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Filming for the new season 6 of Merlin was currently underway and in full force. Both cast and crew were being worked off of their feet doing complicated shots and working long hours. The new season had brought in an additional character to the show, the daughter of Arthur and Gwen. The production team decided that they wanted this character to be older so that the teen audiences had someone to look up to.

A plot was designed to have Morgana and Mordred kidnap the child and allow her to naturally age in a protected land where time didn't pass as swiftly. The intention was to have Mordred marry the Princess and have a claim to the throne of Camelot, potentially paving the way for a movie to end the production.

Y/N was the young actress who was lucky enough to get the part of said Princess, Felan. The producers wanted her relationships on screen to look as authentic as possible, especially her relationships with her on-screen parents. Auditions were carried out with both Bradley and Angel present to read out their own lines, and had each taken an immediate liking to Y/N. She was a very talented actress and took her work seriously, but for a 24 year old girl with such an elaborate career, she was extremely quiet and reserved.

Y/N had been asked to spend one-on-one time with Bradley and Angel regularly as a sort of bonding exercise. It was an unusual feeling at first because, really, there was only about a decades age difference between them. Angel definitely did not enjoy the idea of being Y/N's surrogate 'Mum' and instead insisted that Y/N thought of her more as an older sister to look up to. They would go out for coffee once or twice a week, or if they felt up to it, go out drinking on the Friday night after filming.

At first, Bradley would take Y/N out to see movies, concerts or theatre shows. He just wanted to make an effort for her and never once allowed her to pay her own way.

"Isn't this the type of thing that Dads do?" He would always look so concerned as if he had let her down and could have made a bigger effort.

Y/N reassured him each time that she always had fun when going out on one of their 'bonding' days and looked forward to them. This went on regularly for the first 3-4 months until eventually Y/N had enough and convinced Bradley to relax. She was a quiet person and so found comfort in chilled out activities like having a movie night with takeaway. And that's exactly what Bradley began to do instead.

As the majority of filming was done on location in France, the cast and crew lived in a lovely hotel for most of the production. Y/N found it quite difficult being away from home for such a long time and began to rely on her and Bradley's movie nights as a way to help her get to sleep and not stress. As a child she used to get anxious and stressed whenever her parents went away on trips without her, and it looks as though this trait followed her into adult life too. Having that parent figure close by in France was a massive comfort to her and, although she would always deny it the next day, she was often falling asleep in Bradley's room on top of a pile of blankets and pillows. Bradley takes great pleasure in announcing this little fact to the crew the next morning.

A known fact in the world of 'Merlin' is that if Bradley is about, then chances are that Colin will be close by. Because of this, Y/N grew quite close to Colin too and over time, he would join the movie nights and jokingly became the 'uncle' figure for Y/N.

Up to this point, they had been filming for about 6 months and it was expected that Y/N would never be left on her own again. Either Bradley, Colin or both at her side protectively. They had even made sure that their hotel rooms were next door to one another, with Y/N's room always in the middle. Just to make things easier for movie nights, and just in case there was an emergency and the boys had to quickly get to her. It was clear that certain feelings had developed between the trio but nobody dared question this.



It was a late shoot and filming had just wrapped up for the night. It was around 11PM and Colin and Bradley had just gotten changed back into their usual clothes, walking towards the main entrance of the castle they had been filming in. Had she not dropped one of her folders by accident, the boys would have completely missed Y/N's dishevled and weak frame sitting hunched over on one of the castle steps, underneath some of the production lights as a way to illuminate her scripts. Her filming began at 8AM, being in completely different scenes from the boys, so their schedules were not at all linked. She had been reprimanded already for staying at work for longer than necessary, her obvious health being a concern to the relevant people.

Colin jogged over to her, making sure his steps were loud enough so as not to startle Y/N out of her concentration, "Bud, how long have you been sitting here?"

