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This is a story that was inspired by a pic on one of the Def Leppard Yahoo fan groups. (the pic can be viewed on the site. href=""> (you will know which one it is when see see it!)

This is a fictional story and I in no way wish any harm to the band, their friends, wives, girlfriends or family. The band took no part in creating this fictional story

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Shipwrecked – Joe Short Smut Story Pt 1


Mandy woke up but didn’t open her eyes. She could feel the sun on her face. ‘Where am I?’ she thought.

She moved her hand and could feel sand beneath her fingertips. ‘Strange.’ She thought. She opened her eyes gingerly, squinting against the bright sunlight. She raised her head and tried to get her bearings. She was lying on a beach about 15 feet away from the waters edge. She tried to sit up, but found it quite difficult, she ached all over. She looked at her arms and legs and could see the bruises that had formed on them. Her dress was torn and battered.

She looked up and down the beach and could see debris on the beach and some still floating on the surface of the sea.

‘Oh shit, I remember now. The ship last night, well I presume it was last night.’ She could vaguely remember people running around panicking and they all became aware of the fact that the ship was actually sinking. Her last memory was of the ship’s bow tng ung upwards, she slipped and then waking up here. She became aware of the pain in her head as she gently ran her fingers over her scalp, through her long hair and found a lump at the back of her head. ‘So that explains it, I must of hit my head as I fell.’

She slowly stood up and looked around. She saw a champagne bottle and she realised how thirsty she was. She walked over to pick the bottle up, it was empty. At least it’s something to put water in if she found any. She was not far from the shelter of some trees. The sun was really hot so decided to take some shelter in their shade.

She had lost her shoes and could feel the hot sand on the soles of her feet as she walked towards the shade. She was so thirstye coe could still taste the saltiness of the sea in her mouth. Water, she must find something to drink.

She wandered through the trees, enjoying the coolness they provided after the heat of the suns rays. She was careful where she trod, so as to not hurt her bare feet. She wandered for what seemed like ages and became aware of a rushing noise, it sounded like running water or maybe a waterfall; she honed in on the sound and followed it. Before long she came to a small lake with a small waterfall on the other side. The scene was stunning. Just the sort of place to unwind the sort of place you wanted to visit to be alone. This made her think, was she alone? Was there any other survivors from the wreck, where in fact was she? Was this place inhabited? She suddenly felt a little scared.

She carefully approached the water knelt down and cupping her hands, started to drink, the water was cool, and tasted so good. She took the bottle, rinsed it in the water and filled it. Standing it carefully to one side. She looked around, there didn’t seem to be any sign of anyone or anything around. She decided to remove her clothes and take a swim to remove the salty residue from her skin. The water felt wonderful. She got out and sat in the sun for a little while drying off. When she was dry and got dressed and decided to carry on looking around. She would have to find shelter and some food before night closed in. She looked up to see where the sun was in the sky and estimated that it was about noonlang=EN-GB>, or not far off anyway.

She walked back towards the beach and decided to walk around that way, any sign of civilisation should be evident, she could also see if there were any other survivors that way, and not get lost walking through the forest.

After walking for about an hour, the coast turned right, like it was a peninsular, she followed it round; there were some rocks, which she climbed up so she could see what was on the other side.

She gasped at what she saw.

There was a rough wooden structure, just two pieces of wood, well branches really, in the ground, bent over so they met at the top and were tied together making an A frame. But what made her gasp was what was also tied to this A frame. She gingerly clambered down the rocks on the other side, and walked towards it.

It was a man. He had his eyes closed, looking away slightly. He had an almost innocent look on his face. She guessed he must be just over 6ft tall. The breeze was blowing his long hair gently away from his face. His hair was dark with blonde streaks in it. His hands were tied above his head and attached to the structure. He was totally naked.


Shipwrecked – Joe Short Smut Story Pt 2 (Adult)


‘Jesus.’ she thought ‘He is absolutely gorgeous!’ He had broad shoulders and a deep chest. Muscular but not too much and toned too. She was still a little away from him not sure what to do.

‘Lets try and think about this rationally’ she thought’ ‘OK, so I’m not alone here, not sure if that is good or bad, although looking at him, at the moment that looks good. But, there must be somebody else here; somebody had to have tied this man up, and why?’

