Tiffany Poon's First Facial

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction! I do not know Tiffany Poon, and I do not profit from these writings.

This is a fan fiction featuring the social influencer pianist Tiffany Poon. All sex scenes involve consent.

In the distant was the rumbling of the subway and the noise of sirens. "Just another day in New York," thought Tiffany, who stretched on her bed while reaching for her phone to check the time. She was wearing white lace panties without anything on her top. Her nipples were small but firm.

Today was a special day for Tiffany. It was the day of her first Steinway recital. She got dressed, made her favorite K-Cup coffee, and started sipping from her glass jar. "It was serendipity that got me this concert. I have to give it my best," she thought while slipping on a black bra.

Tiffany Poon was 22. She had just graduated from Columbia University with a degree in philosophy. But she was also a piano prodigy and her career was just starting to take off. Tiffany went to the closet and picked out a black dress with a low V-shaped neckline. She studied herself in the mirror and wondered for a second if people could see her bra if she bent over, but then dismissed the thought because her breasts were so small; there was nothing to see anyway. The dress was one of her favorites. Her ex-boyfriend, whom she met while studying at Julliard, went shopping with her one day and "bought" it for her. He said he would pay her back, but he never did. Tiffany opened her mouth wide with a bit of a sour feeling after recalling this episode, but she thought of her ex-boyfriend's handsome face and relented. She slipped off her tee, her white panties, and slipped into a black thong and her black dress, which rested above her knees.

The recital hall was brimming with people when she arrived. Eager fans, some whom she recognized from her Patreon, filled the hall. She was surprised at the turnout, especially since she only tweeted one "Instagram-worthy" photo of herself to promote the event. It was after her first signature Scarlatti in E Major piece that Tiffany spotted her ex-boyfriend in the audience. He was wearing a black pea coat, and yes, he still looked very handsome, perhaps even more handsome than before. She blushed.

"What is he doing here," Tiffany thought. "The last thing he ever mentioned to me was that he would be working here in New York. But he never bothered to say hi."

After an energetic Bach and her favorite Schumann, the recital was over. Tiffany bowed to the audience, and went into Steinway's dressing room to change into her "fan meeting" attire. As she started undressing herself, she started thinking about her ex again, and she suddenly felt her pussy become moist, as she remembered the time he reached down into her pants while they were making out after the high school prom. She shook her head and said, "What am I thinking of? It's time to meet my fans." She put on a bright red sleeveless dress and headed out.

At the front of the long line of fans was Andrew, her ex-boyfriend. He held out her debut album, Natural Beauty, and smiled at her.

"Long time no see, Tiffany. Your Schumann was breathtaking."

Tiffany blushed again. "That' kind of you, Andrew. Good to see you."

"Why don't we get coffee after your engagements? Catch up and stuff."

"Um...sure, why not. I'll text you when I'm done."

Tiffany felt a sensastion of moistness again. Andrew was her first and only boyfriend ever, and his presence made her excited. Moreover, they broke up only because Tiffany had to concentrate on her competitions, not because they were no longer fond of one another. After signing her own photo and album hundreds of times, she texted Andrew and met him in front of Steinway's entrance. They had coffee and enjoyed chatting with each other after so long. Tiffany learned that Andrew was also an freelance artist now, finding gigs around the city. She also took note when he said that he was single and lived with a roommate. The more they talked, the more Tiffany could feel the sexual tension between them.

"I really liked your dress, Tiff. It's that one, isn't it?"

"Yes, and you haven't paid me back yet!"

"Oh, I will, I'll pay you what you deserve! But you have to let me do something!"


"Come to my apartment, and I'll show you."

Tiffany was a bit hesitant at first, but she agreed, and the sensation in her panties were now rising to a new level of moistness. She wanted Andrew but could not bring herself to say it. But she soon realized that the feeling was mutual. Once in Andrew's apartment, they started kissing one another. Andrew was a good kisser, and Tiffany opened her mouth wide for Andrew's tongue to do the exploring. They paused for a second, when Andrew turned on some Chopin nocturnes in the background. Tiffany touched Andrew's chest and felt for the firm muscles that she loved so well, and as she reached down, she could feel Andrew and felt that he was already stiff and large.

"I love you, Tiffany. I miss you so much. I just never had the chance to..."

"Shush," said Tiffany, and she pulled out Andrew's cock and started stroking it with her Liszt-trained fingers. She moved up and down skillfully, just as she practices her etudes, and soon Andrew was already on the edge, his pre-cum oozing out.

"Tiffany, I'm...I'm cumming!"

To Tiffany's surprise, Andrew pulled his cock away from her hands and cummed on her face, the first time he ever done so, as previously he would cum inside her or on her breasts. Tiffany could feel the hot, gooey cum sliding down her face, and seeing the satisfaction on Andrew's face, she thought that she quite liked getting a facial and wouldn't mind repeating today's experience.

"Thanks for letting me pay you back," said Andrew.

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