A Dildo On A Pole Match

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Brooke Tessmacher was pissed. She was working hard to prove that she was more than just eye candy, and that she was a serious competitor now, only to be thrown into the most ridiculous match yet, A Dildo On A Pole Match. Truly, this regime was so desperate to compete with the WWE, it was pathetic. And she planned to take all her aggression out on her opponent tonight. Because make no mistake, this was all Velvet's fault. Oh yes, Brooke had just been minding her own business, listing off the reasons she was the best Knockout around, and here comes that has been Velvet Sky sticking her nose into her business. One little 'Cat Fight' backstage later, and now here they were.

With Velvet already in the ring Brooke ran down the entrance ramp, sliding into the ring and hitting her opponent with a spear, and then mounting her for a few hard punches. Or at least she tried, but she only landed a couple before it was reversed on her, and Velvet was the one punching her in the face. Then they were rolling around on the floor trying to get an advantage, much to the delight of the horny men in the crowd. Well, if this was the kind of thing they wanted, Brooke would give it to them. Maybe then she'd get the opportunities she deserved. And well, this bitch had it coming. Not only for what she had done to Brooke, but just in general for being a whore.

Proving that point, the next time she was on top Brooke grabbed hold of Velvet's trunks and pulled them down her long legs, and completely off of her. She then celebrated by twirling the tiny fabric around in her hand, and then tossing it into the front row. This delighted the audience, but Brooke was too busy enjoying the pop to notice that Velvet, who had previously been just lying there looking horrified, had gotten up behind her, and was about to return the favour, only worse. She didn't just grab Brooke's trunks. No, the bitchy blonde made sure she grabbed the brunette's thong, and with one hard tug brought both of them down. Then, just to be clear that it wasn't an accident, Velvet ripped open her top too, causing her large tits to fall out.

At this point the crowd was at a fever pitch, so much so they didn't hear Brooke hiss, "What the fuck are you doing?"

Velvet laughed evilly, knowing that Brooke was referring to the fact that while the tearing of clothing had always been encouraged in their division, straight up nudity was not, and then she simply shrugged, "If you're so hot, why not show it off?"

Which of course got another cheer from the crowd, and then Brooke just lost it, "Well, in that case..."

"Hey!" Velvet whined as her own top was ripped.

"How do you like it bitch? How do you like it?" Brooke yelled, as she reached for Velvet's trunks, only to be punched in the stomach so hard that she collapsed down to her ass, into the corner of the ring.

Velvet yanked down her own trunks and thong so they were both naked, and loudly announced, "Not as much as you're going to enjoy this?"

If she wasn't so confused by Velvet voluntarily stripping herself Brooke might have seen what was coming before it happened, but by the time she realized it was too late. At that point Velvet had already turned around and was backing up, while Brooke tried to get her hands up to stop it, they were simply slapped away, leaving her vulnerable. More importantly, leaving her face vulnerable. Vulnerable to Velvet's ass which was pressed directly to Brooke's face, and then started rubbing it against her in one of the biggest insults in wrestling. Also one of the most homoerotic things in wrestling, and Brooke made sure to make a show of hating it, even then, to her annoyance. It was the exact opposite, and her opponent knew it. Something the bitch called her out on.

"Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, you love that shit, huh?" Velvet gleefully gloated, before pointing out, "Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, you love Stinkfaces, don't you, bitch? Yessssssssss, mmmmmmmm, how does it feel to get a taste of your own medicine? Huh? I bet you love it. Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, I bet you do them all the time, because you are hoping that some hot chick like me would turn the tables on you like this, and rub their ass in your face. And look, I'm not even wearing anything, so you can get as close to my ass, as you've always wanted. Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh, don't be afraid to kiss it. Oh yeah, I always knew that you were a great ass kisser! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!"

Velvet certainly took great pleasure in putting Brooke in her place like this. Although honestly, Brooke should feel honoured. Velvet was famous for her ass, and now this bitch was getting an up-close look at it. And she didn't even have the decency to kiss it? WTF? She would definitely pay for that later, but for now the blonde very much enjoyed humiliating the brunette by claiming that she did. More importantly, she loved the feeling of that pretty little face rubbing up against her butt cheeks. Although what might be even better, was the moment that she stopped shaking her booty from side to side, and instead pushed it back into that admittedly pretty face, so she could feel that hot breath against her back door.

