Happy Birthday Simon

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the people I am writing about in this fanfiction. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Paula sat in her kitchen reading the newspaper...Well trying to read it anyway. Her mind kept drifting to what she was going to get Simon for his birthday tomorrow. She really didn't know why she even bothered, every time her Randy and Ryan did something special for his birthday he would find some way to ruin it. It was mostly the comments that he gave. The man had everything so it was a truly difficult task to find him just the right thing. The more she sat in her kitchen the more she fantasized about him. She always wondered what it would be like to have him. She definitely heard some stories and wondered if his tongue was as talented as women have claimed it to be. She had so many different opportunities to find out on numerous occasions but for some reason or another she couldn't bring herself to give in to temptation. She was always worried that once she stepped over that very thin line things would go bad. Her and Simon were on a very high level in their friendship. Over the past few years their relationship became so strong that it didn't seem at all awkward when they shared a bed with each other while on the road for auditions. She really considered Simon to be her best friend. They fight like cats and dogs and are complete opposites but in the same sense they were perfect for each other...They completed each other.

"That's it...I gotta know." She spoke to nobody but herself.

She picked up the phone and called Ryan. Him and Paula had a nice friendship also. She considered him to be a little brother. She confided in him one drunken night about how she fantasized about Simon.


"Hey Ry..."

"Hey Pauls...What's up?"

"Not to much...Umm...I know this is gonna sound weird but...I need your help."

"My help?...How so?..."

"Help me with Simon's birthday present."

"How is that weird?"

"Well...It's a different kind of present..."

"A different kind of present?...I'm still not following you."

"Oh god this is kinda embarrassing...I want to...Ahh...I can't even say it...I feel so dirty even thinking about it."

"Say what?..C'mon."

"Fine...I want to seduce him, ya know give him a naughty little present."

"Paula...Oh my."

"Ryan!...I swear if you tease me about this..."

"Relax...I'm not...I'm just shocked it actually took you this long...But seriously...How am I gonna help you with this...You know Simon really isn't my type."

She laughed at his last bit. "OK...I want to catch him off guard...Like surprise him so I'm gonna need you to somehow get him in his dressing room tomorrow and distract him while I come it and blindfold him."

"Blindfold?...Wow aren't we getting kinky."

"I just don't want him to know it's me until it's time."

"OK...I got it...How about this?...I'll tell him to come to my dressing room and I'll tell him that I got him a hot stripper for his birthday."

"Ahhh...OK...That sounds good."

"Then you can just slip in while his back is turned...He'll never know what hit him."

"Love it...Thanks...I owe ya."

"And don't think I won't collect...Maybe you can blindfold me sometime."



"You better be...OK Thank you I'll see you tomorrow."


The next morning Simon was in his dressing room getting ready for auditions wondering where Paula was. She usually comes by his dressing room waiting for him to get ready so they can walk down to auditions together but today was different he hadn't even seen her yet Just then Ryan popped his head in the door.

"Hey there you are..."

Simon turned around. "Oh hey Ryan...Have you seen Paula?

"Actually No...I didn't sorry...I'm sure she'll be here soon...But in the meantime...I have a birthday surprise in my dressing room for you.

"A surprise?"

"Yeah...So lets hurry...Before...Never mind."

"Never mind what?..."

"Before Paula comes and gets a little jealous..." He grabbed Simon by the arm and ushered him out of his dressing room and into his. "That's why I arranged this in my dressing room...Just in case she barged in...She'll never know that you're in my dressing room."

"Wait. Paula?...Jealous?...Why would she be jealous?...What's going on?"

"You really have to ask that question?...I'm not saying you have to hide from her...Cause it's not like you're cheating on her...But...I doubt you would really enjoy walking in on Paula and some hot stud while he stripped for her."

"Stripped?...You got me a stripper for my birthday?"

"Yeah...I guess you can say that...And it's a hot one I might add."

"Oh Ryan...Only you."

"OK now C'mon...You better get moving before she comes."

