The Riott Squad, Kay

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Billie Kay felt a drift without her best friend and long time tag team partner Peyton Royce by her side. She had tried briefly going it alone, as it seemed that she didn't have much choice, but that unsurprisingly hadn't gone well, so she was now trying to join another team. Namely The Riott Squad, which had just reformed without their third member, so it seemed perfect. But her attempts at ingratiating herself with Liv Morgan and especially Ruby Riott hadn't been exactly going well. Although after a few weeks, they had given her an opportunity to join. And with the Royal Rumble six days away, it didn't feel like an offer she could refuse. And honestly, she didn't want to refuse it.

Admittedly, it would be a step back for her, but not by much. She had never exactly been an unstoppable top. Far from it, in fact. At best, she was a switch, who found herself bottoming more than topping. So really, this was no big deal for her. In fact, there was part of her which was really, really looking forward to this. However, now she was outside The Riott Squad's hotel room door, she found herself hesitating, if only briefly. After all, what if she did everything she was supposed to, and still she ended up a jobber bitch. And more to the point, the bitch of jobbers. No, she couldn't think that. Only positive thoughts from here on out, Billie told herself, as she barged into the hotel room, to find Liv and Ruby waiting for her.

"So, I do this, and I'm in?" Billie quickly double checked once the hotel room door was closed.

"That's what we said, isn't it?" Ruby grumbled.

"Which means, yes." Liv reassured, before pushing, "But you have to do everything we say, no matter what, K?"

"K..." Billie agreed nervously.

"One more time, with feeling." Ruby smirked.

"Yes, Mistress Ruby." Billie forced a smile, then quickly added in the most seductive tone she could manage, which came off as a little awkward, but hopefully it got the job done, "It would be an honour to do whatever you say, no matter what nasty little thing you have planned tonight. Oh please, Mistress Liv, Mistress Ruby, do whatever you want to me. I'm yours."

"Oooooooooooooh, Mistress Liv and Mistress Ruby? I like that." Liv grinned. "Yeah, that's got a nice ring to it. Don't you think Ruby?"

"Definitely." Ruby grinned, before pushing, "So don't forget to call us that, at least for tonight, K?"

"K." Billie replied, this time with virtually no nervousness or hesitation.

"Good, then strip for us. Mmmmmmmmm, show us what ya got." Liv encouraged eagerly.

"Yes, Mistress Ruby." Billie grinned, happy to obey this command.

She'd never been super confident with this part of sex, but again, she got the job done. This time was no exception, Mistress Liv and Mistress Ruby obviously very much enjoying the little show they were given, which filled Billie with some much-needed confidence. Better yet, just as she guessed, when she was done with a striptease Mistress Liv and Mistress Ruby were quick to follow suit, and while they didn't really bother with seduction, the way the blonde eagerly removed her clothes was endearing. As was the fact that she closed the distance between them after that, and kissed Billie right on the lips. Something that the former Iconic and hopefully future 'Riott girl' very much welcomed.

After a few blissful minutes of making out with Liv Morgan, the kiss was broken, and the two original members of The Riott Squad started kissing, providing quite the show for the newcomer. Then finally, Mistress Ruby kissed Billie, that lip lock a lot more aggressive and rough than the other two kisses, but just as welcome. The process was then repeated, the three women taking it in turns to kiss, only for one to be left out, and had to just watch. Or at least, that's how it was for quite a while. However, then Mistress Liv started kissing the neck of the other two girls when she was left out, prompting the other two to follow suit. Which made the whole process last longer, but unsurprisingly they made their way to the bed while doing this, position themselves so that Billie was in between The Riott Squad.

"Worship our bodies." Ruby ordered abruptly as she broke what felt like the millionth kiss, "Ooooooooooh yesssssssssss, worship me and Liv, and show us just how badly you want to be in The Riott Squad."

"Yes, Mistress Ruby." Billie grinned, very happy to obey this command.

Ruby then gasped softly and happily as Billie dropped to her knees and buried her face in between her legs. For a second, it looked like the brunette was getting straight to tonguing her twat, something that honestly, the green haired girl would've welcomed, given she very much enjoyed the idea of finally having her own bitch. Other than Liv, of course, and better yet, to see someone submit to Liv Morgan of all people. Oh yes, that idea was really, really fucking hot. She didn't trust Billie as far as she could throw her, but if this was the result, it seemed like something at least worth giving a chance. Something Ruby reminded herself, as the little bitch teased her by pressing her lips to just next to her cunt then worked her way up a thigh and then the other, before finally giving her what she wanted.

To be fair, it was nothing that Liv hadn't done before, but that was different. That was Liv doing it, and Ruby loved her. Well, she'd loved Sarah too, but in a different way. And she couldn't see herself loving Billie even as she loved Sarah. Although, the former member of the IIconics was off to a good start, by pressing her tongue to the bottom of her pussy, instantly making her way up to the top, before repeating the process, and thus giving Mistress Ruby a nice, long, slow pussy licking. Wow, Mistress Ruby really did have a nice ring to it, Ruby thought with a wicked grin, as she reached down to stroke Billie's long dark hair as a way to show her approval. Along with, of course, the constant gasps, moans and whimpers of pure pleasure.

It was a position Ruby was very, very familiar with. Two tops sitting on the edge of a bed, enjoying the talented little tongue of a hot bottom. Only she was mostly the bottom. Liv bottomed for her, but that wasn't exactly an achievement. Liv Morgan was one of the biggest bottoms in the history of this company, and would literally submit to anyone on the roster. Hell, she had submitted to every woman on the roster, and to her shame Ruby had been right there with her. She had even bottomed for Billie, who was nothing in the grand scheme of things. So it was very weird to be in this position now, after all these years, but very, very satisfying. Of course, as much as Ruby would have loved to keep this cunt lapper all to herself, that wasn't fair on her girlfriend.

So after a few long seconds Ruby growled, "Don't forget my girlfriend, bitch."

