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Jaejoong was sitting at home after an interview, it was just him and Yunho and he knew from how Yunho was looking at him he was in trouble. Yunho finally walked over to Jaejoong shaking his head. Jaejoong looked up at Yunho knowing that he shouldn’t have said that in the interview about Junsu and Yunho. There was nothing that could be done now and Jaejoong was going to have to deal with the punishment that Yunho will do to him. 

“You know better Jae.” Yunho said looking at Jaejoong before grabbing his hand roughly. 

“I’m sorry Yunho it just fell out. I didn’t mean to let them know about you two.” Jaejoong said standing up when Yunho pulled him up taken him to Yunho and Junsu’s room. 

“You’re going to have to relearn Jaejoong.” Yunho said throwing Jaejoong on the bed. “Lay down now!” 

Jaejoong looked at Yunho nodding his head. Of course he was going to obey Yunho; after all he was in enough trouble as is. Jaejoong lay down on his back when he noticed Yunho turning his finger around, telling him to flip over. Jaejoong breathed in heavily before doing so. 

Yunho smiled when Jaejoong flipped over on his stomach. Yunho walked over grabbing two ties on his way over. Yunho leaned over Jaejoong bonding both of his hands to the bed posts. 

“You know Jaejoong… you’re not to like this.” Yunho said in his ear. 

“I will not like this. I’m not like you and Junsu.” Jaejoong said with some anger in his voice. 

“That’s right but you might after this.” Yunho said kissing his ear before going to get more toys that him and Junsu played with all the time. 

“Please don’t Yunho... I promise I will never say anything again.” Jaejoong pleaded with him. 

“Sorry can’t let you go...” Yunho said with a smile on his face as he blindfolded Jaejoong. 

“Please I promise Yunho... please.” Jaejoong was still pleading with him. 

“I already told you no!” Yunho went back to the closet where he keeps his whip. He switched it once letting Jaejoong hear it. Yunho saw Jaejoong shiver and smiled more. 

Jaejoong already knew what Yunho had planed for him way before Yunho got out the whip. It was just sad that he had to pretend that he didn’t like it when he really loved Yunho hitting him with that whip. Maybe that is what pissed Yunho off the most, out of everyone in the group Jaejoong let “slip” the most private information. 

Yunho walked over hitting Jaejoong with the whip hard listening to Jaejoong scream loud in pain. Jaejoong let out the scream and Yunho smiled hitting him again. 

“Will you remember this time not to let anything private out to the media? Because of that mouth of yours we’ve been having rumors mania.” Yunho said as he watched Jaejoong nod his head yes and tears going down his face. 

Yunho smiles as he watches the tear going down Jaejoong’s beautiful face. Though he did love Junsu he also was head over heals for Jaejoong. Yunho raises the whip again hitting him across his back listening to the scream Jaejoong lets out.

As Yunho continues the whipping Jaejoong lays there with pain on his face but on the inside he is smiling with Yunho wishing him to go harder against his back. Jaejoong was also wondering when Yunho was going to start fucking him. Jaejoong knew for a fact that Yunho would start that after words, since whipping people was something that Yunho got so turned on about, for some reason or another. 

Yunho moved himself to sit on Jaejoong’s butt with the whip still in hand as he moved his hips into Jaejoong really hard. 

“No Yunho please don’t… Please I promise I will not do it again.” Jaejoong said biting his lip because of how good it really felt against him. 

Yunho whipped him again listening to the scream of the raven haired man under him. Then really pushing his hips with into Jaejoong’s butt even more, finally earning a moan out of Jaejoong. 

“Yunho... you’re hard…” Jaejoong said with pleasure in his voice that he just couldn’t keep out. 

Yunho smiles at him noticed the pleasure that Jaejoong had in his voice. Yunho smiled even more while he rocked his hips into Jaejoong more earning himself more moans from Jaejoong. 

“Oh you really like this don’t you Jaejoong.” Yunho said pushing his hips right into Jaejoong. 

Jaejoong nodded his head since he was speechless to talk to him right now. It just felt way too good to deny anyways. Jaejoong felt Yunho’s hard cock being pushed into him again moaning out without stopping himself, he pushed back at Yunho. , listening to Yunho moan at the same time. 

“Oh you naughty little boy, you pushed back. If you like it that much I have a treat for you.” Yunho said still pushing himself into Jaejoong’s ass, listening to Jaejoong moan out at him. 

Yunho lifted himself up as he pulled off Jaejoong’s pants and boxers smiling when he noticed how hard Jaejoong was. Yunho pulled his own off smiling as he sat back on Jaejoong’s ass. Humping against Jaejoong’s ass earning moans out of both of them. 

Jaejoong felt Yunho up against him and moaned loudly pushing back listening to Yunho moan as well. 

“I really want this Yunho. I want to feel you inside me. Please.” Jaejoong pleaded with Yunho this time with pleasure in his voice. 

“Oh really, you want me in you. But I thought you weren’t like me and Junsu?” Yunho said pushing his hard cock against him again earning a moan out of Jaejoong’s lips. 

“I lied. I want you. I mean to say those things just so I can have you.” Jaejoong said 

Yunho gasped in surprise and in the fact that Jaejoong really liked the “punishment” that he gives him. It didn’t take Yunho long to recover from that. He pulled Jaejoong up onto his knees as he pushed himself deep inside Jaejoong listening to him scream in pleasure instead of pain this time. After a little while Jaejoong started pushing back at him. Yunho couldn’t explain the pleasure of Jaejoong’s tight ass around his hard cock or how long he really wanted it. 

“Oh Yunho… More please give me more of you.” Jaejoong pleaded with him. 

In responds Yunho gave him what he wanted. Pushing into Jaejoong really hard moving more then he ever did, even with Junsu his one and only lover. Jaejoong was pushing back just as hard with his mouth open and his breathing very uneven and raged. Yunho smiled more as both of them pushed against each other. Both moaning the harder they moved against each other. 

“I’m going to cum Jaejoong.” Yunho breathed out in a moan as Jaejoong pushed up against him. 

“Then cum in me… I want it.” Jaejoong said knowing that he was close as well. 

With just a few more thrusts, they both came 

“Oh Yunho…. It’s so warm…” Jaejoong said before passing out. 

“I know” Yunho said pulling out of Jaejoong and laying next to him falling asleep

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