Walking in the Rain

BY : Ian
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Disclaimer: DBSG belongs to SME, not me. I am making no profit. I do not know the people about whom I am writing. This story is a work of fiction.

Walking in the Rain
by Stevie (poopsmcgee420@gmail.com)
Pairing(s): HoSu
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, OneShot
Warnings: Teh ghey.
Word count: 719

Junsu sat on the stoop, watching the rain hit the road, feeling himself getting steadily more and more soaked. His eyes were soft, his smile small but genuine. He knew that any minute one of the other guys would come out and force him inside, telling him that he'll catch his death out in weather like this. But for the moment, he just enjoyed this time, the sights before him, the sounds and sensations.

He heard the door creak open. But no-one spoke out to him, chided him for his behavior. The door closed. Perhaps it had been Changmin, now running off in search of JaeJoong to take care of the situation. Perhaps whomever had seen him would be kind enough to leave him alone.

Then footsteps came closer and someone sat beside him. He turned to see Yunho, who was steadily getting soaked in the warm downpour. Yunho. The only person whose company could have made this moment any better.

Yunho did not turn to him, but spoke nonetheless. "Afraid someone would come out and force you back inside?"

"A bit." Junsu turned back to the road, watching the rivulets that ran down the sides toward the gutters.

They were silent for a while before Yunho spoke again. "Why do you like it so much?" He turned to Junsu. "Why do you like the rain?"

Junsu's small smile returned to him, his gaze fixed somewhere in the distance. "It reminds me of me. All over the place. Unpatterned, unpredictable. Flawed, sometimes a nuisance. But I enjoy it. I think it enjoys me."

Yunho nodded. He was expecting some kind of answer like that, something wild and out-there, like Junsu. He smiled as well. "Let's go, before they catch us. Come for a walk with me."

Junsu turned a slightly surprised look to Yunho but before he could question anything, Yunho was pulling him up by his hand, pulling him toward the sidewalk.

"Yunho, I don't have my shoes," Junsu protested.

"You don't need them," Yunho shook his head. As though to prove his point, he kicked off his own shoes, leaving them lying in the driveway. "Come on." He pulled Junsu further. Finally Junsu succumbed and followed.

Barefoot, they walked. The neighborhood was familiar, but Junsu had never really taken a good look around the area in the rain. It was beautiful, as most things were when it rained like this, warm, wet, and comforting.

Yunho was now thoroughly soaked, he observed, looking over at him. But he didn't seem to mind at all. In fact, he looked to be enjoying himself.

Then Yunho stopped walking and turned to Junsu. The rain picked up some, the heavy sound against the ground now so loud Junsu could barely hear himself think.

Yunho raised his voice to be heard, "I think you're making me insane, like you."

Junsu pulled away slightly, then half-shouted, "I didn't mean to."

Yunho smiled and shook his head, stepping closer and bringing their chests into contact as he said in Junsu's ear, "I like it."

Yunho didn't pull away, and neither did Junsu. For long moments they stood in silence aside form the sounds of the rain, touching but unmoving. Finally, Junsu brought his arms around Yunho and felt the taller man return the embrace. He didn't know what this was, what this feeling was that he'd begun long ago to feel for Yunho. But now it felt fuller, so full it was almost fake. He liked this, simply this, the feeling of being in Yunho's arms. And suddenly this feeling had a name. But Junsu didn't dare speak it aloud.

Yunho carefully pulled away, feeling their wet clothes stick. He laughed. At the clothes. At the moment. In the taller man's eyes, through his humor, Junsu saw the feelings that he felt as well. And this emboldened him. He confessed.

"I love you."

The words were spoken softly, rain thundering around them, but clearly Yunho got the message.

He nodded. "I know. But I thought you knew, I love you too."

Junsu nodded as well. "I do."

Then Yunho took Junsu's hand and they began walking again, walking away from the house, away from those who tried to tell them what was for their own good. Because even moreso than walking in the rain, Junsu knew this would be shunned. And he'd rather never see another raindrop than have to give this up just yet.

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