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Junsu’s hands were under her shirt caressing her soft skin, she pressed herself closer. “Mica we shouldn’t be doing this,” he chuckled as he licked and nipped at her neck.

“Why not in a few hours it will be legal,” she giggled. He rubbed his erection against her, she groaned “Oh god!!” They began to pull at each other’s clothes soon skin was against skin

They were touching, kissing, moaning each other’s names; she wrapped her legs around his waist. He rubbed his lower half against her she reached between them grasping his hard member and began pumping.

“Mica, baby you’re driving me crazy!” he groaned.

“Good,” she moaned he covered her mouth with his as his hands roamed and caressed her body. They shifted positions; he was lying behind her kissing and nipping at her shoulders, back, and neck. Reaching down he lifted her leg and thrust into her.

She moved so that she was pushing back against him and he began to move. She arched her back giving him better access he thrust harder and deeper.

The sound of skin slapping against skin coupled with their moans echoed throughout the room. Suddenly he pulled out and flipped her onto her back, plunging back into her he whispered, “I want to see you when you come….” He groaned as she wrapped her legs around him then began moving with him, her lips found his their tongues battling for dominance.

Her muscles tightened around him, she broke the kiss and screamed as her orgasm ripped through her like a tidal wave. He followed shortly after, panting he lay his forehead against hers, “Wow,” he said laughing, she laughed with him.

He kissed her, “I better get back, before they notice that I’ve been gone so long.” He dressed and then sat next to her on the bed, “I love you, see you at the altar!”

“I love you too!” she said leaning up to kiss him.


A few hours later she was getting ready for the wedding, her wedding. Junsu had done so much for her since she’d met him five months before; he’d saved her life, given her a home, and taken care of her. She loved him and was sure that they would be happy, but she wondered about the life that she had, had before.

He’d saved her from a near fatal car crash, the same one that had cost her the life of her unborn baby. He stayed with her through her darkest hours when she wanted to die too. Tears sprang to her eyes when she thought of the baby that she had lost, Junsu had been her strength, she didn’t even know who the father was.

She’d been unconscious for a week after the accident, the only thing that she knew when she woke up was her name. Today she would start a new life with Junsu and hope that one day she would fall in love with him.


Junsu was also getting ready for the wedding, his best childhood friends were all with him. Jaejoong, his cousin, was to be his best man; Micky, Max, and Yunho would be the groomsman.

JJ and Yunho worked together as architects, they had just started their own company. Micky and Max worked for Micky’s father.

Micky had recently become engaged to his girlfriend, Serra and JJ was dating her older sister, Kaycey. Junsu found out that Yunho’s girlfriend had left him a few months before without a word, he just came home one day and she was gone.

She was the love of his life and he was still grieving for her, “I’m so sorry,” Junsu told him as he embraced his friend.

“The worst part is that Kaycey and Serra are her sisters and they haven’t heard from her either, it’s as if she just vanished. I wish that I could see her one more time to ask her why, I thought we were happy. Geez, I was about to ask her to marry me!” Yunho told his friend.

“Is there anything that I can do?” Junsu asked concern for his friend evident in his voice and face.

“Yeah, tell your wife how much you love and need her every day, don’t let an opportunity go by without letting her know how much she means to you!” he said.

“I won’t, maybe one day she’ll…” the priest stuck his head in the door and told them it was time.

“Junsu?” Micky asked.

“What?” he answered.

“What were you saying about her?”

“Nothing, it not important…now let’s go…I’m getting married!!!” he laughed.


She was nervous as she waited in the alcove, the bridesmaids had already started to enter the chapel, she wondered…no, hoped that she was doing the right thing. As she stepped to the door to enter the chapel she looked down at her feet, when she stepped through the door she looked up.

“Micaela?!?” someone called her name, and then someone started crying. She looked around and saw her sisters (sisters?), then she saw him, her Yunho the love of her life and she remembered…everything.

“JUNSU…” she screamed as everything went black.

When she came to, her head was cradled in Junsu’s lap he was crying, “Mica, sweetheart are you okay? How do you feel?” he asked helping her to sit up she was back in her changing room.

“I feel like a truck just ran over my head! Junsu…what happened?” she asked tears falling down her face.

“I think that we just found your family,” he sobbed as he pulled her into his arms and they held onto each other. “Mica, what do you remember?”

“I remember everything! Junsu, take me home…please?!?” she pleaded.

“What about the others?” he asked.

“Not now, I need time…my head hurts so bad.” She answered.

“Okay, get changed…I’ll be back in a few minutes, neh?” he replied.

“Neh,” she tried to smile for him but tears continued to fall down her face. He leaned in to kiss her, she kissed him back, “I do love you!”

