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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, I do not know the members of DBSK, this is purely a work of fiction. I have received no money for this fic.

I’m not sure where to start, my name is Nia, I’m 23 years old, have a great job, a fantastic boyfriend, and life couldn’t be much better. So why do you ask am I ranting? I’m scared of sex, a point of contention with my boyfriend, Yunho.

Don’t get me wrong he’s the best, patient, loving, understanding, but I’m afraid that he’s getting more than a little frustrated with my attitude about sex. I’ve only had a couple of sexual experiences but instead of feeling earth shattering, I only felt dirty and ashamed afterwards. We’ve had some pretty intense make out sessions, but I always stop him just before the ‘all the way’ point.

Yunho’s the best but I’m afraid that his patience is really running thin. I’m crazy about him but I can’t seem to get past how I feel about sex, even for him. He told me that he loves me and he tries to understand, but I’m so afraid that he’ll leave me.

I love him more than anything or anyone that I have ever loved in my life and I’m terrified that I’ll lose him. So being at the end of my rope I called my brother, Jaejoong for guidance. I’m American and Jaejoong is Korean, his father is married to my mother so we are step-siblings, but we have been together since we were young. Jaejoong takes his older brother duties very seriously where I am concerned, we’ve always been very close.

When he came in I collapsed in his arms, I never realized how stressed I had been about the whole situation until then. He held me as I cried then gently led me to the sofa so that we could talk, I told him everything, the relationships involving sex that only left me feeling dirty and used, to Yunho who was trying to be patient. I also told him that I was afraid that Yunho may be getting frustrated about our non-existent sexual relationship, it was time to take our relationship to the next level, but I kept freezing up.

“Its okay baby sis, I am going to show you the art of making love, without actually making love to you, Neh?” he said. He was holding me as he began kissing me and running his hands over my body, he was my brother and I felt safe with him. He took my hand and placed it on his crotch, I tried to pull away, “No, baby you have to learn, from start to finish, okay!?” he asked.

Not completely understanding what he meant I allowed him to lead me to my bedroom. He began helping to remove my clothes, and at his urging also helped him to undress; he lay across my bed holding his hand out for me to join him.

I was completely caught off guard not only by his request, but at the sight of his beautifully sexy and well endowed body joined him on my bed; he began kissing me, lightly at first then deepening the kiss no longer kissing me as a brother.

“I love you baby girl, I will do anything to ensure your happiness, you know that don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes,” I answered hesitantly.

“Do you know how to give blow jobs?” he asked.

“I think so,” I answered apprehensively.

“Then I think that you should learn this first, baby!” he declared.

“Whatever you think,” I answered looking into his eyes unsure.

“I won’t hurt you sweetheart, anymore than I will allow you to be hurt,” with this he kissed me deeply.

I followed his directions and began to kiss his jaw, neck, and down across his chest to his stomach. Once there I stuck my tongue into his navel and could hear his pleasured moans. “Keep going, baby,” he said a little breathless.

I was at his erection, taking the head into my mouth and running my tongue across his slit as he told me to. Then instinct took over and I started to suck and lick at his erection as if it was a lollipop, but then he started to thrust into my mouth gagging me. I panicked and started to cry.

“I’m hopeless,” I cried

He sat up and pulled me to him, “Oh god, baby I’m so sorry, you are not hopeless,” he said trying to comfort me. “When you are doing this, always remember to keep one hand across his hips to remind him that it’s your mouth he’s fucking so that he doesn’t choke you!!”

“I’ll try,” I answered, he pulled me to him and kissed me passionately, “try again,” he whispered seductively.

I tried to begin where we had been interrupted, but this time I kept one hand on his hip as the other gently caressed his balls, my mouth was sucking and licking, then I tried to accommodate more of his length down my throat, I heard him moaning and calling my name, this was my brother but I was giving him pleasure and it made me happy.

It wasn’t long before he came shooting his cum into my mouth and down my throat, I moved back up to him, licking my lips and coughing a little. He kissed me, not like a brother but as a lover.

“Precious girl, I love you,” he said while panting. “You are a quick learner!!” he said chuckling, “Oh babe that was incredible, I thought that you didn’t know how to do that!!”

“I’m glad that you’re pleased, but I don’t understand how this is going to help my relationship with Yunho?!?” I replied. “It’s easy when you have someone that’s patient and understanding!”  I blushed looking at him. He was my brother, not by blood, but by marriage tonight he was my sex guru, and I loved him more than ever.

