfect position to film the actress’ first on camera orgasm brought to her by an older, overweight man. It really was the perfect beauty and the beast image he had planned for as Violett’s slim, pale body began to shiver. He could see her toes clench in her sandals and her knees began to visibly shake, but she nonetheless continued to fuck her co-star, getting herself across the line.

Moving back, he made sure to get a complete shot of the action as George’s other hand let go of Violett’s boob and instead snatched a handful of her brunette hair, wrenching her head back in a move that made her grimace in pain. However, not even this gave her pause as she only fucked harder. Her small, pale tits jiggled wildly, clearly showing the red marks of the rough groping.

“Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!!!” Violett wailed, her voice rising with intensity as she finally achieved her goal. Her body began to shake and her pussy spasmed around George’s cock, milking it for all its worth as Violett’s face went entirely blank, overloaded with powerful sensations. Her eyes, widening at first, snapped shut as she experienced her first cock-induced orgasm in several weeks.

“Fucking whore!” George growled at the twitching brunette, his fingers still feverishly rubbing her clit, “Cum like the no-good piece of trash that you are!”

“Aaah! St… Aaaaah!” Violett cried out, unable to handle the intense sensations that were only increased by the stimulation of her clit. Reflexively, she grabbed George’s wrist and tore his hand away from her crotch, still shaken by her orgasm.

The old porn star did not let her get away that easily, however. Instead, his fingers dug into the soft skin at her hip and he held her firmly in place as he roughly shoved his fat cock up her over-sensitive pussy.

Violett’s eyes flew open, going as wide as saucers.

“FUCK!” she yelped, shocked as George proceeded to fuck her roughly from below, pounding her pussy while she was barely able to stand it. Without thinking, her head filled with blinding light, she lurched forward, trying to get off his cock.

However, George had expected this maneuver and reacted accordingly. Instead of trying to hold her back, he followed the brunette up to her feet, keeping his sizable dick embedded inside her cunt at all times.

Steve watched with open-mouthed glee as George kept control of the frantic actress, riding her like a rodeo bull with one hand on her hip and one entangled in her hair.

“Aaargh!” Violett winced as George drove his cock deep into her from behind, roughly bending her over in front of him. She scrambled, breathlessly trying to escape the stimulation of her over-sexed pussy, but she did not stand a chance as George’s grip held tight and now, with much more leverage, the older man proceeded to pound her in earnest.

“AAAAAAAIIIIII!” Violett’s moans turned into yelps as she was fucked harder than she had ever been. The sounds of naked flesh slapping on naked flesh filled the room in a quick rhythm as the experienced pro mercilessly went to work. Helpless, the actress could do nothing but take it and scream as she was used. She stared into the camera that was held in front of her face, her gorgeous features distorted with an intense pleasure and pain mix and with George’s fist in her hair she was unable to look away.

“Fuck her harder!” Steve shouted demandingly, taking great pleasure in watching the brunette get what was coming to her. He moved a little lower to capture Violett’s wildly bouncing titties for the audience’s benefit.

“WA-AAAAAAAH!” Violett cried. She did not think that it was possible to get fucked any harder when the overweight old man proved her wrong. Grabbing a firm hold of her hips with both hands, he used those as handles to basically use her petite body to jerk himself off. Her orgasm had turned into an ordeal by now, muscles clenching so tightly that they hurt and it did not take much longer before her knees gave out.

“Arrgh!” Groaning, Violett finally managed to wrench George’s death grip on her body loose. Without his support she staggered forward and Steve barely dodged her as she fell against the big bed. Her knees thudded down on the carpeted floor hard while her upper body crashed onto the mattress, her slender arms unable to catch her.

“Dumb, useless slut!”

Her escape gave her no reprieve as George immediately followed her, stepping over her.


Violett cried out in pain as each of her butt-cheeks was slapped hard, reddening her rump once more before George grabbed a hold of her hips. Trapped against the bed she had no more room to escape to when he once again shoved his cock up her pussy.

“Fuck!” she gasped breathlessly as her tender flesh was once again stretched. She felt George’s fingers dig into the flesh of her ass, spreading her cheeks wide and holding her in place as he gave her another hard thrust that made the bed rattle and caused her to give another high-pitched squeal.

“Slap her around some more!” Steve directed, slowly backing away from the pair to get the complete action into the frame. With the heavyset, old man squatting behind the slim, pale girl, grabbing her possessively from behind, the vibe was now one of pure domination. The little slut was getting ragdolled. It was incredibly satisfying to see.


“OW!” The hard impact of George’s palm on her flushed butt brought a tear to her eye, but any protest was immediately driven from her mind by the hard, punishing thrusts into her poor pussy. Her orgasm had subsided by now, leaving her tender and weakened, but this beast behind her showed no signs of stopping, ravaging her from behind. To stop the loud moans, she bit down on the sheets in front of her, her teeth digging into the linen, but it hardly helped. Another spank to her ass and she spat it out to cry out again.

George relished every single squeal. He knew what this little slut had thought when she had first laid eyes on him. He had seen the doubt in her eyes as she took his frame in, had seen his grey hair, his wrinkles, his guts. She had thought what they all thought when they saw him: that he would not be able to keep up. Now this little Hollywood hussy’s pretty, pink holes would pay the price for her obnoxiousness. Each and every hole!