“I love you too, I’ll be right back,” he left her to change while he went and made apologies to the guests. He went to Yunho and the others.

“Junsu, what the hell’s going on?” Yunho asked.

“Is it her?” Junsu asked fighting back the tears.

“Yeah,” he answered shortly still in a daze.

“Oh god!” Junsu sobbed. They embraced, “I’m going to take her home, she’s in shock and has a tremendous headache, give me a couple of hours and come to the house we’re going to need to talk, neh?”

“Yeah, sure we’ll see you in a couple of hours,” Jaejoong answered. “You alright?”

“I’ll be okay…I just…I need to get her home and give her something to calm her down and help with the pain!” he looked to Yunho. “I’m so sorry…I…”

“Go, take care of her please, we’ll talk shortly!” Yunho answered laying his hand on his friends shoulder.


She was standing at the window looking out when he came into the room; she couldn’t seem to stop the steady stream of tears that continued to fall. Her head was pounding, everything had changed now and she was scared.

“Mica?” she turned towards him, he held his arms open, and she rushed to him.

“I’m so sorry!!” she cried.

“It’s okay we’ll work it out, right now I’m taking you home to rest and get something for that headache, okay?” he pulled back and looked into her eyes they were full of sadness. “Come on let’s go home!!”

He gave her something to help her calm down and ease her headache, then he lay across the bed and held her as she told him what she remembered. “We’d been together for about a year and a half, I found out that I was pregnant that day, I decided to go to his office and surprise him with the news.” She paused to keep from crying again. “When I got there I overheard him talking to someone, it sounded like they were lovers, my heart broke. I never thought that he would cheat on me, but what I heard convinced me otherwise. I ran back to my car and just drove…the rest you know!!” she was crying again, her sobs breaking his heart further.

“Okay that’s enough, you need to rest,” he stayed with her and held her until she fell asleep then he eased out of the room and headed downstairs.

He fixed a tray of coffee and drinks then took it to the living room, he had just set it on the table when there was a knock at the door. Everyone was there, except for Max, “Come on in, where’s Max?” he asked.

“He’ll be along shortly,” Micky answered.

“Where’s Micaela?” Yunho asked.

“She’s sleeping, the sudden rush of her memories caused a severe headache, I gave her something that will help her rest and ease her headache.” He answered.

“But she’s going to be okay? Right?” Serra and Kaycey asked worriedly.

“Yeah, this is just a little overwhelming for her,” he answered sadly.

“I know that you all have questions, I wanted to try and answer as many of them as possible to take some of the pressure off of her, if that will be okay?” he questioned.

“Junsu,” his cousin said, “Why don’t you just tell us what you know, then we’ll ask questions, okay?”

“It was about five months ago, I was called to the emergency room. There had been a car crash, it was her, she had crashed into a drainage ditch. She was lucky that someone was close enough behind her to pull her free or else she would have drowned.” He paused looking from one to the other before he continued. “She suffered a concussion, broken ribs, various bruises and abrasions, and a…” he paused again taking a deep breath for the pain he was about to cause, “She lost…had a…miscarriage.”

“Oh no, Mica,” Yunho sobbed dropping his head in his hands.

“I’m so sorry, she was devastated, and she became so depressed that she was suicidal at one point. The accident, her memory loss, and the miscarriage were almost more than she could take!” he told them.

“Memory loss??” Kaycey asked.

“I’m sorry, she was unconscious for a week after the accident, when she woke up the only thing that she knew was her name.” he said.

“All this time…I thought that she hated me, and I couldn’t understand why!!” Yunho cried.

“Yunho, there’s more…she told me what she remembered about that day,” he looked at his friend. “She had just found out that she was pregnant, she came by your office to surprise you…but you were with someone, she thought that you had another lover!”

“No, I…” Yunho stopped to try and remember that day exactly. “The only person with me that day was…oh no…it was a friend that was helping me to plan a surprise proposal…god no!! This has all been a huge misunderstanding, oh Mica baby…” Yunho started to cry again.

“What should we do now?” Micky asked.

“Right now the best thing is to not pressure her, she needs time to come to terms with everything,” Junsu answered.

“Junsu?” his cousin asked, “You’re in love with her aren’t you?”

“Yes I am, but I also know that she’s not in love with me!!” he answered. He looked at Yunho, “She still loves you…”

“H…how do you know?” Yunho asked; hope now showing in his eyes.

“Wh…when we’re together, it not me that she’s with…in her mind it’s your memory she’s with…” Junsu said embarrassed.

