Noelle's Christmas Hell

BY : Mal
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional. It did NOT happen. I do not know Anna Kendrick, nor do I make any money from the distribution of this story.

In a quiet living room, next to a finely decorated Christmas Tree, a warm, inviting fireplace, and a small end table sporting a festive tray of yummy looking Christmas Cookies, sat a plush recliner. The leg rest was up, and a pair of jovial Christmas socks could be seen. In the background, the credits of a movie played on a large plasma tv. The screen shut off with a snap, and a low grumbling of disappointment could be heard echoing off the walls.

Santa Claus, his face normally bright and lively with Christmas cheer, looked upset. His smile turned upside down in a fierce frown. “Why I never…” he muttered. His voice was a far cry from the charming tone full of Christmas cheer that it would normally be filled with this close to the holiday.

He stood up, his considerable girth bouncing merrily as he scrunched his toes into the soft, plush carpeting. “Something simply must be done,” he added, pacing around the room in anger. “I cannot sit by and watch as Christmas is ruined by such a terrible portrayal of me and of this holiday.”

Santa pulled on his suspenders, his mustache furrowing in furious thought. “That naughty girl will just have to be taught a lesson. I hate to do it,” he added, stroking his beard, “but if movies like these are allowed to continue, before long my beloved holiday will become nothing more than a running joke in some silly comedy.”

The big man left the comfort of his cozy living room and headed into his dark, empty workshop. The presents for the good girls and boys had all been finished for a few days now and the elves were all at home enjoying a much-needed break before the next season’s work began. He flipped on the lights, illuminating a spacious work floor with dozens of tables, rows of tools, and several present wrapping stations.

With a festive, holiday laugh, Santa pulled on a spool of bright red wrapping ribbon, drawing a length roughly six feet long. “That should do,” he said cheerily. He stretched it out in front of him, focusing on it and summoning his special holiday magic. “Sprinkle of nutmeg, pinch of spice, by tying this festive red bow, I, Santa, summon a naughty hoe!” With the words spoken, Santa whirled the ribbon into a cheery holiday bow.

The air in front of Santa sparkled and shimmered, festive snowflakes twinkled and fell in droves all around him. Then, with the tinkle of Christmas bells, Anna Kendrick, the star of Noelle, that horrid movie, popped into existence in front of him. Her wrists were bound in a cheery red ribbon, she wore an ugly holiday sweater that hid her perky, perfect boobs and hung low enough that, even in green yoga pants, her tiny, round ass was also obscured.

The spritely actress, with light brown hair, who normally wore a cute little grin, looked around in absolute startlement. Her gorgeous blue eyes grew wide with fright at the sight of ‘the’ Santa Claus holding a length of red ribbon, the other end of which held her bound wrists. Then, for the first time, but certainly not the last, she screamed.

“Shut up you, Ho! Ho! Ho!” Said Santa, as he reared back a mitten clad fist and punched the tiny starlet right in the gut. The blow knocked the wind out of Anna, who slumped to the floor, gasping for breath. Santa hauled her up by the ribbon and bent her over one of the tall workstation stools, binding the ribbon to the footrest while she was stunned. With a flourish, he summoned two more lengths of ribbon and used them to tie her feet to the legs on the opposite side, bending her over the stool, ass up.

“You’ve been a very naughty girl,” Santa said, as his hungry eyes traveled over the slim lines of her perfect body. “…And Ms. Claus… well let’s just say she’s past her prime.”

“What? What’s going on here?” exclaimed Anna, her breath finally returned.

Santa ran his hands up her legs, starting at her booty clad feet. Up over her calves, squeezing and enjoying the feeling of her nubile young body. Over her thighs he felt her tremble and sob. Then, as he ever so gently felt her pussy through the green yoga pants, he said: “What’s going on Ms. Kendrick, is that hoes like you need to be taught a lesson. You just can’t go around impersonating me, ruining Christmas and expect to get away with it.”

“Ruining Chis—I have no idea what you’re—!”