Y/N meekly peered up at him from underneath her hoodie. She forced a weary smile for him but they both knew the bags under her eyes told a different story. "Hey, Colin. Um, I dunno actually. It was still light when I came over". She pulled her sleeves further over her hands and gently shivered from the cool air. "I finished at around 5 and came for a seat after having my dinner in the canteen"

He didn't seem at all impressed and gave her a scalding look, "We've been here before and you were warned. As stupid as it sounds, you need to stop getting so involved in work. You look absolutely exhausted! And I don't think Bradley is going to be too chuffed with you either."

At the mention of his name, Bradley took the hint to intervene. He hates to put Y/N on the spot when she's looking so DONE, but sometimes he's the only one she'll listen to. He strolled over to join Colin with an empathetic sigh, the two of them now towering over her shaking form. They both took a moment to take her in and appreciate how delicate she looked below them, how tempting it was to gather her up and protect her from everything and everyone. The more time they spent together, the more time the boys found their thoughts of Y/N turning lustful. About a month ago, Bradley confessed this to Colin after a few pints. He felt so guilty and terrible. He was supposed to be her father figure, someone she could depend on, yet instead he was forcing himself to look away when she bends over to pick up her nightime snack. Or the night she stretched out on his bed and he caught a glimpse of her lacy panties poking out from underneath her sleep shorts. Y/N was sent to her own room early that night before she could notice his obvious excitement, Bradley feigning a stomach upset as his excuse for running to the bathroom before she had a chance to open the door.

It turns out that Colin had similar experiences and he too ended up kicking her out of his room early after they ordered ice creams from the local sweet shop. How she didn't realise the effect it had on him, delicately licking the cream from her lips, her innocence was too much for him to handle.

"C'mon, princess. Get in the car with us and we'll see you back to your room". Bradley leaned down to gather the paperwork from her lap and help her stand.

The car ride wasn't very eventful. Everyone was exhausted, even the usually cheery driver could barely muster up a greeting for the trio when they climbed into the back. As usual, Y/N was snuggled between the two men, their soothing scents and warm bodies lulled her into a slight doze, barely able to keep her eyes open. The motion of the car and the faint radio noise in the background helped her to drift off completely.

Once he was assured that Y/N was in a deep sleep, Colin gave Bradley a discreet nudge, "What are we going to do about this?"

Bradley was dozing off himself, his head slowly resting on top of Y/N's, "What are we going to do about what?"

"Y/N and her stress. It's starting to show physically now." Colin was right. Not only was Y/N becoming more reserved, if that was even possible, but she was also beginning to look ill and faded, weak.

Bradley nodded, "I know. Maybe we should have a chat when we get back to the hotel?" They had a chat last month and she was alright for about a week, but Y/N soon got back into her old habits.

"We tried that already and see what good that did." Colin was really concerned about the girl, "We need to try another method"

Bradley scoffed, "What do you suggest Dr. Morgan? A day at the spa?" He could do with a massage himself after filming his swordfighting scenes.

"Doubt Y/N would feel comfortable with a stranger touching her". Colin shook his head. "She doesn't even get a hug goodbye from the girls!" One thing that had always stood out about Y/N is that she isn't like the other girls in the group. They could be so loud, excitable and touchy with one another. They normally hug, like girls do, but had never included Y/N in their little ritual. Colin had only assumed this was because Y/N was so quiet and the other girls didn't want to make her feel awkward. Maybe she was feeling left out, nobody meaning to do so intentionally, and this was the cause of her tension?

Bradley's sigh brought him out of his thoughts, "I haven't seen her hug anyone in all the time I've known her. Not even me. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever touched her apart from when she's sleeping".

"Me too." Colin straightened up, more alert after their revelation, "Do you think that might be the problem?"

"Wouldn't you feel shitty if you hadn't had human contact in 6 months?!"



Y/N was woken with a fright, having just had a nightmare, "Hey, baby. It's only us. You're back at the hotel now." She was lying down on a bed and Colin was standing over her, looking as concerned as ever.

She rubbed her eyes and tried to sit up in, what smelled familiarly like, Bradley's bed, "How long have I been sleeping?"

"Maybe about 40 minutes? You having a nightmare?" Colin sat next to her.

When does she not have nightmares?! "Yeah. I've been getting them lots lately. I can't remember the last time I had a good night's sleep." Y/N had been guilty of keeping things bottled up and letting them fester. She knew the boys would disapprove.