Another harsh slap to her ass, then he reached up and grabbed a fistful of brunette hair, yanking her head back and making her arch her spine, lifting her chest up from the mattress so as Steve moved around the bed he got a nice shot of her jiggling b-cups.

“Slap her face, too!” The cameraman demanded, earning him a shocked look from the actress.


“Ow!” she cried as George pulled her head back a little further by her hair, then used his free hand to give her an open-handed smack to the cheek. She blinked in shock, never having been hit like this before, but merely a second later, the old man doubled his tally.


She didn’t even get the chance to cry out before her face was forced down into the mattress and the thrusts that pounded her pussy got even harder as the porn star put his weight on her. Overwhelmed, she reached back with one hand in an attempt to slow him down, but George simply snatched up her wrist and twisted her arm behind her back, leaving her even more defenseless than before.

“Gaahh!” Violett gasped, wide-eyed, as her face was pulled from the sheets, feeling utterly manhandled at this point. The old man’s balls slapped heavily against her exposed clit with each trust, sending sparks of pleasure through her body along with the intense stretching she received from his dick. Never in her life had she thought it would be possible to get fucked this ferociously, least of all by this out-of-shape-looking old-timer. He barely let her catch a breath, reducing her to a mere sex doll in front of the camera.

“Ohgoood!” she whimpered as she felt her nerve endings firing with increased intensity again. It felt like she had only just survived her last drawn-out, torturous orgasm and now her body seemed primed to go through that again.

“Are you gonna cum for us again?” Steve asked, reading the writing on the wall, “Is that old man going to make you cum again?”

Hearing this, George felt spurred on to give her a series of even harder thrusts that elicited a sob from the ragdolled girl. She couldn’t bring out the words to confirm Steve’s assumption as only moments later, her eyelids fluttered and she was overwhelmed by a second, powerful orgasm.

Apparently determined not to give her even a single moment, George let go of her hair and while her mind was too preoccupied to realize what he was doing he reached around with his free hand and hooked two fingers into the corner of her mouth. Contorting her beautiful features into a ridiculous grimace, he fish-hooked Violett in front of the camera, taking the last shreds of her dignity as her body began to tremble.

“She still pretty?” he asked Steve with a grin.

“She looks like a slut whose mouth wrote out a check her body can’t really cash!” Steve chuckled, filming how Violett’s eyes slowly rolled back into her head as endorphins flooded her brain. When George had smashed her face into the mattress, a lot of the mess had been wiped off on the sheets but her mascara was still smudged around her eyes and with her flushed face distorted by the porn star’s fingers the beautiful actress looked like a common gonzo porn slut.

George laughed, feeling proud of himself. His quads burned from exhaustion due to the awkward posture and his prolonged thrusting motions, but he had definitely shown this spoilt bitch who was boss. He let go of Violett’s trapped wrist and retrieved his fingers from her mouth, freeing his hands to once again grab her hips.

“Does she look ready for a snack?” he asked.

Steve smirked as he watched Violett’s face, half-buried in the sheets. Her eyes were completely phased out as she rode out the last few waves of her orgasm, body still occasionally rocked by sharp tremors.

“Definitely,” he nodded, slightly adjusting his position to capture what was coming next.

“Aaah!” Violett cried out, not knowing what exactly was going on as she was grabbed with two hands by her hair. All of a sudden, her sore, little pussy was empty as George pulled his cock free, but before that even registered fully with her she was roughly pulled back off the bed. Her head was turned, twisting her tired body as she knelt on the floor. She didn’t even get a chance to react when George’s fat cock, slick with her own juices, was shoved into her mouth, lewdly stretching her cheek. She cringed as she tasted her own pussy on his cock.

“Take that dick, bitch!” the porn star hissed, thrusting his hips forward and sliding back down into Violett’s throat. Completely surprised, the young woman gagged, but she was shown no mercy as the old man fucked her throat.

Steve was once more amazed as George gave him another fantastic visual. With Violett still stuck on her knees against the bed, her upper body twisted around, it looked uncomfortable, but utterly dominant. She peered up at him, eyes pleading, but was given no mercy as her throat was fucked with reckless abandon and she couldn’t help but gag and retch as his testicles visibly bounced off her chin.

“Fuck yeah! Swallow that cum, you dumb cunt!” George roared, voice getting urgent as thick veins started to protrude at the side of his neck.

“HMMMMPH!” Violett protested, apparently only now catching on to his intentions, but it was too late. With a feral grunt, George forced his cock balls-deep and a thick lance of hot spunk splattered straight down into her belly, which the actress registered with a pathetic, muffled squeal.  She squeezed her eyes shut in disgust, but they immediately went wide again when George pulled back far enough so the next spurt of semen hit the roof of her mouth.

Violett retched violently as her mouth was filled with shot after shot of warm cum while George held her tight, not giving her a chance to retreat. She gagged at the taste and coughed, resulting in two ropes of creamy white cum bursting from her nostrils while the old man moaned in pleasure.

“That’s it…” he groaned, satisfied as the last, weaker jets of his semen came out. He flexed his shaft, forcing the last dregs of his load onto her tongue before he stepped back, leaving the brunette with a huge mouthful.

