Scarlett Johansson Goes to Prison

BY : Carlos_Danger
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction made for free. I do not know Scarlett Johansson. This story is in no way meant to reflect reality and should not be taken seriously by anyone.


This story contains material they may disturb some readers. This story is not intended to reflect reality or my views of it. I do not condone anything resembling what is found below.




Scarlett sat in tense silence, staring into the distance as an endless procession of wilderness passed in a blur by her window.

As the white van bumped down the narrow dirt road, carrying her farther from home with each passing mile, she waited for the ring of the driver's phone. Any minute now, someone would call. The van would stop and turn around. The driver would smile and tell her it was all a mistake. He would remove her shackles and bring her home.

Nothing around her seemed right. Everything felt surreal, as if she was trapped in a strange and endless dream.

Six months ago, she had been on top of the world. With several successful films under her belt, she had established herself in a business where gorgeous young women flooded every audition. Producers had hounded her with scripts for their latest projects. Her first million was in the bank. Her dream home was hers. She had finally arrived.

And in a single moment, her entire world was shattered. Everything she had achieved was ripped out from under her, leaving her reeling and reaching desperately for anything to cling on to. Her career, her home, her life... Everything was gone. It was all fading so far away now that she began to feel as if the memory itself had come from another life. Despite her clinging hopes, she was terrified that she would never see any of it again.

Scarlett felt sick. Roiling dread gripped her stomach. Her pale skin shined cold and clammy in the flickering light between the trees.

How could anyone do this to her? She had never done anything to deserve it. One accusation. One horrific setup and the whole world had turned against her. She couldn't imagine that she had ever angered anyone enough to destory her life like this. And to ruin so many others just to frame her! Just thinking about the crime made her want to vomit. She couldn't bear that everyone thought she had committed such an horrific act.

Scarlett swallowed the lump in her throat. Her hands trembled. Her breath shook. Someone had to know. They had to understand that it wasn't her. 

Her eyes turning to the floor, she spoke meekly to the driver. 

"I didn't do it." She choked back tears. "... I didn't."

The portly, middle-aged, man raised his eyes to rearview mirror, his cold impartiality showing clearly before turning his attention back to the road.

"That's not for me to decide", his words came flatly.

Scarlett felt the sting as she died a little more inside. The officer didn't believe her. And even if he did, he didn't care. Nobody really cared. The only people to give her any attention after the trial were either shouting to electrocute her or throwing God-knows-what at her. The same fickle people who had adored her such a short time ago now wanted nothing more from her but to see her dead.

Her agents had warned her how quickly the public could turn on her, but she had never imagined that it would happen like this. The police had barely been able keep her safe during the trial. When the gavel came down, they said that no prison in America could protect her. Now they told her that for her own safety, she was being sent to a government black site. Though from everything her lawyers had said, it was a horrible place where they kept some of the most dangerous and violent criminals in the country.
Only dim and distant hope held her back from the pits of panic and despair. Someone would call. Someone had to call.

Coming around a bend, the van began to slow. Scarlett turned back to the window to see a broad clearing in the woods. A large, olive drab, compound filled the center of the clearing, the cluster of buildings largely obscured behind high metal fencing. Tall concrete towers lined the edges, manned by uniformed men armed with military rifles. Through the stretch of clearing, vigilant guards patrolled the borders.

Scarlett felt a surge of fear swell inside her. The thought of the rest of her life being lived within those walls tested every last ounce of her self-control. She wanted to yank at her restraints. Her mind screamed to break out of her cuffs, attack the driver and run for her life. She had spent so much time refining her looks, her voice and learning to carry herself like royalty. Now all she wanted was to break down and let loose a wild animal, clawing, biting and screaming for its survival. Though she knew it wouldn't help. If anyone was ever going to believe her, she had to keep herself together.

The driver pulled up to a checkpoint and stopped. A guard stepped out of the booth, approaching the window. They exchanged words as Scarlett sat in grim silence, none of the conversation passing through the dense fog of panic that enveloped her. It could have been thirty seconds, it could have been an hour, but the next thing she knew, they were pulling forward again.

The van slowly weaved through barriers as they approached the compound. Terror like she had never known vibrated though every fiber of her body. The entrance was right in front of her; the cold, windowless, steel unlocking to bring her inside forever. Scarlett began to lose her composure, whimpering and shaking uncontrollably.

As the compound doors opened, the van came to a stop. Four large men in black BDUs swiftly emerged and made their way to the side of the van. Scarlett nearly pissed herself as her door suddenly and violently flung open.

Without warning, her ears were struck by a loud, gruff, voice. "On your feet, prisoner!"