Before poor Billie could reply Ruby used the tight grip on her hair to yank the brunette's face out of her cunt, pushed her to the side, and then shoved her right in between Liv's legs. The blonde very much welcomed this of course, firstly with a loud squeal of pleasure, and then happily taking over holding Billie in place. Not that it was necessary, as the brunette seemed quite happy lapping away at what Ruby knew for a fact was a tasty treat. Then the two original members of The Riott Squad locked eyes, shared a smile and then a kiss. Oh yes, the two girlfriends became lost in kissing each other, while presumably, their new bitch tongued Liv's twat like the little pussy worshiping slut she would be from now on.

Billie had always thoroughly enjoyed eating pussy. Peyton used to worn her it was setting a bad example, both to herself and the people around her, but her former partner wasn't exactly complaining when she was receiving the benefits of that. Oh God, Billie missed her girl. Nothing and no one could ever replace her. But she had too at least try, right? And The Riott Squad seemed perfect candidates for that. Mostly because they were two of the only girls who would even talk to her, but also, Ruby was a switch, at best, and Liv was a complete bottom, meaning that Billie wouldn't have to be a complete sub. Probably. And she could take over from the inside, once she was officially part of the act.

However, for that she needed to concentrate on the task at hand, which wasn't hard as she found herself eating a couple of tasty little cunts. It seemed to be a requirement of the WWE, that every female wrestler had to have a tasty little twat. Something that Billie wouldn't be surprised if Stephanie McMahon was making sure of personally. And given this was her first time bottoming to The Riott Squad, this was her first opportunity to really savour what they had to offer. Besides, they became preoccupied with each other, meaning that she had all the time in the world to savour this wonderful act. Hell, at one point, she even was in control, at which point she was struggling to remember that she had to switch from pussy to pussy, as she would just get so lost in the cunt lapping.

Of course, eventually Ruby would notice, and give her a gentle reminder. And sometimes a not so gentle reminder. And honestly, Billie loved those the best. Oh yes, this totally seemed like a submissive thing to her, and if she was going to submit, she might as well go all out with it. Which was also why she took quite a long time to increase the pace, kind of hoping that she would be ordered to speed up. And again, she was just really having fun with it. But she was never the most patient girl, so eventually she started picking things up. At first, just by occasionally lingering on the clit in front of her, but it wasn't long before she was taking it into her mouth and sucking on it, as hard as she could, and then switching over when it seemed like one of the members of The Riott Squad was going to finally beg for her.

Admittedly, that might seem counterproductive, but only in the short term. After all, in the long-term she wanted to make The Riott Squad hers, which was why their stubbornness to concentrate on each other instead of her, and maybe just their love for each other, would be their undoing. Hell, Billie was even about to get away with rubbing which ever pussy she wasn't currently licking. And she was very tempted to slip a finger in, but no, she wouldn't make them cum like that. Not before they begged for it. And not while her mouth wasn't on those tasty treats. Oh yes, as always, Billie Kay would make sure she was in the perfect position to swallow as much girl cum as possible, especially after The Riott Squad's regular cunt cream had proven to be so very tasty.

Liv had problems resisting the urge to kiss Ruby Riott, even when they were feuding with each other, so what chance did she have now they were back to being tag team partners, and secret lovers? Pretty much none whatsoever. Which had been why she had been quick to lean over and start the making out session. She'd also been the one to stop feeling Ruby up, and even start pausing the lip lock in favour of kissing the neck of her lover, and even moving her mouth down to her breasts. Which was kind of backfiring on her now, given that this was pushing her closer to climax and yet preventing her from asking to cum. At least, the kissing was. The rest was now strictly for when Billie wasn't worshiping her cunt, and thus keeping her on her high.

The problem was, Ruby knew her too well, knew exactly how to prolong this. Admittedly, that was also kind of a good thing, because Liv thoroughly enjoyed this pleasurable torture. But it was still kind of annoying. Which just made Ruby smirk against her skin, whether it was against her lips, neck, or tits. Oh well, at least she was keeping her woman happy. Billie too, for that matter. Oh yes, Billie Kay was proving that she would be a great addition to The Riott Squad, as she used her mouth, tongue, and even her fingers to drive both Liv and Ruby crazy, until the two original members of The Riott Squad just couldn't take it anymore. Although, in typical Ruby fashion, she left it up to Liv to actually say it.

"Tell Billie what you want, baby girl." Ruby whispered into Liv's ear, as she broke their latest kiss.

"I want to cum." Liv whimpered weakly, not needing any further encouragement, telling Billie what she been no doubt waiting to hear, "Oh please, make me cum! I need to cum! Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, ooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, I need to cum like the little dyke slut I am! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, tongue fuck me! I need to be tongue fucked! Oh yes! Ooooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmmm, really prove that you want to be in The Riott Squad by shoving your tongue inside my naughty little cunt and fuck me! Ah yeah, fuck me and make me cum fuck me and make me cum fuck me and make me cum AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, FUCK ME, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!"

Unsurprisingly it wasn't long before Liv got exactly what she wanted, namely a tongue pushed as deep as it would go into her slutty little cunt, which was more than enough to send her over the edge of an amazing orgasm. To make things even better, Ruby simultaneously bit down on her neck, sucked it, and then went back and forth, ensuring she was leaving a mark. Marking Liv as hers. As her property. Oh God, her woman knew just what to do to make an orgasm special for a complete bottom like Liv Morgan. Which continued to be the case as Billie, and to at least some extent Ruby, made sure that she came over and over again, until she lost the ability to think coherently.

Which normally lasted for several glorious minutes, but in this case, it seemed to end as soon as it got started, which disappointed Liv a little. However, just like before, Billie didn't focus only on which pussy her tongue was working on. No, she moved her hand over to the other cunt, and instead of just gently rubbing it she almost immediately shoved a finger inside it, and then quickly added a second finger. That was more than enough to make Liv cum in her current state of being. So much so that she could barely return the favour for her girlfriend. Luckily, this wasn't the first time something like this had happened, and if anyone was prepared to work through her pleasure, and it was Liv Morgan. Something that the platinum haired girl happily proved over and over again.

