The Camera Never Lies

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not believe that any of this information is in at all factual and is written for entertainment purposes. In addition, I neither make, nor expect, any monetary or physical compensation for this work.

“How do I know that the camera isn’t on?” Emma Watson said as she sat on the edge of the bed and leaned forward to look into the lens of the small camera that was pointed at her.  It’s power cord dropped loosely behind a computer whose monitors were powered down.

“The lights not on.  The light would be on if it was plugged in,” a man’s voice came from the other side of the room. 

“It looks like the light is broken,” she said, sticking her face directly in front of the camera.

“You’re stalling,” the man said.  “You only have to pretend that the camera is live.”

“I don’t know if I can do this,” she began to stand up to leave.

“You lost the bet, Emma.  You agreed to this!” the voice stated firmly.

“I know, but this could ruin my career,” the starlet fidgeted on the bed and covered herself with her arms, even though she was still fully clothed.  She had just finished the Harry Potter series and was eager to develop her career as a respectable, adult actress.

“That could only happen if we really filmed this.  You’re only pretending to film a porno.  Just think of it as another acting job,”

“I’d feel better if I could see the other end of the camera cord,” she grumbled.

“Be honest, the tiny sense of doubt is part of the thrill, don’t you think?  The fact that it could be real is just enough of a turn on to make this worthwhile.  Otherwise, where’s the fun.”

Emma’s eyes followed the voice as it circled the room, not yet getting in line with the direction that the camera was pointing.  She wanted to protest, but she had to admit that her heart was racing, and that was turning her on.  Even though she knew that doing it would ruin her, part of her thrilled at the idea of showing herself off sexually. 

“Why don’t you start by taking off your clothes,” he continued

Hesitantly, Emma raised her hands to the buttons of her shirt and paused, still staring at the camera.  Slowly she began to undue the buttons, exposing her cleavage, but she kept the shirt clutched to her bosom.

“Go ahead, there’s no reason to be shy,” the masculine voice stated.  “It’s just the two of us.”

Emma forced a reluctant smile before slowly peeling her shirt over her shoulders, exposing a beige, utilitarian bra.  She glanced at the figure standing behind the camera nervously before reaching behind her to unclasp the garment.  She tensely let the bra fall away, revealing her full, perky breasts.

“Beautiful,” the male’s smile could be heard in his voice.  “Why don’t you show your fans those wonderful tits.”

Emma let out a brief, nervous laugh as he reminded her of the fantasy that they were playing out together.  She was supposedly providing a little fan service for her adoring public.  Her movements were still stiff and awkward as she put her hands under her boobs, lifting and jiggling them towards the powerless camera.  She bit her lip and stared at the lens.

“Nice, don’t forget to take off your pants.  Everyone wants to see your famous ass too.”

This time Emma actually laughed as she stood up and turned around, finally starting to get into the act.  She bent over the bed and wiggled her butt at the camera before unzipping her slacks and sliding them down her legs.  She kicked them off her feet and did a quick spin.  Her lacy pink panties were presented directly in front of the camera.  When she stopped, she stuck her fingers into the waistband and peeled her underpants down her legs.  When she stood back up, she revealed her lightly trimmed bush to the camera before falling back onto the bed.

“Are we done?” she asked in her English accent.

“Of course not, that’s hardly a decent porno movie.  You don’t really think that your fans would be content with just a little strip tease, do you?”  The voice circled behind the camera to the other side of the bedroom.  “Now, why don’t you spread those legs of yours nice and wide and show the camera your pretty little pussy.”

Emmy clutched her bare legs together for a minute, covering her breasts as she paused to think of a protest.  But after a nervous look at the camera, to make sure that the power light was still off, she relaxed and did as her director requested.  She leaned back and spread her legs wide.  The light glistened on the moisture that was already beginning to gather along her labia.  In addition, her nipples were growing hard on her perky breasts.

“It looks like you’re enjoying this.  You like showing yourself off, don’t you?” 

“Well, I am a star,” Emma actually giggled.  Obviously, as an actress she did revel in being the center of attention, but she had never been able to reveal the sexual thrill that she got from putting herself on display.

“I think you’re a horny little slut.”

“Maybe I am,” Emmy pinched her nipples and writhed on the bed, getting into her role as a porn star.

“I want you to tell us a story.  A story about the kinkiest thing that you’ve ever done.”  Emma froze at the suggestion, but after another glance at the dead power light on the camera she relaxed, realizing that it was only the two of them.

“I once had sex with an entire rock band,” she paused and rolled her eyes.  “God, if this ever got out, it would ruin me.”  Despite her erotic fantasies, she had worked hard to maintain a professional image as a strong, independent persona.

“I’m going to need all of the details,” the man urged the starlet to continue.  “But while you do, you’re going to play with your pussy.  I want you to make yourself cum while you tell your story.”

Emma giggled nervously again, but she spread her legs wide and slid her fingers over her slit.

“I was invited backstage at a Rock concert, I don’t even remember who it was, I was pretty drunk.” Her fingers pulled apart the folds of her vagina, and started caressing the sensitive inner flesh. 

“The guys were already naked when I got there and before I knew it, they had my clothes off too.”  Her breath began to grow hard and fast as her voice and her fingers sped up.