“First you must learn how to pleasure, before you can relax enough to be pleasured, Neh?” he answered, kissing my forehead. “Now it’s your turn,” he smirked

“Jae, do you love me?” I asked.

“Of course I do,” he answered.

“Why can’t Yunho?” I cried.

“Oh baby, he does or he wouldn’t be so patient with you!!” he answered.

“Do you really think that you can teach me how to relax and make love to him without all the apprehensions!?” I asked still crying.

He lifted my head by putting his finger under my chin, “I do, and if he doesn’t then he doesn’t deserve you!!” He covered my lips with his and kissed me urging my lips apart and slipping his tongue in, he explored the inside of my mouth as my tongue glided against his, leaving me breathless.

He situated himself between my thighs kissing my jaw, my neck, and down to my collar bone, he began to massage and assault my breasts. “Never be afraid to tell your lover what you like and don’t like, if you don’t tell him he won’t know!”  It was something that I had never experienced before I was moaning and threading my hands through his silky hair.

“You like this?” he asked.

“Oh yeah!” I said breathlessly.

“It’s only going to get better baby girl!!!” he said smirking. He continued his assault on my breasts and then moved further down to my stomach as his hands continued to explore my body, he attacked my navel with his tongue. The closer he got to my private parts the more I started to tremble, “It’s alright sweetheart I won’t hurt you!” He moved to kiss and nip at my inner thighs. He moved so that my legs were forced wider apart then he was at my core, he stabbed at me with his tongue, I arched my back and moaned.  He chuckled.

He inserted his tongue into me I lost it, I was moaning and calling his name, “Oh god,” I yelled.

“Hold on baby!!” he smiled and continued to assault my core!!

I reached down to tangle the fingers of one hand in his silky hair, the other I tangled in the sheets; about the same time he inserted two fingers into me!! I almost screamed when his fingers hit a spot that made me see stars!!

He continued to lick, suck, and gently bite at my clit as his fingers did magic inside me! It didn’t take long, as I pressed down on his fingers, until the heat was building in my lower stomach. I screamed with my first real orgasm!

“Oh god help me, Jaejoong!!!!” I screamed.

He came up to me and began kissing me before he removed his fingers; I was shaking and panting for breaths. He smiled as he watched me come for the second time. “It’s not so hard to open you up for pleasure,” He laughed pulling me close and pulling the covers over us.

“So tell me more about the man that has stolen my baby sister’s heart!!” he said. I told him everything what Yunho did, how patient he had been so far, how he made me feel, “You really love him don’t you?” he asked.

“I think that he may be the one!!” I cried.

“I’m happy for you! You deserve to be happy, we will make tomorrow very special!” he kissed my forehead. I snuggled closer laying my head on his shoulder, much as I had when I was a child and he comforted me after a nightmare.

“So you are going to stay with me then?” I asked.

“Of course, I will make sure that everything goes smoothly for you baby!!” he kissed me again. I fell asleep with my brother holding me and for the first time in a long time felt at peace.

I awoke the next morning alone, briefly panicking at the thought that Jae had left me, then I smelled coffee and smiled. I sighed with relief when he came through the door carrying a tray of breakfast, coffee, and juice, “Good morning, how’d you sleep?” he asked smiling while he set the tray down and leaned in to kiss my forehead.

“Better than I have in a long time, thank you!!” I answered returning his smile.

I called to invite Yunho for supper, which he gratefully accepted. Jae and I spent the day sharing gentle touches and forbidden kisses. I was nervous and Jae had noticed it, he led me to the bathroom ran a warm bath, and made sure that I was in it, “I’ll finish up you just relax for a while,” he left me alone in the bathroom with my thoughts.

When I got out of the tub, Jae had laid my clothes on the bed for me, a pale green slip dress with spaghetti straps, and no underwear.

Yunho arrived right on time, he was more than a little surprised at my brother’s presence. They greeted each other cautiously, but cordially. Supper went by without a hitch – minimal small talk, then we all moved to the living room for dessert and coffee.

“Yunho, do you love my sister?” Jae asked non-chalantly.

“I do very much,” he answered.

“Are you becoming frustrated with her reaction to having sex with you?” Jae asked watching Yunho’s face.

“What the…I don’t know that it’s any of your business! That’s between Nia and me!” Yunho exclaimed.

“But it is, as she’s asked for my help,” Jae answered remaining calm.

Yunho looked at me with an incredulous look, trying to understand why I would share the intimate details of our relationship with my brother. “How could you discuss this with him and not with me?” He stood up and headed for the door.