Billie initially froze as her taste buds were attacked by the heavenly flavour of the girl cum of first Liv Morgan, and then Ruby Riott. Luckily she had plenty of practice with this, so she quickly got over it and pulled her tongue out of those cunts, so she could wrap her mouth around them, and swallow at least the majority of what they had to give. Just like with everyone else she'd ever gone down on. Just like with Peyton. Oh God, in that moment, Billie couldn't help missing her former tag team partner. Even if the two women who would hopefully be her tag team partners from now on were proving to be almost just as yummy, both as far as their girl cum and regular cunt cream.

One advantage they had was that there were two of them, and Billie got to go back and forth between them. Like whenever a couple of real tops would share her, and more often than not share Peyton too, The IIconics being passed back and forth like a piece of meat. Oh yes, this bought back very fond memories. However, in a way this was so much better, as for a change Billie was in control here. That meant she could use her fingers in the equation, sucking on the clit of which ever girl, she was working on in that moment, while sliding a finger inside her. Well, they were all so horny in that moment she was able to slide two fingers straight away into those hot little holes, and more often than not add another finger or two along the way.

It was another sign that if she was allowed to join The Riott Squad, Billie could probably take control of it. Hell, at this rate, she might be in control of it by the end of the week. Then again, she did kind of get lost in swallowing that delicious girl cum, so much so that she didn't stick to the fingering. That would've been the more dominant thing to do, but without even being asked she switched back to the tongue fucking, and then went back and forth. Which on the bright side, meant she didn't get completely cum drunk. But it also definitely sent mixed messages. Both to her, and to Liv and Ruby. After all, at this moment it didn't seem so bad to become the bottom of these two infamous bottoms. Not if it meant more heavenly liquid like this, and the treats she was about to receive.

There was even part of Billie that thought she would be happy to do this all night, without receiving anything in return. Which of course was a ridiculous thought, and very troubling. One which she was thankfully saved from by Liv jumping down into her lap, and shoving her tongue down her throat. She'd had plenty of eager kisses before, but this might be the most eager she had ever been kissed. Which was flattering, even if this was Liv clearly stealing some girl cum away from her. But in that moment, Billie didn't mind. Not if it meant such a nice kiss. God, this little slut even licked some of the cum which had escaped onto her face, causing them both to giggle, and the brunette to momentarily forget what was about to happen.

She was then reminded when Liv ordered, "Bend over. Mmmmmmmmm, I wanna eat your ass before I fuck it."

"Yes, Mistress Liv." Billie blushed, but didn't hesitate to obey.

"Don't you think you're taking it too easy on her?" Ruby grumbled breathlessly.

"No." Liv shrugged, before explaining, "This is supposed to be a new friend. A new member of The Riott Squad. So really, it's the least we can do. Besides, mmmmmmmmm, I'm really, really good at eating ass. Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, I love it so much. And hell, Charlotte even prepares her bitches, so this is no big deal. Right?"

"I suppose." Ruby grumbled, before giving her blessing, fine. You do that, and I'll get the strap-ons."

Liv hummed her agreement, but really she wasn't paying attention to what was being said at that point, not after being given the green light to eat ass. No, her eyes were locked on Billie Kay's underrated booty, as whether the other girl was aware of it or not she jiggled that booty, and made Liv practically drool. Which gave her some saliva to spit directly into the brunette's butt hole as she buried her face in between those meaty cheeks, the platinum blonde then rubbing in that saliva with her tongue, and then repeating the process. Although admittedly, she spent longer on the butt munching. A lot longer. Not that Billie complaint. In fact, the other WWE girl was very clearly in favour of it, given the way she gasped, whimpered and cried out in pleasure.

Unsurprisingly, Liv got a few less of those sounds when she switched to motor-boating those cheeks, but she just couldn't help it. Billie Kay might not have the same fat ass that Liv, Bayley and Mandy Rose had, but it was still pretty large. Something she knew for a fact now she had the pleasure of getting right up close to it. Which of course, she fully intended to get as much fun out of as possible, especially considering she was supposed to be a top here. Yeah, arguably, this wasn't much of a top thing to do, but in that moment Liv didn't really care. No, all that mattered was indulging in her love for eating ass. Although to be fair, she did occasionally switch back to the motor-boating, mostly she started to focus on tonguing that back door, and increasing the force.

She also swirled her tongue around that back door, as well as simply up and down, and then eventually pushed her way inside. The fact that she was able to penetrate it without much effort, and even able to get her tongue as deep as it would go into that bottom, was a reminder that at best, Billie was like Ruby, AKA someone who was at best a switch, but undoubtedly had been used as a bottom. In fact, Billie's butt had been clearly a lot more used than Ruby's ass ever had, suggesting it would be easy to keep her in line. That, and the fact that Billie was moaning loudly the entire time. Well, all WWE girls loved getting their butts munched, but Liv fully expected that her new friend would love her ass to be fucked by more than just her tongue.

Only too happy to put that theory to the test, albeit after a few moments of tongue fucking that cute little butt, Liv reluctantly pulled her face out of that ass, briefly popped a finger into her mouth to get it nice and wet, before pressing it against Billie's ass hole. The wannabe member of The Riott Squad let out a soft whimper at that feeling, which didn't sound that positive, but the cry and moan that she let out afterwards was very positive. Oh yes, that was a very positive sign, given it coincided with Liv pushing a finger into Billie's tailpipe. She then pumped that finger in and out for a few long minutes, before adding another one. And yes, she very much got the same reaction as before, which had both members of The Riott Squad grinning wickedly. And one of them providing verbal encouragement.

"Nice work, Live." Ruby gently said directly into Liv's ear, while kneeling down behind her girlfriend, reaching around her, and attaching a strap-on around her waist, "Get that ass nice and ready for us to uses the fuck hole it is. Mmmmmmmmmm, but just remember, I'm the leader. It's The Riott Squad, not The Morgan Squad, after all. That means I go first."