"It's probably just a build up of tension, princess. Anything that you think might be causing it?" Bradley came to sit by her ither side.

"I've been feeling homesick recently. I talk to my parents on the phone a lot but I still really miss them." It was true. As an only child she had always been extremely close to her parents and hated being away from them for so long, as childish as that sounded.

"Well you've always got us to keep you company." Colin poked her on the nose gently.

He was right! They had been the closest thing to a family Y/N had in recent months, "Yeah, Bradley is my daddy when I'm here." It had been a running joke Y/N made to get a reaction out of Bradley. Little did she know his thoughts on the nickname.

Colin pretended to be insulted, "Oh, and what about me?"

Y/N giggled, "You're uncle Colin aren't you? If Bradley doesn't do what I want then I just come to you instead."

"Oi!" Bradley shouted.

"Well, Daddy and I had a little chat about you in the car and we came to a conclusion."

Y/N's cheerful demeanor soon faded and she suddenly looked as if she'd been told off, "Is something wrong?"

"No, no! We just think we might know what is causing your stress." Bradley assured her.

"I already told you, I'm homesick."

"We think it may have to do with the human contact you're getting, or lack therof." Colin intervened. "You can appear to be quite lonely at times and we've both noticed that the only time you fully relax is when you are sleeping, between us. No nightmares."

"I guess so."

Colin continued, "We were thinking that we could maybe help you to relax more often. If that was something you were interested in?"

"Like sleep next to one of you?" Y/N was confused.

Bradley chuckled then slowly spoke to ensure she understood what he was implying, "No, princess. We were thinking of something that may tire you out more."

It took a minute for Y/N to take in what was being said. There couldn't have been a more tense moment. Bradley was ready to stand up and completely back out of what he just said. Of course it was a stupid idea. It was just a spur of the moment thing they had discussed whilst in the car! "You mean, like, sex?" Y/N appeared to be so serious and certain about what she said. The two men couldn't believe it. Slightly nervous about what she may say.

"You can say no and we'll say nothing more about it." Bradley was quick to make that point clear.


"Okay?" Colin was in shock. "Would you let us do that, baby?"

Y/N nodded, "If you think it will help. And I trust you both, so I know you wouldn't hurt me." And how trusting she looked in that moment. They couldn't believe it.

"We promise we won't hurt you." Bradley took her hand in his and gave a small squeeze.

Colin shuffled closer, "And if you want to stop, you tell us immediately." Y/N slowly nods, unable to make eye contact. "I think the little one is feeling a bit nervous now."

"Don't be scared." Bradley cooed. "Is this your first time, princess?"

Y/N couldn't bring herself to look up from her hand joined with Bradley's, "N-no. I'm not a virgin. But it's just that I haven't done it...y'know." She just couldn't say it!

Bradley understands immediately, "Awww this is your first time with two men?" Y/N nods and start to shake from nerves.

Colin smooths a hand down her back, "Easy, little one. We'll take good care of you."

Bradley kneels behind her, smoothing his warm hands around her soft tummy, "We're gonna make you feel sooo good." He trailed loving pecks on the back of her neck, small goose bumps following each time his soft lips touched her skin. She felt cold and he instinctively huddled closer to warm her up.

Colin gripped underneath her knees, pulling her legs around his waist and leaning forward to place a gentle kiss on her lips, "We'll take away all the stress."

Y/N already felt like she was in heaven. Between Colin's gentle hands and mouth roaming her upper half, massaging her back, arms, and playing with her hair. To Bradley's rougher hands gripping her hips firmly, holding her in place as he rhythmically began to grind himself into her bottom.

Bradley's hands searched higher and higher up her tummy, towards her chest. Which she just remembered was naked underneath her top. Most days she chooses not to wear a bra because 1) it's just more comfortable and 2) her breasts are small enough that she gets away with it. When two large hands worked their way further and carefully cupped her sensitive breasts, they both moaned.

Bradley, shocked by her bare chest, lifted both her top and hoody to expose them to Colin, "Look at what we have here, Cols. Was someone expecting this to happen by any chance?"

