Ride him Nina Dobrev

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Ride him Nina Dobrev

As she got close to the barn, Nina Dobrev slowed her horse down. She loved these peaceful days when she had free time and could go riding through a few trails on a horse. The air was so clean and fresh; every time she came down here she wished she could move down here in the country. She loved being an actress but it gave her little time to do what she loved to do.

If she wasn’t an actress, she would like to own her own horse and she would ride him every day. The area that she was in right now was her favorite place in the world and she won’t think twice about moving here, the only problem was her job.

She had to live in the city to get to the various sets on time. She couldn’t drive in from the country. As much a she loved to dream of living in the country and riding horses every day, she knew it was just that, a dream.

The barn doors were wide open as Nina came off the horse and took the reins to lead him inside, another rider was walking out of the barn with a brown horse, and the girl quickly got on and took off at a trot.

As she walked into the barn Nina saw the stable hand Glover, he wore stained overalls and no shirt, his hair was black and curly and he wore a cowboy hat. Nina looked at his buff chest.

“Good afternoon Miss Dobrev” Glover said to her.

“Hello” she said back to him, her face got a little red because she had a feeling that Glover knew that she was staring at his hot bod.

“Did you enjoy your ride?” he asked her

“Yes” Nina said to him “It was really fun”

Glover walked closer to her; Nina could feel her heart beat faster. She knew it was stupid, but she couldn’t help it, she had a huge crush on the stable hand. The worst part was that she couldn’t be with him, if the media would get one shot of her holding hands with him or just talking to him for more than 30 seconds it would be on the cover of every magazine with titles like Nina Dobrev dating hobo.

As far as she knew Glover never wore a shirt in his life. She always saw him wearing the same pair of overalls. Did he even owe another pair?

Glover’s hand came over to her and he took the reins from her. She felt his fingers slightly brush against her fingers. It sent shockwaves through her body.

“I’ll bring this horse back to his stall” he told her

 “Really, I don’t mind doing it” said Nina, the more time she took at the stables the later she got back into the city.

Glover let go of the horses reins “Alright” he said to her

Nina smiled “Don’t take this the wrong way”

Glover shrugged his shoulders “I’m not complaining, it’s less work for me”

Glover walked back to the stall that he was cleaning when she walked in. Nina looked at him for a few seconds. Being with him was another dream that would never come true. Nina pulled on the reins of the horse and lead him to the back of the barn where his stall was location, she knew where it was well because she always tried to rent the same horse when she came over here to ride for a couple of hours.

Nina cleaned and brushed the horse and put him back in his stall and locked the door so he couldn’t get out. The stable hands won’t be very happy with her if a horse escaped after she put him away. Nina took a bag that she left close to the stall door, inside there were a few carrots, and she feed them to the horse that she rode that day.

After the horse was done with his snack, Nina said good-bye to him and hoped that she would see him again soon. She headed towards the parking lot where her car was parked, but she took the long way, hoping to get another glimpse at Glover and his rocking six-pack.

When she reached the stall that Glover was cleaning she noticed that it was empty. She looked at the stall for a few moments confused, she knew that she took a good 10-15 minutes cleaning the horse she rented and feeding him carrots, but she could clearly see that Glover was not yet done with this stall as it was still dirty.

Nina knew that she should just walk out of the barn and get in her car and drive home, but something inside of her told her to stay and look for Glover. She wanted to have one last look at him before she drove home because she didn’t know the next time that she would see him.

Nina walked in the stable looking for Glover. As she walked down a hall with stalls on both sides, she heard a moan coming from one of the stalls.

Nina slowly walked closer to the stall in question. She placed a hand around one of the rusted bars of the stall and looked inside. Her eyes grew wide at what she saw.

Glover was sitting in the stall in the hay, his right hand was in his overalls and he held a photo in his left hand of Nina Dobrev. In the picture Nina wore a blue bikini, she stood on her side and looked at the camera, the top of the bikini was unhooked, but she held it in place with her hands. It was the sexiest picture that she ever shot in her life.

