Dreaming in the Kitchen

BY : FlameWolf
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Disclaimer: I do not know Gordon Ramsay or his family in real life. This is just fiction, for fun and no profit will be made.

Author’s Note:  So I was recently inspired by https://www.wattpad.com/story/254788016-to-hell-and-back-with-love.  I will do my best to make mine as different as possible.  All props to Cyntoya.


Dreaming in the Kitchen


By: FlameWolf


Chapter One: A Proposition


    Two women sat at the table, one obviously pregnant and positively beaming.  “The show starts after I give birth and poor Gordon has been so nervous he can’t sleep,” the pregnant woman gushed, a wide smile on her glowing features.

    “You’ll have to tell him congratulations for me!  First you’re pregnant again and now your husband is starting a career in the states.  I’m so excited for you Tana,” the red head across from her praised, freckles standing out on her forehead and cheeks.

    “Why don’t you stay and tell him yourself Tiff?  You’ve only ever seen him on our wedding day and it was very briefly,” Tana teased, a small smirk on her pink lips.

    Blushing, the other woman immediately began to sputter.  “Oh that’s perfectly alright!  I just don’t have the time,” she tried to excuse, already getting to her feet in preparation to flee.  In truth, she had fallen for the rising chef the moment she had laid eyes on him in the wedding hall.  A fact that wasn’t helped by his gentle, blue eyes or his habit of calling women things like ‘luv’ or ‘my darling’.  Since then, she had avoided him at all costs, lest her obvious attraction drive a wedge between her and her best friend.

    Beginning to rise from the table, she was stopped by a hand on her wrist.  “Just a moment Tiffy.  There’s something I need to ask,” the other woman confessed with a shameful expression.  Sitting down with a resigned sigh, the ruby haired femme motioned for her to continue.

    “Well, I shouldn’t have to tell you that I’m getting close to giving birth and I will need some extra help.  Would you like to be my live-in helper?” she asked, the words almost hitting her like a sock to the stomach.

    “I’m honored, really but surely there must be more qualified people you can hire,” Tiff pointed out, her features ghostly pale.

    “I don’t doubt that but none of them are like a sister to me. Please Tiffy.  I wouldn’t want anyone else here but you,” the brunette across from her begged, dark eyes full of tears as she gave her version of puppy eyes.

    Groaning and knowing wasn’t a good idea, the 28 year old nodded.  “When do I start,” she grumbled, dread filling the pit of her stomach.  There would be no way she could avoid Gordon if she was living here.  The more time spent around him, the more obvious her attraction to him would be.  Yet, she didn’t have it in her to say no when Tana was pleading like this.

    “... will take you to pack tonight,” came the end of a response, jerking her out of her thoughts.

    “Sorry Tana, could you repeat?” she gasped, a bad feeling spreading through her entire body.

    Smiling, she nodded with an odd gleam in her eyes.  “We’d like you to start today.  Gordon will take you to pack tonight,” she said again, the words fulfilling her deepest fear.  Yet, she couldn’t really say no without a good excuse.

    “Oh, uh, alright.  I guess I should be grateful my lease is ending in a few days anyway.  Where will I be staying?”  Tiff asked, trying to distract herself from the nervousness she felt.

    “The guest house.  Its a small duplex attached to our home meant for a nanny or a maid,” came the ready answer while the pregnant woman awkwardly got to her feet.

    Helping to steady her friend, the other woman followed while Tana made her way to the other side of the house.  Taking out a key, she unlocked a door and opened it to reveal a small but cozy house.  It had a kitchen/living room combo right by the front door.  Further in was a staircase that led to the bedroom and bathroom.  “As you can see, you will have everything provided for you.  You even have your own washer and dryer in a nook below the stairs,” the woman beside her explained, leading the way to the carpeted stairs.

