Broken Promises

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She addressed the last envelope then called for her assistant, “Please get these posted as soon as possible, thanks.” She opened the year book on her desk and flipped through the pictures again, she wanted to make sure that she had not missed any one.

She turned to the page that should have been worn out by now, it was of them together. They had dated for over a year and they were the campus sweethearts, voted to that status by their best friends and other classmates.

She smiled, she wondered if he remembered her and what he was like now, it had only been ten years but time changes all things she knew this from experience.

She only hoped that he and the others would accept her invitation to her impromptu reunion, she wasn’t sure how much time she had left and she desperately wanted, no needed, to see them one more time.


He stared at the invitation lying on his desk, to say the least he was surprised when he saw who it was from, he’d not seen or heard from her in ten years. He tried to forget her, did everything to accomplish that, he’d even gotten married.

It barely lasted a year, the few times that they had been intimate he could only think of her. His wife left telling him that she couldn’t take being second in his life to her.

He was a good business man, but his personal life was a disaster.

He didn’t care his heart was as cold and hard as stone, he could be ruthless when he needed to be and charming enough to get any woman he wanted to do what he wanted. He was never short of female company when he felt the need, yet he never formed any personal attachments.

He stayed in contact with very few people from the ‘old’ days, at twenty-eight he should be happy living a full life, getting married, and having children.

None of that interested him anymore, they’d made a promise long ago to each other, and she failed to keep up her end.


“I love you, promise me that we’ll always be together!?!” she asked him.

“I love you too, I promise with all my heart that we’ll be together forever!!” he answered gently kissing her lips.

It was her eighteenth birthday, later that night he was lying in his dorm room thinking of the promise that they had made and he smiled, he loved her so.

They had never slept together; both were still virgins their vow was to wait until they got married. Needless to say he was shocked when she came to his room that night and crawled in bed with him.

“Yunho, we’re moving!” she cried. “My parents are taking me back to the states, they want me to attend college there.”

“What about us?” he asked his heart breaking. “You can’t leave me, I love you!”

“I love you too, so much, I know that we made a vow to wait until we were married but now I’m asking you to break it, please make love to me!? I want you to be my first, I want you to have something to remember me by after I’m gone!” she was pleading.

“I could never forget you. Are you sure?” he asked, she nodded. He started kissing her they tore at each other’s clothes, he tried to be gentle but being inexperienced there was a lot of fumbling.

There was discomfort and a small amount of blood as he broke through her hymen, then there was only pleasure. For a few moments they were as one, the next morning he woke up alone. She’d left him a note promising that one day she would find him and they would be together again.

*End of Flashback*

Well she’d found him but he didn’t honestly know if he cared. It had been so long since he’d really cared about anything he didn’t know if he had it in him anymore.


Kaycey and Serra were her best friends and the ones that took care of her when her treatments made her so sick, today was one such day. As soon as she had gotten home they had gotten her to bed and had everything set up for what was surely to come.

“You got RSVP’s back from all but two people so far,” Serra told her sitting on the bed next to her. “Its way better than even you expected. That’s great.”

“Who hasn’t answered yet?” she asked weakly, she had vomited until she had nothing left, she thought.

“Kim Jaejoong and Jung Yunho, who are they?” she asked.

“Jaejoong-ah was like a brother to me, he was the first to accept and befriend me when I first started to school here. Yunho-ah was the love of my life, my first lover…” she was saying.

“Is he…” Kaycey came in about that time and asked.

“Yes he is, but he doesn’t know. I was afraid they wouldn’t come, they were the ones hurt the most by the suddenness of our move back to the states, but they’re also the ones that I wanted and needed to see the most.” She said sadly.

“Do you want us to try and get in touch with them?” Kaycey asked.

“No, they have their invitations what they do now is up to them,” she said adding, “I’m so tired, I’m going to try and take a nap, if I need you I’ll call, okay?”