Either way she was smothering her opponent in booty, and Brooke was too busy flailing her arms around to really do anything about it. Oh yes, Velvet gleefully smothered this whore with her juicy booty for a few long seconds, very much playing up to the crowd. To keep that cheer going she then moved away from the other girl and posed triumphantly, so lost in the adulation she completely took her eye off the ball. Because one minute Brooke was just lying defeated in the corner, horror on her face, and then when Velvet turned back to her she was just in time to see the bitch's feet flying towards her, both of them hitting her stomach in a falling dropkick, which sent her back against the opposite turnbuckle.

"Oh, you want to humiliate me, huh? You want to humiliate me?" Brooke challenged as she marched up to where Velvet was now lying, turned around, and stuck her ass into her face, "Let's see how you like it."

Honestly Velvet liked it quite a bit, and she had to fight the urge to kiss it. But no, she had to remember that this wasn't Angelina's cute little booty, or even the yummy butts of Lacey and Madison. No, this was the fat ass of the bitch who had the audacity to claim that she was the hottest Knockout. And kissing this big booty would be just helping to legitimize that false claim. So Velvet made sure to force a frown on her face as she received the exact same treatment she had just dished out. Namely a pair of meaty cheeks sliding back and forth across her face for a few long seconds, before then pushing backwards, smothering her with booty. Not that she could really breathe much before that moment.

For a few long moments Velvet thought that Brooke was going to hold that position until she passed out, which was something she wished she had thought of. Luckily just as she was getting close, that booty left her face, giving her some much-needed time to breathe. Unluckily Brooke then climbed up to try and grab the dildo, and Velvet was so stunned she almost didn't get there in time to stop her. Almost. However, the toy seemed to be stuck, meaning that the blonde was just about able to push the brunette off, and onto the floor, with no hope of getting back in the ring in time. Indeed, all Brooke could do was lay there in horror, and watch as Velvet slowly climbed up to the top turnbuckle, reached up to where the toy was dangling, yanked it down and then held it up triumphantly, all with a huge smile on her face.

Brooke couldn't believe it. She had lost. Normally losing a ridiculous match like this wouldn't bother her so much, as it didn't mean as much as getting pinned, or submitting. But losing this match came with a terrible price, one she wasn't sure she could pay. Like, literally, all she wanted to do in that moment was turn and run. Unfortunately, after having her body exposed to the world like this, there was no way the overly sanitized WWE would take her. Then again, if she went along with it, surely the only future she had was in porn? Although, maybe she was in luck, because Velvet was grabbing a chair and a microphone, so maybe she was just going to beat her up? Sadly, as she was about to learn, that wasn't the case, because as soon as she got in the ring Velvet opened up the chair, sat on it, and used the microphone to make a chilling announcement.

"Brooke, get in here, and bend over my knee!" Velvet demanded, briefly pausing for a reaction from the crowd and then smirking triumphantly, "Oh yeah, that's right, we're going to start off this shit right, with a nice, hard, spanking!"

Her mind racing Brooke looked around nervously, then pleaded, "No, please, I..."

"You know what you signed up for." Velvet interrupted, "You remember the rules, right? You said that you own this division? That you owned me? Well guess what bitch? Now... I own you. So get in here and give me what's mine. Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssss, you have to do whatever I want, and I want your ass. And now, I'm going to do whatever I want to it."

There was more cheering from the horny crowd, then Brooke tried one last time, "But-"

"No buts!" Velvet snapped, before smirking, "Except what I do to yours, mmmmmmmmm, so get in here, give me what's mine."

