Week-end of Love

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Selena Gomez and I do not make money from this writing.

Week-end of Love

Chapter 1= Friday Afternoon

It was just a regular day. Arthur got up early in the morning like he usually did, cleaned the dust off of his glasses and went for a walk in the woods, since he and his parents lived in the country their entire backyard was filled with trees and went on for miles. Arthur had lived here all his life and knew the woods so well, he never got lost in them. He had just graduated from high school and got a small job in town to help make some money to help pay for college when the fall came, he was very excited to go to college. All those nights of studying and getting good grades was totally worth it right now.

He returned home and saw his father packing the back of the car. He heard that his parents were going on a short vacation during the week-end and he would have the whole house to himself. His parents were not worried at all that he would have a party since he was a nerd and only had two friends. His parents also knew that if he did have a party it would only be his two friends and him and that won’t make a big mess at all.

“I thought you should have been gone already?” Arthur asked his father

His father nodded as he closed the truck of the car. “We are a bit behind” he said “But once we reach the highway, we’ll do good time and we can make up time”

His mother came out of the house, she was always running late. She ran over to the car and got in; she lowered her window “We won’t be gone for too long” she told her son

“I know mom, you’ll be back on Monday morning” Arthur told her

“Right” she said “At 8 o’clock” which meant that his parents won’t be back until nine or ten in the morning with how late his mother always was, not that he really had anything to worry about.

“Do you need a ride to work?” his father asked him

His mother elbowed her husband “We are already behind”

“It won’t take long to drop him off” his father told her

“It’s alright” said Arthur “I don’t mind walking”

His father nodded and pulled out of the driveway and his folks hit the road. He liked having the whole house to himself and yet it was a little sad at the same time. He knew what his parents were going to be doing on this trip. Everyone had school had talked about sex and about having sex and about how good sex was. Arthur was still a virgin and he had a feeling that it was going to stay that way for a long time.

At work

Arthur worked at the checkout counter at a store in town. It wasn’t the best job in the world, but what helped him get through it was knowing that every hour he worked would go towards his dream of college.

As the next person came to the counter, his heart nearly stopped, it was Selena Gomez. She was the hottest girl in school when he was still in school. It just so happens that Selena lived next door to him and he used to be friends with her when they were younger. However once high school started, they each went their own way. She became a cheerleader and he became a nerd who had trouble sleeping the night before a science exam because he knew it was going to be the highlight of his week.

The thing was that Arthur had seen Selena a few times during the course of high school; she did live next door to him after all. For years Arthur had a huge crush on her.

After the shock of seeing such a beauty in front of him, Arthur got over himself and started to scan Selena’s items. He hoped that his mouth wasn’t open when he saw her and if it was he hoped that he didn’t drool.

“I heard your parents are away during the week-end” she suddenly told him

Arthur was shocked that she was talking to him, since the last time they spoke to each other was when he was like 12 years old. He almost looked behind him to see if her ex-boyfriend was there and she was talking to him. But he saw that she was looking at him. “How…How do you know that?” he asked her, he was so nervous around her.

“Your mom called and told my mom about it. In case you need something” Selena said

“She failed to mention that” he said as he fixed his glasses

“Don’t be shy to call” Selena said “for anything”

The first thing that came in Arthur’s mind was sex. He wanted to bang her so badly, but he was sure that Selena didn’t mean it in that way. He had to think about something else because now he was starting to think of Selena taking her clothes off and he was started to get hard. It would be the end of his life if Selena saw the bulge in his pants or the end of his job if his boss saw it.

He told Selena how much she owed the store for what she bought and she paid in cash. She took the bags and walked away. He looked at her leave and was sure that she winked at him.

At home

A few hours later Arthur got back home still thinking about the short chat he had with Selena. The way she said the word “anything” and the way she winked at him when she left the store. He wasn’t really hungry right now and since it was the summer it was still light outside at the time that it was. He couldn’t stop thinking about Selena for the rest of the day; he had to see her again. He didn’t know how he was going to do it, he was going to call her and talk with her.

He picked up the phone and dialled the number of next door. He knew it from his childhood when he would call Selena the night before and they would agree where to meet the next day, especially in the summer. The number was also in his mother’s address book, but it was a mess and he would go crazy by the time he would find Selena’s number.

He was so lucky that Selena answered the phone.

“It’s Arthur” he told her

“Already in trouble?” she asked him

“Not really” he said, Arthur had no idea how he was doing this. Maybe it was because he couldn’t see her or maybe he was still thinking so much of Selena with no clothes on that he knew that he couldn’t miss this chance with her.

Selena said nothing for a few seconds “Then why are you calling?”

