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Yunho just got out of work when he first saw the beautiful man at the club. He never really talked to him just watched him from afar. It wasn’t like he was scared. But he didn’t want to do anything wrong to make the older male turn away from him. Yunho didn’t know much about the other, the other day he did run into one of the other’s friends. The friend told him that his name was Jaejoong. Yunho remembered thinking that his name was as beautiful as his body. 

Yunho left work going back to his apartment to showered and go to the club again. He just couldn’t wait to see the beautiful face of the beauty named Jaejoong. He didn’t know his last name just knew his first. 

Yunho sighed when he stepped into the club. Some how Yunho knew that Jaejoong was at the club. He didn’t see him yet but he knew he was there. Yunho was thinking that he was most defiantly taken Jaejoong home with him tonight. Weather Jaejoong wanted it or not. Jaejoong will be his. Yunho smirked at his own thoughts. It would be good to have someone else in bed with me tonight. And all the more better to be Jaejoong.

Yunho walked farther in the club looking for the beautiful blonde when he spotted him. He was dancing among a few people a mix of men and women. Yunho smiled he was glade that he showered and got fully dressed to go clubbing tonight. Yunho moved his way over to them and danced with them for a while. Yunho finally got in the middle where Jaejoong was and he danced right up beside him. Yunho noticed that Jaejoong looked back at him and smiled. Oh he has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen Yunho thought to himself. Yunho started dancing right up against Jaejoong smiling the all the way though the dance. Jaejoong just dances with him smiling lightly at the girl in front of him. 

Yunho puts his arms around Jaejoong’s waist holding him up against him. Yunho felt Jaejoong stiffen up against him but then Jaejoong loosened up again and started dancing again. Yunho and Jaejoong danced together almost all night. Then the club was about to close Jaejoong was leaning against Yunho because he was between tired from all the dancing and drunk. 

“Who are you anyways?” Jaejoong suddenly asked him. 

“U-know Yunho… everyone calls me Yunho though.” 

“The name’s Kim Jaejoong. Everyone calls me either Jae or Jaejoong.” He said giggling. 

Yunho smiled taken Jaejoong to his apartment. Yunho knew what he had planed what he had to do to keep his sanity. Yunho helped Jaejoong up the stairs to his apartment smiling all the way there. This would be the first time he would take someone weather they liked it or not. Yunho was sure that Jaejoong was going to hate him after this. It isn’t like he knew him to begin with. 

Yunho putting Jaejoong on the sofa smiling as he took off his own jacket throws it on the floor carefully taken Jaejoong’s off as well. Yunho started to work on Jaejoong’s shirt playing with the ring that he has in his left nipple just to hear Jaejoong scream. 

“Oww... That hurt what are you doing? Get off of me.” Jaejoong said starting to move his hips trying to get Yunho off of him. 

“I’m going to fuck you. You have been on my mind since I first met you and now I’m going to get what I want weather you like it or not my Jae.” 

“You’re nuts. Get off of me!” Jaejoong screams at him. 

Yunho shakes his head no as he removes Jaejoong’s shirt even though all of the struggling that Jaejoong was giving him. Yunho smiles as he grabs Jaejoong right between the legs hearing him yelp in surprise Yunho leans down crashing his lips right against Jaejoong’s smiling as Jaejoong tries to bite him. Yunho pulls away quickly shaking his head. 

“No biting Jaejoong. Don’t be bad now.” Yunho said going to Jaejoong’s ear kissing his ear taken one of his earrings in his mouth sucking on it lightly. 

Jaejoong tried to get Yunho off of him but he just couldn’t do it. Yunho was stronger then him. Jaejoong knew there was something wrong with him when he came right over to him in the club. Jaejoong didn’t figure that out until right now. Yunho was nuts and crazy. Jaejoong was about to loose his virginity to this person that he didn’t even know. 

Yunho started pulling on Jaejoong’s belt using it to tie Jaejoong’s hands together and above his head so he couldn’t hit him anymore. Then Yunho started removing Jaejoong’s pants, when Yunho got Jaejoong’s pants and boxers off him, he couldn’t believe that Jaejoong was really hard. Yunho smiled lightly before going down sucking Jaejoong off. 

“OH… please no… don’t do this to me. Please.” Jaejoong begged him. Yunho smiles pushing his finger in him listening to Jaejoong scream at the introduce. Yunho with his other spanked Jaejoong right on his ass listening to Jaejoong scream lightly. Yunho pulls off of him now spanking him with both of his hands. 

“Someone’s been a bad boy.” Yunho said to Jaejoong smiling. “No biting right?” 

Jaejoong nodded his hand in agreement “Okay I will not bite. I promise just please don’t do this. Maybe after a little bit but not right now. I’m not comfortable with it. Please Yunho.” 

“Oh no I have to do this. I want to fuck you now. You make me so hard and I just have to.” Yunho said leaning down kissing his neck. 

Jaejoong moans out lightly. “Oh my… that felt good.” 

Yunho smiles licking his neck lightly listening to Jaejoong moan instead of scream. Then Yunho pulled his finger out of Jaejoong undoing his own pants and pulling himself out of his boxers. Yunho smiles breathing a little hard before pushing himself deep inside Jaejoong listening to him scream really loud. Yunho started thrusting himself deep inside Jaejoong each time listening to him scream. Yunho moved a little bit pushing against his prostate. Jaejoong screamed out a moan. 

“Oh my… you hit my happy spot.” 

“Oh you’re so tight against me.” Yunho moaned out thrusting himself in and out of Jaejoong listening to Jaejoong moan now. 

Yunho smiles listening to Jaejoong moan more and louder as he thrusting in him more and more. Yunho couldn’t believe he was about to let his load out already. Jaejoong bites his lip trying not to moan out but he couldn’t understand about this. He didn’t like guys that much. But Yunho got under him and pushed him to the state of hardness he never felt before. Sure Jaejoong had females in his bed but this was different. Yunho moves deep into Jaejoong’s hot body. Yunho couldn’t hold himself back any longer. Yunho felt Jaejoong tighten around him more and that was it for Yunho he pushed in and let go the biggest load he ever had in his life. 

Yunho fell down on Jaejoong’s chest then felt Jaejoong let himself go all over both of them. “

I’m sorry about this. I wanted you so bad. I’m really sorry Jaejoong.” Yunho said before falling fast asleep. 

“I’ll forgive this one. But never again.” Jaejoong said before falling right asleep.

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