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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, I do not know the members of DBSK/TVXQ and made no money for writing this fanfic.


Carlie stood outside the church debating on whether or not to go in. She shouldn’t be here and she knew that, the love of her life was inside getting married but she needed closure.  Silently she stepped through the doors into the back of the church, it was beautifully decorated but her eyes settled on the reason that she was there. He was handsome, more so than she had imagined when she used to daydream about their wedding day.

She shuddered when she remembered the day that he told her that her dreams would never come true, they were both heartbroken. She never cried so much or so hard in her entire life….


“Hey sweetie, I’m sorry I took so long, I got here as quickly as I could...” she was saying, when he looked up she could tell that he’d been crying. He tried to smile but tears started to slip down his face, “What’s wrong baby?” she reached across the table to take his hand he pulled it away.

They’d been together for two years, they had met in university. Right to start with they really didn’t even like each other, they were paired up for a project much to their dismay then found out how much they had in common. Before long they were almost inseparable, they dated for six months before he even kissed her. She actually loved this part of Korean culture they developed deeper feelings for each other before any type of physical touch.

It was another six months before they slept together, accidently, they had been to a party and both of them had drank too much. He was so gentle and loving; she had completely given everything of herself to him.

“I can’t see you anymore!” he cried. “I’m getting married,” he finally looked into her eyes.

“I don’t understand…” her blood ran cold, she looked at him with the same fear that he had felt, his heart further breaking knowing how distraught she was going to be.

“I was going to propose to you, I went to my parents to ask for their blessing…they refused…they said they would not allow me to marry an American.” He couldn’t look her in her eyes. “The arrangements had already been made, I had no say in the matter…I’m so sorry…I will always love you, only you!!”

She just sat there staring at him tears running down her face, “Junsu, please don’t leave me…we’ll run away together…I can’t live without you!!!!” Carlie said.

“I can’t, I have responsibilities to my family and our company,” He stood to leave, “Please take care of yourself, I love you!” then he was gone.

She didn’t know how long she sat there before leaving herself, wasn’t sure how she got to the park where they had always gone so that he could play soccer with their…his friends.

*End Flashback*

That was two months ago, she still had not been able to move on. She still worked, ate, everyday things but now they were automatic, the only time she felt anything was when she cried which was most of the time. She’s thought about going back to the states, but that wasn’t home anymore; home was here close to Junsu, with the hopes that he would come back to her, but he didn’t. That’s why she had to come today; maybe this would force her to face the reality that it was truly over.

She was trying to focus on him, when she felt someone take her arm she turned and looked into the kind eyes of Micky, “Babe, you shouldn’t be here,” he whispered leading her back out the doors.

“I know, I j...just had to s...see for myself that it was really happening,” she looked at him with all the pain that she felt written all over her face and in her eyes.

“You’ve both had a really hard time with everything, you being here will only make it more difficult for both of you,” he said sympathetically.

“I’m sorry, I wouldn’t do anything to hurt him ever!!” she exclaimed through her tears. “I love him more than my own life, I just wish…” she pulled away from him and started to run.

“Carlie, wait,” he called after her; she didn’t stop or look back.



Yunho was looking for the shop where his meeting was supposed to be, he’d been out of the country for a while and it was a new shop in an unfamiliar part of Seoul. Finally he found it, he entered to find a very clean, organized store he was impressed. He felt as though he’d found the right place to sell his namesake jewelry, at first the store seemed to be deserted then he heard movement in the back room.

“Damn it!” he heard a female voice say, he stifled the laugh that threatened to alert her of his intrusion.

“Hello,” he called. “Is anyone here?”

Just then a woman came out of the back wearing a tee shirt and jeans, her golden brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. “Hi, can I help you?” she asked. “I’m sorry but the store’s not open for business yet.”

“I’m Jung Yunho, I have an appointment with the owner,” he said, he studied her face and she looked vaguely familiar. “I’m sorry but do I know you?”

