Worst Night Ever

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Bridgit Mendler and I do not make money from this writing.

Worst Night Ever

Bridgit Mendler and her boyfriend of three months John walked down the street at night, hand in hand. They just had an amazing date; they had a nice dinner and went to see a romantic movie. John was walking Bridgit back to her home. He had it all planned out, he would kiss her on the doorstep and afterwards Bridgit would invite him inside. They would make out on the couch and one thing would lead to another. They would end up having sex in her bed all night long and this is why John had a few condoms in his wallet.

“How about we take the shortcut by the alley?” John asked pointing to the dark alleyway, he was in a hurry to get to her house and finally fuck her. He never had sex in his life and he couldn’t wait another moment.

“I’m not sure” responded Bridgit “I mean I take the shortcut during the day…but it’s very dark out now”

“Don’t worry, I’m with you” said John, he wasn’t that tough, but she didn’t know that.

“Okay” said Bridgit with a sweet smile on her face “With you by my side I don’t have to worry. I know you’ll protect me”

Bridgit and John walked into the alleyway which would allow them to reach her home at least 15 minutes earlier. John was so excited of finally seeing Bridgit Mendler nude he didn’t notice when something or rather someone blocked their path and Bridgit stopped in her tracks.

“What’s the matter?” he asked her.

Bridgit just pointed in front of them. Laughter came from that direction.

John looked, there were three tall, muscle filled black men blocking their way.

“What do we have here?” said the first one

“What a cute couple” the second one said

John’s heart continued to beat fast. At first it was beating fast because he couldn’t wait to finally have sex with his hot girlfriend. Now it was beating because these guys could rob them and beat him up in no time flat.

John had to act brave for Bridgit “Sorry, would you mind moving…” he started

“Shut up” yelled the third man

The first one spoke again “You can call me R; this is my mate A and that other one is called P”

“P?” asked John

“Yeah” said P “for I’ll piss on you”

“The last one is called E” said R

“But there are only three of you” Bridgit pointed out

“Think again” said E as he came up front behind them. They were trapped in the alleyway. E looked like the three black guys in front of them.

“What do you want with us?” asked Bridgit, she was on the edge of tears

“Give us all your money” said R.

Bridgit looked in her purse and took out a 20 dollar bill, she tossed it at the guys “That is all I have” she said

A picked it up and showed it to R. “What? You only have a measly 20 bucks on you?”

Bridgit crossed her arms “My boyfriend pays for everything. I only buy the popcorn”

“Your turn nerd” said E from behind John.

John put his hands in his pockets and fished out two 5 dollar bills and 4 quarters and handed it to A who then showed it to R who didn’t look pleased.

“Only 11 dollars?” R asked

“Dinner and a movie ain’t cheap nowadays” said John

“This is only 31 dollars” cried P

“If we split it between the four of us, we would each get 7 dollars and 75 cents” said E

“Why can’t we find a rich old couple?” asked A

“Can you let us go now?” asked Bridgit “We gave you all our money”

“Now men hold on” said R “It’s true we didn’t get much money from this young couple. But they have something a lot more valuable than mere dollars. That white chick has a nice rack and I’m sure her pussy will feel good while we fuck it with our big black dicks!”

“WHAT?” cried Bridgit

“Don’t you dare touch my girlfriend” cried John, E grabbed his arm. A and P went towards Bridgit and took hold of both her arms and pinned her against the wall of the alleyway. Both men started to touch her boobs with A even putting his hand up her shirt. Both of them licked her cheeks with their long tongues.

“Stop!” cried Bridgit “Don’t rape me!”

R just laughed, he looked over at E. “Why don’t you go and join the fun. I’ll do her last” said R with a smile. He liked to watch first as it got him hard.

“Thanks R” said E “You’re a really nice guy”

E let go of John and ran over to Bridgit. John curled his fist and threw a punch at R which R easily dodge and then pinned John against the opposite wall from Bridgit.

“I want you to watch your girlfriend get raped by real men. After we are done with her, your tiny white boy penis will never satisfy her again” he said

“I’m…I’m a virgin” John cried

R laughed again “You’ll never fuck her now”

Bridgit’s head lightly pressed against the brick wall behind her. She only had sex twice in her life. The first time was with one of her guy friends at school, they were studying in her room and ended up doing it. The second time was when she was at her prom with her then boyfriend, after prom they stayed in a hotel room and fucked the night away. Both times were amazing.