“Swallow it!” he ordered sharply as he saw her move to open her mouth, “Swallow it or I’ll make you lick it off the carpet!”

Violett looked up with wide eyes, her cheeks distended by the creamy filling, cum dripping from her nose, but she saw no mercy. Resigning, she lowered her gaze, shielded herself and forced herself to gulp the thick goo down, having to swallow several times. It was only when she opened her mouth for the camera as proof that it was all gone that George let go of her hair and let her slump down on the bed, utterly exhausted.

“She’s fun!” George grinned at the camera as he stepped back to catch his breath. He grabbed one of the water bottles from the table, twisted the cap off and gulped some of it down, “I bet her boyfriend is real proud of her!”

Steve smirked as he slowly moved around Violett, making sure to capture the spent young woman from every angle. Her eyes were closed and her face was red as she lay there, catching her breath and trying to process what had just happened to her. That she had just been fucked for real…

Circling around, he got a good, close up shot of the actress’ bald, utterly used pussy. Her formerly neat, petite slit was flushed and swollen, having endured an utter pounding that had stretched her in ways she surely had never imagined.

“Ohmy… ohmygod…” Violett mumbled, hearing the men laugh.

“You liked that, Violett?” Steve asked.

She lifted her head, looking utterly disheveled. “I think… I came so hard it hurt…” she whispered. She could still taste the cum in her mouth, the cum she had been made to swallow, but she could not find it in herself to be angry about it.

“And I’ll make you cum some more, slut!” George confidently announced, pouring the rest of his water bottle down his throat and tossing it carelessly aside. “Get up on the bed! It’s time for my favorite part!”

“Yeah!” Steve interjected, moving in for a close-up of Violett’s face. “You know what happens next?”

The actress blinked. She knew what was next on the agenda and it made her feel queasy. “I… you’re going to fuck me in the ass,” she muttered, her gaze immediately dropping.

“That’s right!” Steve confirmed with a nod, “Now climb onto the bed!”

Swallowing hard, Violett collected herself enough to obey. Her limbs still felt shaky and she moved slowly as she pushed herself up and crawled to the middle of the bed. Immediately she sensed Steve zooming in on her thick booty as it shifted with her movements, making her feel very self-conscious about it. Biting her lip, she peered back over her shoulder to see both men stand next to each other, enjoying the show she gave.

“That really is one fantastic butt!” Steve said.

“Yep!” George agreed.

Violett blushed at the casual conversation about her attributes with the two men acting like she was not right within earshot.

“Alright, time to fuck your ass for the world to watch!” George then said. Walking around the bed he quickly snatched a thick pillow and the bottle of lube before he came over to her and threw both on the mattress next to her. Violett yelped when he then grabbed her hip and unceremoniously rolled her over onto her back. He grabbed her by her ankles and lifted her legs high, quickly shoving the pillow underneath her hips to effectively elevate her butt. She gasped when he then placed his palms against the backs of her smooth thighs and pushed her knees up to her chest, folding her double.

“Hold them for me!” he ordered and she quickly complied and wrapped her arms around her legs, hugging them to her body. She watched him wide-eyed as he grabbed a thick buttock in each hand and unceremoniously spread them wide apart. Seeing the greedy look on his face, she blushed. He stared right at her tightly clenched butthole and took her in as intimately as very few men ever had.

“Never been fucked in the ass, huh?!” George teased, licking his lips as he took his time in admiring the sight. The brunette’s small, pink sphincter was about as perfect as he had ever seen, puckered tightly between her pried-apart glutes. Ever the professional, he made sure that the camera behind him got an equally good look as it twitched nervously, obviously not used to this brazen show of attention. “And now you’re selling this to us for your boyfriend…”

Violett opened her mouth to retort, her brow twitching with indignation but before she could get a word out the old man leaned in and the soft, wet flat of his tongue swiped firmly across her wrinkled back-door, turning whatever protest she had into a shocked, girly gasp.

Steve chuckled at the expression of surprise on her pretty face. Her eyes and mouth were gaping wide as the overweight man licked her ass. She twitched in reflex, shuddered slightly, but George had obviously expected this and held her in place with little effort while he began to swiftly circle the tip of his tongue around her cute asshole.

“Ohfuck! Ohshit!” Violett muttered, her alarmed gaze darting over to the camera, looking completely helpless.

Steve chuckled. “Never gotten your ass eaten before, huh?” he stated the obvious, “You’ve been missing out!”

As if on cue, Violett’s eyes glassed over and she opened her mouth in a silent moan when the porn star zeroed in on her sphincter and wiggled his tongue against it, testing the tight resistance. She let out an embarrassed whine as her butthole was bathed in saliva.

“How does she taste, George?” Steve inquired, utterly amused by the material he got.

The old man briefly broke away from his feast, making sure to make an audible slurping noise as he did. “She tastes like a stupid, little slut!” he grinned back over his shoulder before turning back and loudly spitting straight onto her cute, pink asshole.

Violett squealed at the sensation of warm, slimy spit splattering all over her exposed anus, but then her head dropped back and she couldn’t help but moan when the tongue returned to tease her down there.