"Yeah, whatever." Liv moaned, not really paying attention to what was being said, or what she was doing, given that Ruby's strap-on was rubbing in between her butt cheeks, causing her greedy little butt hole to quiver with need, clearly hoping to get some attention later. Then Liv pulled those fingers out, and just before beginning to suck them clean she asked, "I think that's enough, don't you?"

"Definitely." Ruby grinned wickedly, and then ordered, "Billie, spread your cheeks. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, give me your slutty little bitch hole!"

"Yes, Mistress Ruby." Billie whimpered and did as she was told.

Ruby then licked her lips hungrily as she got to watch Billie Kay, a woman who had caused her a lot of hassle as a member of The IIconics, and now maybe even more that she was trying to join her team, spread her cheeks, offering up her slutty little ass hole for Ruby to use for her pleasure. Admittedly this wasn't the first time, but this meant so much more. Or at least, it could mean so much more. And in that moment, Ruby wanted it to mean more. To have another member to The Riott Squad she could order around, butt fuck, and help her to butt fuck Liv. Liv was probably thinking the same thing, given the way the looking each other. Although, given their positions, they were both probably thinking of having the platinum blonde bend over right next to the brunette, so that the green haired woman could fuck both of them up the butt.

As tempting as that was, Ruby would've probably picked Liv first, and maybe even got lost in sodomizing her, and completely forget to put Billie in her place. So Ruby reluctantly pushed Liv aside, pressed her freshly attached, and lubed up, cock against Billie's butt hole and slowly began pushing forwards. Slowly causing another woman's most private hole to start stretching for her. Another female wrestler. Oh God, that was always so satisfying. Admittedly Liv was another female wrestler, but she was one of the biggest bottoms in the history of the WWE, so it didn't really count. But this? This definitely counted, and the leader of The Riott Squad fully intended to savour every moment of it.

Maybe especially the moment that Billie Kay's ass hole stretched wide enough to allow the head of Ruby's cock to slid through it and into that forbidden orifice, turning the other female wrestler into a conquest for the leader of The Riott Squad. Something which had the poor brunette crying out in pain, pointing out that she wasn't quite the anal whore that the platinum blonde was. Then again, was this all just to get sympathy from the green haired woman? Ruby didn't know for sure, but it didn't really matter, because again, she planned to savour this moment, and that meant pausing for a few long seconds, before pushing the dick further into Billie's tailpipe.

When Ruby finally did that Billie let out more sounds of discomfort, but they were all softer, and there might have even been an undertone of pleasure to them. So, pretty much like every other woman on the WWE roster. Oh yes, Ruby had not been an Alpha, and at this rate she would never be one, but she had butt fucked enough women to know when they had experience in this area, and Billie definitely had it, make it more likely they would both enjoy this. Liv certainly was, given that she moved as close as possible to her boss/girlfriend to get the best possible look at this butt stuffing, which was on perfect display to them thanks to the former Iconic spreading her cheeks for them, much to the delight of The Riott Squad. Especially the leader, who occasionally looked away from the stretched shit hole and over to Liv's smiling face.

Billie was certainly glad that the original members of The Riott Squad were enjoying themselves, as it made them more likely to let her joined them. One way or another. Although, she had never been more worried about being broken by them. Such a thing seemed impossible at first. After all, it was the fucking Riott Squad. Most of the time it didn't seem like they could buy a win. And on the rare occasion they did, they never kept that momentum. Meaning that there was no way they would get close to breaking her. Especially not that infamous butt slut Liv Morgan. However, Billie was beginning to think she'd severely underestimated Ruby's capabilities, as she was now doing a wonderful job at sodomizing her.

To be fair, it had been a while since Billie had taken a proper butt fucking. She hadn't been wrestling regularly since the IIconics had broken up, and before that they hadn't even been on TV regularly. And hell, whenever she actually lost on TV, most of the focus had been on Peyton, who had been considered to be the hotter Iconic. Billie like to think it was pretty close, although she would give the best to Peyton, given that she had been the one regularly sleeping with her. And the IIconics had bottomed for each other, sure, but mostly, it was Peyton, who was doing most of the bottoming. So while the initial anal penetration was painful, and the butt stuffing wasn't exactly a picnic, Billie found herself enjoying this more than she should. Like, a lot more.

She even found herself having to stifle moans of pleasure towards the end of the butt stuffing, which was unbearably embarrassing, especially considering her lack of being sodomized recently. Thankfully, it went unnoticed by the original members of The Riott Squad, who it seems were too busy staring into each other's eyes, or Billie's butt hole. Not that she blamed them. No, she could remember not being able to take her eyes off Peyton. And she knew just how much fun it was watching another female wrestler's bitch hole stretching to take inch after inch of a cock. Especially when it was strapped around her own waist. Oh God, Billie wished she could see it now, maybe especially as she felt those thighs coming to rest against her hands/cheeks, announcing that the full length of the dildo had been buried deep within her bowels.

Which was something that all three women savoured for a few long seconds, before Ruby began pumping her hips back and forth, in turn causing the strap-on to slide in and out of Billie's back hole, and thus officially beginning the butt fucking. Which was all well and good, but Billie was kind of insulted that neither Liv or more importantly Ruby hadn't deemed worthy of taunting her. Something which she didn't want, and yet she did. Because admittedly, they could just be lost in the act, but it would be almost a sign of respect if they were to insult her while fucking her in the ass. Thankfully before she could complain about it, or worse moan in pleasure, the silence was broken, and in a way she was insulted even worse, as the original members of The Riott Squad talked about her like she wasn't even there.

"Ready for your turn, babe?" Ruby asked, after a few long minutes of fucking Billie's butt.

"Huh? What?" Liv frowned with confusion, as she reluctantly pulled her gaze from that stretching bitch hole to look up to her girlfriend.