A and P worked together to tear her shirt off her hot body. They pulled her bra off and tossed it to the floor like the rest of her discarded clothes. E was on his knees, unbuttoning her pants and pulling them down with her underwear. In a matter of seconds Bridgit now stood in the alleyway naked in front of her boyfriend while the hands of three black men roamed her amazing body.

“Take those dogs out boys” said E as he moved his mouth over to Bridgit’s pussy and started to eat her out.

“Fuck! No!” shouted Bridgit as he started to lick her. Her hand went onto E’s head and her fingers dug into his thick black hair as she shut her teeth together.

A and P quickly removed their shirts revealing muscle covered bods and then dropped their pants revealing monster black dicks that were the length of her arm.

A took her right arm and brought her hand over to his member, forcing Bridgit to wrap her hand around his cock. P did the same with her left hand. Bridgit shivered as she was being licked between her legs and now she held a huge cock in each of her hands. She had no idea what to do, both of her sexual encounters only went as far as the dude going in her pussy until he was at his peak in which he pulled out and came on her stomach.

“Stroke it” said A

“Stroke them hard” P added

Slowly Bridgit started to move both her hands, grabbing the dicks she held and feeling the wetness in between her fingers with each movement her hands made. It made her sick, to touch these cocks, to feel that tongue at her most private spot and for those lips that were kissing her neck, her cheeks and her boobs.

A placed two fingers on her chin and moved her face in his direction. Bridgit saw him for a moment and he kissed her. Pressing his mouth onto her mouth. It caught her by surprise, she felt his tongue enter her open mouth, felt his tongue touching her tongue and it made her sick. But also as her tongue moved with his tongue, why did her heart beat fast and why did she close her eyes when he started to French kiss her?

P rolled his tongue in circles around her nipples and E increased the speed he was licking her at. As Bridgit kissed A, she moaned into his mouth. Her hands continued to jack both men off which caused A to moan in her mouth and P to moan onto her big boobs.

Meanwhile John was frozen against his wall looking at all the awful things the men were doing to his girlfriend. Things that he should be doing with Bridgit, alone in her bed. R was standing next to John naked and stroking his cock at the show.

“It turns you on doesn’t it?” R asked him

“N…no, not at all” said John, but his eyes couldn’t leave his naked girlfriend who was kissing another man.

“It’s not fair if she gets all the fun” said R as he looked at John with a smile on his face

“Please don’t rape me too” said John

“No way” said R “I want to see you jacking off to your girlfriend getting raped by black monsters”

“I…” started John

“Do it now or I’ll drop you to your knees and force my cock in your mouth” shouted R

John didn’t say another word. He pulled his pants down and his boxers. His cock was slightly hard, but it was nowhere as long and tall as the cocks the four men had with them. John looked at Bridgit, kissing a man, grabbing two cocks, getting eaten by a man and a man sucking her boobs. John started to grab himself while he watched her getting raped. He was surprised at how good it felt. Since he started dating Bridgit, he stopped masturbating, it felt good to do this once again. But what made it even better was the show in front of him.

“This turns me on too” smiled R as he moved his gaze from Bridgit getting gang banged to John jacking off to his girlfriend getting gang banged.

A broke the hot kiss he shared with Bridgit; her mind was spinning as a trail of saliva connected their lips together. Bridgit blinked confused as A brought his mouth to her tits and took a taste. P stopped sucking her nipple and turned her face towards him and he kissed her this time.

Bridgit followed what she did last time. Her eyes closed as her lips touched the lips of P. Her tongue eager to feel the wetness of another departed her mouth and went into P’s mouth. He accepted her tongue in his mouth and soon both tongues were dancing together.

Bridgit knew she shouldn’t, but for some reason kissing these men and touching them made her so hot and what turned her on even more. In that brief moment when A stopped kissing her and before P claimed her mouth, she caught a glimpse of the man she loved. John had his pants down and was grabbing himself looking at her in this state. She should be furious at him, that he would rather jack off to her getting raped then try to save her, but for an odd reason that made her more excited than before. 

Bridgit moaned into P’s mouth, not because he was that good of a kisser but because E was hitting the sweet spot of her pussy and she felt like she was going to explode down there.

“She is close” said E with a smile, he blew into her pussy.

