Alexa’s Playground

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Alexa Bliss or Bayley or Becky Lynch or Charlotte or Sasha Banks or any other former or current WWE women. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Alexa Bliss or Bayley or Becky Lynch or Charlotte or Sasha Banks or Asuka or any other former or current WWE women. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


Becky Lynch had a bad feeling about this. She had recently given birth to her daughter, and wanted nothing more than to be home with her, at least for a while. Sure, she wanted to come back to the WWE, but not this soon. But the company was desperate after the women on RAW and SmackDown started disappearing, and Becky wanted to find out what happened to her friends. However, the second she had agreed to come back, she had this feeling of foreboding. Like she was going to regret this decision, and it only got worse when she stepped foot into the arena, and slowly made her way to the locker room. God, along the way the male wrestlers, or members of the crew, gave her a worried look, and some of them even warned her that she shouldn't be here. And maybe, just maybe, she should have listened to them.

Instead she reached her destination, opened the door to the women's locker room, and then froze. On the outside it looked perfectly ordinary, but on the inside it was the set of the Firefly Funhouse, in which Bray Wyatt used to film all those creepy vignettes. Now he was gone it belonged to Alexa Bliss, who some speculated was responsible for disappearing all those women. Becky had never liked Alexa. In fact, she hated the bitch, as she took her very first WWE title from her, and had been a constant thorn in the side of her friends. But surely she wouldn't be capable of something like that? And yet, Becky's imagination ran wild as she slowly entered the room, shut the door behind her, and then started looking around the deserted room, hoping to find someone. Or something. Even if it was a creepy puppet.

"Hello?" Becky called out nervously, "Is anyone here?"

There was deafening silence for a few long seconds, and then a familiar voice echoed throughout the room, "Step into my parlour, said the spider to the fly, ha ha ha ha."

"Alexa! Where are you?" Becky looked around in confusion. Then the door to the fun house opened, seemingly on it's own, which in turn made Becky grumble, "Well that's creepy."

There was a long pause, before Alexa impatiently called out, "Come on Becky, walk through my front door, so I can slide through your back door, ha ha ha ha."

"That, that was a long time ago." Becky protested, trying and failing not to blush, and then holding her head high as she finally pointed out, "Now I'm The Man. Becky 2 Belts! Who one my two belts at the first ever women's main event of Wrestlemania, and then held the RAW women's title for over a year. The title that I never lost, and now, I'm here to claim what's mine."

"What you are, is a delusional bottom, in a company full of them. And the only reason you're here is to return your ass too it's rightful owner..." Alexa countered, this time without a pause. She then pulled her head around the door, showing off the ridiculous new look she had been sporting lately, and grinned wickedly, "Me!"

"I'm The Man!" Becky said firmly, psyching herself up for a fight.

"You're my anal bitch." Alexa growled, "You always have been, and you always will be."

"We'll see about that." Becky snapped, approaching her pray menacingly.

"Oh yes, we will." Alexa said in the same deadly serious tone she had been using since revealing herself, only to step back into the bubbly persona she had been using before that, "Ooooooooooh yesssssssss, come to me Becky. Come and play. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, let's have some fun together. Just like old times, ha ha ha ha!"

Which was obviously a trap, but Becky just couldn't resist taking the bait. After all, she had proven herself to be The Man time and time again, and if she didn't want to fall into bad habits she couldn't afford to let anyone speak to her like that, especially not little Alexa Bliss. Especially given that Alexa had turned her fortunes around before Becky had. So she stomped over to where the blonde was grinning at her, ready for a fight. Hell, she raised her fist, ready to strike the second she got through the door and looked in the direction which the little coward had disappeared too, only to find a long stretch of darkness. And if that wasn't enough, the door slammed behind her, and seemingly disappeared, leaving her alone in the dark.

"Whoa, oh, you're only smoke and mirrors." Becky called out tauntingly, softly singing the chorus to the theme song of a wrestler who was no longer with the WWE.

She sarcastically wondered what he was up too, and then concentrated on finding Alexa. Becky then repeated those song lyrics to herself over and over again, even though something very weird was going on, it was hard for her not to freak out. After all, she had been in this arena what felt like hundreds of times, and in turn been in the locker room pretty much every one of those times, and the room wasn't like this. But that was okay, because it was possible for someone simply knocked down a wall or two to create an effect. That was certainly more possible than a co-worker, or two, actually having magical powers and transporting her to some other realm of existence.

For better or for worse, there was a wall to Becky's left, that she was able to cling onto while walking through the darkness, and after a few steps she heard a faint sound straight ahead, indicating that she was heading in the right direction. She soon realized that the sound was coming from a creepy music box, but that was surely just more of the same, right? Alexa trying to scare her with a cheap trick? Same goes for when she found herself turning a corner to find the door with a words 'Alexa’s Playground' in big letters, then below that a small sign saying 'No Fiends'. And then below that 'Bitches Welcome', which naturally annoyed Becky, enough that she stomped over to the door, and try to open it, and to find it locked.

"Who is it?" Alexa sing-songed.

"You know who it is Alexa, now let me in." Becky snapped.

"That's my line." Alexa giggled, before dropping down into a serious tone and practically growling, "Little pig, little pig, let me in. 'Not by the hair on my chinny-chin chin.' Then I'll huff, and I'll puff and-"

"I'll blow your house down." Becky groaned, before pushing, "Now stop being creepy and open up."

There was a brief pause, then all of a sudden Alexa was back to the cheery act, as she chuckled, "Okay, but you better do the same thing when it's my turn."

Abruptly, the door swung open, almost causing Becky to fall on her face. Luckily she was just about able to right herself, before she did anything too embarrassing. Not counting covering her face and letting out an incoherent noise when she was presented with something truly strange, because really, who wouldn't under the circumstances? Not at Alexa sitting in some swing sets in a little playground, wearing overalls and a wide grin. Or even the light, which seemed blinding, even though it was sickly artificial, after stumbling around in the dark. No, most of all, Becky was taken aback by the wall being covered in arses. Like, literally. They were covering the wall, as if they were trophies, complete with names underneath them. She couldn't quite make them out yet, but she had a bad feeling about it.

"Oh look, mmmmmmmmm, it's my shiny new toy." Alexa licked her lips lustfully, before snapping back into her innocent persona and exclaiming, "Do you like what I've done with the place?"

"Alexa... what is all this?" Becky looked from wall-to-wall, trying to make sense of what she was seeing.

"Duh, there my trophies." Alexa said as if it should be obvious, her voice going down again, "They're the hot pieces of ass which I hunted and consumed for my pleasure. And now? Now they're mine. Forever and ever!"

There was long moment of silence, then Becky mumbled in disbelief, "The... the missing girls?"

"They're not missing, silly. They're mine!" Alexa laughed almost innocently, despite what she was saying, "I told you. They're here with me, forever. And now, so are you. Oh Becky, mmmmmmmm, we're going to have so much fun together. Oh yes, I'll play with you, and all my other toys, as much as I want. Forever, and ever, and ever."

Another pause, but Becky was still struggling to get her head around this, and then she questioned, "You... killed them?"