    Following close behind, the Irish femme was more than a bit impressed.  While it was small, it was larger than her current apartment and much nicer.  Not to mention the perk of living in the same house as the woman who was her soul sister.  The only hiccup, of course, was a certain world class chef.  Rubbing her upper arms, she peeked into the bedroom and let out a gasp.  There was a large, comfy bed, two chests of drawers, a closet and an attached bathroom.  Turning to face Tana, she saw the other woman was beaming with pride.

    All in all, this would be a better deal and she knew it.  Still, this fact didn’t make her as happy as it should.  “This is all so nice Tana, I almost don’t want to ask if you plan to pay me,” she managed to joke weakly before she sat on the mattress.

    “Oh, we do.  Gordon and I don’t believe in allowing anyone to work for free.  Though, we do have a few ground rules before you settle in,” the woman across from her informed, her expression still kind despite the seriousness of their conversation.

    “No swearing around the kids, of course.  We’ll forgive mistakes, Lord knows Gordon is no saint when it comes to that.  Just try to keep it to a minimum,” she began, her banter helping Tiff relax despite the prospect of being alone in a car with her husband later.

    “Next, try to be awake in the morning.  We are early risers and I will likely need your help,” came the next reasonable request, the rules being fairly easy to follow so far.

    “Of course, keep yourself and your house clean.  We won’t force you to stick to our standards but we don’t want you to turn this guest house into a pigsty,” Tana continued, this last request not being a problem either.

    “Finally, no strange men.  If you’re going to have someone over, introduce us to them first,” finished the business-like femme just as the sound of a door closing came from the other house.

    “Sounds like Gordon’s home.  Come on, he wants to get to know you a little bit,” the brunette smiled before heading back down the stairs and through the open door that led to the main house.

    “Okay Tiffany, you can do this.  I mean, he’s only an up and coming celebrity as well as Michelin star chef.  Nothing to be nervous about,” she whispered to herself as she made her way down and to the door attaching the guest house to the main.  That was when she heard the faint sound of his voice.

    “Hello luv.  How are you and the little one doing?” purred a husky mid-tone, his accent sending shivers down her spine.

    No matter how long she lived here, the accents would never stop affecting her.  Flushing deeply, she tried to shake it off before she went in.  Unfortunately for her, Tana had other plans.  “About the same as when you left you big goof.  Tiffy is here by the way.  She just agreed to be my live-in helper and I know you want to meet her,” came her voice, drawing a quiet groan from the irish born woman.

    “F-ing Hell Tana..,” she sighed out before making her way to meet the pair part way.

    Placing a smile on her face, she stuck out her hand and just hoped the pair would ignore her pink cheeks.  “Nice to meet you again Mr. Ramsay!  You might not remember me but my name is..,” she began as he enveloped her offered appendage in one of his burn scarred hands.

    “Of course I know you, my silly girl.  You’re only someone my wife won’t stop talking about.  Though, I would appreciate it if you just call me Gordon, yeah?” he interrupted and chastised with a gentle smile, bending to give her cheeks a european kiss.

    Feeling her cheeks heat, she tried to repress her body’s natural response through sheer willpower.  Unfortunately, it had failed miserably if his raised brows were anything to go by.  Tana, on the other hand, either seemed to not notice or didn’t care.  A fact that seemed to confuse Tiff.  Did the other woman know about her crush and not care?  How on earth could anything like that be the case?  Maybe her friend was just oblivious but that didn’t feel right either.  The slightly older woman was one of the smartest, most observant people she knew.  None of this was helped by the very brief heat shining in Gordon’s baby blues.

    Next thing she knew, she was being led to the dining area near the main house kitchen.  Sitting down, she watched with a stunned feeling of detachment while Gordon made them all some tea.  Setting the pot on, he joined them at the table; smiling at Tiff as she looked from Tana to her husband.  “I imagine my darling wife has let you in on the rules.  Now for discussion of your pay.  We’re willing to offer $80 an hour given all the responsibilities expected of you.  If that doesn’t sound fair, please let me know,” he informed, a small smile on his wrinkled yet handsome face.