Bridgit moaned loudly into P’s mouth as she reached her orgasm. It was embarrassing that she would cum while getting raped, but she was used to using the shower head on her pussy and her fingers to get off since her love life usually sucked. Finally for the past three months since she started seeing John she gave the shower head and her fingers a while deserved break from getting her off, but she missed her daily orgasms way too much. It felt so good to have one since she stopped three months ago. It felt really good. Maybe a little too good. She wanted to have another one right away.

If they didn’t meet these guys in the alleyway tonight, they would have reached her house by now. John would have kissed her at her door and like a good girl she would invite him inside to relax. She had planned to kiss him on the couch and she had hoped that one thing would lead to another. They could have gone up to her bedroom and made love for hours and hours in her bed. She really liked John and really needed to cum as well.

E had his mouth open and drank her love juice as it sprayed out of her pussy. Using his tongue to lick up anything that had missed his mouth. He gave her pussy several more licks, before he stood and dropped his pants.

P stopped kissing her and released her mouth. Bridgit took a breath of air as she recovered from her first orgasm in months. A small trail of saliva kept her mouth connected to P’s lips, but it broke soon enough. Bridgit then noticed E was stroking his monster and was looking at her as if she was fresh meat. Bridgit didn’t even notice that her hands were still stroking two of those monsters as her eyes went wide.

“Please…don’t!” she said, but wasn’t sure if they hear her.

“I think we’re going to have a lot of fun together baby” P said to her as he licked her ear

The men allowed Bridgit to release their cocks. They forcefully made her drop onto her hands and knees. A stood in front of her and P was behind her, both men held their cocks and stroked them slightly.

“What…what is going on?” Bridgit asked clueless

“Oh, you’ll see soon enough” smiled E as he looked at P and nodded

P jammed his cock into Bridgit’s hot ass.

Bridgit’s eyes went wide as she felt it. “Not in my ass!” she yelled “Take it out! Take it out! It hurts! It fucking hurts!”

P placed his hands on her perfect hips and started to thrust inside of her. “Calm down, it will feel good soon”

I really truly doubt that Bridgit thought to herself, but she didn’t dare open her mouth.

She moaned slightly and held back tears that would surely roll down her wet cheeks.

“Please…take it out of my butt” she whined

“This will shut her up” said A, he aimed his dick at her mouth. Bridgit was too busy focusing on the cock assaulting her butt and crying about it to even notice what A was doing. She should have paid more attention. A slipped into her mouth with ease.

With her mouth filled, Bridgit could no longer moan and cry about what was happening to her poor ass. The sounds she made were muffed by the thick black cock that filled her throat, they only made A feel better as he started to thrust into her mouth like P was doing to her rear end.

Even if Bridgit didn’t want too, her tongue was forced to lick the tip of the penis that filled her entire throat to its very limit. Every time A moved forward into her, his big black balls slapped her chin and every time Bridgit took some air through her noise, she smelled the awful stench of A’s dirty penis, she wondered when was the last time he washed his dick, not in the last six months, that was for sure.

E was poking his cock around her face. Poking her cheeks, poking her ears and her nose. She tried her best to get through this awful nightmare. While some things turned her on, like John jacking off to her right now. She did not want to enjoy this; she would not enjoy this. Maybe she enjoyed getting an orgasm, but that would be it, she would not enjoy another minute of this nightmare.

R looked over at John who continued to stroke his dick at his girlfriend getting raped by those men. He looked as A pushed deep into Bridgit’s throat and at the same time P was thrusting quickly into her tight hole.

“How is it to watch your girlfriend get raped by my homies?” said R

“It’s so fucking hot” said John, his eyes were glued to Bridgit, she was so beautiful and he just couldn’t stop touching himself as he looked at those men use her and break her.

E was poking his cock at her ear once more as A took a handful of her blonde hair as he pushed harder and deeper in her mouth which earned him wide eyes from Bridgit. P moved one hand onto the wall close to them for extra support.

“What’s wrong with you man?” asked E

“I think…I think I’m gonna cum soon” he said

Bridgit’s eyes were really focused now as she heard P say the word “cum”. He better pull out she thought, she didn’t want his jizz in her ass.

“So soon brother?” asked E

“She has really talented hands” confessed P

“Really, wish she stroked me” said E “But her pussy tasted really good and so did her juice”

E stroked himself as he poked her left ear over and over, the feeling of her earlobe on the tip of his penis made him feel amazing.