Her voice fell mute, as suddenly, Santa gripped the waistband of her yoga pants, yanked them down, and rolled the fabric over her knees, exposing her puffy pink pussy lips and taut wrinkled asshole. “No!” cried Anna, as Santa again felt her pussy, this time without the covering. She sobbed as the jolly fat man licked his lips and rubbed his mitten clad hand into her folds. Tears formed in her sexy blue eyes and she squirmed on the stool as the mitten moved up through her taint and pressed against her anus. “Please…” she sobbed, as the tears rolled down her cheeks. “…stop,” she added, in a pathetic mewling sound.

“Oh, No, No, No,” said Santa, in a mocking parallel of his usual holiday greeting. “I don’t think so, Ms. Kendrick. You’ve been a very naughty girl this year and, if I don’t teach you a lesson, who will?”

“What are you talking about?” Her voice was harsh and strained from sobbing. “I haven’t done anything!” She again struggled against the ribbons binding her, squirming that resulted in her cute, tiny ass wiggling. “Let me go you sick fu—!

Again, she was cut off mid-sentence as Santa produced a Christmas present he’d planned to give to a couple with a certain kink. He unwrapped it in an instant, drew out a riding crop and set the box off to the side. Just as she was howling for him to release her, he drew back the strap. It whipped through the air with a whoosh and collided with her ass. A thick wet whack resounded as the leather strap slapped against her cheeks.

Anna screamed as the strap struck skin, her cries for freedom replaced with sobbing and whimpering as Santa struck her again, again, and then again. “Ooowww! Fuck! What are you doing?” she pleaded, as the strap landed a second and third time. “Please,” she cried, “stop. I didn’t do anything.” 

Santa only laughed in response. He lashed her pert round ass, her tender thighs, and even turned the strap against her pussy. He slapped it once hard, causing the young starlet to scream yet again. The normally jolly holiday fat man didn’t stop there. He struck her again and again, hitting her clit, her taint, and her anus, laughing, not merrily, but mercilessly, till Anna nearly passed out from pain. She lay draped over the stool, her head hanging limp, as drool dripped from her lips and her back side was stung bright red in dozens of welts.

Santa rubbed his cock through his jolly red pants as he examined his work. Anna hung, draped over the stool, tears and drool dripping from her chin and her backside burning bright red. “Well now, that’s a jolly sight,” he said, squeezing his prick.

He then lifted his belly, unbuckled his belt, and lowered his pants. He grabbed a handful of Anna’s ass, kneading a tender red buttcheck and pulled them apart. His cock in one hand, he stepped up behind her. “I bet your asshole is good and tight, young lady…” 

Anna sensed, even in her beleaguered, beaten state what was about to happen. Her head shot up and she feebly tried to struggle against her bonds. “What are you doing? Please… don’t. I didn’t do anything… Please don’t rape me…” Tears came to her eyes as she felt Santa’s dick brush against her ass.

Placing his big, bulbous cockhead against her sphincter, Santa pushed in. As his cock met resistance, Santa seized a handful of Anna’s hair. Then, with one hand on her hips and the other holding her hair, the big man pulled her back and his prick began to force its way past her tight puckered hole.

“Ghhuuah!” Anna grunted, her blue eyes bulging as Santa’s fat bulbous prickhead entered her bone-dry asshole. Her cry turned to a scream of pain as the thick head forced its way in.

“That’s a good girl,” Santa said, his grip on her hip and hair tightening as he pulled her back onto his dick.

Tears pooling in her bulging eyes, Anna’s lips formed an O. Her tongue lolled from her mouth and she sobbed as slowly Santa shoved his cock deeper and deeper into her bowels. “Stop…” she whimpered… “Please… You’re hurting me…”

Santa laughed. “Good,” and as he spoke, he thrust forward hard and yanked Anna’s tiny body back against him. His cock slammed home, burying his shaft balls deep in her asshole. “You’ve been a bad girl,” he said, thrusting his hips. “And bad girls need to be punished.”

