You're the One That I Want

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the members of BIS. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

NOTE: For those of you unfamilar with the Halloween incident I'm writing about, here are some links to pics posted by Kamijo, Kisaki, all the bis members, and Rame....

Halloween Pics:


A strong hand clasped his shoulder from behind. Shunsuke turned around to face a slightly taller, smiling redhead.

"I was wondering when you were going to show up."

Shunsuke spun around to greet the redhead grinning at him.

"Sorry," he said and embraced the drummer briefly. "Seika called just as I was leaving and you know how he likes to talk once you get him started."

Tero chuckled and nodded, the silly, small hat pinned to his bright hair bobbing sligtly in place.

"Speaking of bandmates," Shunsuke said, "have you seen Tsukasa? He wanted to show off his costume before the live started, but he seems to have disapeared."

"You don't know what he's dressed as?"

Shunuke shrugged. "All he told me was that Tooru and Giru helped him with it." He eyed the other man narrowly. "Now if you had helped him, I might be worried..."

Tero raised both hands in mock defense and laughed. "I had nothing to do with this, though...." He snickered. "It's pretty awesome. All three of them did a good job." He waved vaugly behind him, farther down the hall. "I think he's in the third dressing room down. Tell me later what you thought of his costume, 'k?"

Shunsuke agreed, somewhat perplexed, and hurried down the hall, weaving carefully between the other musicians as they readied themselves for the night's big events. He finally located the dressing room tero seemed to have been indicating, and stepped inside.

The room as large enough, though stuffed with numerous bags and clothes, both casual and costume, littering the floor, couch, tables; every available surface. Glancing to his left he spotted Tsukasa sitting at the long make-up counter lining one wall. As Shunsuke closed the door behind him, Tsukasa put down the still-unused flat iron and grinned.

"I'd hoped you'd find me before the show." He stood and struck a pose. "What do you think?"

Shusuke's eyes widdened as he stepped closer, recignision finally coming o his mind.

"You're... Kisaki!"

Tsukasa chuckled and fingered the furry hem of his skirt, bouncing excitedly in his tall, platformed boots.

"Don't think we haven't noticed how you've been fanboying over him since the first time we met him. So I figured, when Giru and Tooru approached me with the idea of all three of us dressing up in Kisaki's old outfits for Halloween, I thought you... might get a bit of a kick out of it." He looked up at the taller man, a mischevious grin on his face. "Do you like it?"

Shunsuke smiled warmly and brushed his fingertips over the other's powder-white cheek. "It's perfect," he murmured and leaned down and kissed him, slow but deep. Tsukasa closed the few inches between them eagerly, one hand running lightly over Shunsuke's white shirt while the other grabbed Shunsuke's other hand and snuck it under his skirt.

Thin brows shot up in surprise as Shunsuke pulled back slightly, breaking their kiss. "Where are your shorts?" he askes as calloused fingers found only smooth, soft skin.

Tsukasa grinned, stage make-up and piercings giving him an impish look. "I was counting on having a few minutes alone with you before having to go out on stage." He moves Shunsuke's hand around to grip his bare ass, drawing their bodies close once more. Shusuke cleared his throat at the implication, already feeling himself grow hard at just the thought.

"Horney little devil you've become."

"Always," Tsukasa said with a grin, then moved his hand to Shunsuke's zipper and pulled it down quickly. "Now hurry, love, we won't have much time." He turned around and snagged something off the counter, just one more small tube among the dozens of others littering the counter, and handed it to his lover.

Shunsuke shook his head and took the small bottle of lubricant as Tsukasa hiked up his skirt and leaned over the counter. Keeping Tsukasa's warning in mind, Shunsuke waisted no more time, preparing him as quickly as possible before bracing himself at the other's entrance. With one hand gripping Tsukasa's narrow hip, he slowly guided himself into him even as Tsukasa leaned back, taking all od Shunsuke deep inside.

With a moan, Tsukasa planted both hands on the mirror in front of him as Shunsuke began thrusting in and out of him. He set a slower pace to compinsate slightly for the hurried preperation, but soon neither one of them could hold back. He kept his eyes on them through the mirror transfixed at the strange sight they made, both men so familar with each other, yet their appearence nothing like wehat they had come to expect. They vbery muck looked like two strangers, even engaged in such an intimate as as they were.

The grip on his hips tightened as Shunsuke thrusted into him, faster and faster, his slicked hair coming loose around his face with each forward movement. For a moment, Tsukasa thought about teasing him about messing up his costume, but then Shunsuke moved within him just so and sparks of pleasure shot through him, maing him gadsp out in surprise, and all thoughts but the most primal left his clouded mind.