Jaejoong was going through his mountain of mail; he’d been out of town on business for the last two weeks and had just gotten home. Micky had left a message on his answering machine about an invitation from her for a party; he was interested to see if he’d received one.

Finally, he’d found it he was ecstatic. He was heartbroken when she left but he understood that she’d had no say or choice in the matter.

He had received a message from her telling him that she loved him and that he would always be her brother. They never talked after she had left he assumed that she was trying to make a clean break and he tried to respect her wishes.

There were so many times that he just wanted to talk to her, everyone was shattered when they found out what had happened, especially Yunho.

She had been the one to bring most of them together she was beautiful inside and out she had so much love to share it was hard not to be drawn to her.

He smiled remembering when she had first met Yunho, he was the one that all the girls wanted and all the guys envied, but once he laid eyes on her he was most definitely off the market.

They, together with Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun, Shim Changmin and several others were an exclusive group, there had been others that came and went, usually the girls that had caught the boys attention. But they remained steadfast and loyal to each other, supporting and comforting each other through the crises of being young adults.

As he looked at the invitation he knew that he had to go, he still missed her, she was the sister that he’d always wanted and he was not about to let this chance to see her get away. Then he noticed that the date for his RSVP had been two days ago he’d panicked, he’d searched the internet and found out how to get in touch with her by phone, he dialed the number.

“Hello, Rogers’s residence, may I help you?” a feminine voice answered the phone.

“Hi, I’m trying to get in touch with, Tyra, would she happen to be available?” he asked realizing how nervous he was.

“I’m sorry she’s not available right now, may I take a message?” the feminine voice asked.

“I’ve been out of town and I’ve just received my invitation, please let her know that Kim Jaejoong will be attending her reunion and that I’m looking forward to seeing her! Thank you!” he said.

“I will this should most definitely lift her spirits, thank you, and good-bye!” the woman told him.

“Good-bye,” he said, puzzled by the lady’s final statement, something was wrong he could feel it.


As soon as she hung up the phone Kaycey went to Tyra’s room to let her know. She wasn’t in her bed, Kaycey found her on the floor in the bathroom with her head in the toilet. “Oh sweetie, why didn’t you call us?” she helped her up.

“I thought that I could do it by myself, I hate for you to keep waiting on me it’s not fair to you!” she was crying.

After she had her settled in bed she sat next to her, “Guess who just called to RSVP?” she said smiling.

“Who?” she asked.

“Kim Jaejoong, he said to tell you he was looking forward to seeing you again,” Kaycey smiled.

“That’s great,” she smiled weakly closing her eyes she drifted off to sleep.


It was her first day at school in a new country, she was beyond scared, she was terrified. She knew just enough Korean to get by, and she was already hopelessly lost, she had no idea where her first class was. She wasn’t paying attention and when she came around the corner she ran head long into someone, both of them dropping their books.

“Mian haeyo,” she said squatting down to gather her books, she looked up to see a very beautiful set of hazel eyes watching her with interest.

He squatted down in front of her to pick up his books, “You are American?” he asked in broken English.

She just nodded. “I don’t speak Korean very well!” she said in frustration, she looked as though she were about to cry.

“No, cry, please.” He said holding out his hand to help her stand. “I’m Jaejoong.”

“My name is Tyra, I’m late and I have no idea where my class is, and you don’t understand a word that I’m saying do you?” she grinned, apologizing again.

“Need help?” he asked. She didn’t say a word just handed him a copy of her schedule and pointing at the first class then shrugged her shoulders.

He took her hand and led her down the hall, “We are together, same class,” he said smiling at her.

He’d made her first day so much better than it had started out to be, they had most classes together and they both knew enough of each other’s language to carry on small conversations. They had become fast friends, he introduced her to his friends and she was accepted.

She stuck close to her small circle of friends teaching them English while they taught her Korean. Three months after starting school she had ventured out enough to make some friends on her own, as her circle of friends grew she still felt that something was missing.