Y/N, getting a sudden feeling of shame, attempted to put her arms down and cover herself, "N-no. I-it's just comfy."

Colin manoeuvred her arms back out of the way, "Sshhh, he's only joking, little one." She relaxed back against Bradley's chest, "You're far too cute and innocent to be doing naughty things like that aren't you?" She nodded in agreement.

Bradley held her arms back up, going back to kissing and nibbling on her neck, "C'mon, princess. Arms up for Daddy."

Both men worked to get her top and hoody off, leaving her completely exposed for them. Colin gave one of her breasts a little squeeze, grazing the sensitive nipple and then massaging soothingly. Y/N reacted eagerly to his ministrations, whining at the little bursts of pleasure they gave her.

"Ooohhh, is that nice huh? You like it when uncle Colin touches you like that?" He did it again, a little rougher this time, coaxing more whimpers from her mouth.

Bradley was in complete awe of the little being in his arms, "Fuck, she's sensitive."

"I bet I know where else you wanna be touched, hmmm?" Colin teased. He removed his hand from Y/N's breast, getting a noise of disapproval in the process, and snaked his warm hand lower, lower, lower until he found the waistband of her jeans. Y/N's heart was beating faster in anticipation and she began to shake now with more excitement than nerves

His fingers suddenly found their way inside her her jeans, inside her panties, and brushed against her sensitive clit, "Uh!" The jolt of pleasure came from nowhere! Both men had to quickly hold her in place.

"Easy. I'm being gentle, see? It's okay." Colin refused to stop but slowed his pace to allow her to adjust to the feeling. He could feel her getting wetter by the second and looking up at her, she had now closed her eyes and lay her head back on Bradley's shoulder, giving in to the feeling.

Bradley kissed her brow, "That feel good, princess?" Only a silent nod in return, her eyebrows furrowed. "Can we take the rest off?"

Y/N allowed the men to pick her up and remove her jeans, taking their time to stroke her thighs and tease her more with kisses. Then last but not least, the panties were removed and thrown to the side of the bed. Both men guided her back against the pillows, making sure she was comfortable. Seeing her lay there completely nude for them whilst they were still fully dressed did something for Y/N. It made her feel helpless and in her current situation, her body was happy to be at the mercy of her friends.

Bradley looked down at her, almost proud, "She's fucking beautiful "

Colin nodded in agreement and edged closer, putting both hands on her closed knees, "Open up, baby. Let us see your little pussy." Y/N reluctantly did as she was asked. They were both looking so intently at her private parts, Bradley leaned in as far as he could in order to get a better look.

"Such a wet little thing." They had barely even started and already there was a small amount of slick running down onto her thighs. Bradley reached over and touched her where she wanted it most, spreading some of the slick around her swollen flesh, "Look at that! You're soaking."

Y/N moaned again as the tingles travelled from her nether region and up through her spine. Her body greedily demanded more from them and she knew what it needed. She had to feel them too. "A-aren't y-you guys gonna get undressed too?" The men both shared a guilty look before Colin stood up and began to swiftly remove his own clothing. Bradley followed suit and he too stood up in order to get undressed quickly for his princess. Their bodies could have been made by the gods themselves! They called Y/N beautiful, but they too had bodies like she'd never seen before. Lean, muscled and looking massive compared to Y/N. And speaking of massive...Y/N couldn't fight the little gasp that escaped her mouth. Are they going to fit?! Both men chuckled at Y/N's expression, knowing exactly what was going through her head.

Colin came back over to join her on the bed, smoothing is hands back up her legs to bring her back to attention, "Sorry, princess. We just wanted to focus on you is all."

She felt a dip on the bed behind her and turned around to find Bradley sneaking in, propping himself back against the pillows and coaxing her closer, "C'mere and lay back against me." Colin picked her up and helped to place her down in Bradley's lap, her back against his chest again. Bradley began to kiss her head, whispering dirty words in her ear as he did so, and stroked her body in a calming way with his large hands. Colin took the opportunity to scoot closer and lean back down to get a good look between her legs. She was even wetter again, begging to be touched there. Colin didn't want to deprive her of what she had so clearly been craving for god knows how long. He used his thumb to rub small circles around her sensitive clit, rousing a spark of pleasure to shoot through her body once again. The sensation was so much for Y/N to handle and she tried to wriggle away slightly, not wanting to embarrass herself.