Yunho jumped from his seat, “How long have you been fucking her!!?!??! Is that what you brought her home with you for??” the pain and anger that he felt written all over his face and in his eyes.

“Not until I asked her to marry me a couple of weeks ago, Yunho…I didn’t know, please forgive me!!?!” he hung his head as a wave of fresh tears fell.

“Junsu…I’m sorry…it’s just hard to think of her…with someone else…thank you for…” Yunho was saying.

“Junsu…” she said softly, no one had heard her come downstairs her sisters rushed to her.

“Mica,” her sisters were hugging and kissing her, “We’ve been so worried, we missed you so much!!”

“I never meant to leave and not come back; I just had to clear my head. I’m so sorry that you’ve worried so, I love you both so much!!” she cried as she clung to her sisters.

JJ and Micky went to her and hugged her, “The important thing is that you’re okay, and back with us now!” JJ said.

She went to sit next to Junsu; right across from Yunho, “I was coming back, I was hurt and confused…I thought…” she was saying when Yunho jumped up from his seat.

“I KNOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT…” he yelled. “How could you, I loved you from the depths of my soul, you were everything to me!!!” he turned to leave, “I’ve got to get out of here…I’m going for a walk…I’ll…” he didn’t finish what he was saying just walked out slamming the front door behind him.

She burst into tears; Junsu pulled her close, trying to comfort her, “Why is he acting like that? He’s never raised his voice to me before, I don’t understand!!” she cried.

“Mica, baby he knows!” Junsu was trying to tell her.

“Knows what Su?” she asked.

“That we’ve been sharing a bed…I’m sorry!!” he told her.

“He’ll never forgive me,” she said everyone was trying to comfort her; she noticed the look of pain on Junsu’s face. “Junsu, you have nothing to be sorry for, baby you took care of me and have been there for me all this time when I didn’t know who I was or where I was from!!” she gently kissed his lips, and lay her head on his shoulder.


JJ was in the kitchen warming up the food from the reception for supper. Junsu went upstairs to check on Mica, she and her sisters had wanted some alone time and he told them to use their bedroom.

He stood at the door watching her, he’d never seen her so happy. Her eyes were shining, her face glowed, and her laugh was the most beautiful sound he thought that he had ever heard.

“Hi Junsu,” Kaycey said brightly. “I don’t know how we’ll ever be able to repay you for taking such good care of her, thank you!!!”

“You owe me nothing,” he said sadly, she smiled at him and held out her hand to him, he crossed the room and took it.

He sat next to her, “Are you alright?” she asked concern on her face for her lover.

“I’ll be fine,” he told her looking into her eyes, she thought she’d never seen him look so sad or lost.

“Kaycey, Serra, will you give us a few minutes?” they left and she closed and locked the door behind them. When she came back to him she sat straddle of his thighs, she leaned down to kiss him forcing him to open his mouth as she slipped her tongue between his teeth.

He gave in to the kiss, then pulled back, “Mica what are you doing?” he asked watching her intently.

“Putting a smile back on my Su’s handsome face,” she leaned down to whisper in his ear, “I want you!!” She started to unbutton his shirt kissing the skin as it was exposed, biting and sucking on his nipples until they became hard. She got down between his legs kissing his stomach, teasing his navel with her tongue; he threw his head back groaning.

“Mica, as much as I want you, we shouldn’t do this!” he was saying between ragged breathes.

“Why?” she asked as she continued her assault on his stomach, she was reaching to undo his pants; he grabbed her hands forcing her to look at him. “What?!?” she asked surprised.

“Yunho’s here now, I know that when he leaves you’ll go with him,” he said sadly.

“Would making love to me make it harder on you? I would never hurt you intentionally, but right now I want you in the worst way…I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do, right here…right now we still have each other…” she leaned up to kiss him, this time he put his hand behind her head and deepened the kiss.

“Oh god,” he said as she finished undoing his pants and released his throbbing erection. She wrapped one hand around it and took the head into her mouth, sucking and running her tongue across the slit. His hands were tangled in her hair, she moved so that she could accommodate more of his length in her mouth and throat then began bobbing her head up and down licking and sucking, the sounds that she made was enough to drive him insane, but the feel of her mouth on him was driving him closer to his release.

Her free hand that had been caressing his stomach and chest now moved to massage his balls, her gentle, yet firm ministrations pushed him over the edge. He cried out when his orgasm caused him to shake uncontrollably he shot his semen in her mouth and down her throat.

He pulled her up she was licking her lips, he crushed his mouth to hers, “What am I going to do with you??” he chuckled. “You know that you didn’t have to do that…”

“Sshhh…I wanted to,” she was saying when he pulled her into his lap and kissed her again.

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