“What a whore!” Steve smirked. He slowly walked around the bed to get a closer angle of Violett’s bliss-contorted face when all of a sudden a loud buzzing sound made him jump.

“Huh?!” Looking up he quickly localized the source of the noise and he shook his head with a dismissive chuckle, “Oh, really fucking professional…”

Quickly, he walked over to Violett’s purse and pulled out her phone, which vibrated furiously. Glancing over, he saw that the actress was too preoccupied by being rimmed to even notice when he checked the display. A wide grin spread on his face as he read the caller-ID and he wasted no time in heading back to the bed.

“Hey, cunt!” he almost shouted to get Violett’s attention, who opened her eyes in annoyed confusion, “It’s your boyfriend!”

“Wha… NO!” Violett jumped with panic when she saw her phone, trying to grab it from his hands while George continued to hold her down, eating her ass like a man possessed.

“Give him my regards!” Steve laughed as he swiped his finger across the display to accept the call, then tossed it to her and stepped back, filming with a huge grin as the brunette scrambled to answer it.

“Wha… Uh… H…hey!” she stuttered out when she finally got a hold on it. With her free hand, she reached down to push George’s head away, but he wouldn’t budge.

“H-hey honey! What’s up?!” she cleared her throat, trying to calm the panic and act natural as a thick, slimy tongue licked her clenched asshole. She furiously glared over at Steve, who simply stood back and enjoyed the show.

“Yeah, yeah. Shooting was great!” Violett rambled, suppressing a moan as George hit an especially sensitive spot. The old man was feasting on her backside like he was a starving man.

“Y-yeah… ngh… amazing, hun… Lis-ten… can I c-call you ba…?!” she squeezed her eyes shut in frustration when her boyfriend cut her off, apparently determined to tell his girlfriend an anecdote about his day. Tortured, she once again tried to push George away, but he just wasn’t bothered.

“Aaaah!” she squeaked before slapping her free palm over her mouth to stop herself when George pressed the tip of his tongue against her tiny opening and it gave way, allowing the old man the first invasion of her virgin asshole.

“N-no!” she stuttered, scrambling for an excuse when her boyfriend apparently had gotten curious on the other side, “It’s just K-Kate… She’s massaging my… my feet! She’s really GOOD!”

Steve snickered. He had to give it to the young actress: she was thinking quick in a pinch…

George rewarded her wit by pushing her hips upwards. Violett’s eyes widened and she gave him a pleading look as her back was raised off the bed, lifting her butt higher and higher until she ended up doubled over in a pile-driver position. Only her toes, shoulders and the back of her head were touching the bed while her pink asshole pointed straight at the ceiling.

As George moved into position over her, Violett put her hand on her phone’s receiver. “Please,” she addressed the porn star, “Just a minute…”

Her plea was answered by a heavy drop of slimy spit splattering against her anus and she gave a whimpering squeal when the tongue shoved its way back in. The helpless look that she gave the camera as Steve moved in closer was absolutely priceless.

“N-nnoooo, I haven’t had a chance yet!” she whimpered into the phone while George tongue-fucked her in the ass, “I’ll… I’ll listen to it la…later on and tell you what I think!”

Tears of humiliation and desperation brimmed in her eyes as Paul, completely oblivious to her peril, kept chatting on while two men had fun with her virgin hole, waking sensations in her that she grudgingly had to admit were amazing. Some part of her just wanted to snap at her boyfriend as he droned on about the techniques he had used in his latest track, but she held back, praying for him to not notice that there was anything off.

Steve absolutely loved this spontaneous twist, making sure to capture it all for his audience while the old porn star teased and toyed with the actress’ tight and pink ring muscle, forcing his tongue as deep as he could. When he pulled out, Violett’s spit-slick asshole gaped for a split-second before it irised shut again to its original tightness. He repeated this a few times, absolutely driving the young woman crazy.

“Nnnngh!” Violett whined, hating that she loved this sensation so much, “N-no, Kate just… hit a… a spot! Fuck, that’s good!”

George grinned down at her, even brazenly winking as he just continued, working her sphincter with his wet tongue. Meanwhile he blindly grabbed the bottle of lube and squeezed a healthy portion of the cool gel into his hand, spreading it all over his cock without Violett even noticing.

“No-hooo! Listen, I’ll… I’ll just call you back, honey, okay?!” Violett pressed out, closing her eyes to focus as she found it increasingly difficult to concentrate, “Yes! Yes! I love you, too!”

With that, Violett quickly ended the call before angrily tossing her phone aside, glaring at the two men who molested her upraised ass.

“God, you fucking bastards!” she hissed.

“Yeah, yeah! Shut up, slut!” Steve dismissed her. Fury from a girl in pile-driver position really wasn’t intimidating.

Violett opened her mouth to give a retort, but any words died in her throat when George stood up. Her eyes were drawn to the fat, lubed up shaft swaying menacingly in front of him, glistening in the room’s light.

“Ready to get your ass fucked, bitch?” he grinned.

“N… no,” she answered honestly. While getting her pussy fucked, she had managed to banish the thoughts of anal sex from her mind completely and instead just bask in the glory of her pleasure, but now that reality was back and nervousness spread throughout her body, causing her heart to race.

