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Sango: okay, so here's whats up. this is ...more of a continuation of Everything He Ever Wanted. im writing another ni~ya hitsugi one that i will post in my LJ first then here, so feel free to comment and review in either place.
this will be confusing if u havent read EHEW (weird name...)
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Okay, so it was awkward.

Practice wasn’t as perfect as it could have been and, in a way, it was Hitsugi’s fault.

Okay, so it was mostly his fault. Ni~ya’s bass was a little off, but he was sick, so he had an excuse. But Hitsugi kept staring at their vocalist and kept messing up. Ruka had looked worried at the guitarist, knowing that he wanted to tell Yomi what they had decided to do. Sakito had called a break after the first hour, and went to speak with Hitsugi privately. The redhead dreaded the scolding the older guitarist was going to give him, knowing Sakito was a perfectionist and hated minor mistakes like the ones he was doing. Not to mention that said mistakes were on old songs that they knew by heart.

“What’s wrong? Ever since you came in your mind’s been somewhere else. You aren’t focused. I told you to stay home and finish healing. “

“I’m convalescing, not dead. I can still practice.” He retorted.

“Doesn’t look like it. We’re going to start practice in ten minutes, if you don’t get it together, I’m telling Ruka to take you home. It’s not like he wants to be here anyways. He looks more tired than usual.” The tall brunette shook his head and sighed. He was sure it had something to do with that decision he spoke about two nights ago but he didn’t know how to help the redhead—was oblivious of the fact that he and Ruka had already made their decision.

“Look. If this is because you still don’t know...if you’re unsure...” Sakito kept tripping over his words, wanting to put in the best way possible that he had to pick between Yomi and Ruka. But he didn’t want to be rude and hurt his friend. He sighed once again and cleared his throat as he began speaking.

“If you still don’t know how to react around Yomi and Ruka, it would be best if you didn’t see them for a while. You know...clear your head before...a decision is made. One day isn’t enough to think things through.”

Hitsugi’s eyes were impossibly wide. Wha—how—what?!

“We...that is me and Ruka were talking yesterday—“

Sakito’s ears immediately perked up. Okay. Now he needed to hear this.

“And we decided would be okay three were...together.”

“At the same time?!” Sakito asked incredulous. He had never heard of this. But not only that—this could be potentially bad for the band if it didn’t turn out right.

“Hitsugi...are you sure that this is the best decision you could come up with? I mean...the three of you? At the same time? It's...I mean...what about if things don’t work out? What if there’s tension between the three of you. If it were just two it’s okay. But it’s the drummer, guitarist and vocalist. If you three...broke up,” that in itself sounded weird in the older guitarist’s tongue, “then there wouldn’t be a band.”

Hitsugi took it all in, feeling more and more depressed the longer the tall brunette spoke. He hadn’t thought of those things. He was even more selfish than he thought he was by wanting both Ruka and Yomi. He hadn’t even considered the band as a whole.

Tears began welling up in his eyes as he felt engulfed by sadness and shame.

“Sakito. I—”

“What did you do to him?!” A deep voice boomed behind them and Hitsugi whirled around to see Ruka, a scowl marring his usually blank features. He pulled Hitsugi into a tight embrace and the tears began to flow freely from the redhead’s eyes.

“You don’t have to listen to him, Hitsu-chan. I’ll go talk to Yomi and everything will be fine.”

“But di-didn’t you hear Sakito. If—”

“That’s not going to happen.”

“But Yomi—”

“Yomi what?”

'Since when is this corner so popular?' Thought Sakito as they were interrupted yet again. He sighed quietly. This was getting way too tense way too fast. He was going to have to cancel practice and have them talk. And see if they could come to their senses.

“And why is Hitsugi crying?” their tiny vocalist questioned, wanting to know why there was tension you could cut with a knife in a corner.

“We’ll practice tomorrow.” Sakito said dismissively as he bypassed the three men to leave.

“Can someone tell me what’s going on?” Ruka turned to the small man, an unreadable look in his eyes.

“We have to talk.”


They made it to Ruka’s apartment in ten minutes, bypassing Sakito and Ni~ya who had stayed, leaving all their instruments unattended. Hitsugi had composed himself enough to ask that they put away their stuff for the next day, before being dragged out by Ruka. Ruka drove while Hitsugi rode shotgun and Yomi stayed in the back, uncharacteristically silent. At a red light Ruka leaned over to Hitsugi and catching the redhead's lobe between his teeth before whispering,

“I can’t wait to get you alone.” The words a promise of things to come.

Yomi felt like he’d been slapped and his heart twisted unmercifully in his chest, the pain making his eyes water as he saw the way Ruka and Hitsugi were acting around each other.

‘So they’ve decided. What the hell am I here for then?’ the small vocalist inwardly sneered, his face contorting, showing his inner struggle and pain. It went unseen by the other two.

Yomi no longer felt like being in the presence of these two. It hurt so much to see them so happy together. Granted, Hitsugi had been crying and his eyes were still tinted red and Ruka barely changed expressions, but it was in the way they acted with each other and the needless touches, the look in their eyes when they glanced at each other and the barely-there smirk that kept playing on Ruka’s lips. All these things were driving him insane and he wanted to jump out of the car and get as far away as possible.

But it was too late. The car had already stopped in front of Ruka’s building and they were getting out. Yomi sighed and followed them like a man sentenced to death. He knew what they were going to say. Hitsugi had picked Ruka. So why the hell was he here?! He opened his mouth to speak up and halted at the intense look both Ruka and Hitsugi were giving him. They looked like they were studying him. What the hell?

“About what happened two nights ago...” Hitsugi began, but Yomi cut him off.

“Congratulations. I hope you two have a happy relationship. Though I don’t understand why you couldn’t just tell me at the studio.” He tried to contain his anger and in a fake cheerful voice said, “you people are so weird.” With that he turned his back on them and began walking away. Before he got two steps away, Ruka’s arm shot out and stopped him, his other arm circling around the vocalist small waist.

“Hey! What are you doing? Get off me Ruka!” He tried to pull away, to wriggle and squirm out of the older man’s grasp.

“If you keep doing that you’ll make me hard.” Yomi gasp. What an asshole!

“Hitsugi, get your boyfriend off me!” He demanded.

“What are you talking about? He’s your boyfriend too. You tell him to get off.”

Yomi continued to struggle, Hitsugi’s words not penetrating his skull. It was a whole minute of growls and empty threats to the lazy drummer before Yomi stopped.



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