"I said..." Ruby grinned, charmed by how cute a distracted Liv Morgan looked, and then she explained, once she was sure she had her girl's full attention, "Are you ready for your turn? As in, are you ready to use that strap-on I got you? To shove up this bitch's butt, and see whether she's worthy to hang with us? Huh? Mmmmmmmm, because I know what you really want, baby, but please try for me?"

"Welllll..." Liv bit her lip, and then counter offered, "Can I get a taste of that ass first? Mmmmmmmmm, please, baby, let me suck that ass off of your big, yummy cock. Then we can do whatever you want. Top this bitch all night long, if that's what it takes. Just please, please, pleasssssssssseeeeeeeee, let me suck your ass flavoured cock? Just this once? Please?"

" I suppose." Ruby agreed to the compromise.

"Yay!" Liv grinned happily.

"But you better do a good job." Ruby, sing-songed with a wide grin on her face.

"No problem, Mistress Ruby." Liv grinned back, before licking her lips as her eyes travelled back down to where that dildo was pumping in and out of Billie's rear end.

Liv was left watching this, and for a few long seconds, as Mistress Ruby was apparently reluctant to pull her dick out of Billie's butt hole. Which wasn't surprising, but it did get a little annoying, and probably would have last longer, if Liv hadn't opened her mouth to complain. Luckily for her, she did, and her reward was Ruby immediately pulling the cock out of Billie's ass hole and pressing it to her girlfriend's waiting lips. The platinum blonde then wrapped her lips around it, and moaned loudly as she tasted the brunette's bottom on the green haired woman's dick. Something which of course, had the shameless ass to mouth slut moaning loudly, her eyelids fluttering closed as she savoured the flavour of the deepest part of another female wrestler's bowels.

It was something that she was allowed to savour for a few long seconds, before a gentle push to the back of her head told her to move it along. So she did, in the began to bob her head up and down the first few inches, before taking more. Namely into her well-trained throat, eventually taking it all so she could get every drop of that precious butt cream. Something normally she got to do over and over again. Often while tasting Ruby's ass, or her own. And honestly, she really wanted to do that now. Spend at least a few long minutes, constantly tasting the deepest part of Billie's bowels. However, she had made a promise to her woman, and she fully intended to keep it.

"Ready to fuck that ass now?" Ruby asked, pulling her cock out of Liv's mouth so she could answer, and she could have her full attention.

"I'll try." Liv said bashfully.

"You do, or you do not. There is no try." Ruby said in a bad Yoda impression.

"Dork." Liv laughed.

"Nerd." Ruby laughed back, before softly adding, "Love you."

"I love you too." Liv beamed.

The Riott Squad exchanged a brief but loving kiss, and then swap places, so that Ruby was as close to the action as possible, while Liv was the one pressing her strap-on against Billie's butt hole. It took Liv a few long seconds to build herself up to it, which probably didn't do the other woman any favours, as it allowed her to tighten up. She even apologized while beginning to stretch that bitch hole open, until she got a look from Ruby telling her to just do it. Then with a deep breath, she just did it. Oh God, infamous anal loving bottom Liv Morgan actually anally penetrated another female wrestler. Something which was overwhelming, and something that made Liv very proud of herself.

She was also delighted that there was a hint of pleasure from there on out, as she began slowly stuffing that shit-pipe full of strap-on cock. Oh yes, Billie Kay continued letting out sounds which suggested that while she wasn't as big an anal slut as Liv was, she was definitely getting some enjoyment out of this. That a total bottom was making her feel this way. Which was very, very promising. Both in the long term, and the short term. Although Liv was very much concentrating on the short-term now, as she had the all-important task of stuffing another woman's tailpipe, and then beginning to fuck her in the butt, right in front of her girlfriend. Oh yes, this required her full attention, and in that moment it was very, very easy to give it.

Billie's full attention was definitely on the butt fucking she was currently receiving. She was really, really trying not to let it get to her, as it was just a stepping stone to better things, and wouldn't mean anything in the long run. Not really. But still, this was Liv fucking Morgan, and to be butt fucked by such an infamous bottom was maybe the most humiliating experience of her life. And that was really, really saying something, considering what else she had received. God, for a few long minutes, she thought it would be too much, and she would be broken from the humiliation of it. Fucking broken by Liv Morgan, and become the anal bitch of The Riott Squad, becoming a complete laughingstock in the process. Thankfully, before that could happen Liv abruptly stopped, and pulled her dick out of Billie's ass, and then turned to Ruby.

"You're turn." Liv said enthusiastically, and then when Ruby gave her a look she protested, "What? I did what you said. I fucked Billie up the butt. Now is the part where we go back and forth, so I'll totally fuck her ass again. Besides, you don't want me to love topping too much, do you? Otherwise... I might end up the one fucking you up the ass."

There was a brief pause, then Ruby burst out laughing, causing Liv to pout adorably, but smile as her girlfriend agreed with her, "Alright."

"Yay!" Liv exclaimed, before quickly walking around to Billie's mouth, pointing her dick at her, and ordering, "Suck my dick. Mmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss, suck it! Ha ha, I always wanted to say that. Oh yeah, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, suck that yummy butt cream off of my cock. Ah fuck Billie, mmmmmmmmmmm, you've got a yummy little butt. Not as yummy as mine, or Ruby's, but still pretty great though. Oooooooooooooooh yessssssssssss, put on a show for me and my girl! Oh my God yes, that's it, mmmmmmmmmmm fuck yeah, oh God, suck it! Suck it real good. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss, suck it like the good little cock sucker you are, Billie. Ah fuck, mmmmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ah shit!"

"Yes, Mistress Liv." Billie blushed, but did as she was told.