Colin wasn't having any of it and used his free arm to drape over her waist, effectively holding her in place, "Awww, baby, don't fight me. Y'know you won't win."

Bradley took matters into his own hands and sat up a bit further, taking Y/N with him, and hooked her legs on top of his. He spread them out enough for Colin to comfortably fit between them, without overstretching Y/N, "How's that?" Y/N didn't feel too sure about being exposed so openly like this to Colin, but at the same time she was curious to see what he would do. She fought back a little and tried to shuffle out of Bradley's grip, testing how far he would let her go, "Ah, ah, no. Where you going huh? Where you going?" It was no effort for Bradley to hold her back in place and keep her spread out for his friend.

Colin stroked up and down her tummy soothinlgy, "Ssshhh, just lay back and enjoy, bud." This time he put his middle finger inside, carefully moving it in and out at a steady pace, gauging Y/N's reaction. Her little body shuddered from his ministrations and quiet whimpers could be heard. He added his ring finger, stretching her out only a little and trying to find that spot inside that would make her melt. His thumb continued to rub on her clit delicately.

Bradley continued to talk into Y/N's ear between kisses, "Yeah?" Whatever Colin was doing down there was working because her little body began to feel heavier as she relaxed, "That's it."

"Good girl. You're liking that huh?" Colin quickened his pace only a little and chuckled when he felt her walls tighten around his digits. "She's so fucking tight."

Bradley glanced down to him briefly with a mischievous look, "I wonder how she tastes."

"Only one way to find out." Colin dived right in. He continued to finger her gently whilst his tongue replaced his thumb. He kissed and licked her nub between words of encouragement, coaxing her closer to her release. Y/N's legs began to shake on top of Bradley's and and she helplessly ground her hips further back into his crotch.

"Awwww, you're such a sensitive little girl. Look at you, can't stay still." Bradley moaned at the feeling of her gyrating above him and spread out her legs a little more.

Colin worked his tongue harder and looked up at her flushed face, "Someone's getting close." He found that sensitive spot inside her with his fingers and rubbed it firmly. Bradley had to cover her mouth after she let out a scream of pleasure. They didn't want the other hotel residents hearing them. "Want me to keep going little one?" Y/N could only nod.

Bradley kept his hand over her mouth, still allowing her to breathe easily, "Can't wait to fill you up with Daddy's cock. You're gonna let us both fuck you good. You want that, huh?" They both couldn't wait to fuck her. Bradley was still grinding himself against her back to get some sort of relief until she was ready. And poor Colin, with both hands being indisposed, he could only grind himself against the bed.

Bradley continued to talk dirty into Y/N's ear, "We need to get you ready first though. How that tiny little pussy is gonna cope with taking us both tonight is beyond me but I'm sure you can handle it like a good girl, yeah?" Another wave of pleasure and a moan from her.

Colin spoke to her between licks, "C'mon, little one. Almost there. It's okay."

"That's it. You gonna cum on his face?" Both of their words and he feeling of them all around her (and inside her) was too much. The tingly feeling spread throughout her entire body and a burst of warmth was released. She whimpered and shook through her orgasm.

"Awwww, cum for me, little one." Colin didn't let up at all and continued to encourage her through her orgasm, "Mmm, good girl, that's it, keep going."

"Holy shit, Cols." Bradley held her down as hard as he could but she was fighting him hard.

"There you go. Easy, easy." She eventually came to and relaxed again between the men.

"Fuck." Bradley kissed her head, "Good girl." They both rested there with Y/N slouched between them, allowing her to catch her breath before Bradley sat her back upright against him.

"Ready to take Daddy's cock?" She wiggled her hips against him as confirmation and before anymore could be said, Bradley slipped his member inside, Y/N still laying above him. "There you go." She felt so full! It was a little sore at first but that was nothing compared to the pleasure that had already started building back up.