Another long pause, then Brooke hung her head in shame, and did as she was told. Namely walking up the steps, getting in the ring, and walking up to Velvet as slowly as she possibly could, desperately trying to think of a way out of this, and finding none. She was also weighing up her options. Like the option to kick this smug bitch in her stupid face, kick her ass, and then dominate her fucking ass. That was probably her only viable alternative at this point, and what she been willing to do to get ahead in this company. But ultimately, Brooke was worried about making things worse on herself, so she just did as she was told, bending over that skank's knee, and letting her have her way with her. Something which of course, immediately led to Velvet laughing her ass off, and then grabbing hold of the ass in front of her.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, that's right bitch, get in your fucking place!" Velvet yelled, no longer needing a microphone, as she was loud enough without it, as with her other hand, she began to grope her prize, "Mmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, get in your place. Ah fuck, I've been waiting a long time for this. Yeahhhhhhhhhh, I've been waiting a long time to give you the spanking that a big booty bitch like you deserves, for thinking that you could ever compete with real women like me. Oh yeah, just you wait bitch, mmmmmmmmm, fuck yeah, because by the time I'm done with you, you'll be nothing but a whimpering wreck, begging for the privilege of kissing my ass! Or getting yours fucked!"

Honestly Brooke was already whimpering pathetically in defeat, but it couldn't be really hurt over the sound of the crowd, and more to the point Velvet's blathering. In fact, for a few long seconds, Brooke wondered if the bitch would ever actually do something, or whether she was going to spend the entire night just talking. Which almost seemed worse in that moment, especially as it came with an obscene amount of booty groping. Then for better or for worse, Velvet suddenly delivered a hard double smack to those meaty globes, the sound echoing throughout the room, even over the cheers of the audience, and the cry that poor Brooke let out.

Something she got a chance to savour, for better or for worse, as Velvet just laughed at her misfortune, and the sight of those meaty cheeks jiggling like jelly from the impact. Then she grabbed that big booty. With both hands this time, and really went to town. At first with the groping, and then with the strikes. Well, for the longest time, there was a bit of both, Velvet dishing out the odd strike or two, while greedily squeezing, pinching, and just sliding her hand over the juicy flesh. Which honestly, was so humiliating. Brooke actually found herself longing for a real spanking. Of course, when she got it, she found herself longing for the opposite.

Velvet had lots of experience with spanking from her days in The Beautiful People. Admittedly that was mostly her on the receiving end, especially from Angelina, who even now, brutalized her booty every single chance she got. But she was also no stranger to dishing it out, as she and her fellow BP members often teamed up to put shameless sluts in their place, like Mickie James, and surprisingly Tara. However Velvet had never really got a shot at this amazing booty before, which was a travesty as far as she was concerned. Because make no mistake, Velvet Sky was still the hottest Knockout around, but Brooke Tessmacher was a pretty close second. Not that she ever planned to admit that.

She also didn't plan on allowing herself to take another Stinkface anytime soon, but even though it would be humiliating for her, and totally send the wrong message, Velvet had to admit, even just silently to herself, there was part of her wanted to get in the corner, so that Brooke could smother her in that fat ass until she passed out. Or ideally, gave her just enough air to breathe, so she could worship that big booty all night long. However, that was the bottom in her talking, and Velvet Sky was not a bottom. Not anymore. No, she was a bad ass, butt busting top. Something that she finally had the chance to prove, and not just backstage in secret, but out here in front of the world on PPV, and this life crowd, which was clearly loving every second of Brooke's humiliation.

Only too happy to play up to that reaction, Velvet continued to pose and insult her opponent, especially during the beginning of the spanking. However, that was the easy part, and as much fun as it was to play with that big booty, especially while listening to those adoring fans, sooner or later, she needed to dish out a brutal butt beating. Prove that she was more than just the sidekick of Angelina, or worse Madison. Prove that at the very least, she was more of a top than Brooke fucking Tessmacher. So eventually she phased out the groping, an increase the speed and the force of the blows, with wonderful results. Namely, that fat ass jiggling even more crazy than before, and gradually changing colour. And maybe most of all, Brooke crying out like a little bitch, which made Velvet very pleased with herself.

Admittedly it couldn't compared to what the likes of Angelina could do, but by her standards Velvet was very proud of herself. Especially from the way that she had Brooke not only crying out, but maybe literally crying. Yes, the fact that it being filmed in front of a live studio audience had a lot to do with it, but surely no one could deny that Velvet was doing her part to put this uppity little ho in her place. And if they did, well, they would just get the same treatment. Although if they were anything like Brooke, that might actually be more of a reward, because, to her delight, the blonde could feel that despite her whining, the brunette was really enjoying herself. The proof of which was against her thighs.