It was still pretty humiliating to be sucking Liv Morgan's cock, especially when it was flavoured with her own ass cream. However, that taste was a pretty good distraction from those humiliating words, and the fact that she was about to be spit roasted by The Riott Squad. Sure enough, shortly after Billie had wrapped her lips around Liv's dick Ruby pressed hers against Billie's back door and slowly pushed her way back inside. Automatically the former member of the IIconics moaned happily around the cock, but that could be easily dismissed as her simply enjoying the taste of her own ass. Which wasn't much of a defence, but at least, it was something. And continued to be the case, as the next few minutes her butt was stuffed with dildo and then fucked again.

Then just like Liv said The Riott Squad went back and forth, constantly feeding Billie the taste of her own ass while she had a dick up her booty. Which again, was nothing she hadn't received before, but the fact Liv Morgan was part of that equation was more humiliating than Billie had predicted. Thankfully, most of the time her mouth was full, and again, she had an excuse for moaning extra loudly and happily whenever Liv ass fucked her, but it was still pretty devastating. And wonderful. Oh God, Billie had never been so close to breaking before. Especially because while she never reached the level of Asuka or Charlotte, or even Ruby for that matter, Liv certainly got better at dishing out a butt fucking as time went on.

Far sooner than Billie would've liked she found herself aching to cum. And she knew it would be far better to do it quickly as possible, so that she could get this over with, and ideally talk Liv into bending over for her. Which shouldn't be too difficult, given her previous experience with this shameless anal whore. Oh yes, fucking Liv Morgan's ridiculously perfect bubble butt would be just the thing to rekindle her dominant side. Something she needed to do before it was too late. But Billie was just having so much fun bottoming to The Riott Squad, so instead she found herself fighting the urge to cum for as long as she could. Something which for better or for worse, she was rewarded for.

"Okay Liv, honey, you lie down, so we can end this in style. Just like we planned." Ruby ordered her girl.

"Yes, Mistress Ruby." Liv grinned cheekily, and happily did as she was told.

"Good girl. Mmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss, that's a very, very good girl." Ruby beamed softly, then after a brief pause ordered, "And Billie? You go ride Liv's cock... with your pussy. Ooooooooooooooh yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, ride it. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, stuff every single inch in your slutty little cunt, and then we'll DP you like the little lesbian slut you are."

"Yes, Mistress Ruby." Billie beamed happily with relief.

Liv noticed the apprehension that was on Billie's face, followed by the great relief. And she got it, Billie thought that The Riott Squad was going to double fuck her ass, and to be fair, Ruby had even considered as much. But ultimately Liv had convinced her it would be better not too, as a double ass fucking had a tendency to break someone, and they didn't want that to be the case with their new recruit. No, if she was going to help them in the Rumble, the last thing they wanted was for her to be submissive and docile. Also, if she was being honest, if anyone was going to be double butt fucked in The Riott Squad, Liv was going to make damn sure it was her, given she was one of the few anal sluts who actually loved that kind of thing.

For better or for worse Liv was interrupted from thinking about last time she was double ass fucked by Billie mounting her. Not that she was complaining. Not really. After all, for the most part, reality was better than fantasy, at least in Liv's experience. However, she also liked to be the centre of attention, and that was very clearly not the case right now. Hell, she wasn't even the bottom here, which would be her preference. Of course, there was definitely something to be said for having another woman lining up her pussy with a cock sticking out of Liv's crotch, and pushing downwards. Oh yes, for the next few minutes Liv Morgan would get to have sex in one of the most traditional ways, albeit with herself in the role of the man having his woman ride him. Also, this wasn't her woman, but merely an addition to their fun.

Briefly Liv looked over at her woman and exchanged a smile, before inevitably Ruby returned her eyes to her target, namely Billie's cute little booty, which was slowly sliding downwards as the brunette impaled her pussy on the platinum blonde's strap-on. Likewise Liv returned her full attention to her new friend, loving the way that Billie's face was awash with pleasure as she got to fill up her neglected cunt. Shortly after that she was fully impaled on it, and after savouring that fact for a few long seconds, the brunette started bouncing up and down, which really had the platinum blonde jealous of her. She tried not to be, but she knew just how much fun it was. And of course, what was going to happen next.

Although Liv's current position definitely had it's benefits. Like the fact that she got to watch Billie's, clearly underrated, tits bounce up and down directly in front of her eyes, and again, the pleasure which was on the other girl's face. She also got to slide her hands all over those boobs, as Billie got closer and closer to climax. And of course, she got to kiss her too. And the other end of the dildo was bashing against her clit, and combined with everything else it would make sure that Liv came too. Even if she would be imagining herself in the place of her new friend, given the fact that she loved to be double stuffed, especially when one of those people were her girlfriend.

"Ready for this to end in style, Billie?" Ruby asked, after a few long minutes of just enjoying the show.

"God yes." Billie moaned.

"Me too." Liv chimed in unnecessarily.

"Then stop bouncing, so I can get my dick up your ass." Ruby ordered, quickly adding, "Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, I'm talking to you Billie. I know it must be so amazing, but be a good girl, and stop, so I can get my dick deep in that hot little booty of yours. Mmmmmmmmmmm, that's it, good girl. Oh, and Liv... do me a favour, and spread those cheeks for me. Oh yeah, make it nice and easy for me to fuck this butt."

"Yes, Mistress Ruby." Liv quickly replied and obeyed.

"Yes, Mistress Ruby." Billie whimpered and obeyed, when she got the chance.

Ruby spent a few more long seconds admiring the view, and then pressed the tip of her cock against Billie's back door and pushed forwards. Luckily after all the fuckings it had taken tonight, and no doubt over the years, the most private hole on this female wrestler's body remained gaping widely, making it nice and easy to slide into. Hell, at this point in the night Ruby could have probably rammed the entire length of her strap-on up Billie's butt, and this little dyke slut would have probably cried out in nothing but pure pleasure. Not that she was about to do that. No, she didn't get nearly enough chances to top, and now she was in this position, she fully intended to take advantage of it. Admittedly she had been part of plenty of DPs, but that was mostly from either taking them, or from having to watch Liv take them.