Curiosity got the better of her, and she silently walked towards him. She stood the champagne bottle down carefully so that it would not fall over. Her eyes appraising his body, she could easily see the muscle tone of this incredible body, the corded muscles of his arms, chest and shoulders by having his arms stretched above his head. She looked at his face, she vaguely remembered him aboard ship. She saw him once, not long after they set sail, she knew he was one of the first class passengers, but didn’t know anything else about him.

She walked around the back of him; she couldn’t help but run her fingers across his back, he had a perfectly formed tight arse, exaggerated a little as the way he had been tied up only had him standing on the balls of his feel, she admired the tone of his long muscular legs. She revelled in the feeling his soft skin beneath her fingertips. She walked around to face him again, her fingers never leaving his flesh.

With her other hand she brushed his fringe lightly away from his eyes. He slowly opened them to look at her. They were the most amazing green eyes she had ever seen. His gaze was one of hope, and of distrust all at the same time. She held his gaze for a moment. Not sure what to do. He returned her gaze and saw fear in her eyes, but something else too. Desire? ‘Could be.’ He thought

Neither of them said anything. Not even sure they spoke the same language. Her fingertips were still touching his skin.

Using both her hands she gently ran her fingers though the hairs on his chest and up to his shoulders. She felt him tense under her touch. She ran her nails down his sides across his ribs, hard enough to leave light red lines, but not too hard to hurt. She felt him shudder.

She heard the branches creak a little as he struggled to release his hands from their bindings. She stopped for a moment, looking back in to his eyes; they were pleading with her. Still neither of them spoke.

She ran her hands back across his chest, teasing his nipples with her fingertips, pinching gently, he closed his eyes and moaned at the sensations she was causing in him. She leaned forward taking one of his nipples between her lips and suck on it gently, she ran her tongue across it, and it went hard instantly. It had a salty taste still from being in the sea. She sucked on it harder, nipping at it with her teeth causing him to emit a deep groan from his throat.

She released the nipple and worked her way across to the other one to give it the same treatment, her hands caressing the skin of his flat toned stomach, sides and back. She released the nipple and stood back a moment; she could see his rather impressive arousal which made her smile. She looked up into his face the see him staring at her, the emotion in his eyes had changed to one of lust and an unsaid need. His eyes had turned a darker shade of green, almost emerald in colour.

She approached him again, this time she stood on tiptoe, steadying herself by putting her hands on his shoulders. She brushed her lips against his. They were softer than she expected from being in the sun. She kissed him. He returned the kiss, lowering his head towards her. His tongue begging for entry in to her hot warm mouth. She parted her lips to gain him entry. His tongue darted into her mouth. His tongue was quite dry, he must be thirsty. He kissed her hungrily almost as if he was trying to drink from her.

She broke the kiss and stood back again. She turned and walked away from him.

‘No!’ he croaked. His throat dry.

She turned at looked at him raising an eyebrow. Well, he speaks English, that’s something she thought.

She turned away from him and walked over to where she had put the bottle, picked it up and walked back to him.

‘Thirsty?’ she asked

He just nodded at her.

She lifted the bottle to his lips and tilted it gently and let him drink. He had is eyes closed and she watched his throat as he swallowed the liquid.

She tilted the bottle back down again removing it from his mouth. He licked his lips.

‘Thank you.’ He said and smiled at her. It was the most amazingly sexy smile she had ever seen on a man, it easily reached his eyes and showed a dimple on his left cheek.

She looked at him, not sure what to do next. Although she herself was quite tall, this man was easily stronger than her. She wandered why he was tied up like this. She put the bottle down near the base of the frame.

‘Would you please untie me?’ he asked.

He had an English accent, lang=EN-GB>Yorkshire by the sounds of it she thought. ‘What do I do’ she continued her thoughts ‘I have almost tried to seduce a total stranger who is, I might add, is a most stunning specimen of maleness I have ever seen, what would his reaction be if I did let him down? He didn’t seem at all perturbed at the fact he was naked in front of herstyle='color:blue'>; he certainly didn’t come across as somebody that was shy about how they looked.’

‘Why are you tied up in the first place?’