    Upon hearing the more than generous figure, Tiff felt her jaw drop.  That money was more than she could ever hope to earn in any industry.  If she hadn’t already said yes to the job, that certainly would have been an incentive to do so.  “More than fair.  Maybe even overpaying a bit.  Are you sure you want to...,” she began to protest, only to be interrupted by a rich laugh.

    “There’s a first!  Trying to talk down our offer,” he chuckled, smiling widely while his eyes twinkled.  Tana could only smile, not remotely surprised.

    “My darling, you deserve it with how many kids we want to have,” he purred, the roughness of his voice sending a small shiver down her spine.  Then the meaning of his words sank in and her blush flared up yet again.

    Clearing her throat, she shifted awkwardly while Tana laughed at her gently.  “Take it easy on her honey,” she chided, slapping his upper arm playfully.  Before he could respond, the kettle began to sing.  Getting up, the chef went into the kitchen, coming back with three cups of steaming tea.  Taking the mug gratefully, the flustered woman took a deep sip of the comforting beverage.  Soon after, the trio slipped into conversation, mostly thanks to Tana dragging Tiff in.  Though Gordon’s innate charm certainly helped her rapidly get over her discomfort.

    Next thing she knew, it was time to go with the chef to go pack a few essentials for the night and the next day.  A fact that made her nervous all over again.  “You don’t have to take me.  I have my own car and I really don’t need help grabbing a few things,” she tried to excuse, only to get a firm shake of the head.

    “Nonsense.  I’ve barely spoken to you and would like to have a talk while on the road,” he declared, acting as if the matter had already been settled.

    Knowing she had no choice, she simply nodded in defeat before heading toward the coat hooks by the front door.  Putting on her jacket, she waited for the gentlemanly chef to open the door before going out into the damp, chilly, London night.  Following the taller man to the car, she slid into the passenger side while he revved the engine to life.  “So, tell me a bit about yourself luv,” purred his mid-tone beside her, making her cheeks heat slightly.

    “Ah, I don’t think there’s much Tana probably hasn’t told you.  I’m a college graduate, I work in the kitchen of a restaurant and I have a couple pets,” she muttered, staring into her lap to avoid looking at him.  Something that didn’t go unnoticed by Chef Ramsay.

    “I appreciate that you’re nervous my darling but would you mind looking at me while we talk?” he chided gently, his word shaming her into meeting his gentle gaze.

    “Thatta girl.  Now, what pets do you have?” he continued, a smile on his lips while he backed his Ferrari out of his driveway.

    “A couple ferrets, one cockatiel and a tank with five Fulica Achatina,” she responded, some of her nervousness fading for excitement.  She loved her animals like children and enjoyed telling anyone who would listen all about them.

    “Fulica Achatina?” came the question most people asked.

    “A species of Giant African Land Snail,” she explained with a grin, rather enjoying the odd expression that crossed over her companion’s lined face.  Most people had one of two reactions to her snails.  Disgust or curiosity.

    “Snails... alright.  That’s a bit unexpected,” he managed, his lips twitching slightly while he tried to keep in laughter.  Though, Tiff didn’t take any offence.  She knew it seemed strange to people on the outside but snails were probably one of her favorite pets.  Nothing made her happier than helping people understand that they were more than mere gastropods.

    “I know but once you get to know them, they’re very interesting to watch.  You wouldn’t expect a snail could be picky or even have a personality but trust me, they do,” she assured with a wide smile.

    After that, they descended into a rather odd conversation about her snails.  By the end of it, even Gordon seemed more interested than he had been earlier.  As they pulled into the apartment she lived at, she was shocked to find she had forgotten all about how flustered he made her feel.  In fact, it almost felt as if they had been friends for years.  Though, some part of her suspected that had been his plan all along.  The smug smirk he was giving her all but confirmed it.  “Well, let’s get in there and get what we can, yes?” he purred as he got out of the car and walked over to her side.