If she was very lucky, whoever had beaten them that night would put Ruby on the bottom, while wearing a strap-on, meaning that she got to stuff Liv's pussy during a regular DP, and sometimes her girlfriend's slutty little ass for a double butt pounding. Whatever the case, the green haired woman would normally have to watch the platinum blonde's ass receiving what she wanted to give it from someone else, then someone would gleefully be taunting her about being a Cucked Bitch. Don't get her wrong, that was extremely hot, and always got her off something fierce. But she'd always preferred being the one to dish out anal poundings, and now she had the opportunity to fuck a girl up the ass, which wasn't her total butt slut of a girlfriend, she was going to enjoy every single second of it.

So she pushed the full length of that strap-on as deep as it could go into the other woman's tailpipe, which continued to be on perfect display thanks to her wonderful girlfriend. Oh yes, a female wrestler got to enjoy watching inch after inch of her strap-on dick disappearing deep into another female wrestler's butt hole, while yet another female wrestler kept those cheeks nice and spread for her. AKA, business as usual within the WWE's women's division. The unusual thing was that now Ruby got to be the one stuffing another female wrestler's ass, and while it was far from Asuka or Charlotte, it was definitely something. Maybe even something Ruby could build on. Well, probably not, given the level of competition, but hey, a girl could dream, right?

Of course, there were moments she just couldn't think about the future, like the moment her thighs came to rest against those well-rounded cheeks, announcing that every inch of her cock was finally buried deep within Billie's bowels. Oh yes, the leader of The Riott Squad had fully stuffed the butt of a former member of the IIconics, a fact Ruby savoured for a few long seconds, before finally beginning the sodomy properly. Before she began thrusting her hips back and forth, causing the dildo to slide in and out of Billie's butt hole. Something which continued to be on display thanks to the most wonderful girlfriend in the whole entire world, spreading those cheeks, and maximize the pleasure for all three of them.

Billie was both grateful for that fact, and deeply resentful. Grateful because it made those cocks easier to take, and maximized the pleasure that she was feeling. However, it maximized the humiliation too. Because admittedly, it was better than being butt fucked by Liv freaking Morgan, but not by much, as she was still impaled on Liv's dick. Still being impaled by The Riott Squad, of all people. Dominated by them. Fucked. Oh yes, she was getting double fucked a lot better than she would've thought these two were capable of. Then again, if anyone knew about getting double teamed, it was definitely The Riott Squad. Which one way or another, was serving them all well now.

Then the question remained, could Billie receive the orgasm that she craved without breaking? Especially given that previous experience told her that it wouldn't just be one, but multiple orgasms, which would no doubt break her body, and leave her a mindless slut, at least for those few long minutes. Admittedly she had survived such treatment before, even from the likes of Asuka and Charlotte. However, they had never really tried to break her. But Liv and Ruby just maybe actually trying to do it, and worse, they just might succeed. Poor Billie couldn't think of anything more humiliating than being broken by the fucking Riott Squad. Although at that moment it was so very tempting, especially as every thrust into her ass from Ruby caused the former Iconic's cunt to be pushed down on Liv's cock.

Just as Billie felt herself getting close, like disturbingly close, she felt Ruby starting to gently increasing the speed and the force of her thrusts, but pushing her to the edge of climax. At the same time Liv's hands slid upwards to her tits, and began skilfully fondling them, while kissing her right on the lips, preventing her from embarrassing herself. Like begging The Riott Squad to make her cum, regardless of the consequences. Which was something she was pretty much lost in for a few agonizingly pleasurable minutes, before Ruby began slapping Billie's butt, and offering up some verbal encouragement. And then for better or for worse, Liv broke the kiss, and did the exact same thing.



The combination of those words, and maybe even another slight increase in the pace, finally sent Billie crashing over the edge of a wonderfully powerful climax, which was then of course, quickly followed by another, and another, and another. It was the type of series of orgasms which threatened to break her forever, but again, she had received this kind of treatment and recovered, so at least there was hope. Although for however long the rest of the double fucking was, Billie Kay couldn't help imagine what it would be like to be officially broken by The Riott Squad, and turned into their bitch. Which of course, made her cum so hard, it was her last coherent thought for quite a while.

Ruby wanted to cum too. She wanted it so bad in that moment, but thanks to Liv she had plenty of practice in holding herself back, in a way, it never felt more important to do just that. After all, this could be a new beginning for The Riott Squad. And even if it wasn't, it was a rare treat that she got to top someone other than her precious girlfriend, so she wanted to end this in style to prove that she really could be a top, if only to herself, and more importantly, Liv. Which was why she slowly worked up to using every ounce of strength she had to brutalize Billie's butt hole, making sure that the former Iconic wouldn't be sitting right for a while, and more importantly, came hard and frequently.

Part of her felt like she should save something for her girlfriend, especially as in her admittedly biased opinion Liv Morgan had the best ass in the history of the WWE. However, every time she thrust into Billie's booty, Ruby was also pushing Billie's cunt down onto Liv's cock, which in turn was pressing against her girl's clit. So in a way, it was like Ruby Riott was fucking Liv Morgan through Billie Kay. Or literally using the brunette as a fuck toy to make the platinum blonde cum for her. And in a way, her girlfriend was fucking her in the same way. Oh God yes, Liv was thrusting upwards into Billie's pussy, which in turn was pushing the bitch back against Ruby's clit. The thrusts were incredibly clumsy and awkward, but they were adorable, and the force was just too much for poor Ruby Riott.

These thoughts combined with the relentless attention to her clit, Billie's butt cheeks jiggling like jelly against her thighs, the sheer joy of DP'ing another woman with the woman that she loved, and maybe most of all, making both those women cum, ultimately pushed Ruby over the edge of a truly wonderful climax. It wasn't quite as powerful as the once she'd received while being topped, but it was so much more satisfying being the top. And to prove that she was worthy of that position Ruby push herself through that orgasm, and the several more that followed, so that she could make her girl cum as many times as she could. Or more accurately, her girls. Just like she had with Sarah, in the original incarnation of The Riott Squad. Which again, she had Liv to thank for.