‘I don’t know. When I came to this is where I was.’

She placed her hand on his face, cupping his right cheek in her palm. Her touch was soft on his face. He turned his head and kissed it gently. She was running her other hand over his chest again; she liked the feel of him against her fingertips. She wondered how he would feel against her skin, his hands exploring her body, the thought of his impressive cock inside her, making love to her. Her heart rate increased as she thought about this, the familiar hot liquid feeling in her lower bellystyle='color:blue'>; she was getting wet just thinking about this and he hadn’t even touched her.

She slid her left hand from his cheek round and ran her fingers through his hair; she pulled his head down and kissed him again. A deep passionate kiss, their tongues duelling exploring every inch of each others mouths. Both moaning, both their breathing was becoming ragged.

‘Ye gods,’ she thought, ‘if he kisses like this what on earth was he like making love?’

She broke the kiss slowly, gently nipping at his bottom lip before pulling away from him. She let her hands slide down his chest and around his sides, slowly moving down to his hips.

‘Please untie me’ he asked again in a deep husky voice.

‘Not sure if I should? I don’t know why you were tied up to start with.’

He looked at her.

‘How do I know you won’t hurt me?’

‘I can only give you my word that I have no intention of harming you.’

The expression on his face was soft, not intimidating in anyway.

She considered letting him down, but should she tease him some more? She liked that wicked thought; he couldn’t do anything about it. He was totally helpless.

She approached him again, kissing this chest working her way across his shoulders; kissing, gentle nips on his corded muscles that made him gasp, then light feathery brushes of her tongue to sooth. She worked her way down his chest, paying particular attention to his nipples and stomach in a similar fashion, all the while her hands roaming his torso.

He watched every move that she made. She was torturing him, and didn’t know why. He found the whscenscene totally erotic, he felt like he was going to explode any moment. He wanted to touch her, taste her. Fuck her so hard that she would scream his name has she came. But did she know his name? She hadn’t asked what it was and she gave no indication of knowing who he was. He didn’t know her name either.

‘What’s your name?’ he asked still watching her tease his flesh.

‘Mandy.’ She said simply, carrying on her assault of him. ‘Yours?’ She asked, giving him another gentle nip.

He gasped again at the feel of her teeth on him,’ he said eventually.

She was down as far has is navel, her hair brushing against his now almost painful erection. Her hands were sliding down his thighs. She knelt down in front of him, he watched her intently, not saying anything for the moment, wondering if she was going to do what he thought or hoped she would do. She didn’t look up at him, instead watched her hands as they gently caressed the inside of his thighs stopping just short of his scrotum and working them back down again.

She wondered what he would taste like, how he would feel in her mouth. He was certainly the largest man she had ever come across; but then she didn’t have a great deal of experience to go on. Even so, she instinctively knew he was well above average.

She slid her hands up the insides of his thighs, this time she gently took his balls in both her hands and felt him shudder; she carefully massaged them slipping them through her fingers. She lent forward and laid light kisses on them, then light brushes of her tongue. She took one of them in her mouth, sucking on it gently, rolling around her mouth with her tongue.

He groaned at the sensation and threw his head back.

She released it and gave the other one similar treatment, slowly; she knew she was teasing him, pushing further towards the edge. She didn’t know why she was doing this, but she wasn’t about to stop now.

She did stop what she was doing for a second and looked up at him. His breathing was hard and ragged. He slowly looked down at her, his gaze almost burning her soul with desire.

She licked her lips, and broke her eye contact with him. Turning her attention back to what she was planning to next.

She started at he base of his shaft, again, kissing and nipping him with her teeth, she felt his legs tense at this action. She slowly and deliberately worked her way to its tip. She held him in one hand bringing him down to meet her mouth. She flicked her tongue across its tip, the action almost making him jump. She licked the slightly salty pre-cum from him before taking him in her mouth.

‘Fucking hell!’ he cried

She felt his whole body shake as she took him in her mouth, she ran her tongue around his tip, with every movement she made she took him in deeper and deeper. She placed her hands around the back of his thighs to steady him, using a slow rhythm she worked him, she moved one of her hands round to massage his balls again, it wasn’t long before she felt them tighten. She increased her pace, sucking him harder, taking him a little deeper, hitting the back of her throat.