She smiled, her blue eyes sparkled, she was almost as tall as him, slim with nice curves, and a beautiful oval shaped face. “I was hoping that you wouldn’t remember me,” she said. “We met through a mutual acquaintance several years ago…Kim Junsu?”

“Oh my god, Carlie?” he said laughing. He took her hands and kissed her cheek, “It’s been a while, how have you been?”

“I’m doing okay, how about you? You’re quite the world traveler, how does it feel to be back home,” she asked smiling at him.

“It’s good, different but good. I’ve missed a lot, I was sorry to hear about you and Junsu.” He said choosing his words as carefully as possible. He’d heard what a hard time they had both had with the separation and his marriage. He noticed the pained expression that crossed her face, “Please forgive me, I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s okay, I’ve learned to take it one day at a time. I heard that they are expecting their first child, I suppose that he’s moved on. I wish them only the best!” She said forcing a smile. “So what about you, do you have anybody special?”

“No, I just never seemed to have the time. Maybe now I can settle down, but there’s really no hurry,” he said watching her for a reaction.

“Well I know that you must be busy, I understand that you design jewelry and are looking for someone to be an exclusive outlet here in Seoul for sales?” she asked switching to business mode. “Do you by any chance have any samples or maybe pictures?”

“I have both, is there somewhere that we could sit down and I’d be very happy to show them to you,” he asked.

“Of course, follow me,” she said locking the front door and heading to her office in back. She was blown away by the jewelry designs and he was more that pleased with her ideas for displaying and marketing his merchandise.

“When do you open for business?” he asked.

“The first of next month, October 1st that will give me plenty of time to get the security cases that I’ll need for your jewelry and once it is all set up I’ll give you the opportunity to give personal approval, how’s that?” she asked.

“Well that should work out nicely for us both,” he replied. “Carlie, how about we go to dinner to celebrate our new partnership?”

“I…I don’t date, sorry.” She answered.

“It’s not a date, it’s a ‘business dinner’,” he added. “I’m sorry, I tend to be pushy at times. Maybe some other time then?!”

“Well as long as you don’t consider it a date, I suppose that it would be okay,” she answered warily.

“That’d be great, I’ll be back around seven then?” he asked.

“No, I’ll meet you there, where did you want to go?” she asked.

The plans were made to meet for dinner later and he left. She was not entirely comfortable with her decision to go with him, but as he said it wasn’t a date. She tried to work but found it hard to concentrate, she was nervous about their ‘non’ date.


He called to let Junsu know that the meeting had been a huge success and what the specifics of their dinner ‘date’ were. Yunho felt terrible, he hated deceiving her like this but he couldn’t bear the pain that his childhood friend had endured over the last year. He wished that one day he could find a love like the one that they shared, if only they knew how lucky they were.


Carlie arrived a few minutes early only to find that Yunho was waiting for her, “Hi,” she said as he greeted her.

“You look beautiful,” he answered, she had changed into an off the shoulder teal long shirt with black full length leggings, she’d let her hair down and it hung in soft curls just past her shoulders. Her makeup was minimal; her blue eyes sparkled as she shyly thanked him for the compliment.

“You look very handsome, too,” she blushed when she smiled. He’d worn dress slacks and a polo shirt in green, his favorite color. His smile lit up his face as his almond shaped eyes crinkled slightly at the corners.

“Shall we?” he asked offering his arm as they were led to their table.

They shared wine as they waited for their orders, conversation was light, each of them talking about their business ventures and what they hoped to accomplish. “I have one question, mostly out of blatant curiosity.” He said watching for her nod to continue, “How is it that an American can own a business here? I mean the law is that you can only be a partial owner if you are not a Korean citizen.” He asked.