Leaning his fat belly overtop of Anna’s small frame, Santa pressed his lips to her ear. “Your asshole feels amazing,” he said, with a jolly laugh. He then began to slowly thrust his hips. Santa’s big, fat stomach began to jiggle against Anna’s back as his hips moved back and forth and his cock carved out the tiny actress’s bowels.

Anna began to grunt and sob. Tears streamed down her face as Santa ruthlessly fucked her asshole. She squirmed in her position, draped over the stool, Santa’s big, fat body pressing her down. “Eh—eh—eh—” Anna groaned again and again each time the jolly holiday man slammed his cock into her bowels. A thick stream of drool dripped from her lips. It bounced in the air as Santa smashed his dick into her over and over again.

He thrust into her, burying his cock into her asshole and held himself there for just a moment. “Getting close, slut,” Santa whispered, as he then slowly began to thrust again. A few more moments of the big man working his dick into Anna’s bowels and it was clear he was about to cum.

Showing a belying alacrity, Santa pulled his dick free and moved in front of Anna, where her body hung over the side of the stool. His massive cock was throbbing, and stained dark from the contents of her asshole. Anna’s eyes widened as she saw his shit covered dick. “No—! Please!”

As she spoke, and her lips parted, Santa wasted no time, thrusting his cock into her mouth. Anna sobbed as she tasted her own shit and as the big man’s dick was forced into her throat. She gagged violently as the shitty prick entered her esophagus, her tongue involuntarily undulating along the shaft.  Santa seized her head and forced her lips all the way down to the base. “Take it, whore,” he laughed, as he began to thrust.

Holding Anna tight around the head, Santa began to take long, deep strokes into her mouth. Her lips stretched wide around the big man’s massive prick and greasy clumps of shit clung to her lips and smeared across her chin as Anna’s face was fucked. With each thrust, she was sobbing and gagging, drool poured from her lips and tears rolled down her cheeks.

Santa’s big, heavy ball sack slapped against Anna’s chin and he grunted in pleasure as his prick probed deep into her throat. “Finally,” he groaned, “your slutty mouth is being put to good use.” He held tight to her head, fucking her mouth in a hard, steady rhythm. She struggled and sobbed, but it didn’t take long for Santa to go to the edge.

He gripped her face and thrust in one last time, balls deep. “Ho, ho, ho!” he cried, as his big dick exploded into her throat. “Maybe there’s hope for you being a good girl after all,” Santa said, as he began to thrust again, milking his cock with Anna’s throat. The gorgeous actress was limp, tears rolling down her face as Santa slowly, methodically humped her head till his balls were completely drained.

He took a step back and Anna retched, violently expelling cum and little pieces of shit. Vomit dripped from her lips as she lay draped over the stool, breathing and trying to recover from the rough treatment at the hands of Santa Claus. A feeble sob of despair broke from her lips at the realization of what had just happened to her.

“Ms. Kendrick,” said Santa, slapping his limp cock against her cheek. “I hope you don’t think we’re done yet…”

“What?” she said, looking up at him, shocked and scared.

“Do you want to be a good girl and lick my dick clean? Or should I get rough with you again?”

“No…” she said, looking down in despair. “Please… just let me go.”

Santa presented his cock to Anna. She looked up at him, a sad, pathetic look on her face. Her gorgeous blue eyes burned with shame, but she nodded and took it between her lips. She bobbed up and down, her tongue stretching out and lapping up and down the shaft. Soon Santa was satisfied it was sufficiently clean and pulled his dick free. He slathered it, wet and covered in Anna’s spit, all over her face. “You are a naughty slut,” he said, with a broad, jolly grin. “How can I end your punishment when you’re so intent on being a whore?”

Anna sobbed, hanging her head in despair. “Please let me go…”

Santa ignored her. He pulled the stool over to his workshop overhead work line. Hooks hung from the line for transporting toys from one place to the other. He waved his hands and jingle bells rang out. The ribbons binding Anna fell away from the stool and shot up wards securing the slender actress to an overhead hook.