She heard him groan.

‘Oh, Christ, this is fucking incredible.’ He groaned

She worked him harder.

‘Ooh yeah… that… feels… soooo… fucking goooood...’ between ragged gasps of breath ‘Ooh… harder… faster…’

She did as she was asked, going for all she was worth.

‘Oh baby… that’s it… oh god… fuuuuccckk… don’t stop!!!!! I’mmmm gonna CUUUUMMM...’ he almost screamed.

His whole body tensed, as he shot what felt like everything he had down her throat. She continued to suck him taking every drop. She held on to him until she felt his trembling subside a little.

She felt him slump a little, his arms taking the whole of his weight. She stood up and looked at him. His head was down, his chin resting on his chest. His breathing was still hard.

He raised he head slowly to look at her. He had an almost quizzical look on his face.

She brought her lips up to his, and kissed him gently, he returned the kiss.

When they broke the kiss he looked into her eyes but didn’t say anything; couldn’t think of anything to say, actually.

She stood back a little way and looked at the way he had been tied up. There was no way she could reach the knots. She walked around the back and could see that the ties around his hands, and another section of rope that was looped over the top of the A frame and was tied off to a section of the branch she could reach.

‘Try and stand up, to take the strain from your hands.’ She told him.

He did as he was told. She reached up and started to untie the knot that was there, it took her a couple of minutes before she could loosen the knot.

‘OK, I’m just about to let this go, try not to fall.’

She undid the last of the knot, as it got loose it was whipped out of her hands as he did in fact fall to the sand.


Shipwrecked – Joe Short Smut Story Pt 3 (Adult)


She quickly knelt down beside him, brushing the hair out of his eyes. He groaned as he tried to move his arms in front of him, his shoulders and arms were stiff from being tied up so long.

She took his hands in hers, and she worked at undoing the knots. They eventually fell away. She felt a pang of guilt as she saw the skin beneath the ties was red raw. She reached behind her and picked up the bottle of water and offered it him. He took it from her and drank.

‘We need to bathe your wrists, do you think you can walk to the water?’ she asked him.

‘I think so.’

He carefully got up, flexed his arms and shoulders trying to ease their stiffness. She watched as his muscles slid underneath his skin. I wonder what he will do, she thought, suddenly scared at what she had done. How would he react? She didn’t consider the consequences before letting him down.

She stood next to him and gingerly took his hand to lead him down towards the water. He knelt down and let it wash over his hands, wincing at the stinging sensation it caused.

When he couldn’t stand it anymore he stood up and turned to her.

cla class=MsoNormal>He raised an eyebrow and looked at herstyle='color:blue'>.y?’ y?’ was all he said.


She blushed, thinking about what she had done. It was totally out of character for her to do anything like that.

‘I… I don’t really know why.’ She said quietly, looking at the sand near her feet and not meeting his gaze.

He walked up to her with a grin on his face a mile wide, but she didn’t see it. She saw him approach her and didn’t want to look at him; but as more of him came into view she wasn’t sure where she wanted to look so she closed her eyes.

She felt his fingers gently lift her chin to face him. He saw her eyes were closed. He looked at her a moment, waiting for her to open her eyes; it didn’t look like she was going to.

He leant forward and brushed his lips against hers, surprising her; she wasn’t expecting this. He deepened the kiss, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close to him. His tongue slipped across her lips, seeking entrance; she wrapped her arms around his waist running her hands over his back. She parted her lips and met every thrust of his tongue.

He broke the kiss. ‘Do you make a habit of seducing defenceless men?’

‘No’ she said quietly

‘You did a bloody good job of it, it was amazing.’ He said softly.

She blushed again. He chuckled at her.

‘I think it’s my turn now don’t you think?’ he said with a smi/spa/span>

She looked into his eyes, and saw the sparkle of mischievousness there. He saw a flash of fear in her eyes.

He took her hand and led her up the beach. She looked nervously at the A frame. ‘Surely he wouldn’t would he?’ she thought. ‘He’d every right to.’ She now felt scared of what he might do to her.

He felt her tense as her gaze fell on the structure that had held him captive. But walked her past it, he felt her relax a little when she realised that he wasn’t going to string her up as he had been.

