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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Candice Patton, Trai Byers and Grace Byers and I do not profit from these writings.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Candice Patton and I do not profit from this story. This entire scenario is entirely imagined and does not showcase reality in any way. The characters of Patty Johnson and Karen Adams are entirely made up. This is purely for entertainment and I apologize if the content of this story offend you.

Story Summary: Actress Candice Patton (The Flash) is just about to home when she gets pulled over by a cop car. She knows the realities of being a black person in America especially when it comes to dealing with police, but this encounter is something she wishes to forget but cannot because of her horrific experience.

It was 11:00 PM and actress Candice Patton was driving towards her apartment after a modeling shoot for a small studio in Plano, Texas. Plano had always been her home but had she ever wondered if it was a home to her. Growing up as black woman, those thoughts often bugged her mind but this was the reality of an African-American woman living in the conservative town. You might not like it but you have to act calm at all times especially when dealing with white people who are authority figures such as cops.

The cops in the United States were racist but the ones in Plano, it seemed like that they simply hated the sight of black people especially at night. It appeared like it a modern day sundown town.

The year was 2012 and these were before her days in becoming a big shot actress in the CW series The Flash. She did have a couple of acting roles but she was just a minor actress. The night of 6th March 2012 reminded her of the ugly reality of being a black woman in America.

Candice was just about to reach her home but before that could happen a police car turned it siren on indicating her to stop the car. She was terrified but if she wanted to make it out alive of this situation, she had no choice. She knew to most cops no matter her success or good looks; she was another bitch from the ghetto, a negress or any other racist word known to mankind.

Candice stopped the car. It was a black Chevrolet Equinox. She had these weird, confusing thoughts that it was dark and her car was black and so was her skin; she feared for both. But like all black people, she did have the talk with her parents; an unfortunate conversation every black child in America has to have with their parents. She took a deep breath and placed her hands on the dashboard making sure, it would be visible to the cops.

In the cop car were two women cops; Patty Johnson and Karen Adams; two white women, who were of equally 5’11, a tall height for a woman. Both Patty and Karen like most cops in Plano were racist and made no stone unturned to make black people look inferior. But they had a secret too. They both were lesbians, though they did not have any feelings for each other. Although they would often share their feelings with each other. Lesbianism was a taboo subject in the conservative town too; however staying true to their uniform, black people were simply niggers or thugs or them.

Both Patty and Karen approached Candice’s car with Patty moving towards Candice’s seat as she had already turned down her mirror with Karen stepped behind. When Patty saw a black woman in the car; it did not look good for the actress whose skin matched that of Hershey’s chocolate bar.

“License and registration”, an annoyed Patty tells Candice

“It’s in the glove apartment, I’m slowly going to take it out” a calm but scared Candice responds

Patty annoyingly nods

Candice slowly reaches into the glove compartment and finds her license and registration and gives it to patty as she snatches it from her.

“May I ask why I have been pulled over?”, a scared Candice questions.

She did have the talk with her parents but when it comes to a black person’s interaction with law figures, they sometimes act scared and this is what Candice did, not knowing what is about to come next; the nightmare of her black life.

“NO, YOU MAY NOT”, an angered Patty responds

“You know what, get out of the car”

Candice is terrified and realized that this one question might cost her life. She tries to apologize.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t…”

“Take your black ass out of the car”, an angered Patty cuts her words.

Candice realizes that she has no other option but to respond to the white female cop’s order and steps out.

“Put your black hands above your black head”, Karen who is standing behind Patty tells her.

She puts her hands above her head and Karen comes forward and asks Candice to turn around and move towards the car hood slowly. Candice is standing next to the car hood with her hands placed above her head.

“Put your hands behind your back”, Karen yells.

“I’m sorry wha..”

Candice's sentence isn’t completed when her strong 5’11 muscular built aggressively pushes a 5’4 Candice lying facing down on the car as Karen handcuffs her.

Candice realizes that if she wants to go home it’s best for her to keep her black mouth shut because to them, her entire ethnicity is a threat.

Karen slowly starts searching her while Candice lies on the car hood faced down. She makes Candice get up and touches her boobs to  see if there is anything hidden as well as her hands, back and whatever visible or clothed body part one can think of.