Nina couldn’t believe it; Glover was masturbating to a picture of her!

“Nina” she heard Glover moan as he pleased himself while he thought about her. Seeing the man that she loved touch himself while thinking of her turned her on so much. She couldn’t let him see her, but she couldn’t do nothing. Quickly Nina looked around the stable, there wasn’t a single person in the building, the only sound was that of the horses that were in their stalls. If anyone came, Nina was sure she would hear them before they saw her. Slowly while she looked at Glover move his hand quickly in his overalls, Nina opened the button of her tight jeans, she slowly started to pull them down, only an inch or two, her panties were pink and she slipped her hand in them and started to rub herself while she watched Glover do the same to his cock.

It felt so good; the last time she had sex was about three years ago. She never thought about using her fingers to please herself. Now she was turned on so much, she knew that Glover loved her too even if she knew that nothing would ever or could ever happen between the two of them. Just watching him grab his cock and think about her drove her crazy and what turned her on even more was the fact that she was touching herself where anyone could see her and snap a picture.

Nina couldn’t take the heat any longer; her fingers were not going to cut it. She needed a real man with a real dick. Thankfully there was one in the stall right in front of her, one that was in love with her and one that she loved too. As she pulled her hand out of her panties, she knew that it was a bad idea to show herself to Glover. No matter what she felt for him, they couldn’t be together, but she was desperate for cock, so as long as this was a one-time thing then they should be no problem.

Quickly Nina pulled up her jeans the couple of inches that she dropped them before, but she didn’t bother with the button, it was going to come off soon anyways. Nina looked around the stable quickly to make sure once again that nobody was watching her, she opened the stall door and got inside and closed it behind her. Glover didn’t notice that somebody had joined him in his empty stall.

Nina placed her hands on her hips and looked down at the stable hand. “Whatcha doing hot stuff?” she asked him

Glover froze when he heard her voice. It was clear that he was a huge fan of her and that he knew it was her who was talking to him. Slowly he looked up at her, his face turning bright red.

“Hello Miss Dobrev” he said

Nina smiled at how shy he was. She knew that this was going to be fun after all the time since her last time under the sheets. “Are you masturbating at a picture of moi?” she asked him

“Of course not Miss Dobrev” said Glover as he pulled his hand out of his overalls and buried the photo under some hay.

Nina walked right next to him, while Glover stayed sitting on the floor. She passed her hand through his curly black hair. She heard him give a soft moan as her fingers moved along his skull. “What do we have here?” she asked as she picked up her sexy picture.

Glover quickly stood up “I saw it in a magazine Miss Dobrev” he said to her, Nina could tell that he was nervous, if she was a bitch, she could probably get him fired for what he was doing while on the job. Thankfully for him, Nina was one of the nicest people in the world and it helped that she found him to her liking.

“Shouldn’t you be working?” Nina asked

“It’s my break” said Glover

“And you like this picture of me?” she asked him as she handed it back to him.

Glover nodded “You look so beautiful in this picture Miss Dobrev”

Nina smiled “You don’t have to call me Miss Dobrev” she said “My name is Nina, you can call me that, don’t be shy”

“It’s part of my job” said Glover “My boss told me that I have to call people that way”

“You don’t have to be so formal with me” said Nina “So do you masturbate to me often?”

Glover didn’t look in her face and looked at the hay on the floor of the stall “Only like every day”

“That’s hot!” she said

Glover looked up at her “It is?”

“Yeah, that you like me so much that you risk getting fired to masturbate at my picture” she said

“Well, usually the stable is empty during my break hour” said Glover “That girl that you saw when you were coming in goes out every day just before my break and returns two hours later. That is why I was willing to put your horse away…I didn’t want you to see me”

“I think you’ll change your mind soon” smiled Nina; she put her hand under his chin and moved forward, kissing Glover.