    Before she could move or argue, he was opening the door and helping her to her feet.  Then he was turning on his heel and striding toward the door that led to the apartments.  Soon, the pair were in her humble home; his sharp eyes moving over the tiny space.  It was more than enough to make her nervous all over again.  While she wasn’t a slob, she didn’t keep her home as spotless as Gordon and Tana.  There were dishes in the sink, there were blankets and a few dirty clothes on the couch along with a chip bag.  All in all, not a sight she would have had a guest see, not to mention someone like the man standing in her living room.  “Right, you go grab some clothes and I’ll load what pets I can into my car.  Together, we’ll get this done in no time,” he commanded, thankfully deciding not to comment on her slight mess.

    As they packed what she and her pets needed, Tiff found Gordon to be polite and extremely helpful.  He also wasn’t afraid to ask if he wasn’t sure of something.  All in all, he made the experience a very efficient endeavor.  The only real problem was her snail tank and her cockatiel’s cage.  Both items were a bit too large for her companion’s small, sporty car and she didn’t have anything to help haul them.  Though, that didn’t seem to phase the resourceful man.  In fact, he had already pulled out his phone and was making a few calls.  Several moments later, a man was driving up with a uhaul trailer.

    After a quick exchange, the driver left and the pair continued to pack up.  In a blur, they had the rest of her pets packed.  The snails were in a large tupperware and the bird was in his travel cage.  All in all, a fairly successful mission.  A fact Tiff was still stunned by.  She hadn’t really expected the two of them to work together well.  Honestly, some part of her had been waiting for his infamous temper to rear its head.  She was still a bit shocked that it hadn’t.  “Thank you for the help,” she whispered as they exited her apartment and locked the door behind her.

    “No problem at all luv.  I’m just happy you don’t seem as nervous around me,” he responded with a grin, opening the passenger door for her.

    Getting into the car, she couldn’t help the wave of shame that washed over her.  She hadn’t wanted to appear rude or standoffish.  Her only solace was the fact he didn’t seem offended in the slightest.  He was even smiling at her while his engine revved back to life.  “If we’re going to be working together, I don’t want you to be afraid of me.  You have to be comfortable enough to call me in the event of an emergency,” he continued, eyes flicking briefly to the snails in her lap while he drove.

    “I know but that’s a bit easier said than done.  Still, I appreciate you trying,” she responded, carefully meeting his gaze with a small smile.  Gordon merely chuckled, not appearing offended by her nerves one little bit.

    “I’m guessing Tana has told you some tales,” he prodded with a grin.

    “I’ve also seen a few episodes of Kitchen Nightmares,” she responded before she could stop herself, her blush flaring as he laughed good naturedly at her.

    “Dear me, its no wonder you were so nervous.  Allow me to assure you that when I’m at home, all that shite goes out the window.  I’m a firm believer of never bringing your work home,” he assured, reaching over to pat her hand.  This, of course, caused nerves and desire to briefly flash through her.

    Clearing her throat, she looked down at the Tupperware in her lap.  Already, the five snails inside were crawling around.  A couple were even heading up the side, making her shake her head in amusement.  “What are their names?” came a question from beside her.

    “Tom and Crow.  Rick and Morty.  And, finally, Hunter Snail Thompson,” she responded, pointing to each as she named them.  That was when the faint sound of a bird screech came from the back seat.  As if to remind them both that they had another passenger.

    “The chatterbox back there is Sephiroth and my ferrets are Alucard and Integra,” she continued with a lopsided smile at the chef.  Gordon simply dissolved into more laughter beside her, idly wiping at his eyes with one hand.

    “Oh wow, Tana was right when she told me you were a funny one.  I don’t think she could have chosen a better addition to our family,” he chuckled, his word making the world around her slow down for several seconds.

    Part of the family?  He had to have meant platonically.  Yet, some small part of her brain latched onto it and tried to make it into more than it was.  Frowning slightly, she stared out the window as the scenery passed them by.  If things kept going like this, her feelings would come to the surface sooner rather than later.  What would happen then?  Would Tana hate her?  Would Gordon?  She could only hope everything turned out alright in the end.

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