“Shit, here it cums” shouted P, he pulled out of her butt, wrapping his hand around his member and stroked it. He roared as he ejaculated and his jizz covered Bridgit’s fine ass and backside.

“My man P, that’s a nice load” said E. He did a high five with P.

At least he didn’t cum in my butt Bridgit thought to herself.

Several minutes of thrusting into her mouth later and A also reached his peak. He however did not pull out of her mouth. He came in her throat, filling her mouth with his white jizz. Bridgit’s cheeks bulged as his load filled her mouth with cream. A kept his cock in her mouth even once he was done cumming. He looked down at her and Bridgit looked up at A with her wide eyes, a look of innocent in her eyes.

“Swallow it all bitch” he commanded her

I will never swallow this shit Bridgit thought in her mind, she refused to take it down her throat, it was just too gross.

A placed two fingers on her nose and blocked it. Bridgit couldn’t breathe, she was forced to swallow, as she swallowed A’s seed, he removed his cock from her mouth and she gasped for air once the cum went down to her belly. A released her nose afterwards.

“Good job white girl” he said to her, he joined P and slapped her ass as he passed it. P smiled and also gave her butt a whack.

“Ow, that hurts!” yelled Bridgit

“As much as my cock in your tight ass?” asked P his hand still slapping her butt

“Please, stop this” she begged

“I’m close too” shouted E who was stroking his cock and rubbing it against her ear. He shifted slightly and aimed his hose at her face. He shot his head back, his jizz coming out from the tip and covering her face with his seed. Bridgit looked like a mess. E joined his pals who looked at her hot ass and like the two of them, took several slaps on it.

“Can we go now?” asked Bridgit, who was dazed and confused, but hopeful that the nightmare was finally over

“I’m afraid not” said R

“Why not?” she asked

“I need to have some fun as well” he said “My friends were nice enough to not screw you in the pussy and E got it nice and wet for my big black cock to go in with ease”

“Can’t you like…I don’t know, fuck John’s ass instead of me?” Bridgit asked

“Your nerd is not a chick” said R “I want a pussy”

R took hold of her shoulders and pulled Bridgit up to her feet. She could hardly stand after the treatment she received from his friends. When R let go of her, Bridgit fell on her sore ass. R pushed on her boobs and her head hit the floor, it was wet with jizz that got into her hair.

R stroked his mighty rod several times and looked into Bridgit’s haunted eyes. “Are you ready for it?”

Bridgit shook her head “no”

“Too bad” R told her and slipped inside of her pussy.

Bridgit screamed. The last time she had sex was at her high school prom. She always thought that the next guy she would have sex with would be her boyfriend John, not some man that she never met before. All John was doing was standing against the other wall, looking at her getting raped out of her mind and stroking his cock at the sight. In some ways however it turned Bridgit on, knowing that her boyfriend was getting off at her awful situation.

R started to thrust in her. He was skilled at fucking pussy. He was a lot more skilled then both men that she fucked. In the case of her friend, it was both their first time, so it made sense that he was unskilled under the sheets. Her prom date and boyfriend at that point in time was only thinking of getting some. He had boobs and pussies on his mind. Two weeks later they were over anyways.

As he fucked her R touched her tits as well. Bridgit moaned at his touch, even if she didn’t want too. But her body was burning, every touch set her off. R pulled on her nipples and she just gave him the desired outcome, it made her mad to give him what he wanted, but yet her body wanted it and needed it. Was she going crazy?

R took her tits into his mouth and licked her nipples with that skilled tongue. She didn’t know if it was skilled, but with the way his cock drilled into her down there, she was sure he was skilled with his lips as well. Indeed he was.

And then he kissed her side boobs, trailed kisses up her neck and claimed her lips. His tongue was in her mouth, her tongue was on his wet tongue. The tongue that licked her nipples and made her feel wonderful. He was attacking her and yet, Bridgit kissed him back. Why was she doing that, she hated this and hated him.

R broke the kiss that he shared with Bridgit and focused his energy on fucking her and good. His large hands over her boobs as he moved them around, loving the feeling they delivered to his hands.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” Bridgit repeated as R went deeper and deeper in her pussy with his large cock. Bridgit was getting close to having another orgasm. She wanted it so badly.