Finally after all that time of having a crush on him and doing nothing, finally Nina knew what it was like to kiss Glover the stable boy. She had a feeling that Glover was more excited than she was.

As their lips parted and a trail of saliva connected their lips together, Nina could see how wide his eyes were.

“OH MY…” he started to say, but Nina put a finger to his lips.

“I need your help” she said to him


“I want you to fuck me” said Nina “Give me the best fucking of my entire life”

“Excuse me?”

“I haven’t had sex in three years” Nina told him “Seeing you masturbate to me has turned me on so much…I need your dick Glover”

“In that case then” said Glover “I’ll help you”

Nina smiled and pulled her top off over her head and let it fall down to the hay below her, right now she didn’t care if her clothes got dirty because the only thing that was going through her head was Glover and his cock, Nina just knew that it would be fricking huge.

Glover looked at her while Nina unhooked her bra and threw it to the floor. Glover couldn’t believe his good luck, he was one of the few people in the world who saw Nina Dobrev’s tits.

“Suck them” she told him

“Of course Miss Dobrev” he said as he bend his head down and took her breast in his large hands. He rolled his tongue over her nipples and Nina let out a light moan as she felt his tongue move over her.

“I told you…oh…you can call me Nina” she said

“I prefer the formal way” he said to her, she felt his hot breath against her boobs. Glover started to give quick licks of his tongue across her breast; quickly he looked at his watch. He had a set limit of time; he and Nina had to be done fooling around a little before that girl came back from her daily ride.

“Your mouth feels so good” Nina said

“I wish I could see you like this all the time” Glover told her

Nina smiled “I don’t mind if you take a photo of me topless” she said to him “As long as you don’t show it to anyone else”

“You can count on me” Glover said as he moved his mouth away from her mountains. He fished out his phone from his pocket and centered Nina in the screen. “Say cheese Miss Dobrev”

“Cheese!” Nina said with a smile. She walked next to Glover and looked at the photo that he took of her “Wow, I look hot”

Glover looked at her and passed a hand over her soft shoulders “You always look beautiful”

“You know Glover” said Nina “Your one of the nicest guys I know” It was true that she barely knew him, but there was just something about him that made Nina know that she could trust him with a topless photo of herself, I mean they were about to have sex with each other.

“That means a lot to me coming from you Miss Dobrev” he said

Nina smiled again, she was excited to get this show on the road “So can I see what you got down there?” she asked

“Sure thing” Glover said, he took the straps of his overalls off, letting them fall to the floor. Nina was surprised since Glover wore no underwear or boxers. Was he really only wearing a pair of overalls all the times that she saw him before? She didn’t ask questions because it worked in her favor. His cock was a decent size, it wasn’t big enough that you could tell that he was hard just by looking at his pants; Nina also guessed that when she walked in on him, he was bigger than this, but started to shrink with all the talking they did.

“I like what I see” said Nina “Your already bigger than my ex-boyfriends”

“So what do you want to do with it?” he asked

Nina wasn’t really into sucking cock. It was gross and even if she never did it before, she wasn’t interested in losing her oral virginity in a stable. She looked into Glover’s eyes and kissed him, while their lips and tongue wrestled in each other’s mouth, her hand found his dick and she slowly started to stroke it up and down.

Glover moaned in her mouth, which turned Nina on even more than before. She was a sucker to how this guy acted to her touch.

Their tongues were rolling around in circles and her hand was pumping his cock. Nina knew if anybody walked into the stable now, there was no way that her ears would pick it up. If the media got one picture of what she and Glover were doing, they would have a field day with her. But she didn’t care, she needed what Glover had to offer and she wasn’t going to regret what she did with him, no matter what happened.

“I love you Miss Dobrev” Glover told her

“I know” she said to him “Who doesn’t love me?”

“Your hand feels amazing on my cock” he said to her

“One of my ex-boyfriends had a thing for handjobs” said Nina “So I sort of got good at them for him”

“Well, I’m enjoying your hard work now” said Glover

“So do you want the real fun to start or should I just jerk you off some more?” asked Nina her hand was still moving quickly along his penis.