Then she saw him, she thought that he looked like a god, JJ laughed at her description, “You must have gotten your first look at the school hero, Jung Yunho!!”

“Oh, so he’s an athlete?” she asked curiously.

“Oh yeah,” JJ answered.

“Then I’m not interested, I never really went for the jocks!!” she said looking wistful.

“He’s not so bad, do you want me to introduce you?” he asked.

“No, not interested, I told you,” she looked at her friend and laughed. “Besides I have you, Yoochun, Junsu…” she was saying when he stopped her.

“But you need someone special, don’t you?” he asked being completely serious.

“It would be nice, but it’s not like it’s a necessity,” she said honestly, he could see the sadness in her eyes.

A few days later they were all sitting together under the tree where they always spent time together out in the school yard, “Where’s JJ?” she asked the others.

“He’ll be along shortly, he um…had to get something,” Junsu answered then started giggling.

They walked up behind her so she didn’t see them immediately, JJ reached down putting a hand on her shoulder¸ she turned to see someone with him, “Tyra I would like to introduce Jung Yunho, he wanted to meet you!!” JJ said with an evil smile.

“You are so going to get it later,” she mumbled in English.

Yunho reached out to take her hand, there was something close to electrical shock at the first touch she looked at him in amazement and realized that he had felt it too. He smiled as their eyes locked; she blushed but couldn’t bear to look away.

They became inseparable, the boys in school were relieved that Yunho was no longer available and most of the girls were very envious of her. It caused a few problems for her but they were swiftly dealt with either by JJ or Yunho.

Two months later everybody gathered to celebrate her 17th birthday, and they shared their first kiss.

*End Flashback*


She awoke the next morning feeling better, she usually did and she was glad that she could count on that at least. She heard talking and laughing from the kitchen she rushed to take a shower and get dressed she joined the others in the kitchen.

Kaycey and Serra were finishing up breakfast, while Ji Yool set the table. “Umma,” the little girl squealed when she saw her mother running to her and wrapping her arms around Tyra.

“Good morning precious girl, what have you three been up to so early?” she said holding her daughter close to her.

“We made breakfast, I hope that you’re hungry Aunt Serra let me help with the pancakes, and Aunt Kaycey taught me how to make coffee!!!” the little girl said grinning definitely proud of her accomplishments.

“I am very proud of you and I am starving,” she looked at her best friends, “Thank you!”

“You are welcome, now sit and we’ll get you some coffee and bring breakfast to the table,” Serra told her.

After breakfast they were sitting together going over the menu for the ‘reunion’, “Make sure to have kimchi jjigae, dumplings, ramen, hitsumabushi, kimbap, and barbeque beef.” She told the girls.

“What about the drinks?” Kaycey asked.

“Wine, beer, Soju, and plenty of bottled water, oh, and make sure the liquor cabinet is well stocked. I don’t know who drinks and what their preference is so let get it covered, okay.” She said smiling. “Ji Yool and I are going to the park for a while; I’ve got my phone if you should need me.”


Jaejoong couldn’t wait until the party, he decided to surprise Tyra and visit her, when he got out of his car he heard the sound of laughter. He knew that laugh it was hers, he followed the sound to the park across the street then he saw her. Tears sprang to his eyes, she hadn’t changed much she was thinner but still as beautiful as he remembered.

He walked towards her when he was closer he softly called her name, she turned towards him tears were running down her face. He rushed to her side and gathered her in his arms, “I’ve missed you sister!!” he said holding onto her.

“JJ, what are you doing here?” she asked.

“I couldn’t wait until the party, I needed to see you. Are you mad?” he was searching her face.

“No sweetie, I could never be mad with you I’ve missed you so. Can you ever forgive me for leaving and not staying in touch?” she asked as the tears continued to run down her face.

“There is nothing to forgive, you were young you had to do what you were told.” He told her pulling her to him for another hug.