Brooke was praying that Velvet would be too dumb to notice that, as it was overwhelmingly embarrassing. But not surprising. Tara did this to her all the time, and unfortunately, she always enjoyed it on some twisted level. Maybe because it was her receiving punishment for her failings, or maybe she was just a perverted slut. In fact, the latter thing was more likely right now, given that instead of putting her off, the fact that this was being filmed, and taking place live in the ring, was only adding to her enjoyment. As was the fact that, while a few women had witnessed this kind of thing before, it had never been this many. Oh God, it felt like everyone in the world was watching, and getting off, to this. Oh God, this was going to ruin her career, and her life. Oh God!

That had been her last coherent thought before the pain became too excruciating, and her whole world became nothing but physical pain. Sadly, that didn't last nearly as long as she would have liked it too, as just as suddenly that Velvet shifted into the brutal butt beating, it was over, the cameras getting up close and personal, to get a good shot of what had to be her now bright red bottom. Oh fuck, the humiliation of that was so overwhelming. Especially because she knew it wasn't over. No, after all, the dildo had yet to come into play. And there was no way that Velvet was just going to let her off. And sure enough, after allowing Brooke to wallow in her humiliation for a few long seconds, which felt like hours, the bitch made another announcement.

"Wow, look at this wet little pussy!" Velvet announced, grabbing both of Brooke's butt cheeks and spreading them apart, so that everyone could get a good look, "Mmmmmmmm fuck, I know it's tempting just to stare at that bright red butt, which is sooooooooooo red, by the way. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmm, I spank bitches good. But all I can think of right now, is that wet fucking cunt! Oooooooooh fuck yes, that's all I can really think about, and it's damn sure all I can feel. Oh yeah, mmmmmmmm, I can feel that twat pressing against my thigh, and it's sooooooooo wet! You loved that, huh? You really love getting spanked? Or were you just thinking about me fucking you, huh? Mmmmmmmmm, no need to say anything, I think we all know the answer."

It was a question which Brooke didn't even know the answer to at that moment, although it didn't really matter, as there wasn't a good answer. Not that she would admit that, of course. No, she just continued to hang her head in shame, and squirming on top of Velvet's lap, as the other woman slid a fingertip or two up and down her pussy lips, drawing even more attention to how much she was enjoying this. It was also forcing a couple of embarrassingly loud moans of pleasure out of Brooke, and they hadn't even really started fucking yet. Hell, it almost made her want to beg Velvet just to get it over with already. Even if she knew what that would be. Or at least, she thought she did, as her tormentor then gave her a wonderful surprise.

"Someone bring me the dildo!" Velvet ordered, holding out her hand until one of the crew slid in the ring, grabbed hold of the sex toy, and handed it to her. She could reach down to grab it, but this was more about solidifying her power, which she continued doing as she pressed that cock against Brooke's cunt and taunted her, "Yessssssssssss, oooooooooooh mmmmmmmmm, so wet, sooooooooooo wet for me. God Brooke, if I had known you were this desperate for a good fucking, I wouldn't have even bothered with the match. No, I would have fucked you anywhere you wanted me too. Yeahhhhhhhhhh, all you had to do was ask, and I'd have happily made you my bitch. Just, like... THIS! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkk! Try and remember that next time. Huh?"

Sure, as she was speaking Velvet was rubbing that dildo against her aching cunt, but she never thought for a moment that the bitch would actually follow through, and fuck her there. And she was eventually proven to be right, but for a few long moments she was wonderfully wrong, as Velvet very slowly pushed that dildo all the way into Brooke's very, very welcoming twat. It was just left there for a few long seconds, but in her current state it provided a truly blissful pleasure for Brooke, each one of those seconds practically feeling like an hour. Then her rival just had to prove her right and again, although that was humiliating, she unfortunately couldn't deny it felt good. Hell, she ended up crying out in mostly pleasure because of it.