“I was kissing the drummer and before I realized it, I had his and the bassist’s cocks in my hands, so I began jerking them off.  It turns out that there was another groupie there, and she started sucking my tits.”  Emma’s finger slid into her cunt causing her to gasp as she began pumping vigorously.

“The next thing I knew, the bassist was behind me and the lead singer was in front of me.  The singer began fucking my pussy while the bassist shoved his dick in my ass.  The guitarist climbed on a table so I could suck his cock while… while the groupie continued to suck my tits.  They were slapping and bouncing my body between them.  I couldn’t help but be turned on by how they were thoroughly using me,” the starlet was now roughly vibrating her fingers against her clit.

“They all came in me.  Cum was dripping out of every one of my holes.  But they weren’t done yet.  Next… They flipped me over and… and they…  they….  Ooooooooo!” Emma’s mouth dropped open and her eyes rolled back in her head as she came hard.  Her body convulsing as her fingers continued driving the pleasure from her cunt.  After minutes of shaking and moaning intensity, she finally slowed to catch her breath.  She took another look at the camera, imagining that it had captured every moment of her pleasure.

“That was nice, did you like that?” the male voice asked.

“Yes I did,” Emma admitted.  Her fingers continued to gently caress her damp lips creating a subtle wet, fleshy rhythm.

“Are you a cum hungry whore?”

“Yes, I’m a cum hungry whore,” Emma said, getting into the role.  The man finally stepped in front of the camera.  He was already naked and his erect cock lined up perfectly with her face as she leaned forward on the edge of the bed.

“Show everyone what a good cock sucker you are,” the man ordered. 

Emma silently obeyed, taking the shaft in her hands and lifting it so she could lick its entire length.  Then she leaned forward to lick his balls while she stroked him.  Finally she raised her mouth to the head and slipped the dick between her lips.  The man pivoted his hips and turned the actress’s head to make sure that the dead camera had a clear view of her.  Her head bobbed down the length as more and more of the meat disappeared into her mouth and down her throat.  Soon the entire cock was shoved into her face and she held it there for a moment before she began to gag and was forced to pull back.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” the man asked.

“Oh yes!” Emma exclaimed, clearly aroused beyond control.

“Ask me for it.  Beg me.”

“Please sir, will you fuck me?”

“Where do you want me to fuck you?  How do you want it?”

“Please fuck my cunt.  Fuck my soaking wet cunt hard and fast.  Please!” Emma begged.

The man positioned Emma on all fours on the bed, facing the camera as he knelt behind her and slid into her wet pussy.   He grabbed her wrists and pulled them back like airplane wings, keeping her bent over, but arching her back to allow her breasts to sway freely with every movement.

Emma looked up, directly into the camera and imagined what the camera would have been seeing if it had been on.  Her face would be filling the screen, revealing every reaction as the cock slid into her throbbing slit.  Her dangling tits swaying as her body jumped with every hard thrust against her ass.  The slap of flesh and the wet squish of her cunt accenting each fuck.  Her partner’s face would be above the camera line, so all of the attention would be on her as she moaned and quivered with the glorious sensations that were washing over her.

The idea of pretending to display herself sexually to an enormous audience was once again turning her on. It didn’t take long before her breath began to catch, her arched back tensed and she once again began moaning in an orgasm.  Her head shook, flopping her hair in the violence of the sensations that were shooting through her.  Her breasts heaved and her thighs shook as her partner continued to fuck her, holding her up to clearly display the reaction to the camera.

Even if it wasn’t true, the fantasy that everyone had just seen her orgasm, that the entire world now knew exactly how much she liked being displayed and used, that the prim British actress got off on being stuffed full of cock, that so many guys would have been jerking off to her sexual performance turned her on so much that she immediately came a second time.  This time she screamed as her body quivered on the cock that was still pumping into her cunt.

Once her orgasm subsided, he pulled out of her and flipped her over on her back, her head dropped back to dangle over the edge of the bed, still facing the camera.  Then he crawled forward and dropped his cock between her tits.  With a knowing grin, she pushed her full breasts together around his dick as he began thrusting.  His cock, still wet with her pussy juices, slid in and out her cleavage.

“Yeah Baby, fuck my tits.  Cum for me.  Cum all over your slutty whore,” Emma laughed.  After a few moments, her partner tensed up and groaned.  As Emma lifted her head to look, the head of his cock popped out from between her tits and blasted a load across her face.  String after string of semen crisscrossed her face.  Once the flow slowed to a light drizzle across her breasts, she dropped her head back to face the camera , licked some of the gooey jizz off her lips and made a contented moan.  The thick semen oozed across her famous features.

It was only after the couple’s activity settled to a relaxed state of recovery that she noticed a persistent buzzing noise.  At first she thought that her partner had activated some new toy, until she recognized that the sound was her own cell phone.  She rolled over and glanced at the screen as it lit up on the table across the room.  Even from across the room she could tell that it was displaying a whole list of alerts.  It appeared that her social media was going nuts.  For some reason, she was suddenly trending.

With a moment of panic, she spun back and stared into the camera with her cum covered face.  Then she turned and faced the naked man who continued to tower over her, just out of view of the camera.

“Congratulations Emma, you wanted to be an adult star.”

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