He saw a little girl coming towards them, “Umma are you okay? Why are you crying?” she ran directly into Tyra’s arms. She looked at JJ, “Who are you and why did you make my Umma cry?” she had her arms protectively around her mother’s neck.

“Tyra?” he looked at her questioningly, the little girl looked like someone and he had to know if it was true.

“JJ I would like for you to meet my daughter, Ji Yool this is Jaejoong, he is a very dear friend of Umma’s, please be nice!?” she said as she introduced them.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Ji Yool said bowing to him.

“It’s um…nice to meet you also,” he bowed back to her.

“Go play baby, I’ll be right here,” Tyra told the little girl and kissed her cheek. She turned to JJ, “Well I suppose you have questions, just ask and I’ll answer.”

“Why don’t you just tell me everything,” he said looking at her with understanding and love.

She told him everything why they had left so suddenly, about going to Yunho the night before they left, and finding out that she was pregnant. “I wrote to you and Yunho to tell you what was going on. For months I wrote without any reply, I just assumed that you both were so angry and hurt with me that it was the reason you never wrote back.”

She stopped for a few minutes watching her daughter play, “Then when my mother passed away last year, she told me about the letters, my father refused to let them be mailed. She told me where to find them. I have never felt more betrayed in my life, that’s when I knew that I had to come back to make things right.” She said trying to smile.

“Have you heard from Yunho?” he asked.

“No, he didn’t reply to the invitation I suppose that he’s not interested in anything that I wanted to say,” she told him, “I understand, but I need to let him know about his daughter, someone is going to have to take care of her.” She turned so that they were face to face, “JJ, I have cancer, I’m dying.”

“Oh God no,” he was crying again as he pulled her to him. “How long?”

“I don’t know exactly, I’ve been doing some treatments but they make me so sick. There’s a clinical trial the doctors are trying to get me into that have had wonderful results, I’m just waiting to find out about that.” She took both his hands in hers, “We’ll talk about that later, right now I want to hear about you! I’ve missed you, after I found out about the letters I was sure that you hated me for not writing, that’s why I never got in touch with you.”

He told her everything that he’d accomplished and everything that he was hoping for, “Tyra I want to help take care of you and Ji Yool, will you let me?” he asked.

“I can’t ask nor expect that from you, but thank you,” she stood from the bench and called to Ji Yool. “Would you like to meet my best friends from America, they are the ones that have been with me during this whole illness. They take care of me on treatment days and are a tremendous help with Ji Yool,” she asked holding out her hand to him.

“I’d love to, I can thank them for taking care of you!” he said, she could see the sadness in his eyes they joined hands and headed back to her apartment.

Jaejoong was entranced with Kaycey and would not take no for an answer. He showed up at her apartment the next day with two suitcases telling her he’d taken an indefinite leave of absence from work to help take care of her.

The next week at her treatment he insisted that he go with her, he took her home afterwards. Kaycey and Serra as usual had everything ready for her arrival. He helped her to the bed she was so weak, she had been sick so much he didn’t see how she could keep going.

When she had dozed off he slipped into the living room tears were in his eyes, “I don’t know how you can do this, it’s breaking my heart,” Kaycey went to him.

“It’s never easy the best that we can do is not let her see us get upset and be there when she needs us,” he reached out to her they held onto each other and cried. “We will make this the best party ever, for her!!” he cried.


The day for the party had come, she was excited and nervous. Jaejoong had told them that he would take care of the cooking, he spent the whole day in the kitchen enlisting Kaycey and Ji Yool as his helpers. Ji Yool was given some of everything to try, she was going to stay with a friend down the hall for the night.

Serra went to leave to walk her down to her friends, she hugged her mother, “I hope that all your dreams come true Cinderella Umma,” she giggled and then skipped out the door with Serra.

JJ walked up behind her, “How are you feeling?” he asked.

She turned and laid her head on his shoulder, “Tired, but happy, excited, and nervous. What if they don’t come? What if they all hate me and just come to tell me what a horrible friend I am!”