“I am a Korean citizen, I was born here my father was in the service so I had dual citizenship. When…Junsu and I were…I mean when I thought that we would get married, I chose Korean citizenship over American so that I could stay here with him.” She answered sadly.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up painful memories,” he said reaching across the table and taking her hand, after a moment she withdrew her hand from his. “Didn’t he know this?”

“No, I was going to surprise him with it, b…but I never had the chance.” She answered tears in her eyes. “I’ll be back, I need to…” she abruptly got up and headed to the ladies room.

“Great Yunho, just great!!” he whispered to himself. He jumped when he felt someone’s hand on his shoulder, “Damn, Junsu what are you doing here?” he asked nervously.

“I had to come, I needed to see her. How is she?” he asked.

“She’s beautiful as always and still very much in love with you!!” Yunho answered miserably. “I don’t like doing this, it’s heartbreaking. Why can’t you just leave her well enough alone?!?”

“I just want to know how she is, since I can’t approach her myself having you to help me is the next best thing. I owe you big time, thanks!” Junsu said.

“Here she comes, act like we just ran into each other!” Yunho exclaimed.

“Yunho, what’s…” she was asking as Junsu turned around, she was stunned to say the least. “Junsu!”

“Carlie, it’s good to see you, you look great! How have you been?” he asked trying to act indifferent even though his heart was pounding. He reached to take her hand, she pulled away from him. He remembered the day that he had done the same thing to her, he smiled sadly.

“I’m sorry Yunho, I’m not feeling well…I…I can’t stay,” she said biting back the tears. “Maybe some other time…” she grabbed her things and practically ran out.

“That went well,” Yunho said sarcastically. “Damn it Junsu…you should have given me a little more time before showing up!!” Yunho was annoyed and didn’t try to hide it.

“She’s more beautiful than I remembered, oh god…” Junsu said as the tears started to fall.

“Junsu,” Yunho put his hand on his friend’s arm. “Are you sure about this?? What about your wife and baby?”

“I just…you’re right I need to get home. Will you please check on her and make sure that she’s alright?” he asked. “Let me know if she needs anything, anything at all okay!”

“I’ll take care of her, now go home I’ll talk to you later!!” Yunho tried to smile but found it hard to do.


Yunho went by the store the next day to check on her, the doors were locked and no one answered. He found her home address and drove by her house, her car was there but he was afraid to just show up. He decided to wait until the next day; if she didn’t show up at the shop then he would go to her house.

The next morning he went back to the shop, the door was unlocked and she was putting up merchandise.

“Hey,” Yunho said.

She glanced at him briefly, hoping he wouldn’t see her swollen eyes, “Hey back,” she said trying to sound bright.

He pretended not to have noticed her reddened face and swollen eyes, “Thought that I’d bring you some photos of the stock that I was going to send you to start with,” he said setting down his case and withdrawing some pictures. She walked towards him keeping the counter between them.

“Oh my god, these are gorgeous,” she said taking the photos and flipping through them. “Can I keep these? I’d like to use them to set up the display before you send the actual jewelry, maybe give you a better idea of what it’s going to look like.”

“Sure.” He told her watching how her eyes lit up with ideas as she looked at the photos. “Carlie?”


“About the other night…I’m…” he started but she interrupted.

“No, it’s me that should apologize for running out on you like that. I’m really sorry.” She said for the first time looking him in the face. “I knew that it would happen sooner or later, you know running into him, and it was just harder than I thought it would be it’s been so long.”

“You still love him don’t you?” he asked.

“A part of me always will, I know that I’ve got to move on I just don’t want to do it alone, and that’s hard when you don’t trust anybody, I’m sorry I’m rambling,” she tried to smile. “Obviously, I have issues, but I’m getting used to being alone, it’s really not so bad. I come and go when I want, do what I want and I don’t have to worry about anybody else’s feelings but my own.”

“Well, you’re not completely alone anymore, you have me!! At least as a business partner, but also as a friend when you’re ready, neh?” he asked.

“We’ll see,” she replied.

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