Maisie Williams: Thespian

BY : Arizona Ice T
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Disclaimer: I do not own nor represent the image or likeness of Maisie Williams, nor do I know her. This is a work of fiction, and I make no profit from it.

Maisie Williams just wanted to prove she was a serious actress. Her career outside of Game of Thrones was....mediocre at best. Even she  could admit that. Gold, New Mutants, Then Came You; all underwhelming endeavors. And now that Game of Thrones was over, well her value as a star was plummeting, and plummeting fast. She'd be damned if she was some TV actor who faded away after a few years


Introducing acclaimed director, Theo Von Helmer. 


Theo was one of the hottest independent directors in the world at the moment. His films won award after award, and had free media coverage due to their....let's say provocative nature. Her agent had somehow managed to get her into an audition for his new film *Street Angel*, and she managed to land the role. The role was that of a drug addicted stripper, and Maisie was a classically trained dancer, so she was able to use that to her advantage. 


So here she was, role solidified, future looking bright. 


That was until she was getting fucked in the back of a police car.


Thing is, provocative might have been an understatement. 


See Von Helmer had this saying “Celluloid is real, so the scene shall be too.”


What that translated to practically, was he did not simulate sex scenes. Everything was the real deal.


See, Maisie agreed to the role, with the understanding that there would be a body double to replace her in any and all sex scenes. As fortune would have it, her body double managed to come down with a bad case of pneumonia during the week the first sex scene was to be shot, and Maisie was a petite woman; it was hard to find someone that would fit her body, one that was of age at least. Theo threw a fit, saying that his whole production was ruined, and that he now had to hire another lead actress. Maisie, not wanting to lose this opportunity to work with such a prolific director agreed to do the scene herself. 


It wasn’t like she was a virgin. Plus, it was all for the artform of the thespian. What’s the worst that could happen.


Introducing, Wilhelm Dame. prolific Danish actor and frequent collaborator of Von Helmer. 6’4’ in shape, blonde with a bit of gray, he was voted Denmark’s sexiest man on 4 different occasions. He also had a strikingly intense demeanor to him


Wilhelm was a method actor. Get got intensely into his role. Maisie didn’t even meet him, she only met Officer Gerald, the man Wilhelm was playing. He was in character the moment he stepped on set. 


The scene was simple. Maisie’s character, Sabrina, and Wilhem’s character fuck in the back of his police cruiser, Sabrina selling her body to get out of an arrest. Maisie was given tattered clothes to match the character’s disheveled appearance. They got into position in the police cruiser. The cruiser had it’s top removed so that the camera could get in at various angles. Maise laid down in the back seat, hiking up the torn skirt she was wearing, mentally psyching herself up for the scene. Wilhelm covered his body, and undid his pants.


His cock was huge.


Well so much for psyching herself up. His cock had to be 9 inches, and was thicker than her wrist. 


She might’ve been in over her head. 


As he leaned forward, settling herself between her legs, she whispered to him “H-hey….Can you maybe go a bit easy on me for these takes?” 


Under his cop aviator sunglasses he glared down at her.


“I don’t make deals with whores.” He growled, in character.


Maisie was about to say something, when Von Helmer suddenly yelled “ACTION!”


Without much grace, ceremony, or pretense of a warning, Wilhelm slammed his full length into Maisie’s cunt.


Her eyes went wide, and she screamed in pain at the sudden intrusion. He was huge. Definitely bigger than any boyfriends or flings she had in the past. Wilhelm began pumping his hips roughly, while Von Helmer and the camera operator got in close on her face, to film her reaction. She scrunched her eyes closed as he savagely fucked her, face contorted in a confused grimace, in a mixture of pain and strange feeling of being so full.


“No, no! Cut.” Von Helmer screamed. 


Wilhelm pumped his hips a few more times, before slowly coming to a stop. Maisie was in such a daze of shock and sensation, that she barely noticed that the director was talking to her.


“Ms. Williams!” Von Helmher said sternly. “Are you listening to me?”


“Wuh?” Maisie said dumbly, eyes opening and focusing on the director who was looking straight down at her. It was hard to concentrate with Wilhelm’s dick still lodged in her.


“Your eyes Ms. Williams. Your eyes.” Von Helmer said in his thick Danish accent. “They must be open! How else will the audience be able to look into your soul?”


His comments barely registered to her, before the short man was resetting the scene for another take.


“Wilhelm, you’re doing great. Keep that same intensity.”


“Actually, can we have him slow-”


“Quiet on set!” Von Helmer yelled. “Also Wilhelm, go back to the starting position, we need to get a close-up of you entering her with the force of a man with nothing to lose.” 


Wilhelm nodded, and slowly pulled his hips back, dragging his cock from her cunt. She groaned as he did, earning another “Quiet on set!” from Von Helmer. The camera operator got closer and zoomed into the meeting of their crotches. Maisie blushed at how exposed she was.


Von Helmer yelled action again, and Wilhelm rammed back into her. Maisie let out a breathy gasp, but managed to keep her eyes open. He once again sets a brutal pace, but it hurts less now. In fact, it feels rather good to her. She lets out breathy moans as He fucks her hard for several minutes. All she can do is claw his back and try to hold on as the sensation overtakes her.