In the final moments of the double fucking Ruby didn't waste time pulling Billie's hair, or smacking her ass, or even dishing out any unnecessary words. Because really, what was left to say at this point? Surely, she had made her point? That she was in charge of The Riott Squad, and if Billie really, truly wanted to join, then she was going to have to understand her place in the pecking order. Not that she really wanted to think about the former member of the IIconics right now. No, Ruby just wanted to stare lovingly into Liv's eyes and silently tell her just how much she loved her. Which was exactly what she did, until finally she collapsed with exhaustion on top of perhaps the new member of The Riott Squad.

All three women lay there recovering for a few long minutes, then Ruby rolled off of Billie, smacked her bottom, and ordered, "Spread your cheeks, bitch. Show me my handiwork."

"You mean, our handiwork?" Liv grinned cheekily.

"I suppose." Ruby grumbled, before pointing out, "But I did most of the work."

"I know." Liv beamed, "But give me some credit."

"I'll give you more than that." Ruby grinned, leaning in.

"Please do." Liv grinned back, happily accepting a kiss.

"Erm... yes Mistress Ruby?" Billie replied weakly after that little exchange was finally over, and then did as she was told.

Billie was both humiliated and relieved by the fact that all the attention was off of her, and her latest submission. Because sure, she still had to find the strength to get off and expose herself, but at least with the attention not on her, she could rest for a few more long seconds before finally doing it. And sure, she had to spread her cheeks to show off her cum leaking cunt and her gaping ass hole, but The Riott Squad didn't really pay attention to them. Then again, was that worse? Because it meant that she was left in that position for longer, and when Liv and Ruby finally stopped kissing each other, they didn't even reward Billie for her work. Well, not really, as while she got a great show, she surprisingly wasn't involved in it.

"So, what do you think?" Ruby asked after breaking the kiss.

"Mmmmmmmm, I think it's great." Liv beamed, before laying it on thick, "I think you're a great top, babe. The best. Mmmmmmmmm, Charlotte and Asuka wish they could stretch butt as well as you do. I mean, just look at how good you stretched Billie's butt hole. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, that poor little back door is gaping soooooooooo wide. Just like mine! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm, Billie's butt is gaping as wide as mine is when you're done with it. Which is why I love you so much. Sooooooooooo much, ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh! I love what you do to butts like that one. Oooooooooooh, I'm soooooooooo proud of you baby."

"You're just saying that because you want to suck my cock." Ruby quipped dryly.

"No." Liv protested, before clarifying, "Well, yeah... but that doesn't mean I didn't mean it."

"Uh-huh." Ruby grumbled, but she couldn't help smile.

"Well, can I?" Liv then pushed impatiently.

"Can you what?" Ruby teased.

"You know what!" Liv whined, before telling her girlfriend what she wanted to hear, "Can I suck your cock, baby? Please? I wanna suck your cock. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, I want to suck Billie's butt cream off of your big dick like the ass to mouth loving whore I am! Please? Please, please, please? Let me give my woman a blow job. Ooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, mmmmmmmm, let me give my woman a blow job, right in front of Billie. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, let her see just how much I love sucking your cock. Show her I'm your dirty little dick cleaning whore! Please? It's only fair. That bitch got to taste her own ass a lot. It's my turn."

"Yea it is." Ruby grinned, "Just do me a favour and clean your own cock first, K?"

"Gladly." Liv beamed happily, and did as she was told, scrambling to undo her own harness, before quickly adding with a grin, "I mean, yes... Mistress Ruby."

In response Mistress Ruby simply rolled her eyes and record time, before looking fondly at her favourite lover as the infamous bottom began making a real show of sucking that dildo clean of Billie's cum and pussy cream. Which of course, left Billie extremely annoyed and jealous. That should be her reward, dammit. Hell, it was pretty much a standard procedure. Then again, maybe she should be relieved? Especially if Liv followed through, and cleaned Ruby's cock of all the ass cream. Something which the former Iconic should be happy to avoid, but she wasn't. Especially given she had done it before, but rushed it. Not Liv, though. No, that little cock sucking whore clearly savoured every single moment of cleaning those dildos, but especially the one strapped around the waist of her girlfriend.

She certainly took her time with both, moaning happily the entire time, while stared deep into the eyes of her tag team partner/girlfriend. Something which was very familiar to Billie. Oh yes, Peyton Royce was the exact same way with a strap-on when it had been flavoured with girl cum or butt cream. And deep throat it just like that. And she would definitely moan happily like that, while doing it. Which had Billie letting go of her cheeks and turning around, and then even reaching for her clothes and putting them back on. Sure enough, The Riott Squad were so engrossed in each other, they didn't even notice. Hell, Ruby even provided her precious Liv with more verbal encouragement.

"That's it baby, mmmmmmmmmm, all the way down your well-trained throat. All the way down. Ooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, good girl." Ruby praised, while staring down at her girl, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, suck it! Suck my cock like a good girl. Like the good little cock sucker you are! Oh my God, how did I get so lucky, huh? Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, my girl is the perfect little cock sucker, the perfect little rug muncher, and the perfect little anal whore. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, we're perfect for each other, baby. Just perfect. Ooooooooooh fuck yes, Liv Morgan is my perfect little bitch. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!"

Which was now so obvious to Billie, it was depressing. Yes, The Riott Squad were perfect together as a Dynamic Duo, and didn't need her. But then again, she didn't need them, either. Hell, she didn't even want them. She wanted Peyton. Oh yes, Peyton Royce was her other half. Her soulmate. Her person. They were perfect for each other, just as Liv and Ruby were. And they were meant to be together. It was their natural state of being. They didn't want to split up, and they shouldn't of let management forced them too. So, she snuck out of that hotel room, completely unnoticed by The Riott Squad. Yes, Billie Kay left to reunite the IIconics. And she would do it at any cost.

The End.

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