Tear You Apart

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Nightmare, and I do not profit from these writings.

This was written for the Ni~yaxSakito comm on livejournal for Nisaki Day but~~ I felt that the Nightmare section on here could use some love. Hope you enjoy~


Music deafening, heavy bass guiding heartbeats into a uniform chant; air thick from the perspiration of too many scantily clad bodies pressing and grinding up against each other in a near-primal manner.

Cold, detached eyes watch unblinkingly from the bar, fixated on a single body amongst many. Each flick of his eyelashes is a caress along slender hips, each beat of the bass and his fingers are digging into those hips, nails tearing at the skin as the beautifully familiar stranger is pressed against the wall beneath him and his straining cock is pounding into him in time with the beat.

One more cigarette… soon added to the graveyard of its siblings in the empty shot glass to his right. One more drink. One more minute eyefucking this perfect, seemingly untainted, ethereal creature…

With the last drop of Jack Daniels, Ni~ya pushes himself away from the bar and weaves through the disgusting bodies preventing him from his prize. With a predatory grin his strong hands settle over Sakito’s hips, chest pressing firmly against the slender man’s back as his lips creep over the shell of his ear. Hot, heavy breath, stale from alcohol and cigarettes, fans across Sakito’s cheek as he growls low, just loud enough for the brunette to hear.

“I want to fucking tear you apart…”


Lips clash in a violent struggle for dominance, tongues tearing at one another’s as Ni~ya’s hands pin Sakito’s slender wrists above his head against the grimy, slick tile of the dimly lit restroom. The metallic, bitter tang of blood floods their joined mouths as Ni~ya’s teeth tear through the smaller man’s lips before breaking away to leave a trail of bruising marks down the alabaster column of his neck.

A soft gasp turned groan escapes Sakito’s abused lips as his hips press frantically towards the older man’s, desperate for any sort of friction. A whimper, a mewl, a pleading look… and his oxygen supply is cut off as Ni~ya’s hand clasps over his mouth, amused eyes meeting bemused as they lock together in a moment of absolution, of mutual understanding. There would be no white picket fences in their future, no long discussions about the future over a candle lit dinner. That never worked for them in the past.

Clothes drift to the ground around their entwined bodies, long legs wrapped tightly around a toned waist as Sakito’s eyes roll towards the ceiling, idly noting a missing tile and exposed light fixture as Ni~ya’s fingers press into him roughly, stretching his entrance with very little finesse. The burn of the blonde’s cock splitting him open is enough to make Sakito’s eyes squeeze closed with an unrestrained groan. A few rough thrusts and lube is rendered irrelevant as his passage slicks with blood.

A blinding, delicious release is reached… a momentary euphoria before reality comes crashing down around them just as quickly as Sakito finds himself in a tangled heap on the cold, stained tile. Ni~ya looms over him with an eyebrow raised, a smug grin tugging at his lips as he tucks himself in and zips up his pants, a lit cigarette already thrust between his lips.

“Did my pretty little slut get exactly what he wanted?”

A moment of weakness… that’s all these encounters were. Several moments of several weaknesses… followed by several days of paralyzing guilt and self-hatred…

“Never again… I never want to see you again.”

“To get rid of me would be like sawing off your own leg, princess… and once you’ve done that, you’ll be so much easier to catch. So please… by all means.”


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