The ribbon pulled taut, hauling Anna’s arms over her head. When it was done, she was secured to the hook, arms over her head and toes just barely touching the floor. Her head hung limp. She sobbed and again tears rolled down her face.

Without waiting for Anna to recover or adjust to her new position, Santa reached up and yanked the sweater from her body. He pulled her yoga pants the rest of the way off and removed her bra, leaving her hanging there, completely naked. The amazingly sexy starlet, normally so perfect and pristine hung there, a far cry from her normal self. Her hair had gone wild, sticking out and stained with cum and sweat. Thick drool infused with jizz hung from her lips and stained her chest. Her perky boobs heaved as she fought for breath, while her backside, specifically her tone, pert ass was stung bright red with multiple welts from the riding crop. Overall, she looked pathetic hanging there like a piece of meat.

“My, my, Ms. Kendrick you do have a slut’s body. You are a very naughty girl.” He stepped up behind her, pressing his big belly against her ass and reached around her, cupping her perky, perfect boobs.

Anna sobbed as Santa began to squeeze and molest her tits. “Please…” she cried again, as he tweaked her nipples. For several minutes, he held her and fondled first her tits, then her tummy and finally, her taut little ass.

Anna had never been more humiliated as Santa blatantly molested her like she was just a piece of meat. Tears rolled down her face, but there was little she could do as he fondled her. Then, as Santa’s hands drifted back to her tits, he became rough. He twisted her tits hard and pulled violently on her nipples. Pulling and twisting, he yanked on her nipples. “Jingle bells and holiday glee, let this slut’s breasts swell with a sweet milky treat.”

As Santa incanted his holiday magic, jingle bells filled the air. He squeezed and pulled on her tits and, as his incantation finished. Anna’s tits began to swell with milk, growing at least a cup size larger in the process. He took a look at his work, Anna’s boobs were a little bigger, fuller and rounded. Not ridiculously so, just enough to give the illusion of pregnancy. Taking a step back, he pulled out a small bell which summoned an elf with an empty glass and a tray of bright, festive Christmas cookies.

The elf looked Anna over as he set the cookies down on a nearby table. Santa watched his expression with a big, holiday grin. “You want some of that?” he asked, looking from Anna to the elf.

“We worked hard this year, Santa,” answered the elf in a squeaky high-pitched voice. “I think a reward is in order.”

Santa nodded, moving up to Anna and taking the glass from the tray. He began to milk the sexy actress as she sobbed in humiliation. “Go get the boys then. We’ll drown this slut in cum.” The elf nodded with glee and blinked out of existence to gather his comrades.

Carefully, he then began to milk her tits one at a time till the entire glass was full. Squeezing each boob down over her nipples and pinching and pulling on them to squirt the milk into his cup. Anna sobbed, her blue eyes, full of shame. She watched as the magical, childhood figure milked her like an animal. Tears rolled down her cheeks as Santa squeezed her boobs, forcing the milk inside to spray out into a waiting glass. She sobbed as he watched her a heartless expression on his normally jovial face. Soon, the empty cup was filled with warm, frothing milk and Anna had never felt more humiliated.

As the elf went after his friends, Santa sat near Anna, eating his holiday cookies and drinking the sexy actress’s breast milk. “Not, bad, Ms. Kendrick,” he said, dunking a cookie into the glass. “A little bitter, but what is to be expected from a slut like you.”

Anna didn’t say anything, she just hung from the hook, her head drooping in shame. Santa sat watching her as he ate his cookies. Before long, the elf blinked back into the workshop along with dozens of his fellows. 

Santa looked around the assembled body of his elves, cookie crumbs, and Anna’s breast milk sprinkled through his beard. “Form two lines gentleman. This slut is gonna swallow all your cum.” As the elves formed two lines, Santa trussed Anna Kendrick up like a turkey, on her knees, hands bound behind her back. He then used a spell to freeze her in place, her head tilted up, her mouth and eyes wide open and her tongue laid out, fully extended. A welcome mat of sorts for the parade of cocks soon to follow. 

