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Disclaimer: I don't know ELLIOT (nee Ellen) PAGE. This fiction was made without pay, compensation, or profit, all for your perverse enjoyment.

There’s a saying in my world, the LGBT world, that gets repeated ad nauseam and has helped a lot of people. 

“It gets better.”

While that certainly is true in most cases, it very emphatically isn’t for me. I had a pretty normal family growing up. My father Dennis worked for an internet design company and my mother Martha had a nice wholesome job as a teacher. My older brother Vance was always the favorite of my parents, but I didn’t hold it against him. We got along as well as any siblings did. They weren’t overly religious, so I thought they’d take it pretty well when I came out to them.

Spoilers if you can’t guess what happened; they didn’t.

They spent hours berating me. My mother wept and kept saying she hated me. I had to spend days hearing them talk down about me to my face. My brother was the worst of it though. He kept yelling at me that I was stupid, and no one really is gay, that it’s a stupid liberal brainwashing technique. The abuse went on, but I’m made of stronger stuff. I didn’t let it bother me, and I think they could tell - that’s when my brother got so frustrated he raped me.

It was one night when my father and mother were both at some party for his job. It was brutal and short. I tried to kick, punch, scratch, and fight but when it came down to wrestling, he was just stronger than me. He covered my mouth and stole my virginity and innocence with one hard thrust of his large cock. I was so shocked and in so much pain, I still don’t remember most of it. Except my teddy bear. I remembered staring at it as I was getting thrusted into the carpet of my own room. He left me lying there on the carpet, casually walking out of my bedroom. 

It took me to the next day to tell my parents, but I couldn’t have been more shocked when they dismissed what happened and told me that it was my own fault, that he was just trying to be a good brother and fix me. I started to cry right there and went upstairs to my room and fell asleep sobbing.

I woke up in a few hours with my brother Vance lying on top op of, pushing that big cock back inside of me. It wasn’t so primal and fast this time, he was getting even more confident. He stripped me, ripping my favorite shirt and pajama bottoms off before he fucked me in my bed for what felt like hours. He only said one thing to me when he was done.

“Try being a lesbian after that.”

It went on for a long time after that. Our parents obviously knew what was happening, knew that my own brother would rape me almost every day in my room. I couldn’t deny nature, sure I sometimes was aroused when I was getting fucked, but I still didn’t find men attractive - least of all my own brother. Or my father.

Ah, yeah. It took just a few days until my own father Dennis started to rape me too. Allegedly because he could “do a better job of fixing me,” but I think he was just tired of my mother. They’ve never fucked me together, which I never thought in my wildest nightmare is something I’d ever have to think, let alone be thankful for. He’s a lot rougher than Vance, he even smacks me around and hits me.

One of the things that hurt the most was my mother’s indifference. One day I had a shiner - you know, a bruise on my eye - and all she asked was if “I’m on the pill.”

I’ve done everything with my brother and father. I’ve been raped in almost every room of the house. I’ve been fucked in every position you could think of. I’ve sucked my father’s cock under the kitchen table. My ass got fucked on our back patio under the starlight. It’s so fucked up, and I hate what my life has become. I think I hate that sometimes I like it, even more.

I always had dreams of escaping this life, of becoming a movie star, but my parents put a stop to that when I came out of them. I’d already starred in a few tiny films - but my parents refused to let me go out for that audition when X-Men was casting. I was kept locked up at home and my life was just becoming even more depressing, more unbearable. I meant that literally. I was kept in the basement of my parent’s Halifax home, and not let out without supervision. I had to refuse interviews - sending emails under his supervision -  and eventually I just stopped getting calls from my agent at all, until eventually she dropped me from the company.

The daily rapes from both of them went on for months, until out of the blue my brother Vance just stopped fucking me at all. I don’t have any real evidence, as we really don’t talk anymore, but I think maybe - just maybe - he started to realize how wrong the situation was and didn’t want to be the cause of it going any further. There was a glimmer of hope in my mind - I hadn’t really lost faith by then - that when my brother stopped fucking me every day, my father would too. 

Spoilers if you haven’t been paying attention; he didn’t. 

Quite the reverse, actually. He started to really get involved with me. He lost his job, but he didn’t really seem to care. He found a new one, one that let him work from home. So, of course, that just let him fuck me even more. It was all just too much for me. Time blended together. I hardly knew if it was day or night, and I totally lost track of what day it was. I never got to use the computer unsupervised by one of my parents or my brother, and it would be sometimes weeks between when I was let out of the basement. 

Like I said,  It wasn’t always rape, but he’d always have me do something erotic. He’d come into my room and get me naked. He’d have me rub my body against his body. Sometimes I had to jerk him off, sometimes he’d just feel me up or finger me. He constantly spoke about this was all to straighten me out. Sure, he made me cum. He made me cum a lot. One of his favorite things was to make me say dirty things when I was getting fucked.

“I love you daddy.”

“I’m sorry I’m a sinning lesbian, daddy.”

“I love your cock, daddy.”

Once, early on, I remember taking a shower and he came in with me. He fucked me right there in the shower and that sort of became an almost daily ritual. I was mortified when we got out that my mother was there. I expected her to say something, but she just nodded and left. My mom was on in it too. Oh, not physically. She never touched me. At first she was helpful and soothing to me - she could see how this all was messing me up. About the time I started to accept what was happening to me was the way my life was, she just started to encourage my father to keep at it. She’s perfectly okay with what was happening to me, as long as I come out straight. 

For a long time I thought my brother had a conscience, decided that what was happening was too much for him. 

Spoilers, if you couldn’t guess where this was going: He changed his mind. Recently he came into my basement when I was alone and made me finger myself while jerking him off, spilling his cum on my tits. 

They said I’m stuck down here until I take back that I’m gay, and tell them I’m straight. I’ve done that a few times, but I’m still locked up. At least they’ve given me a few more liberties - the computer I’m writing this on, for one. I know what, and who, I am on the inside. To me that is all that matters. Maybe someday I’ll even be out of this hell. Maybe I'll even be able to act again.

Until then,

Elliot Page

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