"No, of course not. What, do you think I'm crazy?" Alexa questioned, sounding really offended, "If anything, I'm giving them a lot more time than they'd otherwise have. Oh, who knows, if I played this right, it may be decades before they even start aging. Maybe even centuries. Mmmmmmmmm, imagine just how much fun we can have with all that time?"

Yet another pause, then Becky asked, "What are you talking about?"

"Here, I'll show you." Alexa said brightly, indicating for the other woman to follow her, "Come on, come on, ooooooooooh, get a close look at my trophies."

The blonde practically skipped over to the right side of the wall, and for better or for worse, the redhead blindly followed. And the closer she got, the more detail Becky could see. Like the fact that each of those arses were gaping open, like they had all been freshly fucked so hard they weren't even trying to close. And yes, each of the nameplates was that of one of the missing girls, including the once mighty Asuka, who's nameplate Alexa closed in on. Turning back to Becky with a wicked smile Alexa then pushed that wall, revealing that the trophy, and assumedly the other ones, could be flipped to reveal what was on the other side of it. In this case, revealing Asuka's head, and again her name underneath it.

It was the most grotesque thing Becky had ever seen in her life, and it only got worse as Alexa giggled wickedly, and then hit the side of that panel over and over again, causing it to spin. She did the same to some of the other panels around her, revealing the faces of Toni Storm, Rhea Ripley, Paige and other wrestling stars past and present, all with the same faraway look in their eyes, all reduced to nothing but trophies on Alexa's wall! Oh God! Becky was going to be sick. As in literally puke. Or at least, cry her eyes out. Or she would, when she got over her shock. Which she had to do pretty soon, if she was going to avoid the terrible fate which her friends and co-workers had suffered.

"You did it..." Becky said in disbelief, "You killed them."

"No, they're fine. I keep telling you. Watch this..." Alexa said brightly, and then she pressed her finger against Asuka's nose and literally said, "Boop!"

Suddenly Asuka came to life, literally gasping, and then smiling dreamily, before pleading, "Oh Mistress Alexa, mmmmmmmm, please fuck me. Fuck my slutty little ass! It's ready for you, oooooooooooh, ready for you to fuck. Always ready. Yessssssssssss, you're always ready for Asuka, and now my ass hole is always ready for you."

"I know sweetheart." Alexa chuckled, before turning to Becky, "See?"

Again another pause, then Becky exclaimed, "Where the fuck is her body?"

"What? You've never seen Dr Who?" Alexa questioned, before leaning in and pressing the back of her hand against the corner of her mouth like she was whispering a secret, and then hissed, "It's bigger on the inside!"

Alexa then laughed like she'd made a hilarious joke, which infuriated Becky, What, what the hell do you mean?"

"Exactly what it sounds like." Alexa rolled her eyes, "But if you want to be a basic bitch, think of Star Wars, and what happened to Hans Solo at the end of the second one. The only good one, that is, aside from the original. Anyway, think of it as frozen in carbonite. And in this case, it looks thin, but is actually plenty of room, and therefore her. Oh, check this out..."

Alexa then shoved her hand into the area besides Asuka's head, which completely disappeared, prompting Becky to exclaim, "What the fuck?"

"See." Alexa beamed, as Becky moved round trying to figure out where her hand had gone, "It's more spacious than it looks. Not too spacious, though. After all, she doesn't need much room. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, the mighty Asuka, who once terrorized us all, is now just a fuck hole I can use whenever I want. Isn't that right, Asuka?"

As she was speaking Alexa pulled her hand out of that panel, so she was standing proudly as Asuka's eyes lit up, and she happily replied, "Oh yes, Asuka is your fuck hole! Your anal bitch! Ooooooooooh, yes, yes, yes, a bottom. Mmmmmmmm, I am a bottom, Mistress Alexa. I'm your fucking bottom! Use me however you want."

"Well, if you insist." Alexa grinned wickedly, before clicking her fingers, causing the lights to go out briefly.

When they came back Alexa was wearing nothing but a strap-on and an evil smile, which caused Asuka to beg, "Oh yes! Yes, yes, yessssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck Asuka! Oh fuck, The Empress needs her ass fucked. Oh Please Mistress Alexa, please, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, MMMMMMMMMMMM, FUCK ME!"

Asuka cried out in pure pleasure as Mistress Alexa rammed every single inch of her big dick up her ass in one go. Even at her worst, Asuka would never have done such a thing, as not even the sluttyest of fuck holes could take that kind of abuse. But now her ass could, which was a perfect demonstration of what she had become, an embarrassingly loose anal whore. Oh yes, her life had become endless ass fucking. Literally! Back when she had been the butt buster, it felt like endless ass fucking, but in reality she had only fucked an ass maybe once, twice a day. There was still that amount of time in between getting her ass fucked, but the difference was, she couldn't remember it. No, one minute her Mistress Alexa was done with her, and the next thing she knew it was time for another butt fucking.

If Asuka was really, really lucky Mistress Alexa would take her time with her. Maybe even take her out of her cage, so she could fuck her ass in multiple positions. Oh yes, those were her favourite times. Especially as her ass would be entered nice and slowly, and she would get a gentle build-up to a hard butt pounding, so she could really savour every part of this. AKA, the same kind of treat that she would give her former bitches. But mostly she loved this, a dildo rammed up her rectum with very little warning, and then Mistress Alexa would fuck her hard and deep, pretty much right from the get-go. Well, she took a few long seconds to establish a rhythm, but after that, they were off to the races.

Sometimes this would be just for fun, and that would be to show off to someone. Like it was now, Asuka looking up at Becky Lynch with a light blush covering her face. The Man had personally handed The Empress the RAW women's title when she left. Asuka had won it fair and square, but it had been a symbolic passing of the torch, which had meant so much to the Japanese superstar. And rather than be the dominant champion that Becky had been, Asuka had become an anal loving disgrace, losing her title to Mistress Alexa, along with her body, mind, and even her soul. Now this was all the once unstoppable butt buster was, a point driven home as she begged for the privilege of cumming.

"Harder! Fuck me harder! Ooooooooooooooh, please Mistress, fuck me harder!" Asuka finally pleaded, when she just couldn't take it anymore, "Pound Asuka's booty! Ooooooooooooh yessssssssssss, pound it hard and deep! Please? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh pleassssssssssseeeeeeeeeee, mmmmmmmmmmmm fuck, wreck me! Wreck my whore ass and make me cum! Ruin my fucking butt! Oh please, oh please, oh pleasssssssseeeeeeeeeee, fuck me! Yesssssssssssssss, fuck me fuck me FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS, AH FUCK!"

For better or for worse, Asuka wasn't waiting long before she got exactly what she was begging for. At this point, it felt like her millionth orgasm in a row, and it was almost painful on her exhausted body because of it. But still, it was a gift of pleasure from her Mistress, and she couldn't turn it down. Literally. She had no choice, she was just a sex slave, something that Mistress Alexa proved as she effortlessly pounded the once undefeated Japanese woman through climax after climax, truly turning The Empress of Tomorrow into nothing but a fuck hole. Or more accurately, reminding her she was nothing but this woman's personal fuck hole, to use for her pleasure whenever she wanted. Just like every other woman in the WWE.