“Well,” the expression on George’s face showed little sympathy and all the more glee instead as he reached down and spread her ass-cheeks wide, again exposing her completely to the camera, “Shouldn’t have sold that tight, little backdoor to us then…”

He squatted down and placed the length of his thick, hot cock along the crack of her ass, then started to thrust slowly back and forth in teasing motions. Violett whimpered as his hard meat slid back and forth across her sensitive sphincter, her wide, fearful eyes locked on the head of his cock. How this was supposed to fit was a terrifying mystery to her.

Steve made sure to capture the frightened anticipation on Violett’s face as George hotdogged her, knowing that a large portion of their viewership was looking forward to this the most: the gorgeous, oh-so-morally-pure Hollywood actress about to receive a rough and degrading anal pounding from a fat old man. Once he was satisfied with his material he nodded towards George, whose grin widened even more.

“Spread your ass for me, you cunt!” he harshly ordered, making her replace his hands with her own and present herself in this most exposing way. He then grabbed his cock around the base and before he positioned himself he made it a point to drop a huge gob of slimy saliva right down on Violett’s petite opening. The actress whimpered, blushing with humiliation at the lewd act. Having an old man spit on her butthole was something she’d never have dreamed of happening before today.

“Look at the camera!” Steve directed when he saw her close her eyes, making sure every iota of the act, from the act of first penetration to the emotions on her face while it happened, was on film. She complied, making his cock twitch in his shorts when she bit her lip, anxiousness and humiliation written all over her pretty face.

George took another moment to swipe his cock through his spit, spreading it out a little more before he finally lined the head up with Violett’s hole. The fat dick looked huge, an impossible fit for the tiny, puckered orifice. He felt her twitch nervously at the contact. He smiled.

“Here we go!” the porn star pushed downwards, slowly but surely increasing the pressure on Violett’s tiny, spit-soaked muscle, firmly demanding entrance to the actress’s anus. She let out a whimper. Her sphincter held tight for the moment, fighting to keep the intruder out, but she could already feel that the unrelenting approach would be too much.

“Oooow!” she cried out miserably, her face a grimace as slowly but surely, her ring muscle succumbed, stretching and widening around George’s prick. The first inch of his meat pushed into her butthole, sending sharp pain up her spine, “S… slow!”

George chuckled at the familiar demand. His experience equipped him perfectly to measure his pace, he knew exactly how far to push her, but the first anal experience with a cock as big as his would always be overwhelming. Her pathetic writhing and whimpering would make for a fantastic display for the camera though. Pushing deeper, he slowly made progress until finally, the bell-shaped tip of his cock popped past her sphincter and into her ass. Violett gave a small whine, but he barely paused before pressing on.

“Yeah, just like that!” Steve was enthusiastic as he moved in close to film George’s big cock disappear, inch by inch, up the brunette actress’ asshole, then panned down to capture the intense mix of pain and embarrassment on her face as she was sodomized for the very first time. Her tiny, pink butthole struggled to expand wide enough to accommodate him.

“Aaargh!” she sobbed, tears of exertion and pain brimming in her eyes, “Pl… Please, I can’t… take it!”

George chuckled, ignoring her plea and instead pulling back just a bit to thrust deeper. “She’s got a real nice and tight asshole, this slut!” he commented for the camera as he slowly sank his cock balls-deep into her hole, “Those Hollywood producers have been missing out!”

Violett barely heard the vile remark, her mind instead entirely focused on the pain she felt that was different than anything she had ever experienced. Stuck in this humiliating pile driver position there was nothing she could do as she was completely at his mercy. She let out a tortured groan as he drew back, almost all the way out until she felt the rim of his head pull at her sphincter and for a second she thought he was going to stop when he instead pushed back in, rougher this time. She cried out.

“Yeah, fuck that dumb bitch’s ass!” Steve demanded, clearly in line with George’s intention as he began to pump his hips, thrusting his thick pole into her hole. He had put a healthy amount of lubrication onto his cock and added a significant amount of spit that helped ease things, quickly allowing him to slide in and out with relative ease despite the tightness. Nonetheless, Violett grimaced in pain, biting down hard on her lips to stop herself from crying out, but it did not take long for those attempts to break down.

“Oowwww! Fuuuuck!” she pressed out, overwhelmed by the sharp pain in her ass, “Please! I… Please!”

George ignored her rambled begging and simply proceeded to fuck her. In her defenseless position the brunette was completely at his mercy and had to helplessly take it as he used her asshole. She looked over to Steve, but the cameraman made no attempt to stop or slow the action either, instead he filmed her anal defilement from different angles, making sure that nothing was missed.

“Rub your cunt!” George hissed through clenched teeth. The position was straining for him too and her anus was so tight that it even hurt him, so her loosening up was in his best interest. “Rub your slut cunt, you bitch!”

Steve snickered at the amount of expletives the overweight porn star used. It was a bit excessive by some standards, but it worked for him and it got through to Violett as the actress, still moaning painfully, reached between her thighs to play with her clit.

“That’s it!” the old man grunted as he slowly but surely felt Violett relax a bit. Grabbing the lube, he briefly pulled his cock from her ass. Her sphincter immediately tightened back up to its original size, but when George doused it in lube and placed his cock back against it, he sank right back in, all the way to the balls.

