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Disclaimer: i dont know/ own the boys of naitomea, slavery is illegal. and this is obviously fiction. and i make no money off this fic...anything else i forgot to disclaim...?

Ni~ya was surfing the internet for something good to read. It was his little secret—his guilty pleasure. No one but Hitsugi, who sometimes teased him about it, knew that Ni~ya was a secret fan boy that loved to read fanfiction. He particularly liked to know what his fans thought of him and the weird sexual band he was in and had found quite a few fictions dubbed Nisaki in honor of him being Sakito’s dom. It was quite amusing, really, and sometimes it was a turn on. But he also liked reading about other visual kei artists like their friends in The Gazette. It was easy to picture Reita being Ruki’s dom, but sweet Kai being a sadistic dom to a needy Aoi…not so much. But it was still interesting to read and some of it was really well written. He could tell that their fans not only had a lot of…ahem…respect for them, but also were actually pretty smart people. It was also amusing the pairings the authors came up with.

With a few clicks of his mouse, the bassist was at a page for Naitomea fanfiction. He scrolled down until he found a story that caught his eye. It was a Hitsugi/Ni~ya fic where Hitsugi was seme. Not only was Hitsugi dom, but he was a BDSM dom. His eyes widened. Woah. How did they know? It wasn’t that quite a stretch of imagination for Hitsugi to be seme, people assumed that of him because of the way he looked. But after getting to know the guitarist, the redhead being seme was a tad doubtful. But almost no one questioned Ni~ya being seme from just one look. And getting to know the bassist only confirmed people’s beliefs that he topped. But no, the reality was that he was the very willing sub to Hitsugi’s dom.

He clicked on the story and his eyes widened the more he read. He was starting to grow uneasy and anxiously looked around. The windows were closed and the shades were drawn. It was nighttime—almost midnight and Hitsugi was already asleep, looking more angelic than usual. Oh damn…he couldn’t wake him up, Hitsugi would kill him. He continued to read, his unease growing. But he was also starting to feel aroused at the detail of the story. His member started to harden in his boxers, wanting attention for being at attention, and he rubbed it through the soft cloth. He tried to muffle the moan that escaped him, knowing Hitsugi wouldn’t be happy if he caught him masturbating.

In the story, Ni~ya was being handcuffed and chained to the ceiling while his ankles were cuffed and chained to the floor. Then the spanking started. Once Ni~ya’s cheeks were bright red and hot against Hitsugi’s hand, the redhead put him down, only to tie him to the bed post, bent at the waist, his legs still chained to the floor. Then Hitsugi said harsh things, hurtful things, arousing things that made both the Ni~ya in the story and the raven reading it so hard, so close to coming they both moaned, the raven reading the story moaning rather loudly in the quiet room.

The Ni~ya in the story was face fucked after begging for it and Ni~ya moaned at wanting just that. Gods, the raven reader was so horny. A few lines later, after much detail to Hitsugi’s cock and what the raven of the story was feeling, Ni~ya’s eyes widened as it was written in detail how hard Hitsugi fucked the fake him. How the raven of the story cried tears of pain, of pleasure, of love for his dom and the raven reading the story could take no more. He got up from the chair and went over to kneel besides Hitsugi and began to gently nudge the redhead awake.

“Master Hitsugi. Master Hitsugi.” Ni~ya whispered until those gorgeous brown eyes opened and he was given the sight of the most beautiful thing in the world. But then Hitsugi’s eyes hardened into the eyes of a true dom.

“Why’d you wake me up, boy?”

“Master Hitsugi, I’m sorry, but I think we’re being spied on.”

It took a moment for Hitsugi to process this. Spied on? Oh god, his boy had been reading fan fiction again. this had better not be like that time two weeks ago, when Ni~ya had read one where Ruka was fucking Yomi after a concert and he thought someone had spied on them because that was the exact same thing that had happened after one of their lives.

“No one is spying on us, boy.” He said groggily, trying to calm his sub’s unnecessary fears.

“But Master Hitsugi, please read it. I think someone has spied on us this time. It was exactly like what happened before!” Knowing that Ni~ya wasn’t going to stop unless he read it or he was commanded to shut up—which he didn’t feel like doing, Ni~ya so rarely spoke as it was and his voice drove Hitsugi wild—he went to read the story.

After about ten minutes, Hitsugi sat in front of the computer, staring at the screen without seeing it. Oh gods. Something quite similar had happened less than two weeks ago, when Ni~ya had displeased him and had received punishment for his disobedience. Thinking logically, Hitsugi checked the date, a tad wary for no reason. Yet he couldn’t stop the sigh of relief that escaped him when he saw the date.

The story had been written months before. No. it was just coincidence.

“Look at the date, boy.” He said pointing to the screen. Ni~ya looked and blushed in embarrassment, his head down like a good sub, but also in shame.

“We aren’t being spied on." Hitsugi said moving to the bed, sitting at the edge looking at Ni~ya for a long time, making the bassist feel the urge to fidget. When he was content with his sub's discomfort, he wanted to make up for it--he was not a heartless dom. And he knew just the way to make up for it.

"Now, you’re going to get a spanking for waking me. Get the paddle.”

Hitsugi ordered, his voice hard and commanding, making Ni~ya weak in the knees. A shiver ran down the bassist’s spine, not of fear but of excitement and arousal. Sure, he’d displeased his master, but, he smirked as he turned to get the spanking paddle, he loved a good spanking.


does this make ANY sense at all?!!
i truly apologize for writing this, but it just wouldnt leave me alone until i wrote it down and posted it. its been chasing itself in my mind for a good two weeks now and i've gone half mad of what little sanity i had left.

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