Karen’s white hands go through Candice’s black legs reaching her black ass. She pulls Candice’s dress up and her ass looks like a slice of chocolate heaven to the lesbian cop. She takes a good look at and repeatedly moves her hands through the chocolate heaven she thinks she has just seen even to the point of spreading her fingers in Candice’s black asshole.

Candice realizes she is being sexually assaulted by the white cop and as tears slowly start to roll down her eyes, she just remains quiet. But for Officer Karen, she is in a different mood. She knows that Candice being a black woman in Plano and her being a white cop would make her stay quiet anyway.

Karen also realizes something. She grabs Candice’s hair and asks her about the drugs. Candice is confused and Karen realizes that she pulled the wrong car but it did not matter to her as Candice was black enough to fit her description and she just wanted an excuse to take her down to the station to have some “fun” with her.

Karen pulls Candice up from the hood and makes her lie face down on the ground. There is no purpose to this. Seeing the African American actress in this position just makes her horny. Karen goes to Patty and asks her if they could take her to the station for a cavity search.

Patty as compared to Karen still does have a confusing moral conscience.

“Are you insane?” Patty asks

“We have no reason to”

But Karen responds “I think, I have Jungle Fever man, just look at her black ass. It’s chocolate heaven”.

Patty is curious and just sits on top of Candice while she is handcuffed face down on the ground and lifts her dress and realizes that her fellow officer might be right so Patty picks Candice up and puts her in the backseat of the cop car to which Karen is overjoyed.

Plano is a small town, the police station is near. Both Patty and Karen have falsely charged Candice with a drug charge just for their amusement. Karen did keep a drug for herself from a previous drug bust but it was worth sacrificing if it meant fucking the black out of Candice’s chocolate ass.

Karen and Patty arrive at the station with Candice handcuffed behind her back. Candice is quiet. She just thinks that whether this modern day America is the one her black ancestors fought for. In this moment, she is just another nigger thug arrested by the law abiding white cops.

Candice is taken to a cell room. Karen brings a chair, while Patty brings Candice towards Karen as Karen sits on the chair. Candice lies face down in Karen’s lap still handcuffed and Karen starts spanking Candice’s black bottom much to the amusement of Patty as Candice starts screaming.

“Quit with your monkey noises, you nigger bitch:, Patty warns Candice and she just tries her best to keep her mouth shut as Karen keeps spanking her ass to her amusement. Once the spanking is done, Patty makes Candice face the wall as she starts licking Candice from behind. It gets so rough, that she places Candice on a big table in the cell room.

The screams she makes annoys Patty, so she gives a black tape to Karen to “shut her nigger ass up”. Karen puts the tape on her mouth and Candice’s screams are of no use as Karen takes her entire clothes off much against Candice’s will.

If her ass was chocolate heaven, Candice’s black pussy and boobs are out of this world too. Karen spreads Candice’s legs while she is still handcuffed and gagged and puts her mouth in her black pussy. Candice’s screams and cries are of no use. She believes she has been reborn on some slave plantation because no matter how racist the USA is; black people did not have it this worse today at least.

Patty too wants in on the fun and starts doing the same simultaneously. A helpless Candice can do nothing but watch as she is being violated. Patty turns Candice around and then both Karen and Patty decide to have “fun” with Candice’s black ass. Both keep rubbing their vaginas and taking a slice out of that dark, heavenly juicy chocolate ass against Candice’s will as a handcuffed and gagged Candice just lies down helpless.

Both realize that it has been a long time and it’s time to end the fun or what seems like horror to Candice. Karen quickly grabs Candice by the hair, takes her handcuffs and tape off and takes a mug shot while Patty writes a false report regarding arresting Candice for a drug charge and resisting arrest.

Both Karen and Patty grab Candice and push her in the cell.

“If your monkey, nigger ass ever says a word, I will fuck your nigger ass up, you black bitch”, an angry Karen warns her as both she and Patty leave.

Candice is left in the jail cell sobbing wishing something could be done against the two white officers but sadly deep down she knows that a black woman’s words are just the words of female thug in the eyes of the world.

Candice is released the next day of course, but this horrific encounter is one she never wants to speak out, not with her co-stars on The Flash or with her family.

Even though she is a big shot actress now, to most cops, her dark skin is still the skin of a threat or a subhuman that deserves to be violated and there is nothing she can do about it even if she wants to.



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