Velvet would be lying if she tried to claim that she wasn't tempted just to fuck Brooke's pretty little cunt, especially as it looked so, so good taking that big dick. But honestly, that would've just been too much of a favour, after this whore had pissed her off. And if she complained, Velvet would just point out that she was lucky that her top gave her any form of preparation. Of course, above all else, as much as Velvet loved watching a big dildo slide into another woman's pussy, it couldn't compare to watching it slide into another woman's ass hole. Oh yes, even when she wasn't the one wielding the toy, it was so hot to see some bitch getting anally violated, especially another female wrestler.

This was definitely no exception. In fact, this might be hotter than ever, because not only was Velvet the one wielding the dildo, but it was in front of a crowd, who once again shared their approval, and who knows how many people watching on PPV. And everyone watching got their money's worth, as Brooke Tessmacher's fat ass look like it was literally designed to be fucked. Something that Velvet was only too happy to point out, at least once she got over the initial thrill of the initial anal penetration. Which admittedly took a few long seconds, as it was truly breath-taking, especially as the quick change over and some penetration caused Brooke to cry out loudly, and pathetically, but deliciously, with mostly pleasure.

All of which was overwhelming, and took a few long seconds for Velvet to find her voice, and when she did she bombarded her rival with verbal abuse, "Ooooooooooh yessssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, moan! Fucking moan while I fuck you up the fucking ass! This made for fucking ass! Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, your big fat ass was made for this Brooke! Made to get fucked! Mmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, moan you whore! Moan right from the start, and show everyone here that Brooke Tessmacher is nothing but an anal whore, with a big booty made to be pounded and owned by superior women like me! Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss, take it, take it, fucking take it, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

In the beginning, Velvet had shown Brooke very little mercy, pulling that dildo out of the other girl's cunt, and shoving the first few inches of the cock directly into her ass hole. This was supposed to maximize the pain, or the fact that Brooke still cried out in mostly pleasure, was really telling. Something which gave Velvet great delight, but not quite as much as continuing the anal violation as she talked. Wanting to concentrate on her words, she made sure to make the rest of the butt stuffing nice and slow. Also, it was just hot to watch that man-made meat, disappearing into that forbidden hole. Then, when there was only about a couple of inches left to hold, she began pulling the dildo out, and then repeating the process, officially beginning to sodomize her with what they had been trying to win during the match.

Given the wetness against her thighs was increasing, along with the amount that Brooke was squirming, and of course, the sounds of pleasure she was making, it was very clear that it wouldn't take long to make this total anal whore cum for her. And that's exactly the way Velvet wanted it. If it was someone she actually gave a shit about, like Madison or Lacey, she would have taken her time, and allowed both of them to enjoy the submissive pleasure of getting ass fucked. But this bitch had mouthed off, and now she was going to humiliate her for it. Besides, if she wanted more of this admittedly amazing ass, she would just take Brooke home with her, for some more TLC on her A.

Brooke wanted to be able to pretend like she wasn't enjoying herself, at least at first, but she just couldn't help herself. She had literally spent years being one of the most popular cock pockets backstage, with nearly everyone on the roster getting a piece of her big booty at one point. Her tag-team with Tara had been a godsend, because it meant that she was only getting ass fucked by the same person a few times a day, instead of the whole locker room. She had convinced herself she didn't need to be Tara's anal bitch anymore. That she could be a serious competitor. A single's champion. And now she would never be anything but an anal whore. And worse, all the fans now knew it, instead of just everyone backstage.

Again, instead of putting her off, like it should do, this only pushed her ever closer to climax. God, it kind of felt that way, ever since she was penetrated, and it had been getting worse every second since. She tried to fight it, but Velvet just wasn't giving her a chance, gradually picking up the pace of the anal pounding, until she was slamming Brooke's back door with what had to be every ounce of her strength. At the same time, she was delivering blow after blow to Brooks incredibly sore bottom, which again was having more of a positive effect than it had any right too. And of course, most of all, Velvet was just bombarding her with verbal humiliation. Which perhaps more than anything, was the reason that she finally went over the edge of orgasm.


Poor Brooke was unaware of those hurtful words, the cheers from the audience, and pretty much her own name at that point. Of course, that was mostly a blessing at this point, as for at least a few long seconds she was mostly unaware of anything other than the incredible pleasure of the orgasm. Then it came back full force, and Brooke found herself wishing the Earth would open up and swallow her. Instead she just lay there limply, while the dildo was left buried in her ass and Velvet gleefully dished out more of the verbal humiliation she was famous for. And of course, more spanks. Because her poor little butt hadn't suffered enough. Which of course, made her ass clamp down on the dildo buried inside of it. Something which had been bearable when she had been building to an orgasm, but now it was incredibly uncomfortable.