“I want to fuck you like you were never fucked before” he told her, he kissed her quickly , before moving away from her, Glover lied down in the pile of hay at their feet.

Nina still had her panties and tight jeans on. The button Glover noticed was already undone, but he didn’t know if it was that way when she walked into the stall or if she took it off only recently. She pulled her jeans down along with her pink panties, tossing them in the hay like her bra and shirt.

Nina sank to her knees and crawled over to Glover and kissed him lightly on his mouth, her hand wrapped around his length as she stroked him lightly and kissed him over and over again.

“Are you ready?” she whispered to him “To make love to me”

“Of course Miss Dobrev” said Glover.

Nina got on top of him, her pussy lowered over him; Glover felt his cock enter her pussy. He closed his eyes as he felt a woman for the first time. He was a virgin having only used his hand to cum before, but he wasn’t going to tell him number one celebrity crush that. He couldn’t believe that his first time was with Nina Dobrev, he almost couldn’t believe it, but it was true, she was riding his cock right now and he loved it and loved her…so much.

Nina also closed her eyes as she finally after three long years felt a cock enter her again; her mouth was slightly opened as she took him all inside of her. Glover was a lot better than any of her ex-boyfriends were and he didn’t even move inside of her yet. When he did, it would be out of this world.

“Let’s go” she panted to him. Glover placed his hands on her hips and opened his eyes to look at her, he saw that Nina was looking back at him and he knew that she could feel the beating of his heart or was that just him. He started to move his own hips and pump into Nina Dobrev.

“Fuck yeah” he moaned as he did her

“YES! GLOVER! YES!” she shouted through the stables for everyone to hear. She sure hoped that the only ones who heard her where the horses or else she would be getting calls from the porn industry.

It was amazing, Nina knew that she would need free time more often because now not only would she be riding at this stable she would be getting fucked as well.  

Nina was panting out of control as Glover thrusted into her hot body. She pressed her hands across his rough chest, slowly moving her hands up and down his body. It made Glover feel so good, just the touch of her finger tips could do magic to his body. He knew that after it was over she would tell him to never tell anyone about their sexual encounter, he would keep that promise for her, even if he told his friends they won’t believe him anyways.

Glover was reaching his peak and he knew that soon his lunch break would be over; he didn’t care if all he ate was an apple. Fucking Nina Dobrev was far more important.

Nina came down over him, her breasts were pressed against his rough chest and Nina started to lick Glover’s chin and then moved to his cheek. Glover didn’t know how much longer he could last while doing her; he was still pumping inside of her and moved his hands over to her butt.

“Glover” he heard Nina say in a low voice as she continued to lick his face.

“I’m close” he told her, he just felt that she should know what was going on.

Nina started to move her hips all of a sudden; she placed her hands on his shoulders. Glover was still pumping in her and now Nina was helping him with that. He knew that he won’t be able to last for another minute with how things were going.

“Come on baby, cum for me” said Nina, she pressed her mouth over his in a passionate final kiss.

Glover moaned into her mouth as he ejaculated inside of Nina Dobrev. He could feel her moaning too as she accepted his seed. After he was done spilling his jizz into her, Nina rolled off of him and laid in the hay next to her stable hand lover. They were both out of breath.

“Whoa” was all Nina could say

“That was the best moment of my life” said Glover

“I’ll say” Nina said, she couldn’t count on one hand moments in her life which were better than the fucking she and Glover just shared with each other.

Glover looked at his watch and saw that his lunch break was over five minutes ago. People would start coming back into the barn now. He couldn’t let his boss find him naked with a woman in a stall slacking off during his work hours.

