Poisonous Obsession

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, I do not know the members of DBSK, this is purely a work of fiction. I have received no money for this fic.

She woke up slowly realizing where she was she smiled and turned over, “Hey you!” she said. He was propped up on one arm watching her he smiled back as he leaned closer to kiss her.
“Hey back, how are you feeling this morning babe?” he asked.
Sasha placed her hand on the side of his face, “I feel wonderful, how about you?” she asked as she ran her hand through his hair.
He pulled her closer, “I feel good, waking up next to you always has that effect on me!”
“Then we’ll have to do this more often,” she said snuggling closer to him. She started to put her leg across his when she felt something smooth and hard bump into her leg, “Hmm…somebody wants to play…” he leaned over her kissing her, she moaned gently and wrapped her welcoming legs around him feeling the heat of his body drawing her closer, so close that the anticipation of his presence drove her wild.
An hour later he stepped out of the shower, the club opened in two hours and he still needed to go over the receipts from last night. He smiled thinking about her; she and her sisters had become very important to him. He loved her, he wasn’t in love with her neither was she with him they fulfilled some kind of need in each other.
Their relationship was complicated, but it was also tender, loving, and basic. They had been friends for longer than he could remember, the ‘benefits’ part had only started a few months ago. She had come back to South Korea when her younger sisters told her that they wanted to attend University here.
He’d met her in grade school when her family had moved here because of their business relocating. He and Sasha had become instant friends and were always together. Until her family went back to the states just after Junior High, they had always stayed in touch; he had even visited her a few times.
When she called him a year ago and told him she was coming back he found her an apartment close to the University and offered her a job in his new club. Then her sisters started working there too, part-time and things were really going great. Until recently, there were a group of four men that were constantly harassing her. Somehow they seemed to know when she was working and always showed up only on nights that she was there.
Sasha had been in a bad relationship and was not easily trustful of anyone, except of course her sisters and Junsu. He knew this and had tried to get her to open up, but instead she opened up to him in a way that he did not expect, not just for friendship and comfort, but sex as well.
He’d asked a few friends to meet him tonight, hopefully they could help him to finally end this harassment and make her life easier. He wanted her to find someone to love that would love her back and treat her like she should be treated. But their sexual encounters would have to come to an end. But he wondered if he would he be strong enough for that? He sighed, picking up his jacket and briefcase he headed out the door to the club.
The club was in full swing when Jaejoong, Micky, and Yunho arrived, they were taken to a private table upstairs where they found Junsu waiting for them. They greeted each other with hugs and sat down; he motioned to one of the waitresses to come take their orders.
She was dressed in shorts and a halter type shirt as were the other waitresses. As she approached they noticed that she was American, taller that most Asian women, wavy chocolate brown hair, blue eyes and curves in all the right places.
“Hey babe,” she said as he stood and put his arm around her, she leaned into him and lay a gentle kiss on his lips they smiled at each other.
“Guys this is my oldest and dearest friend Sasha. Sasha this is Jaejoong, Yunho, and Yoochun, more affectionately known as Micky.” He said smiling and holding on to her hand.
“Nice to finally meet you all, now what can I get you to drink?” she took their orders and headed to the bar. It didn’t take long before she returned, “If you need anything else let me know!”
“Sasha,” Junsu pulled her down and whispered softly in her ear, “Are they here?” Junsu asked concern in his voice and on his face.
“Of course, right on time at their usual table,” she said obviously annoyed and frustrated.
“If you…” Junsu started.
“I know, I know, I’ll let you know. Don’t worry so much, I’m a big girl,” she told him as she leaned down and lay kiss on his brow.
“Junsu………… are you in love with her?” Jaejoong asked with an inquiring look on his face.
“No! I love her like a sister, but I’m not ‘in love’ with her like you mean. She’s a very special person and it pains me to see her harassed by these men, it’s starting to affect her even when she’s off work. Somehow they got her home phone number so now it’s like around the clock harassment.” He paused to see their reactions, “But the worst part is that now they have started to threaten not only her but her sisters. She would die before she’d let anyone hurt them, that’s what worries me the most.”
