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Disclaimer: I do not know DBSK. This is all work of fiction. I didn't make any money for this story.

Changmin sits at the end of his bed. He knows there is something different about the room but he didn’t know what. If felt like something was missing. There was a missing warmth. Like there was something that he forgot. Though he didn’t know what. Changmin’s bedroom door opened it was Yoochun his band mate. 

“How are you doing Changmin?” Yoochun asked. 

Changmin shrugs his shoulders. “I’m alright. Is there something wrong Yoochun. It seems like there is something missing in my room. What is it? Do you know?” 

Yoochun looked at him with the saddest eyes that Changmin has ever seen on his band mate. Yoochun was told that this would happen. The doctors told the band and the company that Changmin wouldn’t remember. 

Yoochun walks over hugging Changmin “Don’t worry buddy. It will be alright.” 

Changmin hugs back still trying to figure out what will be alright but he just sighs and hugs Yoochun until he pulled away and walked out the door. 

Changmin just sits there then walk out with the rest of the guys are. There was one missing but he couldn’t even remember his face but he knew there was a member missing. Changmin looks around the room noticing that all the guys where looking at him. 

“Did I do something wrong?” Changmin wondered. 

Yunho stood up. “If you weren’t being a total jerk to him. He would still be here. You’re a jerk Changmin.” 

Junsu hugs Yunho. “Chill Yunho that isn’t going to help. Changmin will not remember.” 

Changmin looks between Junsu his best friend and Yunho. “ What are you guys talking about?” 

Yoochun walks over handing Changmin a photograph. “This is what they were talking about. I’m guessing that if Yunho can’t keep his mouth shut then we mind as well show you this.” 

Changmin looks down at the photo. It was a photo of him and another guy. Though he didn’t remember. 

Changmin looks at Yoochun. “Who is this?” 

Yoochun sighs before replying to Changmin. “It’s Jaejoong. He was in our band and he was your lover.” 

Changmin looks at the photo then looks at Yoochun. “Where is he? What do you mean was.” 

Yoochun looks at Changmin the looks over at the other two. “He’s dead. He ran out after you two had a fight. He got hit by two cars.” 

Changmin puts his hand over his mouth. “What happened? Why did we fight?” 

Yunho goes over hitting Changmin across the face. “You wouldn’t let him go out. I can’t believe you would be so much of a selfish bastard. You fought with him all the time. All he wanted to do is go out and have some fun. You didn’t let him you had to fight with him.” 

Changmin puts his hand over the cheek that Yunho hit. “Did we? Was that it? I wouldn’t do that. I would never do that.” 

Junsu looks at Yunho then walks over to him making him sit down. “Yunho you shouldn’t have done that. It’s not Changmin’s fault. He got hit as well.” 

Yunho screams “Then he should have died too.” 

Yoochun looks at Yunho. “You don’t mean that Yunho. Yunho.. don’t be so mean. Junsu take care of Yunho will you.” 

Junsu nods his head taken Yunho into another room. Changmin watches them go then walks over sitting on the sofa putting his head into his hands just shaking it. 

“I can’t remember Yoochun. I don’t remember anything.” Changmin said looking up at Yoochun. 

“It will come back sooner or later or never at all. I think that would be for the best. We remember him but you don’t. though he was your lover. You have amnesia. So it might be long term or short term.” Yoochun sighs before continuing. “You just will not remember all the times you had with Jaejoong. No matter how many times you try. At least that is what the doctors say.” 

Changmin sighs. “What was Jaejoong like?” 

Yoochun smiles a bit. “He was a kind guy. He liked you a lot though he was a bit cold at first. He used to push you around like you where nothing. Of course you always hit him back.” 

Changmin nods his head. “Is that all that me and Jaejoong did?” 

Yoochun shakes his head. “No of course not. You two were louder then Yunho and Junsu. They have sex all of the time. I remember when I not on purpose remind you. I walked in on you and Jaejoong having sex. I didn’t mean to stay and watch but it was different. I didn’t think I would get a hard on watching you ride Jaejoong.” 

Changmin blushes a lot then looks at Yoochun. “You stayed and watched? Why?” 

“Because it was hot.” Yoochun said looking down at the floor. 


Changmin was laying on the bed next to Jaejoong. When Jaejoong leans over to Changmin kissing him on the neck. 

“You want to go again already Jae?” Changmin said to him. 

Jaejoong nods his head. “Yes.. I want you badly Min.” 

Changmin moans loudly as Jaejoong bites his nipple and starts sucking on it. Jaejoong works down Changmin’s body putting his already hard cock in his mouth sucking on him hard. 

Changmin tilts his head back moaning loudly. “Oh. Jae.. That feels good. Really good.” Jaejoong goes harder on him while looking up at him seeing his mouth opened ajar with his eyes closed. Changmin moans loudly the harder Jaejoong goes. 

Changmin reaches down to Jaejoong flipping him over. “You want me.. you got me.” 

Jaejoong smiles lightly. “Oh really. You really going to let me have you?” 

Changmin nods his head as he pushes himself on to Jaejoong’s hard cock moaning out really loud. 

Jaejoong buckles his hips over and over again going in and out of Changmin. “Yes.. you feel better then last time.” 

Changmin smirks at Jaejoong. “Yeah don’t I. I love you Jae.” 

Jaejoong moans out more. “I love you to Min.” 

Changmin moves on Jaejoong harder making both of them cry out in peer pleasure. Changmin rocks his hips into Jaejoong. 

Jaejoong screams lightly “Oh Min..” Jaejoong moves his hips with Changmin’s 

Changmin smiles. “What do you feel Jae?” 

Jaejoong screams out. “Your cock Min.. Your cock.” 

Changmin rides him harder and harder while Jaejoong screams out louder and louder the harder Changmin goes. 

Changmin smiles at Jaejoong. “Jae cum in me.” 

Jaejoong looks at him has he grabs the sheets. :Oh yes.. I want to. I want you to scream out while I cum.” 

Changmin leans down still moving himself more. “Oh I will Jae.. I will.” 

Jaejoong moves with Changmin’s speed more. “Oh if we keep moving like this I will cum deep inside you Min.” 

Changmin moans really loudly he knew that the other guys could hear but he didn’t care. He just waited Jaejoong to cum deep in him. “oh yeah.. how about if I move more?” 

Jaejoong screams out really loud as Changmin does move more. “OH DAMN IT MIN.” 

As soon as Jaejoong screams Changmin cums all over both of there stomachs and Jaejoong cums deep inside him. Both Changmin and Jaejoong scream out at the same time. 

Changmin sighs rolling onto his back. “I love you Jae.” 

Jaejoong smiles curling up next to him. “I love you to Min.” 

-end flashback- 

Yoochun smiles as he tells Changmin what happened between them. “That is what it was like between you two all the time at least while you two were alone.” 

Changmin looks at the floor. “Is it really? I really don’t remember. I wish I did. Even in details like you.” 

Changmin stands up and heads for the door. “I’m going for a walk.” Before Yoochun says anything Changmin walks out.

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