I was shocked that he had reacted so badly, I ran to him crying I clung to his shirt, “Please don’t go, I need you…Yunho I love you!!”

“Can we please talk about this, please…I can’t stand to see my baby sister in so much pain,” Jae said fighting back his own tears.

I cried against Yunho’s chest, my tears wetting his shirt. Slowly he wrapped his arms around me burying his face in my hair, “It’s okay baby, don’t cry,” he pulled back looking into my eyes, “I love you too!!” He gently kissed my lips looking at my brother he said, “Let’s talk, all of us!!” We sat back down and with Jae’s support I told Yunho everything that I had told Jae the day before.

When I was through he took both my hands in his, “I’m sorry that you’ve suffered so, I could never…would never hurt you! You know that right?” the love was shining so brightly in his eyes my heart felt as though it would burst!

“Now Nia,” Jae said barely above a whisper.

I leaned over to kiss Yunho, opening my mouth inviting him in; he pulled me closer deepening the kiss as I straddled his lap. I reached between us to undo his belt, but when I started to unzip his pants he stopped me, “Oh baby, your brother’s here!”

Jae came up behind me crouched down and pulled my hair to the side kissing my neck, “Yunho, she’s ready for you!”

I moaned as Jae nibbled at that spot under my ear, Yunho was watching with eyes that conveyed curiosity, love, and lust. He moved his hands to my thighs running them up to my butt, that’s when he found out that I had no underwear on, he groaned.

I reached again to unzip his pants, this time he let me even lifting his hips so that I could push them down. I got down between his legs taking his erect member in one hand as I snaked the other under his shirt to pinch and caress his nipples he was moaning. When I wrapped my lips around the head running my tongue over the slit he threw his head back groaning loudly. I continued sucking and licking, and bobbing my head on his member, I moved my hand to his balls and began massaging and gently squeezing them. I ran my tongue up the vein on the underside, and then took the head back in my mouth gently grazing my teeth over the length. I quickened my pace, trying to watch his face for his reaction, when his eyes met mine he they looked hazed over he was breathing hard but managed a small smile at me!

He was calling my name, over and over that only made me move faster, I so wanted him to be happy! He screamed my name as he convulsed with his orgasm as he cum shot into my mouth and down my throat.

I looked up at him, he raised his head reaching for me, I went to him covering his lips with mine, “Oh Jesus baby that…no you are amazing!” he kissed me again. He was getting hard again tasting himself on my worked like an aphrodisiac.

Jae was behind me again, he helped me to straddle Yunho’s thighs, then he pulled my dress up and over my head exposing my naked body for Yunho to see, “You are so beautiful, I love you so much!!” he leaned up to kiss me while slipping his hand between my legs. He was teasing, rubbing, then he slipped one then two fingers inside me, I was moaning and breathing hard, pushing down on his fingers. I threw my head back Jae was there while Yunho sucked and nibbled at my breasts, my brother covered my lips with his parting my lips our tongues began to dance together.

Yunho, with Jae’s help, lifted me up and seated me on his erection, I gasped he was much bigger than anyone else that I had been with. Lost in the moment I didn’t move right away Yunho groaned grasping my hips and began to thrust soon I was moving with him.

Suddenly I felt a warm wetness on my bottom and realized that it was Jae kissing and biting. He found my puckered entrance running his tongue around and in it. I knew what was coming next, I knew that it was wrong, but it felt so damned right.

While my lover fucked my front, my brother was stretching the back, then I felt him pushing his erection in, all I could do was inhale sharply. The feeling of having two dicks in you at the same time is indescribable, but wonderful. I’d never felt so loved, wanted, or desired as I did at that moment. The friction caused by both of them thrusting and rubbing together inside me was absolutely unbelievable.

I was at the edge, Jae was kissing, biting, licking at my back, neck, and shoulders, Yunho was once again attacking my breasts, I had a hand tangled in Yunho’s hair holding him close reaching back I also tangled my other hand in Jae’s hair. We were all lost in the passion moaning and groaning the sound of skin slapping skin pushed me over into oblivion. I screamed with my orgasm as both of my lovers held onto me, I was shaking uncontrollably. I tried to catch my breath but another orgasm was building, Jae and Yunho came within just a few seconds of each other, then my second orgasm hit.

I collapsed against Yunho’s chest and Jae leaned across my back, we were sweating profusely and panting. I was exhausted, and I knew that they had to be too.  After a few minutes I felt my brother pull out and leave, I could feel his come leaking out of my bottom, he came back bringing a wet cloth for Yunho to help me clean up. Yunho kissed me and held me close, “You’re amazing, I love you so much!”