She was saved from that when the dildo was yanked out of her back hole, but that had its own downside, as it left Brooke feeling incredibly empty and open. Like the whole world could see deep inside her, via her now gaping open butt hole. Something which Velvet insured, when she grabbed onto those meaty cheeks, and spread them wide apart, making sure the cameras got a good look at that gape. The audience too. Something that she allowed to speak for itself for a few long seconds, before naturally commenting on. Something that made Brooke blush furiously, but what could she possibly say? She was done for. Finished. Her career over, to the point where she might as well commit to being Velvet Sky's anal bitch. AKA, an anal loving bottom's anal loving bottom.

"Look at this! Look at this wrecked little ass hole!" Velvet laughed briefly, before adding to some boos, "And if you want to see more, check it out at the official TNA website at... I know, I know, but you guys have got more wrestling to come, and I've got to hit the showers to wash off being associated with this skank. But for now, I have one little treat left for you guys... mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, suck it bitch! Suck my fucking dick! Get all of your yummy butt cream! Oh fuck, that's it. Oooooooooooh fuck yeah, take it all the way! All the way down your whore throat! Oh fuck, what a good little anal bitch. See, if you were only this respectful before, I wouldn't have had to humiliate you."

Velvet shoved Brooke off of her midsentence, and then loomed over her with an evil smile, pointing the butt flavoured dildo down at her defeated opponent. She had been expecting Brooke to cower before her, giving her a chance for more verbal humiliation. Maybe the blonde would even have to grab onto a handful of brunette locks to shove her mouth onto her ass flavoured dick. But to her surprise, before she could even get the words out, the anal whore proved herself to be an ass to mouth whore too, as she suddenly wrapped her lips around the head of that cock. God, she even moaned loudly like the shameless slut she truly was. Not that it should have been a surprise, but it still left Velvet speechless for a few long seconds.

Of course, that didn't last, and she was soon laying on the verbal humiliation nice and thick. And just like with the butt fucking, this only made Brooke love it even more. Fuck, maybe Velvet really should keep this bitch as her anal bitch. God knows she was the perfect cock cleaner, pretty much shoving the entire length of the dildo down her throat in no time, and then just continuing to suck that cock until she was told otherwise. Which greatly amused Velvet, but she had better things to do then just watch Brooke Tessmacher sucking a fake cock. So she tossed the dildo aside and slid out of the ring, indicating for Brooke to follow her. Then once they were half way up the ramp she gave her anal slut for the night, and maybe longer than that, another order.

"Stick your tongue up my ass!" Velvet ordered, "Oooooooooh yesssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, I want everyone's last memory of you tonight to be with your face buried in my fucking butt!"

Again, the hot little bottom didn't hesitate to obey, causing Velvet to cry out embarrassingly loud in the process. Because Brooke didn't start off with gentle kisses to the backside of her superior, something she should have known to do without being asked. No, she took her new Mistress's words literally, and buried her face as deep as it could go between those cheeks. God, she then rubbed her face in that big booty, almost like she was giving herself another Stinkface. Which admittedly, felt so good, Velvet just couldn't resist standing there for a few long seconds, and just enjoying the feeling. Especially as the entire time that her face was in between those cheeks, Brooke was eagerly lapping away at her new owner's ass hole.

Then Velvet reached round, grabbed the back of Brooke's head, and shoved that pretty face of hers as deep into her booty as it could go. Mostly for the sheer joy of smothering the bitch with her booty, but also to make sure that tongue didn't go anywhere, and she began walking back up the ramp slowly, and so quickly, making sure everyone got a good look at Brooke Tessmacher eating her ass like it was the tastiest of treats. It was the perfect end to a perfect night for Velvet, one she couldn't wait to repeat. Oh yes, she was going straight to management, to demand all the Knockouts matches were now strictly A Dildo On A Pole Matches, so she could finally take her rightful place on top.

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