“You said I could call for anything and I would like to talk with you” Arthur said

Once again Selena didn’t say anything for a few seconds “We can talk, but it might be better in person” she said quickly and hung up on him.

What just happened? Selena was coming to his house, which belonged to only him during the week-end. To make matters even better, he didn’t work on the week-end; he didn’t know if Selena had a job, he sure hoped not or that if she did she would be off during the week-end. If he played his cards right he might get lucky with her. High school was over and after high school is when the nerd gets lucky with the girls.

He went outside and waited for Selena on the poach. She showed up a little later wearing a red T-shirt and short blue shorts “What did you want to talk about?” she asked as she walked up the four steps of the poach.

“It’s weird” he told her “I don’t remember what we said to each other the last time that we talked before today”

Selena smiled “That was a long time ago” she said

Arthur was in a tough spot, he couldn’t just ask Selena to strip and show him her boobs. She might call the police, he had to make sure she didn’t leave or else he would blow his chance. It was a lot harder to talk when she was in front of him. He had to not think of her taking her clothes off and not think about her boobs in his hands.

“Do you remember the woods?” he asked her, it was the first thing that came into his head and it also helped that they would play in the woods all the time when they were younger.

“Of course I remember the woods” Selena said “I go walking in them all the time”

“Really, me too” said Arthur, he was surprised that he and Selena had something in common. Arthur took a deep breath and asked her “Do you want to go for a walk in the woods with me?”

He was sure that Selena was going to turn him down.

“Sure” she said, he was shocked.

Arthur and Selena went walking in the woods. It was rare to meet anybody in the woods, in all the time that Arthur walked in the woods since he started doing that in his second year of high school, he never saw another person walking, except his dad which didn’t count because he wanted to come along with Arthur to get in shape and loss some weight. The next day he gave up because it was too hard on his bod.

As they walked they talked about the past, about the adventures they shared in the woods, which was a magically kingdom. Selena was the princess of the land and Arthur was the bravest knight of the kingdom. He remembered how much fun they would have in those days, of course nowadays it would be lame.

Suddenly Selena stopped and looked at Arthur “What do you think of me?” she asked

“Why are you asking me?” Arthur asked

“Just answer the question” Selena told him, he was glad to see that her bossy side was still the same as it used to be.

Arthur had no idea how to answer the question. If he told her she was nice, she would laugh in his face, but he also couldn’t tell her that he wanted to see her naked or else he could hear the sirens coming to pick him up. He knew he had to tell her the truth. “I think that you’re very hot…and beautiful” Arthur told her as he fixed his glasses, he couldn’t believe that he told Selena that.

“I knew it” said Selena


“Well” started Selena “It’s been like six years or something around that that we didn’t talk to each other and suddenly you call me and ask me to talk with you”

“You did say anything” he told her

“I know and I was hoping you were going to call too because I find you very attractive” Selena said. Arthur stopped his jaw from falling open. His crush Selena Gomez had a crush on him too, but how, he was a nerd and she was a cheerleader even if high school was over.

He almost didn’t believe it. “You have a crush on me?” he asked her. Selena bit her bottom lip and nodded her head as she moved from side to side.

Arthur walked over to her. Not only was he a virgin, he also never kissed a girl. He went forward and kissed Selena, she accepted his kiss and pushed her tongue out, he parted his lips and allowed Selena’s tongue to go into his mouth.

After a few minutes of making out, Selena pulled her lips away from his breaking the kiss, their lips were still connected by a line of drool. Selena placed her hands on Arthur’s hips and pushed him against a tree.

“I waited so long for this” she said to him

“I can’t believe you’re into me” said Arthur still trying to wrap his head around the events taking place.

“Believe it” Selena whispered into Arthur’s ear as she fell to her knees and worked on the belt of his shorts. Then she undid the button and used her teeth to pull down the zipper. She pulled his shorts and boxers down to his knees and took in the size of his cock.

Judging from his size, it was clear that Selena using her tongue in his mouth turned Arthur on. Arthur also knew that the moment there tongues touched, he starting thinking of Selena’s hot naked body.

Selena used her hand on Arthur’s cock; she wanted him to get bigger for her. Once he was the size that she wanted, she took his dick into her mouth and slowly, very slowly Selena started to suck it, moving her head along his length. He tasted so good and Selena moaned along him.

“Fuck” said Arthur very low; it was the first time that he sweared in his life.

Selena moved her hands back to Arthur’s hips in order to have something to hold while her tongue and mouth were hard at work. Her tongue rolled around Arthur’s dick and coated it with her drool. She continued to moan and she could hear Arthur as well.