Alexa wasn't quite in the same state of arousal as her fuck toys, but she had been giddy with anticipation for the arrival of Becky Lynch, and seeing The Man fall so easily into her trap was incredibly exciting. Then there was the fact that she got to show Becky around her toy collection, and show off the once mighty Asuka was now nothing but a piece of ass hanging on her wall, just waiting to be fucked. Literally! All of that, combined with the other end of the harness bashing against her clit, and the sheer joy of butt fucking another female wrestler had her inevitably approaching orgasm. Something that she could have probably resisted if she wanted too, if only for a little longer, but the intensity was just so great.

Especially with those meaty cheeks jiggling against her thighs and Asuka's cries a pleasure echoing throughout the room, along with the smacking of flesh on flesh. Oh yes, this was the kind of pleasure which Alexa lived for, and why she had made her deal with the devil, giving her the power she needed to make sure that no one would ever top her again. That no one would ever be a threat to her again. That she would be able to top everyone and anyone she wanted too. And of course, there was the fact that she was so close to getting everything she wanted. Well, maybe after she had added a few celebrities to her collection. Maybe a model or two. Or just some sweet piece of ass she saw on the street.

But mostly this was it, and Alexa was grateful that Becky still wasn't smart enough to run for her ass hole. There was no way she was letting it get away, but The Man could at least make this a challenge. But no, she just stared dumbly the entire time at where Alexa was butt fucking her bitch, making this whole thing deliciously easy. And ironically, more than anything else, it was seeing the look on Becky Lynch's face, which was the thing which pushed Alexa over the edge of orgasm. Oh yes, that wonderful mixture of fear and arousal only made it crystal clear that before the end of the night, she would be adding Becky Lynch to her collection, by butt fucking her into submission. And she would make her beg for it. Beg to get her slutty little 'arse' fucked. Oh yes, this was going to be so sweet.

With that thought echoing in her head, and everything else, Alexa could have probably made herself cum a few times, if she had wanted too. However, she should really save her energy for what she had planned for Becky. If anything, one was too many. So without warning, she yanked her dildo out of that fuck hole and move back to admire her handiwork. Without needing to be told Asuka showed her the proper respect, hands appearing out of the wall to spread her cheeks nice and wide to give her Mistress and soon to be fellow fuck toy the best look at her gaping butt hole. Something Alexa really enjoyed watching for a few long seconds, before pushing that section back into the wall, causing the once mighty Asuka to be frozen in place, showing off her gape.

"Hey Becky..." Alexa chuckled, in the cheery tone that she had been using before, before her voice dropped back into a threatening one as she ordered, "Get down on your knees before your goddess."

Becky was hit with a wicked case of déjà vu. So much so it felt that there was literally a flash, and their surroundings changed to the SmackDown locker room, and suddenly Alexa seemed to be in her old attire, and the SmackDown's women's championship was over her shoulder. The championship she had first one from Becky all those years ago, and then after the match, Alexa had topped her. One of many, as she was only was too happy to regularly remind her. And just like back then, the redhead and helpless to do anything but fall to her knees and start sucking the blonde's cock. Only this time, she felt like she literally couldn't resist dropping to her knees.

Then Alexa smirked evilly, closed the short distance between them, pressed that ass flavoured cock against Becky's lips, and ordered in the same tone as before, "Good girl... now, suck it. Suck my cock."

Again, Becky got a case of déjà vu, but that was less because she felt like she literally flashed-back, and more because she had just sucked so much strap-on cock that this felt like second nature. Especially when that strap-on was flavoured with yummy arse cream. Oh yes, she moaned loudly and happily while getting to taste what just might be her favourite flavour in the entire world. Of course, if it had been her own butt cream, it would be even better, but it was so incredibly hot to be tasting Asuka's arse on a cock. Something which Becky savoured for a few long seconds, before beginning to bob her head up and down the dick, much to the delight of the tiny blonde.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, that's it Becky, suck it!" Alexa chuckled with delight, back to the cartoonish persona she had started out tonight with, sometimes kind of sounding childish, which was extra weird, given what they were doing, "Oooooooooooh yesssssssss, gobble up all that yummy butt cream, like the ATM slut you are! Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, get it all! Mmmmmmmm Gooooooooooodddddddddddd, get every single drop, by deep throating that big dick. Oh yes, good girl. That's a very good girl. But make sure you save room for seconds. And thirds, and fourths, mmmmmmmm, as much as you can take! Oh yes, great news Becks, you're in an all-you-can-eat buffet for girl butt. And believe me, mmmmmmmmm, I'm going to make sure you get your fill."

That last part made it clear that it was more a threat than the yummy treat which the rest of the words that made it sound like. However, to someone like Becky Lynch, it was definitely still a treat, no matter what the intention was. Oh yes, Becky had worked hard to turn herself into 'The Man'. The undeniable top star of the company. But even at her best, when she had been winning championships and actually topping other women for a change, she had still been eating arse. She got to do it on her terms, normally by giving another female wrestler a rim job before she bummed them. But there had been occasions where she sucked her own strap-on, longing for the days that she was a happy little bottom.

Indulging in her submissive side was the worst thing she could be doing right now, as she was clearly in very real danger. But, she just couldn't help herself. Asuka's ass just tasted so good, and just as instructed, she made sure to stuff every single inch of Alexa's big strap-on dick down her throat so that she got every drop of that precious liquid. Hell, she practically fucked her own throat, and she was just so lost in her own submission, something which unsurprisingly had Alexa cackling wickedly with delight again. Then suddenly she pulled away, and had the same reaction as Becky tried to chase the dildo, as she was just so lost in sucking strap-on cock, like the good old days.

"Easy there, tiger." Alexa again cackled with wicked delight, "I like a blow job as much as the next wrestler, this is only the introduction. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, I have so much more to show you, before I stick this big dick up your 'arse' and make you mine forever! So come on, oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, I have something extra special to show you."

"Ah fock!" Becky cried out, as Alexa grabbed hold of her hair roughly, then dragged her towards a couple of very familiar arses, and an empty spot, the names underneath them causing her to whimper softly, "Fock!"

"As you can see, I've nearly got the full set." Alexa beamed proudly, and then booping Becky on the nose, "Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, all I need, is you, and I'm all set, ha ha ha ha!"

"Fock..." Becky could only muster, "Fock..."

There, plain as day, were four very familiar names to the poor redhead. Namely, Bayley, Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch, complete with a Four Horse Women banner above them, meaning that the intention was for them to forever be linked, even while as mindless sex slaves. Although to see Bayley's big booty hanging there was the least surprising thing of the night. Sure, she'd had some success, especially when Becky was gone, but she'd always been an anal addicted bottom, fighting against her true nature. Same for Sasha, although she did better at hiding it. But Charlotte? Oh God, Alexa had actually got The Queen's fat ass hanging there, her back door gaping just as widely and deeply as the others.

It was something which Becky never, ever thought she would see, as even during The Man's rise to the top, she had been unable to get The Queen's anal cherry, despite defeating her a number of times. But Alexa had done it, and now the mighty Charlotte Flair was nothing but a trophy on a wall. God, Becky had spent so much time with her face buried in that arse she would know it anywhere. Same for the big butts of Bayley and Sasha, except she'd also seen them gaping open countless times. And filled with strap-on dildos, something which she expected she was about to see again. And sure enough, after letting The Man stare at her conquests for a few long seconds, maybe a full minute, Alexa started pulling them out one by one.