Jae disappeared again coming back this time with blankets and pillows.

“What’s all this?” I asked.

“A sleepover!” he laughed, looking at Yunho, he asked, “You game?”

Yunho looked at me and smiled I smiled back, “Hell yeah!!!”

I lay on my back between them feeling like the most special person in the world, I was with the two most important men in my life. Yunho would rub his hand across my stomach leaning in to kiss me, Jae would watch us and smile knowing that we would be okay now he leaned in and kissed me too. Then to my surprise he leaned over me and kissed Yunho’s cheek, “Thank you and welcome to the family!!” he laughed.

Yunho blushed then told my brother “Thank You!” he leaned in to kiss me I ran my fingers through his hair holding this moment in my heart and my memories. We talked for a long time telling funny stories learning as much as we could about each other. Somewhere during the conversation I fell asleep, when I woke up Jae’s head was on my shoulder while Yunho’s arms were wrapped protectively around me.

I watched Yunho sleeping, we were finally lovers, thanks to my brother, I kissed Jae’s forehead he smiled in his sleep mumbling, “I love you!”

“I love you to baby, you’re the best,” I whispered. I eased out of Yunho’s embrace to go to the bathroom, when I returned the sight that awaited me caused me to have evil thoughts. In my absence Jae had rolled over and was trapped in Yunho’s embrace, they both looked like angels. I went to the bedroom to retrieve the massage oil that I kept next to my bed with a smile.

When I returned I commenced to putting lube on my fingers and started the process of stretching my brother’s tight pucker, he moaned in his sleep and began to press down on my fingers, then I rubbed the oil on Yunho’s length amazed at how, even in his sleep, he grew hard and grew so big. Then I guided his length to Jae’s entrance, he woke up, stuttering in shock, “Nia, baby I’m not gay!!” he told me shocked at my actions.

Jae was awake, “It has nothing to do with being gay,” he reached out to brush his hand softly against my cheek. “Does it baby girl?” he said smiling.

“No,” I blushed, “it’s a thank you for all that you’ve done for us, I want you to be pleasured also!! I love you so!!”

Jae moved to his hands and knees, I pleaded to Yunho with my eyes. He positioned himself behind Jae, watching me, I nodded. He slowly pushed himself into Jae’s entrance groaning at the tightness, Jae hissed in pain. “You’ve never done this have you baby?” I asked.

“No, but I’ve always wanted to try it!!” he said obviously very uncomfortable with the intrusion.

Yunho was deeply seated inside Jae, but did not move waiting for him to let him know when he was ready. “I think I know what to do to get your mind off the pain,” I eased under him and took his half hard length in my hand licking across the slit and taking the head into my mouth. I began sucking and licking until I heard him tell Yunho to move.

Yunho began to move changing angles until he found that bundle of nerves that would drive my brother crazy. As his thrust became needier and faster, Jae grabbed me and pulled my bottom half to his mouth and he attacked my clit. I reached up and began to massage Yunho’s balls with one hand while the other worked on Jae’s. Yunho’s moaning, Jae’s groans and my total oblivion to anything but pleasure soon caused us all to fall over the edge of sanity together. I have never been more turned on than when I saw my lover give my brother an open mouthed kiss.

In the aftermath of our passion I was sandwiched between my lovers. I never felt more loved than at that moment. I kissed them both, then they again kissed each other.

We took turns taking showers, Jae went first, while he was in the shower. Yunho made love to me so lovingly and gently, if I had died at that moment I couldn’t have been happier!

Then I took my shower, as Jae and I fixed breakfast Yunho showered. We ate breakfast and talked.

Jae gathered his belongings to leave, “Do you have to go?” I asked sadly.

“You don’t need me now baby girl, you need to spend the day with your ‘lover’ and cement your relationship!!” he answered with a smile. “I love you so much, if you need anything else let me know!!”

“I love you too, I’ll never be able to repay you!!” I smiled back.

Then he surprised me when he leaned over and lay a gently kiss to Yunho’s lips, “It’s been a ‘pleasure’ to meet you, welcome to the family!!” he laughed at the look on Yunho’s face.

“Thanks,” Yunho replied. “It was definitely a pleasure!!” he smirked, looking at me and smiling gently!

That was six months ago Yunho and I are still going strong, stronger than ever in fact. Jae was married three weeks ago they are a perfect couple, very much in love, she and I are very close. Yunho and I will be married in two weeks, hopefully our adventures will continue!!


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