“I know for a fact that none of them think that. What about….are you going to tell them?” he asked concern on his face.

“I haven’t decided yet,” she answered. “Do you think that it will be okay if I lay down for a few minutes?”

“We have plenty of time, we will come get you in a while, go rest!!” he kissed her forehead and sent her off.


Yunho parked his car and got out, he didn’t know what had made him decide to come, he’d never even responded to the invitation. He leaned up against his car rethinking his decision, “What the hell!” he pushed up and headed for her building.

When he arrived a young lady answered the door, “Can I help you?” she asked.

“I’m Jung Yunho, I was invited but I failed to accept the invitation, is it too late to join?” he asked.

“Of course not, please come in, Tyra’s in the den with everyone else.” Serra told him.

When he entered the room it was like walking into a time machine, everybody was there laughing, talking then he saw her. She was beautiful, thinner but…she looked up and saw him their eyes locked she smiled and walked towards him.

“I’m glad you came, I was afraid that you wouldn’t,” she said.

“Just thought that I would see what was going on, it’s been such a long time,” he smiled, but she noticed that it didn’t reach his eyes.

The party was great she enjoyed seeing everyone again, although she was hurt and disappointed that Yunho avoided her. Before dinner she excused herself for a minute,  JJ and Kaycey followed her she went to her room and burst into tears.

“Oh baby,” JJ said and he hugged her.

“If I’d known that he had turned into such a cold uncaring person, I never would have invited him. I almost wish that he hadn’t come.” She cried.

“What do you want us to do?” Kaycey asked.

“Get everybody ready to eat, I’ll be right there,” she smiled at them, “I just had to get it out, I’m okay,” she said looking at her friend’s concerned faces.

Micky caught JJ coming back into the living room, “Is she okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, she’ll be fine,” JJ answered.

“Then why do I get the feeling that you’re all hiding something?” he asked. Junsu joined them he looked at JJ waiting for his answer.

“She’s got something to tell everybody, just wait,” JJ tried to smile, but they could tell that it was not good.

Everyone found a seat at the table, joined them Kaycey and JJ were on one side, while Serra took the seat on the other side with Micky next to her. Changmin sat next to Micky, Junsu next to JJ the others filled in but somehow Yunho was sitting directly across from her.

There was light conversation while they ate, several times she looked in her direction and noticed that he was staring at her.

He noticed that she didn’t eat much; he wondered what it was that she had really called them all together for. He felt as if something was being held back, “Tyra, what have you been doing for these past few years?” he asked with a matter of fact tone.

She looked him dead in the eyes, “I attended college, stayed busy with various projects,” she said. “What about you? I read somewhere that you got married, where’s your wife?” she asked, the others could feel the tension between them.

“Well she wasn’t exactly happy so she left, like others tend to do,” Yunho spit back at her.

“Sometimes people aren’t given the choice or opportunity to do what they want, it’s unfortunate but sometimes so is life,” she turned her attention to Changmin. “What about you Minnie?”

Serra was watching her closely; she could tell that she was tired. She made a motion to Kaycey and JJ, “Tyra, did you have something that you wanted to tell everyone?” Kaycey asked.

“More like a confession, the true reason that I invited you all here is to say good bye.” She looked around the table at the friends that she had missed so much, “I have cancer and I was told earlier today that the treatments are no longer working. I don’t know how much longer I have, but I needed to see you all just one last time.” She was crying now, she looked to JJ, “Please help me, I need to lie down.”

Everyone at the table was in shock they could only watch her leave to go to her room. Yunho couldn’t move, he could only think about the look on her face as she told them why she had really called them together.

As the others talked among themselves there were not many dry eyes in the room, he silently slipped out and headed home.

Kaycey and Serra were alone with her, “Why didn’t you tell us about the treatments?” Serra asked. She and Kaycey had tears running down their faces.

“I just wanted you to all have a good time before I dropped that bomb,” she tried to smile; she was so tired it had taken so much more out of her than she had expected.