"Oh Horse Women, come out and play, ha ha ha ha. Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, show Becky what you've become." Alexa chuckled wickedly in the process, and then ordered, "No, tell her. Oooooooooooh yesssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, tell The Man what the mighty Horse Women have become. Look in her eyes, and tell her what she will be, when I'm done with her."

"Yes, Mistress Alexa." Bayley quickly replied and obeyed, "I'm your bitch! I'm your anal loving little bitch. Oh God, thank you for making me your bitch. Thank you for putting all of us in our place. Just like you're about to do to Becky. Oooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, I can't wait to watch The Man, become your anal bitch."

"Yes, Mistress Alexa." Sasha quickly replied and obeyed, "I'm your bitch! I'm your anal loving little bitch. Oh God, thank you for making me your bitch. Thank you for putting all of us in our place. Just like you're about to do to Becky. Oooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, I can't wait to watch The Man, become your anal bitch."

"Yes, Mistress Alexa." Charlotte quickly replied and obeyed, "I'm your bitch! I'm your anal loving little bitch. Oh God, thank you for making me your bitch. Thank you for putting all of us in our place. Just like you're about to do to Becky. Oooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, I can't wait to watch The Man, become your anal bitch."

Of all the creepy, and downright terrifying things, that Becky had seen tonight, this was by far the worst. Because not only did three of the best female wrestlers ever say those things, but at the same time, and with enthusiasm. The same enthusiasm they shared as they shamelessly looked Becky in the eye, while doing it. Because sure, she had heard these things from Bayley, Sasha, and many others before, but it had never been more believable. Like they really meant it. And Charlotte meant it too, which the redhead still couldn't wrap her head around. Something she was given a few long seconds to try, as the four horse women stared at each other and the room filled with Alexa's evil laughter.

After what felt like an eternity of that, Becky became vaguely aware of a throne appearing out of nowhere behind her friends/rivals. Alexa didn't exactly sit on it, so much as it's suddenly appeared, scooping up her legs, naturally placing her in the sitting position, with the cock, which had just pounded the butt of the once mighty Asuka, standing to attention. Bayley, Sasha and Charlotte shuffled backwards, so they were kneeling either side of the throne, a visual that Becky was allowed to stare at for a few long seconds, just to be crystal clear who was in charge. Yet another thing which was terrifying, and yet somehow arousing. Then Alexa's annoyingly childish voice broke through the silence, and gave the order that The Man had been anticipating.

"That was fun. Oooooooooooh, but I still don't think Becky gets it." Alexa chuckled, before ordering, "So, let's make it even more clear, shall we? Oh yes, Sasha, get on my cock. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, I want The Boss to ride me with her slutty little ass, followed by The Role Model, and then The Queen. Maybe then The Man will realize every ass in the WWE now belongs to me, including hers."

"Yes, Mistress Alexa." Sasha quickly replied and obeyed.

Sasha quickly crawled onto the lap of her Mistress, positioned her slutty little butt hole over the head of that strap-on, and then forcefully pushed herself downwards, getting maybe half of the dildo into her butt with that first thrust. Which of course, had her crying out and then whimpering in pure pleasure. She then let out similar sounds, as she began pushing herself down, down, down, until she was sitting on Mistress Alexa's lap, with every inch of that big dick buried in her bowels. It was one of the many things that Sasha lived for, so she allowed herself a few long seconds to savour that wonderful moment. Although to be fair, it was something that she knew superior women, like her current owner, very much enjoyed.

Of course, it wasn't long before she was bouncing her butt up and down like the shameless little anal whore she had been ever since losing her back door cherry to Charlotte Flair all those years ago. Although she tried to deny it at the time, and definitely deny to it after, that was the one the best moments of her life. Sasha had certainly never cum harder or more frequently than that night, apart from of course, when she was broken by Mistress Alexa. In fact, both those nights had a lot in common, given that she had been brutally sodomized in front of her fellow female wrestlers, slowly turning from reluctant defeated opponent to needy little anal slut, willing to do anything for another anally induced orgasm.

The big difference was, Mistress Alexa had done what no one else could do, including Becky Lynch. Oh yes, all those other times, Sasha had been able to crawl her way back to the person she was before getting her ass stretched. And there had been a lot of people to use her ass, because despite being one of the best wrestlers of her generation, Sasha had a nasty habit of choking when it mattered most. God, she had lost so many big matches when her ass had been literally on the line, and she still hadn't been able to make peace with the fact that she was meant to be nothing but a butt slut. Thankfully, a real woman had finally put her in her place, along with everyone else in the division, with Becky the only piece of ass truly missing from her collection.

Knowing how important it was to Mistress Alexa that she get that final peace, Sasha did her best not to get lost in her own pleasure, and put on a show for their guest. She'd made sure to keep her back to Becky, so she could watch that shit hole being widely stretched around the huge cock inside it, and those well-rounded cheeks jiggling with every thrust. Which of course, Becky couldn't take her eyes off of, which in turn had Sasha grinning wickedly and triumphantly. It also had her providing verbal encouragement to Becky, and more importantly, using that moment as an opportunity to completely devote herself to the woman who had finally conquered her once and for all, and turned her into the shameless butt slut she was always meant to be.

"That's enough, get off and give Bayley a turn." Alexa suddenly ordered.

"Yes, Mistress Alexa." Bayley quickly replied.

"Yes, Mistress Alexa." Sasha whimpered softly, and reluctantly obeyed, earning her a hard slap to her booty.

"Not fast enough, bitch!" Alexa growled, "Just for that, Bayley will be the one to clean my cock."

"Oooooooooh, thank you, Mistress Alexa." Bayley quickly replied and obeyed.

"And be quick about it." Alexa grumbled.

"Yes, Mistress Alexa." Bayley replied apologetically, and then finally got to obey.

Bayley then moaned as she finally got to wrap her lips around the head of that big dick, and taste the deepest part of Sasha's booty. Which was a very familiar flavour to her, but she never got tired of it, and she never would. Admittedly, that was because she was a total ATM whore, but there was always something special about Sasha's ass, because of their close connection. Of course, as much as she would have loved to savour that flavour, she had her orders, and instead quickly pushed her mouth all the way down the dildo, and then bobbed her head up and down it a few times, just to make sure she got every drop of that precious butt cream. Then she quickly jumped up, positioned her own fat booty above that weapon of ass destruction, and slammed herself downwards, pretty much burying every inch inside her in one hard thrust.

Then and only then did she allow herself a few long seconds to savour the moment, as this was the feeling of having her big fat ass stretched out by a superior woman's strap-on, AKA, her purpose in life. Oh yes, while Sasha had been fighting her fate, Bayley had spent most of her WWE career being a shameless little anal loving bottom. In fact, she had pretty much right from the moment she first showed up on NXT, to the moment she had been enslaved by Mistress Alexa. Hell, even during her long reign as the SmackDown women's champion, and her time as a double champion, she had been bending over for superior women. Or taking it up the ass in whatever position they wanted her in, like this one.

