Prime Time Shit

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of Savage Garden. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Prime Time Shit

Ok I do not own Darren or Daniel. All the others are made up.
Ok have fun and read.

DD=when they both talk at once
DH=Darren Hayes
DJ=Daniel Jones

H- today our show is so great man like wow, we have the two guys
who used to be savage garden so like give it up.

Claps, yells more claps and yells

The two men walk out looking quite upset, and plop down on the red
H- Hey savage dudes wazz up?
H-OH come on guys your not happy to be on our show?
DH(in snippy tone) no
H-Oh well to bad deal with it, now lets get this shit started
DJ-Hey you can’t say shit this is like on cable
DH-Well DAAAAN YOU just said it
DJ-Darren shut your hole
H-HELLO show here thank you, OK my first question is
DH-I don’t feel like taking your stupid ass questions
H-tuff shit, now after three years how are you and Danny boy getting
along? I have been hearing lots of gossip lately.
DJ-OH yeah like what?
H-(holds up DVD with both men nude on the cover)
A-(hold their DVD’s high)
H-this lil baby is so hot right now it’s bigger then the Tommy and
Pamela tape.
DJ-uhuh that isn’t us
DH-oh no then who the fuck is it then Daniel?
DJ-I said shut your hole
DH-That’s not what you said last night now is it?(moves to cuddle with
DH-Dan baby stop trying to hide it they know they have always
DJ-Th-they h-have
DH-uh-huh yeah duh
H-Next question then, how’s the sex?
DH-WHAT hey that’s a little pers-
DJ-(cuts Darren off) well of course it’s good, you have seen the tape
H- Yep he really makes you squeal huh Darren?
DH-yeah (shy smile)
H-Enough show here thank you. Ok now
DH-SHUT UP I'm not telling you anything else
H-fine ya grouch, so Dan is Darren’s butt as pillowie as it looks?
DJ-uhh pillowie?
H-yeah it looks all big and soft and well ghetto
DH-(slides away from Dan to other side of sofa)
DJ-WHAT WHAT did I do now?
H-Man you just said what like three times, but continue
DH-I’m never speaking to you again.
DJ-yeah what else is new, I mean uh why?
DH-Don’t think I didn’t here that, and I’m not speaking to you
because you called me fat
DH-uhuh you said I had a ghetto booty
DJ-yeah and?
DH-well it wasn’t very nice (pouts)
DJ-Actually it’s very nice and I never said it was a bad thing now did I.
Now quit that damn pouting.
DH-Make me
DJ-(pulls Darren to his end of the sofa)
Everyone gets quiet
H-NOW moving on to our LAST question. It will come from an
audience member. yes please stand (points to girl in black t-shwithwith
blue hair)
Blue headed girl- Yes I would just like to know who gives and who ya
know gets (fallowed by nervous laughter)
Blue headed girl-I don’t have a DVD player
DJ-stop what
DH-promoting our having sex dumb ass (slides to other end of sofa)
DJ-(grabs Darren and slides him back over to his side of the sofa)
Don’t you talk to me that way
DH-(begins to slide to other end of sofa once more)
H-STOP IT your big ass is gonna wear out the sofa
DJ-Don’t you talk to him like that
Credits begin to role
much yelling is screaming is heard from the host and Daniel. The
crowd begins to through things at the host for hurting poor Darren’s
feelings. The host then begins running from the stage fallowed by
Darren Daniel and an angry mob of fans.
The tape went on to sell millions of copies. The host was fired,
but that didn’t matter because the show was a short lived one. After
the so-called SG incident nothing seemed exciting, and the network
dropped the show. Oh yeah and one last thing Darren got is bum
insured for a large sum of money.

Ok I hope ya all enjoyed the incredibly stupid fic. I couldn’t
help it I just had to get it out of my system.

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