"Taking me so well, princess. Can Daddy go a bit harder?" She barely got out her moan of approval before he sped up, "Ooohhh, fuck."

"This is all you needed isn't it?" Colin went back to stroking her body, watching as her eyes rolled back and her body remained completely lax, "She looks completely out of it, man."

"What if I did this?" Bradley brought his hand down between her legs and gently stroked where Colin had been minutes ago. She lifted her hips for more, "You're loving this."

"Lay down, baby." He manoeuvred them both so that they were lying on their sides, in a spooning position, "That's it. Is that better?" His cock reached further inside and effortlessly pounded against her g-spot, not letting up, "You gonna cum again on Daddy's cock?"

Colin was in awe, "Doing so well."

"Fuck, princess. Take it like a good little girl. So well behaved." Bradley continued to play between her legs as he chased his own release. Sweat was dripping from them both. He pulled her leg back around his waist, allowing Colin to replace his hand on her pussy.

Colin shook his head in disbelief at the sight of them all, "Why didn't we do this sooner?"

"Because we were fools?" Their brief conversation was cut short by Y/N's whines.

Bradley went harder, ensuring she was well and truly fucked out, "Yeah, baby, that's it. Ready to cum again? C'mon, let it go."

She instantly came again around his cock, squeezing him hard and drawing out his own release. "Fuck!" He wanted so badly to just lay there for the rest of the night and feel her rest against him. But he knew that wasn't fair to Colin. His friend had given all the pleasure tonight and was yet to receive any back in return. He begrudgingly pulled out slowly and moved aside for Colin.

"Your turn, bud. She feels fucking amazing."

Colin was all to eager to take his turn and gently moved her onto her tummy, placing a pillow underneath her for comfort, "Here you go. Get comfy first." He touched her delicate hole, testing to see how she would react. She pulled away at first but soon relaxed again, "You tender, little one?" A whine of approval. "It's alright, I'll be gentle with you." He carefully lay above her, arms encasing her head so that she was hidden from the world. One of her legs were bent out to the side to give him easier access, she was pinned in place with no way of escape. He entered her with care, tempted to just go for it at the feeling of her but he held back, letting her adjust first. After a couple of minutes, Y/N tried to move her hips up and down and Colin took the hint, grinding himself inside.

"He making you feel full, bud? That feel good?" Bradley lay by Y/N's side, petting her leg and he watched his friend take her.

Colin kissed the back of her head, "Gonna make you cum one last time. Can you manage one more for us?"

She moaned tiredly, "I know, baby. Getting so sleepy now. How about if I do...this?" He angled himself in a way that his cock moved deeper inside and quickened his pace, "Ooohhhh, yes. You like that?" He continued without mercy.

"Fuck. Just lay there, let me do the work. Yeeaah. You feeling sensitive? Awww, poor baby." Y/N bucked in his grasp and tried to push against him.

Bradley leaned closer and stroked her cheek, "He's not gonna stop til you cum. C'mon just one more."

"She's close. I can feel her getting tighter." Colin gasped.

"Almost there, princess." Her brows furrowed and her body began to shake once more. Colin covered her mouth before she could scream and Bradley coaxed her on, "Cum for uncle Colin."

Her pussy clamped down around Colin's cock as she writhed below him, "Ooohhh, good girl. There it is." He didn't stop until he too had finished, dragging Y/N's orgasm out longer.

After they had caught their breath, Colin pulled out and positioned her back against the pillows, laying at her other side, "Shit. That was amazing."

Bradley cupped her face in his hand, "You did so well! So proud of you taking us both!" She was completely gone. Barely able to keep her eyes open or turn her head in his direction. Their little plan had worked and Y/N already seemed to look better for it.

"Someone needs a bath." Colin inspected her delicate pussy, making sure she hadn't been hurt anywhere, but all looked well.

Bradley stood from the bed and stretched, "I'll have one with her. Looks like she'll fall asleep as soon as she gets in the water."

She fell asleep before she could even be lifted from the bed.

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