While there was always something special about bending over like a little bitch, her fat ass in the air to be used for the pleasure of the better woman, Bayley had to admit, there was something thrilling about having to sodomize herself on a big strap-on dildo. She was technically in control, but not, because at any moment, her top could smack her fat ass, and order her to speed up or slow down, and she would obey, leaving her nothing but a puppet on a string. Again, simply a plaything for a superior woman to enjoy. And yet, she was given the opportunity to please her Mistress with her work. And oh God, Bayley desperately wanted to please Mistress Alexa.

Knowing that meant putting on the best show for Becky she possibly could, Bayley was constantly looking back and forth between the faces of her owner and The Man. She'd never been physically close with Becky, mostly because they had both been anal loving bottoms, used by superior women like Charlotte, Sasha and especially Mistress Alexa, rather than each other. Although, given the look on the face of her target, it looked like she was very much succeeding. Especially because while Sasha had a cute little bubble butt, it had nowhere close to the jiggle of Bayley's big booty. Oh yes, many women said it was hypnotic, and The Man definitely seemed to be under her spell right now. Or at least, that of their former, current and future top.

"Now, swap with Charlotte." Alexa suddenly ordered, smacking Bayley's big booty to emphasize her words, "Quickly, now."

"Yes, Mistress Alexa." Bayley quickly replied and obeyed.

"Yes, Mistress Alexa." Charlotte quickly replied and obeyed.

"Oh, and Charlotte, suck my dick." Alexa ordered gleefully, "Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, I want The Queen to prove that she's now The Queen of Ass To Mouth."

"Yes, Mistress Alexa." Charlotte quickly replied and obeyed, wrapping her lips around the head of that cock and moaning loudly and happily.

Charlotte didn't mean to rub it in, even though Bayley was probably disappointed that she been good, immediately stopping and pulling her big booty off that dick. She also didn't intend on displeasing her Mistress, when she had made it clear that she wanted her cock suckers to hurry it up. But she just couldn't help it. Unlike everybody else here, she had hung to her anal cherry, and therefore remain dominant, not having to constantly go ass to mouth. Yes, she had handed out the occasional rim job. More than occasional, in fact. But it just wasn't the same as tasting the deepest part of another woman's bowels on a strap-on dildo. Or tasting her own, for that matter. And oh God, Bayley truly had one of the most delicious asses ever.

She had thought that in the past while gleefully eating it, but this was special. Especially because it was in front of Becky, formally Charlotte's favourite bitch, who had somehow turned into one of her greatest rivals. And right in front of that former bitch and rival, the once proud Alpha female bobbed her head up and down, slowly taking all of that shaft into her mouth, and down her now well-trained throat. Even worse, she was pulled up into a kiss by tiny little Alexa Bliss, the girl she used to bully in NXT, gleefully encouraging the horse women to pass the then Sparkle Princess back and forth like a piece of meat, and gave her constant double anal fuckings. Now it was the horse women receiving that from the former Sparkle Princess, Charlotte happily lining up her gaping ass hole with that big dick, and pushing downwards.

Again, she found herself crying out in pure pleasure from it on the twisted act, which still caused her to blush slowly, given how far she'd fallen. And again, who was watching this. However, the fact that she was getting kissed the entire time helped a lot. That, and the fact that her rectum was filling with dick. Which not so long ago had been her worst nightmare, but now? Now it was what she lived for. What she craved and needed above all else. Because don't get her wrong, Charlotte adored pleasing Mistress Alexa in any way that she could, but by far her favourite was to get her neglected little ass stuffed full of strap-on, and then brutally pounded until she was cumming like the anal bitch Mistress Alexa had turned her into.

This all seem to come naturally to the women surrounding her, even to Mistress Alexa. Not that she would say that out loud, but deep down her owner had to know it was true. That Alexa Bliss, Bayley, Sasha Banks and maybe especially Becky Lynch had big round asses, which were made to be fucked. But not Charlotte Flair. No, this was all so unnatural to her, and yet, The Goddess had succeeded where no one else had. Hell, she had taken The Queen's anal cherry, turning the greatest Alpha female in the history of the WWE into nothing but an anal whore, proving who was really worthy of that title. Something that was further proven once that big dick was slowly buried within Charlotte's bowels, and then the once proud top started eagerly bouncing up and down.

Becky couldn't believe what she was seeing, or hearing for that matter, as Alexa broke the kiss with Charlotte, allowing The Queen's moans, whimpers and cries a pleasure to echo throughout the room. Sounds of pleasure Charlotte was making, as she took it up the arse. Something that The Man had made peace with the fact that she would never, ever see. No matter how much she wanted too. Hell, she had wanted to be the one fucking that ass, but somehow Alexa Bliss, of all people, had achieved the seemingly impossible. What Becky had been so close to doing, but time and time again The Queen had not only slipped in between The Man's fingers, but she had turned the tables on her. Hell, even the night of her greatest victory, WM35, had ended with Charlotte bumming her, only for it now to be Charlotte being bummed.

Perhaps even more impressively than that, Alexa really did have three out of four horse women as her anal bitches, something she proved by constantly making them anally ride her for what felt like hours, constantly going ass to mouth in between, including Charlotte. Which had Becky's bum hole screaming at her to give it to Mistress Alexa. To spread her cheeks, and give her what was rightfully hers, so the woman who was living up to the nickname of The Goddess could finally have the full set. That finally the horse women could all be the anal bitches of a superior woman. But no! She had to resist, and put a stop to this madness. She just had to, no matter how tempting submission was.

"Hey Becky?" Alexa called out almost casually, and then when she was sure she had the other woman's attention, she ordered, "Suck my cock. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm fuck, wrap your pretty lips around my dick, and taste the Queen's 'arse', just like we all know you've always wanted too."

There was a brief pause, then Becky whimpered, "Okay..."

Because it was true, she had always wanted to taste Charlotte's arse this way. It wasn't exactly the way she wanted it to happen, but now the opportunity was right in front of her, she couldn't resist doing it. Especially when she loved it, just as much as she thought she would. Admittedly, Becky had been given the privilege of burying her face in between Charlotte's meaty cheeks plenty of times, but this was different. Oh yes, this was tasting the bowels of the most dominant woman in the history of the WWE. Or at least, who had seemed to be the most dominant before this night. Which of course, was a thought which had Becky moaning loudly, along with that taste. Something she got to savour for a few long minutes, before moving her head up and down until she was taking the full length.

Unsurprisingly, then Mistress Alexa had her broken anal fuck toys continue to take turns riding her strap-on, except making The Man sucking the strap-on in between each swap. Something which seemed very familiar, given how many times that Charlotte and other tops had made Becky suck something which had just defiled the big bottoms of Bayley and Sasha, and vice versa. Only this time, it was even better, because Charlotte's arse was in the mix, something that Becky didn't think she'd ever get tired of. Oh God, she was on the verge of breaking, and she hadn't even been fucked yet. Then of course, something else happened, which made The Man feel even more like submitting willingly.

"So, who's ready to cum like a bitch with a dick in their ass?" Alexa cackled gleefully.

"I am! Oh please, Mistress Alexa, fuck my ass!" Bayley quickly replied.

"Fuck me! Oh please, make me cum!" Sasha cried out about the same time.

"Yesssssssss, fuck me and make me cum, Mistress Alexa. Fuck me hard!" Charlotte pleaded, the slight hesitation meaning that she spoke last, meaning her words sounded deafening.