“Oooooh! Ohgoood!” Violett whined, her brow still furrowed as she was unable to master the sensations flooding through her. However, she found that playing with her pussy really helped her to relax and let it happen and once she eased up a little, the pain became less intense. Slowly but surely she began to feel more things. Things that had been hidden by the pain but were now coming through. She could feel the fat shaft deep inside her, sliding back and forth and stimulating her nerve endings. The smooth round head deep inside her rectum felt forbidden and strange, but in a weird way the humiliating feeling of fullness was quite addictive.

“That’s it! Rub that pussy of yours!” George growled. He leaned forward to get a better angle for his thrusts and fuck her deeper, feeling his big balls slap audibly against the crack of her butt with each thrust. Violett received each stroke with a gasping wail, though the pain was notably getting filtered out. He made sure to periodically apply new lube, keeping the act as easy and slick as he possibly could and despite her initial reluctance he could feel her melt into it. The rhythm of her fingers playing with her clit became much smoother and slowly but surely her scrunched up face relaxed, going from pained to intrigued, watching the old man fuck her ass.

“You like it, huh?” he teased her, pounding her down into the bed, “You like it in the ass, don’t you, you slut?!”

Violett bit down on her lower lip at those words, but even still was unable to stop the moaning as she felt that big cock stretch her sphincter. Shamefully she nodded before closing her eyes in embarrassment. Her ears burned as both men laughed. Nonetheless, she continued playing with her pussy in time with his thrusts.

“Fucking celeb sluts, I tell you…” Steve chuckled, shaking his head, “They all want to pretend like they are too good for this, but just give them some good dick and they turn into moaning bitches like that…”

As if to reaffirm the cameraman’s words, George picked his pace up and brutally hammered her ass. Violett shrieked and bucked, but could do nothing but take the anal assault he dished out on her as she was stuck in this defenseless position, George’s strong grip holding her firmly in place as he plundered her thoroughly.

“Gaaah! OHGOOOD! FUUUUUUCK!” Violett cried, nearly losing her mind as powerful sensations of pain and pleasure filled her body. The bed beneath her creaked with the ferocity of this old man fucking her, using her, turning her into his personal cocksocket. She was getting fucked in the ass to achieve a goal, trading her most private hole away to sleazy men who had no respect for her.

“NOOOOOOO!” she wailed shrilly as the dirty thoughts paired with the harsh pounding sent her over the edge and she succumbed to the most intense, shameful orgasm of her life.

“Yeah!” George roared down at her relentlessly continuing to pile-drive her asshole with all his power, “Cum for me, you bitch!”

“I fucking love it…” Steve snickered, shaking his head in disbelief as he made sure to get all the good angles. An hour ago, the pretty brunette had entered this room, all nervous and prim and proper. Now, she was cumming from getting assfucked, and cumming hard.

He closed in on her for a shot of her scrunched up face which mirrored the waves of pleasure washing over her body as it twitched. Her feet kicked at the air as her legs trembled and George had a hard time holding her in place, ultimately simply going balls-deep in her rectum and holding out, focusing on keeping the actress in her pile driver pose.

“This cunt missed her calling…” he groaned at the camera as he enjoyed his cock getting a massage by Violett’s clenching butthole, “She should get fucked in the ass for a living. She’s fucking incredible, man…”

Both men watched in awe as the trembling of Violett’s body increased to the point of almost looking like a seizure with her limbs flailing uncontrollably.  By the point her shaking reached its crescendo, her eyelids fluttered open to reveal that her eyes had rolled back into her head, giving her an utterly stunned look that stayed as she slowly calmed down.

George waited until she relaxed slightly, only shaken by some occasional shivers before he slowly pulled his cock from her ass. When the head of his cock popped past her sphincter, Violett gave a guttural groan, followed by another shudder, but seemed too exhausted to acknowledge it any further. Apparently determined not to let her have any dignity at all, George used his hands to hold her in this piled-up position and spread her buttocks wide for the camera.

Violett’s small, pink butthole had received a thorough work-over and Steve moved in to capture how it now gaped open, revealing the pink walls of her bowels as her sphincter very slowly shrank down to something resembling its original tightness.

Only once Steve had gotten a ton of material did the old porn star let go and step back. The actress groaned groggily as her legs finally were allowed to swing back and she could stretch out, but George gave her little reprieve.

“C’mon, you lazy skank!” he grinned, bending down and grabbing a fistful of tussled brunette hair, “I’m not done with that beautiful asshole of yours!”

“Ow!” Violett winced as she was roughly dragged up to her knees, her scalp burning. Her heart was still beating fast as she glared up. He was really fucking her amazingly, but why did he have to be such a bastard? Infuriatingly, George gave her a wink as he went to lie down on his back next to her. Instead of speaking up, he then simply grabbed her by the hips and she gasped as he wordlessly dragged her over to straddle him.

“Woah!” she gasped, struggling not to fall as she found herself cowering atop her co-star, facing towards his feet. Still a bit disoriented she looked around to find Steve moving into position right in front of her, aiming his camera at her for a full-frontal view.

“Stick it in your ass, Violett!” he demanded.