It was so weird how she had fallen for him. Selena had dated her ex-boyfriend for almost two years. He was the first man that she made love too, he was the first cock that she sucked and he was the first man who convinced her to kiss another girl in her best friend. Selena was sure he was the man that she was going to marry, and then she found out that he was cheating on her with four other girls who all went to different schools. She was heartbroken and felt betrayed. Did he even like her or was she just another fuck friend?

She didn’t want him anymore and she dumped his ass. Since she was single she didn’t have anything to do on Saturday night, so she looked through some old photo albums and remembered about her childhood friend Arthur.

At first she was surprised how much Arthur changed, but Selena knew that she also changed from the last time he saw her, for starters her hair was a lot longer, in her childhood she would always keep it shoulder length and she also grew a nice rack, only one girl had bigger boobs than her at school.

There were a few times that Selena wanted to walk next door and talk to Arthur, but she was too much of a chicken. When she heard from her mother that his parents were going to be gone this week-end, she knew that it was now or never. She volunteered to go to the store and used that chance to start her plan. Then when Arthur was off from work, she sat next to the phone and waited for him to call her. Her plan worked like a charm. In fact she really didn’t know why she had a crush on Arthur, he was a nerd, but maybe she saw what he was inside and she needed a good guy for a change.

“Selena, your mouth feels so good” she heard Arthur say and that snapped her out of her daydream.

Selena moaned around the dick He’s so much bigger and harder than my ex she thought and he was the star football player.

“I…I think I’m close” she heard Arthur say to her

Selena knew that it was a warning, telling her to pull out before he ejaculated in her mouth. But she wanted it in her mouth…so badly.

Give me your seed Arthur she thought as her head continued to move across his length, Selena moaned again on Arthur’s dick.

“Shit” shouted Arthur as he shot his load right in Selena’s mouth. Selena took the entire load in her mouth and pulled away, placing a hand on her chest to help her swallow the load as Arthur rested against the tree.

Selena looked up at her nerdy lover with her beautiful brown eyes “Did you like that?”

“I sure did” said Arthur “I can’t believe that you gave me a real blowjob”

Selena stood up and placed her head on his right shoulder, her right hand went down to his cock and she slowly started to stroke him “That was just a small sample of what I can do with my body” Selena said

Her words sure worked because Selena could feel Arthur’s cock get hard in her hand and so fast after he came in her mouth. Her ex never recovered so quickly.

“It’s okay Arthur” she said in a low voice “you can think about me naked” as she continued to jerk him off. Arthur had his eyes closed and he listened to what she said, her hand on his cock felt so good.

Selena sure liked how hard he was and how big he was getting. She liked sex, it was amazing with her ex, she didn’t know what to expect with Arthur. But even if he was bad in bed, she won’t have mind because it was what was inside that truly mattered. However after the blowjob that she gave him, Selena had a feeling that sex with Arthur was going to be WAY better than sex with her ex.

There was one question that Selena had to ask Arthur “Are you a virgin?”

Arthur waited before he answered “Yeah”

“It’s okay” said Selena “We’ll have to fix that this week-end” at those words, Arthur reached his peak with her skilled hand and shot another load, which landed on the nearby plants and covered some of Selena’s hand.

“Whoa, sorry about that” said Arthur

“There’s no need” said Selena as she licked her hand clean from the cum. The sun was now starting to set. “It’s getting late, we better head home”

“Sure” said Arthur as he pulled up his shorts and followed Selena. When they reached his house, she hugged him and kissed his lips before headed to her own place next door.

Arthur entered into his home; it was dark so he put on a lamp. He was so excited over what happened; he could still remember how Selena’s mouth felt on his cock and the way she jerked him off. This was without a doubt the best day of his life, even better then when he aced a math test, but it might soon change because it seemed that Selena wanted to have sex with him. He might get a chance to see her naked after all. He couldn’t wait to see Selena tomorrow, Arthur knew that he was going to have trouble falling asleep tonight, it was going to be just like those science exams again.

Selena’s room

She sat on her bed thinking about what she and Arthur did today. It might have been hard-core for him, but for her it was nothing and she couldn’t wait to do more with him. Selena had the feeling it was going to be a sleepless night for both of them. She took out her phone and called her best friend Maggie.

“What’s up Sel?” Maggie said when she answered

“Remember when I told you about Arthur?” Selena asked

“Uh-huh…that’s the nerd right?” Maggie asked

“Yeah, I gave him a blowjob in the woods” Selena told her friend

“What! That’s crazy and why are you telling me this?” asked Maggie

“We tell each other everything” said Selena

“How was it?” Maggie asked her

“Amazing, way better than the three-way we had with my ex…well, okay maybe not that good, but close” said Selena

“I’m happy for you Sel” said Maggie “Keep me posted”

Selena smiled as the call ended. Tomorrow was going to be another busy day, sexual that is.

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