The elves then stepped up to Anna. One by one in groups of two they jerked off into her mouth. She still had some control over her body. When they would cum, she could flinch and bat her eyes. She could swallow and was forced to as her mouth filled with elf jizz, but mostly, she could only sob and cry. 

Her eyes were up and she was forced to stare into the faces of the elves jerking their little pricks in her face. Two at a time elves stepped up to Anna. They beat their meat in her face and sprayed her with jizz. Most shot their loads directly into her open mouth. But many, caught up in the moment, shot their loads across her face. Soon, Anna’s mouth filled with cum. But also, she became covered in it. Her eyes became streaked. It dripped from her lips and from her chin and she cried and sobbed as dozens of elves filled her mouth. 

Whenever her mouth would become full, Santa forced her to swallow down what amounted to dozens of loads. And still dozens more elves stepped up to Anna. Each jerking their tiny pricks in her face. Again and again, as all of Santa’s hundreds of elves took their turn, Anna’s mouth filled with cum. Whenever the cum pooled, threatening to spill past her lips, Santa would force her to swallow, gulping down dozens of loads. Soon, Anna’s trim belly swelled from all the cum she’d been forced to swallow. 

She looked pregnant. Her belly bulging, her tits full and spilling milk down her chest. Her hair and face were streaked with cum, and her eyes were bloodshot from all the jizz that had dripped into them as the last few elves deposited loads into her open, unwilling mouth. When the elves finished, and she had one last load waiting in her mouth, Santa stepped back up to her. He took out his own dick and began stroking it in her face. 

“You look like a ho, ho, ho,” said Santa merrily, as he worked his dick in her face. Anna sobbed, holding a load in her mouth, but unable to move. The jolly fat man beat his meat, gazing down at Anna’s cum streaked face and staring at her as she held at least eight or nine loads of elf cum in her mouth. 

Soon Santa grunted, spraying a spurt of cum across her face. He kept pumping his cock, however, and the rest of his load went directly into her open mouth. Cum pooled at the top of her lips, threatening to spill down her chin. “Swallow it down like a good girl,” Santa said, rubbing his prick against her cheek. 

Anna, forced to comply, swallowed one last mouthful of cum. She gagged, not for the first time, as it went down. She then sobbed and fresh tears ran down her cheeks, still unable to move, kneeling there, staring upward, chest heaving. Santa rubbed his dick on her face and studied her face a moment. “You know what?” He asked, smearing his cockhead against her lips. “While you're sitting here like this, I got another little Christmas present for you.” 

Santa turned around and crouched over her face, presenting his asshole to her gaping mouth. He released a loud, nauseous fart as he began to squeeze out the contents of his bowels into her mouth. Anna screamed and sobbed, but still couldn’t move. Tears streamed down her face as she fought to avoid this even more horrible humiliation. “I’m baking up some Christmas cookies,” he jibbed as he continued to work on taking a shit in her open mouth. A moment later, it happened. Santa took a massive shit, most of which ended up in Anna’s wide open mouth. Some of it dribbled down her chin and ended up smeared across her chest.

Santa turned around and looked down at her. Anna knelt there, staring up at him, her mouth full of shit and with shit covering her face. “Why don’t you swallow that down too, you filthy slut.” Anna screamed, tears streamed down her face. She fought to move but couldn’t and then, was forced to comply. Her body moved without her permission and, slowly, her lips closed and she swallowed down the contents of Santa’s bowels, gagging and crying as she did.

The holding spell was then released, and she fell to the floor, curled into a ball, and began to cry. Anna was wracked with spasms as she sobbed on the floor. She had never been more humiliated in her entire life. She retched then as she sobbed and a huge pool of cum and shit spilled out from her mouth and pooled all across the floor. Santa gave her a quick kick to the belly and she again sobbed and cried, “please let me go…”

“Not yet you filthy whore. I don’t think you’ve learned your lesson just yet.” He looked over to his elves and instructed a group of them to, “take her to the stables.” He laughed merrily as they picked her up. “I think the reindeer deserve a treat too.”