Scarlett froze in place, hearing and understanding, but unable to force her limp legs to respond. In a split second, the guard grabbed the chain of her cuffs and yanked her from the van out onto the gravel drive. By pure instinct, her shackled legs began to kick in defense, but she was practically lifted from the ground and set down on her white-socked feet.
"Move!" The bellowing order was barked in her ear, starting her jumping forward before she could think to resist.

Scarlett found herself shuffling forward in a daze. Two of the men gripped hard around her arms, pushing and pulling, causing her to wince and mewl in pain. Their grasp only grew tighter as she was forced into the building. The door slammed shut behind her, sending a booming echo reverberating through the narrow corridor. Down the sterile hallway, they all but dragged her. The last thing she wanted was to take one step farther into the terrible place, but still she hurried to end the increasingly painful hold of the guards. Momentary relief came when they pushed her into a small room and shut the door behind her.

Scarlett struggled to control her rapid breath. The room around her was stark white and almost featureless, empty, save a single stainless steel table aligned against the wall. On top of the table sat a neatly folded pile of orange prison clothing. Two guards stood next to a door on the other side, watching closely.  

A tall, thin, woman with a fierce and fiery mien approached her with a key in hand. Giving Scarlett a burning glare, she reached down and began unfastening the restraints. Scarlett looked up at the men as she waited, seeing chilling smiles staring back at her. A cold shiver crept up her spine.

Chains rattled and clinked to the floor. As the woman stepped back, Scarlett rubbed her sore arms, examining the broken, red, lines of bruises already beginning to form on her skin.

Then the order came sudden and sharp, cutting through her like a razor. 


Scarlett couldn't find it in herself to move. She turned back to the men to see both eyeing her eagerly. It wasn't right, she knew, even for a prison. They shouldn't look at her like that. There shouldn't even be men present if she had to undress. 

Scarlett started to voice her discomfort.

 "I... Shouldn't they-"

In the blink of an eye, the woman seized her wrist, torqued her arm painfully behind her back and shoved her stumbling over to the table. Drawing the baton from her belt, she pressed it to the back of Scarlett's neck and with savage force, slammed the side of her face down onto the steel table. Scarlett screamed in shock.

With one harsh motion, her tan jail pants and white underwear were pulled down to her knees. The woman stomped them to the floor with her foot and kicked them off as she pinned Scarlett to the table. A firm hand set on her back and the baton lifted from her neck. A sharp shock exploded against the inside of her left thigh. Scarlett yowled as she shifted her leg out. The moment she moved, a second blow met against the inside of her right thigh, forcing her feet wide apart.

Scarlett shook in terror. Held down and bent over in full view of the guards, she felt the men's eyes hanging on her body. She wished then that she hadn't lasered herself bald. In all her life, she had never felt so exposed. Scarlett began to cry.

Everything was wrong. The woman had just violated multiple laws in only a few seconds. Even if she was a prisoner, she was still a U.S. citizen. She still had rights. When she finally got in contact with her lawyers, she would have the bitch in prison.

But her brief musing into legality abruptly and unthinkably ended.

With no warning, the woman shoved the baton roughly between Scarlett's firm, round, cheeks, forcing it hard against her asshole. Scarlett clenched tight and shrieked. As she tried to rise, the woman grabbed her hair, pulled back her head and slammed her face to the table again. The world flashed white. Ringing filled her ears. Scarlett went limp at the shock of the impact.

The woman leaned close, her smooth, black hair brushing over Scarlett's neck.

"You'd better learn your place right fucking now, cunt", she hissed in her ear. She pressed the baton harder into Scarlett's ass, nearly forcing it inside. "Try that shit again and I will tear you the fuck open."

Scarlett's wide, teary, eyes struggled to focus. As the room came back into view, she turned pleadingly to the guards, only to find them fixed intently on her body, their sickening smiles spreading wider. She had neither the strength or courage to resist as her shirt was peeled off and thrown to the floor.

The baton slid from between her cheeks. Her mouth opened wide in a startled gasp as two hands gripped tight onto her breast. The woman squeezed, fondled and pulled her tits far apart, feeling them roughly as she pressed her crotch against Scarlett's pussy. Scarlett shut her eyes tight, gritting her teeth and failing to stifle her sobs. The soft hands slowly felt their way down every inch of her torso, seeming to savor her feminine curves. She silently prayed for the degradation to end quickly.

Finally the hands came to a rest on her hips. The woman pressed her groin tighter against Scarlett's nethers, almost giving a thrust. The way she touched her made her skin crawl. Trapped naked and exposed beneath her abuser, Scarlett felt publicly raped.

The woman's hateful, metallic, voice seared into her ear in close, hot, breath.

"Move a muscle and you'll regret the day you were born."

