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Disclaimer: I don't know anybody in this text neither have I met anybody in this text and I do not condone the action in herein and lastly I do not make any money off this work


The following text is a work of fiction I don't know the people involved it is purely fantasy from the back of my mind. As the writer I do not wish for these people to actually be placed in situations like these situations. Furthermore I don't support or even condone  rape ,drugging, violence drugging, violence or kidnapping of any sort neither any of the other questionable actions taken herein. I do not know Kim Kardashian, brie Larson, Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj, Scarlett Johannsson, Rhianna, Sommer ray, Natalie Portman, Amber rose gill(love island),pokimane mandi Valkili (sister)or Anna Valkili (love Island). The character of them that are in this fanfic/novel are purely based on their celebrity persona and I apologize if that upsets or offends you in anyway. To finish this off I make no money from this work.



His name is Joe king and up until recently he had been a billionaire’s son hair to the most popular 5-star luxury hotels for the rich and famous, but as of last week all that had changed when his father David king had died in a helicopter accident and his mother had died during child birth forcing Joe to shoulder the business and reputation all on his own as he had no other relatives. However, Joe was more than prepared to excel at pushing his family business even further than his farther had dreamed and become the world’s biggest luxury hotel chain, but this was only for his own dark gain as Joe had never wanted to be a shining example of an entrepreneur neither did he want to run a hotel chain so exactly as his father did as soon as he inherited the business he got to work sorting the right people to  sort it out for him so Joe could go about his business in the main hotel which was of course where everyone rich and famous visits LA. This hotel was the pinnacle of design whilst being among that of the tallest hotels in the world standing at 224.4 meters or 68 stories high 3 of those stories being his own personal quarters as well as with the roof being his own and 17 of the rest being developed perfectly into his very own harem palace for him to bring his dark dream to life.


The palace was one of the most secure and high tec places anywhere in the world with a high tech security system giving almost 100 percent surveillance of all the 17 stories manned by the most intelligent ai developed in the world only responding to Joes commands, mirrored bullet proof glass that can be changed at a moment’s notice from Joe own gym, pool and an array of all the materialistic things anyone could ever want from fashion to the newest graphics cards for building a Pc and last but not least a private internet connection which was surprisingly hard to get. Not needing any more security than the AI which was funnily named Jarvis by Joe ; he was set to start his own celebrity harem starting with the smaller ones yet the ones Joe had most desired most leaving the first choice for him to be Pokimane. All Joe had to do now was get her to stay at his hotel…


Member one:Pokimane


Pokimane had just got out of the airport in LA when her phoned pinged with an email to which surprised her, she was in LA for a week one day of which she was at a twitch event and this message surprised her as she didn’t think she was famous enough to even be let near one of the Kings hotels however she figured it was the team at Twitch setting her up for an r and r week. The message read


Dear Imane Anys,

 This is a special invitation to have a full luxury stay at our main resort in LA we have reserved one of our most luxurious room specifically for you to get some down time during your busy twitch schedule.


Yours sincerely King hotel,LA


‘’Wow’’ Imane thought why are they so sure I’m going to take this invitation she though for a second before deciding that she was kidding no one she couldn’t wait; however, she had to do her twitch event today then she could enjoy a nice week at one if not the most high-end hotel in the world.


Time skips 12 hours later:


‘’Finally,’’, Imane thought as she got out of her uber Infront of the Giant tech masterpiece that was the kings hotel mouth almost agape looking at the hulking structure awestruck. Taking in the detail of the three triangle twisting spires disappearing into the clouds like in a Disney movie. Not to mention the massive chiselled marble gate entrance with a red carpet like feeling it was almost to much for her to process she felt out of place when she began her walk along a shiny dark Grey granite path with the white marble along the side it to contrast. Upon almost reaching the front entrance of the Hotel she noticed the elegant Japanese style fountains either side gently feeding into a giant moat almost full of carp like the ones you see on v Imane thought enthralled by the beauty of the scenery.


Forcing herself away from the fountains she looked at herself in the reflection of the door a remembered how hard it was for her to dress appropriately for a place like this-




She was worried she didn’t have any formal wear rummaging around in her suitcase desperately trying to find her pretty little black dress she would take with her everywhere in case she needed to be formal. After emptying almost half the contents of her suit case on the floor she had found it and asked the driver to stop at a near by store at which he did although it wasn’t quite the store she had in mind. Covering her face with her hand rushing to the McDonalds bathroom with the other hastily getting into one of the stalls happily removing her black joggers and white t-shirt leaving her in a black thong and bra she pulled the dress over her curves and rushed back to the uber hoping no one caught her.


Flashback ends-


After cringing at the earlier though she began brushing her hair into shape and redoing her lipstick mentally psyching herself up for the celebrity experience she entered the hotel. Once inside the size of the building revealed itself with a massive gold ceiling in which it had a bejewelled chandelier handing from it looking down into the polished marble floor with a red carpet almost like the yellow brick road up onto the front desk. It was almost compelling I mane to follow along with the carpet to which she complied with relative ease drinking the beauty of he surrounding.


For what felt like forever Imane was walking towards the desk taking her time to indulge in the luxury air floating around her. When she eventually did reach the from desk It surprised Imane to see that there was no one their just what looked like a QR code scanner.She looked down and saw a blue button that was too tempting not to press so obviously she did once the button was pressed a robotic female voice said to pull up her invite in which she did and scan it across the scanner after doing so Imane was given her room number and her face was scanned by the machine she was given nothing else other than the assurance that she will get into her room no problem with just the scan of her face.


After that was done all she wanted to do was seep in her new home for a week so with the thought in mind she almost ran over to the glass and gold elevator going up to floor 28, not the highest she thought, but happy to just have a room she pushed all the other thoughts away floating dreamily upwards into the clouds. Startled by the sudden stop of the elevator she looked at the bar and sure enough she had reached floor 28 stepping out Imane began to look down the doors for the one she was meant to be in 545 was her number which was actually pretty easy to find given that it was almost Infront of the elevator.


Standing Infront of the door Imane waited, ecstatic to see her new room for the week ;a blue light began to glow over her face then after one go down her face the door open almost immediately Imane rushed inside eager to get a look at what she was going to e enjoying however upon rushing inside she saw that the room was empty realising something was wrong she glanced towards the door that was open just moment ago however now that door was shut almost as quickly as it had opened trapping Imane in here. She started banging one the door, but after while gave up and went to call someone, but there was no signal anywhere in the room it was a dead zone.

Before long she began to have trouble breathing every blink her eyes would get heavier until it was too hard to keep them open so she just let them drift leaving her helplessly unconscious just to joe’s plan…

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