He drank until the pain went away and then he drank some more, when he couldn’t forget that look on her face and her words, ‘I have cancer’ he threw the bottle against the wall. He fell to the floor wracked with sobs that had been pent up for so long he’d forgotten they were there.

Someone was pounding at his door, he drug himself out of the floor and went to answer it. He had barely cracked it when Jaejoong pushed him up against the wall, “Why? Why did you have to come and treat her like that?” JJ cried as he pulled his arm back hand made into a fist to hit him, Micky grabbed his arm.

“I didn’t know, oh God help me, I didn’t know!!!!” Yunho slid to the floor, JJ could only stare at him.

“Read these, then you’ll understand,” he threw the stack of letters at him and left. Yunho didn’t move for the longest time when he did he grabbed the letters and took them with him, he made it to the sofa before he passed out.

He woke up the next morning somewhat confused, until the memories of the night before started returning; he realized that he was clutching the letters that JJ had thrown at him the night before.

He opened the first one; it was date two days after she had left, ‘Dearest Yunho, I already miss you so much it hurts!!! I love you, Tyra’, he continued to read each one. They all started the same and always ended with I love you!!

He had been wrong, all these years she did love him and leaving him had been forced on her by her parents. He cried as he read each letter, until he got to the one where she told him she was pregnant. He fell back in the sofa clutching it to his chest, his wailing echoing in his empty home.


Tyra didn’t feel well the next morning, Serra asked Micky to go with her to take her to the doctor. When they got there her temperature was well over 100 the decision was made to admit her to find the cause of the fever.

“It seems that Tyra has developed pneumonia, it’s not a good sign. Her immune system is already so compromised, I really don’t know what to tell you at this point, I’ll start her on antibiotics and monitor her for now.” The doctor told them as he walked away.

Serra was crying, Micky went to her he had tears in his eyes too, “Would you mind a hug?” he asked.

She didn’t answer, not with words she fell against him; he wrapped his arms around her as they cried together. “We need to call the others, Ji Yool needs to see her mother in case…” She looked at him she reached up to wipe the tears from his face, he caught her hand and kissed it.

When everyone arrived at the hospital they each took turns to go see her, the doctor came back, “If you know anything that will give her a reason to fight, she needs it she’s given up fighting.”

Kaycey turned to JJ, “We need to call him,” she said.

“Yeah, I was afraid it would come to that,” he said taking out his phone, before he could dial the number Micky nudged him, looking up he saw a very haggard, tired looking Yunho coming down the hall.

“Junsu called me,” He said looking at the others, “Please forgive me, I’ve been so wrong about everything. I need to see her…”

“Not as much as she needs you, the doctor said that she’s giving up, she needs something to fight for, can you give her that?” Serra asked.

“I want to,” he said they showed him to her room. He opened the door and entered the small room as quietly as possible. She looked so frail, she was breathing so hard, struggling for each breath, he approached her bed her eyes were closed.

“Oh God, please don’t take her, not now!! Give me another chance, I love her!!” he sank down into the chair next to her bed sobbing.

“Yunho,” she called his name softly.

“I’m here, Tyra I’m so sorry, I had no idea what you went through.” He told her holding her hand. “I need you to make me a promise, fight, please don’t give up…I love you!!!”

“I love you too!!!” she said trying to smile then she closed her eyes.

He got up and went out into the hall, it was then that he saw his daughter for the first time. Kaycey and Serra were talking to her when they saw him they told her to go to him.

“Aunt Kaycey and Aunt Serra said that you are my Appa, is that true?” she asked.

“Yes baby I am,” he answered kneeling down in front of her.

“Then you have to save my Umma, she always said that you would,” she searched his face for some type of reassurance. He reached out and pulled her to him holding her tight as his tears fell again, she clung to him. “I love you Appa,” she told him.

“I love you too baby, with all my heart,” he told her.