“What!” screamed Anna. “No! Please! I’m sorry… just let me go!”

The elves blinked away with Anna to take her to the stables. Santa meanwhile spent a few more minutes in his workshop gathering up some things he would need in order to complete Anna’s punishment. Once he had everything, he followed them out to the stables.

Anna lay on the hardwood floor in the middle of the rows of stalls that held all nine of his reindeer. She was an absolute mess. Her hair was all askew, she had this blank, vacant look on her face, her blue eyes stared forward, seeing nothing. Her tits were still swollen with milk and her chest and face were smeared with cum, feces, and a multitude of tears. 

There were a dozen elves standing around and Santa instructed them to clean her up. He and the elves moved over to the actress in shock and took out their dicks. A dozen and one hot heady streams of urine burst forth, spraying Anna in her face and chest. She’d been covered in cum and shit. It was smeared all across her chin and chest.  The piss hit her in multiple places on her body, cleaning off much of the mess under forceful direct streams. She issued forth a weak and pathetic sob, but otherwise barely seemed to respond to being pissed on. At this point she was so much in shock, it would take something drastic to draw her back. Santa had just the thing planned. 

He left her there and picked up the supplies from the workshop. Using wood and nails and Christmas magic, Santa constructed a standing stockade. He then instructed the elves to place Anna into it. The elves hauled the nearly catatonic actress up and placed her head through the central hole and her hands through the two smaller holes next to it. Leaving her, when they were done, bent over at the waist and held imobile by the device. 

“Go and fetch Rudolph,” said Santa, as he stood and admired Anna’s firm round ass. He walked over to her and gave it a nice firm squeeze as he waited. It was supple and felt good between his fingers. It had a perfect shape and looked amazing despite still being criss crossed with bright red welts. If anything, the marks added to its appeal.

Anna moaned softly as Santa fondled her. Still in shock, she thought maybe this was the end. That was until the elves led over a gigantic reindeer with a bright glowing nose. Her eyes went wide as the animal was led past her. “No!” she screamed. “Please don’t do this! I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll never do another Christmas movie again!”

She began to thrash and pull against her bonds, yanking herself and struggling against the wooden stockade holding her in place. “I’m afraid it's too late for that, Ms. Kendrick. Rudolph led my sleigh faithfully through the fog last year, and I think it's high time he got a reward for his work.”

“No!” she screamed again and continued to thrash violently against her restraints. 

The elves led the massive reindeer around behind her. Anna snapped her legs closed and crouched down as low as the restraints allowed. “Please! Don’t do this!” she cried. “I’m sorry!” More elves moved in as she continued to plead and cry. They grabbed her legs, pulled them apart, and forced her to stand upright while the first two led Rudolph right up to Anna’s backside.

The animal, which stood nearly seven feet tall at the shoulder, leaned down and sniffed the actress’s renowned, sexy, round ass. Anna froze in fear as the huge reindeer’s nose pressed in against her flesh and began to huff and puff as it breathed in her sex. “Please!” Anna screamed again. “Don’t do this! I’m sorry.” Tears of rage and humiliation poured down her face, and she continued to thrash and buck against her restraints. 

As Rudolph got a good whiff of the struggling actress’s pussy, he huffed again. But then, his tongue extended, and he took a deep, healthy lap into the folds of her bone-dry cunt. The elves laughed with glee at her response of fear, humiliation, and rage when Rudolph began to lick her twat. 

It didn’t take long for Rudolph’s cock to extend from its sheath. The mammoth prick was at least eighteen inches long and was easily as big around as Anna’s wrist. It, like most animal dicks, had a fat, fleshy hood covering the tip and, as the reindeer continued to lap at the actress’s pussy, it began to seep pre-cum. 