Glover stood “I have to get back to work Miss Dobrev” he told Nina “I’ll make sure no one comes down this hall and see’s you”

Nina stayed in the hay “Thanks” she said “After the fucking you gave me…I might need a few minutes before I can drive home”

Ten minutes later

Glover finished cleaning the stall that he started before fucking Nina and was moving to the next one when he saw her return. She walked over to him.

“A pity you still have to work, we could have continued the party at my place” she said to him

“I can go quit right now” he told her

“No, it’s okay I’ll be back to ride and when I do well…we have a free stall to fuck in” Nina said with a smile

“We sure do” said Glover, Nina hugged him and kissed his shoulder, and then she kissed his mouth again. She didn’t care if anybody saw her or took pictures of her with Glover, she knew that she was in love with him and she didn’t care what the media would say about her.

After she finished kissing him good-bye, she told him she couldn’t wait until next time and left. Glover only wished she left him her phone number.

Four months later

It was another boring day at work. Every single day when Glover came in he hoped that this was the day that Nina Dobrev would return and he would get to fuck her again. It had been four months since the last time he saw her, he heard that she had a very busy schedule recently so she didn’t have time for riding and fucking stable boys.

Glover just finished cleaning another stall and was looking it over to make sure there was no shit left behind.

“Howdy cowboy” he heard a voice say behind him, a voice he knew very well. Glover turned around and saw Nina Dobrev standing there, she wore a loose shirt. She looked as hot as ever.

“I was wondering when you would show up again” Glover said to her as they shared a quick kiss.

“Sorry…I had so much filming to do. I signed a few contracts and then I found out” said Nina

“Found out what?” Glover asked her

Nina was so excited “Glover…I’m pregnant” she said

Glover was shocked “WHAT!” he couldn’t believe it. “Who’s the father?” he asked her, he was so mad that she would do this to him.

Nina looked at him confused “Um…you are” she said “What do you take me for, after we had sex, I haven’t slept with anyone else”

Glover started to calm down “Wait, your pregnant with my child?” he asked her just to make sure he wasn’t dreaming

“Exactly” said Nina “I wanted to tell you the moment I found out, but I didn’t have your number and then I had to finish filming the roles I had signed before you got me pregnant and that took a while”

“At least you told me now” said Glover

“I want you to move in with me” said Nina

“WHAT?” asked Glover he was shocked, this whole thing was crazy. He got Nina Dobrev pregnant, she was having his baby and now she wanted him to live with her. How could he say no to that? Only a fool would say no to a beauty like her.

“I want to raise my…I mean our child in the country” Nina told him “I’m going to buy a house not too far from here and move into it in a few weeks. That way our child can grow up in the country, I can still act after I give birth and you can still work as a stable hand…if you want to still work”

“I like my job” said Glover “and it does have its perks. We have access to stalls whenever we want including the one our child was conceived in”

Nina signed as she remembered the event he spoke of “I still remember the number of the stall and that will forever be the best moment of my life followed by the day I found out you got me pregnant Glover”

Glover took Nina into an embrace, holding her in his strong arms “I never loved anyone the way I love you Miss Dobrev”

Nina laughed “We’re going to have a baby together and start living together; I think you can call me Nina now”

“Old habits are hard to break” said Glover as they kissed each other

Nina looked around the barn, it was empty “Is it your break yet?” she asked

Glover smiled “It sure is”

“How about we go screw around in our favorite stall?” she asked him

“You read my mind” Glover told her.

Nina ran ahead, Glover followed her as he unhooked his straps from his old overalls. The moment he walked into the stall, the overalls dropped down to the hay, once again he wore no underwear or boxers.

Nina pulled her top off and pulled the skirt that she wore to the hay below. She didn’t wear a bra or panties. She smiled “I thought I would save us some time”

“Your amazing Miss Dobrev” he said to her

“You just love teasing me with that” said Nina as she placed one hand on his strong shoulder and her other hand wrapped around his hard dick. She slowly started to stroke him.

“You know me” smiled Glover, he moaned at her hot touch

“Glover, I’ll love you for the rest of my life” Nina told him.

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