Simon shook his head and followed Ryan into his dressing room and sat down on his couch. Ryan had his attention turned towards him while Paula slipped through the door and stood almost directly behind Simon.

"So when is this stripper coming?"

Ryan just smiled at him as he watched Paula wrap a scarf around his head covering his eyes.

"She's blindfolding me?...How is that fair...How am I going to watch her strip...What kind of stripper is this?"

"A special one Cowell."

Paula handed Ryan some rules to read to Simon.

"Oh Simon...Looks like she has some rules too."

"Don't they all."

"Here I think she wants me to read them." He cleared his throat and began. "Number one...She doesn't speak...Number two...Blindfold stays on...Number three...No touching..."

"OK...Bring it on..."

"Alright...I'm gonna go find Paula...Enjoy."

"Wait...You're not watching this?...You got a hot stripper and you're not gonna stay and watch?"

"Well...I guess I can..."

Paula shot him a look which told him to get out.

"On second thought...No...I'm gonna go."

Paula winked at Ryan and watched as he walked out the door. Then she shifted her vision down at a blindfolded Simon who sat in front of her. She took a deep breath and exhaled silently. She began by massaging his shoulder's. She felt him relax into the couch. The tips of her fingers worked their way down his arms and back up. She walked around to the front of him and began by opening the buttons on his shirt. She was thankful that he wore a button down instead of a shirt she would have to pull over his head and risking the blindfold to fall off and exposing her. She raked her fingernails down his wonderfully broad chest.

"Mmm...Love...You have very talented hands..."

She smiled but didn't speak.

"What's your name?"

She almost spoke but caught herself at the last minute. She placed her fingertip to his lips as if to tell him to keep quiet.

"The reason I ask is...Your touch...It's..."

She cut him off by cupping his face and tracing the outline of his lips with her tongue.


She smiled against his lips and backed up, pulling off her sweater and stepping out of her jeans. She stood in only a deep plum colored lace bra and panties that tied on each sides. She removed her bra letting her plump breasts exposed.

"Where did ya go?..."

She answered his question by grabbing both of his hands and placing them on her breasts.

"Mmm...Aren't I breaking the rules by touching you?" He pulled away slightly but she stopped him before he got any further and placed them back on her. She kept her hands over top of his while she moved them over her body. His hands became his eyes and he roamed over every part of her..

"Who are you?"

This time she straddled him while she pushed her lips to his and began to kiss him. His hands gravitated towards her hips and he put his fingers through the loops of her panties.

He broke away from the kiss. "Stop me...If you want to." He gave the strings a tug and they fell off of her tiny body. Paula was completely naked in his arms. He dipped his finger into her. Paula's head fell back and she almost gasped at his touch. Her eyes fell shut and her fingernails lightly dug into his shoulder's. She lowered herself onto her knees and unzipped his pants. Simon lifted his bottom half up to help her pull off his pants. She dragged her hands up his legs squeezing as she made her way to his hips.

A deep moan fell from his lips as her hand encircled the base of his hard-on with her right hand. She stroked him a few times before she flicked her tongue around the tip of him.

In his mind he pictured Paula was the one on her knees as she sucked and teased him almost to orgasm. He almost slipped and called out her name a few times. He stopped her before he came.

"You're too good love..." He pulled her back up to straddle him. "My turn...Can I give you some pleasure now?" She didn't stop him so Simon continued. He moved his hand in between them and slipped his finger into her wetness.

"Do you always get this wet while you work?"

She leaned into his ear and spoke in a soft whisper. "Only when I work with you."


She brought her hands up and pulled off his blindfold. "Happy Birthday."

Simon sat with a look of shock on his face. He looked her up and down, taking his time around certain places on her body.

"Did you like your present?"

"Like it?...I love it...By far the best birthday present ever."

He noticed his cake sitting on the table in reaching distance. He grabbed a handful of icing and smeared it over her breasts. He picked her up and placed her on her back on the couch and licked up every bit of cake off of her.

"Mmm...This cake is great too."

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