He stayed by Tyra’s side over the next several days, miraculously she started to improve.

Junsu came by he had talked to some doctor friends of his and they had managed to get her into the clinical trials that were having such good results with her type of cancer.

“Yunho, I want to go home.” She told him one day while they were talking.

“To America?” he asked hurt.

“No, home here, I want to spend what time I have left with you and Ji Yool not in a hospital,” she was begging.

“Okay, I’ll make the arrangements. But I promise that you will be with us for a long time, somehow I will see that you get well, I can’t lose you again,” he said.

“Baby when the time comes I need you to let me go, Ji Yool will need you and I need to know that she will be taken care of, please promise me!” she pleaded.

“I don’t know if I can make that promise, I don’t want to let you go,” the tears slid down his face, she reached up to brush them away.

He did what he’d wanted to do for days; he leaned over and covered her lips with his. Pulling back, he looked into her eyes he could see all the love that she had for him and a hint of sadness that they may only a short time together.

“Yunho, knowing that you have forgiven me and accepted your daughter into your life has given me the peace that I needed. If I die tonight I want you to know that these last few days with you by my side have been the happiest that I’ve had in a very long time.” She told him smiling only for him.

“Baby, please don’t talk that way, I want you to fight, fight to stay with me and our daughter, we need you!!” he cried.

“I’ll do my best, I’m just so tired I don’t know how much fight I have left,” she answered. “Please just take me home?”

“Okay, I’ll be back shortly,” it killed him to leave her even for short periods, but he went to make the arrangements to take her home.

Junsu, Micky, and JJ met him down the hall, “Where are you going?” JJ asked he was still somewhat mistrustful of Yunho’s actions.

“She wants to go home, I’m going to make whatever arrangements need to be made to give her what she wants,” he said daring either of them to stop him.

“Yunho,” Junsu called his name, he turned to look at him, “The medicines here, they are ready to start the trial. She can’t go home now, they need at least three days to see if it’s going to help.”

“Has it really had that kind of results? Will they be able to tell in three days if it’s going to help?” Yunho asked hopefully.

“Yeah, it’s that good,” Micky answered. “I’ve been researching, in one instance the boy that took it, 90% of his tumors were gone in just over 36 hours. It was the fourth time that his cancer had come back, after 4 weeks he was told that he was in complete remission.”

“Oh my God, we really can save her?!?!” Yunho was smiling and hugging the others.

“There’s only one thing, the treatment is expensive. We’ve pooled our resources, but we still don’t have enough to cover the complete series of treatments,” JJ said frustrated.

“I’ll cover it, I don’t care what it costs!!! Just get it started,” Yunho said laughing, “I’ve got to go tell her!” He ran back to her room.

When he got back to her room the doctors were already with her explaining the procedures and getting the medication ready to start. She looked at him, she looked like she was in shock, “Yunho, did you know about this?” she asked smiling at him.

“I just found out, this has got to work,” he told her wrapping his arms around her and holding her close.


Six weeks later he was at the church, he never thought that he would be doing this; he just stood at the back and checked to make sure that everything was perfect, she deserved that much. He couldn’t stop the flow of tears, he sat down looking towards the altar, and he started to pray thanking God for bringing her into his life so that he could know true love and for his beautiful daughter. They would take care of each other now.

The others walked in, JJ went to him, “Hey what’s with the tears, man it’s your wedding day!! Smile be happy!!”

“I have never been so happy in my whole life, I just hope that it’s not a dream,” he said wiping his face.

“Well you better believe it, we just left your bride and she sent you a message, she’ll meet you at the altar…oh and she loves you!!” Junsu said laughing and patting Yunho on the back.

“Oh my God, she looks like an angel,” Changmin was smiling from ear to ear. “Yunho you are a very lucky man!!”

“I know,” he said smiling. “Well shall we get ready?”

An hour later he was at the altar with friends and family gathered, when she stepped to the door the very sight of her took his breath away, she did look like an angel. His angel.


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