One of the elves began to collect it into a cup as Rudolph’s tongue continued its exploration of this strange new hole. About the time the cup filled, the reindeer seemed ready to mount his prize. He stood up on hind legs, draping his forelegs over the stockade. His furry belly passed over Anna, who screamed again as she thrashed and fought against the restraints.

His famous glowing red nose pressed in against Anna’s cheek as he draped himself over her and, when she sobbed, he lapped at her check, collecting up her tears with his tongue. Anna whimpered in defeat as slowly, the huge animal completed his mounting maneuver. His hooves hung over the side of the stockade, his belly pressed gently against Anna’s supple back, and his utterly massive cock, primed to enter her, brushed against her ass.  

One of the elves helped Rudolph along, guiding his dickhead into Anna. The animal took a tentative step forward as this happened and its gargantuan cockhead, with the aid of the pre-cum he was still spewing, forced its way into Anna’s tight, resistant pussy. Anna screamed as it was easily the largest thing she’d ever had in her. And, as she did that, a second elf seized her by the chin and brought the cup of reindeer cum to her lips. 

He forcely poured it into her mouth and clamped his hand over her lips and nose, depriving her of oxygen till she swallowed it down. At the same time, Rudolph, the huge reindeer, took his first tentative thrust into the tiny actress. The first third of his utterly massive prick forced its way in, stretching Anna’s pussy to its limit. Her cunt bulged around the massive invader, her eyes watered as she swallowed the reindeer cum, and tears of utter humiliation rolled down her face.

When he released her, Anna released a massive sob, tears flowed down her face. “Please!” she screamed, “It's too big! It's gonna kill me!” Cum and drool dribbled from her lips and her gorgeous blue eyes were wild with pleading as she looked at Santa, who was watching from nearby.

“I think it's too late to stop it, Ms. Kendrick.” Santa said, a heartless but amused look on his normally jolly face. “You might be able to help him get off though. Try thrusting back into him, see if that helps…” Santa laughed. It was true that she could get the huge reindeer off faster that way and perhaps save herself some anguish. But, it was clear by the look on her face that Anna was not prepared to do that.

At that moment, Rudolph, his hoofs clicking on the floor, stepped forward just a little more, forcing even more of his humongous cock into the tiny starlet. Anna screamed as she now had over a foot of reindeer cock inside her. The massive dick began to bump against her cervix, causing her immense pain as the animal began to thrust his hips with more certainty. 

All Anna could do was hang her head as Rudolph began to fuck her with rapid moving hips. Her head bounced in the stockade. Grunts of pain each time his huge, veiny red dick slammed into her cervix issued around the room. Soon, drool dripped from her lips as her head jostled back and forth.

Rudolph’s furry belly moved over Anna’s supple back, his hips thrusting back and forth and his gigantic cock stretching her tiny pussy beyond its limit. He fucked her with animalistic enthusiasm. Sending his prick slamming into her again and again. Precum dribbled from her stretched out hole as the big red invader moved inside her.

His nose glowing bright, Rudolph’s head reared and he issued forth a loud whinny as his rapid thrusting was clearly about to yield results. His hips moved even faster and his huge, veiny red dick slammed in and out of Anna’s cunt. The actress was grunting and moaning, and each time his prick bashed against her cervix, she would whimper and sob. 

The reindeer increased his pace. His thrusting hips caused his furry belly to bounce against Anna’s back. His huge dick slammed in and out of her, stretching her hole past its limit. He again cried out in pleasure, his cock hammering the actress’s insides with each brutal stroke. His cock was too big to fully enter her, but as he got close, his wild thrusting battered her cervix again and again.

Anna sobbed, tears and drool dripped from her chin. “Please…” she cried. “Make it stop.” Her head bounced with each hard, brutal stroke. The huge animal cock inside her was far bigger than anything she had ever had inside her and it burned with pain as it stretched her pussy lips and slammed into her cunt. 