Which caused Alexa to cackle with delight, and then ordered, "Then prepared to be pounded."

"Yes, Mistress Alexa." Bayley quickly replied and obeyed.

"Yes, Mistress Alexa." Sasha quickly replied and obeyed.

"Yes, Mistress Alexa." Charlotte quickly replied and obeyed.

Alexa chuckled wickedly as she just admired the beautiful sight in front of her for a few long moments, before turning her attention to the so-called Man with a grin. She was fairly certain that if she ordered Becky to join the rest of the horse women, she would have, which was very, very tempting. Oh yes, Alexa had always wanted the horse women lined up all in a row, ready for her to use their asses for her pleasure, and she was so close to achieving that goal, she could taste it. But she'd rather have that for eternity, then a moment. Which was why she decided to finish with Becky's friends, before moving on to giving her full attention to The Man.

So after a brief pause, Alexa moved at an inhuman speed to bury the full length of her cock up Bayley's big fat ass, and then started pounding it as hard as she used too, pretty much right from the get go. Then she butt fucked the bitch even harder and faster, until she was a blur. Which was a combination of things which should have had Bayley crying out in agony, and begging for mercy. But of course, this was one of the biggest butt sluts in the history of the WWE, and one of her first and frequently used conquests. Both for her old self, and her new self. So not only did Bayley love every second of it, but the shameless anal whore was soon cumming hard and frequently. And even though she had somehow convinced everyone she was a top, despite her frequent losses, Sasha pretty much had the same reaction when it happened to her.

Poor Charlotte wasn't quite as lucky. No, she struggled to take such brutal treatment, crying out in pain, during each one of those stages, but especially during the hard and fast anal penetration, which buried the full length of that strap-on deep into her already ruined rectum. Although to be fair, Charlotte had been gaping deep and wide at the time, her back door and back passage so loose that there was more than a hint of pleasure within that cry. Which of course, turned into pure pleasure in less than a minute, and then just like before her, with Bayley and Sasha, the incredibly tall blonde's cum squirted violently out of her cunt, as Alexa Bliss once again made an example out of the horse women, while the others watched with extreme jealousy.

Of course, despite what she had become, Alexa couldn't resist cumming herself. The other end of the dildo hitting her clit, the sound and the feeling of the jiggling cheeks, the screams of pleasure, and the sheer joy of sodomizing the horse women was more than enough to make her cum. Especially with Charlotte, the woman who had bullied her the most out of the four. She was however able to push herself through those climaxes, to give each of those well-rounded bottoms the anal pounding they so richly deserved. Luckily, she was able to hide her exhaustion, by falling back onto her throne, presenting the once mighty Becky Lynch with a strap-on now thoroughly coated in the butt cream of the other three horse women.

"That was fun." Alexa chuckled wickedly, before focusing on her pray, "Wasn't that fun, Becky?"

"Ye, yes." Becky admitted softly.

"Glad you agree." Alexa cackled wickedly, before pushing, "Now be a good girl, and suck my cock. Then? Mmmmmmmmm, I'll shove this big dick up your big fat 'arse', and make you mine forever. No, mmmmmmmmmm, I'll butt fuck The Man, and remind her that she was always mine. Oh yes, ever since I first used that hole, it was mine, and you know it."

"Yes, Mistress Alexa." Becky whimpered pathetically, then did as she was told.

Becky was lost in a sea of submission, so although she whimpered pathetically when answering the question, there was no real hesitation. No, she just really wanted to taste the combination of asses, and as she guessed, instantly loved it. She had tried various different cocktails of butt cream, including her own combined with the arses of Sasha and Bayley, but honestly this was wonderful, making it another special moment for her. One which she was thankfully allowed to savour, as Mistress Alexa seemed content with just watching her for a few long minutes. It was probably to recover from what she had just been through. In fact, she was surprised just how quickly things switched to something else. Namely tiedown, bent over some kind of bondage device, so her Mistress could have her way with her.

She didn't really remember moving, or being tied up, or even when she removed her mouth from the dildo. In fact, it felt like one moment she was kneeling in front of Mistress Alexa, frantically deep throating that dick to get every drop of that arse, and suddenly she was helpless, her cheeks being spread by The Goddess, who was now standing behind her. And honestly, at this point, nothing would surprise her. Except for maybe the fact that Mistress Alexa didn't ram the entire length of her big dick inside Becky's backside the first chance she got. No, instead The Goddess was content with just admiring her prize for a few long seconds, spitting onto it, and then rubbing in that saliva with her tongue.

Which of course, resulted in Becky letting out a loud moan, followed by a whimper, which continued to be the case, for who knows how long, as the other woman gave her the best rim job ever. Which was really saying something, considering just how much time Alexa Bliss had spent eating her arse, and the arses of the other women in the company. It was hard to tell whether she had spent more time doing it as a top or bottom, but it didn't matter, it was perfect. Admittedly, The Man was wound up, and the teasing lasted a bit too long. But it all felt so good, it was hard to complain. Besides, eventually that tongue did start swirling around her back door, and even pushing inside it, getting all the way inside, despite it being years since Becky had been sodomized.

It felt way too long, Becky crying out joyfully as that tongue slipped through her back door, and then again when the tongue was replaced by a finger. Feeling that other object inside her arse was something like a wake-up call for The Man, though. It was a reminder that not only was she seemingly seconds away from an anal pounding, but being broken and turned into a mindless arse whore. Yet again. Just like apparently everyone else in the WWE. Her only chance was to make it clear that she didn't want this, and hopefully she would be given the chance to literally save her arse in a match. Or at the very least, make it clear that she didn't want this. The problem was, that after everything she'd just seen, she had never wanted anything more, and thus making her a ridiculously easy conquest for whatever Alexa Bliss had become.

"Bayley, Sasha, grab a cheek each, and spread them nice and wide." Alexa ordered with a happy chuckle, "Mmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, give me the ass hole of your fellow horse woman."

"Yes, Mistress Alexa." Bayley quickly replied and obeyed.

"Yes, Mistress Alexa." Sasha quickly replied and obeyed.

"As for you, Charlotte, stand in front of Becky, and spread your cheeks." Alexa added, before licking her lips hungrily and continuing, "Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, show The Man she really has no chance, by showing her the gaping shit hole of the previous Queen, Charlotte Flair. Yessssssssssss, show what's about to happen to her arse!"

""Yes, Mistress Alexa." Charlotte quickly replied and obeyed.

"Good bitches." Alexa chuckled wickedly, before pressing the tip of her big dick against Becky's back door. She then left it there for a few long seconds, while taunting her prey, "Awww, what's the matter, Bex? Nothing to say? Huh? I thought The Man was always running her mouth? Oh yes, we can consider it your last words, before you become a mindless anal whore forever."

There was a long pause in which Becky just whimpered, and then she mumbled, "Just get it over with."

"Awww, Becky, don't be like that..." Alexa pouted childishly, before grinning wickedly, "We both know that isn't what you want to say, and I can't give you what you want, until you say it."

Another long pause, then after what felt like an eternity, Becky literally wept, "Fuck me, Alexa. Fuck me arse! Bum me! Oh God, bum fuck me hard!"