“Your liking getting raped are you” smiled R

Bridgit ignored him “Fuck me! Fuck me! Make me cum! Make me cum!” said Bridgit who was close to the point of turning into a mindless sex slave.

“I’ll make you cum and I’ll cum” said R

“FUCK!” screamed Bridgit as she reached her second orgasm of the evening, her love juice flowed out of her pussy and drenched R’s dick. Feeling her cum on his dick made R excited and he resumed thrusting into her at a steady rate.

“Not much time now” he said

“Please…cum…cum” moaned Bridgit, it might seem like she was begging for him to shoot his stuff, but she wanted him to unload, not inside of her, but on her. Bridgit had a feeling that once R was done, this awful nightmare would finally end. At least she hoped it would finally end.

“Tell me how much you want it you slut?” he asked

“I want it” moaned Bridgit “I want it so badly”

“Then have it” he said to her. With one final thrust in her, R shot his head back as he ejaculated inside of Bridgit’s pussy.

Inside? Bridgit realized that R came inside of her. Bridgit felt his jizz in her pussy and she knew that R might have gotten her pregnant, if in nine months she was carrying a child, she would know that the father was R. A man she didn’t know, hated and would hopefully never see again.

R pulled his cock out of her, the final drops of his load dripping from his member and onto her sore pussy. R stood and let Bridgit stay on the cold floor of the alleyway. He joined his friends.

“What do you think boys?” asked R

“You were right, this was better than money” said P

“That mouth…magical” said A

“She tasted so good” said E

R looked at John, he was still stroking his cock. All four men could tell he was going to blow soon. “John, how about you give your girlfriend a little present, I’m sure she’ll love to receive that load that is building in your cock. It would turn her on to receive the load that she helped create as you jerked off while we raped her”

“Yes” moaned John, he slowly took steps towards Bridgit and reached her. His hand still moving back and forth.

“John” Bridgit said looking up at the man that she loved. She hated that this happened to her, he would never look at her the same way again. Because he knew and he seemed to like it, he seemed to like looking at her get rape.

“I’m going to cum all over you” he said to her

“No, please don’t John” cried Bridgit, she had taken enough cum on and in her body to be good for several years. The only good part of tonight was the date and her two wonderful and magical orgasms that she was able to feel.

John moaned and shot his head back and his jizz flew from his penis, landing on her big tits and soft stomach. Bridgit felt like she was going to throw up and John had a smile on his face. Bridgit had never seem him happier than he was right now.

“Have fun, you happy couple” said R as he and his boys got dressed. John pulled his pants up as well, but Bridgit just stayed on the floor, cold and naked. R looked down at her before he left “If you got pregnant from my seed, let me know. I’ll like to be a part of my son or daughter’s life” he told her before he and his boys made their escape.

2 hours later

Bridgit had gotten dressed, her and John finally reached her home. They got on the doorstep and John got ready for his kiss.

“I’m not in the mood for that” said Bridgit with her arms crossed under her large chest.

“But honey cakes” said John “After the movie you told me this was the best night of your life”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” asked Bridgit “At that point in time, maybe it was but I was raped tonight in front of you by four guys. Not one, not two. Four and it was awful. All you did was watch it and get off on me going through the worst part of my life. Sure, seeing you jack off to me getting raped sort of turned me on, but it still hurt…a lot to see you not help me get out of that. I had to grab dicks with my bare hands. I had to suck a cock and I took a black dick in my ass and I have no idea how it even fit in there. My ass is so painful right now and I think it will continue to be for a month. And finally the worst part was when he fucked me in my pussy and then he came in me. You know what that means John?” Bridgit paused and gave John a chance to answer, but he didn’t “It means I can get pregnant; it means I might be having a baby with the man that raped me and that really makes me sick. This is without a doubt, one hundred percent, the worst night of my life and always will be. Nothing can be worst then what happened to me tonight…nothing…ever”

Bridgit opened the door to her house and slapped the door in the face of her boyfriend.

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow?” John asked

But Bridgit had made up her mind, her and John were over. She didn’t want to see him ever again because she knew that every time she would look into his blue eyes, she would think about tonight and the way he stroked his cock while the men raped her. Just thinking about that awful memory oddly made her wet and she decided that she should take a hot shower to relax before she goes to sleep. Tonight, she would be using her friend the shower head on her pussy, because she needed to have at least one more orgasm because two was just not enough.

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