“Hmmmm. Cut.” Von Helmer called. Once again, Wilhelm pumped his hips several more times, before slowing down. This time, he didn’t completely still however, rather he gently rocked and stirred his hips, churning Maisie’s cunt. She mewled as her cunt dripped and clenched around him in front of the whole crew.


“That was better. But I don’t feel enough….HATE.” Von Helmer stated.


“Hate?” She questioned, voice quivering, trying to push Wilhelm’s hips back from shallowly thrusting into her.


“Yes.” Von Helmer reiterated. “Hate. You’re supposed to represent everything he hates. A woman of low moral regard. You are the antithesis to his thesis. The Omega to his Alpha.”


Maisie honestly had no idea what the fuck he was on about. She was  concentrating on trying not to shudder as Wilhelm lightly played with her clit and grinded his cock in her as the director addressed them.


“We need more PASSION. Wilhelm, darling. Don’t be afraid to be rough with her. You’ve seen her in Game of Chairs, or whatever. She does her own stunts.”


Wait what? 


“Theo, I really...ungh...I really must object.... Oh will you knock it off already” She tried, trying to speak through Wilhelm’s ministrations.


“Don’t worry Ms. Williams. Make-up will be on top of covering any bruises or marks you might get.”


“That wasn’t really my conc-”


“QUIET ON SET!” Von Helmer yelled. “Aaaaand, action!”


Before she could think, Wilhelm’s right hand shot out and wrapped itself around her throat. She gasped as he began to apply pressure, cutting off the air and blood to her head. He began to fuck her with earnest again, hips smacking against her’s loudly as he fucked into her. Maisie’s hands went to his wrist, trying to pry it off of her throat. This was all too much, all too extreme. She just wanted to be taken seriously. 


With his other hand, Wilhelm lifted up her shirt, and began to tweak, pinch and slap at her nipples and tit flesh. All she could do was gargle out moans and whimper as he reamed her cunt.


“You like that, you junkie whore.” Wilhelm growled out. He was acting, but he was REALLY convincing. “You like this fat cock.”


“Great improvisation.” Von Helmer whispered out of frame. 


Maisie felt the pit of her stomach building to something. She was going to cum. She was here, getting fucked for real for a movie, and she was going to cum in front of all these people  like some two-bit pornstar. She gritted her teeth together as her pussy clenched around him in orgasm. Her legs shook, and her eyes rolled into her head, from both the orgasm, and from lack of oxygen.  She felt her mind fading, and her limbs began to feel fuzzy as she lost control of them. She went slack, and everything went dark. Wilhelm continued to fuck her basically unconcious form, rocking her body back and forth.


“CUT!” Von Helmer yelled. 


Wilhelm continued rocking his hips, but he had enough grace to remove his hand from her throat. She slowly came to, gasping for air, barely knowing where she was.


“That was better, but you can’t come to completion Ms. Williams” Von Helmer chastised. “He’s supposed to be your enemy. The justice system that left you behind. The man who reminds you of your father who beat you and your mother.” The director ranted dramatically. 


Maisie was paying him no attention. She was breathing heavily, drooling slightly. Her body was still tingling from her orgasm, and Wilhelm was still gently fucking her, drawing her closer to another one.


“Let’s do it again.” Von Helmer addressed to the crew. “From the top!”


Maisie just gulped. She was fucked.



And fucked she was.


Von Helmer did a dozen more takes of the sex scene, and various positions and scenarios: Maisie on all fours, getting fucked from behind, face pressed against the glass, as Wilhelm pulled her hair and spanked her; Maisie being bounced on Wilhelm’s cock while he pinches and twist her nipples; Maise having her legs hooked by her head as Wilhelm fucks her in a full nelson. They had to keep reshooting, because she kept cumming every time. It wasn’t her fault. The big dicked thespian was digging her out, ramming his cock into her, making her melt. Eventually Von Helmer decided he could just cut around her orgasms, and decided to shoot the finish. 


Maisie was laid back down on her back and Wilhelm threw her legs over his shoulders. He began fucking roughly fucking her even before action was called. His hands gripped her hips as he rammed into her at a brutal pace. She was exhausted from her multiple orgasms, that all she could do was lay their hands above her head gripping at the paneling of the car door. 


Wilhelm’s hips became a blur, as he slammed into her even harder. Maisie gave up on trying to hold back from cumming, and her cunt once again clenched around him. As her walls constricted and gripped him tightly, he let out a roar, and bottomed out in her. She felt his cock throb and swell, and then his hot cum shoot inside her. Just like everything else about him, his loads were intense, shooting his cum directly into her womb. She was on birth control, but even then she worried that such a potent and large load would still knock her up. He pumped his hips shallowly, shooting several more ropes of cum in her, before finally stilling. He slowly pulled out of her, cum dripping out of her stretched hole.


“No no NO dammit!” Von Helmer yelled. He threw down his clipboard and strode to the set.


“You were supposed to cum on her face!” He whined. “You were supposed to cover her face in your seed, representing the patriarchy’s hold over women! We gotta do it again. Everyone reset.”


Maisie could do nothing but groan.


This had better win her a fucking Oscar.

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