She swallowed, blinking repeatedly to get rid of the blurriness of her vision. She felt utterly exhausted, ready to drop after three enormous orgasms in quick succession, but she knew that she did not have a choice: she was here to please them until they were done with her. It took her a moment before she obeyed. Supported by George’s grip on her waist, she reached down below herself and found his cock. It was still slippery with lube as she pointed it upwards and aimed it directly at her back-door.

“Okay… okay…” she whispered, more to herself to pump herself up than to the camera. Both of them gasped as she pushed it up against her sphincter and it slipped inside, her asshole much more relaxed now.

“Look at the camera!” Steve snapped and Violett complied, staring straight down the lens with wide eyes as she slowly sank down George’s massive cock, impaling her own ass.

“Ohgoood!” she whimpered as she was stretched again. It stunned her how good this felt, to do something as vile as anal sex. It was so wrong... and she loved it!

Steve watched in fascination as Violett placed her hands on George’s chest to brace herself and then slowly skewered herself on his massive cock. This time he slid in easily as she was not tense and instead eager to feel his dick deep inside her again. She took the entirety of his fat shaft inside her on the second stroke, her mouth gaping wide as all those nerve endings fired up into her brain.

“Fuuuuuck!” she moaned, her eyes glassing over as her buttocks touched George’s pelvis. She took a moment to collect herself before she rose again and began to fuck herself with a rhythm of long, slow strokes, groaning gutturally on each and every one. She was so incredibly sensitive now, her orgasms had drained her and left her raw and she was pretty much just running on fumes. Her entire body was covered in a thin gleam of sweat, but she kept going, pumping her hips for the viewing pleasure of a faceless crowd.

Again, Steve moved in for a close-up, documenting the developments between Violett’s thighs. Due to her spread legs, her pussy was now gaping open, showing off the glistening pink of her cunt in a raunchy way. Her small clit peeked out from under its hood and her outer lips were flushed red from both her excitement and the rough way George had fucked her, making for a nice contrast of shades to her pale skin.

“Lean back!” he demanded and when she complied he got a perfect shot of how her asshole wrapped tightly around the girth of George’s fat cock, her snug sphincter stretched impossibly wide to accommodate him and sliding up and down his shaft to satisfy him.

From there he made sure to capture Violett’s bouncing b-cups, taking a moment to get every detail of her small breasts. Her light pink nipples stood pertly, begging to be played with and as if on cue one of George’s hands came up and grabbed a firm hold of her tit, squeezing the supple flesh like a stress ball. Violett moaned. Tomorrow, the rough handling would likely result in some bruising, but at this moment, the brunette clearly loved it, paying it back by increasing her pace, which caused her ass-cheeks to loudly smack against George’s lap.

“That’s it!” the porn star praised, appreciating the effort she was putting in. He knew he had worn her out, that she was ready to drop. This was exactly what he had been aiming for. Sitting up, he moved her sweaty hair to the side and latched his lips onto the soft skin at the crook of the neck, eliciting a soft, girly coo among her throaty moans.

Amused, Steve watched Violett’s eyes flutter as George sucked on her erogenous zone. It seemed like this was a true weak spot, as despite the fact that the old man blemished her perfect skin with several hickeys, she did not object. She would probably have some explaining to do if her boyfriend saw them, but it seemed she was too lost in the situation to care.

“Ohgoood!” she whimpered, her brow furrowing as George continued to attack. Even the thrusting of her hips slowed to a crawl and then even stopped completely with his cock stuffed half-way up her anus as she seemed completely stunned by the tender sensations.

Of course, the experienced pro was playing her. Steve watched in fascination as George’s hand crept back down to Violett’s waist, getting a nice, firm grip on the much younger woman as his mouth kept her mind pre-occupied, lulling her into a sense of tenderness with his caressing. He then re-set his feet ever so slightly to get into a position of even better leverage before he very suddenly dropped back to the bed. Digging his heels and shoulders into the mattress, he gained leverage to suddenly unleash his ferocity and pound Violett’s poor asshole as hard and fast as he could.

The look on the actress’ face was comical. Pure, peaceful bliss was washed away in an instant as she was surprised by the sudden anal onslaught and mouth and eyes went wide with shock as her poor backdoor was all but annihilated.

“WAAAAAAAAH!” she screamed at the top of her lungs, trying to escape, but once again George’s powerful grip denied her, holding her in place and making her take it without mercy. Stuck, Violett was forced to endure her pounding, sitting helplessly atop the old porn star while he had his way with her. The sheer speed of his thrusts was so overwhelming that her cries melted into each other and she screamed like a banshee, tossing her head from side to side, “AAAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAH! FUUUUUUUUUUCK!”

“Harder! C’mon, harder!” Steve spurred his talent on, delighted by the show he was getting. This slut would walk funnily for a week!

George growled, straining but succeeding to follow the direction and punishing Violett even more, giving Steve another good couple of seconds to film Violett’s wildly bouncing tits before he surprised both the cameraman as well as his co-star when he very suddenly rolled them both over, ending up on top of her with his body splayed out atop hers.

Steve watched in awe as he did not miss a single beat, hooking his feet into the insides of Violett’s thighs and forcing them apart, making her completely helpless before he proceeded to pound her from on top.