They walked into the shade of the forest and he looked around. He found an area in a clearing that had a nice patch of thick soft grass. The sun was shining through the trees into the clearing.

When they reached it, he turned to her again and pulled her to him tightly. He kissed her again, this time it had a feeling of urgency and passion; she returned his kiss with equal intensity.

His hands ran along her back, and around to her sides. He started to pull her dress up, breaking the kiss so that he could pull it over her head. He nuzzled her neck as his hands reached round to undo her bra. Slipping it from her shoulders, following the straps with caresses from his lips. He then threw it over his shoulder to the ground. His hands worked their way to her breasts, kneading them, gently teasing her nipples with his thumb and forefingers causing her to emit a moan.

‘Lay down.’ He instructed her. The tone of his voice didn’t beg her to argue with him. She lay down on the soft grass and he knelt beside her. His mouth quickly taking over from where his hands had been, gently sucking, nipping until it actually hurt and she emitted a an ‘ouch’. Then very tenderly, licking it to ease the pain he had caused her. Her nipple was harder and larger than she had ever known. He leant over further and did the same with her other one, then made his way down her stomach until he came to the line of her panties.

‘Lift’ he said using the same tone he had used with her earlier. She did as she was told. He slid his fingers through the sides of her panties and pulled them down her thighs; she then dropped herself and lifted her legs so that he could remove them. He threw these too over his shoulder not caring where they landed.

‘Now, what to do with you, now you are naked hmm?’ He looked at her.

She wasn’t sure what she saw in his eyes, she felt a little frightened by him now, but also excited and extremely turned on by the man in front of her.

‘What would you say if I suggested that I tie you up out on the beach?’

‘No, please don’t.’ She said, she could feel tears forming in her eyes.

He saw the fear in her eyes again, and could also see the tears forming. There was no way he would hurt her. He also didn’t want to scare her either.

He leaned ver ver her so that his face was mere inches from hers. He could sense she was starting to feel a little scared too, her body had tensed beneath his touch.

He gave her a gentle smile. ‘It’s OK luv, I won’t hurt you, I promise.’

She wasn’t sure if she could believe him or not. She was scared of him but she also wanted him badly. Should she trust him?

He gave her a tender loving kiss on her lips to show that he didn’t mean to hurt her. There was no way he would force himself on her, as much as he wanted to taste her and feel her around him. She had to be totally willing. He then looked at her again.

‘Do you want me to stop?’ he said softly, running a finger down her cheek.

She could see the tenderness in his eyes now, almost comforting.

She smiled up at him. ‘No, please don’t stop.’ Shesperspered to him.

He kissed her gently again and worked his way down her stomach again. His hands slowly massaged her mound; she instinctively parted her legs for him. He smiled softly at her. He slipped a finger through her folds brushing her clit which made her gasp, he slid a finger inside her.

He felt that she was so wet and hot it took all his will power to not take her then and there and hard.

He slid his finger in and out of her in a steady rhythm whilst gently circling her clit with this thumb, he felt her squeezing his finger with her inner walls moving with him. He removed his hand from her which made her look at him. He manoeuvred himself between her legs, and pushed them further apart.

He slipped his finger inside her again, her hips came up to meet his hand, and he leant forward she could feel his hot breath on her she shivered in anticipation. She felt his hot tongue dart across her, she gasped at the sensation, he used the steady rhythm with tongue as he did with his hand. It wasn’t long before he could feel her walls tighten around him.

‘That’s it cum for me’ he said huskily.

He sucked on her harder and slipped another finger into her, going harder and faster. His other hand trying to control her bucking hips.

‘Ooh… I’m… sooo.. close... Ahhhh… Yessssss’ as she came. Her breathing was coming in gasps.

He released her and made his way up her body, kissing her moist skin as he went until his face was above hers. She opened her eyes slowly to look at him.

She ran her fingers through his hair and pulled him down to kiss him. He was now resting on his elbows, he entered her slowly, she moaned into his mouth.

She felt him stretching her.

He broke their kiss. ‘I can’t believe how tight you are!’

‘Joe you feel sooo gooood!’ she moaned.