Scarlett was in shock, caught between rejecting the sickening violation of her body and the crippling fear of what would happen if she did. As the woman raised off of her, she remained pinned in place, locked to the table by her own animal terror. She couldn't believe it was happening. She wasn't a terrorist. She wasn't even a criminal. This wasn't suppose to happen to her. It wasn't her world. It wasn't her life. She was supposed to be above this. But no amount of reasoning could bring her to stand up and say it.

A quick snap broke the silence in the little room. The woman in black popped a latex glove over her wrist and stepped back behind her. Scarlett had seen countless shows and movies about prison. She knew what would happen next. 

With all hope of fair treatment fading far away, she began to bawl.

Scarlett squealed as the gloved hand slapped onto her pussy with an audible smack. Tears dropped to the table. The woman began to rub her fingers almost erotically on her bald mound.

"Open up", the mocking tone cracked her brittle soul.

A dry finger forced its way inside, igniting her pussy in a bright flare of pain. Scarlett cried louder, but held herself still. The woman quickly worked deeper into her body, two more fingers squirming to gain entrance to her tight hole. Scarlett wailed as her pink lips were stretched wide open. Without a thought for her comfort, the woman probed around inside her, testing her walls and dragging her nails across her cervix. Scarlett tried not to move, but her hips instinctively writhed against the unnatural intrusion. Not even her deepest crevices were left from the woman's burning touch.

The cruel assault seemed to drag on forever. She tried to relax her body, but it was impossible under the constant gaze of the men. They fixed on her with hungry eyes and sickening bulges pressing against their pants. She couldn't stand to see them look at her that way. She turned her face from them and tried her best to imagine that they weren't there.

Finally, the sadistic woman removed her hand. Scarlett gasped as the fingers dragged from her cunt. She panted hard to catch her breath, stuffing back her tears and whimpers. Despite the lingering glow of pain, she was relieved to have the woman out of her body. As painful and humiliating as it had been, at least it was over. Soon she could put on her new clothes and get away from the room.

The hand set back down in the crack of her ass.

Scarlett's shriek pierced the room as a gloved finger dug harshly into her asshole. She gripped tight onto the sides of the table as the woman stuffed her fingers inside, tearing her reflexively clenching sphincter. Scarlett groaned and wailed, her searing ass being stretched unnecessarily wide. If the woman noticed her pain, she didn't care, or worse, she was enjoying her agony. Three fingers swirled around her rectum, the sensation sending bile rising in her throat. Scarlett bordered on hysteria, her helpless cries breaking with nauseated gags. She couldn't take the abuse for another moment.

Just before she lost control, the fingers yanked from inside her. Before she could react, her arm was grabbed and she was pulled from the table, spun around and slammed down flat on her back. The woman quickly straddled over her, gripping her ungloved hand tight around Scarlett's jaw, forcing her mouth open.

Her voice was thick with feigned sensuality. 

"Now let's make sure you aren't hiding anything nasty in that pretty little mouth."

Scarlett couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her horrified eyes followed the woman's glove, still streaked faintly brown from the violation of her ass. Her head shook feebly in protest as the soiled fingers slid over her plump, quivering, lips. Scarlett nearly vomited as she tasted her own shit on her tongue. She held on tight to the table, fighting with all her strength to keep still as the woman turned her fingers over her teeth and gums, searching her cheeks for something that wasn't a there. For a moment, Scarlett wondered again if she had become trapped in a horrible nightmare.

The fingers forced into the back of her throat, pushing as far as they could reach. Scarlett choked and coughed, gagging on the taste of her own ass. 

The woman pulled back her hand and raised up from on top of her. She looked down with a satisfied smile.

"I guess you're clean."

Scarlett turned her head, retching onto the table beside her. When she finally regained her breath, her frightened eyes turned back to the woman, still anticipating another assault. 

"Get dressed", she ordered coldly, her expression falling sour once again.

Scarlett didn't have to be told twice. Hurrying to cover herself as best she could, she stumbled to her feet and grabbed the orange shirt from the top of the pile, quickly throwing it over herself. As the guards watched, she rushed to get into her matching pants, hardly having the time to notice that they hadn't even provided her with underwear. The moment she slipped her on white socks, the woman gestured to the guards.

"Show her the cells."
When Scarlett had first entered the room, she had been more afraid of the men by the door. Though she was sickened by how they had watched her, all she wanted now was to get as far away from the evil woman as she possibly could. Without hesitation, she stepped toward the men, letting them take her by the arms.

Scarlett walked with them as they opened the door and led her down the hall. It pained her to walk, but every step she took away from her attacker was a welcome relief. She didn't care if they locked her in a tiny, dark, box. Anything was better than what she had just been through.

Scarlett struggled to wrap her dazed mind around everything that was happening. It had all so quickly become far more than she could process. She wanted her freedom. She wanted her life back. But in the moment, she just hoped that she would be able survive this terrible place.


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