Shunsuke ran one hand up and down Tsukasa's still clothed back, trying desperately not to harm the delicate fabrics stretched across his slight frame, then moves his hand lower, dipping under Tsukasa's skirt. Leaning low over him, Shunsuke placed quick, feather-light kisses along the back on Tsukasa's neck, then wrapped his fingers around Tsukasa's erection, furiously pumping his hand up and down in time with his own hurried thrusts.

Tukasa moaned as quietly as possible and dropped his head between his shoulders, black painted nails digging unsuccessfully into the mirror. His muscles tightened with each spark of pleasure the other brought him. With eyes sueezed tightly shut, one hand flailed desperately for Shunsuke, pulling him closer, deeper inside him as he felt himself quickly reaching his peak.

Shunsuke twisted his hand, running it roughly up Tsukasa's cock, at the same time he rolled his hips, burying himself as deep as he could. Tsukasa tensed, every muscle in his body constricting in the most delightful of ways and a rather loud groan pushed past his lip. With a final, desperate thrust back against his lover, Tsukasa came, the sinewy muscles in his back and arms straining against the delicate fabrics of his black and pink costume.

Shunsuke continued to stroke the other man as he rode out his orgasm, meeting Tsukasa's eyes in the mirror before them, whose eyes had grown impossible dark with lust and euphoria, face flushed to a rosy pink.

"Shunsuke," Tsukasa murmured, voice deep and husky and that was all Shunsuke needed to send him too over the edge. Lightening bolts coursed through his veins, like fire and ice shotting across every nerve in his body as he moved within the other man a few more times before stilling, chest heaving, vision slightly clouded.

Shunsuke drapped his body over the other a moment, marveling at the sheer contentment at just feeling Tsukasa's warm presense against him, then pulled away slowly. Tsukasa lazxily grabbed for a couple of handy towels nearby to clean them up as best as he could. After a moment, Shunsuke walked over to the couch and sat down heavily, head still swimming slightly.

Tossing the used towels into the wastbasket, Tsukasa joined Shunsuke on the couch, straddling his lap. He placed a slow, languid kiss apon Shunsuke's mouth.

"Hhhmm...", Shunsuke murmured, hands lazily carressing Tsukasa's soft skin under his skirt. "The wardrobe people are going to hate you."

"Fuck them, it's my costume now." Tsukasa growled and nibbled playfully along Shunsuke's jaw. Shunsuke moved his hands slowly down Tsukasa's slim thighs.

"I love it when you curse. It's cute."

Tsukasa snorted and opened his mouth to retort when there was a short knock at the door ans a bright red head popped inside.

"I take it he liked the costume?" Tero asked as two pillows flew across the room, nearly knocking the tiny hat off his head.

"Is Tsukasa in there?"

Tero turned around, grinning widely as he nodded to his friend and boss, and stepped aside slightly. Kisaki frowned slightly and peered over the shorter man's shoulder, eyes going slightly wide as he noticed a smaller man, wearing a very good copy of one of his older costumes, straddling a seated man, both loced in a deep, sensual kiss.

"Is that Shunsuke?" Kisaki whispered, but evidently not softly enough as the two in qestion halted their activities, Shunsuke's hands freezing rather guiltily under Tsukasa's skirt. Kisaki caught their eyes and the younger men had the good graces to blush furiously as Kisaki stepped out of the doorway, dragging Tero with him. Tero made to speak but the other shook his head, hand clamping down over the drummer's mouth.

"Honestly, I just don't want to know." Kisaki said, a small smile on his face. "Leave them... alone, for another couple of minutes, then tell Tsukasa we're almost ready to start the show, ok?" Tero nodded, grin widdening mischeviously, and Kisaki frowned, trying to put on his sternest look. "Now, don't you give them any shit, Tero. You're no better. If I recall, wasn't it just last wek that poor Tooru walked in on you and-"

"Ok, ok," Tero laughed, throwing his hands up in surrender. "I'll leave them alone."

Kisaki rolled his eyes, shaking his head with a chuckle. "I swear, I must have the horniest bunch of young men ever. What with you and Rame, Wataru and Tooru, Tomo and Yuusuke..." Kisai sighed.

"Now don't tell me you and Jun on a tour never-"

"We weren't talking about my sex life," Kisaki growled, only half serious. "Just pass on the message, ok?" Kisaki made a swipe at Tero, who easily ducked, then strode away, still shaking his head.

Tero saluted Kisaki's retreating back. "Yes, leader-sama," he called, then whirled around, poking his head back into the dressing room. Tsukasa had finished dressing properly and was now seated once more before the make-up table. Shunsuke stood behind, pulling the flat iron carefully through Tsukasa's thick black and red hair. They were speaking to each other in low tones, Tsukasa grinning up at him through the mirror.

Tero smiled, then slowly backed out of the room, quetly closing the door behind him.

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