He pushed a little further. She moved her legs so the wrapped around his hips. This enabled him to sheath himself totally within her.

He didn’t move straight away, giving her a chance to adjust to his size.

They held each others gaze as he started to move within her, short gentle movements, gradually getting longer and harder then settling to an easy pace trying to make it last as long as possible.

Her hips moved to meet each one of his strokes. He could feel her muscles squeezing him on every stroke.

‘I feel like I have died and gone to heaven’ he moaned

‘I’m already there, I never knew it could feel like this.’

He began to feel her walls tighten around him.

‘Mmm… faster’ she murmured through the haze of her building orgasm

‘I’m… sooo… clooossee… he moaned between thrusts, the heat building between them, both so close to the edge of the abyss

‘Oh… god… yesss. Oooh… Joe….’

‘Mandy… come… with… meee… babe….’

‘JOOOOEEE’ she cried as she came. At the same moment



Shipwrecked – Joe Short Smut Story Pt 4 - End


‘Joe? Are you alright mate?’

Joe felt somebody, shake his shoulder.

‘Hmph, what?’

‘Joe are you alright, you were shouting in your sleep.’

Joe opened his eyes and looked around to where the voice was coming from,


‘I was the last time I looked in the mirror.’ He chuckled.

‘Bloody ‘ell.’ Joe said as he laid there and rubbed his hands over his face. He realised that he was lying in his bunk on the bus.

‘What are those marks on your wrists?’

Joe looked at his wrists intently, remembering his dream.

‘Don’t know where they came from.’ He said eventually.

‘So, are you alright?’ Sav said still a little concerned.

‘Yeah, just a dream that’s all.’

‘Good one?’

Joe chuckled ‘It was actually’ he grinned.

‘We’ll be stopping in about half hour in the next city.’

‘OK thanks, I suppose I’d better get up then.’


Mandy woke with a start, her breathing quite heavy.

‘You OK?’ Her friend lang=EN-GB>Andy asked. ‘You’ve been asleep for a while.

‘Travelling in a car always does that to me, if I’m not driving I sleep.’

‘You looked like you were dreaming?’

She smiled ‘I was. Awesome one too.’

‘Care to elaborate?’

‘Not bloody likely’ she laughed

‘Oh, one of those sorts of dreams was it?’

She was blushing ‘Just a bit’ she grinned.

‘Let me guess… You were doing wicked things to Joe Elliott’s body if I know you. Am I right?’

‘Hmm… Maybe… That new pic on home page set it off.’

‘Ooh, you mean that nice one, naked, tied up?’

‘That’s the one.’

‘Not surprised, I have had many a lusty thought after seeing that pic. Looks like I’ll have to get you drunk to get the details from you.’

‘We’ll see, at the moment it was far too vivid to share with anyone, it’s staying in my head for now where I can keep re-winding it. Anyhow, how much further we got to go?’

‘We should be there soon. I’m really looking forward to the gig tonight.’

‘Yeah, me too it seems ages since we last saw the Leps in concert.’

The girls arrived at their hotel and checked in. They didn’t normally stay in a hotel, but as this show was just about the last one of Def Leppard’s world tour, the were doing one last show in the UK before going back into the studio.

Andy and Mandy, made their way to their room to get changed. Mandy came out of the bathroom wearing her shirt and started rooting through her bag for her new pair of jeans.



‘When did you get those bruises on your legs?’

‘What bruises?’

She looked down at the legs and saw the multicoloured bruises that were there. They were the exact same bruises she envisioned in her dream.

‘I don’t remember walking into anything.’

‘They don’t look like you walked to anything type bruises, they look like you’re legs have been bloody battered girl.’

‘I honestly don’t know. Anyway, we’d better get a move on if we’re going to get there in time.’

‘Yep, The Leps are waiting!!’

They finished getting cleaned up and made their way to the concert. What was so good about tonight was they for the first time they had front row, centre seats. Just where they wanted to be.


The band was all ready to hit the stage. Ricky had finished his set. ‘Come on guy’s’ Mal said ‘Lets go’

The band hit the stage running. The audience went wild. As the band launched in to the second song of the set Joe looked down at the front row for the first time that night.

‘That’s her!’ he thought ‘That’s the woman that was in my dream.’


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