"There, was that so hard?" Alexa questioned as she began to push forwards, briefly pausing as she pointed out, "Oh, an it's Mistress Alexa to you, silly. Remember? You should... you'll be calling me that forever."

Alexa chuckled wickedly, but didn't wait for Becky to reply properly. No, she was far too busy pressing the tip of her cock against Becky's back door and slowly pushing forwards. Oh yes, she pushed forwards and caused that bitch hole to slowly stretch wider, and wider, and wider, until the head of that dildo slid through that forbidden hole and into the other woman's ass. Something she could have probably done in just one hard thrust, given how well used this bitch hole was back in the day. But no, Alexa wanted to savour every precious moment of this, and increase the chances of breaking the self-proclaimed Man. And apparently she made the right choice, given The Man's reaction.

Honestly Alexa had almost forgotten what a cry of pain sounded like, and she certainly wasn't expecting it from Becky Lynch of all people, while getting anally penetrated. Not so long ago, Becky Lynch knew that the reason for her existence was to take it up her big fat ass. God, it truly broke Alexa's hard to see that an ass this fuck-able had gone so long without being given what it deserved. What it needed. What it craved. It was a tragedy of epic proportions, but luckily The Goddess would make sure that The Man's big booty got everything it deserved, and more. That just like all the fuck holes surrounding them it would never, ever close again, and forever be ready for it's owner to use it for her pleasure.

With that in mind, Alexa avoided the temptation to taunt her prey, at least for now, in favour of the all important task of getting every inch of that cock into Becky's butt as quickly as possible, without hurting the poor little butt slut. Admittedly she also did it so she could watch inch after inch of dildo sliding into another woman's ass hole, AKA, one of Alexa's favourite things in the whole entire world. And this one was special. In fact, butt fucking Becky Lynch would always be special to her. This time especially, because it meant completing her collection, and turning the most important women in wrestling history into her anal loving lesbian slaves. Or at least, her favourites from the most recent history.

It was also special, because Becky Lynch was her first conquest on the main roster. Oh yes, suddenly Alexa was transported back to that all important SmackDown taping where she had topped this bitch for the first time, and turned her into her bitch. As in, their surroundings literally changed, and suddenly they were both in their late 2016 attire, in the SmackDown locker room after the show. The difference being, instead of being alone, the rest of the horse women were there, smiling lovingly at their Mistress. As it always should've been. Oh yes, that might have been special, Alexa gaining her first bitch, but at that point, everybody should have already been hers. Well, at least now she had finally put things right, and putting the horse women in their rightful places.

Becky had been vaguely remembering the same thing. After all, SmackDown in late 2016 was another false dawn for her, because as the first ever SmackDown women's champion, she had managed to go a couple of months without a butt fucking, only to bend over for Alexa Bliss, who at the time, was one of the biggest bottoms ever. Alexa had certainly done nothing but bottom in NXT, and yet there she was, spreading her cheeks. God, it hadn't even been after losing the title. No, it was in the build up to that PPV, where The Goddess had cornered her, slapped her across the face and demanded she bend over. And she did. Oh God, she just couldn't help it., she gave up her arse, and, spent months being this bitch's bitch.

Just like she wanted to be now. Oh yes, it was incredibly shameful, but already Becky was enjoying herself way too much, to the point where she was actually getting off on the pain she felt from getting her arse once against stretched, just like the 'good old days'. Like SmackDown, late 2016. Which she could swear she was back in right now. It had to be some kind of illusion, but it was like she was receiving that right now, except with Charlotte's gaping ass hole in front of her, while Sasha and Bayley continued spreading her cheeks for their Mistress. Which should've been scary, but it only made Becky hotter. Especially once the full length of the dildo was buried in her bowels, meaning that whatever pain she felt was already a thing of the past.

Something which of course, Alexa was in too happy to take advantage of, clapping her hands excitedly as she exclaimed, "Yay Becky! You did it! 12 inches of dick, right up your ass! I knew you could do it, we all did. Ooooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, we all knew that Butt Slut Becky would make her triumphant return, as soon as her slutty little 'arse' got its first taste of cock in what, months? Years? Oh God, you poor thing. Mmmmmmmmmm fuck, to think of an ass whore of your calibre going without is truly heartbreaking. Well, don't worry, Butt Slut Becky is back, and trust me, she's here to stay. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, I'm gonna feed this cock hungry ass real good. Make you sorry you ever left the WWE, mmmmmmmmm, and forgot that this was your rightful place all along."

As she was talking, Alexa slowly began pulling her dick out of Becky's bottom, and thus causing The Man to whimper pathetically. She knew it was the only way she could get bummed, but in moments like this, Becky didn't want a single inch of that big dick to leave her. No, she wanted it to be inside her forever. However, was totally worth it for the feeling of returning. Oh yes, the blonde suddenly thrust back into the redhead, burying all those inches back in, and causing her former and perhaps current and future bitch to cry out with a mixture of pain and pleasure, but mostly pleasure. And of course, Alexa gleefully repeated the process, cackling wickedly the entire time, or providing more verbal encouragement.

Especially when those cries became of pure pleasure, the Wrestlemania Main Eventer and maybe the most 'over' female wrestler of all time turning back into the submissive little anal whore she had been, before catching fire in 2019. And in that moment, Becky wondered why she tried to be anything else. How could anything compared to this? Even as her surroundings seemed to shift, so instead of TLC 2016 it was Summer Slam 2018, and then later in the centre of the ring, surrounded by fans, at Wrestlemania 35. True, deep down she knew what she was seeing was some kind of illusion, but by that point Becky didn't care. All that mattered, was that Becky was back to being the butt slut she was always meant to be, and taking it up the arse for a superior woman.

"Charlotte, come here." Alexa suddenly ordered, quickly adding, "You're the only one who has actually been in love with Becky, and still is, so you can be the first to taste her butt."

""Yes, Mistress Alexa." Charlotte quickly replied and obeyed.

The bitch then pulled that dick out of Becky's bum, and shoved it into Charlotte's mouth, causing the once mighty double champion to whimper pathetically. She immediately regretted referring to Mistress Alexa as a bitch, when the superior woman deserved so much more respect, but still, Becky was heartbroken that the dick had been pulled out of her arse, when she needed it so badly. Oh God, she needed it to return, and while she knew it inevitably would, she also knew that this was the beginning of something frustrating. And sure enough, it was. Namely, Mistress Alexa constantly feeding the other horse women Becky's butt cream. And even the women surrounding them. But, not Becky, never poor Becky.

Poor Becky was constantly teased, as Bayley, Sasha, Charlotte, and the whole room of trophies were moaning like the happy little ass to mouth whores they were. Which of course, was a classic move in the WWE women's locker room. One which Becky had used before, but also one which had been used on her far more frequently. And she knew what she would have to do to get that butt cream, and more importantly, the privilege of cumming like the little anal slut she was. She would not only have to beg for it, but promise to be Mistress Alexa's anal bitch forever. And the last part wouldn't just be words this time, which was the only reason she hesitated as long as she did. But, of course, ultimately it became too much for the poor little anal slut.