 “Holy shit!” Steve muttered, watching Georg’s big cock thrust in and out of the little harlot’s asshole, her sphincter wrapped tightly around his girth. With every hard, punishing stroke his sweaty ballsack smacked against the lips of her bald pussy.


While the old man grunted in exhaustion the pretty girl screamed her head off in pleasure. He could see her fists clenching the sheets, her toes stretched out, digging into the mattress to master the feelings as her asshole was all but destroyed.

Slowly, he made his way around the bed, filming the fucking pair and just congratulating himself for casting George for this project. Violett was completely stuck underneath him as he used his body weight to keep her pinned in place and she had given up on trying to get away, simply screaming her lungs out as she was fucked harder than ever. As he came around, she made eye-contact with the camera and her expression just told the story of how overwhelmed she was, tears of utter exhaustion running down her cheeks as she was rocked by George’s ground-and-pound. She looked like she was in desperate disbelief that she could be this overwhelmed by a man this old and out of shape.

“Pull her hair back!” Steve directed, wanting to get an unobstructed view of her face and George immediately carried his instruction out. Never even missing a beat, he collected a tight fistful of hair and used it to roughly pull Violett’s head back.

“OHGOOOOOOD!” the actress cried, feeling tears roll down her face. She couldn’t deal with all this any longer. It was going to make her cum again!

Steve saw it in her eyes. He smirked, looking up and between the two men passed a silent understanding. as George grinned, redoubling his efforts. Knowing that this was the final stretch, he collected his strength and pounded away, annihilating Violett’s backdoor, which turned her screams even shriller. Putting his entire weight onto her back, he then reached forward and inserted the fore, middle and ring finger of both hands into the corners of her mouth, pulling her face into an undignified, pathetic, teeth-baring grimace as he assfucked her over the edge.

Violett tried to hold on, tried not to humiliate herself by cumming like this, but she barely managed to stall for another couple of seconds before she was washed away by her climax. She let out a wailing cry as her body tensed, her asshole clenching down on George’s cock one final time as her body was taken over by shudders.

As her eyes rolled into the back of her head, George urgently pulled his cock from her ass and, while she was incapacitated by her orgasm he climbed up her body. Pushing her face sideways into the mattress with one hand, he urgently jerked his cock off, stroking it a couple of times before he came with a grunt, exploding over the side of Violett’s face while holding her down.

Shaking with her own release, the brunette felt the hot, slimy cum hit her tear-streaked cheek, lines of creamy sperm stretching from her chin to her hairline, gluing her left eye-lid shut in the process. She could only whine in response as she received a thick facial, but there was nothing saving her from having to take it.

“Fuuuuuuck, you little CUNT!” George groaned as he drained the final drops of his load onto her flushed features, leaving her marred by several white streaks before he was done. Sweaty and exhausted, he climbed off the actress, who was left a still-shaking mess on the bed.

“Alright, I’m done, you can kick her out now!” he grunted as he grabbed another bottle of water, then headed straight out to the balcony, naked as he was, to grab a cigarette.

Steve chuckled, keeping the camera trained on the exhausted girl that remained on the bed. He took a second to pan over her naked frame, capturing all the red marks on her pale skin from where she had been grabbed too roughly. “You okay?”

Violett moaned, her whole body still feeling numb. Under great exertion she lifted her head. Her hair was a complete mess and the entire left side of her face was smeared in cum, leaving her unable to open her eye. Peering at the camera she forced a smile onto her lips.

“Goodbye! I am Violett Beane and I paid with pussy!” she said, leaving a short break before she added, “… among other things!”

Steve chuckled, taking another couple of seconds to film the wrecked, naked actress before he cut the camera. Setting it down on the table he grabbed a towel and a bottle of water, handing it over to Violett, who gingerly moved into a sitting position and accepted the items.

“So, how was that?” he asked as Violett wiped her face, then gulped down several mouthfuls of water.

“Fucking intense!” the brunette admitted, shaking her head with a smirk. To her, all this still felt unreal. When she stood, her legs were more than a little shaky. She wobbled over to the mirror and gasped in shock at her own reflection, utterly disheveled and covered in red marks.

“If you want you can grab a shower…” Steve offered, already switching his laptop on to get to work on the editing process. “I put out a towel for you already.”

“Thanks, that would be great…” she nodded and turned towards the small bathroom, gracious for the opportunity to wash her body after her intense activity. She could feel the last of her adrenaline slowly wearing off, leaving her utterly exhausted.

When she returned, wrapped in a white, fluffy towel Steve was busy cutting the film.

“Damn, you guys are quick!” she muttered as she dropped the towel and grabbed her skirt.

Steve shrugged with a smile. “Our customers are always eager. Can’t leave them waiting…”

“Well, I hope they enjoy my hard work!” she quipped, quickly putting her clothes back on. She grabbed her sandals and her purse and walked towards Steve, extending her hand. “I had an interesting day! It would be a lie to say it wasn’t a pleasure…”

The cameraman laughed, shaking her hand. “I bet it was! You were great to work with.”

Violett grinned and turned around. Taking a moment to compose herself, she left the room, her mind still racing with what had just happened to her.


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