Just then, Rudolph whinnied again, his hips battering into her, and he began to cum. His thrusting only stopped momentarily. As soon as the initial sensation passed, he again began to fuck her with wild abandon. His furry body moving over Anna and his huge red dick battering her swollen meat sleave. Thin, milky cum began to squirt from her insides as he deposited an utterly massive load of jizz into her. 

It took nearly half a minute more of wild, hard strokes for Rudolph’s huge ball sack to empty. By then, Anna was exhausted. Her head hung from the stockade, drool dripped from her lips, and all she could do was sob. Then there was the awkward moment of helping the massive reindeer dismount. The elves helped and, when his cock plopped free, cum gushed out of Anna’s gaping pussy in a whoosh, spilling out onto the floor. 

She sobbed again, spasms wracking her body as the most traumatic event of her life came to an end. “Please,” she said, after a moment, when the elves were leading Rudolph away. “Can I go home now…” she added, in a pleading sob.

“Home?” Santa asked. “What about Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid, Donner and Blitzen?” Santa laughed, his belly jigging with holiday glee. “My reindeer deserve a Christmas present too and I’ve decided it's going to be you!” 

Right about then, Anna saw an elf leading a second reindeer over. He had a golden tag around his neck that read Dasher. Her normally gorgeous blue eyes, now bloodshot and tired, filled with hopelessness and despair. “No…” she said, whimpering sadly. 

Santa forced Anna to fuck all of his reindeer. After Dasher, he had one of his elves lube up his arm and open the tiny actress’s asshole wide. Dancer got the gift of fucking Anna’s tight little sphincter. After that the reindeer alternated. One fucked her pussy and the next her butthole. Each time the reindeer filled the small actress with their huge cocks and, fucked her to near exhaustion. By the time all nine of Santa’s magical reindeer had their way with Anna Kendrick, she was nearly dead. 

She hung limp from the stockade, both of her holes gaped open wide enough to accept an arm. Her backside, her thighs, and her legs were covered in animal cum. All she could do was breathe. Drool had formed a thick line, connecting her lips with the ground. Her eyes were glazed over and she stared vacantly at the floor. As Blitzen filled her with cum, she barely even reacted. Her asshole was wide open and her cunt was torn and bleeding. 

Santa walked over to her, she hung limp in the stocks. He slapped her hard across the face to get her attention. “Ho, ho, ho!” he cried merrily. 

Anna lifted her head and looked at him. Drool dripped from her lips. Her eyes were bloodshot and tired. She whimpered pathetically, but she couldn’t speak, her voice had gone raw from screaming. “Have you learned your lesson, slut?” 

Again, she whimpered, but nodded in feeble defeat. “There’s only one Santa, bitch!” Said the jolly fat mat in a merry Christmas tone.

Santa gently pet her hair. She was covered in sweat and jizz and looked terrible. “I hereby declare you a good girl.” Anna whimpered, meeting his eyes with a tired gaze. “Tell me, young lady. What do you want for Christmas?”

Anna’s voice was raw, she had screamed herself mute. She looked at Santa pleadingly. All she wanted was to go home, to leave this hell. “Home,” she gasped, in a raspy voice.

“You want to go home?” Santa asked merrily. 

Anna nodded, she couldn’t bring herself to speak again.

“You live in L.A., right?”

Again, Anna nodded.

Santa smiled. “Very well. Home it is.” He lifted his hands and said, “Christmas joy and holiday magic, send this bitch to a south side alley.”

Anna’s eyes bulged in fear as she realized he wasn’t sending her to her house. She had just enough time to see Santa laughing merrily before she blinked out of existence. 

In a dark alley, an overhead streetlight flickered. Trash littered the darkened street. Dumpsters overflowed with foulness and rats scurried along the walls of nearby buildings and four homeless men stood around a flaming trash can, passing around a bottle of cheap whisky. They gasped when jingle bells filled the air and, a moment later, world famous actress, Anna Kendrick, appeared buck naked. She collapsed in the street, exhausted from her ordeal.

The homeless men closed in around her. After all, they deserved a Christmas present too...

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