“Has she tried changing her phone number?” Micky asked.
“Yeah she’s on like her fourth one in the last few weeks, I don’t understand how they keep getting it,” Junsu was definitely at the end of his rope. “I called you guys so that you could help, I think that maybe I’m missing something,” He looked at each one in turn, “I won’t let her get hurt again.”
“Don’t worry I’m sure that we will figure out somet…” Yunho was saying when they heard a scream from downstairs. They were all on their feet in an instant, Sasha was on the floor surrounded by broken glasses and the men in question were laughing loudly.
“What’s the matter bitch, can’t walk straight and carry glasses at the same time?” one of them was saying loudly and laughing.
She got to her feet ignoring the pain from the cuts on her hands, “You bastard,” she drew back her hand to slap him. One of the other men stepped behind her; the first one grabbed her holding her against him with one arm while the other hand roamed over her breasts. He tried to kiss her, but she bit him causing him to throw her to the floor.
“You slut!!” he said raising his hand to hit her when someone grabbed his arm. He turned and looked into the very unhappy face of Yunho.
“I know that you are not about to hit a lady?” Yunho smirked.
“That bitch ain’t a lady, she’s a whore!!!” he yelled and before he knew what happened he was on his knees with the wind knocked out of him.
Yunho leaned down to whisper in his ear, “You and your friends are going to leave this fine establishment, NOW!!”
Junsu and Micky were helping Sasha up while Jaejoong and Yunho escorted the men to the door, “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll not come back here,” Jaejoong told them almost in a growl.
They were in the office Sasha’s hands and arms were covered with bits of broken glass, Junsu was trying to carefully pick out each tiny piece, but his hands were shaking badly from the rage he felt deep within he was doing a terrible job. Jaejoong took off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves, “Move Junsu, you can’t do this, you’re not calm enough!” he pushed Junsu aside, he lifted her chin so that she was looking at him, “Do you trust me Sasha?”
She cut her eyes over to her familiar Junsu as if looking for reassurance. Jaejoong again took her chin and said “No, look at me,” he gently guided her face around until she was looking in his eyes again. She was hesitant, then smiled and nodded. “Good.” He said returning her smile.
Jaejoong reached over to grab the tape dispenser and pulled the trash can closer, tearing off a long strip of tape he touched it to her skin when he pulled it off the glass shards came with it. He continued until he was sure that he had gotten it all, “Go to the rest room and run some cool water down your arms, don’t rub. Wrap a towel around them and come back and we’ll finish, okay?” he said gently, she nodded.
“Thanks guys, I’m glad that you were here, I don’t know what I would’ve done…” he was saying.
Micky walked up to him and lay his hand on Junsu’s shoulder, “Its okay man,” Micky said smiling, “Junsu, are you sure that you’re not ‘in’ love with her? I wouldn’t blame you if you were, she’s beautiful!” Then his face changed, “Oh my god, you’re fucking her aren’t you?”
“She calls it ‘friends with benefits’.” He looked at the shocked faces of his friends. “No, it’s not like that. We’ve know each other since elementary school; I’ve always taken care of her. It’s just…” He paused, “She got into a bad relationship before she came back here.” He paused again, not wanting to betray her trust “He...He beat her so bad she almost died, I couldn’t protect her then but I can NOW.” Tears started running down his reddened face; he heard her coming back, so he quickly wiped away his tears. She slowly reentered the room, embarrassed over the situation, her eyes searched for Junsu and she went to him.
“You’ve been crying haven’t you?” she asked gently. He turned his head away from her and tried to hide his emotions, “Sweetie, we’ve had this conversation before, I’m not worthy of your tears…” he turned around and threw his fist into the wall.
“Dammit Sasha,” he yelled. Her whole body flinched as though he’d thrown his fist at her; she was cowering away from him as she had flashbacks of her previous brush with death. Yunho stepped up behind her. In a flash his arms were around her waist as she lost her balance he caught her and helped her to a nearby chair. Realizing what he had just done Junsu started towards her.
“Don’t please, just don’t,” she looked at him with a fear in her eyes that Junsu had never seen before. She quickly looked around at the others, “I’m sorry,” she said then she grabbed her things and ran from the room.
Junsu started after her, but Jaejoong grabbed his arm, “Leave it Junsu…..just give her some time, she needs to be alone for now. Now come sit down and let me take a look at that hand ‘slugger’.” He laughed.
“I’m just glad I’m not the wall!!” Micky said and they all laughed and nodded in agreement.

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