"Make me yours, Mistress Alexa! I want to be yours!" Becky cried out desperately, when she just couldn't take it anymore, "Fuck me hard, and make me yours! Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssssssss, make me your bitch! Your little anal bitch! Oooooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ah fook, I wanna be your bum whore, your arse slut, mmmmmmmmmm, your fucking anal loving bitch, forever! Just like everyone else. Just please, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, please, please, pleassssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee, make me cum! Please, Mistress Alexa, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yesssssssssssss, make me cum, oh yes, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS, WRECK ME FOOKING ARSE! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDD!"

As she was humiliating herself, Becky suddenly became aware of no longer being tied up, and without those restraints she was only too happy to start bouncing her booty back against the dildo reminding her arse what it's true purpose was. Something that Mistress Alexa had done a wonderful job of all night, but especially when it came to the hard anal pounding. Oh yes, it was crystal clear that her big booty was made for fucking, and she was never meant to be anything but someone's anal loving bitch. Something Becky hoped that her fellow competitors could find it in their hearts to forgive her for forgetting it. Or at least, Mistress Alexa, who's opinion mattered the most, as the new Alpha female of the entire WWE.

Luckily for the woman who laughably once called herself The Man, as if she was ever worthy of being an Alpha female, she was clearly somewhat forgiven by Mistress Alexa, who gave her the rectum wrecking of a lifetime. So much so, that Becky was certain it was the hardest anal pounding she'd ever received. One which might literally ruin her arse. Which of course was totally worth it, just for the ecstasy she was feeling before she came. Then orgasm after orgasm started rocking her body, solidifying her as the anal bitch of Alexa Bliss. Just like she always should have been, and just like she would be from now on. Just like everybody else on the roster, Becky thought with a blissfully happy smile, as she lost the ability to think.

Alexa had an equally blissful smile on her face, pun intended. Finally, she had everything she wanted. Everyone she wanted. Every single woman in the WWE was now her anal loving lesbian bitch. Her property. Her trophy. Oh yes, she'd made sure to turn each of her trophies around, while shoving her dick fresh from Becky Lynch's bowels into their mouths and then kept them looking at her while she finally completed her collection. It was by far the proudest moment of her life, beating any title win, or even enslaving Charlotte Flair. After all, it was the one thing no other woman was able to truly achieve, total dominance over the entire roster. Sure, some had come close, but there was always those plotting against them. But now? Now, everyone was united within her playground, as nothing but things for her to play with.

Naturally, with such a happy thought echoing in her mind, Alexa just couldn't resist cumming herself. Especially not with the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit, those meaty cheeks jiggling against her thighs, and the sheer joy of sodomizing another woman into submission, and thus completing her collection. It was completing her collection which was the most important part, but the fact that it was Becky Lynch definitely made this moment special. Oh yes, after everything that she had been through, Alexa was glad she ended up enslaving Becky last. It just made this moments so much more wonderful. And made her cum that much harder, and more frequently.


Her voice became increasingly inhuman, and she could feel her face changing to as what was inside of her, or whatever she had become, broke through for that moment. Although she not only let it, but thanked it for doing so. She would do anything, just for another second of the ecstasy she was receiving right now. Hell, she do it just to ensure Becky came again, as it further solidified her dominance over the entire women's division. Just as it always should've been. Oh yes, Alexa had managed to carve out quite the career as a top, one that anyone would be proud of. But it wasn't enough. She still found herself being beaten by Charlotte Flair, Rhonda Rousey, and then somehow Bayley. Bottoming to fucking Bayley had been her lowest moment, but it was worth it, as it motivated her to become what she was always meant to be.

Sadly, even with all her enhanced abilities, she couldn't go on like this forever. However, on the bright side, it felt like she spent hours brutalizing Becky Lynch's big fat ass, brutally smacking those cheeks bright red, roughly pulling on that long red hair, and continuing to spit abuse at her the entire time, to the point where she couldn't even understand it. Hell, at one point Alexa even lifted the taller and more muscular woman into the air, like she weighed nothing, and then moved her up and down her dick like a ragdoll. Which was pretty much what Becky became. Oh yes, after who knows how many climaxes, the former double champion and Alpha female became completely limp in her arms, at which point Alexa threw her to the ground like the used up fuck hole she was, and then looked down her nose at her latest conquest.

As she stared down at Becky Lynch's broken body, her shit hole gaping so wide and deep that she could see deep into her bowels, with no sign of it healing itself anytime soon, Alexa could feel herself slowly returning to normal. Or at least, as normal as she got nowadays. In fact, she was very close to The Goddess she had been during her first run as a top, right down to the evil smirk that crossed her face when admiring her handiwork. Especially when, without needing to be asked, Becky slowly pushed her ass up into the air, reached back and spread her cheeks, providing an even better look at that gape. She then said the words that Alexa had been waiting to hear from her, without a dick in her ass.

"I'm yours, Mistress Alexa." Becky whimpered softly, "I'm your bitch. Your anal loving bitch. Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, I'm all yours. Forever."

"Yes, you're all mine, forever. Isn't that right, girls?" Alexa chuckled wickedly, and then when there was agreement from her trophies. She then ordered, "Good girls. Now, I want the horse women to show themselves off to everyone else, and then get back to where you belong. Mmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, show everyone your gapes, and then I'll put you back in the trophy case, where Becky can suck my cock."

"Yes, Mistress Alexa." Becky quickly replied and obeyed.

"Yes, Mistress Alexa." Sasha quickly replied and obeyed.

"Yes, Mistress Alexa." Bayley quickly replied and obeyed.

"Yes, Mistress Alexa." Charlotte quickly replied and obeyed.

It took a while for them to get around, and they didn't go together, so there was a little confusion about who was saying what, which was adorable, really. Admittedly, Alexa was the only one who was laughing, but it was only her happiness which really mattered now. And hey, even while they were a little confused and unsure of themselves, she could clearly tell, the once mighty horse women had fun debasing themselves, before lining up in their proper places, waiting to be put back in the wall. Something Alexa was only too happy to do quickly with Bayley, Sasha, and even Charlotte, before finally putting Becky in her place, once and for all. Oh yes, The Man was stuffed into the wall, so the only thing sticking out of it was her ruined bottom, before being turned around so she could clean that dick.

Through it all the former double champion and Alpha looked at her conqueror lovingly, clearly broken beyond repair, just like all the other trophies that Alexa had won. And the moment that Becky Lynch wrapped her lips around the cock which had just pummelled her bowels, while her head was nothing but a trophy on the wall, was truly the icing on the cake. One which Alexa enjoyed for a few long minutes, as she allowed Becky plenty of time to get every drop of that butt cream, and for everyone to enjoy the show. She even throat fucked her a little bit, just for good measure. Then she booped The Man on the nose, freezing her in place, so she truly became nothing but a trophy.

With a click of her fingers, the previous sentient heads went still, truly becoming nothing but head trophies. God, it was so beautiful to the twisted Goddess. A sight she savoured for a few long seconds, before clicking her fingers again, causing those panels to turn around, so once again her trophies were the gaping ass holes of all of her sex slaves, which to her was even better. She then kept changing them for what felt like hours, before turning to leave, content with her handiwork. Then at the last moment she turned back and pulled Becky out. Only it wasn't a fully grown woman she pulled out. No, it was a grotesque doll, similar to one she had as a child. Or at least, part of her had.

"I think I'll call you, Lily." Alexa giggled, before skipping away with her new toy.

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